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T^e^triceJ Weekly^ 



The Biiit>oarcl 

DECBMBEB 2, 1906. 



:j|l||qifed FiMB tte Frendi'lqr Locdle Ryley 

^Ilot Seals With Historical Incidaili it the Time of Napoleon — ^Lientenant 
I; Dick. n. S. A.. Frodnced— MMnat. With Wy<ao|w vS^tii«H^bert 
Coimers b Leading Part. ' 

COBUJB JtXIBZ*S admptetka •( PIOTe 
Bctt«B*« foar act plar. waa sticn Itt 
pniiincr paformanec. la Basllik Moo- 
dtr CTCBbis. Not 20. at CMfa Opeta 
Bawe. Balttmore, 3H,;.:,«ttt Tlr- 
i In tbe leading role ar Aaaa. Tbr 
g'>niBi>«i»r. was can. xs rouoirs: 

ii' Ceiwm Booapane Yinceot Serrano 

Captain Roger Crlsenoy WUIlam Coortoaj 

''Xuaoli de Tallemont J. H. Gibnoar 

Foodie : Stanley Dark 

. Besnler ^osepli B. Whltlns 

Co&oel Rapp.... Jtalpli .Delmote 

- Adjutant ■ ojim«i» Balfoor 

B. Dnpont 

.ftaak Andrews 

Petit Ftaneois .„...I<oals LaSer 

Osrdlnal Fesek..^^.'U.^...-Bsiils !>. Forbes 

Clibeatael » H. Brace Delemater 

CanUneaort -^.^.».».....SIdBe7 Mansfield 
Bemoaat .•^.•..»».*..'...Cbarles Brown 
Xotat ..^..^v..^.. .^.^^....Wm. EddlsoQ 
;^^v.Fra]>k Goldsmith 

. B. /. Kellj- 

. Jonot '. Frank Andrews 

' Borsbese !<. Garwood 

Boostan .••''*M.'»^*^£^^'^^WflB. Grassman 

Le Bran F. Coe 

' Jeanne, wife of TalleiBsnt. .TlTKlnla Hamed 
Joaepblne, Bonaparte's wife. . . .Adele Block 

; Hoctense, hU sister. ..... .-.^larsaret Smltb 

.-rj^Paallne Bu iHliea e ........ ;.\Oti ^ 

Xtaa. Jnnot 
■ .-r^lfar. Lanacs .....^v....».A]lea 


Lieut. Dick, n. S. A., a mOltarr corned; 
drama, in fanr acts, by Bany 3feBae Weleter, 
was given its Initial proda^M..-'M«iiaar~ ere- 
nlns. Not. 20. at the MoiIF^BIt' SMailcC Mew 
York Cltr. . Xhe cast: V;. • 

. .Jmnt Gat9ta 

Tidia .... Eugenia Flan 

. ACT I. — Paris, e p. m„ December 24, ISOO. 
tatarlor of Restanrant La BeQe MaiselUalae. 

- - ACT TL*— Three years later^' 8 p. m. ' Draw- 

- las TDOB at Uae. Bena^arte at tbe Talllerles 

;. ' '*Cr. IV.— Qlax IS, 19M. 
'tha^. Ctaateao of St. Cload. 

La Bene UaiaelBaise Is a strons play, mag 
nUcently prodneed, and Miss Hsmed Is giren 
unlimited range for the artlsUc display -of her 
emotlcaal powen as wen as faer.eoqnetxy. She 
waa sl«en almoat a doaea fnrtala ealla after 
each, aet , aaS tke pstanaaaee was iateoBpted 
aevnal tlaiea -tr ytUmma:, aailiBat , Okarlea 
■Maaa waa pr iaia t. ^aar»A.aa tke aalbar. 
aad tkcy aalte la t>g nWlftt MW Haowd 
la peealladr well Med tkr tfee' aew vicee. 

La Bane SCuaelllKlse la fenoded oa Vteaeb 
klatocr. beginning In ISee. Uie Boyalista plot 
against the life. of the First Coaxal and tke 
attempt is made as Napoleon is on hia way 
to the opera on .Chrlatmai ere. Captain Soger, 
of Nap<deon's - stair, is in Iotc with Jeanne, 
whose loog coimectloii with the Bestaorant lai 
B«l]e MBrs«>Lllalse has cansed ber to be known 
by that title. This fact Is taken adrantage of 
' by Tallemont, her hnsband, wbo Indoces her tb 
delsy Koser over his dinner nntil it Is too late 
to Join Napoleon. Jeanne, bowerer, is innocent 
of - a plot, bot remains with Roger aad eneoor- 

agis hiin in Us sdt. fnine thus engaged a 
terrible ezplosloB shakes the restaurant and it 
la aanaBaeed tbat Napdeon bas been attacked. 
18 tbe aicaBtliae tbe ~ 

' f 
exit TallcnMmt clsea h 
tbe czpIoMOB Bcnana it UBed. Imt NepoIeoB 
escapes. Tbe mnalns of Bernard are Identlfled 
and bnrled as those -ef TaOemoat's. Tallemont 
icnala himself to Jeanne, wbe vromlses htm 
aertr to reresl the secret. . ■ 

Tbree years later Roger d la e u t e i a Jeanne Ur- 
big at the Rne St. Hooore as a needlewoman. 
. Be Is aboQt to many a friend of-Joseplilne'a, 
bat the discovery lesds him to break tbe engage- 
' Bent and renew his suit for Jeanne. ^Vlien Na- 
-polcOQ. leans of Jeaone^s wbereabonts he sends 
. 'fcr bet. becaase Ms advisers. Begnler and 
. Jtaike aaie la. tbe meantime been hnaUns down 

'.i?jW'«amkam Fnae insists that wicBcot 

gjg:aJlp»-" ■rf.Tttat -gtaane knows of tbe aecret. 
3%ah*elea» c^lenan to wring tram ber a ooo- 
fc ftaa te n, bat abe retosea 1* eoaiaU b*n^ 

JU a last resort Ka p s l e — dcauads tbat abe 
^^r.jaurry bis officer. 'Capt. Bock, wbieh reoncat 
;~^:abe finally obeys. After tbe aiarrlage Jeanne 
II*: tens Roger that Tallemont Is allse, hot Roger's 
E!^]oTe fbr Jeanne praUblts Uai ft«a> rereaUng her 
^acact. Roger and Yeaaae aaa amatcd and 
rjr^ ttaiswB into priaoB'-ta MpalB:^>aUB -miuaeBt 
'{yla dbeoseied iifirr wnwrt ■fliapl ■iiiiii the 
v.' .iife or Napoleoa, 

Vincent Serrano made a strong personal ap- 
^'.' Peal In tbe character of Napoleon, and William 
■/y Coortenay was line In tbe role of tbe lover. Tte 
vf^-:BBlaoc parts were In the hands of w^ll-known 
^>VIa7ers who carried tbetr parte wen. 
4;-:''.'Zt waa an ' nltn- fashionable andicDce that 
; giceted. tbe opening performance. The patrons 
^ .ware astbaslastlc to a degree and Jnslsted npon 
a apeeeb traa Pime Berton. who does not apeak 
*^~"~" Mr.- Juluii waa fened ta nafce a few 
wblch,w$(beagk tke aodieoce -.mder- 
\alaod not a ward «C tbeea wan sieeted with the 
V*llint: apftoM,.-. The ww^la of the Initial 
'aiUKMmi tWW Rl— <» tte Baltimore & Ohio 
..i JtmOroad JitUeOe aianelatliai, and quite a large 
. aani waa TCallsed 

Ads sreek Mlse Bsmed and her company go 
ist» tbe Xnlefcerbocker Ilteatre. New Tack Cttr, 


xaUtP. WM arlthdraara. 

iKa Oca Nelbeaole. wt _ . _ 

ariae tbe proapeeUTe aaceeaa «C tbe aaalr. 

jleMed, aat la ^ce of tbe exparsated act, 
sdbitltnted soma rceiutlons. 

Tbe sttaattoaa of Tbe Labyrinth were condoned 
In Chicago where Richard cMansdeld's Don Oarloa 
was subjected to tbe ooodemnstlon of the clergy. 

But ■Don Cailos was criticised on denomina- 
tional gronnds, while The l4ibyrlntb waa char- 
acterized as Immoral. 

We hare had several Instances of sneh criti- 
cism of late: ilrs. Warren's Profession was 
snppressed in New Haven, Conn, and later In 
New York. 

Tbe Clansman was made the bntt of cauBtle 
excoriation from the pnlplt of one of- the lead- 
ing churches in Atlanta. Ga., while other pro- 
dactSons. depicting historical or mythical scenes 
of other ages «t moral viewpoint have come In 
for their share of diaetisslon. - 

There seems, bowercr. to be 
tbe point of slaw 
between tbe HUM 
not pntbable that A 

aartblag abJaeUoaabie ia ne laAgntath. 


Requirements For Ae-- 
rial Nanlgatioiu 

Well Known Inventor Dlscosses Tius 

Fiwi tbe AdvertiAir Btttl 

J The 


By BUss 7. Conyns. 

Ihiriflg the past eight years, which I deTotfd 
to tbe making and flying of kites for serial ad- 
vertising purposes, SQ Ides leading toward aerial 
flight bas been appermoat in my mind, and 1 
have l>een canylng ont cxpcrbneats along Out 

iioe irbiie I matid i> mj a<iiai iimiia^ 
duties, Qsicg wv acrapiaBea (ktMa) la MB t t 


I have made aeroplanes as large as 14 feet, 
with 160 square feet of snrfsee, and have had 
combinations of my kites In the air with ai 
aggregate aorface of ST5 square feet, and 
have made practical tests of tbelr polllag aad 
Uftlns power. I bare atodied emy poiat aad 
traj paMlHa Meet. I lad aMplaae aC 
mr niaaliMllaa. nder tbe beat mmmSmm; 
lift atee Mr aoDees per aqaaic ftat ar Mr> 
fbee a twenty mile wind— tbat it wfU Ml 
OTcr tlltf as ou da of sand In the air. I Sad 
tbat a aaamer of small oacs In a groop. witb 
tbe same nnmber of-aqaare feet, will lift even 
m<H-e than tbe big one. 

After obtaining tbla kaowledge aa to the 
velocity of wind reqntred to lift .four ounces 
per square foot of surface, the next proposition 
to he solved Is bow to arrange, the surface in 
the best possible .manner. If an aeroplane of 
IW square feet vt Surface will lift 40 pounds In 
a twenty mile wind, I take It tnat dve times 
that surface will lift Ave times as mnch, or SOO 
square feet wni lift a welRbt of 200 ponnds. 

The construction of an aeroplane of 800 square 
feet moat weigh no more ttiaa 1!4 euacc per 
square foot of surface, or abont 63 faaMu It 
most be atroog* with no weak polan 'flsA .gw* 
sentmg tbt- least .wind resistance. 

I am aow wecfcias «■ tbe cuiisUu c U a a aC a 
great atrans baasa tkat wlU bold U flve-foM 
aeraplaBca bt tbe piapcr poaWaa Tbla itame, 
or net w«(k «t ftaaMa. la all wOI be tt feet 
wide, n ttet Hag ant • ftct .Ugb. I bdlere 
tbat It la a great adraatage ta ale a large naai- 
ber of separate acioplaBea aancampared to a 
large one. . If one of the It*"** ones should get 
out of order, there woold be aolj a slight cbange 
in tbe center of gravity, wbcie with one big 
one the breaking of even a guy-line would be 
very dangerous. 

In the construction of this frame queer rules 
tiave to he followed as to the construction oC tbe 
braces. Tbe amoont of strength of each bcaet 
most be known and the position that It wlU 
have to tbe wiad asaat be taken latere '* 
tioi— It it Uca teward tbe wiad .It 
made of llgbt wood. SaA aa i 
of a brace tbat will lie tttwsa laa.w n 
It must be of atreag waod. aack ai 
roooded and smoocb as gtsas^ aa aa ta 4 
least resistance to tlie wiad. 

Here are some fseta aa ta the pstassre of the 
tvlnd per square foot at dlKetcnt Tcloeltlet 
ivblch may prove useful sod valuatile to many 
readers of The Billboard, Including aeronauts sod 
superintendents of circus canvss: The wind 
at 14 miles per boar lias a pressure of one pound 
Iter square foot; at 28 miles, 41 pounds, aud la 
ou. To find the pressure per square foot st sny 
velocity divide the velocity of the wind by H 
and square tbe ptbdnct; tbla will equal the 
pressure per sqoaie foot In pounds. For ex- 
ample, tbe ptcaaoie aC Ow wiad blowias at 10 
aUlca aa boar jr^ """" 

One of the most SBbstantlal petaoiul aneeenes of tbe season, lo Gbletgo theatricals has 
been tbat of Edward B. Baas, tlie yott^g leading man of tbe People's Stock Co., and 
aa excellent pbotognpb of wiion appeaia alxm. Ur. Baas ia one of tbe boslcet men in tl>< 
Wiadr City, for la addlttoa to xesalar datles at tbe atadc boaia ka aadats the FMatt Ctab 
ia tlie stagiag a( a anmber of classlce. Be ia a mmm at ■ tartfaR wailh. aad haa the ila- 
eere cndocseacat of both the public and tbe pu sa. Ia ipealrfag of Ifr. Haaa" anxfe ia Tke 
Lost Fandlse, leeeatly ptodaeed at tbe People'a The a tr e. Jaaea O'Oonnell Bennett, .the 
eminent dramatic anthority of tbe Chicago Beeord-Berald, had among other things, the 
following to say: "Mr. Bass gave an Intensely sjrmpatbetle ccading of the part. Be bas a 
fine voice, much sincerity^ and carried off tbe resounding climaxes of the play admirably." 

'Pedro, a half-breed. .James Callahan 

Carlos, in SaaCbO^a aanipr^.. J- J. Doyle 

Corporal of the 4aaM.t.«. .Howard Norrls 

Orderly A. Prlngle 

Dolly By Herself 

Maclta - Lottie Briscoe- 

Mrs. Helen Douglas ..Helen Strickland 

Nora Flynn Flora Snyder 

Lucy Mary Lea 

The story of Lieut. Dick Is laid in Ft. Bnssell, 
near Cbeyenne, Wyo. There la plenty of melo- 
drama of tbe Inrld kind in the new piece, tbongb 
tbe action does not go to extremes. An tin- 
faithfnl wife, a scheming captain, a military 
Tillaln and other strenuous characters of west- 
ern life are brought out prominently In the stosy 
whicta is well told. 

Robert Cooness, of course, came in for lots 
of applanae. and be was not andcscrrlng. He 
played the title part wdL Bdaa SWekland 
was good as tha catltr wMb .r.4Eflttto BHaeoe. 
Hngh Csauroa and HtjMOM attattea were well 
csst In tmportaot roles. Ifr. Webster was well 
received In the role oC RcSRCant Jones. 

Ideut. Dick made a Ut at tbe Mnrrsy Hill 
and win gndoobtedlr flM* <■> tha aeason's 


Fergnaon and Mack write from lohaDoestiarg. 
S. A., imder date of Oct. S3, aa CgOowa: "We 
opened bere at the Empire Palace of Varieties 
laat Monday and scored a big snoceas. We le- 
maln bere for six weeks and then to ^pe Town 
tor tbe same length of time. We expect to be 
' ' la tha atatca abaot Blaich." 

entire society of women. Ilie charity matinee 
was a saeeesa. « l i e « » aa K aha haA .fedd out it 
mlgfat. and aadoaWa d ly woaH, haiia been a fall- 


A case In which p er f otmer a aai 
tbTougbont the conntry wlU be latcreated 
cause of its character, is aow before the 'Apel- 
late Term of the Supreme Court of New Yorlc. 

'i'hp decision will cover not only the case 
In p-jir.t. bat It will decide whether or not 
performances may be lawfully given In New 
York on Sunday. 

The acUon Is thst of Frederick Hsllem, a 
performer, against Thompson and Dundy, as 
managera of tbe Colonial Musical Hall in New 
York City. Hallem alleges breach of contract, 
and claims damages in tbe amoont of ti?0. 


It ia eaay » ptmlw «feat M t» he 
the raas i i ii eH oa at aa amalaaa; it a 
Ugbt eaoogh t» <• the MikSit wiad of ahaM 
1« miles aa bear, aad at the aaac time ta be 
atroog eaoogh to ataad the laisaaii of at least 
six or eight 


Sam. Bary, recently general manager of tbe 
Tlwoy ^ tyMfoc d^^tmtt^^^y JStf- 

a chala.oC .aad" 
his eoatnl. 

Ifr. k mmmmm a 

years kt 

mRB l > EA MKmiPT 

Leander S. She. the well-knosrn theatrical 
maaager of New York, last week filed a peti- 
tion ia haakraptv. UUmg that ke he " ' 

and Ti 



Fkwck l im tm, W. C 
- - - - Mr. Bary la 

in the mole 
Por seventeen 
was comiected with 6am Hague's 
In which he got the experience that Si 
fitted him for bis present poelUon aa a 
In the London theatrical field. 

Performers contemplating a visit to England 
might do well to tend tbelr photos, and other 
prcaa natctlal. to Mr. Su7 la adraDce. 


lOla. I>3zbet. a loop tbe loop rtder, was pala- 
Mlr. though not aerlooaly lajnred at Hommer- 
atelB'a VlctorU Theatre, New York. Not. 20- 

Ulss Lonbet, in performing the feat lies fsee 
down on a low truck and compasses a loop 
device which combines slso the festnres of s 

On the day of the accident she had completed 
the rerolatlaaa snccesstally when her feel 
i llp ptd Ikam their anpport. and ber lege WW 
bmaed ant tan ta a way that eaaied tm U 
'm carried 




Greets Buffalo Bill's 
Wild West. 

Southern France Sbows Some Unex- 
pected Vicissitudes of Clunate — 
A Few Statistics of Swfass 
iiig Interest. 

Soatliern Frtncr. tbe "I^nd of Perpctul Sun- 
shine '■ noulil be a huge Joke with the Buffalo 
Bin Wild Vi'est were It not ao inmlcal. BInce 
leirlD? Bordeaux ve bare bad almoet continooiza 
roid n-eattier irlth an occaaloaal pleaaant day. 
Notirlthstandlne thla dlndvantase bulneis waa 
anlf(Hinl7 good. _ „ „ „ 

MoDdar, Oct. 23, iNM-«n the ]iMit«a- 
Dean aboces at Otte, tk» MM "fcoapJtaMe place 
t cTtr Tldtcd IB ar tentr-ecTca 7ean "t 
tmcL The *Mr iNMtaM la Ibk Mctioa «- 
■Ms mft ar ca^.der* In AacHea wken the 
iMHH •( « cKr tMk the adrant of a drcui ii 
m'itUmlm. — fl ■wlli attsek tbc people for no 

cHy ef 

^ tkn ttat ttey were stnaseis. 

Otte ba* a popnlatlon of SS.O0O and la a 
flnt-class fortress. The '^ooUcas" etcment. 
irtalcb U T«T (trong all Hnooch Sootbeti) 
maix. Is here above the arerage. Tbe sattvea 
hire no regard for Jaw or order. Their fa- 
Torlte dlTenlon was tbronrins etonea at our 
drivers. Thej- t>ecaine so troobleaome that we 
were forced to charge tbem with moonted po- 
Dce. This lettled them and tber took to the 
mods. Tbe aewspapers. howcTcr. eroe reas- 
onable and justified oar aetiL .am it tkcaa creo 
declaring that ire shoold Ban* CkaicaC npon 
tbem sooner than we did. 

At 3lontpeIier, 25-26. we alio bad tronble 
«llb the same claaa of people. .At Alata, 28, 
Ibc tldcet waxona had to be escorted to tbe de- 
■at wiik detatduBCata e( ear earalv. 
Oct. Z7-4S iBBad a« ia the aanat 
xHk la Bma aattqaUlts. H _ 
jBboseC thc-WUaw^aM ka« ttdr 

1 ti tke <U Beataa Ansa. «UA la 

aMkat a* the OoUmnt at Btne. and b 
t «• the BBC Uaea. Avlcaaa. SB. la anetber 
■hmb ta«B, much Tlaltcd toorUta. At 
flaee B. B. Ooanlng. Bert Con. Harry 
re and others of the adTanee force, joined 
as and T^mlQded us that the toor was nearly 

At Aries. 30, tbe road to the lot was lined 
00 both sides with ancient stone coffins. The 
arena at this place was bnllt 400 B. C and Is 
atUI In fair state of preserratlon. Bull flgbta 
tat atm held here. 

Ob Iter. 1 we anlTed at Qfaraetllea. wbere 
wa .^ eee IS, maklns a seaaoD of thirtr-twc 
<"MtaL Sataiday and Sooday a teaapcet nged 
aB dv aad BO perfonBaiiee was tlvea on tbe 
Mh. niaVas a bto Iom to the aba<r. aa Saaday 
Is a Us day aad thaMsada vt pte*le were tta- 
appolnted. Sat aM.':OM(r and Maaagcr HBtCh- 
inson were wlae la aot Ktrlae a perfenBeaee 
fcr the wind was ae aerete that seat planks were 
actnallj blown into the arena and tbe canTss 
waa so badly torn that onr reserre tent, that of 
last year, had to be put np. Tlianks to "Jake" 
Piatt and bis efficient working force tbe top 
dM not blow down the next d«y. 
^Nor. s Tra« Alt>erta Hotcblnaoa's flrat birth- 
day, and 9be held a reception from 1 nntll 2:30 
p. m. The little ladj- recelred many ban^some 
nerenlrs and tbe good wishes of tbe entire com 
pa nr. 

We bare Joat reeelTed a reimrt that Charles 

8p*ncer, the eight-horse drlrer, who was Injured 
at Caatie, Oct. 17, la dead. Jacob Posey has 
rone hack to take chartte at tbe remains. Mr. 
Spencer was aboat thirty years of age aad. I 
•elleTe, was a natire of Colombns. OMo. 

Uaraellle*. Ftanec, Not. T. ISOS. 

* S?*««* >« betoB aent 

"Weat coDUlnea aooa n 
-Uat Mtettetto called tron the toate haOK, 

trii .S",,'^ *!!» JhdMaaw that the ih«Nr 
trsTeled 13.425 mncs tMB aaaaaa ia tsi 

BlK* iB JMB: 14.090 Billea 

iS?' •» I8BT; 10.187 miles li 

ISB6: S.ftSO mUes In 1886. and lOW mllea m 19B3. 
10?^ *f;?>° .^i'*** SaB days this year aitalnst 
i2« .^V'*?*^ *803 : 201 m IDOC: 211 In 

SUtI: i®* ^ i»e: use In ises: lao m isw. 
•»* 180 days In 1808. 

3*e show made 112 stands tfala season In 
S?'*.Jl*?'~L"2 •» »S in 190S: 133 In 

I Jr?5i."** ^ W* 'b 1880; 131 in 1S85 

i.^s[if*2!".*" Efrfomantea were »lTen: 310 

^ la 1000: BM la UM: WteiaHsaaak UM* 

In ISM: au la iaM?aff jniaFSdni 

Performancea fa MOd. ' ■ 

Six perfonaanees wcte laat ttia seasoB: aoai 
iTn '^32"i, \ J*"!«» «» »«! 14 to lOOa 

>»o •heJlSa'SlJBf 

miles or aliw " 
•round the world. 



, n»alt 
"•>T the 

Otaaa a new acla- 

Ht to MdBH.JM* 

"d MaMte 


It \n announced that tbe Shoberts hare ar- 
ranged witii Robert Gran to supply Taudevllle 
acts at their bouses when the boards can not 
tw filled by their own or allied attractions. . 

TIjIs annooncement wUl temporarily set to 
rest many minds that bare been tv'orrylne about 
how the Independent people would fill In an 
entire season with their apparently limited nnm- 
ber of attractions. However. It Is not recy prob- 
able that tbe Sbnherts have or will make sneb 
an agreement with Robert Grau or any other 
vandevllle agency. The Independent people do 
not seem in a position to antagonise tbe Taude- 
vllle interests. 

By - playing vaudeTllIe In their houses the 
Independent people will enter In competition 
with the Orpheom Circuit. Max Anderson, o' 
the Orphenm Circuit, and bis Clnclnnstl asso- 
ciate, B. M. Zlegler, are understood to be 
flaanelally totcteated In the bnlldiag of some- 
thing like Btaetecn new theatres for the ShOhett 
Brothen. SaMr Mr. Anderson waald aot saf- 
" Im a aaaieat. aar traold 

ta Mas ahout 


Lee Shnbert annonnces that the following play, 
era will aupport Peter IF. Dalley In The Press 
A«ent: Kate Coadoo, Edna Aus, Frank Law- 
lor. BcctiaB Wallaee, 
Ball aad BackHiar. 


TbM mmor recently circulated thronchoat the 
caat to the elTect that Tony LuUflski bad sev- 
ered connections with bis theatrical enterprises. 
Is entirely nnfonnded. Sir. Lntielskl Is still 
tbe general manager of Fii^cber's Theatre, San 
Francisco, and also retains all his other Ta- 
rlons theatrical enterprlaea. Tony la T«r nneb 
allre. and wants tala tHeada to kaoar that he 
Is atm In the rins. He la preaMeat o( tha 
KoTeltT TbeatiCt^Oaklaad. WL, aad ot the 
Grand at aeaow Xtw aad la aaawet'.srtlh Ma 
asaoclatee. Panl raedaaa and H e nij Oabea. 
be CDDtempIates the eataUlsbment of other 
booses. Be is also assistant manager of tAe 
Affiliated Weatem Circuit, which has offers In 

ColaattaB BaUOw. 3Iarket abcet. San 

indnof - .On.- 


On The One Night Stands of Pennsylyania 

Eva Tnqpay Bfuktag 


Now Director General 

Of The Circus Beaatifol, Which Will 
Go Oat Enlarged and Inqmnred. 

William Sells, formerly of the Mb ft 
Shows, will next season be tbe dlzcetgc 
of tbc Floto Sbowa. Mr. Sells baa taken an 
iDtereat in tbe Clrcna Beaotttnl and will bring 
Into It hia Ions and aacccaafai esperlence. which 
estcada .ftM Ua tatlwnd eaia aatO laat kbt 

to a K. 

a natter ot madi dlseas- 

X As It waa hinted that 

tatalillab a elrcns of bis own 

area never mentioned aa a probable 

manaxer for tbe Floto organisation, tbongb 
his capacity and fltnesa for aneb a ftosltlon 
would neTcr bare been questioned. 

This acqalaltlon bas brongbt renewed energy 
to the young giant of the west, and when the 
abow leaves its palatial qnarters in Denver 
next spring. It will be one of tbe most ele- 
gant efforts of arenle attainments. There will 
be a parade aa In the past, except that It wUl 
be latxer aad hattac, aad Ut. toOa pi aala r a 
that tbe poawMaaa «■! MMk aBk av to to* 


. ^ ^ jjjjij TMa aad bit 

«f The lifitaM 

Some Records and MakinK Some OUiert Whh Tbe 
flf Hooses nd Shdws ii Tke Weilenr Parte 

the I 

THB abow tariaaaa la fine In western 
PenasylTaala. Vvota every side come 
reports of record-breaking buslnesa. 
The Beauty and tbe IBeast, a big 
show for such towns as Latrobe. Dn- 
Bols and Connellsville. b^s been doing a splen- 
did business all along tbe line. Bra Tangnay 
In Tbe Sambo Girl drew a ll.OSO bouse at Con- 
aeUSTllle recently. Xbe honse msnager bongbt 
the ahear tor 10001 Stetson's Uncle Tom bas 
tallca lato somb aolt aaaps. Tbe biggest bnsl- 
neaa on the dar yet this aeasoo waa a t.^Al - 
tooaa. where the gnxa rcceipta weiC' ahOBt-tMO. 
The Jflaaoarl «m aid aearir SSOO. at. Satiate. 
11. aad at PhilipsbBrg fb» pidlea,^8lefped 
adc aC tkiaiai. 

laa Bab WMIe la going late aaaae tot aaall 

towns and doing from $400 np. The company 
got the flrat $400 at Leecbhorg. Nov. 21. when 
it did $118.60 gross. This is the record at 
Leecbborg. John W. Vogel's Minstrels opened 
tbe boose to $316. McKeesporfrla. playing at- 
traetioos for three nights and giving them a 
nice boslncss. Tbe Pittsburg houses are forced 
to pnt tbe orchestra under the stage'ereiy night. 
Here and there a show Is not getting money, bnt 
If an attraction. bas any merit at all It is pack- 
In? the houses three or fonr nights each week. 

'William A. MoBhaffrey, who recently leased 
the Three Towns Theatre at BrownsTllle, Pa., 
and la playing attractions there for the first 
time In over two years. Is also the managex of 
three ten and tiventy cent Tandevllle theatres 
located at Mooesseo, Doooca and I<a(7TllIe- 
The performance consists of a vwaille o£***taX»a" 
and moving pictures, and thcasT atoaa 
hare heca oan tea are^.to payiac 
Mr. jfAaSqr ia tRtog -ter aeeare a 
In UaloBtowa, aad ' Ifhe aue e aada wm-oOer halt 
a doaea acta ala^ with plctnrea In tbe Ugsei 

mm Helea llyrtlc^ of the: Sandy Bottbrn Com- 
paar. letaaOj laat a valaahia antch to 

vUIe and thinka It was stolen in 'the 

J. Henry iRice recently Joined tbe 
Royal Slave as agent, and CoL O. W. Bobcrta 
has been transferred to that company aa maa- 
ager. Tbe SlaTe Is a wondertnl repeater aad 
la doing hic eTciy where. Gordon A Bennett are 
boohing tea attractions <or next aeasoo. 

Tbc acw theatre hetoc erected at laieatam. 

Pa., wtB.,aat ba r 

The baaa»mt: **' 


la a laisa diawfas 'popdatlaa 
loaaa aad there' to' no reason wai 
ties ihoBld not be wdl pationiaed. 

The opera boose at Belle Temon, Fa., bas 
been condemned, and tbe town Is wlthont a the- 

HDbert Xahodto'a Vaaat to aaktaw. the 1 
towna tfeaamb:°$MB':atalkit-:wMl>..aur£~ 
Tbe coinpaaF-Ji: 


Gould & Freed'a Mettle the Newsglrl Is doing 
splendid business all along the line. Tbe title 
la proTlng to bsTe wonderful drawing powers. 
Tbe one-nlgbt atand time was booked late and 
tbe company bas some an^ol jumps, bat In 
spite of thla extra expense Is dotos nicely. 

Jack Cbampkn Is pnttlnc an Aa I'baMB ^Jtajaat . . 
production at Leecbborg, Fn.. H^to^awpapv.' 
a company to open Jan. 1. • '•. .-- ■ • - 

A letter from the Idttto jebnayv T aa ea' Ch. ' 
No. 2 teUs of a awltch to thafar ptaa^i .aad 
tbe company wlU not go to the coaat aftea .aU- 
Bnalneaa with them conttonea l^.iJba^ak(aMBe- 

' to'-^ datof - 
;ement ok ' 

-Dan •DarlelSti, la OM SI 
nicely. The aboir la under the management ^ 
CTp. CUmwe. oC Oswego. N. T.. and Its snc- 
ceaa prore* that all Darleigh needed In the 
paat waa good maacement. There Is 00 qnea- 
doa hat that b*Ato.'toa.-cleTerest Xankee come- 
dian to tha aBa-aUbtr-atands. 

/....;■;,:';'; :/.'v-i E. X. .ubbbdiib: : 


Tlie Victor Graves Stpck Co. opens Jts sea- 
son Dec- 18 with an elaborate production of tbe 
musical melodrama. OaTy Crockett, featuring 
tbe young southern actor. Adger A. Wall. In tbe 
company wUl api)ear May Wilson, Grace C. 
Nell. -Mrs. Alice Whiting. Bert Howard. Thos. 
L. Seay, BlUy Jones. Arthur LaRnsh. Prank 
Moss. Tince Brown, EitUe Brown. Grade 
'Vaughn, Pearl Rogers Annie DeCrls, Ulllan 
Woodruff. Jennie WbltlnK. EUa Whitney and 
Tema Martin. Bealde^i Prof. Thompaoa'a Band 
there will be two big rautieviile 


■Uanascr nflUoa of tbe Dblqaa Xbeatte. Ak- 
ran. Ohio, e h ia a d that the atre aa a eaadaeme 
aatardaj. Nor. m, aad_ irftcr a wetfc^ 


Before sailing tOr Iiondoo last week oa the 
Rattle. Heary Arthur Jones, -the , wen-known 
BngUsfa playwright. dellTored himself- of a 
few fellcltoos remarks that ahonld be eooaldered 
very serloosly Ijy Americans, and eqiedally 
those who think- the drama In A'merlca bas 
■'literally gone to tbe dogs." Tbe dlstlngnlsbed 
Bngllabmsn said be aaw In America excellent 
prospeeta tor a Batlaaal theatre, which be was 
sorry ffid aaC aalat to M» aaHw lB aa lij . ..;?We 
are ralcd hr tomtHllIT to /BM- ' » S i. a* h« 

Coming from Mr. Jones, this 
ries mnch weight. Certainly aa far aajfl 
glish side ot It Is concerned no oae baa •' 
chance for obacrTatlm than he. OBrtoa 
aide, be baa been In all onr large- citto 
ot aad toclndtog Cincinnati, and.MsUao 
a Tcry pleasaat .aentlcBian to a atito 

at theatrical .toiittlMB. tt aait ba.. 

that he apoke arllb asae degice «C aatbgtitr> «t 
least regarding the American sitimtlaa. 

air Jonea Is reheanlng a companT that wfll 
pradaee bis latest play .The Herole WF. 
at Teny'a Theatre, London, next spring. 


Much diacnsslon Is going on In Monoogabela, - 
Pa.. Just now, regarding Jim Ctow aeats at the 
First National Open Bonse. It appears that a ; 
few of the colored patrons of that boose have -i 
publicly Jumped on Manager 'WUIongbby be- : 
cause be insisted upon selling seata to colored '.^ 
IKople that they might all ait together during ^ 
the performance. 

One colored lady recently coatrlbnted .to' the :.- 
daUy paper ot that city a letter to tha m aa atsf, - 
stocfcholdeES and dlicetaea oC tha.Fiiat MatlaBl£ K 
calling npon tbem for fair itor:'aad. aafciaK;V; 
that tbe Jin Ciow lale be abdltocd. la jna- % 
port.;.oC. bar GooteBtMi aha Insisted' that . "lae 

aat half tke ttoriUe the wUto pa- 

Oa^v^; aad fBrtbcc that "none ot onr cMared '. 
patMaa hato aw. ea aii d an actor to speak to 
tbea ttoa the stage.' aer hare tbe police era 
bad to eject one for canslog any distorbance la 
the theatre." 

When seen by a Billboard repreaentatlre. Man- 
ager wnioughby denied that the Jim Crow mle 
existed at his theatre. Be said, bowerer, that 
he bad and Intended to continue aa had hIa 
predecessors In tbe manner of allotting to tbe 
colored people adjoining seats. For Instance. 
If one colored gentleman bays a seat In row C 
of tbe orchestra. Manager WUIongbby loalsta 
that the rest of bla colored patTona tray aeatt 
also In row C. If at the next performanee the 
drat colored fiatron ehancea to boy. a aeat to the. 
balcony, then the othoa of his race aaaik toBaar: 
salt aad likewise sit to tbe halcaaqr;:' ^.>:a.'.vm 
it hoe Is where Oe hitch appcaia 'to caaa. 
WmoBghhy happens to have apoa . 
maalad ct " 


Alice Alra. 

'Whose portrait appears etaewbere 
j8 "tbe lady with the elarlOBet" 
ia a Dsaadtr aaaalcal artist oC rare ability. She 
has bsca^eCtre the pabUe atoee she wss ten 
years of age. wtiea she became. soMst for one 
ot the leading band otgaainllons. She was 
aololst for the late P. J. onmote's bsnd and 
since that time has been connected with nearly 
all of tbe leading male and female banda and 

Mlss Alva Is now. meeting with success In Tan- 
devllle. IBer services are In demand. She baa 
made a number of foreign tonrs. indndtng Sonth 
.America, coha and all tbe coBBtilta ot Kmope. 
and ^ she ^ 0Sq^JlJ»^j|gLa^aaW>^.«<^:told»M 

tbe globe. . ..' .. '■■ ';■., "'•.■' 

Dean Marjorle Bowman ot tbe School of Ma- 
ture, at The Pointa, Mt. Sonapee, N. B... Is a 
letter to Tbe Billboard, aMeata to the profes- 
sion not to forget the acphaaa at her acbool 
CbrlatBUM tiaie. The Sebool o( Ratat* to for 

a baaaetog maaleal comedy, and the 

fliat patno etaaces to be a little near-alghted 
or deaf or p u a s Ha t s a peenllar desire to alt 
to the bald-headed row. aome ot the matrons and 
dignified grandpas might feel abashed by such 
doae proximity to the nndraped llngre of tbe 
Croat row. Or If the coined person happened 
to pnrehase tbe llrst seat In tbe rear, aome might 
object to being obliged to view the |>erformanee 
from a diatance. and the nnsatlsSed ones might 
remain away from tbe theatre altogether. It 
looka like the Jim Craw rale might be used to 


Henry Clay Bamabee opened bis season ia 
CloTeTdell, tbe new musical satire by TUton 
Rlebaidaoa, Wednesday evening, Nov. 2S. at tbe 
German inieatre. South Fxamlngham. Mass. A 
large andlence greeted the comedian with r o un ds^ 
of applanae. His imperaoaatlon of tba part at 
Hon. JeOenoB JaAsoa Clover, s e ei e tsi y «( the 
DepaitBaat-o(.AgtMltai*..waa_itB]y chanc- 
tertotte . ad - tba ^aatoaaa ' a a toa ■ -Ac anpportlhg 
rompany to aaM to be aufWr a t . ' „ , 

Ctorerdell to programmed as a "traly mial 
laisia." It is a satire on 'Washington political 
lua^' SB scientific farming and mral almpUelty. 
Ot st ga IioweH Tlacr wiete tba aiaale aad 

tlen. *' . .-^ 'v'-^i^ - ■ j%:?s';'l;':. 

HBUSN- jl cGWi oOR^EAl^ 

aieOKgor. wbeae' pertnyal;-a(-»an^^^ 

waa toe bit of Aa Te Saw. dlsd^ to^atoatttsS 
Sor. sr. Jnm the eUe^^ aa^ 

DECEMBER ? 190$, 



i Ite *air was a grud 

■tMTs. SalllTan and Cocal 

rStar TI>«aCre. gave a brncflt 
afteniooii of 17tb. 
' The <Bival luUan Band, at tht' Star last 
^ ve«k, proTe4 an lnrm«aae drawing card, as 
thcr placed all we«k to absolute capacity. 

John P. Howe, formerly vatnaz^ of tbe Be- 
:-*Ctle rnieatre, retnmed from New Tork last 
week, wbece be doaed a HTc-Tcar contnct trltb 

- - - - -. i^j^ u their 


tcadr In 

TncMvtr tr amt. 1. 

itlM> fliat atarled paUte nade- 
wlHe la that city, will aaanine dunce «( Uie 
two Cooatdliie and SnlUian bonies in Spo- 
kane oo tbelr compIetloQ. 

3ilaa Dorothy Grey. leadlog lady of A Homan 
SlATe Otnupany, at tbe T^ilrd Arenac Tlieatre 
thla weelt. baa a role whlcb flta ber aplendldly. 
She 4s a beaatlfnl and talented actress. 

ne Boudlac Gcnhma, at tbe Star last week. 
Is by Car the heat act of the kind ever aeen 
IB Seattle, and thc aaaaascmcBt ate to be eon- 


Mr. O. D. Woodward, of tbe Woodward & Bttr- 
-~ svas Ajnnsement Co.. was In Omaha tbe pait 

week- ilr. Woodward Is well pleased wltb the 
^-■aocceM of tbe Woodward Stock Co. at Tbe Bor- 


Hetr to the Hoorah. a new attraction for thla 
v dtr. piored to he the ittj best attnetioa of 

wtn draw the andlmew 
' aOaa Gexfce. an Ofaafea 
«C tte BorA School o( _ 
Jotanj- Comes JCarcfalnr Boaae 

-' made her flist appearance In "her 

Vn. W. T. Carlton ha» anlTed fraa Hew 
Tork and joined her bnaband In tll2s dtr. She 
wm spend tbe winter mootha with him la Cal- 
ifornia and Florida, where the Johnnj Oomea 
. Marching Home Co. will be en toor. 

Baalness has t>een ereat at tbe Kmz's week 
ot 12. Way Down East and Tbt Smart Set 
did capacity baalness at this house daring thetr 

PnpUs ot the Boyd Theatrical Sdiool ot Aet- 

"Bt for 
ond of 

impus oi ine Boya rneaa 
Ine gave their fltst nabUe 


The special performance siren by Olga Neth- 
ersole last week In aid of tbe liOndoa poor netted 
the nice sum of $1,300 dollars. Miss Nethenole 
and her comT>anj- left one act of The I,aby- 
rlntb our. Sbe also appeared In tbe balcony 
scene from Komeo & Juliet.' Performers from 
otber Unus<*s also took part. The Daugbters of 
tbe Empire, an orsanliatlon of society ladles, 
were alao interested la the affair. 

^Inslc lorera are haTlns a rare treat to 
one week of sood opera, slrea by HentT TT. Sar* 
aze's superb compaar at tke Pt l» e— . Owlac 
to the demiDd for scati u cstia ■■ tllM kM ta 
be Kleen of Talkyilak 

At tiM Ccaa* taeaatir De CMata seoared 
•troactr wUk MB i«BeBtaI mcMrama. Tbe 
ShaSir BeMad Ike Tteoae. 

Cole and Jolmaoa and the Fire Paescoff's at 
Shea's were big winners. 

Joseph StaolKMise and Christine Prince were 
well received In Tbe Eye Witness at tbe ila- 

.\t tbe Stir Jack Magee and Frank Mnrpby 
scored with the Vankee Doodle Glrla. 

Mr. Frank DIssette. tbe popular yonng manager 
of tbe EJmpress Hotel, keeps The Billboard on 
Ole. and this ap-to^te hotel bas a large nom- 
tar «C Mat. taa attlrs J .tsot esslon appearing here 

-^^fvV J. A. OIJISON. 


Tbe beneat to be tlTcn In behalf of tbe wldon- 
and family of the late A. U. Palmer bj the New 
Xwk Ibcatilcal H»aa«eW AsaaeUtloa. J>ec 8. 

"Curly" Lynch, the 
hlmaelt a wife. 

is gradoaUy growing leas, 
fly man, has taken — 
"Hosky" Delaney and 
only single ones left, 
Fltxcetald (oesslnc. 

The new tliemtre aoon to be erected 
in Osttannas. TKaa.. kas bwa »f«3 »» the 
Bbnberti «C Mav Tort O^. jnifc. with Jake 
weiur anr kaaae. wlB gtia Oatra a ana three 


The Mabonin? Street Opera House, 
Panzsatawav, Pa., will close Nor. 22. and It 
wfU paaaiUr be cooTcrted lato a akatlas rink 

tbe sew 
tiy the 


The opera house at Bricevllle, Tenn., 
bas been remodeled tbroughout, and Is under 
the management of Godby Brothers. 

R. £. Peterson, stage manager of 
the Elcettle Theattc, Waterloo, la., 

A- BL'Sedjre. oamer and manager of 
the Seelye Theatre. Abilene. Kan.. Is bolldlng 
a beantitol $50,000 residence. 

Tbe Slmlierts bave obtained control 


. Schenley and Higbliod Parks were again In 
evidence Sunday, as the weather was of tbe Ideal 
'order and tbe Chrysanthemum Sbow at Schenley 
■:waa obserrlng Its final day of existence for the 
while St Highland the Zoo was tbe at- 

. > r.O!rfac to .aa imfennnate tueak In the cable 
viMUikjCBEilAc* the eleetxle the Pelawio 
rjApaln. tm sets ac Un. Ontafa Mm were 
T tmac aad OOeait tauOHmm Ihsa- 
Tbe break hawinat d ahartir after 

. , had soae an aa the Oiat act.'aad tt 

was ottir tlir e u gh the ^aze ot the xed Maafer) 
- lights and an imprortsed set of footlights (gaa) 
~ that tie play cootinned tiirongh the second set. 
iV-.Tbe aodiejice- took -matters good natnred, and 
^^lieartlly~enj<7ed the* last act nnder iKxmMl condi- 
V^Uoos. Tbe Dally Leader prints a e<dimm this 
&w treek to tbe effect that TandeTine win be pnt 
.- oo at tbe Belasco to fin In some ontxioked time. 
Ttils,' bbwever, is emphatically denied by Han- 
ager Ssmxnls. 

Attractions of tbe highest order aeem to be 
ti^-Bia-'proper. thins here now. Mrs. Carter at tbe 
ViUfl aa e o . mss Barrymore at the Nixon, and 
.'^Mloartaj: these- we are to bare Jefferson De- 
iv;;haaeBa: at the-Bdasco and Sayage's Grand Opera 
^j^^ua.IHna. -Fittsbarc is nndontktedly one of 
la this euuulij. and srlth 

f-lt-*' — — — 

'~:yMccttse thcattca . 

"nbailaok this week wfll aa It a tnr haMaa. 
His. TM^Ca TOegna 1* a 

JfCrRtxao;; -owaer of the Nlzoo Theatre. Is 
cxgectrt tat the dtr this we^ Mr. Nlxeo- 
■: 'jntiOnttr Is here kKAing after Us offering at 
the AlTis(Tbe Office Boy), and wlU visit his 
i^jstho'. attraetloos. Bob White and Simple Slmoa 

Tbe BerTistelos, Mac and Both, redned singers and dancers, are duplicating tbelr success 
of last season In the middle we«t. Managers and the press vouch for It that tbe act la one of 
tbe beat before the pohUc Mias Bath la coaceded to beoae of_tbe oraat laleated r< 

win he The Ninth Walti. by R. C. Carton. 
Among those wbo have volnnteered to appear in 
tbe new selections are Wlllism Faversbsm, De 
W<^ HMper. WUllsm Collier, Virginia Hamed. 
Viola Aagij^ajr J)a^_01g _ Nett«r»ol«._BBtfc 


Manager Ftancls J. O'Brien of tbe 
Bhode Opera Hotise. Kenosha. Wis., and Jones- 
O'Brien Vsndevllle Circnlt, met with a very se- 
rloos accident at. Kenosha, Wia., Nor. Id. Mr. 
O'Brien, who la somewhat deaf bad Just left 
tbe tbeatre for tbe hotel when he was ran 
down by a learn of horses, tbe wagun pass- 
ing over UiB aad tccaUw Ua left Icf. He 
was BlitaA wm amt. malm la.- hia .haOal ahere 
be JvHlt ■pWBl-.'Mi; 

riHiUii AHiii. at nrvfffdoibik R. L. 
wrttaa that he «m hat* aa 
log XjaO pujll iwMa aC 
bnlWtaa CicaMr aaaC aa a 
remoMtd Cor .Ua. 

opetatle eMj^aalca win te hsofeea. Xr. Altai 
has hcaa aat ot the theatrical boslaesa aince 
Ua thoatia bomed shoot four years sgo. 

Manager Walter S. Wtaitney of the 
I^ceom ' Tbeatzc. Fcraaadlaa, Fla.. Is baring 
hte hooae thoaoagUy remodried. Mr Spleher Is 

atiaaslBK the ladde dccotatkaa. The hooae 
wtn base a aew diap cartalB and the ^oa- 
ccatoi anh la .(a ha haaaicaaC aai anCiarty 
deestated. W«a!k la piaaMaMw laptoy. At- 
tractions are bdac booked Cor tbe winter. 

at a* 

Mr. and Mrs. George Lockwood. pre- 
aentltig their comedy success, entitled Ber An* 
nlTeraarjr Present, are booked solid over tbe 
Kohl & Castle and Pastor clrcnlts with a trip 
to -the Cosst to follow. It win be Mrs. Lock- 
wood's first trip to CaUfomls, and as Mr. 
Logwood haaa't slaltad hia aatisa laad for 
aavealeCB Teaia, kitt' laak Corsraid wltt mnch 
pleaaant antldpatha ta the lilp. 

Pauline de Conde. cbaracter vocal- 
ist and dansense, wiu hereafter be known as 
t-aConda. having Joined hands vrlth iiMT Wag- 
ner, setobatle dancer formerly of the Wagner 
Sisters. Tbey win be known as Wagner aad 
LaConda, and wUI present a cbaracter singing 
sad -Parisian dancing act- 

Frank Hagar celebrated his twenty- 
ninth birthday. Nov. 17, at Lansing. Mich. 
Blancbe Edwarda, Barry Splngold, Mr, and 
Vra. Bellalr, Arthtir Stone, Delia ud Temple. 
Bcasle Crawford, Barry Boiaa aat D. A. Piatt, 
who played tbe BUoo TbeaHa lhat-saaak, case 
a banquet In his honor. 

Gray and Grttban, Fred and Nellie, 
en roote with tbe Kentnck.r Belles Co., are 
booking for aczt season. Tbelr act, entitled 
Tbe Mnsleal BMI Bar and The Military Maid. 
Is making ■ kit. Tbelr 
finish IS a feataK. 

original Scotch 

Holmen Brotbera. tbe oomedy bar 
artists, irin retaraed a abort Hmc ago from 
Enrope. aalled from New Tack, Itor. 23, fbr 
Havana. Ma, where they apea at the Teatro 

- . Mbite BaTteJ^bMba jmd Jter old part- 
atr. Waale Horle,: has* agata Maad'laienste, 
after a acpaiatioa of are jwmt mC are ^ 
aaatlBK a sety aaeccaatal ataglaa aae aver tki 
northwestern dreolts. They an kaowa 
Hobba and Hoyle. ... 

Sadie Hart, who has been In the hos- 
pital at Decator, 111., has enffldently re co v ei fd 
to £o to the home of Manager Slgfrled of the 
BUoa where sbe wiU remain antU she is strong 
enough to take np her work. 

Cameron and Flanagan, who opened 
on the Orpbcnm Clrcalt at Minneapolis, Mlon.. 
Not. 26, write tbst tbey bare be«n rnK'tiog 
with the beet of a ne c a sa and that tbey ate 

Uraa • < . 

teaU atr AMUa Kery. 

McGee and Collins will return to 
TanderUIa ahaat Jam. 1. Joe B. McGcs wiUm 
that thilr anr AMi^ mtutit A Otmtt BMh> 
ban. wittHB kv amy Ik Mawtoa, Is a laia 


Mme. Adelaide Herrman, who claima 
to be^tte on^^ lady maq^dSB on the boaidi^ 

AL Massey and Ella Kramer write 
■t they will remain In the west ontll spring, 
they mi some good dates in eastern 
honses, inclodlog Tony Paator's. 

The Hunting & Walters Vaudeville 
Co.. bave adM.JMa WiUm. Ike mtk 

pitcher of 
their taster. 

bave been 

called to Decalar. m.. oa aeeoaat of tha aercie 

illness of Earl Remington's father. Dr. Alli- 

Downey and Willard were guests of 
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Orb. ot tta "taaai OC Olh 
and Stanley, dnrlng their cagagMMt at Mf 

line, in., week of Nov. 8. 

CUftord Val Tralnor writes that hia 
new act la a featnic. He baa been booked by 
tbe Waata TaadavOIa iaaorlattia wMk the 

Chester and Chester write that tboy 
are t>ooked solid nntll March. Tliey are hav- 
Ing a new apparatus <nade In MlnncspoUa. 

Billy Link, now doing a black-face 
mooologoe on the Keith Ctrcatt, ta unparlng 
a new act which be arm ptadaei shoroy. 

Denton and Heminger write tbat 
tbey are meeting with rmA sneceaa playing 

lodges and beneflta la lUlnoIa. 

The Five Durands write tbat tbey 

are hoahe4 asHd «■ lha . ~ " 

wm set latam ea* aiB i 

The Three Kobers sailed, Dec. t, tat 
Gnatemala to be abaent fifteen arecfcs. 

Tbe Meredith Trio >iilMd tba Um- 
ray Ic Maekey Co. Oct. IS. 


Harry Corson Clarke, pictured above, bas Joat 
QDlBbed a very eaccessful season on tbe Or- 
phenm Clrcnlt, and on Jan. I be begins a tsar 
of the Sootbem Clrcnlt for the Intu Mlaia 
Amnsement Co. In fact, Mr. dsrkc'a 
la hooked aoUd nntU Hay 1. :Jfr. Claifee W 
tmd ta CMeaaa ooa Friday aftctaooB aad gave 
a lehaanal of kto: afcateh batnra Ibrthi Beck, 
of the Orphaaa aicait. tha fOOowtng moralng. 
Satnrday aftCfBooa he waa hooked for a tweotf 
weeks' engagement awr the Orphenm theatre*. 
Tbe comedian haa matt a rceord la raod>^ 
hlU. and the big dicMa aia iiitlag htaa far a 

DECEMBER 2r 1«0fc 

Ttxe: BIllt»oar<l 


UM wltii 
be tonrad 
ScIU * 
and thla put 
feature with the 
the winter aea- 


Notes from Beeson Brothers' Big 
Uacle Tom's Cabin Sbow: Thla la our twelfth 
«tek In California, and we ate atiU drawlns 
leaTf nocses. Onr aKapaajr la tbe only op-to- 
date Tom abow ttiat kaa aver jlayed, thla aec- 
an aaaaa^a aaaal^ 


AL O. BtMi^ waamr: wuiard Bee- 
Danoo. aseat; U. H. 

_ •; Bosh BobMiia, band 

leader: Enett Dalowce. orcbeatra leader; 7. H. 
Raplrr. 3. V. Sterllns. Paul Athrrton. T. WeUa. 
Pott Beed. a H. Allen. C. J. Galaodo, C. E. 
Leah. B. MjtiUwx. naa^ Mlcr. BUc D. Fal- 
sa; Xbu J. aaMsM^ UtOB.lMiW MIm !•> 

D. A. Hetlman, ascnt tnr the Via 
' Odl. wtU«* a ato wi "V* kav* been 

- - - - "In 

aiL aad u avMIt W Mt^^ttB one." We 
rnlMMaaUa Ihraacb tte'caat otn Jaae 1. 
lad jaeaactra are aakuc fer tetara datca. It 
li Ihi a B w : Tla'a lateotloo* to play 'orer tbe 
aaie l e iillaif each aeasoa In new playa. Onr 
roster !s as follow*; E. G. VU. owner and 
masaEer: D. A. BpntaiaD. adrance agent; Wal- 
ter Rlll. maslcal director; Cblck Barrey. ataee 
manaser: Fred Ecker. electrician; Jolin Walker, 
master of properties: Marie GUmer. Marford. 
Goldie Zone. Martnerlte Hardr, Uasie B. Law- 
leace. Ralph McDooald. Alfred Cobear, J. C. 
Hi i an aia and CaHoa XMtcap." 

^WotM&^n JOtB Nevlua-Tanner Co., 

HL. wUfe aa a atl ta lf aaw l e iwiafa g af pbm. 
■ HMBC can aad foor bis noeelly apccUItr 
acta. Bmee RInaldo baa been re-encased to 
•tace an prodoctlsa. aad to play prladsal parta. 
Tbe sfaaea ia haakad larlf aalM l> tha best 
time that eaaH tt-tmM."mm IBMHili'jMt (ood 
for tbe bcM Man Ibe H1M| kMT Cfcr en- 

The roster of the May Stewart Co. 
1« as follows; J. E. Olne. proprietor and nien- 
Jgjr: ft- W. Bosfclna, repreaenutlTe; Wm. F 
manager; Andley Anderron. as 
alstaat; PblUp Hrelan. electrician; Jno. Bar- 
Jg^waster of properties; May Stewart. Jaae 
■psester. Clara Jeanklns, Grey B. FOwlcr, 
™»am MarpbT and Donald Burton. 

Owing to the lllneM of hia irlfek Wm. 
> . Moog waa obliged to doae hta company. Tbe 

gy Water, a t Hamilton, O.. Not. 18. He took 
tha ■when of the corapany to LLs home In 

Cbambenbnrg. Pa., where they will rest natll 
Not. 80, wbeo tbey will play • 
gSKemeut tbete. 


The members of the Onr Futor Co. 
clererly reminded Dan Solly Oat Mar. 6 waa 
bla birthday by presenting him wllh a hand- 
some loTins mp at Eaa CUirCk Wla. Be in 
mm enfr tslne d thcas with a aitaalM r 
and the day •M-taaM OTt vMb 
of pretty niittw.. 

PWM VL D— t O B tm aimonr the num- 
ber net MMt hi aAMttiainf their company 
well. Bk ITMk • mtle aawBca work tot 
b's cMHikaBk Ito.m. o( cai* bcadH a 
«troi» jgm»mmm.Ugmlbamwa W. B. BaU 
of the Gcaiy Opera m a n, Oaair. Ofcla. 
. . Sara MacDonald. author of the poem 
recently pnhliehed la Tbe BOlboard. entitled 
Tbe Actor Man. has " ' 
sntnma engagement 
Co.. and will spend 
New Zork City. 

given nine curtate 
M. X„ after «M 

EL a. 

calls M* 

scene of 
was ao well 
main an entire 

LiOttle Blair Parker's successful play. 
Under Soathem Skies, bas paaaed lu 2.000th 

pertaoMMt. , », a^m tn .hm. nor. , mi 

Ned NdHB-Wltes that he la In his 
I. ''"J?"' w«ak ■■ Mage manager for A Ben 
Bo; Co.. sod la aan plarlns Us nart 

Of Doogan. 


Tim Mtirphy wUl sbelv« A 

aefju u^ u.ft r.A Vium mtm.: tar will 

A. E. Anson, whom Robert Drouet 
recently sncceeded as leading man tor Viola 
Allen, baa returned to England to appear In 

W. D. Reed bas recovered Crom hla 



IwZHiUM.'^'^' burlesque arllats are In their 
Vn. air. ^"J °" 0°"' circuits, and Chai. 
i'VfcjH <l>em for ten additional weeks 

entlM fe^S'Sf'"^'"*'"'' Clrcnlt. Their act, 
Im""Li»»«d. is the laughing hit on erery 
Slea.T**^^—.*'* J**"^ "^ed for rctnra 

Mrs. Alice 7. Shaw, tbe whistling prima donna. Is known throngbont the elrlllsed world, 
harlng appeared exteaairely In America. England, France and Bassla, ererywbere recelTlng 
columiu upon columns of niutlnted praise for her t>ewltchlng art and fascinating glfta. Uta- 
Sbaw's stay ia London waa one cootlnonns aeqaence of choice engagemeala. She wbla- 
ilea entirely pom note, and flUa It with expression that do bnman Tolce eaa lender. Ber 
— rk iBproiaa with age. aad bar capabnttlea aa a star whlatler appear — 
Bhaw*B MM tete a is — 

Coast aa the 

The Royer Brothers report unstial 
sncceas nnder tbe management of Archie Bayer 
and W. F. Clark, Tbe company will ran thirty 
weeks, and expects to close with a clean sheet. 
Their tenting sesson opens Uay 10. 

Edward Jones, formerly of May's 
Opera Hoose. Plqoa, OMo. Joined tbe King of 
Rogues Co., Nor. 21, aa adrance representatlre 
to aacceed B. O. Crawtocd who reatgned to go 
with the Bolden Brolbcis Cb. 

Sanford Dodgre has added Julius 
Caesar to his repertoire, end will alternate It 
with Damon and Pythias, which the com- 
pany haa been playing since tbe opening of 


MW Wmw. under 

A Noble Baron, 
the mansgement of 
Its sesson at Denrer, 
to a capacity boose. 

Manager. James Mack and Staice 
Manager Banry A. Dawaon mart that the 
A nM>ML< Ok li - ' 

The cast oC Gordon & Bennett's east- 
era The Holy CMy Oa. has been tmpfoeed by 
tbe foUowms iiiaipteiili Ban* «i Baaa as 
Salome. Lcona uMh ■NSMMb BnM Da- 
Tlea aa Pootloa FuAt laM BaiBt BgiMM as 
Mary VsgiUene. - 

May Buckley, recently of The Shep- 
herd KIw Co.. has been anjast* tor the 

of — — - — - 


Notes flm.Hin's. Hivpy -SooUcan 

Co.: We •ptasii to capacity matlnea' at lha 
Oolombda Theatre. Chicago, and toned people 
away at night. Onr, tenth week proees that we 
hare tbe strongest conpaity erer engaged tor 
thla. atttacttan. - BnrtoCsc* Bapny WaollgaB haa 

Tha aaoTC ts a good likeness oC b. O. 
leno. sreU known ^ir^^g vsudevUla aad 
people aa Zelleno. tbe Mystic Ur. L 

haa delighted thonsand of people to thla 

try and In tbe Hawaiian laUnda with his hlg^ 
dsss prestidigitation acts. At present he is 
en ronte with the John Boblnson Shows, dtrinr 
magic and clowning. Mr. Zelleno is literary, 
and finds time between performance* to wrlta 
(or The BUltxurd and other papers. In ISOS 
be pobUsfaed the route book for the E^n-Amer- 
Ican Shows, opon which be received some rery 
high compllmenti. . Mr. Zelleno Is a member 

oC the Society of Amerlntn Ma^clans and Of 

tha Hoaolnla aerie of Eaclen. 

other ao-called "BooUgan** caapaalaa. As Mr. 
Bin haa obtained an inloaetloa agalaat three 
eoapanlea we do not look to be bothered asala 
with them. 

Jules Hurtigr and Managrer George 
B. . BaniB iitjresa themseleea aa hatac plsaasd" 
witk the ahewlBc alnady made tj AnHc «r 
nfiiwtfs BslM^sMMs gi>» wMcfc. - ~ 

Is I 

Ed. O. Toun?, formerly oC Brooks 
and Toung. haa resljnied aa mens gar of Gld* 
eon's A BOt Old Time Co.. hcaUH* Of IIX 
heaUk.^ . Be arm so to ^ 
the erteteu Mm Sag 
agcr'«( Ike company. 

Syank A. Smiley, of Richard Carle'7 
The BaM and Tbe Mnmmy CoL. reporta that by 
tbe MCCBt- death of hla ciaadfaacr li 
botoagb; ■>aMMiBL:.taK ttdsiMRJ: *•:< a- 

eraHe ( ' 

New, 7oifc -wm^awtvaaa Tho--, 

Agent Wmid ay. ViiK';;tK>K»m pml ana i r nr 
nooDccd. bat win hate M ' welt until WeOMn- 
dsy. The premiere takaa place. 27, In Ncw 
Baeen. Conn. 

Flo. Chambers, formerly of the 
eboras. has sncceeded Adele Bobland In the 
part of Flo In Tbe Held and Tbe Mummy, SUsa- 
Bobland baring been transferred to tbe Ma^or 
of Toklo Co. 

Eddie Ijamont. musical artist, now 
In hU twelfth week with The Jolly 
gle Co., writes that he has been e 
next season with the same company. 

Frank W. Nason writes that his new 
musical ahov. Helcbhody MClsbbaei^ Is leor- 
ing an iBaaese eneeei^ kr ecaakks a tev 


aofCIIlM «a the stace. Tbey are at pieaent 
ttlag. fee uu ed by Geocse M. Fenberg as a spe- 
cial attraetlan thransh tbe New England slatea 
nnder the osanaeemcnt 0( Will Dcsbon. The 
Clereland Plain Dealer of Jane tS'commeatci 
npop -tbclr. act as follows: "The great featnie 
of ' tbe enUre' performsnce at White Clty~"fhla 
week Is the Millard Brothers, marrelons cyda 
comlqoes, who lluish tbeir wonderful . work with, 
the myt^J^^^lll^te at^crf i^S^ 


Tlxc: Billboard 


London Rialto 


T«L SaBHtd. 
Tettg. Pwrtliei. 

V i 

tfy. C e. BARTRAM. 

NO NEW plays have bam pro- 
duced In Loodon this week. JCWD rnt tt 
■wottbf ieTlT«lj, a enrtaln nlatT. a 
coaple of proTtocUl prodacUooa and a 
akctcb oc two ■mnmatixe the erenta of 
thU thnttieal week. (Back to Land, a one- 
act plaT- mliun kr Aadcew WIcka, was nlared 
be the lint dm*. >t tha Samr. on Udaday. 
br LorlOK Fcnb. OIlM AUet ud Xn. Monft- 
lot. It IS an amatcnrl^ w ritt e n affair, bnt 
not wltlumt Interest, U only became tbe con- 
trast between extremeir realistic detail and 
.-■B artlllelal Idea-- A woold-be poet leares bis 
•kome In. the eoantir to woo his Unse In Lon- 
don. His stuTOmwIlngs are anrtuns bat poetical 
tn -fact, they are miserable tod^iss presided 
orer bj a slattlsh landlady, and a Bentlmental 
*'alavey.*' Here a female coontry coosin comes 
.declaring her intention of murytng tbe gran- 
diloquent bero, and ereatnallT carries blm off 
"back to tbe country, " saving blm from the 
hardships popularly snpposed to be the lot of 
all aspirants to literary fame, who come to 
London. Un. MonlHot's acting )»rely saved 
tke oomcdr &om otter failure. Tbe piece pn- 
. ^;miu, tto, — •— 

Anottar 'iigiidetsr has been eatablisbed 
for the 'VKpoB of IstradndnK tbe weeks of 
joong dramatists to tbe pnbUe, nnder the title 
of The Play Beading Society, whldi will pto- 
dace Its tint play. The Greater QllB7« mt ■ 
matinee at the Imperial on Dec 7. 

This society Is. bowcTar. not tte mSr tm 
sasloas to esponse the eanae ot baddtaK dtan- 
Tnttiln the bat Caw dbya we tan 

- — if*^ 

IhaetlcBl Braartaliv 

v«lMMlatIaa has been formed with the meet at 
^IpaaaBtinsv experimentally, new plays, musical 
' ^iben^ etc. The promoters of the scheme baye 
''aeeared the lease ot tbe Boyal to Cantcrbnry 
and engaged a stock company where they will 
' be enabled to give any play, considered wor- 
.:-^lhy, a week's trial before a paying audience, 
ifl^don managers will be Inrtted, bat critics 
''^'^wtn not be "encooraged." 

Hr. I^ees Academy of Dramatic Art. another 
scheme of tbe dramatic Incirttator class, bai 
ended Its first year rarontbly — rrom a finan- 
cial point of Tiew — the balance ataset Showing 

-.'vi^^At a matinee on Thnrsday, Ifr. Tree 

'■ w i l t* * Ibsen's An Enemy of tbe People before 
a distlngnlabed asdlcnee. Mr. Tree fairly re- 
Tealed In the part of Or. Stockmann, the— <i 
nsnal — misunderstood retbrmer. Tbt part, ad- 
mittedly one of Tree's farorltes. eonid not bare 
been, better played, nor could tbe piece hare 
been better staged. In mob scenes Ur. Tree 
alwaya excella. bat in tbe scene ot tbe pabllc 
meeting ot the towamople, he exeaHed eren 
himself. It sraa a^^lMns iacUent torn ftom 
real Ufe. The catli* 
a. ■octasa— It. ' 

Another reviral was A Marrlagre of 
Osamnlence at Terry's. This foor-act comedy 
was adapted from the French by Sydney Gmndy 
sad was lint ptodaead m tiondoa at the Hay- 
market eight yean acn. This Is the aeeond 
— — -~ mm QadftCT-VaBier 


: SAW oir zam 

At the West I iondoa » iww ndo- 

drama by Arthnr flbMar, — tttlst She ■l»4b«r 
of Life, was sndoead for tha flntt ilaw In Lon- 
don, an ilmmmi. The work ot an cigerleaeed 
dramatist la the hands ot Benry Bedford, an 
expcflaneed actor and piodnecr, waa almost 
anrc to be acceptable to tbe dass to whom 
ther eater. A couple of mnrders. a wronged 
heiress and a thrllllog escape or two, well 
worked oat, proved highly saUstactoty to West 


The Water Rats, Ensland's most 
powerfol society of mnsle haU artistes, have 

!r wneie uc neai snncnuim 
han artiitea an osmuv tmm. 
loraa. that tha eonio abmra 
ooma IksB the aaada ot tte 

The circus as an Institution in Enff- 
land is dead. The sale of tbe Sanger Sbow, 
by auction, last week • was the burial. The 
hippodromes which have sprung up all orer 
Englaod, where a coujOilnatloD of music ball 
and elrens performance is glTcn, itsre been too 
modi for the trareling or common canvas 
cireas. "A -glamor fsdes from the earth." It 
makes one wonder wheie tbe next genentlao 
of BngUah mm ' ~ ~ 
We kaoar, oC 
will coatlnne to 

sessbore, and the Sketch . 

tres. but tbe others, whs ,taal* ttt Ml va- 
riety ol the proEcam, where ait latf m come 

I am afnid they wlU have to be Imported, 
for I see no school that oonid possibly replace 
the English circns as It floarlshed np to a few 
yean ago end existed up to Isst week. It I 
were not afraid of alighting some one by 
omisaian, I could cite over one hundred prom- 
inent English mnsle hall turns who lesmed 
their business with Sanger, I sec them on 
nearly ever; music ball bill, not only In Eng. 
land, bat In America, at Eeltb's New York 
tills very -week, at Miner's Bowery, where one 
is tbe principal attractloa with a Dlnkin's 
Show, and at the Orpheum in 'Frisco, to ssy 
nothing ot the continent, where nearly every 
circus Is made merry bf an Bnglish clown. 


; ^-Tiie atK>Te reprraents Harden and IjeLonde 
' Wiiij. have scored a tUt this season with the 
late. BoblnsoD Sbows In their doable revolTliiK 
ladder' and dsnbla tsaseie act. At. the close 
oC thk dicsB acaiM tMF wffl 

The above represents Potts snd Harte. the 
tbe past two yean have been mcetlnc with the ot the west. Mr. Potts la a cnmicsl i — 

are rpcelvlnc many aattcttaK essomaBis 


and up-to-date comedians, who for 
of success in the leading raudevlile 
a hnmor geenllaitf his own. 


Popular Price Houses 
for Brooklyn. 

Re^ew of Conditions and Items of 
Newt is fin Boraigli Eut of 
Tht Bfidli. 

Bnmon aw ever aflaat itgatdinc new thtt- 
tree to ho areeled la BsoOkljra. A manager re. . 
cently tald be waa of tlic opinion tbat latw. 
Brooklynltes loved the Great Whits Waj, aad 
tliat when tbey wanted to See n ft shew wooM 
hie themselves aetosa tlie bridge, and not wall 
a year hence until the abow'a arrival In Brook- 
lyn. Think there la mnch troth In tbe argu. 
ment. The popular priced bouses are Bonrlth. 
log. and seats must be ordered la advance by 
those who would not be disappointed. 

All nen-spBper men bare a warm spot in 
their hearts for Lew Parker, one of Brooklyn's 
faTorltes. He Is a keen business man. and the 
Sbuberta have made a wise move In engaging 
him for their Park Theatre. It seems passlog 
strange for this genera Moq to notice Xhorlej'fi 
handsome Horlst wagon drive nj> In front ot tlie 
Park, and to MM ths MMK •qplpasaa that 
stop, Tbe Park is aoM am k faaasHlaa ot 

Its own. 

Are Brooklynltes treated with « degree ot se- 
rlousness In the veleetlon ot plays? We ate 
not given credit. It appeara, tat pnasenilng su- 
perlor theatrical taste. Perfonnera call BnoK- 
lyn- '•between the Urlng and tha. dead." aad 
of tlmea do not infnae vim Into thatr Mita. 
Doobtleis wm are from the fans, bat Braofelyn 
wUl yet tlaa ap in ansa. It tm tka 
Jorlty voM to a mayor. That.loOfcs Ilka "things 
a doing." 

aiary Olbbs Spooner la a bnsy woman these 
dsys. One ot the most saeeesatnl theatres U 
Brooklyn la the Bljoa. where tbe S. B. O. sign 
is coostastly Is nae. Tbla gives evidence ot 
several yean of bard work on tbe pan ot Mrs. 
Spooner and her daogbten. Edna May and 
Cecil, wbo personally direct tlie performance 
whUe their mother looks after tite bnsioeas 
nCTalrs. Tbat a congenial atmosphere has de- 
veloped is proven by tbe tact that the entire 
company Is tbe same as when tbe Spoonets 
made their entry Into Brooklyn. Mrs. spooner 
li a diplomat, and were she a man. President 
Boosevelt might well look to hla lanrels. 

Disrobing acts appear to make a tremendooa 
hit in Brooklyn, And In the "City of Cborches." 
too. SboeklngI Hotriblel At tbe Star some 
weeks ago, tha tamed Obaimlon waa dlatohlng, 
while at tha Aleasar hnt a tew weeka an 
Atalanta. "dUact.ttom her Bnropean triumphs?' 
appeared la a marseloaa dlaroblng aet In mU> 
air on an Invlalble wire. Can yon beat that 
"even It yoa be a press agent." sa tbe farmer 

If yoa can ludd out long enough to sliow the 
pabllc yon aw game, yoa will be a snceesi. 
This is my reasoning, snd evidently that ot 
Frank Keeney. for be baa made a huge saceess 
of bis vandevUie house on Fulton street. He 
has an ail-star bill tbat would make me gasp 
ir I had to pay tbe salaries, bat I don't. So, 
why worry t 

Yoa can't get ahead of the Majestic. I 
Kuess not, because they sre Ijooklng Just what 
Brooklynltes want. Mansger Frldley must be 
possessed of a little bird that flies aroaod 
Brooklyn gaining ideas of what should be played 
in tbe city. 

The stars of tbe Peyton Stock Co. a few 
weeks ago quietly retired from tbe bill— a 
most aodaehraa tung .to do— and allowed , the 
memben ot their ooaipamr to have tbe hoas r 
of ttie_weelt. .It ifas a jneeesa. tboagb Etta 

Reed FaylMi aal. Oeiae Fajrton have a large 
followtng. Th«r.-nad hatter not euy oat of the 

. - _ ^ .J of the memben will 

a( tlMlr. Mra. "Ahaenee 

makes thavMltf fwir'aiMMr.*; is JMDVa^ 
:oo<i In Ila lilaea; Mt It haa no idace ln ' 


arranf;ed a very novel program for tbelr an- 
nual benefit matinee at tbe Pavilion. The chief 
Item wlU be "a dish of -folly." ' prepared by 
tbe Clever Wal Pink, entlUed'Ollver Twisted: 
Or, Dickens Up a Tree, In whleh Uttle TIch 
»'ill "limm" the brutal '. faflan BUI :Blkea, 
Wilky Bard wiU ploy OUsar Twiatad. while 
another weli-koowB oooadlan wtlljplay Fa^ta. 
.\notber novelty win be^X.' L; C.; Or, The 
Ballet Too Awful (or Warto^ aaptorted hy a 
corps de baUat of 'Bata^ >.. 

BIta Shields is back: 

rlca, and Is "topping" at 1 

In tilasgow tlila weeli. 

.Mr. waiter 

EallQg Thaatw to 

halls. ..: 

Radford A TakMlaa aw alas tn Bonnie Scot- 
land, makiag the aattna towl with daUght. 

Morrla Omrin and Ma ftor aaatotants have 
returned from ON Oaotliant ad apHMd In the 


R. A. Babacta, the pwtaaa adac; aalla for 
.America an tha Oaaaalc aa ~ ' 

uuuuin sen CRwamD 

The official announcement that the 
Camberwell Palace snd Granville Varieties will 
henceforth be booked In conjonctloa with the 
HoM Tour has dispelled tbe f^sr In many 
minds tlist was caoaed by the rumor which 
Mined entrency laat week to. the effect .that 
Om^^Mb^ Fvaf Gbcnlt waa aboat la Join 

Then there Is the great Jee Family, which In 
ail its branches Is the largest professional fam- 
ily on earth, every one of them playing to-day. 
and nearly every one were at one time or an- 
Other with "LorA" Ocoiie. ^ 

Mapolanii and. .BIilkr« BItiiiacra-'Mre 
two niTT ilMliibn wilKga In tbe local -moale 
bans thia week. ■'^ 

The London masic hsils have haaa 
tbat the law requiring non-inflammallle 
will henceforth be strictly enforced. 

The Hippodrome hss again been refBaed a 
drink license. 

Another act In which tbe blograpb has been 
introduced — since Gardiner & Vincent showed 
tbe natives bow — Is tbe sketch The End of tbe 
Stoty. at tbe I/jcenm. 

Becently a man In the audience at the Gaiety 
hissed' Eddie Payne, and when asked why, by. 
one wbo bad witnessed the action, the' man 
replied, "Because be reminds me Of 'a man Z 
dont like." 

The Catch ot the Season ithftrHw 11* MM 

performance next' week. 


The antiquated practice of keeping 

a long line of people waiting for admission -to 
certain parts of London theatres until a tew 
minutes liefore the curtain Is to go np Is 
gradually dliappetrlng. At tbe Seals, as at 
tbe Coliseum and several other Westend thes- 
tres, one can new reserve seats in any part 
of the house, and meat. Imadon pUysoen will 
be raw .tha^fnl ^wbta ,iUb. - 
Togoa b tn iuiMmm. , 


Leo C. Teller spella popnlar, for be certainly 
baa got them going, ttnmor bath It that a 
new theatre under tbe Teller regime will shortly 
be heard of in Brooklyn. Yoa cant' keep a 
good man down. Yon have heard tbat. 

I feel inclined to say a word atwut Phillips' 
Lyceum Stock, Co.. which haa been doing a 
phenomenal baaineos. Mr. PbtUlps Is a wise 
man. and baa an enormoas foUowIng, He will 
branch out shortly. " 

For good vsndeviUe bills the Orpheum, Am- 
pblon and -Hyde & Befaman's appear to be away 
ahead. All stars are tbelni. And whet will 
tbey do when all tbe start have appeared In 
vaadevlllet I - know — a tarewdl-tonr |n rande- ' 
vine.. Hninh. : - , . . 

SatiRday. eraninc. No*; «, the' HoAiank Tbia- 
trt^wOl ha opsned aa the ImpecIaL Hanagsr 
pwftr'wni run it as • eombuathm bonw. , 
^^HUe. I«oaatjl opcBB hla aeeond '•reek la 
BMaUya thb, week at Kccoey'a, and wtU be 
aaen at- -Byde ft Bebman!s . nezt week. This 
win: nalce hla third apiieatanee In 'Brooklyn 
la. as .maay weeks. . DiUcland aeemi to be a 
go, . aa Jack Levy has booked him solid for 
the rest- ot -the aeaaon. 

Irelands' Own Band, which ' headed tbe hill 
at Hyde & Bctunans' last week, proved a blK 
drawing card, for the boDse did capacity busi- 
ness aU week. 

iManaser Archie B. Ellis ot tbe Star Thea- 
tre reports business excellent,. No wonder, be- 
cause Archie knows bow to : manage a theatre 
and knows what the pabliC wantl> In addltloO 
to . the rcRular bill he -slways -engagea a vaude- 
ville besdiiner ss tbe Special' feature; 

Smce. the Imiwrtal has opened Brooklyn can 
BOW funlah any kind of amnaeatent «that can 
be.bad la- Haubattaa. 

iiiB(S BaUer. a weU-knowa Brooklyn girl 
wt^ Wataon'a Waabtnstoa Soelety Olrls. write* 
tocher trienda la thIa dty that the show l» 
doing a big^bnslaasa .and maktac a big hit in 
~lBMn Sob" 

the PacUe Cosst dUes. Slaten Soblneoa, treaa- 
oicr ot the .Hassan. Thcatw, taeaatiF • Rc*i^ 
from Miss Beblcr a handsome bant wood cal- 
endar, which he takes pleasure In dlaplaylnff 
In bis efflcc. 

By a nnanlDMOS vote St -Boblnsoo of thr 
Naasan Tbealw waa elected Ttea-pcaatdent «f 
the BwaUni Ladta T. at a. laaaHns >aM 
lOBiay, 1& , .0«^MBn>;BAaSr 

OECEMBBR 2;*1S08i 

^Xtte Blllt>oarcl 


Second To Mo Other 

^ILTW-Year-Romid Amosements— 
OomBl News From the GMtn 

SAlt PRAKCISOO U, wlboot doabt, we- 
ond to ooDe an aU-reu-roiuid 
amuwiseiit clt7. With a poiialatlon 
ot aboat fire taandted tbooaand, and 
tributary towoa of over one taoDdrtd 
tixnisiDd more. San Franclsoo eaten to mote 
Btople dallr tban aaj otber city of tbe aamc 
Ssc la the United States. It snpporta tb« 
CoUowlag places of amuBcment* all tDaUng 
III0M7, a loalDK week belns an exceptional oc- 
currence: . . , „ 

Columbia Tbeatre. playing Ulb-daia ComM- 
nations; Majestic, Grand Opera Booae and Al- 
cMar, bigh-clasa atock; Ocntial. melodnna; 
California, combinations; TiToU Open Boiue, 
eiand and eomle opera: AlbaralHca. oooectta and 
tyrlc: and tbe fOUowUic oootlswmt hOMCi: Or> 
pbeum, Fliher'a. Iiyccnm. naplnk Baldwin. 
(Jnlpoe. Norelty, UlaaloD, Braadwaj.. lUdway, 
Baniaikct, BelTedere, Oberoo and LaBObeme. 
!■ aMtllon to the aboTe we have the Chntes 
wkW budlea an arerate ot tnlly twenty thoa- 
laad pMpIt weekly, and Are large penny arcades 
with ftom two boDdted to Htc bondred ma- 
chines In each establlsbment. Brary one of 
these boosts is open erery day In the year, and 
with tbe big fairs and fnqocnt Tlatta of tbe 
dreos, San Ftandsco can ctrtalnly boast ot Its 
position as a show town. 

In addition to tbe aboTe three new Tande- 
Tllle houses are nearlng completlOQ, each with 
an sTerage capacity of twelre bnndred. Thej 
are tbe Bell, tbe Colonial, and' the Sixteenth 
Street Theatre. 

D. B. UcN'eUI, lessor ot tbe Central Theatre 
bnlldlsg, has brooght salt against Fred. Be- 
lasco, M. E. Meyei snd others of tbe Centrsl 
Tbestre Amnsement Co., to prohibit them from 
nmoTlog the fittings ot the playhouse, inclad- 
lag seats, banglogs, curtains, scenery and other 
pataphemslla. UcNelU claims It was agreed 
that the dsfcndanta ahoold lease the boos* at 
• taut icntal and lit it for theatrical DurpoKi, 
Ihc Itaat went Uits effect in ISOO and expired 
Kar. M. AMOCttag ts the plalnUS tbe lesaeea 
««(* ta ItM*. d jawpheraalla behind when 
they left ttat hmm. Hmt, ha aaya tbe detcnd- 
aou an prepaxiag to deuade the theatre of 
all Its tiapplnia. Be aaya that It the defend- 
ants cany act their pnrpoae he wni not be 
able to accommodate booklnga already made, 
and therefore lay himself open to damage salts. 
Judge Sewall Issned a temporary Injonetlan re- 
straining the detendanta from mnoTing any 
(ocnlsblogs, and ordered tbcin to appear before 
blni in Xorember, - and show eanae why the In' 
Junction Bfaould not be made permanent. 

Mile. Tetrazzlnl, the Italian prima donna who 
Just closes a most successful season at the Tl- 
Toll Tbeatre. has canceled her engagement with 
Herr Conrled to appear at tbe Metropolitan 
Opora House. New Yorli City. Tbe singer took 
tills action after ahe bad beard that Conrled 
Imd cast Mile. Sembrlch for all the Important 
roles, declarlnf; that she woald not play second 
to an.T one. She will go to .Mexico City. 

McKee Rankin arrived In San Francisco from 
Australia, on the steamsr Sierra. Nov. 12. He 
steted that Nance O'Nell and tbe rest of the 
csmpaair wcic coming home on tbe stesmcr 
. tnasma . .?< l*a .. company played In Australia 
nr-alaMeaa weeka. and did a very good bnsl- 
■ess. Kanea O'Neal opens ber American en 
gsitement In 'Frisco, Dec II. 

MansOeld at the Grand Opera Hoose Is dn 
pllcatlag bla.Mwa socceaa. Br la a great fa' 
write ber*. -Ba.aakes flfteen appesrances and 
prodvrn tat Oadaa, The Merchant of Venice, 
Beaa Bra pmrt . Blebaad IIU A Farlalaa Bo- 
■nnet, na flUsaathnsM Br. MyU and 


^■r. Ilj-de. The mall sdraM 
aiimunted to OTer (S.OOO. 

V^'i*'. 0»e"«banm haa tbe foUow- 

inc hlgh-daai attractlona booked tor the sea- 
51"' WatklM HlUi Qoartat, Edward Baxlte 
i;IL^\ i'* PUnUt; Blcbard Oatcatt, the 

Slf'J Sanret. tbe eminent »Wlnlst; 
^.Jill^ WIelsen In Orand Opera.. 
mJilL^ bean- doaed for 

several meaths. la now open, and the attrse- 
<*"> <s the Igamtaa tmrn tht Partland Bzpoal- 

ftt seats 


tinder the management 
Blchard Sebnelderwlnd. 

ot B. A. Felder 
They taaTe 

tabliahed a typical Tillage, and are drawing the 
mifltitndea daily. The ahow la booked for at 


wkMk ii now 



tflght weeka and perhapa longer, 
AMtdMli to be their best stand. 
_UMal a. I«wreaea haa leased the Bljon 
flactaiMnto, and opened It with 
a Teiy ■beni aompaw eo^oaed of the (oUow- 
lag wdl kM«n M^itmets: llfan, tba Jug- 
gler; BIdiaid Bant, lUntratcd aoBn: Ttm Oteat 
Bicbards, male aonbtetta; Bert Whlta. i 
dian; Osrdoer Qolder, mechanical diiui CM 
log pictures. He teporta a Ug w«ek, 

SanU Cms, Cel., la to bara a third theatre. 
A new one la to be bnUt within the next ninety 
days, according to tbcplaos of lllaa Suu, 
owntr of tbe Ualww Tbsatsab ^ — " 
devoted to TandcflBa. Itias In 
over glS.OOO oa 
wUl seat 1,200. 

Tbe Oriental Amnsement Co. has leaaed tor 
flfteen years tbe brick boUdlng located on Ilar- 
ket street, between Jones and Larfcin atzcets, 
directly opposite the new Bell Theatre. The 
company will rebnlld the stmcture Into a vau- 
devllle bouse soon after the first of tbe year. 
Tbe company consists of tbe foUowlng: B. T. 
B. Mohamed, president; Chas. Thompson, sec- 
retary, and C. L. Pierce, tteaantar, who also 
compose tbe boaM- «( 4ISMlata. Shar state 
that they wU apNd gbQat IHkMO laewnag 
the property. 

The Great Bllcix BaM «t sixty pieces hss 
been engsged tor the wMar asaaon for Venice 
ot Amertfa, tba atm swart 9t Loa Angeles, 

Ii toln* g Mw gorgeona Chl- 
'.wlll .bg aalBtamed by a 

1^- J"^? "^. ^9 *0^ U tmu aa bs 
Kave the conoeaalBOB' a sIm^m 
The new Idea to Is ^b^Sm «r ' 
at 8 P. M. sM-y STETmS 

tlnnonsly. ™*. 

The big attrseUoa'at present at tha 
is Barnes- DiTing Eaks. wWA u an 
i^.J^"'^^^ ^^^'"^ crowds. 
tbestre, which has a capacity ot 4 000 Prlnenl 
Ifif'f- "J-cated hoS», 1, U.e-2JillS"Sd 
KcelTes encores for erctr trick aba 
Ed. Levy, tbe aSaUe auaaK baa a 
noTelUes booked, wuf^STaoMV 
Cbotes crowded. 

K-'^fi'"'* "1 P"> Alousr bas been renewed 
by BcUsco and Meyer for Ore years, an- 
nounce that they wUl make a naibef^ S. 
proTcmenta In tbe interior ot flMiMIMn. 
The entire bouse wlU be reseataa vOhaakS 
nuroott leathered chairs. «»c 
tL.^yf^^ originator of the ten- 
S?n,S^Vk-_ .5^i.V* opened serenl bouaes, 

^JKS^^ J*""™" ^ Sacramento and 
i ™^l'°5.-'?3?"..*'*i,?5?. There U 

5^?"'.. ^' dla eoiT stH other locations 
and Is keeping them up bh aisare^ "»»u<»i» 
The Nst Belsa CanlTal Oa. Is becked to 
open at Ynma, Aria.. Nor. W, wUkCkaaBte 
and other dtlea to toUow. nil iTlk SdS 
year on the Coast. ■ suann 

V Iv""** months' engsgement at the Al- 

bambra Theatre, the Olickman Yiddish Flayers 
cJOMd ttelr season In this city, NotTib. The? 

PUF osaMa far a* sasf 
»• aad the JbUr^ rnar-Cb 


^ jiOK' «. » a I 
m wm » K » a a a • 


m m 

.s:.m m 
^ m- » m 
m m w m 

am waliaHlin aad daalag np with people for tbelr adsaace and 

to appear la th* fcctamac*. spsrlaK aaltksr money nor InduremenU to aecata the beat 
there U la the alNaa -watld te the -asariacaeason. Pbyslcally. the Floto Showa wUl next 
year be mlarcsi ta thkty*t«a caia. aad wtl abow under a ISO fuot tonnd top. - A feature 
la tbe MW wnapmMt win be ngrtitlM warned seats, mrnr^ chain . aad.:; 
rests te Ibe nSfisT aa« eack aw. will be nssbeica aad. checte d. ,ef> M tal 
alwaya depend apea Bndlng hU acet etaptr when be «l*ca ta oceapr tt. 


stock company ot tblrty-flve well known ac- 
tors from Ssn Francisco. Tbe theatre, bowever. 
Is but one portion of a plan tor constructing a 
bit of old China with all possible attractions 
for visitors snd shoppers. Tbe bulldlug. be- 
sides the theatre, will contala carlo stores, a 
restaurant with all the most elegant oriental 
appointments, a Chinese school, and all tbe 
curios and perhaps startiloff sights that have 
made San Francisco a resort for national kuowl- 

edee. Considerable capital for tbe enterprise 
will be famished «y tie betel -psaecieMn and 

others Interested la pcoeHlag attOMllsae tor 

winter visitors. 
On Nov. 26 Selasco * Mayer'8 lease of tbe 

Central Theatre. San Prandsco, expires, and 
the following evening will see the entire. Cen- 
tral company at the AUiambra, where tbcy 
win eoatlaae tbe saoM poller of pradnelag 
melodrama. la tbe acaatlme over gs.000 la 
being ta^tmiti . aad jpweatliig . tlje 

AlhambrarrBT ir7SBSf.fl tb( MaJtaOe- »^ 
tumes control eC the Oatnl. aad "bis idea la' 
to close the boose Just long enongh to : thoroogh. 
ly.' renovate, and make Imjiortant cbangea for 
the' comfort of the public, and then open it 
on the same Hnes as It baa heretofore been 
conducted. The seating capacity Is 2,000. 

Tba' following attractlOBS. are booked for the 
Oolumbls Theatre: The Collese Widow, The 
Tankee Oonsal. The County Chairman, Wood- 
land, and olber high-class attractions. 

The mansgement of the Chutes faavo adopted 
t new. policy la- giving the performance In the 
theatre. Beretotote tbe performance* com- 
menced at 2 P. U. aad B P. M. with aa open- 

of San Ftaacisei*, made an lustantaneons bit 
at the Borbank Theatre, Lios Angeles, Cal., st 
its recent premiere.. Manager Morosco of the 
Burbank spared no expense to give the piece an 
elalmrate prodnetlon. For a atlrrlng effect t wo 
large moba «ia IMMdMeAi.v BOBS 

Positively the bigfrest. best and most 
expensive mbistrel organisation traveling. Is 
what John W. Vogel promises for tbe season of 
1S06-0T. This announcement comes rather snd- 
dec. especially to one who has Juat wltneits«d 
a performance ot tbe John W. Vogel Big City 
Minstrels, now playing to 3. R. O. all along 
the route, and giving better aatlatactloa than 
aag . alasilar oagaalaatlaa ca tear. However. 
Ma'ts'-eaatlaBallr. tsapNflac^ aaa tsr aext 



to* MMBie ' tfae» . - i , . , = 

tag vSjtrxtgilie^tmi^uj^i 


aboat'Miy . 
pretty Hood' teal 

Gemve Pearee^ ' iBl* of tbe AI. G. 
Fleld'a akinatrela. wHtcs that be la aseetlng 
with the best ot aaeeeaa Willi the MetiopoUtan 
Comedy Fonr with Bis Last Dtdlar Oe. 

The American Great Juventle Uin- 
atrds . are 

Jeanette. Dupree. lon^.tdentifled wtth 
burlesque, has deserted the ranks (or 
She WlU catcxtala in a 

•at appears I 

of the wtfUoBOsra s 

la • 

Icsssr Itabt. bat be is, nevertbslesfc 
eaadaff Bgb^ ead a fitting Damon to the tfi 
laa of his efdir biothcr. 

Being U> the bey-do of lUs (ha Is bat 
ty-three years old) tt «n ast be isaM 
he bas made tbe BMWt aC biB tISBe 

shd InrentlTeBess. 

Educated at the pnhlle schools, though for 
a period be attended a Military Academy, like 
most clever men be accomplished nothing extra- 
ordinary at that period of bis life to ahow 
that be would shine In any profession. It 
waa only after dabbUns In tbe advertising bnsl. 
nesa tor a time that tbe real trend ot hla am- 
Mtlon showed Itself. Entering his brother's 
office at the sge of seventeen be studied the 
ins and oats of the basiness so well, that cer- 
tain latent power? developed themselves, ot 
wtilch his friends and probably himself were 
unaware, until tbey actnallj came to tbe sur- 
face. No one at any rate srispected that be 
wonld attain to the Immortality of a aong 
wiUer. .' let, la tbe last year of Ua 'teaas 
Iw «s6la>aa taasHBSdir jepolar soac cetitM 
If Tina Was MOsier I'd Be a MT 
bronght to 

dered at the andacttr ot bla matb 
— who ware eager for 'aasdiL 

ais. who were eager for aasdiL 

awsC'^aamS' UBvOHav'.^BBawc- . ^ . 

Il(a:ta*a;j!.lii:.basw- Wkia:.aBit whm aet terbe 
aibs tij . ' His ■sseMa^aaai-.aBd elwaya baa' 
been .*Fleaaaa laate; wUA, bahg UtecaUr traaa- 
leted, owBiis »])on't be ia a leitibleiluinyi" 
He believed in haatllag, bat be alao knew tbat 
hnatUag wlthont tact and a certain nae ot the 
eorb, is not eanenlated to bring aboat the best 
leaalta, ao he went dowly. 
' Hla next effort waa Boney. I'm Waiting, 
which eqtialed his first aong In pc^nlarlty. and 
this he followed after a time with On a 
Starry Night. Tbe latter haa been whistled — 
a sure sign of aaccess— all over tbe country, 
and bas a place In the repertoire ot many 
well-known btvodtea oa the vandevllle stsge. 
His latest aong. Can't Ton See I'm Lone^T 
la par excellence, the best he baa written. 
Tbe Idea Itself lent itself to mnslc, and the 
combination, technically apeaklng. la "Im- 
mense." The words snd music together an 
natural, catchy, plaintive and sympathetic. It 
appemlB, In a word, and, when a aoag does, tfr- 
peal, the pablle are not slow la hcaziag'-me' 
appeal, aad approving. 

To any tbat emTtblw that Velat bas SKil> 
ten Is *nbe beat aici? waoM only be a pesa^' 
dox. It Is aaMfat to; Assaide the Act; tbat 
for a ysoag aaa aC Us aae allhilttito.egfae. 
predflseUsa JSc.aoJwaik,- he baa<bM->aVeaa^' 
cess. Wbick ae albar . peptfap aaawiinMswM ' 
achieved at the aame age. 
Feist ia at the hMd ot tlie 

Slide department in hla brodter* 

Tbe dntlea pertaining to the position are la 
themselves extremely ooeroos. and require 
tact and diplomacy, whidi might well be ex- 
pected ot an older man. Bnt Feast is. and 
always bas been, equal to tbe occasion. Hla 
office work Is eonsclentloos. his bearing affable, 
and tils Judgment excellent. At one monaent 
yon will find blm at his desk, answering 
correspondence, which would certainly dispose 
ot tbe available time of any ordinary Individ- 
ual. At another time you will hear ttiat be 
has started at a few bourns notice on a busi- 
ness totir through Ohio. Kentucky aad West 
Virginia, to drum op trade. His dl.iposltlon 
wonld naturally be restless, bad be not a power 
of concentrtttloo and repression, which has al- 
ways stood him In good stead. 

Such a career as Feist bas already bad at 
his age Is a sure rang on tbe ladder of sijc- 
cess. Hard work, plnck and luck (If there Is 
such a thing) In bis case, and every similar 
Instance, can but lead to a well— merited fame. 

It Is the fashion In some quartets to deride 
A writer of popular songs without so much as 
a bearloe. Tbis Is manifestly unfair. A hear- 
Inj; he should undoubtedly have, no matter bow 
celebrated tbe adverse critics may be, and a 
bearing he will have. wlUy nllly — a bearing 
tbat . wUl enatne appmilalhi — 
ptaaar. If he. caa c«eal' tbe'< 
of 01 " — ' 



Xtie Billboard 

DECEMBER % 1905. 

.1... ... 

- -I:,-; ' v.- I'.y': .••■;KvJ-'J:.>r 
■ .-"■■r**.'^r''-v-''*-r'. . . 


- 4,1 




WAS the closIiiirnV*^ circus 
• ' I /Che program WIS nearly spent, - 
. And the actors were sayiog their laat **jooa4)fes." 
Eiiek in the diessing tent. 
Much' of sorrow the year had brought, 

But plenty of fnendships, true, 
And gud as were they to be getting a;ms— : - -.^ V C 
;>^IIiqr'dn>iaa'ttwpiittaiv,.«iol . • v.i:•.V^■•'-.;^:&v>•- , 

Apart on his trunk sat the " King of 11»;Att^^'^i'A^jfi^- 
But a " ruler " no more was he ; ' 

Tbe aerial flights he bad taken tlutfOitghfc 
Were the last they would ever see. 

On his pallid face was a hectic flash. 
And bis cough — it was-sad to Jiear ; 
LOIie doetots had said if he didnt go X 

: i;-■•3'■:^«%;"■^v 

J<p.>^1T:was the "nii^ of his life" on the swIngtav-^Eapeie — 

: .i^SiV 4 Behadnever "caught on "so wel^-;' •. - -t^^ ^ 
^. 7-. And the thuodeiing cheers still ranglh fiia'i 
■ ■ .^-j-s; : V V the niar of an ocean swell; 
;;vv4;^:^'~Bnt now he sat with his face inUal 

■ 3? ^%Ji.=SA pictare of mute de»>air, • 

<:'g^M^?!piii^ wept taOkiiaiufS^mt 

■;?^*%So'itly the "actors" gathered suround, 
firs'-s ■ V And one of them spoke for all : 

?; "Old chap, don't fret, you're a good one yet, . 

ff^^^iik'^^^'Tbo' you've had a nilghty close call ; 
iljs ci'AJl you need is the sun and the air, 

.--■■ •v^- • " Anrt a- wintoT rif nnlot. nnrt rpst 

And ar winter of quiet and rest 
And you'll be as strong as the season is long 
When you're home again from the West.;.' 

■ ■ -r* 

• - 

" Every one in the dresslng'tent ^ 

Is anxious to give you a lift. 
And so we've gathered 'a bit of a puise' — ' 
. Tou may call it a Chrhttww gUb. 
ToaHl need It, old pal, whan' yon 'get to 
^ Out on the desert drear— — '-^^■■^ 
And so, good-bye, ' till yon 're safe and well, 
: Back with the show next year ! " 

:4He tiled to tell them how eood they were'; 
*, '.But the horror !— it wouldn't down — 
And all he could see were the lonely 

Of Ills life in the " lungers' " townl-r^ 
Far away from tbe ones lie loved. 
In a iHdJe far Ufa and iBMtli.* 
Wttb the only relief 1]» afifflMfdHB - - 

yClfidmu^Qib f Ugtop" eamatbestnins 
- ""Of 'tibe song of songs divine — 
"Home, Sweet Home how It tingled tbio* 

His bloodless veins like wine ; 
He tried to smile, tho' all the while ' . 

His heart was breaking in twain, 
For be knew (for bim) tliat grand old sang ~^ 

one he clasped their hands.. :'■ .;. " 
iilDfc* quivering last farewell ; 
Thini^tiMnlillDg— slow— he started togo^ ; 
" 'Bnt ftlteied^staggered— and fell! 
As gently as women tb^ raised taim up. 
And tenderly pillowed his bead, ovin-of tlwAlr" bad *ctoed" iivllfto, 
wItti tlialiM aC tteMIt . . 

But tbe 



Xlie Billboapd 

DECEMBER 2. 190=> 



kRII HUlHBfB Compuiy <^ Co- 
medians were the first repata> 
ble theatrical company ever 
seen oa the American Con- 
: fliqr c..aHn» to - thfa cmmtnr 
tNm'B^^iUalit^^ll^t^ Of 
an the actors who preceded Hallam's 
Company, next to nothing Is known. 
They Btrotted tbeir little hoar vpon 

ment to fhonaanas waS IStm 'wtre 

heard of no more, only the names of a 
few have come down to us. and with 
meagre Intormatlon aa . to their pv- 
tonD HBeKj ■ , 

: '.■ vvck'.'luiTe i extaDdeA our TeseaM^es 
iinitili>1>eyond the ndddle of the el^- 
teedth . century, and to whom belongs' 
Oie^'honor of founding: the theatre in 
;.fli»:j;Bew' world, where the Ifacat play 
' WBS 'iirodaoed, what It was, and who 
performed It. are questions which 
thongh. answered with great exactness 
oC^detall., by some wrttera^ are. stUl 
:.^ai«iK!itb >: debate an& WbOt always to 
r'-ntiSSiai'Vaoi:-::'!!! fhe year 1744 Jobn 
Mbodyr- an TaigHshmnn, with a small 
company of actors left London for 
r AniMl«au.and first landed at the Island 
vnt/JaiDHilea. Here Moody st<9ped with 
'Us tmmpaay.^ played for three years 
BOid-'iiDtBde a small fortune^ He then 
returned to England and recruited a 
second company, but instead of com- 
ing back wltb them was Induced by 
Gaizick to remain at Drury Lane^ 
^:i Wl» e iSL \.hey Kwcmme . c s leb iated - as .an 
r Irtilir.aeter. Hi o wfewr M, K-^tew'miem'bm 
of the company came over and landed 
at Boston In 1749. Probably It may 
hsve been these actors who, about this 
.>ttaab, shoclced an New EatfnK by 
jvjiaijijiig; with the assistance oT 'irolim- 
■'-toif: talent. Otway'o tragedy of The 
V .Orphan, or Unhappy Marriage, at a 
house in State street, Boston, 
" ^ :fl|».:^snat and 

r<BiNBt:iiiC MiBMidiinttBito pass 
an act in MSwcateJlTWii to ' jfwito'Slage 
plays and sCbscVttaataAetf^sDtaitoin- 
ments. , ." •-.'•V.i-.^;:?"-''--. ^ ■■■ ji f ■ 
And. Ill ig|iii'wliU';^-aiiir^'ii|!«»e the 
^same company 'ct uBtm -'widtSb pro- 
■duced the same play and others In 
■Nassau street. New York, in 1750. 
' They announced themselves as Bng- 
Uah piaymu... ,> mtocy notV knowing 
their namei; tlwte Is ho reason but 

these actors should have the credit Of 
being the advance guard of the great 
thespian army which has since cross- 
ed the oeaan.' to America, and of the 
ppna ins . to' wliibm is doe the credit of 
Mmdlng the drama In this country by 
Wft.Iarge company of professional ac- 
Ibpcs they brought Into the new world. 
.; /^yj>K.'. the year 1752, William Hallam. 
mmager of the Goodman's Fields 
Theatre; Ijondon, England, fontaed a 
company of actors, ten in all. inelnd- 
ing the apprentices He put his broth- 
tfr, Xjewis HalTam, a low comedian, in 
diaige of the company. Lewis' wift^ a 
beautiful woman of 
aUe histronic 
;l'Iady, and In, 


i^^^Oror twenty plays 
KOUitr^fbetore Iiewis TT«n.»», an^ , 
emnpany left I/ondon for America, on 
^the Charming SaBy, a tobacco ship re- 
to mln g- light for a. cargo. Ji 

£A'kM' 1an»:'aietod' as ' istsge 
ager. Day after day as the old ship 
plowed through the sea, on her un- 
steady deck during the long -voyage of 
over sixty ^aj^y.-fc^ jafi^ifB^tij rr|if arii f i l 
the actors lir ilie ittays wlOi which 
they purposed, to cheer the hearts Of 
/people in the new world. 

Wlinamsbnrg; Va,, -was the destina- 
tfp^>«it the Chaiming Sally, with its 
bnrden of actors, and not much of 
anything else besides a few boxes of 
books,, silks, satins, shoes, and Ehi- 
ropaaa^ nieknadts tor the merdisnts 

)C -tha Virginia 

then, ttas capital of 
'Virginia, was also where the TToiinTna 
were to open their colonial theatrical 
career. They chose the capital of Vir- 
ginia because they had learned that 
the Inhabitants of that colony were 
knotvn to b* xfcii. - I^mnlF and ao> 
ciety loving' ~pe(Qde;' 'irtth enoo^ of 
refinement to enjoy plays, and -with 
few religious scruples against any- 
thing that tended to Interest and 
ai iii me tte upyei daasMk .Xrfxv iNt* 
tore this period and long afterward, 
the reading of . plays, romances and 
operas was a pastime in Virginia 
country houses. The readings might 
be by the piiviato tatar, and many of 
the young men of those days prided 

themselves on being good elocution- 
ists. It was a pastime that filled out 
rainy .awnday aftemomis. and 

when a HOOtar could apt be had for 
evening dances. 

wmiamsbtirg was somesiiat of a 
disappointment to the Hallams when 
they first landed. There were not 
more ttian twelve hnndred 
white and btao^ .tlw. -toinh WtA 
there were only abdi^ flfteen ot tW«n- 
ty "gentlemen's" families resident in 
the vlUa«e. Most of the bnUdings 
were very instgnificaiit. without it was 
the capital and the so-ealled 'palace" 
of the goveniw. and tbe 'V^lliam and 
Mary CoUegre, the second oldest col- 
lege in the United States, wliich -was 
ope ned In lt»\ There w as also the 
oM^Ika... jiMMi ..vknnft, «Barttd in 

Ite tlM ontokMs of tha .vElias the 
aetots rentad a wardioasa and 'fitted 

it up for a theatre. The seats were 
classified into boxes, pit and gallery, 

all on the same floor. They ~ 

bant at 

the end of the warehouse. They had 
to use tallow dips for the foot lights, 
and also to light the building. Before 
the ttme arrived for the opening of the 
theatre the company became much 
more discouraged than at first. The 
old -warehouse was right in the 'woods, 
and during the still hours of the day, 
hardly did they see a person stirring 
in the village. They could hear the 
singing of bird In the trees, and It 
looked to them that they had come 
on a fool's errand to aet dnuaas to 

the woods. But when the opening 
night of the theatre came, Sept. 6, 
1752, the whole scene was changed 
like a work of magic. The road lead- 
ing into Willtawisbnrg wave thronged 
wlOt «nt-«C-date veUdes at every 
sort, driven by negroes and filled with 
gayly dressed ladles, whose gallants 
rode on horseback by their side. The 
treasury was well replenished, the 
theatre was crowded, and Shakespeare 
was acted on the eontinent tor ttw.first 
time by a trained and competent omn- 

8inglet<m. one of the actors 
wrote and 9oka the toUowtos pro- 

To thla New World, from famed BriUnla's 

TliraDsb bolsf row Mas wbere fotnlng bUows 

The How. «to IMhs «mmI Msr an 

Vow lend her serrasts forth to tr«id your 

BrltalB's own race, thongh far remoTed to 

Patterns of erery Ttrtne ther ibonU know. 
Ike Hose's frlnda, we hope will Jots oar 

C 'TsDiM and tor the 
after iileee Gairien Ibiee of I<ethe 
were then played. At Oie clos e, the. 
actors found themselves soiTonnded: 
by groups of planters coagiatnlating ' 
than, ana, aXter the old Virginia j 
fMblon, offering- them the hospitality | 
of their houses. The actor folks soon 
found that the capacity of th'elr thea- 
tre was not large enough to accom- 
modate the fliropg" at peepla who oame 
to patronize them. . 

Ijewis Hallam, Jr., or, as he was 
called in those days, Lie'wis Hallam, 
the second, was the son of Lewis Hal- 
lam. the manager of this company. 
Toung Hallam was about sixteen 
when Ms fa ther opened with his thea- 
tre at 'Wmianujbarg, and It -was on 
the opening night tliat he tried to 
make his debut. He had one line to 
speals. but when he found himself in 

stage' atrmdc. ' ' Be * stood 

and speechless until, bursting into 
tears, he walked oft the stage, making 
a most inglorious exit. But. neverthe- 
I— fc'. b<awre . tala tetters' company left 
wnifiaiiSbnrg; he' tried it again, and in 
after years filled a unique place in the 
history of the American theatre. He 
'was the first star ever known to 
American playgoers, and the first 
leading actor whose debnt and early 
experiences were American. He was 
the foremost actor in America for fif- 
teen years or more before the revo- 
lution, and he was the first dramatic 
manager in New Tork after the In- 
d^tendcnee at Ite UUtod 

Xre-wis Hallam. the second, retired 
from management In 1797, but con- 
tinued to play in various places in 
America until Us death in Philadel- 
phia, in 1808. at seventy-two years of 

In the year ITSl. one year befbre 

Hallam's Company of Comedians 
opened at WUIiamsburg, Va., the fron- 
tier was threatened by the French and 
Tndlinw; and fiiminMl attodBi and dq>- 
redations 'o ceuir ed, neeesaltattog some 
provisions for the public safety. The 
colony was accordingly divided into 
mllltery districts, to each of which an 
■■Mateat. aiBeral was api>ointed. 'with 
uW 'iMlk at' major and a salary of 
£150 per annum George 'Washing- 
ton, who was then about twenty 
years of age, receiving one of these 
appoints -went to 'Williamsburg, and 
entered 'with zeal on the study of mil- 
itary tactics and strategy, chiefly un- 
der Adjutant Muse, a 'Virginian, and 
J acob Van Beaem. a Dutch soldier of 
fortune. These studies were inter- 
rupted by excursion to Barbadoes -with 
his tmcle. La'wrence Washington, who 
was sent thither by his physician. 
During this trip George had an attack 
of smallpox . Recovering from this, he 
returned^o WUllamsimrg to resume 

Long years after thi»— the Revolu- 
tionary war had been fought, peace 
decla red. George "Washington was 
servtag his first term as President of 
the United States — when in the win- 
ter of 1796 Lewis Hallam, tlm ^mntd. 
was playing at the old Chestnut Street 
Theatre, Philadelphia. On this occa- 
sion he had the pleasure of meeting 
George Washington, and in their con- 
versaUon Washtawtan told him that 
he was present M tte opentog night 
of his Ihtbai's Iteatra at WUlIams- 

In tiic HelliekiBS Girl. 

burg, witnessed his failure In making 
his debut, and that many an evening 
after he was at the old warehouse en- 
joying the plays, songs and farces of 
the Hallam comedians. 

Not only was George Washington 
first in war, fint te.pfM^rflnt.ta tte 
hearts of his ''■■i'tlij Hifii;' Iwit'-irM 
also one of tte- flxrt''to°''i^ilMn 'tte 
first introdaettan at' tterSiniMi Into 


ooKPs warn - 

Ooa't tir to tcB Ite 

Ttet tbey wlB >aak _ 
Doat aar this la the vcit heat 

Toa'TC beta with la Toor tUtz 
Oco't taag on yow line o€ MUlos. 

Dnrtav roSVssra«Wr 

Don't say yon Itare cut oat 

For hoom are llUcd to the < 

Be haaraf and teB Mm the imsob- 
. '. tofanae the aumager roan; 
Bmet tell at tbe hankei's daaditar 
-'.gacaaea why yoa aia late 

Don't tea aboot the itraft tbafa &m, 

try to tondi for ten; 
"ne last agnit gare Um tint aUU - 

And be won't faU again; 
Don't wonder why the paper eoaea 

WIOi arteen C. O. D. 
Tu- printers bare made so mMSto "'* 

Juat die down and poor.. '-''; ' '' 

tkm't laj i i iiaa l a»tr waak Is: «■*• 

Oo «■ 4o Ike aezt tan; 
Doa't BMte a three abect oa tbe'-atM 

Por roo look like a down: 
DoQ't tar jaa hare not paid exceaa 

Since opeolag at CMakUl: 
jDst get out aa UgM as jon can 

We'T.? all been throagb the mill. 

And wl:en jrour bUtlng daya are done 
And kids step In your shoes; 

Jost tpH them yoo did falrlj wcH 
Sometimes your fhoA- would lose 

Oon't tell of the sliovr olcsr oa the M 
Till they got you to Join; 

Don't dalm yea nerer bad a trick 


Xtie Billboard 







Ike Mwiyl llMliilM i lie iagA 

Bik adl barfly watted to get put tbe 
» ^ M» entniMC at SaoOj Sprnccr*! befcR 
f_ M fj—ed with a qoetr: "Wlifct do y«a 
■iVi IlMr Toadlck haa found a backer and 
— the road wtiai a mlnatrel troopel" 
•nt think I know." icmaik d Srttcock 
■ ■ tbe bar. 

do Toil e^t>c<ct hloi kMkl" Mktd 
aC faHpitrlni; mlod 

"*» f m oe t ow." apokc np Lew Brtm- 
«• aa np-torned keg. 

^ tkoek Ma tead and xetnnKd: "Yon 

kaaw roadick: ttac abow wiU nrare aa 

Iwinlied BafaHncr. 

their Notcl" 

i icmr. 

-tetwr «fll 

■e^ "I Mi» V«i -am. i 

Fttc^ Peak tkiB aliniil witb a band 
- 5 ■*■>•• Taa aaay lAMr to foot H to 
*■* Md iMk at ilnr T«ik. bat if roo , 
!"*n\^CM tl» nlM^ JM can't board the' 
SS*- ,2!f»£»*»*» *» «W «lftMI or else a fel- ; 

mWit (oat acraai »«akc. 1 got eaosW 
•« that foreim aiiore and Derer expected la act ■ 
mr natire Und asalo. The band hat triMW* 
and tlie ancel bad wlacad tmrnf. 1 waa aa «• 
»ohit tt pllnklns aa tha %aa|a aa> iiiilia awr 
aatwheB who ahoaM MWa'at tat BtB ^^lA- 
waethaa on bla draj-. 'B8I waa aa oach at h 
•B a dear aa »e waa on the aad. I sot «a 
Aviot and Ba\ landed haa* at 8| 
■m witk me plarine Haaa, 8w««t Bome ail 
S* *yr a p Broadwajr on the African haip. 

np to the cnrh and aald that lie 
«(ed bla ateeda. With tlia« be broasM 
•n« • pair of noae ban and pitched fodder to 
homes. -Sajr. Bin • nU I. MiiTen't jroa cot 
anotlier bax. I haTeat had anj-thln« to eat for 
tneniy-foor houra.' Bud took the hint Hi 1 
made w.y with three eam-hee< aandwichea at 
ni* expenae." 

Itob smiled at Brimnier'a rrlatloa and adnrit- 
ifil that he had had aome dtatretalns eipe- 
ricDtos aniler ancelle treatment. n<narkhi«: 
Ansehi on the vrhol* are no food. 1 car onftr 
"^11 one a« this moment that wu at any ac- 
owint In the mlnatrel boalnesB and that waa 
«»*toai ChapbM aA» kept 
a hotel at Bayard and the 8o«e9. SMt vt the 
•ncrla are on the eaaOdence «t*r tbcauflrc* 
•nd are woeked before they hare aa opportoalty 
to demooatmte their maoaserltl capteMjr. Be- 
lt i.^^? their abOMy they an ta- 
**!SS?ft •epmate* ■ " 

f e fnine profitable. 1 waa nltb a company 
that be had a hand In oT^anlzioc- He ^t bold 
of a fellow that had Inherited a small fortune, 
a miniature Ooal-OIl Johnnr, ami l-e l/lowed htxn 
ao far tl-at he never got out a^ain aud lie illJ 
tlie job ao nicely that Ms Tlcthn never tbooglit 
the lean of falm. Foedick Is certainly tbe soooest 
of tbe nooD, and I am certain that be wlU 
neither hare to walk or rcrlm trben be eomes 
back. DO matter bo\r rutnoua business may 
be In Jersey. 

"St anon aa Foedick had fastened a book In 
the slUa or a bIU h* made bimaeit aalid ~hgr 
pemlttlait tbe aacri to haafle all the tola. 
TlHit waa where FMdIrk waa aaiart . aad- eaa- 
nlar- niadlck Smed that he woald^he handi- 
capped and he ftiiataMiil aafararahle eaanata* 
by deelarlDtr, 'Aa Car aayadf. I wa neither 
tooch nor draw a daBar la adraoce!* Cnte! EbT 
Naturally the aBael had gnmt cooddeBee la bla 
adriaor and partner while the a^ aid doc 

eat far nnabar eaa In a. ve- 

_ . with 

5f 4onae.'*T Ja 

•oUd the Baa in B» b . 
die. tart y«a knew.* «k«a fta waald aaoaat the 
aaai.t* ba diMra, wMli ttc MM jcnaik. 'Aa I 
am • part yr an * 0mFt wa^ Iga tajtaiaiw ttg 

■c^aad I wfll «fiSga*lv waMT aT the' aoaty 
to yov «n tte 1iaan':w|:'«ake good to my 
partner oat at tb» iMnh* 

"nie haya weia «W too tfad to draw and bit 
at the hatt. tamtaK <a«r aae-balf at the ad- 
raneea t» Ibe wllr llaadlA. Tlie company wa< 
a BOOd alKd «ae and the pramnter'a take-off hr 
his ayatem waa a laise aae. The hava tavt 
drawing and dirtdbtg aa atom ^MT-IMMk M- 
rtsed and the angel alwar* aetw piwwUl aa 
Us partner's adrlce. 

■The ansel stood tbe dialn on the treaanry 
withoot a mnmnr. atthoagh be had peddled oat 
a large som In adrasee beftre (be eompanr toot 
road. The angel apread bla wloga and left New 
York for Down iBaat. hot hda lllRbt was not 
kK^. Fosdlck .was atxl ts KMneihine of a per- 
former, l»t he knew nothing abont rontlng a 
s^ow. The adrance scent was a pnor stick and 
did not amount to ahncka aa an adrertlaer. Bni 
Ineas waa worse than bad and tbe weather waa 
worse than the bualneaa.. We atmggled aJong 
mlnna aalarles, coatent to eat and gtre tbe 
backer a chance. At last we came to a atand- 
atia and eloaed. >We arrdred at ttie town that 
waa not billed because 'tbe printing had arrired 
C. 0. D., aiid the adrance man bad dnerted 
mid got back to Kew Xork the best be coold. 
"HiaiUfk waa aa ti«anlaaa feBotr and I wUt 
- l««k;Ba_M*««. 

tnmed ont and sold tickets for It In II:e busl- 
nesa placea. Tbe bsll man gave tbe rent, the 
newspapers advertised tree and tbe receipts 
were anfllclent to see tbe company oat of town 
dud back to New York. The angel dM not wait 
to attend tbe funeral ceremonies. He liocked 
his watob — 

"And retnmedtoNew-Yoik,*' QnotedSiiminer. 
"Wroos. -Ur. trimmer, be retiwned to bin 
conntry home with the determlnatlcKi of nerer 
puttioe his foot In :New York again. I saw bhn 
on tbe ere of Ms departnre, his coofldence and 
admiration for Fosdlck remained nnchaiiscd, tiot 
he blamed the company, explaining: *WhtIe Jic. 
Foedick nerer drew a dotlar. the adraneca to 
aaa..ic<t me 



RaL Beld Is the antbor of seTeoty-arTen playa. 
Ttila. .ln ItaeH. Is not remarkahle, aa OIoo Boo- 
cicaait was said to bare written foor bnndred. 

-Mr. Seid started Into tbe tfaeirtrlcal boal- 
neaa ame thirty years ago aa a "anper" wider 
BanMT MeCaaley, at BeUaaon's Opeia Boiiae. 
Claelnoatl, 0. Hie reiy flnt tlilnc he had to 
do waa to get nnder a green dotb aUetetied over 
tbe atage to repreaetit the "sea," and bOb bla 
bead np and down to "make wares f^w a atonn 
at sea." The neit week the Klralfy brotbera 
came along witb tbeir original prodnctiOQ of 
.Kroiind the World In Blghty Days. Beid was 
cast to "carer tbe banner" — which was to carry 
a bancer which had on it a irhlto goose, and, 
aa tbe procession bad to be a long one, he went 
off ttie stage at one side, and ran aroood to tbe 
other side to get In line again. Next week 
came John T. Sayvood In The Gilded .\ge, 
or Colonel SelleTS, Beld waa cast for the "Sec- 
ond Jnryroan," so-called because daring -the 
court scene Raymood whispered Into this jnry- 
man's ear, presomably to "fix" the Jury fw bla 

It waa Reld'a lirst chance to make np, and 
he wiiltened Ma face like a corpae and painted 
his cbeeka with red to tbe tlilckneas of an 
eWith of an Inch— all of this oat of sheer Ig- 
noraoce. TI-.e act n~as called and Beld took bis 
p'ace. When the suiireme moment came and 
Ririnotiil turned to the "seeood Jarrman," be 
stascered back: 

"Vonr hooor!" he cried, "la this a ck'cns or 
a court room? There's a down on the ff,"' 

Tbe hoose roared, and 
tloo was thoDgbt good 
the reat of the week. 

f\a elgat yean Reld itndled tbe gtiie and 
atage eSe«ta as an "extra" and aa actor in 
aaaidl parta, and then he wrote Ua fliM |^. 
Wtw» I ■■mil ■ ' " BeM had limjil hK lee- 

Dorlng one of Joaepb Jefferson's rlalts to Ana- 
tralla. annooncement n-as made tliat a new jilay 
dealing with the paroled conrleta of Bnglanffg 
penal settiemeirt wonld be given Ha initial 
dnctloo. Ttie Utle for the drama waa Tha 
Ticket of t*»rr Man. So sooner bad this iMtn 
made known tiian a storm of excitement arai 
ralaed, OleBioame at 'that time— tbe early m- 
ties— waa OUed with tbeK oiea. and a nogk 
aet they were. They sent a depotatlan ta 3te 
Jefferaco. ttueatenlag hla Ute and erery bm- 
ber o( the roropany U.ha pcnlMcd l» hl aiarttg* 
mlnatloo to pat oa tte piBr>-- 'Ihe '*>*l* 
itlia came and pleaded wUh Aa acMfc anghC-M 
he coold not ba detcned tram «tat :tMrM» 
■Ucicd a hViIr iMuatdotu nndnl ilM . Ita^* 
aidt wooM he ao hia awn head, that'theycmwl 
be oaaMe to eaalxal tMa BOtiegr cmra of ■ ouahn 
who, it they were aUcred av. maid bajMtiM 
aB aenaa at. nwal tvpttade. and . tarthB_JI 
might reaott la a riet wMafc wwM tWahin taft 

diedg « iMMent PMfk and «m» <itttiw<l 
iWr. T» aB these a na» « a t a >>ilr.N. *»itaig 
tamed a dea* ear. ' The "IBbk-jtj** P"*** 
ance eaane an-l the theatre »raB?,ueW"i"-' 
per cent of .tie aadi ace w«iB,tiaK_of_W« 

T _i - — ------ - 

. a( the theatre that >t^ 

attend hr aay of tbe aetata wMcl 

i llitt .aa Ihiia tt-r " aheot aal 

-sK elNaln 'irant np. and toatead .of it belai 
a tawaHe reUde' Intended to reflect oo then. 
R araa la diftaae of their aafortonate eondi 
tlon. aad aa a laantt the play waa gneted irttl 
racnds sCapvtaaae. itaay of tbeae meohai 
eaoae fraaa dMant aald eaap^ and ia the trraii 
of the eaeftenMBt hags of gold dnat were abow 
ercd on the atage. .Wter tbe performance 
they waited on Mr. Jetferson and his company 
and tbeae lilg t>ni>vnj men hoisted tbe aettw 
and actreasea on their ahaoUm and 
them through the atiMtavla.i.thelr dl—en» aa 
tela. From this time JB". i*t«*l>»" waa 
idol of Aaatialla. . V ^'i-'V' ;i . : 

Ab. here coawa 
Clotheo are aeaat 
Pretty girls, -fii 

Lots of cnrls. »li*J*i. c 

Tbe mushy aonga ay h««er^n«."^.., . 

Bat not lh»-^a»Kn|rf^»»»r,-.;\.555'»S^S 

la ika -.. ti S r i..r :t vsitf-l Vi-.-'"' i?-^?© 


Xtie Billboard 

DECSMBER 2, 1906. 




nctotlr ttat tbt row of IntellcctnaOr her Inferior. They mafle tblngi 

Ieottuca bant as alauhooaes brPrs-VoBlas- 
too, at TMdInstOB, bnr- i»d been sold to a 
tiamway eompaar and remodeled so -n to 
tsmr hlgtier renU. Is time tber will no 
Axlbt be demoDsbed to make room for more 
pretentloDS *''*'''^J_J*JS'if?^|5Jf'jJ''i5lJJ 

thins peenllarlF'^patHltll IB' OMk-lBfaBaW;^. 

stettctlon. _ ■' ■ 

"jUaa!" aald iPeg. to her Bister, after MB* 
\Bg from tbe doctor tbat a fatal maladTT'tM 
■elaed npoo ber. "I bare done more barm ttaa 
. I eoold CTer bope to do good nov. and mr Ions 
- ' HCe of four and wldedaeaa wlU be remem- 
<V:be«d— wm be wtut tbtj call Camou: my abort 
J.-lUt of reiMntanee, who will knov or beed or 
r.- take to proflt?" 

Theae plctnicaiinelT atmple ootuges baxe long 
eonatitated a monnment to tbe memotr of tbat 
bitot and better life in artilcb thia beantifnl and 
hcUIbutt woman aonslit to atooe lor bar trail tle» 

tr acta ot ebaitt7 and plelT. 

: liieatrlcal trlmnpba arc i ic o i a rt IB. 
' .: lodaa oC tbe EncUahatasa. 
' loiL. are tttta. ncatloMd la 

' mmA '- ftMKDt rttftzeaeas t# 

- - ' «c «ulr riifctm** ecatotr HCe. Of 
' «C hK nftvlm ictkcmcDt at TedOlos- 
" " " , Uttle iorrlTea. Our 

aapleafant for her In Dtfblin and ate TetnmeJ 
to Lioodon. There aomethlng happened tbat 
tranafacmcd ber wbole Ufa. TUa la Oiarlca 
BeaM «M«MlM «( ttl - 

f«re ber aew seiiM oC rtsbt. Bbe Dims ber iiro- 
feaakm fro»». ber like a ^oUoaaaM aeed. It waa 
la tbe lenlth of her charmes and her fame that 
she w. nt home one night, after a play, and 
oerer entered a theatre by front door or Met 
She defined all learetaklng and 


It ma at Teddiogtoo. acme elgbt<«n mllea 
am T-*"*—* and one of tbe moat plctoreuine 
of BMien towns that border the Hiames. that 
abe retired to lire ber new life. N«rer a atend- 
ttarirt — aome of ber relatlma aald rtie waa down- 
right atlngy — abe had sared enough from ber 
profesalonal eamlnss to supply ber own almple 
wants and enable ber to devote benelf fo the 
poor and needy. Ignored by tbe gay world that 
bad toasted and feted the dashing actresa, her 
dolnss were no longer chronicled. Bnt one 
story that has" been preaerred shown what man- 
ner ot life she lived at Teddington. An old ad- 
mirer met her, clad In an old black silk gown 
and gray shawl and carrylog a large basket on 
her arm. It waa filled with worsted atocklnga 
which she had knitted and was taking to some 
0* her dependents. The gentleman said be 
thODgbt she was wasting TaloiUile time orerSTich 
work and had better boy the atocklnga. 

"Yoo can't bny them." waa tbe answer. "No- 
body In tbia wTctded to«a can tatt bow except 

FCC mowtM." 

< i e »oii< aa ■neb <»ly for a ^KHt 

tlidr pi e aea t t«nants — humble 

ji-fDlk wbo gxninble much at the rents 

^BV~'ta*B to par— bare neyer even heard ot 
: bar. Sat aa long aa they atand, to those of an 
Jaqoirlng tnrn they afford tednbltable evidence 
' the genolneness of poor Peg'a repentance. 
. Wltb tbcIr dettnetlOD tboe win Tcmala Doth- 

t» Man tkar 4 

K<(-kar Ufa. 

Mo aetitM ever bad lea ot a itm»ft ta ba- 
eooe a' aUsIng example ot ttalram p to p t l et y 
tttaa Vcc WofflDstao. BIztb. e a i Uo i — eat. tbe 
faiaL git oC baantj— evacythtas laaa acalaat 
heft. 7^ fUbcr. a Joazaeymaa brttt laye c In 
IMbltB; j eeetred a panper'a bozlal. Iea*&K bla 
aMow to atmc^ against a load of debt with 
two little girls to aupport, of wtiom Feg, then 
two Tears, old. waa the elder. 6be made her 
Ostat on tbe stage — If anch It can 1>e called — 
•iK-n she was atin an Infant. Mine. Vlolante. 
a 'Itcncti woman, waa nmnlog what would now 
be called a variety show. One of her acts was 
a tight rope performance. In which abe carried 
a ba^ In a basket. Peg waa the baby. Tbe 
abow did not pay and Pol's Ufe wss not Ions 
tbDS Imp riled. Mrs. Womngton hawked fmlts 
and vegetables tor a living, and Peg, as soon hH 
abe was able to toddle, helped ber. Ber favor- 
ite hannt waa the theatre, where she sold or- 
anges. iWhen she was ten the enterprising Mme. 
Tiolante started a UUlpntlan company and Peg 
was vogaged to play PoUy In the Beggar's 

Ber extraordinary talents enabled ber to 
ovcreoiii« all edaeatlODal defects and her enccess 
was phenomenally rapid. The beanty, wit, 
Tlvadty and high sptriu of the nntatored Irish 
Sirl brought all London to ber feet. She waa 
esKtalnly tbe loveliest wofxkan at tbat time on 
the atage. 'Vbe bad," wrote Oiarles Beade 
la Us dcBvatle otoirv eC wblch she la the hero- 
tM. *% kHC aC .tandlkt 'tem. parched Uke a 
bM apaa a tbeOa^ maartTC, hot ahapely and 
■naoHi like « eolomn of alabaater, a aymmenl- 
cal bcow, Idack eyea full ot llie and teader- 
neai.'a delicate mooth. with a bnndred varying 
expieaslons. and tbat marvelous faenlty ot 
giving beanty alike to love or acnn. a sneer or a 
smile. la peraoa she waa* considerably above 
middle height and so finely formed that one 
cooM not determine the exact character of her 
flgnre. At one time she aeemed all atatlinesa. 
at another time elegaaee penoaUed, and Jtow- 
luff v«]Dptioaaaaw-ag — 
Fayche. Heba tr^tiBM 
at wllL" 

Tboae were the days when It waa taken for 
naated that an actress had ma repntatlon to 
me. Peg WoOIngton was never a hypocrite. 
And if she greatly needed !t she certainly pos- 
aesaed that vlrtne which Is credited with great 
capacity for covering sins. She made her mother 
aa aXlowmnce which relieved her of all necea- 
Mtr of working for a Uvlng. She bad ber alster 
eazeCuny educated. TO atage folk in bard lock 
waa alwaya aagat grnrt oaa. Bfaa aever for- 
a-M ndaeaa doaa to^hv la ber «wm early 
a aja of pufgil j aad baiJifc^p. Ihaavrtio bad 
befriended ha nitHB aha waa - aa enace Jtlrl 
b Dfddla sptaaled la vaia la tw tm ■iftt-'** 
le DO poada of her ehaiitlca. 8be fre- 
.^Ipped away from some voentt of ta/9tf 
; kliid deed by stealth. 

'' ' ' BOXZ Il£PABT£S 

Of her j^eat talenta and versatility as sn 
.actress contemporary reports admit of no donbt. 
Ber reprrtoire waa an extensive one. In 
y "breeches" pxrts, aa male niet when perioni- 
fled by women were then termed, she excelled. 
; She played Sir Harry Wlldair ao mnch better 
. fbaa David Oarrlck that be abandoned tiiat chax- 
aeter. In tbe senltb of brr London tame she 
accepted an engagement wltb Mr. aberrldan at 
,v a big aalaiT for those daya and xetnmed to 
The men went wild «wcr the beaotlfal 
a a jt U tile., baia -fcated. ragnd 

C^im^ ta lha liflir. b that irimut at 

la-hcr wtt ma a match (be the heat. Sht 

waa lionised In dramatic. paUtleal aad lUsaxy 
didea. Bnt Dnblln ladlea aald die waa a 
aaagbty woman aad refused to aaanelata wUh 
gba retyted aat tby " 

aalr tva 


Bdair It i» m. mtm 


benlac this re- 

in the same grave lies the body 
ot Master Horace Cbolmondeley, soa 
of the Boo. Robert Cbolm «deley and 
Mary Cbolmondeley, sister of the said 
Marsaret ^odlngtaa. aged • mnatbo, 

KvoLunoN OP THE ciiieus 

It may be that fnttire historians of the Amer- 
ican circus will record the sesson of 190S, m 
the beginning of an epoch. The abandonment 
of the street parade and the gradaal nabetltu- 
tlon of newspaper advertising, for the flamlnc 
posters of other days are not merely remarkable 
phenomena In lhemS4?lves, bnt are symptoms of 
tbe great and fundamental change wblch ha> 
come at>oat in tbe relation between the circa* 
and Its public. Divesting Itself of Its long- 
exploited character of a "great moral lastltn- 
tlon." UH-owlug off St tbe aama time maA of 
the glamour and mystery that oaee aanoaaled 
It, the dtctts is beglnnlnc to maha Ita ap pe a l 
frankly as what It U o ac aC tte ^eBttataM 
diveraUed. and aUwMte a wat a attaatdfcatf 
amusement Instltntaoa uiat aumaa - lageaalty 
has devised. 

Tbe circus really has merely changed with 
the people ot the country. The early Bh<.w- 
men, who bad to make their way against aa 
lU-instmcted and bigoted hostility, hroaght to 
their aid every resource ot cant and charlatanry 
of which Yankee wlU were capable. Beapeeta- 
ble people would not go to an nngodly enter- 
Ulnment. Very well. Then tber malt be 
made to believe tbat thi 
godly. The aaaodatloa at < 
things wblcb have Tttw Bttia 

lattK wwm 

lad aair au 

tbe anlmala^ and dnggad hoase protestliw ba- 
fora tbt "grnad eatry." It waa Jnat so asacb 
dear gain It tbe aatmala tbemaelves cooM be 
exploited aa BIbUcal animals. One might have 
raniacfced aU tbe dicuses In the coantiT up 
to a few years ago wltboat fIndlBg a hlppo- 
potamna; bat all that made any pretcnalona te 
completmieaa exhibited "the Behemoth of Holy 
Writ." Xbe. menagerie cages are called "dens," 
tbongh tbey fall to conform to a single one of 
the dictionary definitions, because It was Id 
a' den that Daniel was thrown to tbe lions. 
E. S. HaDoek. writing in the Century, recall 
tbat tbe first wart-bog to reach America war 
billed as "the Prodigal's Swine," and the 
water-buffalo aa- "the ox that treads oot the 
com." By the same method an elaborately 
costumed ballet was redeemed from profane aa- 
soclations by being called Solomon and the 
Queen of Sbeba, and Mr. Hallock finds In 183S 
the sdvertisement ot A Grand Moral Bepte- 
senutlon of the Delnge With Appropriate Sa- 
cred Mnslc" The street parade Itself, wltb 
Its sllegorlcal floats, tableanx from fairy talaa 
or Bible itorlea, la believed to have beea la; 


Amerlcaa dtcaa la Burapa, 
went borne after the parade, bellevlaK t 

had seen the whole show. 

That the circus can ever be dlveataS ^ 
ot Ita atmosptaere of romance I* Impoaslble. 
Coming oat of nowhere by night, spreading Its 
tenia wltb magical rapidity aad 
again, it will never i " ■ - ~ 

imaglnatlon. Eocea. 

Clore'a aa appredattaa a( 
tella « 

Not long after It ao oappened that abe 
went to a small church In the city oae Soaday 
aftemoon. Ibe preacher waa anch aa wa bav* 
often aeard. bnt oot so thia pocr «<«aiaa la her 
day ot aapleea theoloty. aaa Ma Waaley waked 
the foorlnc chorcb. lattaaB *t 'andlnx' a dry 
clatter ot molality abeot their ears, or evap- 
oraUng tba Blbla in tbe ttda geoermlltlea of tbe 
pnlplt. tbia man drove God'a tititba home to the 
hearts of men and women. In bis hands llie 
divine vlrtDea were tbtiiiderl«lU. nots swan's- 
down. iWltb good senae, plain apeaklsg and a 
heart yearning for the aoala at his bretiiren and 
sisters, be stormed the boaoma of many: a[ad 
this sftemoon, as be reasooed like FanI of 
righteouaneas, temperance and Judgment to coane, 
sinners trembled, and Margaret "Wofllngton was 
of those who trembled. 

"After thia she came often to the narrow 
street wbeie aboae thia hooae of Cod. and atni 
new light borat apoa ber heart and conadence, 
Bere abe l eata ed why aha waa onbappy; boa 

"Ihia straag aad straightforward diaract'er 
made ao attempt to zeeooelle two tbinga that 
aa vrtraca ChrMlu waald ban eaatlaaed fo 

■ -I » BMMBt I 

She was still young snd beautiful and had 
confidently counted on devoting to charity as 
many years aa she had to tbe atage. Bat it waa 
not to be. Certain unpleasant symptoms to 
which she bad paid little attention In the excite, 
ment of theatrical Ufe sIk conld do longer ig- 
nore. She called In Dr. Bowlder, a famoas 
physician, who had been an admirer of hers in 
the old days. HC saw that abe was doomed. 
WiSliing to spare ber feellnga, be called lor a 
pen and paper, nndcr tbe pretense ibat be In- 
tended writing ber a preseriptlaa- Bat what 

he wrote waa a note t» aa lati 

of bcra, aafcing blm to break tha dtac latelll- 
gence to her by degrees, "with care aad tender- 
ness." adding that It waa "all we can do for 

Glancing over bla Sboolder, Peg read ber death 
warrant. Oaly «ae UtUa gaaplnc aigh broke 
from ber. It wu ttc doctor who was orereome 
by tp* dlauwaiy ttat leaned^the cbaatl; 

Inr It caM la." ° The aMUa aUeanac la the 
dawa aeca for tha Siat time that tbe fUtter^ 
Ing pageant It aaly a eaat aad latrleate ma- 
chine with every part nnmbered. and drms 
life consists In doing tbe aame things In the 
same way every day from the opening of the 
season to its doae. So his ambition to run 
away and become a bareback rider perishes. 

Hot tlie performancra themselves bare vniy 
g fo wu more wooderfol year by year. There 
are. It Is true, some few "lost arts" to be de- 
plored. There waa a test known as "stin 
vaulting" which, we are told. Is no more to-be 
seen; aerohata who once formed their pyramids 
on tbe backa of horses now stand on solid 
grooBd; Vsn Aiu b e rg no longer "pnts his bead 
In the lion's month and tells yon all he knows" 
at a regular featore of each performance. But 
performers of to-day do other things ten-fold 
more hair-raising snd dUBcult. The bicycle and 
the antomobile have contributed a-snccc«sloa as 
gyroscopic testa such aa even "the aporta aad 
paatlmea of Imperial Borne" conld not pa r a lM . 
C i ea taie a formerly thought ttnpid or latractl- 
hle, aoch as seala. leoporda, and geeac. ha*c 
been tMf^ y perto rit a«^ 

eompleta aa ao asaay aad eglea l aaiJsaa. — 

The change In methoda of pabUdly ktaaai 
to be gradual. The circuses which gasa as 
atreet parades thia 'year have not yet tcMjia 
how the experlmeot has affected baatajea^ Poo 
alMy It waa tried too soon. - lha ttamhsg ptaicr 
la Bot perceptibly Icaa pnmlaeat aa a -tealat* 
of tha laadaeapa tnm the car wtadow than 
le. Bealdta. tt la ant to be expected 
it an aaaaaeia.'itfll coaM to their decUlov 
of tbta evolntloB 
be dlacovered eo-cxlatlng aome- 
liiy. ' The wagoa abow" la by 

yean loBcw. and whUe tU e mlh remtlntd !3 her 

still busied herself with acts of charity and 
went about ber work smiling and cheerful. Un- 
der tbe chancel of the old parish church at 
Teddliigtoa. jg ipss l te whieb dM> had ballt ' 

Tat «■ M dt- tha devdopmeot of the circnt 
- reptaeement of hnmbuF 

It the Mht'tUng-' No longer pretending t> 
mlnitttr to oiaB't rellgloai needi. the circus 
baa. In fact, freed Itself from vnlgarity and 
ralaed Ita tone Immensely, No longer clslm 
lac to adacate. it la really Ihr more laatrw 
Ilia ttaa It < 

DECEMBER 2, 190& 

Xtie eillboard 





iMlicacat tt Genera. O. 


I tmA irttk iDtemt lo aittele In tbe Sden- 
Mlc f llr«n of Oct. 14, entitled "A Ban- 
Acfl Waj* «t Breaklnc Xoor Nrck." Tbe aa- 
Ikar was probably aware of tbit namber of 
vara bj wblcb one coald accompllab tbit Terr 
aaay feat, bau aeemlnaly resmrdlnc tbe **Xooi>- 
las acu" as tbe moat 
(welt almost exdoslTel; 

WItbout attempting to 
ImproTe npoo tbe article 
referred to, wblch I re- 
yard a» a well written 
aecoont of tbe "loop 
acts." I sball ondertiike 
te ezplslD tbe res. and 
laaglnaiT daaccn ot an- 
otber sport. 

danscnoa ezplolta. 


loaa it tella Ilk* a mek ontll the air taicas tha 
ombrcUa-ahaped TsUd* op t a, when It sad- 
driily Irrka and larchca as Vba tnea of tbe 
tall Is broken. SbooM tbe tnpeae become en- 
tan(led, tbe performer mast dlsenta(l« it. 
tboQib tbis Is ratber a skittish ]ob. snspended 
'twlzt "OerU and Deep Sea." Sometimes the 
"cbDte" opens befM» MUac • hndnd INt— 
often U J li^nea^ ^>i<it». Oat <Mmw jl^qga<^ 

Ucate sehldca ta which to 
Xktj are asMcct to eol' 

sUtolkB tendency 
IM. nii "ehnte'' 

t« Milte «■ Ktea. tpbM, copaloa or 
In allthtlns. prrdptlatlBii the aero- 
naut to the earth and often resnltlnc tstallr." 

I baTe In mind tbe ease of Mr. L. P. TlUman, 
tbe youDg snd popular aeroneant with tbe 
AlaiDo Shows, wbo met death In this manner, 
Aog. 8, 1005, at Horton. Kan. Some "Jompers" 
descend la wicker baskets or cTen In ham- 
mocks, bat the ttapeae la Ity far the handiest 
to an expert acroaaat and Jnal aa safe. 
■ ■ " " " ~ ■ _ One 

. . af an accident. 

Osai flasikwuhl and lasti kindidassa base 

aa the other . 
cone esdted or eateleas, 
paid the pesalty. 

It la tbe sacceftsfol aeronaat who flnally be- 
eooca earrleaa and. some time or other, makes 
the fatal slip. In bish dlrlns. In looping tbe 
laat. In L'Anto Bolide, the danger lasta bat 
a few seconds; It Is either snccesa or death. 
In ballooning tbe dancer Is erer present, from 
the moment "go" nntll tbe aeronaut allgbts In 
safety. Death Inrks near, and patiently waits 
till tbe dare deril aeronaat Is off bis gosrd snd 
then bis bisde falls. 

When a person ceases to folly appreciate and 
guard agalnat tbe terrible dangers of balloou- 
lag, that person is liable to saddenly end bis 
~ In a bonlhle 

lb* alhiTeBeat of danger 
I th* lukn of tcfoBanta. 
• lai« Bar tbe cash 

n. xecDizACB. 


It. bla work 
and character 

Perhaps "Doc" Qolgley, tbe eeoentclc and 
frptesane dancer with the Al. O. Field Greater 
iUutiela, la one of the beat antborlUea on 
"tootllght dancing" la thia coontry. In a re- 
cnil ttik vltb the Affloaement Editor ot tbe 
TlBca he bad some Intcresttac things to say 
ahaot the sartoaa "ateps." **Iloe" la a se- 
rlooa-Bladad tUlow, and when-oS tbe stage is 
nsoally nuking temlnlaecntly • ictloaalook- 
Int cigar. Theic ta't • bit of eaaedy In him 
oot In real lUt; he la limr adr In make-op. 
He offered tbe 0rilMrkC_liM won his set of 
the "Head WtUmft. ^Wllbanl tag elangated 

!!vJi!2"M?*LttSM ""'SMMHt'daMrL *^ 
might gl?* a a* Mtanl iHltr to dance, 
and teach him aiy atepo, bat wMboM an ~ 

Tlduallty similar to mine bebtof 

wUl faU nat. Tbeic la a tocm 

behind my dance Jnat aa tteie ta a peraaaallty 
behind the make-ap of a character actor. My 
dance haa never been ancceaafnlly Imitated. 
If some one gets tbe step for a while be 
lacks my long nose or long arms or long legs 
to make It go. It is a comedy dance, and 
yon will notice tbey call me tbe man with 
tbe fuany legs. I daoce with erery bone In 
my body. I dance ^tb my eyes and my mantb 
and my nose and my Oogers. My whole body 
enters Into the rytbm of tbe dance. Tbe pDt>- 
Ue Dowadaya demands comedy In ererythlng 
that Is offered before tbe footlights. I srady 
to amoae. and season after season I get a 
langb. My dance Is to the old clog what the 
Cakewalk Is to tbe old French aalaoette. 

"Aside from tbe qolet. atMrir Mlnaette 
from which It Is erolred. the cabewalk Is tbe 
only dance that tbe spectator can carry In bis 
mind, for It forms a distinct picture. In fact. Is 
episodical In diaracter. Too will Had my dance 
stan^ oqt In alltaoaette. Sddom la tbe waits 

tbe waits U 

OC tte Kaitia and Row* Shewn. 

and _ . 

extremely baxard- 
~ aeemlngly Impoa- 
ts. bat no act, 
blaod-AUUns it 
■ay seem, bas reer yet 
iwpasaed In acnal dan 
gcr the eld sport ot bal- 
tooolng, looping tbe g*r, 
looping tbe gap In a ball, 
CTde whirling, tbe Der- 
ll'i wheel, tbe globe ot 
drith. tbe Bnman can- 
Boo-lMll. tbe Human Ai- 
ro>, tbe Human Torpedo, 
bicycle plunges from tbe 
loop Into a tank, tbe 
vbMwiDd ot death, tbe 
Anto-BoUde or Mp ot 
Beatk. Spiral TOwer. high 

in fact. It ta a sketch with blu of 'basliiess.' 
an introduction and a conclusion. It is a danc- 
ing act toncbed oTer with bnmor and embel- 
lished to meet tbe demands of tbe times. 

"Tbe paRic la becoming more exactlag trona 
year to year. Tbe old-time song and danco 
set wodld aat h* tolerate. What if I wei* 
to come before the foot- 
- lights, scatter a few 
crala» ot ssod orer tbe 
boards snd ciccnte a diy> 
nnramiahed dog dancer 
It woold not "go.* Thei* 
~ be 'eolor' and *at- 
In a dance be- 

,.Ssce tho oadlenee Jnat aa 
. lhaic la In any dramatla 

' ■M this fbet tec a loas 
tbae. Ton win sb a m o 
that there Is exarraslan to 
my dance, iacisi cspaai^ 
sloa as well aa cipMiilM 
of anscaent." 

"In yoor dance tbIs Ma- 
aoa yoo are assisted V 
foor yoong men. What 

kind of a " ' 


"They ( 

"Is It a •nerre' dancel" 

"It la not. TbIs daaco 
Is done with tbe tret al- 
most exduslrely. I taught 
tbem nearly all tbe siepa 
they use In the dance. 
Tbe 'buck* daaee woold 
not CO If It were not 
dressed op. And. Iv tb* 

af tbe daagcis to w^SL^Lla^j w s w a.** ■ ^ 
msa7 ^**<"g men and wooaea sobject them- 
■elret to win fkme and fortune and tbe applanie 
ot tbe spectators. Bnt tbe talloon ascent and 
psracbnte drop la aecoopanled by more dangers, 
sad sObJect to more Creqoent and fatal accl- 
dcnla than any other act. excepting none. 

tt la bat DMaial that I, 

ng as 

1 am tolly 

that I make tbis 
rtbcrwlse. yoo are 
Bat yoo wooldn't 
i flyM trapeoe act 
■. woold jraol 

ainniij to be 

acqnslBied with 
Matement. If 
entitled to 
ears to 

ttti In 


a Mr iiiiiiiil whea I 

bat hndaoiMte kaowledfe ot a bal- 

looa thaa I bad of ««cMa that uccun e d dor- 
iBg tbe crasadcs. Ttoe, I bad aerrcd before 
tbe maat. hot aloft on a ship at ses and aloft 
in a baloon are not exactly productlre of tbe 
same sensations. Bat I learned by aetnal ex- 
perience a tew secrets at tbis profession wblcb 
can only be learned by experience. 

When one becomea familiar with this work 
tbete Is a powerful fascination in tt tbst 
draws one deeper and deeper Into its meshes 
from wblcb there is no relesse. Tbe serunant 
enjoys a cartons sessstlon as be rises snd Boata 
bnndreds ot feet In midair, a feeling of su- 
preme freedom, a buoodless sdmiratioo for 
tbe creations of ikatnre aa be Tlewa cbrm from 
his aerial perch. It thrills. It cbarma. It hyp- 
notises the sool ot tbe beholder Ctom tala 
dizzy height. Tlie earth sinxs away until 
|ta cities dlsslmllate and disappear. But sud- 
denly a report comes fsintly np to the ear of 
tbe dreamer, a signal that brings him to bis 
senaea. With a Jerk he works tbe ent-uff. and 
It lock tarors htm be soon Is sinking lower 
snd tower oodrr tbe broad expanse ot canraa 
tbat buoyantly carries bim again to earth. 

Sometimes tbe cotHiff refuses to work, snd 
then ttie aeronaat must '*rlde tlie l>atluan" to 
the gtuaad. 

Mra. lUte BroadwIck performed that per- 
Uoua feat In 1904, at Arkansas City, but It Is 
ten to nothing, against allgbilug tnasfrty. Mrs. 
BroadwIck ta s coo] and skillful performer, snd 
though she came down safe, yet 1 dsre ssy 
•«be would not care to repeat tbat performance. 
.Wither n-oold Mr. Patoaude, wbo climbed band 
over baud to tbe upper part of bis t»alli>oo by 
holding to the mesLvrdrk of tbe net, to ex- 
rlnftuli^b s blase which waa stsrted by the 
Ai-cldeutal upward dlacharge of some fireworks 
R-btcb be was nMnj; In niaklog a oljtbt dis- 
play. Such accidents often occur and nerre, 
iiktll snd prompt action are necessary to orer- 
come ttiem. 

I feel no fear In making a "Jump," for I am 
aware tbat If tbe fatal allp doea occur I sball 
•HiVcr no pain. Death Is sure. If all goes 
itM. I Shan aliidkt In aaftly. I anppose 1 shall 
die Hbe away before me, to atteuiptiog tome 

oew Crat In halhwalog. bnt - - ~ - 
each night tOI tbat eseat 

Tbe pay ot aenmaota easy. 

panira pay from $23 to $n ptr «Mft, bat aah- 
scrlptlon sscrnts often btlaa Iha asnaaai 
to tSOO, Tbe ooint — " — 

~ PW to 

■sacek tt falla Bat 

„* Csofllghta. When tbe 

walto Is fIfCB apea the stage U dt g ene ra te a 
tolD a bo r le aq ne. The cskewalk Is a botietiioe 
of tbe Blnnette snd Is a horlcaqoe to the troe 
arose of the word. A tmrlesqae shoold carry 
some of the teatiuea of tbe object or char- 
acter tbat ta being ImlUted. for wltboot the 
earmarks of tbe original It losra the eirmeot 
of charm. The Cakewalk haa the character- 
istic featnrea of the mtnoette. tor It savor* 
of tbe state and dignity of tbe old French 
dance, while baring attributes dlatlnetly Irs 
own. It ta a combination of tbe alow, quiet 
morementa ot tbe mlnuetle and tbe ralaxatlon 
snd freedom given by the old plantation negro. 
Tbe atlffness tbat comes from tbe dignity of 
tbe French dance has l>cen reiicved by the 
eomedy tbe negro bas given it. 

"The cakenalk is tbe only en*emhV dance In 
which there la sn element of bamor. It la a 
cniuedy dance. Its bamor la bn»ad. thoogh al- 
ways softened by the statelluesa snd grace 
banded down from tbe original dance. It Is 
ss democTstle ss tbe American street piano, 
and Its movement Is Invlgnrstlng. It Is a tonle. 
It la well adapted to the stsge becanar of its 
freedom of noveaeat and lack of tbeatzlcal- 
tsm. an attrthote that tenda to eater lata other 
daarea bec a a a e of a eertate ConaaUty tbat 

^ jaBi^»M^Stj^ar7S5^iJSfSto*'r 
tha^tafeaMik to It. , Ma fitaa- AaiacMtMIc 


' Mr dance te . 

ad tte whole body to aa Itow aa 

It to entirety different ttam iha cL. 

which waa so cl ose l y a s aocla t ed with silasliili j 
In the old days. Ttie dog daac* was eaecnted 
by the nerrea. The old-tlaie dnf flsaiii held 
bla nervea as tight aa the stitaCS of a dmm. 
Tko ran recall tbe vibrathiaa af Ms wooden 
•b<.es npno tbe stage, can yea noli Racfa 
sound made by tbe shoe waa a nerve vlbra- 
tlun. Tbe public was entertained by the sound 
rstber tbsn by tbe srttoo or sttltode on tbe 
part of tbe dancer. What haa heca tbe re- 
snlt. Nearly all of. - - 
of consnmptloo. SI 

was too great." . 

U I 

efltetlrely pteeed. It wlB 
not go effectively. Tba 
Head Walter.* wo be- 
lieve, has been placed M 
best advaotage. Introduced as it ta. It r' 
novelty to tbe first part, while absorblnc 
of tbe color and Indlvldosllty ot Ua — 

•rexeoae me.** aaU'.iiha' 
yoB always prefer . OW' I 


replied the roaag ana U 

I take great Inteteat In tbe flrat raw «C Ika 


"Tea. I am a bookkeeper and I like ta aea 
aia eerreet."— Chicago News. 

U the 

r. D. COXEY 


"Trie Billboard 



^ir Henry Irving 

Sn BdBx nvmu, wkow aotk ti 
Bndflnd. Kii«l»na. itenOr. raM a 
windcTtnl caiccr of itige UAb m- 
crlns more tlian half a century, wsa 
more than an actor. He was a man. 
It waa bla art that made him famooa the world 
uomid. It was bb genetosltr, bis klndlr help 
tD the besbmeis In his professloo, his tact, 
pradence. and modestj-, that won blm a warm 
place in tbe heaxts of all who knew hint. 

Ite anecdotes UM of Sir Henir Irrliis 
vpnU fin a mlshtT Tolome If they eooU all 
be collected In book form. Many of tbe stories 
told, of Um haTe been remembered by his 
friends, and tber explain why tbe sreat Bns- 
Udt actor won bis way Into the hearts of men. 
IHastrate the tr&its of his character bet- 
the moet akUITnlljr written eology. 

was a 

acOk It la related. Sir Henry — 
Btnrx Irrtos then — was slttlns 
F^fen'Mv-pcarlte rooms at tbe X^ycenm Ttaea- 
tn. la Tiondnn, when, after a preliminary knodc 
a man be bad nerer seen before entered — foe 
Ite actor - made It a mie to see erery one. 
■ttangen or otherwise, wbo dioie to eaU 
Um In bis lelsttre hours. He 
bis baalcesB, and dlacoTcred tt 
an actor out of employment. 

"Vm Borry,** «ald Irrlnff, "bat my cast is 
quite toll Dp. Try again aootber time." 

Tbe callrr tamed Slowly away, with dejec- 
tion pictured la- tbe beattattaK dnqp «r his 
aboaldets. Aa Iw reacted tbe door in&r called 
lllm back. 

"Married?" be asked. 

"Tea," replied the stranger. "That's the 
wvrat of lb. My wU« is lylaK daageroosly Hi, 

- . _ piece of 

be obtalaeA tb^ - ^^—^'n tsstnii to 

writ* tbe Inddentil nole for Irrtais's prodne- 
tSoQ of Henry Vin. It was not natn tbe nmslc 
was flalOcd that Irrlog asked Mm bla tenna. 

**Toar terns ase mine," replied the yoony 
compoaep. waeceapaA Irslua'.taiaeA to Saam 
Btater. wbe was Mnilw^lrL '***'''<MN*: ■ 

"Huw BBch dU we pay aa nt i aa ft Mae- 

Both these composers had reached the top 
of tbe Udder, and were recelTlng enormoos 
prices for tlieir eompesltiMis. Wbca Iirinc 


Sir Henry had an Infinite fmid .aC iBBOr 
wblch he employed sometimes wUb gicat tact. 
He always made tt a role not to accept pres- 
ents from stransers. A few months sco. since 
tbe oatbieak ot tba war In tbk far east, s 
wealtby mam, .»m Iwt . la admlratloa at 
to Uat and said: 
-bat I want to glre 


■mr hr ir- 

*^top clapping. It's too much for the old 
sddler. It's cruel to make him bow again." 


Sir lieary has always a desire to keep 

ways knew bis step when he arrlred and would 
nm out to meet him and then follow him to 
hto dressing-room, and sit purring on the 


It is always ssld of Irrlng that he ncTcr 
(coalnd mole of any member of his company 
be bad a right to expect In proportion 
to the salary paid. He knew better tbaa 
awat actor-managers tbe market Talne ot tal- 
ent, and be paid accordlnglv. One day when 
snperintendlng Lyceum rehearsals, a super In- 
tensely annoyed him. The super had one line 
to say, wblch was, "The encuiy are upon as." 
The tone of.TOIce this super assumed soon got 
on Irrlng's nenres. . . ^ „ 

••For hcaTcn-s sake," he exclaimed, "speak 

It as It tba mtm S* 29!ft_*"*' 

ntfirtat be adlM awaj; Una' tta war jn amr 

'•■If I could say It better I sbonid be earn- 
more than 25 shillings a week." be retorted. 

"Is that all you get?" asked Sir Henry. 

"Yes, and I hare others besides myself to 

"Very well. then, speak It as you like." 
But before the first night the super -was 
speating his lines as "the governor" wished 
him to. and the Lyceum exchequer was deb- 
ited with more than 25 shillings a week in 


When Irvlnt; wrnited to be nasty he could 


"What is lir> asfecd Ibe actor. 
"A Rosslan asllbii— il~ 
-»m I caa nt amyt It." 
'■mmir-- ~Taair« l bBse a.«i 
M-ftr myaelf; m anrtna.** 

npUcd- Sir 

On one occasion Sir Henir was giTtiir one 
of his famooB "midnights." or suppers. In ttils 
room after the performance, and among his 
guests was the artist. Whistler. An it hap- 
pened, two of Whistler's pictures were on the 
wall^ and Wblstler cn arrival Immediately went 
to 1 Ok at tbtft land.-^|ies and seemed much 

- posnled by them. Towards tbe end of the 
crCninir he said to bli* br^st: 

"IrVlng. there's something wrong with those 
> p k tai e s of mine. Oh. I see It now; yoo'Te 
^''haac. tbrai aprfde down." 

-'Flgr ' a -BOBWat' ' Irrtttir was nonplused. 
'-'.WUsOeiV iba bacw.. waa 'taacby'* oa the sab- 
'^*«t?>c:|hbto^ftotvta. Bat imara jpcada 
.^Wai^W^tar^Oaatiia asserted Iti^c!^ - 
%-'0?^-<aat 'aDrT'^-b* ?t*|difd. : caiateMdy.;' rBat 
■XfK'Bittttir my dear (Mbnr. bow blind I am. 
and ' If : .It has taken ' yoa all tbe evening to 
t Smum that yoar own pletarvs were npalde 
/#swak snrely there Is excnse for me In eon- 

- Mpcatlon of my bad sight. 

. : ' CABHTKn AVAZ BY i»gaT.-nne 

It was at tbe itmtnOii siaatlai a • tblat -aa 'fa- 
ddent occurred to pmea 'boar' : bis naUiiB^lB- 
pressed Jils aodlenee.' Amo^r. tba '.vtctitton 
was a woman, a reenlar theat i e ai 'a i^ ' wba'i fhr 
the first time saw Irrlng In'" llist IWaallftll 
little play of Doyle's. Wsterloou 

When the cnrtsln fen a long abont of a^ 
planse greeted tbe great actor, and In -the 
galre of the veteran Brpivster he rame before 
i tbe curtain. Bat the audience was not satls- 
ted. they recalled him again and again. 

At last, wbea tber coatlaacd to cbci^t Um 

la appearing in tbe leading vandevlUe houses doing a singing specialty of extreme 
merit. Ber voice U of an extraordinary qnsUty aod tone and she posse&.ses a girt for sing- 
ing folk-lore songs which few singers can equal. Of English birth, she has embraced in her 
repertoire a number of songs of old England, as well as ballads of Scotlaud and the rollick- 
ing tones so dear to the Irish heart. !□ classic ballads she excels, having an eiteoslve re- 
pertoire of high class songs. 

la tbe backgnmnd. It will be noticed that 
on the play bills be appeata as simply "Heniy 
Irrlns," la tbe aaae type aa la aacd toe Iba 
name o( tbe bsBblMt . -'Mtobcr ot Ibe iuL 
Bat sooe ycara aca be was aetbiK to tbe prar- 
Inces, aad toaaa aasponslhle for the bills issned 
poster* aa wblcb be was menUons ss tbe "fa- 
moos Sir Heety bring-" 

Irving at once wat for tbe head printer. 

"Look here," be said. "Ton are not to 
print another bm with all ttaoer Bunrlshes be- 
f'-re my name. Yon are to see that In tbe 
fntnre my name reads as simple Benrir Ir- 
ving, and In quite amall type." 

The printer retired. Next day Irving was 
borrtlled to find the town flooded with posters 
Which announced that "Simple Henry Irving" 
wonid that night fill a certain role at tbe 


The black cat which was alwaya to be seen 
sitting on the widow of the stage doorkeeper's 
office of the Lyceum was as famous as the 
theatre Itself. It was originally a stray cat, 
and one night It bolted Into tbe theatre for 
safety Just aa Sir Henry arrived. The at- 
teadanta bema to baat.. It apt; -aad. Ibe tcrrl- 
Oed beast ran at tlia<«Mak''ai*iK;' taha'^aaacht 
It . ap In bis anna. 

"Kindly onderstand." be said severely- to 
those abont blm. "that this cat from to-nlgbt 
beoHnes one of my statr. and any one Ul treat- 
Ine It will be dlsnUssed." 

The est remstned st tbe Lycenm tm tlie 
apbatUn at aa B$mtt» tb«t«. It al- 

be, remarked an old Ljcenm baad goee. 
patience wltb tbe raak aad Ala waa aatraor- 
dlBacr^^B^*kate a artaba waa Aa 

There was in one production a super who. 
tbonsb be bad only a couple of lines to speak, 
made bla entrance In snch a way as to lead 
one to believe he was snstalnlng tbe leading 
role, and his behavior to his fellow-sctors waa 
eqnaUy unwarrantable. Irvtox soon got on tbe 
track of tbia man and ran blm to earUi at 
rehearsal. In due time tbe saper entered liold- 
Ing his head In the air and recited bla line, 
"My lord, tbe carriage Is waiting." 

"Let's have It a bit loader." said Irving. 
The man repeated It In a loader tone, where- 
upon Sir. Henry demanded that It should be 
repeated again still loader. Yet acain did 
be make the snper repest It and loader still, 
and yet again was the sasae demand awde. 
Tbe man was beoomlnc enr t gr A,: aad at last 
(btlftafA ant tbe words. 

▼< _ _^ " " ^ ^ 


A pay roll wblcb bai Jnst come to light of 
tbe old Queen's Theatre, London, which nsed 
to aUad In Long Acre, bat whldi dlssppeared 
years ago from the list of London playhooses, 
was discovered recently. This pay roll la 
dated 1807, at which .time tbe present Sir Henry 
Irvtac bis tamooa eomrade. Bllcn Teny. aad 
. Ohadca Vjradtaain. Ibeie, aad Uootl 

Brougb all 

the Queen's. 

Oddly enoocb, according to this record. Sir 
Henry's salary at that Ume was only £2, 13i 
4d. or about $13 a week, whereas the present 
Sir Cbarlea Wyndbam was getting $1B aod El- 
len Terry 925. Lionel Brongfa, who mast now 
be receiving at least $200 a week from Beer- 
bohm Tree, was tbaa drawtng AlSJiO. Tsoto 
waa by tor the Mat palA menbcr oC ttt 
company, wltb a salasy i€ acnsly 960 a waaft, 
or about what a "alar" of to-day wonId spoid 
on motoring. 

On Sir Heaqr*a Sitt Tiilt to Sin rrandsto 
be fell so macb to love vrttb the Bolicmlaa 
club that he gave every member a life paaa 
to tbe Lyceum Theatre la London, and wbm 
be sold tbe Lyceum a few years ago be stlpn- 
lated -that tbe B(diemlan passes shoald be hon- 
ored as long as tlie theatre stood- 

Irvlng's reception at the Bohemian club waa 
as wlerd as It was novel. He waa escorted 
to the dining-room by a dnb member msde np 
as Cardinal Wolsey. In tbe dloiog baU t 
stage bad been erected. On tbe .atagc ttood 
George Bssmtol 
ducted IMbK 

Suddenly there appeared on tbe stsge eight 
of the characters Irving had made famous- 
Macbeth. Louis XI-, Uatblaa, Csrdlnsl Wol- 
scy, Thomas a Becket, Sbyloek, aad Richard 
111. — all In complete coatnme. 

Ttitj mardiea to tbe ftont ot tbe ■tie 
pointing tbair Ibmm at. ttttag. 

■tiee, ai 


"Too wbe 

Then eadi of .tbem apoke bis line. Madwtb 
said. "My blood-statoed aool"; Iionia XI.. "Vf 
mean hypocrisy," and so on, fidlowliig In 
nnlson again with another Una. 

The orchestra meantime - bis accompanied 
this scene wltb pianissimo mnslc, wblcb when 
the phalanx spoke "List, list; O. list!" broke 
out Into Ta-ra-ra l>oom-de-ay, and Sbyloek, 
tbe cardlnalH. Macbeth, and tbe others all 
took bands and Joined In the wild dance. 


Among the many people entertained by Shr 
Henry Irving daring bif leUHsUp ot tbe Ij- 
ceom waa Mark firato, Irrlng gave blm a 
l iin— t IB tba gicea moo after a pcrttorm- 
aaee aae algbt wltb a moat dlatlBgalAcd 
eompiny pnaeot. Wbea Sir Benr anK to 
propose the guest's health, tbe lattn*a name 
escaped him completely, and tbe leadt waa 
something like tbls, bat the Itadcr HHt 
aglne the high nasal tones «( tha Mtoit Hi 
twitches, and snorts: 

"Gentlemen: I rise to perform a very aarce- 
sble daty — a most extranrdlnsry snd iHtaa- 
urable honor {mental aside: 'What is tbst 
name?']. We have with us to-nlgbt as onr 
guest Ibe most distlngtilshed of our com- 
patriots from across the water f'l'd give to- 
night's receipts If I could think who the devil 
he Is']— a man whom yon all know and love 
[Ha! ha!] — a man whose genial boraor, whose 
delicate satire has amused and entertained two 
hemispheres r*I>rat my memoryl'1 a man whose 
name Is a household word wherever the English 
langnage is spoken ['Except to me!'l— A man 
In a word irtao is the langblng link which binds 
England and America closer than any Inter- 
natlonal treaty can do. I propose the bealtb 
Of— Ot- tbli man— I propose tb*. bMltb ot— at 
— [In a mddm bant of mennNHC aMM(rl-> 
ot Sanad Mark Twalal" 

The foUowlng are some of the big r.iOndaa 
siicesses and the number opposite each Is the 
nnmber of performances given In the British 

Charley's Annt ..1.4nn A Itiinawny Girl.. K<S 

Oar Buys 1,302 Tlic Gondoliers .. B54 

The Private Secre- Nlol>e B."* 

tary overt .000 The Shop Olrl .. 540 

Tbe Chinese Hon- The Olrl From 

eymoon ....overl.OOO Kay's over 500 

Dorothy n.d 'Hie Clrms Girl.. 403 

San Toy ...over !>nn Qnnlltr Street ... 459 

La Pnupee 778 The 'Venmnn of , 

Tbe Oelsba 700 the Guard . 423 

A Conntiy Olrl Veronhine. ...over 450 

over 700 The Catch of the 
Sweet lAToader Season ....over 400 

.. . ■■ . abaat TO .. Maa Hie 898 

RittfMOb -VM '' Tba. 'PIratva. ot ' 
Tba'TORaAor . OTit ' IVnsnnre 888 

Ibe Mikado 072 The Walls ot JCT- 

Onr Flat U45 Irim over 800 

"Is your hnsbsnd fond of Action?" ssked tbe 
literary woman. 

"Tea. indeed," lealied Mrs. B, ■. Woodbe. 
"HIS favorite li iSa H itot toS a Mbo tbeaHe* 
narrative, wllk tbe 1Mi> Miar ato^ * 

DECEMBER 2. 1905w 

Xlie Billboard 


K» naaM in tbtatrieals cjurles mora welsbt 
thsB docs that of JnlU Marlowe, who U ippcar- 
lif aciln Ibla aeason wltb B. H. Sotbrrn In 
SLak' sprarean rolei. Her Portia, Katbertnr 
and Viola possess an artUtlc finish that will 
l>f>Qr faTora1>te comparisoa with tbe portrajal 
t.f tiny other actress of any time. Mias Uarlowe 
also enjoys I lie distinction of Iwlng ooe ot the 
most toesotUnl womca on the atas*. 

TTalsh U repeating tUa season on 

lovr tha aaceeas she attained at the Herald 
Bqnaie TfentlCt' New York City, laat winter. In 
tbat IntereMlnS" and at>sort>lnK Fltcta drama, 
Tbe 'Woman In the Caae. Mias Walah scored 
her latest penaaal lilt fa BcaametlaD. She 
Is one at our.biit kaam 4hhmII*: Miieasea, 
and Is one of tk* Ufaift ^wMifc ailiUs on 
tbe auce. 


Aoothcr ot out joaagn aetora la Bobert Me- 
aoB. whose personal aneeesa In Stnwcheart at 
tbe Hndaon Theatre last aeaaon recommended 
a repetition ot tbe whlele tbls season. Mr. 
Bdeson wsa so warmly applauded at the Savoy 
Theatre at his opening this tall tbat be waa 
forced to respond with a short cttrtaln speech. 
His road tour Is meeting with eqnal snecess. 
Mr, Ed«eon la euduwe^l with a stiMS pcnonal- 
Uj and a dettTmluatluu to ti' In tii*fMat-«C tbe 


Ten years ago Grace George,- now atarrlog In 
The Marriage of William Ashe, was practically 
unknown to ^he profession. Bom In Brooklyn, 
N. Y.. not much over a quarter of a c> ntury 
ago, Mias George early manifested a desire for 
tbe stage. Rut a zealous mamma put her In 
• ooaftot where ike leedTcd bcr carlr ednca- 

and ber ,At>agaU last seaaon scored a loog and 
cesatol ma at the Savoy Thcatic. Mew York. 


Mlaa Dale Is again tbls season appearing aa 
leadlnc woman for John Drew, her Impersona- 
tion lieing that ot Jacqueline Matple in De 
lancey. Mias Dale's irark laat aeuoB la Hie 

Duke ot KUf" " " ' " 

but as Miss 


Robert B. Mantell la each year 
popular as a classic actor. His reception this 
season at tbe Garden "Rieatre. New York, baa 
Brady baa provided him with costly piodnctlona 
of Ricbard ill.. Blctaellev. Hamlet. Othello and 
King Lear, and his success in this repertoire 
Uta In the nsitnie ot a personal vwUob. He. 

Jeska's company and at tbe close at that engage- 
ment he oooe more rctnmed to Bncland, to 
snpitort Miss 'Wallls In a line of charactera tliat 
Inelnded Borneo, Orlando and Charlea Snrtace. 
Vlor three yeara thereafter tie labored contlnii- 
•oalr la the lesitlmate. In tbe ax " 
had attracted the attention of Dloe 
wha was then atarrisg In F!ng1aad The 
waa th ntjsa 

the IssWag dmartesB Baaaset*. Ha was tUnm 
the part or Jack flene la The Bamaay Bye. an4 
then tiaTeled two aeaaona with Fanny SaTcnr 
poet, when lie made hia Diem<»a]>le lilt aa lAts 
ipaaoa la iFedora. Be then created the lead- 
ing part in Called Back, and later was en- 
caged for Steele Mackaye'a Sakolar. after whiek 
he toured for a abort time In Tangled Lirea, a 
modem drama written -by John W. Kellar, a 
newspa{>er editor. Mr. Mantell then bnnigbt oat 
M<vkbars, Loots. Nsthal's rerlTul of The Corvt- 
oan Brotbera. anil It by The Marble Heart. 
Othello, Hamlet, Tht; Face In the MoonUgtit. A 
Secret iWanant, and later Tbe Saggar and the 

Ttie mention ot Misa Rotison's name la anffl- 
eknt to draw capacity to any house. Tbia tall 
she has been renewing acqoalnmncea wltb west- 
era tlieatregoets in her ancceaa of two seasons. 
Merely Mary Ann, the longevity of which is 
in a large nkaaure dne to the clever wlnsomness 
ot tbe popular actreas. Miss Robson will 
ahortlj appear In Kew York City In a sew ve- 


Eane. Shipmaa A CMvIn ha*e thin 
M >M«tdcd auas Iteott wttt aa eatlMir 

i*s saenas,; 

■niKvouniCBvOP: A. notbo^ 

■ " -ACTOR ■■ ■ - 

James Thompson, antbor ot the weIl-1 
poem. Tlie Seaaona, did not immediately cafar 
the favor ot tortone to which bla merit aad 
reputation t'ntltled him. During tbe time wbea 
his works had their greateat Toeoe. be wa* re- 
duced to eodwrraaalng extremities. He had beca 
forced to contrBct nomerooa debta; one oC Ma 
creditors. Immidlately following the pnbllcatloa 
>f bis poem. Tbe Seasons, eanaed hia arrest, la 
the expectation tliat be would at oaee be paid 
by ttK pohUaher. 

M. Qnln. a comedian, learned of tbe mlat<w- 
tune of Tbompsuo; be knew bim only hy hia 
poe3i and not limitlnc Iklmsett to mc>« pi^. aa . 

Knott. Ber Legia In the original company or 
Whitney * Knowlea' Qoo Vadls was ot snch 
« onished natnre aa to secnrr tor ber nnusnally 
favorable criticism tram all eentera. SnMe- 
qH-ntly. Binpresa Josephine la Jnlla Arthor'a 
More Than Queen. Katlnka Jn A Modem Magda- 
ene and Kate In Cousin Kate have placed her 
In an enviable position. In addition to ber 
present r, blele. Miss Knott will glee aao" 
play a try^mt before tbe aeasoa dMM k Ji 
and next aeaaon win probably 
ent T^cle for the n.-w one. 


■tWa weU knovm Gngllah actor comes owe 
IZ " seasoB aad captiuea a goodly amoont of 
™S J'^S*^ *ne puMlc and press deal 
•*» profes«oo. It has piobahly b. en re- 
Itrf?. *T *".'» «• Wbb, lenb bla great- 
e»t bit for Ms portrayal ot Oapt. Jane* Wynne- 
Jln Cuwm la The ■qpaar: Haa. baa all 
■ftvii.M«»a . — : — k - Hp l^Ter- 



ii.!-"'?""**" a laailag.aaee aa. Ur. 1 

te hH .fettpl^. 

^t*lock, .Jr., Is the acwcat «( oar stars. 
luiTing only tbls season been added to tbe ater- 
i!LI!!?» ?' Prohman. who put bIm In tlie 

Oeaeite Ade'a latest and prota- 
Wng eoaiedy. Jnst Ont of College. Tbat be baa 
JJ^Vn worthy of thU el<vatloa la the opinloa 
Sl.'llt '"'^ theatnrgal^ poMle. Sr he 

™.^„'*f? »t«M"!ting large aadiraeea to the Ly- 

Mr. Wbeeloek It net nnknown 
oiitsld - of New York, beeaoae be baa appealed In 
annmber ot leading roles In Mr. nobman's 
e»2g»>«..nnd baa estaUtahad 
"Why aad cwfeia plvtr. 

leaving the eonTent abe applied to 

CI as. Frohman for a pavilion In one ot hie 
eompanlrs. (Jnlte a bold thing to do, bnt II 
wasn't lonR before she \v«5 mnklng a hit In the 
faree. A Vew Poy. Charl .r's .\nnt followed 
Tlie next seawn site created the role of Gretoli 
en In The Wandering Minstrel, under the msn- 
ajtement of .Kiiffiiste Van Blene. A s asou In 
vaudeville vras f»>llou-eil b.T b short engafcement 
with Clisrles B. Welles In Frederick Lemalli-e. 
The crrst«»st hit of her ■ nrllpr c.-^reer wns In sup- 
port of Cltas- Dickson In Jralonsy and .^n t'n- 
devploped Bud. Her portra.val of the title role 
In the latter piece brought her to tbe attention 
ot Wm. A. Brady who put her In The Turtle 
and Fill, and lat r In Ben Rnr, and then In the 
stellar nMea ot The Cooatess ChlSaa aad Bm 

Ulaa Oeorge'a Mg Mt. hosrercr. was ii a ar aad 
tar the seasoa ot UMU. whn Ac appeared la 
little BUIr Parker's XMtr Sooth ra Skies. 
Her New York engaseawat lasted ttoaa Nov. 13 
to Jan. 11 and wonld Mte 
Mr. Biadr beea aUe to 

la little abort of marreloaa. when we take Into 
Fonslderatloa the prcsest prsdilectlaa tor maaleal 

pRMluctlona. Mr. Maat 

.Australia at the eloae oC Us 
ments In .\prll. 

Robert Bruce Mantell was bom In Irrlne. 
.\.vrslilre, Scotland, not far from the birthplace 
of Rob.ert Bums. He heean hta stage career 
In the Lancjishlr,' town of Rochdale. In England, 
lie p!a.ved there the Sergeant In .\>ogue. 
And Father Dolan In The Shaughraun. and soon 
iftenranl! toored in the company ot Mlaa Mar- 
riott, an English actress, whose pcofesslonal 
tast-a led her to attempt Hamlet. Bomeo and 
Rlcl-ard III. Later- he hecaaw asaodatcd with 
Chaitce ]tatthewa.^MMa k» ka*,tf«af*^M 

aaK at the bonse of tbe tialllll wblther Tbomp- 
sao hsd been taken. Be readily obtained per- 
to see him. 
" be said to him. "I do not beUeve I 
^ yoo, Imt ny name H 
I that tboogb he dU not 
Wtt his name aad Mrtt 
la him. Qala prayed to 
ta^a^' aiiai bim. aad h^ged that 


Tbe repaat_was g^- Wbea tbe desert waa 
htooght In. "LK aa talk baslaeaa at pivaent." 
said Qnln to bin.-; rjast for a moment. Yon 
ore my creditor.^ Dr< Thompson. I owe yoo 
:•>,■ a hundred poonda'aterllng, and 1 have come to 

- ■•.^•.-^:.^ ■.V;^p„ jo^.. 

TbompsoQ put on a grave air. and complained 
that he had taken advantage of his mUformoe 
to Inmlt htm. "Upon my honor.** malnlalned 
tbe comedian. "I tiave no such lot- ntloo. Here 
ts the hank note which aball attest my alncerit^. 
la Hard to tbe debt which I would <U.«ctiaree. 
tbIa m how it baa beea contracted: I lead the 
ether dajr yaor poem ea.iThe ti ss«a s. . uThr-pie a fi * 
ure It atadsd me ■ ilM s^ ■wif -:wMM0tii^~9»ms? 
Botlaa has came to SM staee X am^lwaseaBiA^dCjl 
some or this worid's goods, to amke' air: vt^' : 
and lesTc a smsll kgacy to those to whaia X aa . 
nnder obUgntlona. In coosetineBee. I hane to*-, 
itbcd - - - - ' - 

Jolalag the Beetoa 
a MtA ia the 
lelacB ta i~ 
Rsct o( the 



J of 

Stock Ooopaar. bat 
resnlted In his early 
he appeared In snp- 


"I Ma — «^ I hMMg aJd that ' 

Hmt wta'^faa apfcaM i* M.|ii'.«newl;aiHSv 
of It rather than km .ttat «M»^- acv«gKgK. 
Btor of my arill. wha snM js«hjna-'-aat-.hii»a.' 
opportunity to discharge the da^ ataa paa. 
should be in greater need." 

A present made in tbls manner, and In sim- 
ilar eireamstsoces. coo M not jjOt^tege^iM Cgt i ^ 


Xlme JBIlll>oarcl 

DKCEMBKR 2, 190&. 




ranks. JMng an actor ot atttUas 

conselentlona, palnstaklag and of artistic 
KtSoo. Mr. Byrne Is. as veil a stoilfat sad 
aomewhst of s pbllosopbfr. At preacnt be Is 

si^pt-iring with Miss I.jUlsn Lclgbtcn In s little 
one act plaT written bj hhnsrif. entitled A 
MatrltnonlAl SeToIatlOD. and la owetinK wltll 
BJerltec! fut^cpaa. 

TiirouKh falB loog association with the Tsnde- 
Tllle business, tiavlog pltt7w3 from eoaat to 
coast tcany times, and beins s keen otnerrer, 
3tr. HjTztc has bad ample oppormaltj to atody 
cooditloDS as they wert- In tbe early days and 
as tJicj exist at tbe present time. 

Ite aaier day. whne lie ma taTcctss ns wltb a 
an at tke Oblnco oOlccs ot Tbe BlUboaid, tIK 
"1 csntrtbatloa te 

a (pcelal esntrlbt 
•at dcalilv to 
: aad *alse to « 
■ tkat m eooM Aooae bo 
Wtomlnitlon thaa ttiat ot 
to tbia «Bd. solicited Xr. 
le liiaatt of Ma erpailenfe 
t0 fUAntt a flnr Meaa coo- 

_ 1 It appeared to him. And 

wWMNit eoounent. either iiro or eoa, tliwtlBK 
this c uutttt iotlon nuir fniflll its mtislon. and 
wUh ]Ietr7 Christmas sreetlscs to onr^ofea- 
Mnal Mends eTerywhere. we •obmlt Mr. Byme'a 
aa bdlowa: . 

totter aulidecl -ftv 
erllle.'* : aad 

■ rm jtAXASZa'B 7USP08E 

fWbHe tbe IncllnatloQ ot tbe managers of tbe 
' better class of TaodeTille booses ccneraUy li 
to IrniKOTe tbe diaracter of their pcocram and 
Kire tbe pobllc absolntrlj the best talent ot>- 
> talnable. thst point, trnfortunstely. Is often en. 
ttreir orerlooked by some manasers ot the 
■nailer booses In making np tbelr bUta. Not- 
wltbstsndlnr tbis. they will Insert adrertlae- 

amts In the diamatle papers, laUcltloK cone- 
" ■ " |» aacb r^mn^ir 

_ ftr thii Boose:" 

fcttoaiw to* sni;^ ^Ka act too bis: 
- - - dcUnt toe 

stik these Baaagtn aie . 
aB pototo of Hw thtatileai 

tnm an elasaea ot *aiidevllle . 
■ aalarles tanse all tbe way from compar' 

f.rB0thIiic to the entire eamlnc capacity 

.-. a^lbe theatre, offering tbelr aerrices. 

Not Intteilnently, artists playing In tbe better 
daas'ot booses, on tbe Keith, Orpbtroin, Proctor 
and other big clrcnlts,' bsTc open time which 
they can not conTenlently fUl on tbe larger c^- 
cnlts. and, attracted by tbe adrertiaements of 
tbe small boose manager, wbo wants "only tbe 
beat; beadUnera preferred." write to him for 
time. Wbat is generally tbe resnltl 

In face ot the tact that these artists are plsy- 
Ing^oB llrst-daas dicnia, thcr not Inftcqacntlr 
reply ftaoi a aaaB boose aas- 
t OB tUa eclar: "We do aet 

TOO glaycdr* 
r.ite •> tkr 

Nr.^lMr aal- 

HQT la ' toa Mfka* 

■ Odd, Isn't It? 'When the soiall h< 

^hsa posltlrely announced tbe best Is none too 
Kood. and no aalary too high tor an artist who 
deilTrrs tbe goods. Will some bright msn tell 
OS bow tbey expect to get beadllnet* for flfty 

Anotber answer tbe Tanderllle artlat tre- 
iinently recelTes: "We can not book yonr act 
imtU we hare tten yoo." In addreaalng tbe 
manager tbe artist bas most probably endooed 
the programs from one or more or tbe best 
la ttie coontzy for the parpoae of Im. 
; him with the standing and ralor of tbe 
■> offered. Notwlthstsndlng this, the 
:-mtU tttt^ not book the act nntll he 
'te wfll Mt ahU* tr Ike taaiseai and 
or aiaaanti wka are apead- 

\ 'tme merit from 
tarn a box oBce standpoint. 
~ to other words, a crltfrion .which would pass 
enster In the commercial world win not solBer 
iB. a certain strata of tbe iTaoderllle bnalness. 

The team with a sfcetrii written for them at 
a coat of two or three bondred. dollars or more, 
aa tbe ease may be. nicely costomed, well 
acted, and prodaced with an ey. to eiery 
tlal to please tbe poblic has do more nine In 
the estlmitlOQ of a certain class of Tinderllle 
managers than tlK- team which comes along 
with a sketch of their "own" making, writ- 
ten with tbe assistance of Madison's Bodget 
and proteaa l uu a l copies of mD<<lc. The latter, 
larking- . experience and with no inrestment. are 
snuted a> moch consideration in tbe Judgment 
lera as the artists who hare in 
I ot doUara, spent years In prepar^ 
axe. ttorpaghly aeaaaaed with lonx 


■aaner, ••! write all aa mm acto.^ Be miaai 
wen to th at amillw. ba 

be iBCicIj eoplca. 

I hare since last Ifareh ^ 
dliferent teams In serenteca 

theatres. Breiy one of tb_ 

Dotwl th^ ta nrtln g tbelr letter-beads set «at with 
glaring headlines "We are sMctly orlglaal. 
**In tooch with tbe times," "Up to tbe nunote,' 
etc.. all were doing tbe aame act almost Ident- 
ically word for word. Instead of being "np 
to tbe mlnnte," they were all tbe way from 
fifteen to thlrty-flTe yean behind tbe times; bnt 
at that were conslden^d Jnst as big In the 
eyes or some ot tbe boose managers as the more 
prognalTct^^i that had kntOed theoticlTca 

3C. Cohan. Tnn tKmm" n§ alfcin aSar-'vlB^ 
thia thaaT • 


la Tocnetn these 
- ^ — - - — ■ II ■ - ■ f barincaa, Yoo 

will Oad That:: mC- tdaed tanii abiwil 
ccBtTtes.** ' AaolMr ttaa wd mat aR a land 

■odetT aketeb;" and the ilitaal iiiiiiaiilicj of 

their presestatloD amidy eoafin toe statement. 
Wltnen meh delldons -hlu ot Ttaetorle as, "O, 
yoD alobr* "Co, chase yooisdf!" "Go, lay an 
egg!" "Mac. glTe oa eight cents and we'n roah 
tbe growler," etc. It Is undeniable that some 
maiugers accept this aa Ugh grade comedy- 
Apparently good English and well fmned phrasei 
woold Jar npon them mnch as s discord woold 
grate npon tbe aesaltlTe ear of a good mosldan. 
Artists who apeak English as It aboold be 
spoken and eodesTor to m.irrf.i- a high stand- 
ing In tbelr stage work — hare these afoicsald 
managers "op in the air." and conae<iaently they 
(tbe managers) do not care for real sodetr 

To the Tidgar eye a ohromo may appear aa a 
wtok of art. bnt yon conld Derer make that sam^ 
eye apprrciate a Michael Angcio. The interenre 

is CbTloaB. 

FL£A FOB ooimauaA^ ssjtnnnxs 

Commercial onpIVMi^ « VOt. anioond 
themselres wUh experta to carry aa toe dif- 
ferent braaAca ot their lanliiri. WmU thai 
It were alwaja w to the Taadeeine batfana. 
It Is certalBlj tnie that on sooe ot the 8» 
caned "popnlar priced" elrcnlta there are "act- 
ing managera" who do not know the first thing 
aboot tii« »how bosiness and yet are aHowed to 
sit in Jndgement npon an artist's first appear- 
ance. In this connection I woold ask, will a 
merchant pay as much for a bolt of cotton as 
he wni for a bolt of sUk. Certainly not. Bnt 
an "acting manager" bas a "limit," and all 
acts look alike to bim. 

Wby Is It that artists with a big attractlod 
•re often told by managen: '"We can not 
|Hay yoo for two yean; joo played for Mr 
Toledo OTer on toe aTenae." Qntte trne. bat 
wa wiu aar the act haa bcaa a Ms Ut «a the 
ascBac to to^ the tolk «C lha towa. attxact- 
las mamj pcasia to lha aveaaa atahntotoeat tor 
the tost tiaw. Bnt tbe oppodtlaB boose wfll aot 
avan tlaitr of tbe drawing power of thia act. 
Cor wUeh toe llrat manager has hugriy jjd. 


bnt rather piefen to let the 
obllTlon for two yean, refnsinc to 
until it has been forgotten. Thia, I ~ 

the aar " 

n ^M*^ 

perCDOBOr. Ba li the 


He Is one manager of tUa aaHtty to irbom 

simi aaanagers tei<iato a; wp e tltlou. 
week toaad-wack oat. thiooghoot Iba taWn ara. 
aoal . Whr da tbey not tell pi.itii»us they 
mnst base new material and those opening with 
acts eooslstlag ot nothing more than old Jokra 
and end gags, which bare dooe serriee since 
days of old Dan Emmett. can not find 
■ on the programme, sfter their first ap- 
e? Anent tbe!>e acts. It woold sppear 
> antage TaadcTtlle peifutaw haa aa 

vanderllle artists owe an nndylag debt of grat 
Itnde. He bas been Ins trtj mental In lifting 
tbe Tanderllle bnalae.ta to almost tbe lilgbest 
plniucle of the amusement world, making It 
posalole for raaderllle performen Co appear be- 
fore and entertain a class ot people who once 
ner^-r Imagined soch a thing p-t-IMt 
^w did Mr. KeUh d» ttkl 
Br aMMllac to tht aitav ame of bit pa 
oos. He tost appealed to the eye by decor- 
ating the fraat of his toeatres to a plMvlag 
manner, which ImaHMlIately aehieecd the patpoae 
of attnctlng the patronage of the best oajv 
of people who locrionaly woold aet eren walk 
oo tbe same side of toe street. Upon passing 
the portals of Mr. Keith's th^tres toe eye srss 
greeted with tbe Mme deUcloos display of 
beaoty; potted planta, ferns, beantlful paintings, 
snlmate and Inanimate specimens of tbe woo- 
dt-rmaker's art- No vnlgar freaks of oatare 
to offend, bnt ererytblng aboot tbe place pleas 
tog to tbe algfat — the llrat amae. Taatllj co« 
tnmed attendants, polite and eonrteous. were 
CTt-r ready to look after and satisfy the wants 
of ladles and cbtldreo; and »o It was tbroogboot 
his establishment. At all times this coorteons. 
neeer-Bagglng Interest for the care of bis pa- 
traas preralled. Bat be did not stop tb-re. It 
was eren so oa tbe stsge. Many a Tanderllle 
p erto m e i reta b e w hia tost Uoaday's appear- 
aaea at Kctth«a'to Baatoo. Ena while aa the 
rtaar ha waBU hear Ifea 


Kelto'B Bwtto ta: •at b 'bettar to line aa act 
a tonate thaa to offead aae patan aC tl» tta- 
atre." Maay a per fait i to.thoaa dajs tbsagbt 
Us th i'a trtnl carter waa' Mmmrt aad damned 
focmer the iVaitaa tmaahlp a> Mr. B. r. 
Ketth. Qalto to the eeatncr. the aiajority of 
these self-same arttsto are to daj beadltecta. aad 
many of tlH-m are getttng ■are aalary thaa at 
that time was paid far aa catha ~ 

Bat Xr. mMkSt aat MglKC I 

rooms. clt'SD towels, fresh soap and 
bath ready for tbe taklag? While Mr. Kelto 
was sMet. be waa Jaat, aad ellmluaWd oaly 
that wbkh ba h^eaei awdd amk huto Ar the 
performer, aad lower the Ugh rtaodard he aet 
oBt to aiatofalB 

Mr. Kttth waa the abutter ot the aoMMy hasi 
ness. Oat at varietr he etaisad madevllle. 
a.- raised salaries, and nothing waa escr nally 
too good for Ills theatre. Some TaadeTQle Per- 
formen were abserrlng enoogh to pndt by Mr. 
Keith's censorship; they hsd sense enoogh to 
have the dialogue of tbelr act edited; and while 
doing so they may have cnt ont a laugh here 
and tliere, still tbey found tbelr act better than 
erer before — because they were playing to 
better dsss of people. Others who were not 
progresaire. ntber retrogressive, woold not profit 
by tbe lesson, and as a reaalt ato aUOl vbere 
tbey were twenty yean afi^ alNB Keith 
first toTentcd TsadeTllle. 

Kow it itoaacRa at the hotter datob Bke 

Mr. Keith. Petcy WUBaan. Martta Beck. Oscar 
Hammentela. Kohl * Castle. 8ltea ot Botfalo, 
P. F. Praetor, Hyde ft Befamann, Mr. Oiase, of 
Baltimore, end otben of like calibre, will gin- 
OS beantlful tbeatrea to which to appear and 
polite andlences to reeelTc oar acts. Is it not 
tiK bounded duty ot every artlat playing at 
these bouses to exert every effort to beaotlty 
bis act; to doo neat, clean, fashiooable dotb 
Ing, eliminate vulgarisms, and In cvi ry way 
make their act as absolutely pore and clean as 
possible? 1 will wager there are many per- 
formers wtH> tell Jokes aod stories and do blCa 
of business upon tlie stage In these theatres, 
who nould not tblnk of appearing In a similar 
role at home before their own families. Why 
should tbi y ocreod and Insult the public, which 
snpports them? Xet there are many who persist 
in doing that voy thlac Tbey treqnently have 
iger who "calls them 
penUt In traoigres- 
icy so long may they 
expect to be leprlmaaded by the; maaagex. and 
after a little srfll find thdr aasaea cxaacd Crom 
bis bookiag list. I helleTe the mord ot tola 
Is. the fwrforaier shoold help to elevate blmaelf 
and Bot adt the manager to do It alL 
On the other hand, there are obligations rest- 
ing npon maaagcrs as well as performen. Clean, 
sanliaiy dreastng rooms, separate toilets for 
ladles and gentlemen back of the stsge, safe 
exit snd egress from and to the stage, the 
tearhing to the boose employees of courtesy snd 
p silt t to si to artuts. and many otoer things. 
aUck da aot seem to he eooaideted casratiaL It 
ia tiaa that ttcqacntly aa aet wiU eeme toto 

which l^iy Wtfije — •— * iiltoften with 
tbe cotoCKt BBd ewmafcau «c ' 

Hot, irtto very few exceptlsaa. 
and coovenlence ot artlata aevaL 
tbe arrangements of some managcta. Wc awy 
cite: Dirty stain leading to toe atage. np and 
down which ladles have to pan wlto their ex- 
pensive wardrobe and hostery of delicate ttoto 
and textore, which are not infrequently rained 
the very flnt time they are worn in the thea- 
tre, or If not mined, are to thoioogtaly bedrag- 
gled with filth ttiat a visit to the dcaacr'a u 
neceasary and occaslooa' ao toosaaitotaMo ex- 
pense. These things are eCtaa aatfktklC'at the 
back off the stage. 

TAnmcmXS ^wwiait g 
~Da yen bclleta that the Ceaaal tiCBd ot 
the Taadeenie tailBiw to wwatdr* I nked Vi. 

The Taadcnne bwlatto, boa belBg 

In the Tcnaealar. a "Chaaec.*' we oiay aey. has 
become a leading Saetar to the ahaa hoatoHo to- 
day, to proof ot thia ■■iiliua. look at tbe 
mmber ot hooses being erected., not yrtriy 
monthly nor we. fcly, bnt every day, all over 
oar broad land, devoted ezdosively to vaudeville. 
Take that magnificent temple, the Majestic now 
under construction In Chicago' at a cost of a 
million dollars. Consider the number of tbea* 
tree originally, devoted to dnmadc entertainment 
belBK devote to vaudeville. Look at the 
itocfc companies traveling through 
that totradoeca TaaderiUe between 

tlie last 

fitltaa ytaia. detatod e sUaal ie l y to Taadcvllle. 
It la a Batter of reeard that tBi l y -sei e a dra- 
matie boaaee te EBglaBd to the past srera yean 

have been cosverted Into randevUIe booaea. 

While vaodevllle lias taken great leapa and 
bounds 'Into favor, its sncceas as s form of en- 
tertainment Is not greater than that of tbe men 
and women who have graduated from Ita ranka. 
Briefly, we may mention Xat. C. Goodwin, WU 
Uam H. Crane. Francla Wilaou. Prank Uanlela, 
Exra Kendall. Fay Templetoo .Weber and Fields. 
Charles E. Evans. Ward and Yokes, Andrew 
Msck. Nat. WlUle. Chaoncey Olcott.Jeffersa 
DeADKrlta, Eddie Foy, Jolia T. Kelley, John 
C. Slavln, Honey-Boy E>Tana, Artbor Dunn, the 
Fonr Cobaos, and many otben, who etc 
atroogly to tbe poblic eje. 

Ask any prodoecr ot masleal comedy what be 
could do without gndnates f^om tbe vaode- 
TllJe nnkC He win answer yoo. "Nothing." 
The producer of musical comedy aralls himself 
of the Tsaderille gradoate'a aerrices becaose 
all bis training as a Tariety performer bas 
tangbt bini lo be self rellsnl, and be does not 
have to depend entirely npoo the author. If tbe 
lines provided in the comedy do not go, tbe 
manager knows full well the graduate will llx 
It up for the next performsun-. If there Is a 
weak scene In the piece, the variety performer 
iBterpolatea a song and dance be or she may 
have as«d to the old days. 

Oa the variety atage the "eraduatea" may 
has* bcce alagen. dancers, coov-dlans, musicians, 
laaglfl a B a «r acrahata. aad tbey can always be 
ficpoM apaa to hand ap a weak scene, 
loto hgtHtote p t if at awi a*eaka the Unes ex- 

If they 

■awHreS. llSaLaSe'aClar' 
He doca aot care, tor to the Wtttaate It is 
net the actor who aiakes the fanosa. It Is tba 
piece or part. It is different wlto the variety 
pcrfotmer. It his act la a toUato the ■aaaccn 
arTliia'h'ir^ y Ta o M aa » he- 

t ^ ~ 

While It Is trae a grest many vaodrrllle per- 
f Waili a are iatltetlvr, yet we have a great many 
cwrrr mim who arc creattve. soch ss Oeorge 
TbatchA B. O. Kaowlea. - 
laace J. Wm m- 

. Ooane Fnller Gold, o, 
I P. B a a aiman. wbi 

Tbe above is an excellent llkeneaa ot Zsa 

Mathews, the dainty comeaienne, who la now 
appearing on the leading TaoaeTlIIe Circuits la 
her original basket dance. She is the lint to 
Introduce the basket dance In vaudeville. Miss 
Mathews was formerly one of America's best 
coon sboutera. snd with her picfcanninles made 
s bit from New York to 'Frisco. Her success 
Id tbe basket dance la marked and It may t>e 
told In dne justice that her performance Is one 
of tbe big novelty sloglog acts of tbe season. 
Miss Mathews is a beautiful woman, and haa 

have Jngglen, who are original. Consider Cbat. 
T. Aldricb, Barrlgan, O. K. Sato and C. W. 
Fields, who, thoogh a comparatively yoong man 
in the profession, has attained an Intematiooal 
reputotlon in the vaudeville bnalness. Then let 
OS tske the man who has created the greatest 
novelty tbe vandevlUe world has ever seen, and 
wbo probably bas more Imltatora than haln on 
hla bead, Brerbart. toe Hoopologlst. Take Ma- 
gician Howard nnntoo. the "man with the 
cards." or Nclata Downs, "the man wlto the 
coins." -White It li troe neither ot throe aa 
wiglaated toe aUrte at work tbey an Ms tMr 
ariU demaostcato that tt ia qaite iiimati to Ml 
an aodleaee-wlto bat oho niirlil toataie. while 
othen oftrn hare to tKtmtmm a stage tin 
of panphexnalla. - 

Tbsrstm went to Baiope coaipanttTeto im- 
known, aad lematocd toere for yeata. playiBg 
toe best booses In Kagland and the Cootlneat. 
Nelson Bowns. who gndosted from a telegra^ 
office In Marshalkown, la., was egoally soc- 
eeaafol In Enrope. playing ton weeks each year 
at the Empire Theatre. In London, ooe to« 
finest booses in England, aad one of the t- 
where artists play excloslre engagementa; 
Is. do not give tnmi at other bonses. 

Let US consider tbe I^ek-face people. Who, 
In this broad land, haa not seen tbe Oeorgts 
Minstrels and laughed until hla sides were sore, 
an d w ent to laagh time and time again. The 
Geoigto Minstrels were sruooomoas with tbe 
naaca ot Mclatyxe and Heato. Jsst to tolnk, 
^ ^SJS'^J'^ O'foto the AoiCTtcaa peo- 
ple toa«IOd eg Vine dewa aad eat. Mctotyic 
and Bntt heae aew axiaca to ai«it> mt 
Broadway atan wito The Has 
bot an alias for the O ee ilto Mh 

It woold he almost linpiwalhli to 

ooe or two legttlmato aelora wbo have _ 
before the pabUe thirty yean eonttonoaalr aal 
now conaldered Broadway atan. 

People win ten yoo what a great Irlah cooe- 
dlan Barney 'Williams was. 1 doubt If toera 
ever w«a an artlat or artlrts who ever gave a 
more dellcloaa bit of Irish character acting toan 
Callahan and Mack in Tbe Old Nelghborliood, or 
Tom Nawn in Pat and tbe Genii. And so 1 
might continue to enumerate and elatx>rate upon 
the wonderful tccomplishments of our ereatlvt 

It Is quite possible that If vaudeville perfonn- 
«*had received tbe same hearty lupport of the 
ims which baa been accorded the lagltlmate 
actor daring toe yean past many more would be 
f"". ••-OBF.^aad th.-re wonld be many mora 
beadlipeta. Sat Ihe eaadeelUe artist has had 
!f ?f " °" ha.ttle. Be haa bad to pne- 
OeMj wotfc apwaxd aad. oawaql MM mSmt 
by tbe moalden ot pahlli • fnlBj^toai watii 
qalto recently wlto teTtoit ar tw» igSpMoa^ 
have not realised the real atatoa ot toe Torl. 
ety actor. 

Oot«rippIng erery other form of amosem.-nt. 
there Is no Umlt to tbe poaatolUtles of vsnde- 
vllle. The natural law of evolatloB wIU aolve 
many of the problems thst Ux the minds of 
managera and actora alike to-dsy. The man- 
ager and artist will be broogbt closer together 
and the veil will be torn from tbe ey.a of 
each. Wrongs will be rlcbted and comforts now 
unknown will be Instituted. Harmony will ex- 
..■ "'5.*'''', fhaos noir abounds and feTlowahlp 
will displace antagoulsms. Professional Jeal- 
make way for brotherly love, llan- 
ajnownirealUe that the tme artist Is an abso- 
"rS**"" to tbelr business welfsr.-. On tbe 
artists most learn to realise that 
■oaogretoete ran be no fl.-ld for 
— riy——''^ oppeetaalty for progreas. Tbo 
ESSIJI™ ** *** eatertalament and the 

J*? *"* J* aa artlat cah 
not help supply diaMlL IW'iMMt sten aalde. 
i?, " I* wm toeaa a aarvleal at the 

fittest. We caa not expect that aO Ti*rto'-t* 
and errors will be rectified and aB ahatea cBto- 
inated. for there are sore to be llUlinaHi 00 
long aa the world endures. Bot we nay hope 
for the beat. The future holds bright praia- 
ue for those of tbe vsodevllle proteaaloa who 
gSH-'.yy, jort «a.tte x»p itj5grM S ^ 

OeCSMB«R 2. 1905. 

Ttie Billboard 



mth a Tooth (tf Magic 

By Means of Which The Animals at 
The Z«o Are EnaUed to Bold 

ONOE upon m time — that is Ite way 
*U good stories befla. w It b —U, 
sod so we will bcflB tkla one tbst 
WS7. em ttaoash It oiaj aot tota 
out to be • Tei7 gaoi o— tha t 
lived in s setret earas. donte «w oC ttc 
deep rartoes «C tt» «gb . > JM«» > _«««qr. She 
rsme there ifc u i n w^MK y g^ ' " ' 
started, and ber MriBCM wa» to auke the 
kMs aad anlmsls or the stcat resort hspp7 
aaCcootented with their lot in life. Of oonne. 
She was sent there br the klnc of fslrles. 
who IlTes in « land far distant from tills, 
sad Indeed, very far from any hamaa babtta- 
tion. For the fcln( of fairies la this age of 
the world is a rety eidnslTe personage. It 
wooM glTe him a serioos tnm to come in con- 
tact with a baman being. Bis mold is of sneh 
sapertor nature that be would go into hysterics, 
U he came anrwhere near bamao beloga. How- 
ever, this king of falrlps is a Tery wise and 
beneTolent personsge. While, he himself, dis- 
dains to come In contsct with bamanlty or 
aslmsli. be sends his sobjects to all parts of 
the world, and It Is their iatf In thehc n- 

tns to to atartrt 
> tha oC tke 

_ «t " " 

hefwe hto aasembled eoort as be dalatUy sipped 
a tla^ goblet of monlng dew, that some one 
■nst be delegated to look after the Inhabi- 
tants of that garden, fiald be: "My sabjeets, 
tt win be a long and weary jonmey for wbo- 
ercr ■ndertakes to make bis or her home there, 
and he or she mast go entirely slooe and live 
la the strictest seclasloa for s number of 
years. I want my representatlre. whoever It 
may be, to go there with the iateotloo of re- 
Diainlng nntil be flnds some animal, sagaclons 
enongb to lire in bis place. It may be many 
years before snch aa animal comes to the 
(Sardea. It will be the dnty of this repre- 
senutire baring taken ap bis abode at the 
Oarden to pot all tlic snlmsls la a tractable 
0*e them to aadetstsnd that they 

. r Mtaa to 4ktir' native eotintiles, and 

ta.aake tfeca jokcataat to their keepers -hy 

to tka nsirtsii. «aa aC 
tssth wni be Bade in -the fotai of aa adjast- 
«Me kaj that wlU nnloek aU the cases and 
faMscks. permitting the ocenpaats theieln to 
CMe oat sad bold fortnightly aieetlags where 
tkv can coavene with one another on ra- 
tins aAjeets. and entertain one another with 
i«mlalscencea of their paat llres- When this 
snlmil comes to the Gsrden. my repreientatlTe 
will, at once, acqoalnt him with his dntiea, 
and then retsm to tlie eoort. Before select- 
tag anyone. I sboald like to know, if there 
s»e sny rolonteerar' 

HsTlsg said this, the dlmlnuUre king looked 
'mad oTer the assembly, which incladed the 
meWDoat^^prlnces, princesses, barona, knights 
" 1 of bis exdosiTe central kingdom, 

said the king, whose name was 
. Bghth, taming to his wUc, the 

nwho sat apon a raaelcat thfoae 
' asm. "fair Zo-Zo, yaa 

shall issne fortk from tha VUtr eic li e stis o 
lUUpotlaB cfaalr. ntn yoa m witb ns asslo.' 
At tUa an tha fMgle cheered 

"My soTeteigBl"and ~my~ hnSband,*? irtS^S'. 
My greatest happiness la in dohig my daty 
and serring you, whom I adore." 

She had no sooner said tbls. than a trained 
thrash struck up a melody in the branches of 
a tree orerbead. Tbls was a signal for the 
company to disperse, and s few minutes later 
the fairy queen Zo-Zo was on her way to the 
Zoo, borne In a canopied couch on the back 
of a swift flying swallow. This was many 
yean afOw AnlT&s at the Zoo, she was Uken 
to bsr BOSk la the nvlne, where the magic 
of tha tmirr fctnc had already prepared a de- 
llghtfal Uttic hooia fhr her. Here she has 
tacea UtIoc erer since. Brery day she visits 
sU the birds and animals in the Garden. No 
one has erer seen her. for. like all fsSlca, Ske 
possesses the power of making hctsdf IB* 

front of the cage at this time, wondered what 
made him do tUi^ aad when they saw a keen, 
tboughtfal. atteatire expressloa come Into hU 
face, tbey woadttad stlU sMce. He appeared 
to be Ilatenlng intently to ssmrlhing that some 
one was saying to him. Qnecn So-Se was teU 
Ing bim of bis posse s slsn of the ssagle tooth, 
and glTlog him aneb needed direetiooa as be 
must bare, In order, to take her place in the 
Garden. After a while, those who watched, 
saw the sttentire look fade from the face of 
Mr. Usboon. as he nodded bis bead apparently 
In acquiescence to something that someone bad 
Mid to him. Immediately thereafter, be be- 
Kan to romp and play alMUt bis cage as other 
babooi)<:, apes and monkeys do. 

UavInK fulfilled ber mission. Queen Zo-Zo 
retumeil to ber home In the ravine, and im- 
mediately began to make preparations for ber 
departure. BaTing gathered up a few me- 
mentos of hoc laa^ rtaldence in the Oardens. 
she blew sbtlllr an a wee silver whistle, and 
presto, a nstbrr awallow, a great gtandsoa of 
' " told 



we 0* mf aabjecu are heave cnooah to risk 

this Journey, and since I may not leave this 
tliroDe. thereby endangering the safety of onr 
niry nation, to yon I delegate the task of this 
perilous Jonmey. Do not fear that barm will 
come to you. Take tbU ring, wear It con- 
stantly, and It will protect yon from the power 
of tbe most hideous hobgobling, and most ter- 
rible genii, and the roost fearful imps that 
trer existed. And when yoD are goDe, I prom- 
ise yo« that I win Uve la the strictest seela 

isMKL d'ahmond 

Miss IsabeU D-Armood U decidedly good to 
look apon and llkewlas to listen to. She Is 

ng^sho^nre-fc, a.,... I. mm «.t- 

The above Is an exceptionally good likeness of Isabella Lowe, who is this season playing 
the part of Nettle. In FVeed & Goold's play. Nettle, the NewsglrL Miss Lowe la a very 
clever actress, and singularly promising. Thnogb she Is bat eighteen yesrs of sge, she has 
very flsttcrlas pins aottees Cor ber 

visible to bamsn esse. Bat. every day she 
bss been going from bird to bird snd animal 
to animal, and the fairy kisses she baa dropped 
upon their brows snd eyes have made them 
gentler and have cansed them to really con- 
ceive a feeling of friendship for their visltois. 

But all these years, tbe fairy qneen longed 
for the arrival of the animal with the tooth, 
that was to unlock all the cages and paddocks 
in the gronnda. She was bnmsn enongb to 
love snd sigh for the company of her liege 
time s new anknal was purchased for tbe Gar- 
den, hope beat high In her breast. "Perhaps 
this one tias tbe magic tooth," she would 
say, but when she found she was mistaken, she 
would not grow discouraged. She would say, 
"Ah. well, I am sure it will be here sooner 
or later." 

A few weeks ago, a dog-tsced baboon arrived 
at tbe monkey bouse. Queen Zo-Zo having ren- 
dered herself Invisible, immediately came over. 
As soon as she set eyes npoo ICr. Baboon, who 
aat grinning and diatterlac tv Oc sids of Mrs. 
BsbooD. she exclslma«r^'Xka aitfe tssthl" 
■the BUgIc tootht" aiM« 4fen^ the baia 
of tha csge. she tSuSSTS Urn ktU of Jto. 
BaboM.. and. reackbg dssra «llk^ her fairy 
crook, gave his w klsk a is sack a pdL as made 
bias Shake his bead In Msmsy. 

Ska tnmt of p tip l a wka 

died had told bIm of tka Jumm t f tUt ke kad 

undertaken for the qneen some yesrs hefoie. 
and. had delegated to hXm tbe mia^n of liring- 
Ing her home. Tbe queen joyfully assented, and 
was soon in the same conch on the swsHow's 
back .and sailing along in the direction of the 
central kingdom of tbe inodem fairies. Arriv- 
ing here, she was joyfully weloomcd hr King 
Zn-Za. Tbe king's beralds Immedtately pro- 
claimed a holiday. There was mnsic and danc- 
ing all tbe day, beneath the plantain leaves, 
and at night a grand banqnet among the 

Tbe next nigbt after Queen Zo-Zo left, Mr. 
Baboon, with an expression of deep gravity, 
showing that he fully realUed the import- 
ance of bis position, went to the door of his 
cage, and from tbe inside uled to oolock it. 
It was rather awkward, and it was some time 
before he soeeeedcd: in fact, he waa almost 
dlscoorsged. lAns tft-m. aenillar twist be sac- 
ceeded la ' tMiri|^ WjlMh la «ha Isefc snd It 
sprsng open. Ska itlgr 'aaa» ■saHji snd 
babooes were fast askaai' ;Ba ststa anaiUlv 
aat and made the rooada kT'ti 

work from the ootzide. Having oalocked mrr- 
thlag ea tbe groaaAs.^ he areat to the lavhse: 
tt was a tek. fsfsr aUkt. sa twr ia tact. 


Above appears an excellent Uksneaa of twa 
vcty bright little misses who are fast gain- 
ing popalaHty. Tbe Sisters McConnell arc 
very expert In a singing snd dancing sketcfc., 
and have exhibited considerable dramatic ablI-> 
Ity. They have been connected with several ' 
of .the best of road attraction and atock com- 
panies, and have played the best of vaude- 
ville homes. Their ability to entertain th^ 
owe to their father, James N. Thompson, a 
recognized entertainer, and tbelr mother, Kitty 
Smitli. formerly a well known dancer. They 
are at present coonectcd with the H. W. Tsii- 
dyke^Stodr O s^.^^iij ^ tlm^hn kt^ ^ ^^ ^ 

aad tt. 


bis face. 

barOr iee a yiud la fMt.aC- 
bat presently, ttiere waa a . sllvar ' 

sound of s little heU In every aalmal boan , 
and cnclosare oa the grooads. ao that sU. tka 
birds and snlmsls swskened slmnltsneoaalT; ' 
and a short while thereafter If a human beliiK 
bad been In the ravine aloagslde of tbe babooa," 
he would have seen oliscnre. Indistinct shapes 
of all sixes spproachlng In the darkness and 
fog. They approached stealthily, as If sp- 
preciatlng the fact that tbe midnight coadave 
must not be known to keepers. The oalx ^ 
sounds were those occasioned by the swisS or 
flutter of wings, aa bird after bird arrived. 

When the entire conclave bad arrived, Mr. 
Babooo delivered a short address in which he 
described bow he discovered himself to be tha 
possessor of the magic tooth. Be then aog- 
iceatcd that a pcraasent organisation be cf* 
fKted^^udJte jssMiMy^lsMgikjlg^wg^lUa 

nSitf "SssffSftiigbt iimSn m r ^m^^Smf 
held every two weeks; tbe doc-tsecd baboaa 
with the msgle tooth goes aroond snd ""bir^a 
cages and paddocka, and during the. boor la 
whieh this meetliig Is held, s trace Is de> ' 
dsred between snlmsls of antagonlstle sa- 
tnrcs. In order to protect tbe weak from tha ' 
ravages of the strong. For the time being, tha ' 
"Hon and the lamb" really lie down together. 

Tbe almost decorum prevails in these meet- 
ings, and they discuss everything that human- 
ity discusses from education to the last fad 
In politics. "Why they liave never been dis. 
coverey Is a mystery. Perhaps, the king of 
the fslrles has still soother .representative at 
the Zoo, wbo on the night of the cbndave. 
kisses tbe eye* of tbe kepers asleep for tha 
time being, aad does not permit them to waka^-. 
ontn iMr. Baboaa has locked all the aateto- 
and birds safely la the cages again. : '"'v. 

However this maj be. It U a (het, aat tkla r 
Is tha first saassawmeat that k 
have xcedvcd at tha aslsteaea at 
ivcs^- Top aak kair ika 
A- " 



Tke I«dr wltk tka CUdaat. 


TK^ Biilt»ocir<l 




OF 1897 


Into tTtrj VUe at ■ometlme don the great 
kne come, glorlfjlBX eren the nnwortbr day 
in. wlildi it mmj clioaw to dwell Into a thtag 
ot (orpaaatnc falrncaa. Bat there can be do 
greater' happtnraa tlian thA ot oara, nbvD one 
■ool la tnzied to anotlier, and everr throb of 
'mf heatt I< anawered bj the quick, raptnroas 
- tnt of Tonra. 

Stranse Heart of LoTel To be ao lort and 
tender foe a llttJc while, aud then to rpnlsb 
like a phantom of the night! To pat new life 
Into ereiT roiuad and then aaddenl^ to take 
It awayt To wilte eternal derotioD. and before 
tb* WKdi Mre tided make them all nntnie! 
X» TOW. aad then (occet. a* the pjiamtda ot 

kBiK.iaMIIead its sada! 

Mtb aad the Kara oar Uebt 
tt rhe dMHt oar tcatlac- 

ict. wltk yea, tt VMM 

mam bow I b«*a lived throagfa an 
ycaia awar from roo. I tbink It ia be- 
we aie ao nearly one that It baa not been 
to icpatate thou^t (ram thought and 
■ iobU tboosh anar leacocH ha*e lata 

r Id thlrtj days I shall hear year rolca asmla. 
and iben. through all the conilng nlghta, the 
little candle in the u-latlow will {Sitlilo me' t*> 
the doorwar where yoo wait, with the lore- 
Ught In your eyes. 

Bat there arc iLirk and rainy daja atlU to 
come. We win light the mapto laa la Ike 

fireplace, and sit by the " 

plan for onr (ntore ' 

Obrlatmaj la to ta a^dliy' «t alwajra Iniitiv 


I ~ wish 'Oirlstmas coold be a cl:iy' wUlioiit 
legrets -of -Ita- UngerlDg njemorlev. It Is- a 
Jewel vWlthont a setting; a tear, a aigb. ..a 
amfle. a langh. A day fan.aC.Wn lenace. 
antldpatloQ and remorse.' lark UkrtWai Day 
CCC8II» back ' erenta. 

. SorlDS the (all at I8ST, when Intf of Npn- 
1 'tut that the time had cume to make 
.nv' atarting on a wild stampede to 

r . fe<ifev<laika. elrcmnst;incfs euinpelled 

: A'tjj^lk flili i W il H hlg eirl. fan or <lg»r. rmm 
' Waia '.IWwHi" ta^- aiake the Journey. She was 
■;tklT»iaiTiB .Itia " Hagh bitne Wbltaiate'a paU- 
aita. Bagk .I«tae -Wblt- 
iaglaad ta<-||<ci.aaM 1 

' 'after. 'Ito'dcatk.'' 

tatJeO. to 

way* . 

to lire tar tke- oao naalt.»i 
aboold be a mas. 

Jnat a momeDt and let aia'i-MI^'''9aa bow 'SCra. 
Whltmocr looks. Aboat Sae^fliie^ ftovr' tnehea 
In height, sbe welKhe a hondred poonds. Fait 
as a lily and most charming In mjtnner. She 
always knew what to say at the right mofflent, 
yet seemed to forhid yoo asking too - many 
qnestlonff. She was moch sought after-bythe 
moet excIoslTe set and among her friends wonid 
alwaya be. foimd the wealtk. If aot the coltaie. 

kal it tkat Mra. Wbltmare was en- 
B Sir. EtertsoB, bat when this was 
mentioned to ber. she laughingly said, **too 
much the younger and besides he is not In 

The snnxmer hotels were closed and the 
beaches looked deserted. The only thing that 
semed to glre a touch ot life was the Mr. 
Hartson-Mra. Wfaltxoore gossip. An sorts of 
things were said about them, but no one with 
the most TlTld imagination could anticipate 
snch a climax to the charming Mra. Whlt- 

The morning of the fifth ot September, IBBT, 
InTltatlona were Issued for a grand ball to be 
plvcn on the twentieth et the residence of 
Mrs. Whltmore. It was tbe first ball of the 
season, and the early date seemed to foretell 
what was to follow. 

The home at Urs. WUtmore waa ablaae with 
Ilghta; Oowera wen eieij a li e r e, aad the hoose 
seemed full to oe wl ass l aa- The ladies looked 
moat fharmlng la Ifeelr nria-KOwna. and they 
tonacd a pielaie. wdl. -pKtfe- aaflng. Mrs. 
Wkltaace i e t e l ia a_|iM t j|ta«lii ;iit^; ;lte_Ha rt- 

keep*taaa Ua -tHHHi:< Oii^rtallSit t bta 
adoratlai for the chaiBdBK.'lMlHi.': Bi awat 
Intimate trleoda oude ao-lMM aa ta aafc ga t e 
tlona, wUIe otbeia lea lai ed ta a* Iba. init. 
more why and. whea. Bat *e •'waaM laaA 
and reply. *1I6t tonight:'! Ber aoWH 'ad' 
manner led oae to expect a i Miintoer '" Bbe 
looked a dream of toeellneaa as- we reeelred 
her guests In a ~ gown of embroidered 'ctdifon 
oTer pale pink. At. her corsage she wore I.U- 
Iles of the Valley. glTlng the daintiest touch 
of life to a fall hlown rose. 

Things were numlng smoothly, and all the 
gentlemen were eager to hare the next dance 
with her. The next on the programme' was a 
cotUllon. Mr. Ilartaon's partner seemed de- 
termined to know tbe exact date of the wed- 
ding and had him .in a comer of the spa- 
cious parlor^.' Tbe only other occnpants ot the 
parlor were the hoeteea, a .Mr, .Worthlngtoo, ah 
elderly geatleauB. and a. Miss Stephens, a 
pretty Mlaa of - aeeenteen.-' Sbddeifly a lad 
walked lato tke seoa.- 'a bar looUag .twenty, 
or peAaps. tareato^taea' nan. 'rBe-waa la .fnU 
oniform and nnialwr ■> '■ Hts TTlllaiwi he 
picked ber op ta-UaHaait^ilBBtart^ker witb all 
the ardor of a yooag " Waar:'-. Mra. ' Whltmore 
freed herself qnlckly fInai'Uit-emtnace. -Mr. 
Rartson dying to her afOe.- dnaanded ' an ex- 
planation, but the yoong' man atandlng with 
mlUUry dignity, looked at him. Insulted, and 
said. "What la she to yon! Why, she la old 
enoagh to be your mother." and. turning, left 
tbe room. In a moment, all was confuicm. 
Mrs. Whltmore bad fainted and Mr^ Hartaon 
was not quite sure what to do.. ' Arola had 
heard the noise and came mshtng to the draw- 
ing room, cap .and apron on. . Mlaa Stephens 
was tanniog Sirs. Whltmore. who was halt 
dased, and crying. "Where la he? Where Is 
ber* Then as she tell . back nnconsclons she 
beard apofcea ttte wvcda "Gone, gone- to Alas- 
ka." This . was-. i«*eated ttr a doxen TolceK. 
as aisBy had .feeaid- the'yoaag mas say aa he 
ran madly fMai tie- boaae. . "I wm aot re- 
turn here affalar: I am ait tir .Aloka." I 
flrleads MIeacd ikiiit- .tUs «aaH^i»^MM_. 
news to bar. little knowfag' tlmt lb tta 
worts wen a Ilting death. It was fsar ' 
tbe saofalag before Mrs. \Vh!c.i:ore had aa 

! clently recovered herself to act. Her first 
' words were. "Send for Mr. Worthlngton," as 

she knew that he was to be relied upon. Mr. 

WortUtactso^^bsd^DOt left tte^ hoMe, ^knowios 


"Mr. Worthlngton. go at once to the Chief 
of Police and through his wonderfal skill of 
doing things, they will find roy boy. Search 
all the hotels, depots, etc., give his deserlp- 

: tion, and hare him brought back to me. Go! 

i lose no time. Go to my library aad flU ant a 
telegraph blaak. Walt a moneat. . MS are 
nerrona aad excited, tbe dayllgbt SMi T 

! him back. Be ssid be wodd as b ~ 

' baj^^na '^"^^'''L^l^ % 
aad s^irtally aa ta; aad boys aia 
loas to ta to a itiaBge laad wlOwt MM7, 
Bat thea a^da. Mr. Worlhineton. tq* ia aot 
consider tlie coaacqoencea of any act; Ibey 

' plunge, then take tbe result." 

The day hrougbt no boy and no sews ot 
him. (Mr. Hartson called, hut he was not 
reeelred. Word waa sent him **not until 1 
Sod my boy." and be understood. 

The news reached Mr. Whltmore that Mel- 
Tllle had really left for Alaska. That was 

foniid on the tooks of the Boston anil Alaska 

Transportation Co. Be had left on tbe lO 
A. M. train for Seattle, the shipping point 
of the company. At 10 A. M. the following 
morning, ilrs. ■Whltmore and ATOla were on 
their way to Seattle. She had telegraphed on 
to detain the young man. She had wired tbe 
condoetor to bold him, hut all to no arall. Tbe 
boy arrlTed In Seattle Jnat In time to catcb 
the steamship "Larado" on the Z9th at Sep- 
tember, only half prepared for anch a Jour- 
ney. Arriving on October 3rd, he pstcbascd a 
small outfit and Joined a party ot mtm who 
were going to leave Skagway for lha aHHBlt 
on the morning ot the foorth. 

Mrs. Whitowce waa obliged to remain in 
Seattle three days before a ship ot any kind 
left for Skagway. firaralBg oo ber arriral at 
tbia place tbat Ihe.kar bad csae arer tke traU 
with. sis lara, 
lety was beyi 

bad MelTlIle} Waa be 

nights; did be bare deceat Ibod ta aat* Aad 
tbonaanda of socb tboogbts flitted aiisss ber 
mind, tmtu lite was a heavy bordea aad ibe 
resolved to aet her face toward the traU. 
and. it posalble. flbd her boy, her yaaag lore, 
flba taQuired at a place la Sfcagwar whne 




John E. Breoaaa. pietarcd aboat aa Hi Boi- 
ler In -Way Down East, is in bIs datb saecw- 

ful sewon In the very fnnay role of Lottie 
'Blair Parker's strong drama. Mr. Brennan es- 
""/"i dnring these six years he has 

made 2,000.000 people laogh. Bis klllins anUes 
asOe coaatry boy Is the laagblac Utat emj 


Laura Edwards, the well-known sbiger, la 
in private life Mrs. John B. Brennan. wife ot 
the famous expooeot of BI Holler In 'Way 
Sown EasL Mr.. Brenoaa aad Mlaa Edwards 
!■ « ----- 

tkey sold ontfits and -found that for fifty dol- 
lars, her son had purchased a small outfit and 
as he laid down the money for It, remarked 
that be could walk to Dawson. He did not 
lose much time In the store and hurried away 
to join the party hound for the summit. Mrs. 
Whltmore made all speed tbat day. The out- 
fit . She purchased for ber boy was. the best 
that money could huy. Even strangers helped 
and an extra sack was filled with every com- 
fort; she believing tbat he wonld require them 
for he was walking and she had a team of 
the best dogs aad aa good a driver as could 
be fonnd In taas,'"' 
Skagway to a Ma> Tillage, sitting at. the 

base of a m 

never to be 

and teats girlag a 

elers camping for tbe algbt «■ tbrir way to 
the "Gold Fields of Alaska." Tbe ladlaoi 
eatl Skagway. "Tbe City of -Deatb." 

A fearfnl storm was coming, the little party 
cnuld feel It and fancied It wonld overtake 
them before they eonld reach the snramlt. a 
distance ot twenty miles. Mrs. Whltmore went 
bravely on, never seeming to get weary. Tliat 
night they camped halt way to the summit, 
having accomplished only fourteen miles. An 
early start in the morning brongbt them to 
the Eiunmlt before noon. Mrs. Whltmore's 
hopes bad been that her boy and the men he 
was with had stopped at tbe summit to rent 
a day or so, before pulling out to the I.o;r 
Cabin. The little party arrived on the 11 lb 
only to find that the preeedlng party had bro- 
ken camp and were two days In advance. All 
In the party were well, excepting one old man 
who sutTered with hl« feet, they being baiUy 
swollen from the icmp. hard tramp. 

Log Cabin, the next stop, was fonrteen mile* 
away, aad the party felt tbey could easily reach 
It baCoce aaadewn. yet night or day was the 
ssae to tbesi as they only occasionally saw 
tbe saa aad fbtlgae seeaied to eontnl (lie 
tliM. Ob nd m. tbe. pwtr baaMwd. and rode. 
■g*JJ£ wbea^aaa «f .tbe_ do|^ gare oat. 

The above is a tpleadld Ukeaesa of 
Doone. the yoimg Iriah singing comedlaa 
scoring a b^ bit In Joseph Murphy's tai 
play, Kerry Oow. Althoogb Mr. Doooe baa 
been before the pahllc bat a tew years, he has 
made rapid strides from bis ortginal Irlah act 
in vaudeville np to the eminent poaltlon of 
successor to Joseph Murphy. Mr. Doooe is 
talented and possesses a rich tenor voice that 
delights bis hearers. He depends entirely npoa 
bis ability as an actor, and will resort to 
nothing onprofesslonal to score. George W. 
Kenney and A. H. Westfall. Who aiaaaged 
Joseph Motphy. are reapaaaAk. ttt it ~ 
present tear. Mr. D a sa a b'HHMli 
Murphy's own company. 

bend of the trail, Jnat befoce one u asa t a tbe 
little winding stream which lay* betweea tke 
mououins about three miles tbto side of LsK 
Cabin. Jost above tbe teat ea tbe bOMde; 
le a( ae m*tg dtaesecrad tbe satsaMirhit 
abna aC • Btw It «M aat base- bcaa Ml 

later tbaa two boats bcfkce. A 

made and some eaiw. a discarded blanket 

straps were found and a little further 
a winding patch, were some small pines, aat 
unlike haxel mushes, that bad evidently beee 
used for sleeping tenta. The tops had beea 
tied together and a blanket halt concealed tbe 
bushes. To the amaxement of all. a man was 
found lying at full length, face down. He was 
apparently about sixty years of age. "Tinntsa 
blm over and examining him the party learned 
tbat bis name was llall. This waa cut Into 
a small stick and stuck In the snow by his 
side. He most, tbe party believed, bare be- 
longed to the party of six. 

Back ot this clump, the party found an- 
other dump of spruce trees. They wandered 


Alice Ilowlnnd. pictured above. Is a native 
of Denver. Col. SUe bepan ber theatrical ca- 
reer as a child actress, playing parts In stock 
wltk sack aetacs aa Cbarlcs Oaaldock. aoacpb 
Je ite i au ^ JO*. Bbca. ftace Bawtbotae. itim 
Beraaades aad others, sad later she beaded 
her own traveling companies. Her last tear 
was during the season of 1S85-06, when she 
appeared throughout the northwest and oo the 
Coast in a repertoire of plays. During the 
last few years Miss Howland haa revised and 
adapted a number of plays, and made over 
fifty dramatlxationa of popular novels for rep- 
ertoire people. A large nimiber of vajderllle 
acta iww In use are the resnlt of her work. 
Mlas Howlaod's atndio ta located at B0T Lexiog- 
" - ~ abe .wfll 

DECEMBER 2. 1905. 


JOHN H. W. ■VmiK 

joUr p«r(ormcr and aathor of The Tar 
Situation, printed on Page 18 o( bda 

ntr to It, 
of a yoaas man. 

Tbe party planned to start Mritf ttt 
moraine, bat when the dogs were tamtat ap, 
Ben had disappeared. He bad ran away and 

was probably dead. He. was tbe leader of the 
team. Bat three miles was o( little account 
to Mrs. Wbltmore. She bad seemed to ar- 
ranf;e things In tbe past, and the party looked 
forward to her making all fnture arrange- 
ments. "NeTer mind, I'll play dog." she said. 
After Melville had been placed on the ?Ipc1 wltb 
tbe gmb and blankets and with a few pine 
boughs forming a top covered with rugs, tbe 
two dogs were hitched on. ATola was at the 
gee-pole and Krs. Wbltmore slipped Into ber 
bamess. saying: **Come on boys, this Is tbe 
sweetest load I ever polled. Don't fear, Arola. 
dont' let the sled shake l( you can help It. 
Support yotirself with the pole, I shall be tbe 
lead. All readyl All ready! All ready!" 

Not a word wai apokea nntU tbe party 
reached Log Cabin. Ura. Wbltmore carrying 
a stick In her hand to help beraelf aloo^ 
over tbe rongh road, seemed like a wolf, aa 
(he moved aronnd the winding. lurrow trail 
that landed them at twelve In tbe cabin of 
Col. Evans of Log Cabin. 

'Men who go to Alaska are often driven 
thereby Hi-lock, others tor gold, bnt few for 
pleasure. Ttie UtUe party seemed to ooe of 

lore. A» 1ft*. WhltBOM npi—l «p kcr aM 

CDm End.) 


The dramatic Incident of the death of Jld- 
mund Kem has found a recent parallel In 'that 
of Sir Henry Irving. On March ae, 1833. Kean 
was performing Othello to his son's (Cbarlea 
Kean*a) lago and BUen Tree's Deademona. 
when in the foortb act. as be recited the words, 
"I am dyins: speak to her tor me," he fell 

eaUaa vras aaaat Car Us MamiS^B ^Rmt- 
mlnater Abbey Dear tbo gnn OC GaRltt. Bat It 
was refused tr - the dean at the- sMiar. Uks 
Sir Henry Irrlog.' IMmimd KcM ticqncnt^ 
visited America, and the grave of George Fred- 
erick Oookc In St. Paol'a Cbapel. New York, 
owe* Ita exlatcBoe to Kcaa's detcnaliiatloa to 
remove the leaatm to tkat feisUtle -Imrltl 
croond. His aivcMBMB iB JmmOm wmm mot 
popnlar, tor he was sMsa IsMsa wgm am a 
dronken lanatlc. 

David GaiTlck was burled In Westminster Ali- 
bey ca Feb. 1, ITTD, and la np to ISie present 

tkM tlM Mis aetar raUiiff In Hwt Hcred 

■li at . . - 

ctalt, Jba. WbltiMee, playing th« part of 
st y'-'— i aooa eaoaed signs of life to retnn. 
Md ss the eyelids of tbe weary traveler slowly 
weaed, a look of recognition flashed across tau 
toee. Were he to die, how mach easier would 
tt be to pass over the river, now that bis mother 
waa by tUa side. The mother's efforts can be 
better Imagined than told. She seemed a 
marvel of strength and Jndgment, Under the 
clear sky, with only tear homan beings to 
council with and little to do with, yet no 
usk was too great. The second night she 
lay down by Melville's aide. Recently aald one 
of the party: "I shall never forget the pic- 
ture, aa the camp are threw Its shadow on 
tbe pale face of tbe twy. He In his Impetuona 
roatta had jeopardlied bis life and bis moth- 
er's. Tet tbe mother's love was so great abe 
never complained, only thanking God she had 
found him In time that she might save hla 

Giving him the medicine, the clever in 
gennlty of a n>other*a love found the way to 
administer It. Filling her month with tbe 
Uqold abe bent over the dying boy, pressed her 
tips to Ms sad slowly let the new life trickle 
from her Hps Into bis. Dsy and night she 
repeated thla and slowly awaited ber reward. 

In ber bag ah* had flannels and warm cloth 
tag, and bealde a roaring camp lire. She palled 
off tkc old dotbes and pat oo tbe aew. Jost 
t eoaU restore him ta life 
ao to tbe oext eimp (Log 
This plaea was tbe 

liiWsa aad the 

It' .Bte dogs 

at 'tka rattf Hha enjoyed 

Iba. Whitman had aat tocgottea Mr. Hall 
a* ha lar sliiahn .to the ataas of death. She 
Piaeed ■ tlAct atar Uas. fasUalag It si 
toe bead aa< Mat irtto awdle and thread 
taAcd am tUa ■odea: "Mr. HaU. aged aboat 

99 or ao. Left akaswar. Oct. — 

dead on tbe 11th: dM tbe IMk. , 

cornea, I pray aomeone win give Mm a horlal. 
Por other particulars write ^fr^^. Hugh Lome 


and wltb the help of Avola laid tlie pale 
faced lad on tbe Colonel'a cot, there was^not 
a dry eye In the cabin. "C6li 
can we stay." she asked. - "Until 
over if you want to," be replied. 

That speech was a relief. Tbe spell had 
been broken and after pork and beans and 
Alaska strawberries (prunes) all felt some- 
what refreshed. 

Tbe party remained at Log Obln nntll Uel- 
vllle had fully recovered and then made their 
way back home. After Mrs. Whltmore'a re- 
turn to Boston .she looked up tbe family of 
Hnll and found in an old directory tbe name, 
Eunice Almira Hall, then a student at Welles- 
Icy college. A call followed, and after a few 
explanations and tears a warm friendship, of 
which this was tbe beginning, sprang np be- 
tween Mn. Wbltmore and MIsa Ball. "Miss 
Hall, yon are alone In tbe world, (reaching ont 
both hands) "let me be to yon a mother; let 
my boose be yonr home." 

The following Christmas found Mrs. Whlt- 
more'a handsome bome a blaxe of light and 
further down tbe street tbe church presented a 
t>enutifnl sight wltb Its banks of flowen and 
as the great organ pealed oat tha wedding 
march, down the aalc eaasa Miss BaBlee Al- 
mlra Hall and Hnh Mdellla Wbltmore. Tha 
following sprtng. Mr. aad llia. WhIlaNM nada 
the trip to Alaska. TUa taal d«r was to 
ship the remalaa aT Mrs. MeMIIe WhltoM(a*a 
totoar to ■ssloa. This accoaapUahed. thar 
BMaaadad'^to Bawaoa city to look after tt* 
mH; mtoaa Utt *r ». BaU. He bad pcabed 
Sto toa IMH at tor aaU Mds at ttat taaatry 


Bert C. Donnellan is the new manager of 
the Lyceom Theatre In San Francisco, Cal.. 
havlag succeeded AL O. Flonmey, who goes 
aaat to nptaaeot BolllTan 4c Coosidlne, Tbooife 
Mr. OooBi^aii'a hane la to Beattle, ha la qalto 

tsy was erected in tbe poet's earner of thavdto^j 
bey throngh tbe exertions of Maaeady. 

Jnslas Brutus Booth waa an 
bom In tbe Pariah of St. Panereaa. Be 
to America In ISQl, and la gcBcsally aotocaaad 
an American actor. Be died at''aaak^'a>d'<tMi 
tKxly was eventually Interred to 'SMfB^MMBt: 
Cemetery In Baltimore. .'^r^^S^-^r' 

Blchard Brtosley Sheridan, sltboagk'-JMljW: 
a^or, was an eminent dramatist, aad als'^ja^; 
mains lie In the poetfa comer of tbe Ahbatf.''!? 


Shr Brmr Irrteg " waa" imidlagU toad ot 
Americans, and whenever amr of his Meads 
from this eonntry visited London and he waa to 
the city be alwaya waa carefBl to nay tim 
aocse attentloa or eonrteay. ■*">»"g his ftlaada 
was Oil. Tonls C Dean, aim <or some tliae ma 
manager of the Baftlmore Academy of cMosiek 
-Mr. Dean Is now with tbe Belasco forces, Imt 
some years ago be visited Loodoa and waa esi- 
tertaloed by Sir Henry. The noted actor la- 
vlied Mr. Dean to accompany blm to Ascot to 
wUdcbs one of the great races to be mo on tha 
roliowlDg day and promia«d as an extra Indoce- 
ment a sight of King Edward- Tbe Asatt- 
lean manager gladly accepted, and between tha 
races, accompanied by Sir Henry, he west to 
the royal endoenre and Mr. Irving Introduced 
Mr. Dean to tbe king. On being presented, Mr. 
Dean, stretcbed forth his hand tn King Ed- 
ward in true American style, and to tbe a ma ss- 
ment ot Mr. Irving the king grasped It and 
returned tbe hearty handshake. Mr. Dean 
thought nothing wtoog with this actioa. bat aa 
tbey were retornlng to London Sir 
Idalned that royals' never abook ' 
Mr. Dean replied that it aecned as K' Ba 
king wanted to 4ak* kanda aad ha toaatftjl 
was only aaattaar to da .aak'.' 

Bency ' " " 

that " 


fane. Hia funeral ia said to have been that ot 
a king. The string of carrlagea foUowIng hla 
remains exteikded from the Strand to the Ab- 
bey. The Lord Slshop at Itschtsm received 
the cwtege at the Abbey dov. .tmsag the pall 
bearers were Bdmnnd Barka, Uaa Mmcr- 
ston and Dr. Bamoel Johaaoa. ne ccaat lez- 
Icogrepher ssld:- "I am dlsappototed In toat 
stroke ot deato which haa ecMpaid tha gayety ot 
nations, and faapoverlslied tbe p^IIe stock of 
harmless pleaaore." These meaiarshle words 
are Inscrfted on Garrlck's monnment to Idtcb- 
lleld Catbednl. The remalna of Gatrlek'a wife 
were placed beside those of her husband when 
She died at tbe advanced age ot ntoety-elgbt. 

Samnel Pbelps, wbo seems to hsTe given In- 
spiration ot the dramatic life otBeaiy Irving 
died OD his farm In Bpping Forest. His re- 
malna were Interred in HlgM (tote OeoietcTT, 
Not.. 13, 1878. 

WUBam Maeready lived to retlreaicnt fbi 
many yean, and died to Cbeltem. His body was 
interred In Kensal Green Cemetery, May 4. 1B!3. 

Charles Keen, sen .at Jda MM d Ktaa, waa 
never considered a fftoatr aatocw' aMhaagh to> was 
a special favorite wUh toe jang qocta of Wu- 
gland. IBIs Hat appearance on tbe atage waa 
to Ltvetpool as Lonls XI. He waa taken wlto a 

seT.re_and pslaftJ Utoe«^ 2J|rt- ^be Three Kobeni, aerial gymnast, and oon- 

Me in -tb e coontcr <draKh«ard t„rtlonIsts. are now Introdnelnit npon the Leva- 
. I rich & LubrlskI Circuit In California a new 

^ ar whom Byfoa aald abe waa combination act that ta proving a big drawtog 

worth an toe aetoia pat toc«thar«.waBtatcrred card.. Far toe past thrca ytaia these etoTcr 

... — — — ^. ^ pn laft M i a ka«a mi Ma^as Om wtatem sutcs 

iv aad aai tta Oaaat and arr mmu myisHin 


IB Padttagton chareh-yard tam .Wi Ml. and pcrtoAMia ka«a Cm Mvtos 
toa BMBBmeat ovre her cMsc'.wwwfaOad by aad m tos CBaat. and 
the lata Mr Bsaqr Iretodi Bsr stotaa hp Okaa. aa aaststa isar. 


Tlie Billboard 



IT was away back la 186S tliat the Great 
Arllactoa JUnstiela. tzoa Arllngtoa Ball. 
CMcaaOk to note tb* ' gncimm. stcciea 
-ttflr eoaiw STm «a icgtow of Pwn- 
Vlmala. who* It was icgntcd tkat 
■OMT was ■» nIcatUU tbat ■» < ~ 
«»pick It av itRCta. K 

MS Ifa]^ tkat tte. AzUnstoo 
accdctf It wa» eaab. Bnaiima with the tiam- 
boocB had been toiag tam (ood to bad and 
aMtamgli It aecmed at ttaiiM tbat llie tnmpe 
moat atop trgoplss' aixl Hie crganlxatioo tmU 
apart. It (till lired a stTeDooca life and foosht 
tlM lutat all alonr tbe line wltboot anecimiUng, 

aetnallT malDtaJning existence degplta 

tlon over the oTerworked Tonte oC- I 
alone tbe line of tbe N«w York 
raad and down tbe noble Hudson, 

'^len tbe money in tiie bearair waa low tiie 
manaser made tbe great Boon-daj- parade loncer 
and took to lanes and alleTV In an effort to 
drum patrons. Tbe tooters oC faraas did 
not kick, knoTTlDK tbe necessity of eTeiy effort 
to mtlTitsIn existenoe and to aToid betas 
atranilcd far fron iMifn^ 

Vottmat^ tlie .tioope numbered tmt foor- 
tacB. aoc comtSoc tlie adrame agent, and as tbe 
- Crom a Gbleaco 

dr^firJk* Mke at aurlnr tbe 
f-mmma^iMmt,:wmaars1l^-wim — W, At waa to 
«i|HIIHt.Vtfce'llWiiw r.awiiilMianj^ had a 
ali a al i amat-aag^tbe- antrm l t a ii ap pt i u ft , and 
lhar vlaytd t» a larse booa. 9^ laataaoe. one 
nlBtit wben tbe ttow was apvamtlgr on Its last 
less It pnftmned In "Wllmlactaa, wbate It 
nined gicat emu. NoQsliis tat the delase «< 
Noah, ever amms s e d It, before or since. To tba 
amaaement of tbe manager tbe rec^jtls were 
ever itre bandied doUaxs. and aa be peeped at 
tbe boose tlimsb a hole In the curtain before 
tbe performance ttegan, be exclaimed. "Great 
Scott," aad as It tecnrred to Um ttiat tbe 
tronpe wm» perUoosly near coDapeing and prob- 
ably woold have dlainteerated bat for tliis un- 
expected ftnancfsl boom, be rererentlr dbaerved: 
"IfB a mlracler* 

Xftcr sDdL a Incky night there was always a 
dedaziac «< dlTldends. If salaries were a 
" " -.tbe bojB were made glad. If 
- (tOi xeasalned tb« prorldlng jioster printer 
the fDooow Iw a xcmlt 

be naw St. The man also paved Oa way, as- 
■BDed the sMematlTe and bonowed money oS of 
Hie tedJocds of tbe hotels wbere be eoatcaetcd 
for the bssptaig ct tbe eoaoany, givlag a dieck 
for tbe aanwinf «d tbe tccaaorer «< tbe troupe, 

ne adTsnee maa. new in tbe bnslBeas and 
entboslaatie and ainbltloaa wltbal. was deter- 
mined to obtain bts destined prominence In tbe 
proCeaaioo. Tba major, portloa at tbe tkne tbe 
seK-sBdllleing bendd went wttbont money him 
seK to keep the sttow morine. To tbe credit 
of the manager, let it be said, be sereral times 
lalaed the aala^ of bis faltMol represcotatiTe, 
bot It Is easier to raise a salary than It la to 
raise money, rrheie la a certain amoont of 
satlsracttoa in working tor a large salary, as 
^)oe b«s tbe pleasnre of being named one of tbe 
■^g fellows. 
I Before embarking In minstrelsy tbe advance 
bad seen a day of meperity aad as an 
race of these better days be wore a (Ua- 
BUOd ring and a rielily gemmed dnstcr pin, 
botb Jawaisb^c tta «B*y of tbe manager, wbo 
■IH> wore ipnks sC considerable Talne. iWben 
ttitage wKi*. at ttaair worst tbe agent eooaoled 
|W i Mlf wllk tla PDSr ciMiIiWiii tbat It tbe 
■k**' lavt.ka «aMC MtfkB «■ Ms yaloigde eol- 
tatctal aad (Me tO'Ua borne laatcad of coontlag 

Wbetber ttie petrolram regions woold pan ont 
graOtably was a question In t:ie mind of Ar 1- 
iiigtoB> .alett adrartiser. Tbe reports troib 
tbe . ieciltair were czcetdingly f sToraUe. too 
■n^ s» t»- p lease tba eantloiis advance man. 

tbe wbltt he cangbt tbe 

^•■dMtt» «C his pdodpal entbnalas- 
r;«C. an aa« t a n il i at aoaej. AB 
:tt>m:jHt vat <■ the map. 

away troubles and faioaght }oy and langbter to 
tboosands. The adraoce man was too bn^ to 
atteiMi tbe afternoon sbow, but lie bad prom, 
Ist'd biniBelf to be oa band at nl^t and renew 
bis youth at tbe caw dost circle. Alttaoogb rain 
set in after sapper, tbe niLostr«l asent was 
SttU bent 00 visiting the tent show, and simoet 
repented bis dedston when he began to make 
tosrsrd tbe exfaibltlon plaoe In tbat comblnaMoa 
o( mnd and water which la those distant days 
av Immediately Ailed and otarilowed tbe atreet* 
aad wa&s of Oil dtr. Once the mtaitnl an- 
nooneer almost mlisefl and luiu ed to tslM tbe 
back taA. bat daeUcd to posh on beeaaaa^ as 

I «s sot Map at mat- 
I IB parn Cor wf aakel" 

arbo aradd lajan >«■ 

ntk wretdwa. " 

der to eossalt 

"Tea haea pat 
exdalawd the 

(or yontsdt. At 

Tbe appoaeh of persons beaded for Ike dr- 
cns checked tbe conreraatlon and the strange 
woman disappeared In tbe gloom and waa lost 

to Tiew. 

The circDB performance was given nnder great 
difficulties ackd was not at all .-njoyed by tbe 
minstrel advance a«ent. althoogh Doctor TKiyer 
oacked some of his Iwst Jokes for tbe benefit 
of bis professional visitor. While tbe "Grand 
Aifter Concert" was on the adraoce man vis- 
ited tbe performers in the dressing rooms for 
tbe pnrpose of sectndng tbe protection of the 
company back to tbe hotel. Arltngtoo's ad 
ranee man reached tbe baren of safety wltb- 
oot being molested and breathed easier when be 
was once more nnder roof. He left early the 
next morning for bis next staod wlthont oom- 
mnnlcatlng to anyone bis strange experience'. 

At MeadvUIe be picked up a stray copy of « 

past dated Oil City newspaper, and at almost 
the first glance his eye caught tbe startling par- 
agraph: "Yesterday morning tbe police were 
informed Ibat the dead liody of a wcsnan was 
lying \rtUiIn a block of Bascom Hall. Strange 
to relate, sbe was baUess and bare-footed and 
wore bet a single garment, a long cloa k. Den- 
Izens of a low resort recognIzi>d the nafcrtgnate 
creature as ooa ot tbait e 
In spite ot ttie Oct Ikgt 
Into a inim^<<^woj«d^M<^__^^^-_ 


t grease and g^. _ . 

>• to eootact with tma. Oaof to Sfead- 
*IB»: «ot tor tbe staC aad iMor aadaavor- 
tor to^igalbar It In, evaa K Mi fiiliwa not 
maued irttb tbat soballtatt ftr gM and sn- 
ver known as tbe long green. 

Tlia mart Showman also scragbt tbe new 
tooad not to partldpate in -tbe generai prosper- 
Mr and met with tbeir reward. The plajbonsea 
wen mde affairs, aa rode as some of the and- 
traces, bnt wttb tbe inaJotttT of tbe tickets of 
ateiasion selling for a dollar and tnmlng people 
away at Ibait. tbe iiisiisgi is pot np with things 
as tbey foond them and pocketed the prowado. 
being m3Skt bltod to tba topecCeetloaa sC " 

Tbe dar Ikat ddlacmig 

fas OBi^^.. 
IC'^ — 

MaiCk qDecn ot all edacated horses, has Jost conHdeted a moit HeeeMtU seaton 
at ^ aanla f t fltafc ■^osMlon. Bale aia a tow bito of pr^e which lUUa baa Jast re- 
cently taeriasd* 

"Princess Ttizle broke all former r ecord s dor attends nee at eack and evaiy aae of my 

theatres, wlthont a single exception." — John W. Ooasldine, 

"The .strongest featnre. excepting nooe, that ever eaae wast. " IMcfc P. aattoo. 

complete:**'' , . 


Princess Trtxle (appnolBaMr) 920.000 

eay Paree (spproziiDaMr) 8,000 

Y. W. C, A. Bestsnzaat togiinat.) a.OaO 

ItttoBt Incubators (apprw.) ....i.. .' 8,000 ' - 

Boaat beef sandwich (appmac) .' 1.000 

Princess Trlxle and the Diving EUts mala mm money than any of tbe very few 
snccessfol concessions, the profit being esUiaatad at not less than g20.000." 
Manager W. H. Barnes of Sionx City, la., staiea thst he has booked Trlxle solid imtll 
Sfarch 1, and is open for snnuner time at first-class resorts. iManager Barnes has issoed tbe 
following challenge: "I hereby cballenge Jim Key, Hans horse ot BerUn. or any other horse 
tn tha mdd to meat fxlaeesa XMzle to w a a p etltl an foe a pacaa «C (1,000 or aaic. Lst 


a It was to'tte 
man waded on toe nIgM became blaefcer sod 
tbe mod deeper. Jiist as be was sboot to 
e]acidste sometolng profane about botb be dis- 
covered In tbe gloom la fivitt toe Ogan of s 
woman- He hesitated, fihe carried an im- 
brella. was bare-beaded and wore a great <^k 
that covered bar pczson from neck to ber feet. 
Tbe advance man vras gifted wltb the ability 
— cat-like — of seeing weB tn Hie darkness and 
be was enabled to discover tbat ber feet were 
rnlnns oboes and stodibigs and her face was 
yootiitfnl save fOr tbe signs of sin and dlsslpa- 
ttcu' tliat msired ber featnres. Tbe minstrel 
agent stepped aside and backward at the on- 
eooih vision of the night, tat tlw phantom flg- 
OBS advaaecd vrltb Ufttd dBgcr. as she said 
a^ilr: "Don't ka a lsm a d Zt 

tutgkt a( yanr 

Jerome and Edwards, pictured aixive, an 
premier ooreltr eqnlllbrlsts. who have been 
meeting wltb proaoonced aocceas to their hlab- 
clasa band to band and bead to head n«i.Jg^ 

Oma Tte 

depravity . 

onie advance Bias pnt down Ika-papar. atepped 
over to tbe tdepbone: "Sam Jack, progiletof 
of Bam Jacfc'a BAtel, OU GUy, Fa.: Bee tbat 
tbe nmrdrred woman baa a daeant bntlaL 
me Hie bffi to Akron." 

Arllagtan's advasoe 
tbat the 

aoc A ma 

Bldiard CStrle, who is now starring In The 
Uajor of Toklo, recently presented bis wife 
with a team of borses snd s victoria. In mak- 
ing tbe porchase. however, be tbongbtieealy 
neglected engaging a coachman. As soon ss he 
noticed the oTervigbt ha silffillmd toe aa ex- 
perienced driver. On tta MlamlMr d» a Mg 
Sorid^ced Bngllsbmaa agpcasad & aaawsT to 
the advertloisnent. 

"Are xoa lioSIst tonaUr* «H Jfe; CkHe. 


I, servant aad 
board, recently 
dcptba of B« ■ 

Eosceptible to tbe dlaeriMaatlac Blad at the 

dear pobllc? Is U Mnrieal Comedy 1 The 
fragrance ot this brand is sweetly togrstistlng 
with most of OS, yet to-day we see a tiring 
look appear on tbe faces of tbe average Musical 
Comedy aadience, as tlie fuiuiy man stoops to 
horse play or leans bacV wltb defiant compla- 
cency on his past reputatioD. Tbe funda- 
mentalism of Mtislcal Cometly and the average 
dinner of an American Is fiiametrlcally op- 
posed; in the former, wc mince of tbe luxa- 
rles; tasia of tlw Uakte ot trlvoUly aad ncny 
■■tot aad tt^ «C lha nartar Oat to da- 
rlTattoa «C tmt «C Ifet H ' 
neeriag aaaasB srilk anwa 
stulUfylaK aHMMlMl aC ; 
oatlon; to lha lattar w 
necessities; sbaorb the melody of Homa. Sweat 
Home, something nntlzlng, aobstaatlal; and 
drink deeply of draoghu whicb clarify tba 
system and bnmlsb tbe brain. To sumoiar- 
Ise: we get tbe luxuries In Musical Comedy, 
and the great moneyed class la proof sufflcient 
of tbe resultant ennui of mind and tmdy, wlieo 
man attempts to subsist on froth and snow- 
balls; and In a good American dinner we dig 
into ctimmoD Irish potstoes and beefsteak, the 
e^^tituis of sustenance, the "sometbinga" man 
1» never tired of seeing on the table, toccvas 
tasteful to tbe palate. Tills compartssB ad 
Musical Comedy and an American dlnaar li 1^ 
congraons, yoa sayl Mot very; tbat la^ It !>• 

at tte ar- 

to be a tazny to tha Thaatrleal Diet aoift at 
seaaoalas, w« eentlnaa. Do tba paUto crate 
TragedJt Eaiptaatieallr, no: that la. ntft aa 
a Potottcs and B eafs tead tore to lie aerved 
wito lagnlarlty. "It Is faaman to err," and, 
after LI I lag, it is still m<we bnman to stay 
at sorrow, tbe Maes, tragedy. Ute Is com- 
plete eoough with little heartbreaks and shad- 
ows which are greatly In tbe majority, and 
often obscure tbe tiny silver lining edging 
tbem. 'TUn't Tragedy! We'll have to add a 
bit now and then in the course ot onr Theatri- 
cal Appetite, but — ose It sparingly as so mncb 
robasco Saoce, 

Well, 'tlstt't Mnsical Comedy, nor Trsgedy, 
so it most be Comedy or Drama 1 tiike Comedy? 
rep! bet your sweet lite, but^ — there's some- 
thing lacking in a straight Comedy, tbe ab- 
sence of wtalch works upon as abont the way 
balf of a Seldlltx I'owder would work; there's 
not eternal life, effervescing human activity 
and tbe serious, yet not tragical, altoatloos 
which yon and I have met, gone through or 
been witnesses ot in commoo every-day life. 
Then it most be the Urams, the Primer ot our 
efforts in dally strife. Tbe Drama is a com- 
posite picture wltb a serio-comic coloring, 
adapting Its lessons and benefits to the many, 
Bara'a another argument. Why do tbe Stock 
Cooipanies use the Drama and not all Comedy 
or all Tragedy? Why do docks take to water? 
'Cause th^ like it. Then It mutt be tbat 
the Dtaina is tbe I'otatoes snd Beefsteak In 
tbe Tbcatrleal BlU of rare, wlto Comedy, Ttag- 
ej^^lisal tal qwagjy,, Ostolc Ofcta^ 

celpto aad aa " " " ^ 
(Hr dgar waa new tfnrt aad 

bnnirkles at mg. Snt and atein< 
oOee atmoaphate laahcd btae ai 
bole: my mlad ataa aMbUy: my bead 
like a Milp to a atann. and aqr'eyea 
" ^ to heavy ill iiasliiins The 

nt my flagcn toto my toMK 
aad aiy feet plaagcd aah fc dt e p 'lato-a 
big brass easpMor. My eyca ainaglcd to 
peep from nnder toe lids which eJoard^arito a 
bang, I thongbt, aad the abodt left mr n ee dle 
as If miUariato. which, after aalllac areaad 
past the right sbonMrr tor the thhd time, 
sank vrlto a plaage to the solddto deptba of 
my gray seat, neatllog snnggly to tbe third 
tatton from tbe tattom, A load, vibrant 
g-r-r-t^T-r awakened me from a saoring good 
sleep aad I pondered the "think": "If this. 
Theatrical tblnktog pata me to sleep, then 
It's a wonder we don't dad a few Rip Van 
Winkle's or flimaambnllata aaigiMt lha maa- 
agets, wbow mInSi an wtHtftrm 
tlon, vTa. 

I Oiaaha. IMk 


Xlie Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 


AT, Wbite, what are you KOlns 
to do about It?" 

The speaker waa a member 
;eC ttakt - STMA aoclebr whioii 
fetaitaas Just ontald* oC the-itaf* of the 
upper four hundred; whose presence 
is tolerated as a useful adjunct to 
Ui» fnncUoiis of the exclusive set; a 
.au' :^rhOM'i>lEaan wit and persistent 
iriltiBC gATe'lllin inrestige as an author 
and a personage to be sought after as 
a rare curiosity at the brilliant social 
events, which enthralled the leaders ot 
aift'iMtttKlaBid the gay debutante, aa 
wm''^m^itM&il porUons of Fifth ave- 
nue; every fortnight with a glare of 

•T>0? Why, I'm going to grin and 
'Mar tt.. ' ItTk a mighty tough road Into 
tlMt'snmi iMt the reading public's good 
vapttSoii.'* 4' And White threw himselt 
M 'tlw Mice of the table and. lehaeA 
irttb blv tfbows on the ledge ot hls^ 
' attle window, to gaze out into the dls-' 
'taut blue of the sky and wonder it 
everybody had to atrnnae aa hard as 
lM'.t» c«t:^ toottid^ 
wwld;---'-' ■ '-Jif'^A^'-A- ■ 

VWhlte had graduated wltftl'taaBOrs 
two years before, from one ot^l^^Klgnat 
laatltnUona of learning •wbUHLfijipK-jmt 
mmr men by the score yeanrK$te.''aQ 

,taitenta and purposes, finely?' flitea' .to 
battle with the mysteries of an ideal 
life, but poorly equipped to master, the 

. vexatlona.ol a practtcaladat^ce. 

to feel the warmth «r appreelatlon as 
a writer, studied the silho:uette of. the 
.man. who bmA^inat\ apolam so 

.:of your 'articles aoeepted and 
•'dM'^FBMle wiU' read It right enough 
when ttrs once In print." said . Blglow.' 

White got up, sighed, walked pver to 
the little stand -which stood In oiie 
oomer of the room, picked up a bundle 
of paper and croescd tu the aide of 
Biglow, throwlnr down upon the table 
with a despalruc'ttoaa. tb* anntul 
of manuscripts. Then, looldiig at Blg- 
low, he said.- with a touch of bitter- 
Bees: "There lies the sum and sub 
stance ot my work fttr the past two 
years, maBnscrtets on. tvefjr sabjaot 
tinder the sun, ttoauJL Tiger Hnnt In 
India to^A Search for the Pole In the 

"That's it." said Biglow. "TTou are 
covcrlne too much territory. Tour 
sabjects are too tar apart. Get some 

every-day iMt.*'f -> ■.- ■■■■■ 

"Yea, thaf 8 easy to say but hard to 
accomplish. After a man has received 
the tom-downs I have In the past two 
years tt him fed as though he 

bad been cot out for handling a pldc 
and shovel and not for a writer." And 
White began to throw the manuscripts 
back into the comer, enumerating the 
snbleots as he tossed them from hint. 
"Vlimfm How Napoleon Could Have 
,° Clrtiiimvented the E^rror of Watertoo; 
'fliiera g oe s What Gladstone Did For 
ttie Xrisb.**- He paused as he picked 
VP fbm -HMK/t, and looked at the wrap 
plngv wbldi be bad not removed when 
the package had been t etumed to him 
remember what this one Is. but they 
from the editor of the Post. "I don't 
r.ijtfl',. iB' tb*. ssne oatagoor. Ve 

"Why, yon have quite a 
there -nuapened." and Biglow 
bis ebair naaite'.to the table. 
-.'.K';.fnrw.>:iK#tt^:e(...tbem. ..'What, to: the 
«M or an "^tbii' nnneoeesaii^ bother ? 
If 8 always the same; Tonr story is 
not fitted to our clientele.* Pll never 
open them. I did at llrsi but if s 
■nnm' aMmotomnuL Now, when the. 
pomnaji bands me a waddy loAUng 
pacfkage, I take It for granted that It 
contains the same old answer, and 
■lam tb* thing down in the eomer and 

be' able to get from the Junk man for 
the lot as old paper. I do- manage to 

scratch a meal', out of It about once 
evexy two months. That's somethlni;. 
Just Imagine the. Joy of sitting down 
to bam and eggs procured through a. 

How Napoleon Could Have Circum- 
vented the Error of Waterloo. 

"Try It again. White, old man. 'It's 
a long lane which has no tufatlng," 
he said, determining to get to tbS.-SUb- 
Ject of a dinner as delioatidjr'as pos- 
sible. "Try It again." C ' 

"Yes, that sounds so .lilee In some 
one else's mouth, but I am clean gone, 
disheartened. I don't care for my- 
self so much, but I've got a charge on 
my shoulders which burdens every 
move I make with a despair so deep 
that' my own ^misfortune Is but a plane 
of MupMness and light In oomparlson." 
AncTmitM walkM teck ftom tb* win- 
dow. .:. 

"Tou di^'t-IBOan to say that you are 
married » ; ' BlgtoVs eyes expressed 
Just the least bit .ot surprlsab . -.' ' 

"No. I'm not inarried," eoritlnued 
White. "But I'm wedded to the strang- 
est charge a young harura scarum 
devil like, myself ever had to do with." 

White 'waIlM4l:,'1eQ>wf. .t» tba dresser 
and opened' thei- drawer, taking from 
It, with a sentimental tenderness, n 
small photograph set In an ornamen- 
tal frame of metal, which twined 

parted, as though she were on the 
point of speaking to. the one who gazed 
upon the picture;.'^ wavy hair, ^vlng 
the impressloi^.pf being .dark In color, 
but still glowing here and there where 
the. light had struck Its glossy texture 
and weaved a halo of surpassing love- 
liness about her brow. ■ 

"Well, what do . you think of her?" 
White asked after a pause. In which 
he had noticed how carefully ^flow 
had studied the likeness.. 

"Well, it's a face to luce -a man to 
the devil, or raise him Into the light 
of heaven," and Biglow reluctantly 
handed the miniature to White. 

"Tes, .to heaven] She's an angel. 
That klrl Would make. t)|M devil tura 
saint htniselt She Is a' oirlpple, been 

so all her life; hip disease, or some- 
thing of that sort. She can't be moved, 
except in her chair. But God gives a 
woman more fortitude to bear pain 
than a man, and so she never com- 
plains of her suttering. This little 
martyr only smiles, and the smile 
itself is a glimpse o£ .paradise." And 
Whlte..feU' tq casing, upon :'lhe' picture 
beftore him.'' ■ .•" • r -i 

■ i -"How did you -meet, her, old fellow 7" 
■Biglow asked . with' some hesltiancy. 

"That's the strangest part of It. Her 
'mother; ran a sort of bOaidlpg bouse 
near tb^ campus, whefe a'lotbf young 
fello^'took our meals; it being handy 
to the university. Her mother was 
always li^oki^d' upon by us as a wo- 
^aU'<.if|W^r:bUonged~ tO';a<''d^Uren;t set 
^f^iim''4bbtli»; who ' usually^^'ian ' sueb a 
HMe as a cheap boarding, hoiise. She 
WM delicate in every sense of the 
word; hands showed reflnement .and 
uulture, so we set It .dowDP' tbat MM 
was a very proper sort of - woman to 
gtve-a Itft to. In the road of life. 

"Well, one night we' were all hav- 
ing a lark over In one .ol the 'frat" 
rooms, when tb« llr* b«ll bwan to dam 
and jam Itself In an aWful way, I 
remember I rushed to the window, and 
saw over the tops of the trees a sort 
of muddy glow up. against the low- 
flying clouds In the direction,^ SCra 
Siisby^s 'boarding house. That ■warn 
where I roomed, and most- of the fel- 
lows took their meals, as I- told you. 
X grabbed my hat and shouted for - the 
rest of the-fAUowa ttf follow, t«3Ule I 
made a hlkq f of-, the lire. I got^ere 
Just in time to see the flame bVe^ out 
of the upper windows adjoining .i; the 
ones in ray room. I thpui^t >X wUn- 
gulshed a figure striii0liur |p^JH^aw 
smoke and flame. ' ' ' ■.'if 

"What It was that prompted ma: I 
don't kiiow, but I dashed through -the 
mob surrounding the house, and 
ruslied Into the ' burning building, up 
the steps toward the flame, which 
was sheeting Itself In great rolls ot 
fire along 'the ceiling. It took me bttt 
an instant to 'recognize Mrs." Bilsby 
struggling through the smoke, trying 
to drag Rose, her little crippled daugh- 
ter, to safety. .:■•' --. . . ■ f 

"It did not take ma long to a eai ^ 
the drooping- form of the mother, 
whose clothing was already In 'flames, 
aqd to lift the d^ugbtec upMnto my 

eUnr profMilnwl people will teadily 
.ini.UM eomilfj orar, ud who Is now 
to the Orptacmn xhestxe. San FranclMo, C*I . . 
bcadqaarten for all pnteaaloniili, and wbere a beartr wdeome awaits all wiM .vtilt 'nUoo. 
A ales private olllce u at the dlipoul of all people, and The Billboard '^Is' always on flla. 

Once a. week "Pop" IsTltca a nnmber of tbeatrieal people .to 3 — - - 

cnjoyablo tine Is alwaya auared. "Pop's" aoc " 
aad Is T— *''«y eonet plajer at one of the San 
•fap" atmta pbtlnsijplu is ist bttb In tb* foUowlog Umss 

oat, Daa't Kao*. 

recognise tbe aboTe .ai senlai -'.'Tai^C^ 'Billy Blot, 
perinanently located at'lSS .O'Varrtu.atrect,. next 
al., wbere be eondncts • flnt'«Iaaa~)iiin, which la 

sale of old manuscripts A literary 
feast .not to be sneezed at!" 

BIgiow noticed "White's eyes begin 
to swim, and saw bim turn his head 
as he 'wallced to the window and gave 
It a push which opened It, although 
the ventilation was good within the 
room, and the air 'wMbont waa getttog 

•aaiiy. . 

Biglow was keen In tato poroepfloii. 
and he' would have sworn, as he did to 
himself, that White was at that mo- 
ment In .want of the bam and 

about it In the form of a 'wreath of 

"There she Is," and he handed the 
miniature to Biglow, who became Im- 
mediately Interested In the study of 
the face In the frame before him. 
. The fact was that of a girl, per- 
bapa eleven yean of age, . but lUled 
^trttb^swOi an laagpUoaUa amount, of 
sadness fbat.. aba might have been 
ansrwhere from ten to sixteen years 
old. Great soft eyes which seemed to 
spaak wistfully avan from the 
inna!igrt:itilHr-.llpa .war*; tba ' 


■tanar V yd^ ■ ta^t-i 

I devnisb. flre to tba stair- 

through the 

way. I got them both do>wn to the 
air, how, I did not know till I was told 
the next day." And White pausOd for 
a -momMit In bis narrative, 
'.. -^Tbay took Mrs. SUsbr to a neigh- 
bor's boiise to dress her frightful 
burns. - The daughter they put com- 
fortably to bed to recover from the 
sho# attendant. up«>9 tb#:.llro. Other- 
wise, she. i^aa unlnJuijBd, sis' the mother 
Md ablalded her fromi the flames with 
her own body— In. tact, with her life. 

"Mrs. Sllsby had always liked me, 
and so, when she felt that It was but 
a question of a few botura for ber be- 
fore aba pMsaA bawotf .Om Ma at 
the malerity; iba -aalM- tna to bar 

"In faltering tones she told me that 
Rose was friendless, - a cripple, and 
when sho.wgg'bnrlad. tba eblld would 
be homeleaik-AaMBdent tipon tba ebar- 
Ity of the county Institution for pro- 
tection. Well, It touched' me, touched 
me as nothing, bad ever done before. 
So. right itbere, olasplng' tba band of 
the dying mother, I pn^niaM that I 
would stand by Rose as a brother. 

"The mother was burled the next 
day, and I took the daugbter." And 
Wblto paused to walk to tba wlaa»w. 
while Biglow eougbed away a dbolcy 
sensation which somehow seemed to 
interfere with his breathing. 
'White paused at the window a mo- 
gad llMiB Walked back to the 
nd: aat domi'upon lu edga. 

DECEMBER 2, 190& 

Xlie Billboard 



We request your attention to a brief pre- 
sentation of a few strong reasons why we 
think you should favor us with your order for 

BTC.t .. ■ --W- 


We have the Jarg^est and finest equipped tent 
factory in the United States, and our facilities for 
4iiakiiur levei^thinr iieeded ia. the , tciiitfliiie:^;iije the 

Because of the attractive appearance, and the 
excellent manner hi which our tents are ccniBtraGtiBd 
they have gained a reputation for themselves that 
we are proud of. That we are justified in making 
such positive assertions is proiren by the numerous 
unsolicited letters of end ^rsement from those who 
are using our tents, and we have received many 
flattering complimeati' froin the thow f[«k£v!jir public. 


Our Priees are always the lowast whire 
aiciaBcy af sarvii», qualitir af iitaiiil 
and workmanship is considared. 

As to our reliability; we refer you to the fact 
that we have been iatne tent business 36 years, 
and we now have a capital stock of $ljQ.000.00 
fully paid. We are well known for business tact, 
and. ealcrpriie, as. well as sterling iati^priu^. We 
have a patronage that extends to eviery State in 
the Union, and some foreign countries. This we 
believe should inspire confidence in our reliability 
and ability to faithfully fulfill all 01fden~ latrnited 
to our care for attention. • ; • ' 

We wish to thank onr many friends for their 
liberal patronage dttriag: 

WisUb^ all oorifieate.aiid the of The 

Billboard a Meny Qii^bitii^ a Happy New 
Yeari we are. 

With best wishes, 


MFG. CO., 

1. I. 9m. m ft WjfMMtoi UHU m. 

'a%* BiB&aard" 


Xne Billboara 



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(Continued from page 22.) 

With » cut of unexcelled merit— mat scenic and electrical edects— Tbe 
to dellcbtinf mnltltodes. and the season of I90&-08 irtll nwrk mi •pocb 1b 
B«odtteUon1>7 what has always been, and will e»«W— *• »•« t 
■est ITnele Tom's CaMn «)o. On Barth. 


linitLiNfi ACTS ON THE TIGHT WlftE. BMboard, CMca^o. 

Make SEATING Kinds 


. eiiato 
QrMt Variety at Lew Prlea*. 

E. H. Stafford Mfg, Co. 



United States Tent & Awnin^r Co. 

Wa Are Mated For ttnlck Merwlee. 


..^Jlraiiiaflc Writer..... 

SM fcexlngton Are.. 


tween his knees, and began to study 
the ragged carpet on his sky parlor 

"Tou can Imagine what It costs me 
In heartaches," he said at last. "I am 
unable to give Rose all I could wish, 
were I differently situated xnyself. i 
have given her all I taava ttoan aUe to 
make out of the few accepted things 
I have written. It has not been much, 
but enough to keep her clothed, and 
secure from want In an uptown board- 
ing houMi'* • 

"Tes, but what 4o you managa to 
get for yourself?" asked BIglow. 

"I scratch along as best I can, con- 
tent with what I get." And White got 
up and began to pace the narrow con- 
fines of hu room. . "If s pretty tough, 
to-day, though, for the doctor who Is 
attending Rose told me this morning 
that I would have to move the little 
cripple out Into the country. She needs 
the sunshine and country air, he said, 
or she would die — die, and I have not 
got enough money to buy a square 
meal." And he stopped in his walk to 
swallow a great lump which seemed to 
rise in his throat 

"Well, old chap." said Blglow, reach- 
ing Into his podtat, "tha truth Is, rm 
not a capitalist myself, but Fve al- 
ways got a couple of dollars I don't 
live up, and here they are." And he 
turned out into White's hand threa and 
a half ddUurs In ■itvw. 1 wm not 
have you refuse," ha eoBtlnnaa. Toniy 
wish it were hundreds instead of what 
It Is," and as White took his out- 
stretched hand, the tears anwlttln(ly 
came' to the ajw eC feeUk 

It's not for OM, Billow; oM MIow; 
it is for her." 

They left the house together; one 
wltli a teaUnc of satisfaction which 
BB—sa iflth a good deed well done: 
tba other with a (iomparaUvely light 

Once in the street. White quit his 
friend and made for the nearest fruit 
store. From thapt ha vMtaA the flor- 
ist's. With an attnUiUv e " booqiftit of 
fragrant flowers and an abundance of 
the choicest fruit, he quickly wended 
his way to the location of Rose's home, 
laa sent the fruit and flowers to her 
with his compliments, and hurriedly 
sought a store where he knew cheap 
paper was to be had. He bought a 
quantity , and retraced his steps to 
his "sky parlor" with a lighter heart 
than usual, entirely unmindful of the 
fact that as yet he had not dined that 

Six months later, a letter arrived at 
Ciharioa Bli^ow'a •ddnss, whieh. after 
a ewraotr Ctanee at the poatnaik, the 

gentlenm to whooi It — ^ 

opened and read: 

Dear Obarlcy: I lisTe sontlUag to 

to 70Q. Do yoo T—tnUMT. tba ' ~ 


Iicw Dockitader la ■ very bosr man. HI* 
stage datiet are only paitlme to tbe trouble be 
htts trylns to pleafte interested correspondents. 
In bis bstb ot mall every day at tbe tbeatre 
be opens an assorted line ot Inquiries tbat call 
for severe medltmtioo. Tbe otber dar be banded 
tbe reporter tbis bnncb ot letters and said: 
"Now. mj bof. 1 bave noted ttie replies on eaeb 
one, and It yon want to belp me oat. yea 
can print tbem. for 1 must so and rebearst 
a new joke. My tnaU order baslnesa la grow, 
inc so larse 1 bardly bare time to black an." 
Here are Lew's answers to correspoaMSits: 
Ollaa Mand. — 1. No, tbe blacklns never In- 
jures the complexion, only kills tbe mletobca 
tbat Uve oil yonr features. 2. Tes, It cornea 
oil very easily with aaDdstone poUA and 

Omcoo,^. Ot eoone, iom thcaties are 
lal; I fea«e eiet. iMTCd t* Slefatt art. 
toteas SHSM Faiim *sv.iB Ifea ar 
abase at Tis*i t, .11%'. Ihwe. to'-aa 

bis eaUaa la isMst „ _ 

Micy Baldir.— g ^p<Mr>. aftg. w MIt fsa att 
haTs to aaad yottr Isisnaaa seas cue ax tas 

AiiialaWb _Yaa, it w«ald ba wlaa to bare a 
tcgDiar liMa, is ease tha naaatai 
to give TOO a aoepla of years vacation. 

TrsTeler. — 1. Xm, the train has a right oS 
tbe track. 2. The road ewna 10 feet on each 
aide, and tbe eaglaecr can ron where be pleases. 

MeCordy. — No, my song Everybody Works 
Bat Father has no direct connection with yonr 
family atralrs. It wUl at any insursnce Presi- 

Hod Carrier. — Altbouch your vocsUon In life 
Is elevatlnit. still It Is very embarrassing for 
one whose wife bas sn sntomobUe appeUte vrlth 
a wheel-barrow laraine. 

Teddy. — Of course, jou can nse my airship 
any time jod Arc quarantined. 

ForelKnrr. — Yrs, the minstrels so to Kna- 
Isnd. 2. I am having sixty diving suits made 
10 In case any of Ibr Iwya become aeaaick 
they can get oot and walk awhile. 

hit. It 

to take 
sonly nak- 

la the ptotMdoB. I baard 

it from Dceator to DaavUla. e*ac 

lOO^tolMs. to Ta Iraan. Tha laltnad was taty 
kind to stf* yoa a ttoia tMm, as y«« aaaM gat 

tcrgraras to tbe MflkM SBA SM IfeS Mto- 

strela at atokl. . 

Amataw2slMh<-Mh !• Mkt a Ma tife It 
would ha fsaay to ■ai'aeMiSa 


AatomobUe.— Mo. Mr. Smith baa not peM eat 
a cent this year for repairs OB hla aata, ta 
aays tbe bill collector at the caiage. 

Press .agent.— Tea. It is really hard lack to 
have a free annoa] pass for hatha at Hot 
Springs wben there la nothtag the matter with 

uwy can gei oai ana wau awnue. 

Ognedlaa. — aoiw, yoo art -"-^''t ■ I 
waa ta tlM Oaman papata. bat I bad 
tbe adilos'a waad for ». Too an sonl 

o( manaacrlpt onopenad. we looked at tSat^Say 
In the attlcT Well, I opened It. It eontataed 
a draft ot incb atapeDdoDi tise that It stag- 
gared me. There was a not* attacbad Wbtcb 
requested m% to make sneb alteratimia aa were 
noted on tbe margin ot the atory Itaelf, and 
tbat the small check waa to he considered a 
retainer for tbe work when It waa completed, 
Tbe money enabled me to send Boae np Into 
tbe counti7, snd I thluk It saved her life. 

4 am now on tbe editorial staff of tbe ISjst. 
all throagh the story. 

I think I hear yon asking what about Rose. 
It's all right. She bas recovered to a great 
extent, and the doetora who performed the 
operatloD npoB her thigh, aay that aha win 
oltlmately reoorer, and I have her pnmlae 
ttat wbea aba does, aha la to become Urs. 

> 4M try agate. oM teUow, and tba trial 
jNBaa(./««h an iba beat wuLta ta Ow wmM 



Best Tissue Paper l>1ana 

Mo. aa Hr».T a%% B.llaons 

CsnfrttI— brigbt colors and clean 
ConretUDvatan, asaotlad celors. to 

OoBiUaatiaaOonar.tiSBBd OaC Battoaa 

Y-do-Y Japanese Doll. 

No. S Rubber Balls 

B4st Red Rubber Tbrsad , 

Best Red Rubber Tapa....,.,...„....„.,„,,....i» 

Japanase Crook Oaaaa. bisMy pajisbsd par MS 

Meilcan Crook Caots .........,.»„„..|arM» 

Good oiuaCJuttar Knives. 

targe Snake Blowonia 

Japanese Flag Putsiss 

OsnsryDlrd Whistles 

ImmenH Assortment of Canes for Cane Racks, Knivi. 
S" "^f'"' Bye Balls. Scheme Oooda and all Now 
nS^ "oaoedaCLO. D. unlsss eaab deposit with 

lea, .t» 


l«« »aat FearMi 


DECeMBER 2, 1905. 

Ttte Billboard 



On« Quality. 

Pathe Films 

Onm Prlo4 

C«nte P«r Foot. 

The Holiday Scaaom Is a FartieHlarly Appropriate Una to Show neUgknu Pletarcs. We 
Have Ttaem in Great Variety, Anumg Ottiers tbe World Known 


2122 Feet, 






CHRISTMAS NIGHT, - - - - IA7 ^< 


PATHE FILMS Are Photosrapbicallif Fioir aad Stsadisr Than Asy Otber Films 


Whr not do traalDcn wllk tk* SmI aad Oldwt TrtlMWfcit IMieiaa Baaaa in tho werldt 
w» «re rappljlDK ni<irc blir mon«r-l*ttm than all other eaoMtaa pot totcctlier. h«T« bwn 

In thr boatoYM for orrr thirty xran and knoir roMr want!, and can fnmtita roo any tblag In 
ihf llnr at mrdlclne In B«rb. TabUt. Pill or Llqnld form. If TOO hare tmat >p*elal prrpara- 
tton that you would Ilk* put up ondrr your onu namf. wrilr lia, *■ we make a specially or tills 
Kind of work and can aare jou money. It yoti (*(mtrinp]ate pottlnft a Special I.tna of Oooda 
of Tour Own on tbs Jfukot, wc arc the people that can Intereat you. We have a competent 
recUterrd chemlat and pharmaciNt In oar employ, and our laboratory and printlni; plant la 
equlppisi with Hie latent Iniprore*] and modem niaclilnery. We coniluct our own carton ilcivirt- 
nnent, and each and crery department la under tlw direct anperTlalon of a conipetcnt enii>I«>.ve. 
W* Kuarautre you aattafactloa In eyety particular, nie way to Ond oat what you want to 
know li to write oa. and you will be itnprlaed what we can do for you. Addreaa 

German Medicine Company, 

Ml* CMiiral AvcBoc. . CINCINNATI. OHIO. 

Side Siiow Bargains 

PtS. Chinese Dragon 
Two^ad Giant fM. 
tiM ttM. 

A tSM.OO KEW XBOBAMUL SHOW for fli. Mum^um o( .inatomy 
Md PalDtlnv tU. Hg OklU, DerU CbU<l and .4lli|!ator Boor fU tack. 

* mr Mdoaltr roa wmot In mamlded or enbalmtd flM 
t yta Vartm BtntH, Horth Camtridcai Km. 


Herpeatlne dancer that can sine iUaatratcd sonca. Man tkat can play strlDC ta 

Instrument and 
_or wire 


Stock Desiff nsy Hangersy Poatera and 
Stock Lettera for All Advartiainfir 

Purposes : : : : : i : 

Great Western Printing Go. 

■13 Elm Street, ST. I-OU i r*. ivio. 


■4k JftwiiM>**3B>» JWiwr<**wfa»< 



POSITIVELY ths Biggest, Best 
and Most Expensive Minstrel 
Organization Traveling. 

Playing to S R. O. nightly and giving better sirtlifiiMK;: 
tlon than any similar organlaatlmi sntoiar. 

WANTED— For the Season of 1906 and 1907 

10 OrigiDal Funny Comedians, 20 Solo and Chorus Singers, Tenors, 
Baritones, Sopranos, Altos, Bassos; 25 Clogr, 3ifg, and Buck and Win^r 
Dancers; 40 Musicians for Prof. Jos. Norton's Solo Cornet Challenge 
Minstrel Band, High Class Novelty Acts suitable for a First Class 
Minstrel Entertainment, Black face Acts preferred; Good Strong 
Musical Aek; Mmt be fiill of Comedy, not less than two nor more 
than four porsoDS, and must doable in band. Drum MaipraiPcjo!|pMMrt7 , 
men. Stage Garpentera (Union Men), EladxidiHUi ■B og faw^"'^BaiiniiMf'< 
Mea, Diatribatora, Aaat. Amenta, Gar Porters, ete. 

All the above must be strictly firae-elass, sober, raiabla' aul ' 
energetic; to such, liberal salaries will be paid. Singers and dancers 
doubling brass will be given preference. Rehearsals will begin at 
Columbus, Ohio, about July SMi, 1908. Addreaa. ttalibiff . lQW«ift>:| 
salary il pay all) to . . >'Ki -"ivi 


Owner and Manager. 

As per route in Billboard 

polite negative. 


Consider two 






Broadway /. Topics 

Twit O W lb MM 


LEON H. Curtin, advance agent 
for ths Bioadwty Qlrli Bnrleagae Co., 
whlcb to X factor In tbe Bmplrv Wbeel, 
•oJOtered & izMSt onXortiinate and pals* 
fal lAtUT wUte haaOnt tmbUtt near 
'' ^^htfii1%j . last mak* Manage Jaxnea H. 

■ :OatUa. at Oa Loadoa TWatr*. Ictt Immediately 
kanlir of a* ■mnil, far tbt wcit, to 
ai*.*a kla mpha w <ay — i>w»ea which misht 
Sa aaeaaHiy. Oa. tba ainlas of 'Nor. 14. 
yosBS Cnrtlii, In «^r*"r «ttli D. T. BeUIr, 
a. member of Ua eompanr. atarted bat to bant 
■^ek-rabblta. Whea aboat Sre mllfs from town 
Oortaln waa aceUently shot In the rlgbt arm 
bx the dlBThar ge of bis gun and ampatatlon 
Of tbe band took place at St. Mary's Hosjilta] 
Bbortly after aoao. After waUdoc foar mUea 

of blood. 

■ Botk mea were eroaalne a fallen Ids wben 
' jttA tiaimiifr of Cixrtin'a ataot gun became en- 
^'tOgM in Oc andCTtenab, and tbe weapon waa 

to^atop'^ae aticam.^'^lrbleh! INN 
'tte^ maa» wben tbe walk'oC ft 
Lakeside car line waa i i i 

Tbree of tbe flngera were luDfliv tf Aredi 
of lleah wbeo tbe man teacbed tba boapltal. 
.Ite galB of tbe band had been torn awar. 
:.;■■%,•■<■<»• artay was aarered. ampotatloD waa 
^mdmttt mtrm trr. 


XhanlcsglvInK comes on the laat day 
■at tbla moatb. and patrons of Keltb'a Union 
/■ggaaie Theatre wm bare occaalon to sire 
.' "ittanks an the week of Not. 27 for one of tbe 
:>|bHt TradrrOIe hHU ercr pot tosether, eren In 
-rMm **01d ITiwifataad af WhotaMaa Jklartaln- 
v^acnt.** BaUdaja aw dwaya felabnted at 
^^Keltk*a «ma lone aia|»BM. .biSlantK at 
r.m A. K. and iMtlaK ewltnaMb mm 11 P. 
■■'U^.-.m ttat'la a» theatre la aw aner of get- 
vttc *Va iB M ij'a worth"* oC cvJojment. No 
^Batter when ma ban dlaner, or what other 
;^«ncasementB yoo may bare, thete Is alwara 
.'ittme tn taka tbe eblldren to Keith's tar three 
j'iar four honta of aoUd fan. A sood lansh belns 
(^'tta.hiat dlcestlTe tablet; it is also brclenle. 
'■,<:^ .AB Keith blOa are "earetnlly componnded." 
'-..'kat evcdal ptios bare been Uken to make tbe 
; /nankaglTtDC week Mil thoroDKblT- In the boll- 
J:tmT bamoT. Heading tbe list are The Cltr 
\aUi^ eight beaatltal and bandaotaely coatnmed 
; aaoBxiadki^ TMnuBMag the principal dtles 
<^. *el^eogtiy'. MA M tr-nalr Ute 
' «t ne Pttace «c PHkb Co. 

trtatatiy to the children an 

Una^ a troupe of antnmsHi* aetor^ 

eleetrld^, and performing a complete fil>T 
'■xttaTagania. with rentrtloaalal dlalegoe. Taj 
^:%and dark, old farcKltes In TanderUIe. wm pre- 
aent for the first time their apectaenlar eomedy, 
,,,.entltled Tbe Modem Jonah, while Fred Bay 
'i' and Inllet Wood hare a moat amnalng Bhake- 
, V Bearean bnrleaqne. Ottaeia on the blU ate 
V Jhmea. J. Korton. tbe typical comedian; Jo- 
.- wpblne eaaaman and ber "picka"; Hay Bel- 
•i,- flut, TCngllsh toog and dance doo, and I^Valle 
' -~*«««~ with the 


Charles Prohman having made a 
large number of prodnctlons this season In Kew 
fork and London bas sow arranged for a 
farther aomber of plaja to be ptodaced In 
New Zaik aftir hMtm. after lAkk.ha wfll 

there. Laat weak la Balttaoce he baa ani- 
doced LafBelle tj Flem Bctton, 

with TlislBla Baraed in tha jrtnrlpal tola. 
Rebeeraala bMia next Doath.te Ullffa Btt-ty- 
the-PlTe, thejTu. Barrle play In whidi Btbd 
Barrymore la to appear, to which will be added 
a special play of ilr. Barrle's called Panta- 
loon. In Febmary Fay Darto win be starred In 
All of a Sadden Peggy, a comedy n-hlch Mr. 
Frobman will also prodoce In Loodon with Ma- 
rie Tempest. He wQl also prodace with an 
American and cast tbe domestic play. 

Dr. Wake's Patient, now mnnlng snccesarcllj In 
London. In Febroary he will prodaee for the 
flist time in New Tork, William CUlette's 
play of Clarice, In which Mr. Gillette wlU 
appear, also Mlaa Harle Doce in the character 
at Cbttiea: both thtss aitiata are now playing 
for ilr. Frohaan Im Tandnii. A new maneu 
nhv cOadne Db^iw aC IMIea Bcncie with 
Battle mmMi h Maa7> ead latgrlg^y 

Herbert 8. Uaddy. tha eadent and well-Uked 
elrcoB press agent, win try bis hand at dra- 
matic adTsnce work for a little while. He 
wlU be ahead of EngenU Blair, In Ollrer Twist, 
opening at Wssblngton, Nor. 27. Later tbey 
come Into New York for an engagement at tbe 
Murray and wUl eonttnne orer tbe popn- 

lar priced circuit. Mr. Maddy bas signed for 
press work with the Hagenbeck Show for next 
season. Nannette Oomstoek bas been engaged 
by Heniy W. Savage for the leading Ingenue 
role In SIchaid f'^at^g Daria' eomcdy. The 
War OacscapoDdcD^ whi^ Mi aanaair pro- 
dneca in l>swhar, wMk mutUm ■tagmnd 
Hiteheock aa tha atar. 


Maude Adams and Peter Fan have 
eaptnred New Tork. Capacity andlences for 
the first fortnight with tiemeDdoas enthusi- 
asm on erery occaalon and czprcaaloos of the 
falleat deUght from eraiTbadF *aw that It to 
another genuine Adani ■ilii IrtMMb eadk as 
The Utib UhiUUr waa. Ha icnlt Una tar 
Jiill— tte fspectatlan o( cww ided bo o s e s for 
noBtha to «Ma. lUss Adaan la. of coarse, 
the Mgaet net draws ber woBderfnl charm, 
belag even more potent than erer. and ber 
Ttraatfle and rlTadoaa art delighting and en-' 
chanting as It always baa. The Barrle play, 
bowerer. Is one of the decided novelties of 
many seasons, and bas a Tsrled besnty and 
allarement that la aU Its own. lu farlee, 
iDdlaus and pirates that appeal with more Irre- 
Blutlhle force to grown-nps than they do to 
little ones, and Its joyful youthful hero per- 
sonsted by Mlaa Adams form a combination 
tbat nntte the gteiM aad atttactlMia of both 
tbe atoqr-boak and the stage: TUs eiplata a 
aavweiaea aafoUr oC Peter Pan. li baa 
the heart aC «ear Za*. aad eips riall y the 
~ ~ ~ ~ noDcsti for 

•lase of Ita 


AboTe appears sn excellent likeness of Zimpa. 
the drummer girl soobrette. who has one of 
the best acts lu TsudeTllle. Mlas Zampa is 
an Australian, and one of tha meat heantlfnl 
performeis on tbe stage. Eer wardrobe to su- 
perior to a majority of tbe 
yismpa plays the saxaphone and 
• ttuXmn bar tilek dmmmlng. 

In Febraary Ur. Frobman Intenda maviwy ^a 
Tety iMge spectaenlar production of EUa Whee- 
ler WUcox'B and Lnscombe SeareUe's religions 
play calle^ Mlxpab. and to this will be giren 
near SOO people In the cast. In tbe spring. 
In one of Mr. Frohman's theatres, a comedy 
by Alfred Satio, anthot of The Walls of Jer- 
icho, called -MolentraTc ou Women, wUl be 
glTen. Before tbe snmmer Is over au opera 
ccmlqne caUed LaPetlte Beheme. All these 
prodnctlons are scheduled for Mr. Frohman's 
season before the first of May. Mr. Frobman 
has also scheduled eight new prodnctlons, both 
American and 'English, to be produced by him 
In T<aidno between Chilstaua end the firat of 
June, arhieh wiU ladnde a annher of 
lean aetocs iTho wm appear for him In 
at the condnslon of their present 


The striking and commanding flcrure 
of Buffalo Bill was conspicuous npon Tbe .Rlslto 
Wednesday afternoon. Col. Cody baring jnat 
arrlred bom Enrope. He left bis WUd West 
Show In winter quarters at Manellles, France, 
and will return thither tn the aedr SPrlag to 
begin operatlana for an eUw r Onallnialal Ttser 
of tbe great Aaierican eihlMtk a. Aflar.a Stw 
days Ja -atew. Zotk Ool. ^Oadr- «•! le to Us 
ranch - la irjiitit?to, mmti wfiiK. To 
one ad Ike leparisn beaSd:: It was bad 
management and nolhlnc dec Uiat waa respon- 
sible for the fallnre of MeGaddon's Clrcni In 
France. The Show was a good one. and aa 
for 'persecntlon' at tbe bands of the French 
oOdals, such a charge Is aU bosh. We otir- 
aelves have bad a great season. X have about 
two hnndted « coming ever la a week 

' " - MB the 



Mr. and Mrs. Jack, the clever sketch 

players, hare been resting In New Tork for a 
week. Mr. Jack waa a pleaaant and welcome 
caller at Tbe BUtboard omce laat Wedanday. 

For holiday week Tony Pastor will 
provide the cnatqmaxy exceUent bill, tbe fea- 
ture number being Bailey and Austin, a new 
firm made up of Mr. Bailey, late of Bailey 
and MadUoa and one of tbe Tossing Austins. 
The Roulres. VouDgs and Brooks. Mr. and 
Mrs. George Look wood, the Three Sisters Con- 
stantlne. Jackson and Hood. Shedman's Dogs 
and Ponies, Kennedy and James, Martin and 
RldgewaF, (Borkhart aad Barry, DoU and Bor- 
den, Oole aad Clemens, and Conlon and Hast- 
ings win alao add Isatcr to tbe program. 

7. Z, DOOSOS'B rAom 
During the past fortnight Proctor's 
nfth ATcnoe Theatre hti been crowded twice 
a day br laterested students of Dickens as 
wi^ aa tbe plebean playgoer. aU attracted by 
tbe atadc eaaipaay rendition of the Beerbohm 
Tree p ee da e U oa «f <»ttcr Twtot. J. B. Dod- 
son. who waa especially sagaged. ma the ad- 
vice of Mr. Tree, for the lole et fhgla baa 
added soother notable aoeeass te his wlUlaat 
suee csreer. The Bm SIkea of Tfardu Klrk- 
Innd has been only little leas commented npon, 
and the Nancy SIkes of Amells Blngbsm bss 
added many laurels to ber crown of popnlarlty. 
After a fortnight of Oliver' 'Twist tbe stock 
company turns to Mme. San^^fleae for Gbrlat- 
mss week. '.^v 

THE wrntBT.TVCTTrawT. karbiaoe 
Announcements reached America 
last week of tbe marriage. In 'Copenhagen, Den- 
msrk. aC aitaelB Oialda Horst and William 
Evethart . two artlstle and clever American van- 
devtua pccCiiiBCfa. Tbe wedding ceremony wsk 

San'^SSTiS^ratonadK Me^ site. Bver- 
foumiag a laag serfss of Taaderllle bookings 
npon the Continent and In Great 'Britain. 

On Monday night Prank ("Silvers") 
Oakley made hto debet at tbe Hippodrome and 
acond a acreamlng hit. au qnalat methoda 
woe a tereiatlaB ta Ikt mat cwltltide wMck 


watched Ua antiea and he la aare to he «■» 
of the greet feataies of this favorite amnsa 
ment tcaoct all 'winter. Tbe O'Meera Slatert, 
prerloosly known to American vaudeville, were 
also added to tbe Hippodrome's specialties on 
Monday night, and scored a bit. Next week 
Tbe Raiders will be restored to public atten- 
tion, replsclng A Bomacce of a Hindoo Prln- 
Aboot the middle of December 
will t>e otTered. entlUed '. 

Summers and 
eets aad talketa. ate «■ 
tba Bagaa Gbenlt. 


Bdd^ Martyae la a aensatlonal aemersaatt m4 
•.oondlag 'wlie ertlat. aad en all-toond giataWI 

V!1SSZ^A 5mS6 

OECEMBEB 2. 190& 

Xhe Billboard 


Announcement Extraordinary! 


sol d th bl f A ritf raUM aad ^^Cfc1»«y« Positively Wltbomt a Peer as an cxblMUoD Feature. We liave 
of. 1«6 leel In leaoUi. MaMMUam Pupoaca, Iks laiscst fM9 vwr tntmtM 


AMitf nnsttlon liM pHBed tlw aipadBMital iCHBi to 

Thisisanaceof wondBis. We lunvtfMgnatMtiroodBroC thorn sD. Onr Air SbtpanlMaUoain AsiIslGtaalJain look lllwtaarktta We 
tame afidleorps off asraiaatsirtio will ofintennde^ of 



Am J. BODKIN, IVfanager, 



irborn Street, 

; «* Bodkin" 

- - - Chicago, 111., U. S. A. 
Long Distance Ptione Harrison 20T1 


On the Main Streets of Beaumont, Texas, | 

DsooariMT llth ts IMh. laolasive. 

Itve^Sl^b^^i^lJ^i^tt^ the Chamber of Commerce for the porpoM of aecturiag BS«e Attractid^^ 

advertising thislStreet Fair; the first street fair ever hdd on the streets. Arrangements have been made with all 
the railroads running into Beaumont for a special train service during the street fair. The country for a radinsii^of ^■ 
one hundred miles of Beaumont is BII<I*EU) WKE A BIG CIRCUS. " ■ ^ 'WiS 

i Want to Hear From Free Attractions At Once. 

_ _ _ 

m ----- - - - 

wKi:::: nothing but the best 

MARVLERS MARSH if at liberty, wire here at once. 

Can use A«««ial Show Or any other shows that don't conflict. Must have neat fronts. For any fiur.ther;|]i|or^ 

H. G. SPALDING, Secy. Chamber of Comtnen;^ 

W. C. AVERILL, President. 

The U. S^rCarnival Co. will furnish all Attractions. Address, > 

' '':'MM^l.-M» CARROLL, Manager. 
Gars of Chamber of Coiiiineii^, - BEAUMONT, TEXi^ 


DECEMBER 2, 1905. 


Th« BfllbMrd mnts a reprewatrntiTft in «t eiy city not ■Ir««d7 provided for. . Only hnstlor 
•Md applj. Mut ba yoojv inu of food penonal Addi«u, pormanently loc&ted, who can 
■Hto m. coed latUr tat paMicattm^^^d who hu a kua are far nawa and btuisau. 

to tha 


MOHTOOIOEBT.— iB<]ofi Theatre (O. A. Neal. 
,acr.) A Breei; Time IS- 15; fair show and bnsl- 
,atu. BooUsan's Tronbleg 20; Payton Sisteis 
'•cek W. 

^ 3loataomttT Theatre (3. E. Hincber * Bio., 
kK .-BMBor RobGoo 21: good ~ 

Ok; l«^18; Calr 

norne 21; Hetald Sqnan'-'OPMK' 
Ondrr canras — Joda BottlBMkV'A 
.fc oaine ws nnd fine performane^. ' ' 

HKLFTTA. — Grand Opeta Hooae. A Uttp to 
Wgnt 16; fair hnsineaa and food abow. A 
Bnncli of Keys IS; good toilneas. 

HOT SPBIKGe Nen- Auditorium (Brtzbam 

* HMd. mgrs.) As Told In the HUIs 13; good 
bnalnefut. The Pit It; good bu!ilae«s and per- 
Cormance. Woodland 16; bli; business. Louis 
Jtaoes IT; good business. A Trip to Egypt 18; 
'btr bOBlness and perfonnance. 
■ XaJeaUc (Frank C. Ptirj, mgr.) Ida O'Du, 

Toha * Co.. Zoo 'nnl -tftm 

1 8; fair buglneas. 

imA.— lOavbi Opm Soow (Lonla Bavp. 
Oft.) A«TaId In tbe mUa IT; good bnilncM. 
_ . _ . ^ lar aiS. 

~ m. B. 

"Mr good 


Itaai* Joah Peiklna. aa; Otatlar 

Defensa — 

, OaUteiila (a P. Han, mgr.) Tbe DtoDlnu 
.'HMk *0: fair bonaea. 

^yOasM ^i^«L^. Oarla. mgr.) Sapho weak 

li, Jfoctlmr. mfr.) Fadetta't Or- 
» (Md Mn week »; boalneii 

y ;--^iWIK i)|i»'',dlM>MMlO B" hOM M aia diaw' 

MH i . ^^;.vS''-!!^v. .»PM ooBnr, 

Bubaak Thaatr» (OIMw.'SpmE: alWI 
Aids«.«a4 JBt war"- ^■^» 

Belaaco (loo. BUckwood, mgr.) AUce of Old 
▼tecennea week 20. Adranoe sale beary. 
. Orpheom (Clarence Drown, mgr.) Janet Mel- 
•TlUa and Krle Stetson, beaded a cleier bUI 
I ; week ao. 

_Giand Opera Sosac (Tbos. Baker, mgr.) Dora 
- Uonia wwk M,rv 
.OtatM Puk;aM.nMtta (Henry Koch, mgr 
"gSg'JSg'i. ^ J^- FEBOUSON. 

L. KlpUnger. mgr.) Aa tba Mdg* at JUdalglit 
10: pleased fair aodlmiea. Mly Ftlmnae 18: 
fair bnslnesa and Sne abow. BaTarly'a Mia 

sUH.t 23. 

^rJ'^"."''.?'." Tb«itre (E. E. Umndcn. Blgr.) 
fcP'J''}. Holgnln. I<uette. Adama Brotbera. I.*nt 
Mnd H.rett. the Two Franclaeoa. Mamie I..lndell. 
WtS "?»lng plctnrea completed a good bill week 
W^:.. S?'* IHowird OnmaUe Co. In tcpcrtoM 


- OOBOXASO SrsntOB.— Opeta Hon»e (S. N. 

Chaperons U; good business 
aaaoopany. The Sbo-Gan 16; good show and 

sssa^nmui sss-sf^* 

^Pa?^ AlpbtD. no.) The WUay Fer 

KOtZLABd. — ^lATdand ThM 

ney, mgr.) Bamona 2; big 

Perkins T; S. B- O. Sweet Olorar Ut 
Band IS; IMamond King 28: Two Mnr 
D ee. 8; At Cripple Citek T. 

IfUiajLO.— Grand Opcca Hooae Or:' fi Jiite- 
aoo. mgr.) An Amerieaa Z^amp U; nod baal- 
neaa and perfotmaaee. Tbe Sbo^nn 14; cz- 
eeUeat attraetkm and patroBage. The CHiape- 
looa Mr fair boalnesa. Sweet Clover ID; 
Weaacd large attendance. At tbe Old Cross 
Boada a: Two Merry Tramps 26; The College 
Widow 27. 

..Earl Theatre (Geo. M. Horrls, mgr.) Frank 
•'^Itolteaa & Co., beaded a good bUl week 13. 
..siapietOB and Chancy, Cole and Cole. Great 
•vOarllor, Frank Boberts, and oChera week 20. 


sooe. ngr.) loba Drew 18; good bnalaeaa. Nat 
Goodwin 14: fair bnalneas and performdnee. 
JsmeB OWeUI 15; pleated taige audience. Frittl 
Scbeir 16-iT; lane kowta. raa Itttla laidr 
In Cray IS; good Metaaafc QCka Cwinr Bivaa 
Man SO-ai: Gar Mew SMk AtTb tk* I«Bd ot 
Cotton 31-tS. 

Hartfoid Opoa Soaae (H. B. Jimlega. mgr.) 
Tkc Orrand Bnr IS-IS: SiHicd laifet CMwds. 
Kelaaa.iBntt FlfM . «atDt«8 M;^ Mr kulnna. 
Wby Glrla CacaTe Boae lT-ltl fkB bMiBcei, Fw 
His Brotber'a Crlne''9Md; Qnaen of the Con- 
Ticts 23-2S. 

Poll's (U C. Kllby. mgr.) Mr. and airs. Mark 
Mnrphy, Itorotby Kentoo. Tbe Girl In tbe Clouds 
and otbera week 13; bnalneaa big. Grand Opera 
Trip. Coin's Dogs. Mnaloal fKIelst, Oallasber and 
Barrett and others week 30, 

JUW XOBSOH. — -Tiyceoin ITieatre (Ira W. 
JaCkion, mgr.) Fenberg Stock Co. 7-U: flue 
boBlneae and oompsny. Gay New Xotk 14; food 
bnalneas. 'Hi Henry's MlaatKIa 17; sood bos- 
tness. Frsnklln WoodnC JS; ■OH " — ' 
BaToy Stock Co. 20-3St Betae aid 
Cbaa. Grapewln 26. 

■WATERBTOT.— jPoU'a Theatre (Harry Par- 
as, mgr.) Lured cFrom Home 13: good linsl- 
aeta and performance. Bffle Fay 14; medlnm 
business. iFrltxl SchelT 15; big boalnesa. Nat 
(Joodwin 16: iileased fair btuiness. Moring PIc- 
tnrea Britt-Nrlson FMgbt 17: good bnslness. Tbe 
Little Graj I>Bdy 18; mrdlum business. Innw- 
rlal ilovlns Picture Co. 19; The Ra.ts 21-22; 
Wlij- GIrH I.Mlrc Homo Xt. Olrls Will Be 
(llrls 24; OhecVers 29; Ttw Land of Cotton 30; 
CTiarles Gnipwln Dec. 1; ^Vmold Daly 2; She 
Tried to Do RiEht 4; Wedded and Parted 8: On 
tbe Bridge at tUldulght 9; Lulu Gla.ser 12. 

Jacqoea Opera House <F. TV. Fltipatrlck. 
mgr.) Rice, Hltchings and Edwards. Three Ck- 
tanos, Geo. B. Alexander and otbera week 20. 


WA8HINOT0S. — New National Theatre (W. 
H. Rapley. mgr.) Wright Lorlmcr week 20; 
good business. Maxine Elliott week 27. 

Belasco (Ira J. LaMotte, ggb} Bk tt* Saart 

Smith's Theatre (E. C. 
r.) Xbe Belle of ATenne A 13; pleased 

ieaeea. Lnred from Home 14-lS: 

pleased Iar<e audiences. Gay New Xork 16-18: 
pleased gaod-'haaiD(as> The Bays SO; Biltt- 
Nelson FigbC Pletaw* • Bt; Tbe Olactr Bread 
Man 22: Why CUib WID be OMs SsTn* Prod- 
igal Son 21: Why Girls LesTe Home 2S. 

PoU's (E. B. MltcbeU. mgr.) Hcrbert'a Ca- 
ninea beaded a good bill week 13; capacity basl- 
: aesa^ Saim and Xeasner, Sbcaa and Wanea and 
— itrcefcao. 

: ^BiABBUJU^ — Thylor Opera Boose (F. A. 
- Mear. mgr.) Monte Chrlsto t4; good show and 
'-Jmslnesa. In the Land of Cotton 18; good 
^taaln esa an d abow. Girls Will Be Olcia &. 
".. BdBXXWn,— Parson's TheaCW (B. C. Far- 

of Maryland week 20. 
tba Gallande week 37. 

Columbia (Lockett A 
Skinner week 10; 
Bellew week tt. 

MiImHh a. ' 
Bottil m Ml 


'Aeadamr (Aw, "W. Lvoas, ocr.) Fast Ufa 
In «ew weak St. 

I^eeom ( Buf ■ ■maa, ap.) Dalatjr Pa' 
. an. 

*. T. Jitaim. 


AUOTTBTA.— Crand Opera Houiie (Schwelgert 
& Lawrence, mgrs.) DcPew-Bnrdrttc Stock Co. 
week 12. excepting 17: line business and per 
fnrmances. Tbe Player 3Iald 17; One perform 
ance and fair basloess. AI. WUaon 20: Walker 
Whltcaldb Bl ;FaaIla« Ball 22; A -Madcap Prln 
cess 28, 

Star Theatre (Barnard Mitchell, mgr.) Splen- 
did bnalneas Is the rule, 

ATLAUTA. — Crand (II. I,, and J. L. DrGlve, 
mgrs.) Frank Daniels 17-18; pleaaed azeallent 

BUoa (Jake Wdla. lea.) Daald Byan B Co. 
week SO: good bostness and eompany. 

Star. IJ. B. nompaon. mgr.) Bnslnesa ex- 
cetlent week 30, 

BRUMBWIUK. — Grand Opera House (Fleming 
Sc Wair. mjrry.) 'Florence Davis 20; good bosl 
□ess. Lewis ^Morrison 22. 

VALD08TA. — Opera House. Tbe Blgn of tbe 
Fonr. 8; good bnslnesa snd r&Ir performance. 
Kalbdeld'a Minstrels 14; Kood biiKiii<-Hn nud fslr 

good VhSmiJ Brothers 16; 
mgr.) Week Br. Bus ■Mwrtlii SIM 

ing GlrL 

Powers' Theatre (Barry Bsweis, avr.) Week 
S7, Was. B. Crane la The Ametleaa Lord. 

Grand Opera Boose (Barry Askln, mgr.) 
Week 27, OUs Skinner In HIa Grace da Oram- 


studebaker Theatre (R. E. HarmeTer, ms>,) 
Week 27. Lillian BlaoTelt in Tb« Boa* Ot nt 


Carrick Theatre (Sam. P. Bmsk' lainw} 
Week 27. Rabea la the Wood. ■ ' 

Ooloulal Theatea (Be». .W. liiidmg. WdgQ 

From Broadway. 

MeVlcker'a Theatre (Ceo. C. Warren, bM, 
mgr.) Week 27, 'Way Down East. 

Great Ifortbem Theatre (F. O. Eberts, mgr.) 
Week 27, Ford te Gehrae. 

LaSalle Theatre (M. B. Slafer. mgr.i Week 
27. The Taakec Regent. 

Andltorlom (HHward Adaaia, ngr.) Week S7, 
Hnmpty Dnmplj'. 

Chicago Opera Soose (Kohl & Castle, mgrs.) 
Week 27, His Honor, tbe Mayor. 

Olympic Theatre (A. Jacobs, mtrr. for Kohl A 
Castle.) -Week 27, Leslie and Dalley. Talbot 
and Rorert, LUllan Bnrkbart & Co.. The Dlonne 
Twin Slaters. Jacob's Dogs, Kstelle Wordette & 
Co., Sasle Fisher, Sankey Brothers. Lizzie Wil- 
son, Brown and Brown. Fba and Carrie Rns- 
sell, Manr«» aid Olaaaw; . Mftr /Oaba. Big- 
gins and PBelpB,'- aad ei«. K. ■poat'l klno- 


Haymarket Theatre (W. W, Freeman, mjrr.) 
Week 27. Martin Beck's Great Orpbenm Shfm-, 
Coonlal Septette, Marian's Dogs. Jules and Elln 
Garrlaon, Edgar BMsTi Blateis and Brothers 
Ford. Winona Wniter, Oamibell aad Johnson. 
Tha OUaaaeaa, Jto. and IIisl Midi Hachea, 
801 Qdat. Uda Walkar. ilataau Qoar- 

We Make a Specialty of Designs 
and Engravings for Theatrical 

wine nil specimer book and rices. 


Touring New Mexico and Arizona all winter. Can always place high-class 
and meritloos shows, also legitimate concessions. Come to the land of sun- 
shine. Address DANA THOMPSON, Amarillo, Texas, Nov. 21th, Dm. Znd; 
Boswell, New Mexico, Dec. 4-9th; Carlsbad, New Mexico, Dee. 11-lSth. 

Can use door talker and operator with or wicbout macblne and fllma. 


Wonld like to anange with first elsis Parks for tbe Season of 1906. Mo place too laig* tor 

us. We bsTa tbe real thing, Pnll-blooded. long-baired Indiana, the Cbeycnnea and Arapbocs, 
direct from the Rcserratlon. Oowbojrs snd Cowgirls from tbe leading ranches of OklaihoiDa, 
Texas and New Mexico, illfle and I'lstol Shots, Itougb Riders, Fancy and Trick Riders, Oon- 
teat Ropers and Rope Splnnen. The l>eMt roplnsr Horses and Cow pooiea In tbe eoniitry. Book- 
ing Bronchos, Long Horn Texas ijieers and a Mexican Ulppodromr of all kinds of laoea. In- 
clnding the eight-horse OUariot Race prespot-lng In all the bcwt real performance of all so- 
called aggregations. If you u-imt the real thing write to' us, we fasTe It. This abow wa " 
leading attraction at iParaicon PurL. luwitoo, nine u'l-eks last season. a1jk> hare abowcd at < 
Island, OInclDnati; Sea Bree:^e I'lirk. Rochester, K. Y.. and many others. Ota 
best of reference, and guarantee satisfaction. Address W. H. XENNEDIT, Perry, O. T, 



OparattaiBM mrctpCtoaa Vaudavlll* ThMlraa ■■■t.Ni 

i, rutsT-cLAsa Acn of all 

~ — dallTse tha goods. 

and WMt 

•7 80. Clark St.. 

omi. miur, 

SI* Omw ~' ' 


The ereatest Novelty In AutoinatlG Shooting Gallerlos 

Write for Catalogue. 

WM. WURFFIEIN. Mgr. 208 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Call on HB8. H. JACOBS. 

See her IlneTot 
P r e ss e e » SeatoUii 

See Oup Ad Page 37. 

ttsltod Statot Toot i Awning Os. 

It* Vor Bwwqr Varp«««is 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 



1m a change for the ordinary "SECOND-HAND FILM" RENTAL BUREAUS to the perMWial 
representation of MILES BROTHERS in New York and San Francisco. For all Managers 
who are victims from lax methods in the supply of moving picture films, a change to 



If you will drop U8 a line tellinsf us your requirements we will be pleased to quote yon terms and 
conditions. A trial will convince you that ours is the best service to be obtained f r<»n any sonree. 

Miles BIdg., 
lO E. 14tli St., 
N«w Yorlc City 


lie Tortc St., . . 


Is the place where yoaoan Inoorporat* 
most cheaply, most promptly and moM 
■afely- Att ot tb* important fMtont 
ot tto UNOipomUBf linalinw an la 
Qlnded In the Arizona atalnlWi. Wt 
an the pioneer laoorporaton. Tama 
blank forms aod copy of oar tans ttm 
for the asking. Address 



....MOVING nCTtlRE TENTS..... 

See Our Ad Page 37. 

Usitoil Statu Tmt ft Awolqg Go. 






"•^^ n«r*ffiiiti:WRATt5. 

And make too a fortane. If jroa harp a 
SONG or BOOK tliat Is wonb aoTtbinff, 
yoa tboald cot<jrirbt tt. Doa*t tak* 

whaa yoa can .^nre obr iienr- 

tamtJMWUcoot. Scndfur oar SKOAL 
■nH TO MVENIOSS belora applrlnjr for 
^SS'^2.r»'. HANMMK on 
•"nC. WeadTla«lf patents- 
>to or not, VRKX. W« Incorporate 
Coasvlt as. 


taiMtN* Copyriqtat * Pateat to. ix. . 


UtdieiU M^tii BiNMI It tkt afdlclnt 
W'oiT.lnmt Mm. CurriM* Di«isr 
Optlei.n. OarbMOD* Seller, and to all 

Mill M Medicine 1'olIetorCnratlTeKoo^. 
tnroa.h .iwech Tells what to mj lo bold 
stiention, sn<nw, In.tract end Interest 
sneaeh to tonoh the pocfcetbeok. Toe 
wonM nnt pnrt with Itst any prioe..' Bent 
postpalil rr.r(t.orsendtLdepaeltaiid will 
•end a.O.D. with .xsmination pririleae 

FAMTU8 cn. 843ii«Mtoni8t..cbiMr 

FreifMCua omt tn^ tor pemuuient mMrtmm. 


saetOIT Bsbylon, N. Y. 

RlbDou .niiBiivor Trlmmsd, (3.00 per bundrer 


'wing CInbs and NorcItlM for mOt. " Sfnd 
lOc for latrst book and eatalsn*. WttW. TAN 

W YCK. Cincinnati. O. 


£-"Bdlio1??,JSS,;.'"*»'W^- KsnMsCltyheadQoartsf. 
C n. ■(•bMiis, IMS Mala St., Kaaaas City. Mo. 

tet. Harry Johnson, Mnrpby and Carter, aod 
Gpo. K. Spoor's klnodrome. 

Bush Temple Theatre (BUzateth Scbobcr, 
mgr.) Week 27, A Midnight Bell. 

Crllerlon Theatre (Lincoln J. Carter, mgr.) 
Week 27. The 'MUUonslre Detective. 

Peoples' Theatre (Wlngfleld. Ron-land & Clif- 
ford, men.) Week 27, The Secret Despatch. 

Columbus Theatre (Weber Bros., mgrs.) 
Week ST, Mason and Masun In Fritz and Snlu. 

Ilon-ard Theatre (M. Magnus, mgr.) Week 
27, VaudeTlUe. 

Alhamhra Theatre (Jas. H. Broinie. mgr.) 
Week 27. A Bace (or hUt. 
Academy at Uoste (Wm. Bocte, mir.) W«*k 
Happy aooUcan't Mn Antud a» 
liou ThaatM (Wm. Booka. 



Sadgei. mgr.) 


"feuon" " 

STTriia Oypcr o6t. _ 

Sid. J. Bnioii't ThmtM (BU. t. 

Week 27, Burletqac. 

Trocadero Theatre (Hany 
Week 27. Bnrlesqne. 

Folly llieitre (Ji 
Week 27, Bnrlesqae. 

Clark Street Museum (iMb V. 
Carlo ball and theatre. 

LiadM Mm iMuseum (Wm. J. 
miti Onto baB and theatre. 


OBAlDiJOir.— Walker Opera aoase (C. F. 
BamntOB. mgr.) Bans and Nix 16; good bun 
Iness and perfonaaaee. Our Pastor 18; pleased 
Urce audience. Ska BoBUnvS Sit l|M* su- 
dlence and exodltBt eHBMMBM. 'Ibf . Vor> 
bidden Lend 24. 

BEOATUS.— Tower'a Tbeatr* (J. F. - Olveo, 
mgr.) The Jfortb (Brothers In RepertoiNi food 
basloess. May Irtrlb In Mr*. Bbefc b Back, 
nwltoat batlBCta: San T«r 2T: Tba Btemal 
City 3S: Wkat Wodmo wni Do aa; Tbe Boyai 
Chef SO: Th« Vool'a Bcreng* Dee. 1; AUce 
Nielsen 2. _ 

BIJon Tbeatie (A. SIgttrled. owaer.) Tbe 
Four Crobs. Marnerlto Newton, Oto. E. Ans- 
lln. Golden and Sn^es, J. V. Mitchell, Ocorge 
AllLion, and Allison, and tbe klnodrome week 

DIZON. — Opera House (Charles 'H. Eastman, 
incr.) Why Clrls I-e.iTe Home 1-1; fair husliicm* 
nnil [HTforniance. When Women Lore 1.1; fnir 
business and good show. The Rajab of Ithoog 
1,«: Bood perforroilnce and business. The Hooaler 
<!lrl 35. 

OREENHP.— Greenup Theatre (Ecknrd A But- 
ton, mgrs.) A Country Kid Oct. 28: good show 
sn'l fair business. Mshara's Mlastrels Vvf. le: 
flnr show and packed boose. Jlatloaal Slock 
Co. 17. 

KaBBUBUBO.— Opm Boom. Stem* Oom- 
•dy Co. wtck 18: ezccllrat comDony and good 
Imslnesa. Mabara'a Minstrels 28. 

TdfflrSftimTTT nr-ini Opera House (Oeo. 
W. Chatterloa. mgr.) Devil's Auction 13: pleased 
Isrce huslnrai. Hana and .Mx 20: fair husl- 
ni-«« anil show. Hnman Hearts 22: San Toy 
it : Larfayette 25; The Two Johus 27. 

JOLIET.— Opera Rooie (J. T. Henderson, 
mgr.) At Plney Ridge IS: fOOd' 
business. Shooting the CbnIM 1 
nrss and penformsnre. 

Grand Theatre (Louis Ooldberg. ni(-r.) Fon- 
tenelle. illsstlngs snd Burns and others ireek 
1.1: business and bill good. Green anil Itarton. 
nisaonnettc and Xe«-nian. Wallace and Beach 
and others week 20. 

KEWAJIEE.— MDCInrw's Opers House (F. R. 
.•Shnlis. inpr.) My Wife's Family 11: good per- 
formance and business. Dors Thome 14; .good 
iMislness. The Fort>ldden MarrUge IS; laige and- 
lence. Tbe Tiro Johns IS; Ion* ntttadaacc. 
irncle Ttm'* Cabin SI. _ . 

w. -rtMt. Bsr.) A.Bkrd^ii.k CMljMiiMn 
and enMOF. - to .'tt> IMw^dfi CTlwio • u; 
rsir WMMw. Tht aufetn Chad M. 

PEOBIA Grand (CbaaibMlla • Btrrington, 

.mgrs.) Tim Mnrthf U*1S| Mod bnalnea*. May 
Irwin 17: good bnsfnsaa uncle Tom's Cabin 
IS: business good. Tbe Two Johns 10; drew 
well. Great Lafayette 21; Tbe 'Maid and tbe 
Mummy 23; Richard III. 21: Francis Wilson 
S.'i; .\ Poor Relation 2S; San Toy 28; Tbe Land 
of Sod SO. 

Main Street Theatre (Davis & Churchill, 
inRrs. ) Rawls snd Von Kanfmsn, CSsude Bans, 
and others week 20; good business. 

Weast Theatre (Cbas. Sartson. mgr.) Jack 
Brown and Lllllsn Wright, Buckley's Dogs, Bar- 
ney First, and others week 20; business good. 

QUIlfCT, — Kmpire Thestre (Chamtierlln Jlsr- 
rln:;ton Co.. mgrs.) The Forbidden Marriage 12; 
tilK business. Little Johnny Jones IS: cspac- 
Itr hnslness. Ceill's Auction 10; good tiualness, 
Tiio Western Amusement Co. 19: big business. 
Snn Tor 22: .Railroad Jack 23; The Orpan'a 
Prnver 37.. The "Pn-o Johns 36: Qulncy .\dams 
.SawVcr 27; The Forbidden Land 28; Under South- 
enr Skies St». 

Iiljou Theatre (Patrick & McOonnell. mgrs.) 
Cameron and Flniinagan. Jennings and Renf- 
frow. Eugene .Eramett snd others week 20. 

SPRIMOFIELD.— Chntterton (Geo. W. Chat- 
terton mgr.) Baner. pianist. 1(1; fair bndness. 
Dnu SaOir IT: (Mr Mu'area. Tta MwFby JSt 
big hu al w sa and p l eaatd hn m s nea ly. nana and 

Nix 19: fair business and show. The Maid and 
the Mummy -20; good ^tiow and capacity busi- 

Gaiety (Smith & Burton, mgrs.) Gay's Parlor 
Minstrels and others week 20: good business. 

Olympic (C. J. MoCsnn. mgr.) Business good. 
Crotty Trio. Wells snd Wells, snd Tbe \ar- 

tons work 20. 

PJmplre Theatre (Jno. Connors, mgr.) Bxcel- 
lent bills are attracting Kood bnalness. 


BRAZIL.— Opera House (Will H. Learltt. 
mgr.) Her iFatal Sin 22; la the Heart ot Chi- 
cago 25: A Girl from Mars 20. 

COLUKBUB. — Crump's Theatre (R. E. Gott- 
schalk, mgr.) Par«ifal 16; packed boose and 
excellent performance. The Moonshiner's -Dangh- 
ter 22; In tbe Heart of Chicago 80; Tbe Bajab 
of Bho ng Dec S. 

EViUnmU.— Oiaad (T. A. Fedlay. mgr.) 
Tbe JetraU Jelly Stodt fio- ^1>: tnir boal- 
Dcsa. Tht Twin Slatan IS. wbMj tb* Btf^ 
OA. Ud «Ct food bnalnca. One* B > f M d 0>. 
20-23: Tbe Iile of Bong Bong 22; Bnatcr Brawn 
30; Al. a. neM'a Minstrels Dec. 1: Rajsb of 
Bhong 2: FanI JOOM Opera Co 7; Pretty Peg- 
gy 0. ' 

Peoplo's (T. A. IPedlay. mgr.) Grace Hay- 
utinl I'o. 19; good business. Tbe Moonablner'a 
Daughter lil. 

FOBX WATME.— Majestic Theatre (M. ». 
Rice, mgr.) PIS, Pair. I'ouf i.-!; good boslnesa 
and ahow. Mojeska II; plt-nM-d good business. 
Xnbody's Claim 16: fair sIk>w snd business. 
Way Down 'East 17; excellent show aod bosl- 
neSB. Tbe Peddler IS; good buslnPM and show. 
Why Women Sin 21 ; Our I'aslor 22; Old CAotbes 
Man 23: Ehen dlolilen 21; Kolb and Dill 25; 
.\ Wife's Secret 2S :;i; Murray aod Msck 30; 
Francis Wilson I>ec. 1; Eva Tsngusy 2. 

\I.iM>iiic- remple (F. K. Stouder, mgr.) Blgb- 
cjH .r. \ !ii[<l..villr Mfrk ::o :r.->; cood bnalacaa. 

FBANKFOBX Bllnn Tbeati* (bugebnke * 

Baowd. «s«a. Tba jMnwi g i l a g^aJWMSbtar 18; 
(air bnabMaa. Tba Oiaat.l^SMM'Wi pa^ed 
boaaa. I. O. V. SO: good t aa f aiw aad attrac- 
tion. Tbe Boval Chef 28; Bast Lynna 38: San 
Toy Dee. 8; Oonslo Kate 7; The Booiler 
Girl 8. • . _ 

Crystal IbMbt (Obaa. Wdab. aiB>) 
Trio. Qraluw ay^v ^aggr'^JaBbj^^ MVa* 

city boslnesa. 

OOSBZW,— Jefferson Theatre (B. Sommers, 
mgr.) West's Minstrels 18; exceUent busi- 
ness. The Etemsl City 17: saUsfactory bnal- 
ness. Nol>ody's Claim 18: fair hnslness. Mrs. 
Wlggs ot the Cabbage Patch 20; pleased Isrge 
baslnrss. Royal Italian Band 21; good Imalness. 
The BaJab of Bhong 22; Fatty Felix SB; Bbea 
Bolden 2S; Tbe Bishop's Carriage 10. 

HARTFORD (UTT.— Van CleTa Tbeatr* (W. 
L. Va Clere, mgr.) The Moonsblaw'a Dangbter 
7: good business. When Women Lore S: good 
hnslness. Union Depot 17: good biMlness. Qalncy 
Adams Sawyer 31: pleased good business. The 
aiil from Mats 21; DUmond King 27 ; East 
Lyane 98. 

KOXOKD.— Cryatal ThMtie (W. £. Finley, 
mgr.) St. Clair Slaters. Jno. B. Martha. Two 
Fantas, Basel Oood aad the klnodrome week ST. 
Business good. _ 

Slpe Thestre (W. B. 'Helmlck. mgr.) East 
Lvnne 18: fair business. Uncle Tom's C^sbln 
20: good baatawsa. Whr WoaseB Sia 0; The 
nigh FMtrM JMina Stapklaa 
sa 80; JIanBF aad Mack Dee. 1; 

liOOAMSVOBT. — Dowllng'a Theatre (Jno. ■. 
Dowllsg. mgr.) Great Lafayette IS; pleased 
good buslnesi. 'Wsy Down Saat IS; pleased 
capacity business. The ForblddM.lfHMaaajn; 
good business. The Ra}ah o( Bboac SB| Baada 
Roua 24; Pretty Peggy 28. 

Crystal Theatre (W. T. Randall, mgr.) Hayes 
and Graham, Mile. Alma, Jas. Porter, Wood- 
ford's Edacated Aolmala. and the klnodrome 
week 20; S. B. O- 

KARIOM. — ^Indiana Theatre (B. G. Sonnnete. 
mgr.) West's Minstrels 13; good business and 
slioiv. Parsifal H: good business snd per- 
formance. Pudden'ead Wilson 15; fair l»usl- 
ness. Plff, Patr. Pouf 10: excellent performance 
and S. R. O. Nobody's Claim 17; fair show and 
good business. The Btemal (Mty 18; satlsded 
Isrge patronage. Kolb 3t DIU 24; Hie Diamond 
King 35. 

Grand Theatre (B. G. flomncia. mgr.) Ram- 
sey Sisters, -Wm. H. Wladom. Spanldlag. Bos- 
sell and Dnnhar. Baaal Bab laa oa aad tbe moe- 
Ing plctnrea iretk 28. - 

CtysUl Tbtatra (J. B. dkanooa, mgr.) Mm- 
mlaa aad..iIadb-. .B * stb a B> ^Md . TW iaaa, West 
ant Biatw; Ctea.V>; H ai<pa n. jia*, » w l iB pie- 
lutes #eebi Sft, , -" ' -'i r^' .-' 

WORIOAV CITT,-^Armoey Opsia .Btoaaa (B- 
F.Balley. mgr.) Great Amcrleaa - BdaM Clr- 
ena lS-14: kttait bnalnesa aadvpattamae*.: A 

Poor BalatI 

Dae. !.• «• ^ 

Rubber Goods, 
Par Caralvel Seles. 

Knife Rack KUvWe 

No. 2T1T— Oanstock— 70c per daaen. 
Wa baTo tbelargeat as(ortin«nt«tXaIt.> BaaiS 
Kniret west of tha Ifiuiaiippl rlaar. Our yaiC8| 
are absoluta xoek bottom. Wa aba esrry a fdl 
Una o( Stxaatmen'a uoodgi Oamival WotattlaB 
andgoodatorFaita. Waara ooeot thaoMaal 
S t iaa l aaa'a aappto honaa in the VnltadataMe 
Wa kava tbenaandi of tatiifled eactomen, w» 
eaa aatlatrzoa and want jonr hnilnaaa. JW 
SiTBKTlkUxnn enlaas yoaaavaariMM 
Bbipped tba 88888 mr as sasa h i i iTtiiia Oala' 


New Uao ot Arnica and fancy carda. 
Peerlesa" — the only slng-prouf 
machine made. 300 arcade mat-l 
dnoad price*. Oei our nrloa liak 



L«arn Mind Raadln< for Profit or Plaasur*. 

Uur txMik Ktw* >uu facta tbatenabl* 
you to becoiDO oxpert lo a sliort tli— ■ 

Clj^^^flQJ " ■ -■• ■ 

to do the tsatt ofibadl 

before tbe pobUc, aod eapUell rtliee 
tloo. for tnraloa ibis kaowlwlae to 
Proat. '-Knowledge la Powar,'^ 
Miad Reading la H r " 

iplalnAse., (Jhleagts D. B. A. 

Films and accessories, camena, leaaas, i 
asw and saooBd hand. bOB|^ aaM aad i 

Bxpen: ■ — * — — — -" 


Blooil Poison 


tlam and Catibrrbe in moy atafceV cored prrma' 

Sold Under A Bank Guarantee 

Send for Frrp Tlook tl»ln(r foil iufnrmatton ami proofs 

and its ftttendlDjr ills. Rbeoma- 


fJP Band Instruments 

■BahMnBUff PttMm All I 

W«M MdM taf or ••BOLTVH'* II 
ealalXothera IT 70a want Ikt I 

—If 70a win bATB another I — 

chnpk. ErerTtblDfc for r~~ 
CatB IM (coo oa roqaost. 


of all kinds. 
Sseelal ternn to 


nrtie Billboapd 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

The Billboard 


S, HoQ&nd Ba]Ltline,_IUO 


Ttlephona CentnlMU. 

eol ii i n a nto tloM fbr tt» t^t*«T*»l «r 

Thfc Billboard PubHshina Co. 


t tg A* Amtrlcam Htw Ca. <md iU bramckn. 
9te iWUmmti U told im Lomdtm at The Amme^n 
■hAom. T>«r«>— I Bmmtmtl. tiarUaumbtrlamd An., 

Timtrmit (^vIM % Ar^MiMB Jta* Okaarf* 


Wax there erer before printed an tAglitj-twt 
pass theatrical paper bon wUA it waa 

aC Ik* SMiM'lB 

think not. Bnt tl»t Is tlie condltloD ol 
■tfes affectlD£ this Issue of T}ie BUlboanL 
tic coarae, we icsret 4tac D tB t a all y ol IcaTlng 


ve M Ikat M 


tbe lut mwt w>M H to «taaInMr 

to increase tlie slae of tlie psper 
fnrtlier and set It lnt> the bands of subscribers 
at the nsnal time, tiie adTertlsements iutre 
come poorlns la In ndi qaaatltT. that, not 
wlahlas to dlaapoolnt the admtlacia. arc aead 
tUa cdttloa teth hIdob 41m Hi— IIii aad bd- 


'W. S. Keller, manager of Keller'a Zonare 
Girl*, aalled with his tronpe on tiie I« to/a- 
ralne. Thursday. Not. 23, £«r Faiia. ali eia be 
opens Dee. 15. Manssar KdhB WBlMB Ikat 
be has booked his organlmttaa fM ft fMA tt- 
senec from this conntry. 





PROPOS of the claims of 

Qhlcsso as s prododns center eoaaa 
tile aunouncemeut of the slsnlflcant 
move of Elaw & Brlanser In de- 
ciding to transfer from New York 
to Chicago the premiere of the sisutle pro- 
duction. The Prince Of iBiUa. to kc stfcn at 
tbe C<donlal Theatre aooB mtHm <feo a( tbe 
TMT. foUowins MdDtm nt Beath ia "Bit 
mm Tkcc tke Best attzaeOM at tke beantlfol 
■nMih sUMt pl a rtwss. Tor OMmtb* ezten- 
alw j wp aia tlaiia has* beca pr u s i e ss lns for 
tlila grand draiaattoatiaa ot Gen. Lew Wal- 
laoe'a wonderlal atoir. aod now It has been 
eridently retUaed that the unqosllfled and 
teemlDg success of •Forty-flTe Mlnutea From 
Broadway, attests the reliability of Chlcago'B 
claims and the endnring support of an attrac- 
tion of genuine merit. It must be qnlte a 


JTiattfiiami ikcmXi it mailt Of posC oyfFe* or opras 

I. I orttcr. or Tryiut^ed IrtUr addrtaaed or made — — - 

tMtlath* BiUhoardPi^.Ca. 

ns sditor canot amderlakt to reCsra aaaoUeilM 
aHMaerip<.- 9orrap<jndemSa »homU kttp 

WW it it nx€M3aTv to Wirt tu Ik* i — 

rfar liper f i Msn a H . arsat mw i «a tts. 

BOIbsazd wm act 
p balaaiap ka. Zditar. 

December 2.ises. 

Wltk wtiaterer 

of trust 

: one may 

tasaid me BfWIral fitMMt tttt.gbW-dto to 
tte ceMiratioa ot CMMBUk tt to wtm a> oe- 
•nlBB far good ebeer aad dose feUowsblp. 
Ike ncBe ol wtlifaetiim with life and the world 
to .ta li* ' atmoopbece. XJka the prellhatlotts 
«C aptlns and antoma. It to 
■Uealfle. tat we kiunr It to «m. Ha 
ttty Is snmlatakahle. ... Aod ao. 
tooigk It max be a dsv of two pertbrmsocea, 
•r turd work ud IltUe rcoMdoii. time to 
ret that deleetnde aenaa ot iatereat and ktn- 
tliat COOKS ""N''iltn wMh the telldaTB— 
aad departs witli them. ... It is fOrtimats 
Jkat assoclstino ba« made Christmas what It 
to. ISie day to unique among the bolldaya 
«t wUoh we hare all too few in awi-rf~ 
Uere la that in the excfaaase ot eompllmenta 
OHttldnnia aa ararer tacetbar and cements old 
! BUBioard take 

TUm iaase ot ^Hie SlUboard two »*»^' 

ads. the BedUa aad tbe White City a>J 
Tbsy BaA am aaa*.- kakw Ite An^M;. 
or IMS 
a pmtesslaBal JonmaL 


We OB aat icfraia. ia Issnlns our Christmas 
ciIUbk attention to a few of 
^Jhnt barn marked the growth 
IW ;tta ,paat 

"We bow print more raotes than any other 
paper. Onr issue dated Not. 25. contained 88T 
laatea classUed aa perfonnos' datob SU to- 
Batte motea. IM — «— i n tmllmmi' 
atoesOsBeooa. a ailaati d. SS ^lii^ xoatssk 
aa* tea drens rontes (the eamlTal and dreos 
Seaaoo Mas practically closed), making a to- 

toC oC . 1.708 raotca asainst 1.561 pabllited tbe 


toalla. aad wHt AtrOr 

. France^ and la SoBtb a*^*— 
ne BHIhaard baa 



DUFFlELiD-wiii'liK.— Frederic* DaffleU. coo- 
nected with opera houses at Mason City, la., 
wajs married at St. Paol, Minn., to Miss Flor- 
ence White of the latter dty. Not. 16. 

iPABCH-POX. — Arthur L. Parch, formerly 
with the I. T. Cash CandTal Co.. was married 
Not. U, to Miss Kate Fox. a non-professional, 
ot Mllwankee, Wis. 

TAlXOB-an A Rfl Charles B. Taylor, man- 

aad Anna Seaia. toadlac aonttrette of the 
- ~ *— « i>»a. aanlad in Chi- 

_ — A. Wtoe aad Jaar Beley, 

kaowB aa Oaeeto. paladst, were manlad In Or- 
assebors; S. C. Hot. U. 

riiBim nrwMnrr mmnr saido paiiai. tbe 
w«U Inaaa maim, aad Mtos Mama mtkt 

fearer In Manager Oeorsa W. Lederer'a cap 
to liare this folfUlmeat of bis recent dedara- 
tiona hear snch tmlt. Ms arrlTal In Chicago 
to assume the management of the Colonial 
being accompanied by a stratght-from-the-shool- 
der statement that years of experience had 
proren to him the oonslBtent fairness of the 
Chleaso theatregoera. and their sobatantlal rec- 
OinftMii of worthy stage offerings. 

Tba BMgnlfTide and larlahness of detail of 
ne Priace of ladto has been desetlbcd by those 
aeqnalnted with tbe picparatbaa «< tte pro- 
dnctlon as tlie aioat extraTagaat aaC iMWoas 
eTer attempted by ttese badaa oC Bodera 

abaw to aae ot bis hiitlill^. at 

sad tbe attiactloo aboold est a tat «( 
Obicaso people are alwaya raady to 
■saey for noTeltiea. and a good antoisl 
wm appeal to the patrons ot White 
City. Of coarse, it will hsTe to be canted 
out along "World's Fair" Uofs to Insure a 
grand success, a tact readily acknowledged by 
Manager Hlnes who - promises us a featarc at- 
traction In all the term Implies. It Is a trifle 
early to announce the plana of the White Cltj 
maoagemeDt. for tbe coming aeasou. It Is 
safe to predict. howeTcr. that CblcsKo's mlUloa 
dollar amosement resort will ophold her repu- 
utlon and preaent to the anuuement-loTlas path 

a-gh"^ sMsr* - 

zxAs TBEE Bsmnr 

The pro-am for the Examiner'a 
Christmas Tree Benefit. wMcb to to be steM 
at the Grand Opera Bonse, Tbniaday aftenso^ 
Dec. T, is now practically eomptele. It wSl 
nndoobtedly be one of the moat preteotlooa ea- 
tertainments eTer glTen for durlty In this 
dty. Tbe proceeds (with an added (500 from 
the Examiner), will go to bay Ctirlstmaa pre*- 
cnta for the little poor children of Chicago. 

The cast so far arranged Indadea the follow- 
Ing artists; Fay Templetoa — Forty-flre Mlnate« 
Fnun Broadway company, the Colonial; Lu- 
l— The Bose of the Alhambra com- 
er; OtU Skinner— Bis Grace 
- ^-^jy. ttt,acud;,nctsc Ifoon 
lattjci ~ " 

llan BlasTelt- 

* tba OuLS^ ata 
MBpaai'. ttaa Snat j 

McGregor, leading lady of As Ye 
BMT. died In Boston. Mass.. Nor. 22. tram the 
•Seeto of an operation tot deafnem Her home 
was la Kochester. N. Y. 

Charles Spencer, an elsht-hora* drirer wltli 
the Buffalo BUI Wild West Show, died at 
Caatre, France, Oct. 17. from Injuries receired 
seTeral weeks prerloos. Mr. Spencer waa aboot 
thirty yeare of age and a natlTe of Oolnmbos. 

J<dm W. Bansome. eomedlan la Hn Ue a( 
Bong Bong, monms the death aC • ~ 

bom Not. 18 to his wife la ~ ' 
•Bx child Ured two daya. 

The Empire One Cent Amnsement Co., New 
York CltT; capital. (15.000. Antomatle vaodc- 
tUc. looorporatots— Jacob H. XadeL Satoca- 
l!P»'. ""v J**J7* »• ■^ s t a la IML.W. lUtb 
abaat, and Cbazlea Yaeebr. Ml M. JMh atoaafe 

suge erestlons, Klaw ft Erianger. and It Is 
said there are no leas than flre himdred players 
engaged, amoog the prindpal being J. E. 
DodsoD, William Famnm, wmiam Beach, Utiida 
Fealy and Sarah Tmax. The dramatlsatloa Is 
by J. I. C. Clarke, tbe music Is being arranged 
by Horatio Parker, professor of mnslc of Yale 
College, leading scenic srtlsu of London and 
this cotmtry hSTe for months been engaged on 
pa intin g the scenery, four hundred Roman snd 
Tarklsb soldiers, to be retained permanently 
wta the prodaetloB, are being drilled constantly 
aad Baf»la the htetocF ot a theatrical vn- 
f."?** tWBsadoos pre- 

y"*"*?.***"- aa* «Mar. Aad yet tbe i£ost 
complete deflned ptaaa haia has* changed 
by the nadealable «f CHnaM ad 

rantages by recent " 

Taniages by recent acBKTCtoeata aai acaln 
Broadway ia rdasated «a seesM ItowrSto OL— 
tec the Ussaat ptaa «( Omb 

T he Hln M-BM W|-'W inard enterprises 
"aattoB srtl» ■allBlat success in Coba. 
tr,??t, 5'"%5t*** Central America 
wHI follow the Cobaa caMtsacat. Mr. George 
H. Hlnes will bsTe semd atttacUeas at White 
City. Chicago, in JSOfcHe hS^SsSd £ew 
Jewell's Manikins for one of bla ^ows. Tbe 
Manikins were last seen In Chicago st Hyde A 

Behman s Theatre (0(donlalI where tbor 

a snat mt. Ur. RIaas wm - 

The Baiabo Sirl 

Ceca " 

tbe I^Salte; 

the Wood company, the Garridt: Vhc Pony 

let— Hto Bonor, tbe Mayor company, rhIrMi 
Opcta Boose; (Margaret MacDonald— The Qte- 
pire company, the LaSalle: Oberldah *81mDSoa — 
The Vabes In tbe Wood company, Qarrick; 
Henry Corson Clarke — -VaodeTllle: 'Way Dowa 
East Qnartet— McVlcker's: .Banks Cregier snd 
orchestra of forty pieces and Bert Brown, cor- 
net soloist. 

gerea ot the most pntmlar ebacaa (tHa tioa 

One of the new niiiiiaamant devleca 
to lie dlTalsed by one of Chlesso's bis parks 
next snmmer to that known as The Comets. 
iuTcnted by B. B. Patee, ot Mew York. A 
similar derice will be Installed at Coney Is- 
and. New York. Mr. P. Baker, well kaowa 
in amusement drees In this country aad to 
England. Is In Chicago, and Is forming a eom- 
pan7 to bolld and operate The Comets In other 
cities. L-lmlted space preTenta us from min- 
utely describing the modus operandi of this 
lateat thriller. SolQce it to say. howeTcr. the 
amnaement seeker who patronises The Comets 
wm get a ma tor bis money. The sensations 
at aa acdal trip takaa wtthto. a aonster roUlns 
aaM to b»Hsa|MtalBs In tbe ex- 
J aeaaoa a( IBM wHl ace mota paik 
inaoratloaa than, sav j s n to as year. ImcMteS 
are'bnmlns tte s^ttlsbt on and pnaaoteto aat 
as buy as bees intncstlBS capital wttb arbhb 
to launch the new creatlona. The tact that 
many wealthy business men of the commercial 
woild are Interesting tbemsdres la tbe aossiacr 
park bnilnesa — a business tiist bids to 
outstrip all other forms of amusement enter- 
prise — speaks well for the future of those who 
hasa.pottea to_ea the sroo^ floae. la. tba 

coLOHEL cmamre* plahb 

CoL Frederick T. Cummins has some 
interesting plana onder way for next season. 
And while the -writer, In the Chicago ofllces of 
Tbe_B lllhcard. one day last wee^ enjoyed th* 
pitoSeta of looklas orer the copyrighted tnanu- 
— Vt aCa tpetbtat wbldi promises to be of a 
St tbrMliaa aad pcnolar nature, yet we are 
not psnitMi. at ftto ttoie. to aoqaatot oat 
readeta Aa Malta. Backed by tba 

perieace af years, as tte peodaeer aC tta 
famous Cummins' Wild West aad Iadi« a»> 
gress, a feature at sMat o( Ae Ian 
Uons. and laat aeaaoo a teadtos taeSor at" 
cag o's White City, OoL Cnmmua to pi e paiia s 
to spring upon the amusement world an Inao- 
Tatlon. which Is snrc to attract tbe atteatiaa 
of showmen STerywhere. As a matter of 
clTlc pride, we are In hopea Chicago will lay 
first dalm on the project — Indeed Chlcagoans 
hare come to look npon the genial Colooel as 
a fixture — and that one of oar big local parks 
will add a lustre to Ita ensemble ot attrac- 
tioaa by the Installation of tbe Cumtulns' spec- 

_At an •teateb we make free to predict that 
On. ftoBMlaa' exbtottioa will Oad imnudlatr 
tmrjad^toMtettos pm s nrHr M av dtr wbtob 

ABom mxmns nnu 
A moving picture craze has fastened 

Iteelf upon PitttboiK. aad to ttat cttr wtlklB 
tbe past moalb aiaiQ a seaia «< SMttaa atottn 
"store shows'* have sprang to|o astotaaetk Aa 

a matter of record. It is bnt fbte to atoto that 
nesrly all of the Otms used to Pltlsbarf aia 
rented by a certain leading Cblcago Arm. TbS9 
call these shows "NIckdobeons" — by rcaasa a< 
the fact that flre centa U tbe price ot ad- 
mission. Coatlnoous shows are glren fnoi aady 
In the morning until late at nigbc. Now we 
are to haTe them in Chicago, and soon they wlB 
be sprinkled all oTer onr business districts 
wbererer suitable locaUons can lie secured, 
aonday. Not. 2«, a resort of this nature opened 
on State street, with a brass band accompani- 
ment, the second ot a number which are to be 
opened la the ismedlate future. R la sa- 
BORd that a Oicaso syndicate ia to line op 
8 anriteg o< Oisae autlaa pietam stare ' 
to aaar at Ow laiarr cttUaT 



Ve un B}t nnderUk* to remai] PAP£SS or 
MlCSAOES on which is raqiUred extra poitac* 
w ttnmi, ualrn* ta* mo M Hiy amooat ot BWt- 

ftft WHK OT ^H^^^B 

Allen. Jewle 
Andrew*. FuinT 
Arnold, Indola 
•AlTo. Mn. Chu. 
Binrird. Mrs. Don 
Birtlett, Mrs. J. B. 
Bauer, NeUle 
BecktTltb. Mli 
B«sdllQ. Aden 
Bea*oo. Ids. 

BeDtlejr. imak 
•BInhoy. MM 

Brown, Mrs. Frank 
BrownlM, Mrs. Wal- 

Calbam. Mn. Clara 
Culbac, Madam B. 
Catcea. Bsttiet 
•Canon, 0«argle 
OaisoB. GearsU F. 

Cfeatle, Dolly 
Oaatle, Grac« 
OtirUter Catherine 
Doreoa, Princeaa 
Costello, LnCT A. 
CosteUow, Madam 
OeArmo, Mrs. Mads* 
•SeOsta. Mis. 
Datoe. Vaania 
0»»l»pirt. Maod ■. 
- ^ lb*. O«o. O. 
~ Mn. 

DrMs, Mrs. Blsncbc 

D imnuH Mid. Mn. J.H. 
Dnnbar, Bertie 
DnncaD, Virginia 
Dopree, Geo. ft Iilb- 

Earl. Htsel. Mgr. 

(Earl Slsteis) 
•ESastoa. Blanche 
EkeloDd B^Iga 
EUlJOn. TlUlf 
Ershra. Gtrtrode 
•Fatlma. LaSelle 
fknlkncr Hrs. W. 
■Fletciicr, I—brHs 
ftetoae. OtcU 

GtsUlI. Mrs. UaiT 
Gar, Jeaale 
•09>b* Slater* 
Graham, Sdna 
Grant, Irene 
Grar, l£n. B. 
Crete. Otaee 
Oolrey, Mrs. 
..Bale, Beatf 
Ball. Mabel 
Hanaoo. Ulllan 
•Hairtborne. NeUle 
Bajmrd Stock Co., 

'BeseltoD Btirlea<iDe 

Ca.. The Mabel 

Beoser. Masgle 

aUL Aal 

Hoeklns, Mrs. Asaa 
Hotanes. Mra. Fred 
Bols. Mra Mena 10c 
BoosCoD, Lanra 
Botraid, Joe * Gnaade 
Hulette. Mrs. F. 1. 
^otiaaon. Mrs. Obarlle 
Kane. Mi«. Nellie 
•LaMarr, Mrs. 
LaRose. Madam 

•I.e«He. Beatrice 
Lewla. Pearl 
LoefBer, Elsie 
McBlaIr, Elsie 
MacDooald, Mlas B. 
Mcltonald. Oladeatr 
McDonald. 3tm». DeU 
MeMorrl*, Bertha 
Mall. Manda El 
Marsalls, Mrs. Base 
Vatttm,- eiact 
MartlBC. MuBl* 
Miller, Mrs. ~ 
MllUcan. M<«, IM S. 
MlUlsan, Ada 
MUton, Bmau 
Moody, Kmma Calvert 
Moore, Arlean 
Morgan, Catherine 
•ilorrla, Dorothy 
Moseley, Mrs. W. M. 
Mosart, Era 2e 
ilnndell, Ida 
Nelson, Mrs. Margaret 
Newton Marsneriti 
Noxoo, Mra. Dare 
*Orm«by, Janette 
PaoUne. Prloceaa 
Peek. IMU Bar 
FhUHpai. Bmr It 

Ptdlllpa, Ua (FUmpB 

Power*, Mrs. Ji sal e 
"Prengle, Delia 
Price, Mrs. LoDell 
Prlngle. Delia 
Becd, Mr*. Tlaia 
Reed. KlttT ' 
Renf row, ilr. ft Itt 


all, Dorothy Vaoghaa 
Rogers, Mrs. Dock 
"iRocaa, Rose Sheldon 
Rosamond. NelHe 
St. Oatre. iiarlc B. 
Salida. Mme. Zozct 
Sebeld. Bmma 
SeOwTt. Mr*. W, 


Slmpsoo. Mrs Tlflaii 
Skinner. Mr*. T. L. 
SnelgroTc, Beisle 
Snow. Dalaey M. 
Solora, Msdwn 
Stanley. Mlaa J. 
Stewart. Mrs. D. L. 
Stnrgla, Mrs. C. J. 
Satton. Mrs. H. B. 
Taylor. Marlon 
Teasdale, Mrs. Geo. 
Thomas. Mrs. Addle 
Van Uall. Bra . 
Van ToaseU, 

Villa. Lnda K. 
VoUes. Marie 
Wsgner, May 
Walten. FCMl 

Ward, FBI 

White. ~ 
Winer. Annl* . - 
Wiper, Margmt B> 
Wolf, Ulllan 
Wood, Helen 
Wood. Mrs. G. U 

Adams. Ah. 
Adama. Frank 
*AdumoD. Sddle 
.^acoo, GastOD 
Albloa, iMla 
Allen, Milt H. le. 
^ADen. L. E. 
Allyen. Henrv 
AlTin. MIcliae 1 
AEMrtean Am. Oo. <Oe 
KrA* Bn«.) 

Aa i tal uSfy r 
AateSMk iC Ot' 
Aacell*, S. (AaiiW*: 
Ooacdlaaa) . 

Arnold, W. F. -' 
•Arnold. T. B. V ■• 
•Arthur, Gu 
Atklna. Lew 
Atktoaon, Geo. 
AagDstoa. 1. T. 
Aoatln. a. 8. 
*. atln. f. O. 
Btdroalan. Joe 
BaJdwIn, S. X., Ir. 
Barker. Geo. J. 
Basaer Exhibition Oo. 
Barar. Stere 
Barlaw, w. N. 
■araes, KOirard 
5w»»y. Frank 
■•rraek. Gctt, M. 
Batnra. Tom — 
I'srrett. Artbar 
Rarrmsn J. K. tt 
Bartlett. De Wttt 

Barton. Ball (Barton 

BauKh. Pror. (Colored 

Beach, Bobby 
Beck. H. 
Iircknrltb, yease 
Bennett. Paul 
Benson, Geo. D. 
Benter, Joe B. 
Benton. Cnrtla 
Bnscr* Kncat It. 


BeM. F. B. (PDDk) 
Bererly, J. W . 
BIddlr. F. W. 
Bldwell, Wn. Sc 
BlUInga. Gay 
nirchfleld, Cbaa. 
BirchfleUU Onitcr 
niBbop, W.- ■B.j- - 
BUct s*k|U.- flkaiL 

Bonds, Bending 
Bones, B. F. 
•Bonn. Geo. Jl. 
BonneU, James 
Borden, Felix 
Bfloton Ideal Opera 

Boston Opera Co, 
roitKhton. Will 
Bow— , a. Se 
BMm. 9ohB v. 

Booell, 'Wra. 
Brandon, nai 
Bray, Banr 
Breanan, J. Vtaacis 
Brewer. M. A. 
Brewer, T. B. 
Bridgewater, Frsnk 
Britten. Frank (Bed) 
Brodle. Wm. A. 

BrolUer, Bobt. 
Brooks, P. I>. 
BrasnniUer. Wa>. 
Bnara, IM B. 
BM«a, Slarrckna 

Dtmb ft Wllun 
Earle. /ota li. 
Bsat Lran Co., Mgr. 
Eaatern Cam. A Am. 

Co.. Grt. 
BastwDod, Clareooe 
Ebnet, John 
Bceles, a, H. 
Bcblln Am. Oo. 
*EcklM. B. K. 
Edison, B. E. 
•Edwai^ Geo. B. 2e 
Bdwarda, C lb 
•inateld. lbs 
-- J. 


Bnike. Sanr O. 

•Bnrton, H. B. 

Bnckley. Losla 

Bomette, Blehatd 

Bntrell, Jimmla 

Bnscfa, A. S. 

Bntla, T. B., 3f(r. 

•Caleedo, J. A. 

Calllway. Gto. 

Campbell, Doc 

Cannon, Bert L. 

Cantor. J. O. 

C^splinger, Chas. 

Ckr, O. H. 

Carl, K. P: 

Gary, Cbas. J. 

Case, Doe 

Caie. R. I. ' 

Oaytar ft IcOibm 

Clie n sTs a t. O. O. 

ChCTaller. H. O. 

Clark. Clerer 

Clark. T. H-. 

Clark, Eddie B. 

Clayton, Jame* 

Clond. J. Walter 

CoKlin. Ed. 

Cole, J. E. 

•Cole. Loola A. 

CoUlns. Frank T. 

CoUlna. Arthor (Baa- 
Jo PUycr) 

Comana Wm . • 

Oonklln, Geo. 'A:. 

Conklitt, Peter 

Cooloii. Jade 

Conndi, The 

Cook, J. T. 
Cook & Barrett's 

Show, Mgr. 
Cookscon, M. G. 
Coooa. Cbaa. 
Copltn. Aftert & Will 
Carlgan, Baldy 
Ojmeal, C. C. 
(Totrlgan, S. D. 
Otnon, OolM. 
Ooort. Percy 8e 
Crowley, Jaa. H. 
Ctalg, Peter 
•Ctanatoo A;. B. 
Crawford. Roaa 
Crooin, Ia& 
Croas. O. B. 
CRMS. Mr. fOtjBtd 

Palace fflaaa Show) 
CroMk. Ll 
Cnme. W. F, 
Cum mi n s , CU. Fred 
Cnrreden. A. E. 
CzsTllnakl. C. K. 
DeGroase. Jos. 
DeI.ano. Seaor Ed. 
DeLorls (JheTaller 

CanilTal Co. 
De Vault B.. Mgr. 

(Roaslan Prince) 
DeVaro. Cbas. 
DeVelda ft Zelda 
Dalley. Tom 
'Da H wla. tm 
DaUaB. C. M. 
Daaacr. Itad A. 
DanSb Baaa A. 
Danona. Le* 
IHtrUncMo. Hanr 
DsraabT. Ben. 
Damold, BUIn 
Dangherty, Billy 
Dasgberty, James - 
•Dangherty Bros. 
Davenport, W. M. 
IkaTia, Arthur 
Ueeker, Louis (Trsp 

Dcithick & Bcnjanlo 

Delamater MaiU' Omt-t 

Co.. Mgr. 
Delomont. Fred 
Derona, Fred 
Derwln, Jame* T. 
Deapor. Mr. (Dtapor 

Desonas, The 
Diekennan, D. 
Dlckerson, Ugr, 

(Lad.r Mlnntrela) 
Dickaon. J. B. 
Dniae. John W. 
Dlllse, Max 
nlllworth, Jame* 
•Diukins, T w. 
•Dlttman, Om. H. 
niToUs. Mona. (Fire 

King.) , ^ 
Doc's CamlTal Co. 
Dodson. James F. 
IionnoTln. Geo. 
Dooler. Bernard 
Iiorlan & Ansel 
Donghitt. Ben 
DouflBM, Bert 
Dowmaa. Walter H. 
Doyle. E. J. ie 
•Doyle. Fled P. ^ 
DreaadaBd Cam. Oj. 
IVadaek I<aw»*oe* D. 

DunBB^ ^rngt 
ihikmr. *• ^ 
onadtreaeo, Mittn 
Davn*. Geo. ft Libibey 
Dotton. Wm. 
Pntton Can. Oo. 
•Dnvreis. — B 
Dwrer. M. J. fWWat- 

PTCr A. 
Dyer. W W. 
Dyer*. BiU 

. Co., JCgr. 
'BBiplte Candy Madi. 


ETani, Lec F. 
Brans. W. Mgr. 
Brsns, <Wn>. 
Brana, W. O. 
Brersole, Wm. 2e 
Fagan C*ra. Oo. 

•Tarmer, Hatton 
Fatt. Henry 
Fay. The*. 
Feagen, Frssk 
Fennessy, Wm. Se. 
Fenton, C. B, 
Pick. Chas. 

Fitzgerald. Hanr G. 
FltiglbeDS, Ned 
Flannety. Frank 
FUnn, Frank B. 
•Flonce. Al. 
Flood, Jno. 
Fogg. Thos. 
Fole.v. Ed. 
Foods Straw Co. 
Force, Carl C. 
Ford. S. J. 
Fonts, Dr. W. K. 
•Fowler, Ed. 
Fox. Rowland 
FOX. Bd. O.. Ugt. 

FralbCF, Geo. 
•Fraak. J. 
Ttaok. Hal I J 
FtaakBa Am. Oo. 
Frasee. AL O. 
mt, J. Matm 
Freeman. Harry 
Fremsn, Harry 
French, Max 
i'rey. Henry . 
Froenburg, Smm 
Fritchle. Frank B. 
Fuego, I>eU. 
Puller. Kent I.. 
Fulton. Dick A. 
Fnltoa Jkrtbnr H. 
Gsidner ft Maddem, 

Show mer. 
Garrlty. Hairy 
Gason. Fred P. 
•Celger, H. (Actor) 
Gelser ,Joba 
. George, Jacob Ic 
Gerald. WlUie 
Gergooder, ProC Geo. 
Gibson. Jaa. H., Mgr. 
GlSocd, F. H.. iaont- 

GUI. Jim 

Gilliam. Primrose 

GllUlsnd. P. 
•GlUInRbam, AL J. 
GUllogbam. Edmund 
Glbnore. Tiios. E. 
Glrard. J. B. 
Giant's Cam Co., J.B. 
Glenn. W. J. 
Goldea BWBfJIf: 0>. 
OoodlaB, J. £ 
Gosaago. Oeeb 
6«vert. A. ae 
GxabacMBcUaaalaK 0>. 
Grace. P. E. _ 
Grant's. W. W. Show, 

Gray, - Barry 
Grenada, Herr 
•Green J. Elsworth 
Green, Barry 
Gregg. F. O. 
Griswell. Joe 
Groves, Fred 
Guthmaa A Ooodrich 
Haines. Chas. 
Haines. R. Barry 
Hale, Boy P. 
Ball. Mike 
Ball. W. A. 
BalL Wm. P. 
HammeistelB. B. B- 
Bandy Xoreltr Oo. ' 
Banley. P. 
Haman. Geo. 
Harrla. Frank W. 
Harris. Sid. 
Harris. James A. 
Harris, L. R 
Harrison. Thomas 
Hart. Tom 
Hatch. J Frank 
Hawkins, W. B. 
Hawkins, Mr, 
Hawley, Walter 
Hayden ft LaLoade 
Rsyward Stock Oo, 
•Ulaielton Barlcaqae 

Co., The 
Heaserty. StnheD 
Hehcick. ATtknr 28c 

Btdonrk. Ficd 
HeUaan, D. A- 
Hellman. Harry 
Helton. Ed. 
Bendrlcks. Bom ft 

Herman. Lawson 
Herrman. Arthor 
Herrlngtoo. W. B. 
•Herrlngton W. 
Hester. Master LeKoy 
•Hill. Harry WiUaid 
•Hni. Barry 
Hilllsr. Prof. W. J. 
Hilllard. Jsy Boy 
H IttnnaEeyT K SB 
Bints Entertainment 


Hockey. Harry Gibhs 
Hodge, James H. Haor 
Holen, John J. 
Holland, Frank 
Holland, OharUc 
HoUowsy. Lee 
Holmes, C. L, 
Bolok, Arthur M.| 
Holtmao, J. U. 
Hooker Asa. 00. 
Hope. Wa^ P. 

- ^- .am 

Besraid. Edward L. 
Howard, Joe ft Onsale 

HoiveU. B. M. 
Habbard, Tom 
■Hudson Sylvester J. 
•Hughes, Walter 
Hughes, Wiady 
Hum. Henry Thome 
Hume. F. G. 
•Ikey * Abj Co. 

Italian Trio, The 
Jackson. E. 8. 
James, Wm. 
Jenk* ft CUffocd 
Jennettes, Ihe 
Jerome, Ftank B. 

Uaranl. Chaa. A. 
Uarkel. Dare 
Mara, I. O, (lAcro- 

Martele. Wm. 
Marteset. Joe It. 
Martin. H. J. 
Martin, J. A. 
Marty. Joe 
Marvels, Tlie 
Masy, Charley 
Mason, FTed (Babe) 


Mattliews, M. (BovU 


btto. KlBB 
•Kaisey. B. • 
Kartell]. Fallow 
Kaskey. Jamca 

Katool, B^bUt 

Kaises, H. 

•Keith, David H. 

Kellar. Harry (Magi- 

Kelly. Frank H. 

Kennedy. John, Bus. 

Kennedy. Memphis 
Kennedy^ Jaswa V. 
•Kent. Howell 
Kerr. WUlMar 
KightUaccr.. Cbas. J. 
Kildaxe. Kit 
KllpatM. ~ 
KUpatndc ' 

•Ktac, wm 

•King ft Co.. BL a. 
Klnnebrew, H. T. 
Knowles, Elmer B. Se 
Knowlton, Bsrry 
•Konipsdorfer, Psul 
Krans. O. J. 
Kranse. Otto H. 
Krelter. Arthor 
Rulp. Clair 
LaiPesrl. J. H. 2e 
La^erre, Fi«deri<^ 

LaVelle, Col. Wm. A, 
La-Vier, Johsar (Cao- 

LvRosh. Be* 

J. ,JB.: «B 

Xcrma. kto. a. 
Meyeta, B. 

Mills, G. a. 
Miles Wearer 8bow 
MiUena, A. G-. 
Miller, Harry 
MlUer, J. D. 
MlUer, O. F. 
MlUlcan. Fred B, 
Mllfanar, Chaa. 
Mocerf, Wm. 
Monumental Cam. 0>. 
Mooneybsn, John 
Moore. Chas. 
Moore, Hsxry A;. 
Moore. S. 

Moore. Tom _ 

, Hoore, Dr. W. H. 

^aioedcr. yutat 

XoHey. a A. 
•afeetSmer, Otam. 
Morttmer, W. A. 
Moseley. M. A.. Mgr. 
Mnndy, Lande* 
Mnnton. Mr.- (dark) 
Munzer. Joe Se 
Murphy. Osiar 

"Murpby. C. M., Mgr. 
Murray. Tommy 
Mjer A Mason 
Myer, Chas. E. 
Myers, M. H. 
Myers, N. P. 
Myers. Max H.. Mgr. 

Nalbandlan, J. 

Newton, Harry ft W- 

NIaa. I. 
WWo, BmC_ 

Lamar. L B.' 

Hlxan. Banr 
NOrrls, Ed. 
Norton. J. J. 
Sotter. J. F. 
Sygsrd. Ed „ 
O'Brien, Geo. H. 
O'Jfeil, Wm. 
OUver. E. E. 
Olson, A. D. 
Orton Show, Miles 
Orton, Normsn 
Osbome Dramatic Oo, 
Ott, O. W. 
Oreratieet, J. M. 

• Mir 

Lamhrrto, John 
LtmpMii. Bt. 
Lane. Chria. 
Lane ft Sndmtta 
r,aselle, Ed. 
Lee, Jno. 
Leovltt. H. L. 
•Leavltt. J. M, 
Legge, Wade 
Leggett. ayde 
Lemont. BUly 
Leonard. Frank 
Leslie. Jay 
Leslleft Cbtmt 
Leslie. Mat.Bi 
I^aUe. Bout :■■ 
Levy. Ed. 
Levy PUL- ■.- 
Lewie. Eddie 
Lewi*, r. T. _ 

Parker. Lam 

Peifaams. "The' 
Pepper, H. L. 
Perry, Thoi. B, 
Perscb, Bert 
Phalen, Wtate 
Phares, C. W. MOW 

..Phenoo. T. W. ^ 
•^ruiltia. Banj ft 

Undenbocer, Bol- 

Llndeostmtb. Foot 
Lindstrom. C. F. 2c 
Llndstrom ft AadenOB 
LInlKer 1*10 (Aoo- 

Lisbon. B. P. 
Lock. Chas. 
LiOCkwood Expo. Oo. 

H. W. 
Logsden. A. B. 
Lolow. John (Clown) 
Lone Star Cam. Co. 
Looa. J. Geo. 
Lorenne. (Seow El 
Lovett. <b P. 

,raiup> ft GertOB 
'mur. W. W. 
Pleatda ft Catncr 
Piekaxda. Zola D. 
Plckert, Winis 
PUtor. B. D. 
Flttec, C. P. 
IPorter, Hert)ert 
•Porter, J. D. 
Potter, H. B. 
Potts. O. L. 
Potts ft Potts 
Powell. Halton 
Pretty Polly Co. 
•Price. Bdw. C. 2c 
Pujo. B. P. 
Pnlaskl Bros. 
P. H D, 
Quease. <Seo. 
Qnillens. "Bte 
Rsinboldt. V. M. 
Bandall (Siarlca L. 

Lulgl. Oco. _ . 
Lumpkin. Chas C. 
Lnndal), O. E. 
Lyklns. Whltle 
Lyons, Mr. Dolly 
•Lyons. Jno. K. 
McCallnm. W. B. 2c 
McCann, John 

Mac Cllntock. Bd. 
McOonkey. Rnaaell J. 
•\IcCulIom Herbert 
McDade. David 
McDonald. O. H. 
McDonald. Balikh 
SIcFerd, Cbas, 
McFsrIsnd. Mr. 
McGeary. H. W . 
McGInnia. 7. D. . . 
McGnlre. B. 
MelnCrre. Bert 


MCKCDey. Don (ar- 
ena Agt.) 
MeLslIer Jaek 
McLangUIn. J. H. 
MciLean. A. B. 
MeMulIen. Hsrry 
Msck. BlUy 
Maher ft LaPlaee 
Mahnke. Wm. J. 
Maitland * Paseatel 
•)ls1ey. Denman 
M^iTiall. Hsrry 
Manle.T, O. W. 
MaavrOk Geo. S. 

•Bapler. lao. H. 
KarlA. -C. 
Kaver. Chas. 
KawUns. Gto. W. 
•Bay. David 
Bay. J. Geo. 
Raymond, L. A. 
Reeder. Frank L. 
Held, Hash 8. 
•Benckl. RaA ^ 
Bentrow. Mfc ft' IBI 

•Riedel. Anton 
RiKga. Albert 
Roberts, W. B. 
•Roberts. Albert 
Boblnsoo, W. 
B o b lnson. G. B. 

Tamea A. 

Geo. jr. 
•Boltafr, H. 
Sooner. Leonard 
Boot. Fnnk L, 
Koea. Bmll 
Boscoe ft Sbna 
Rose. Col. C. H. 
Bosmyn. HoUy 

Rotnonr. J. B. 
•Rudlatr. Tbo«. 
Bnssell. Barry (Beck 

Rns!>e!l. Lavncnoe Se 
Both. Scott 

Knssey'a Qrt^,' 

ian Nov. Oa. (Ikav. 
Bhow ) 

Byan, Frank S. 

St. Clare, Cbas. 

•Sanders. Geo. H. 

Sargent, Fred P. 

Baseman, W, A, 

Sawdie. M. o. Ash- 

Scheie ft Sorentenlo 

Schiller. R. M. 

Schakel. E. 

•Scbnltz, Bernard 

Schnmak. Jack 

Secord, John. 

Gelser. Loals (High 
Wire BicMto ftet} 

Bctnoa. Itt'.JirVK 9^ 

c. Oo.) 

Shaffer. Bverott 
•Shannon. Jotm I. 
Shattnck, W. B. 
Shearer, Wan. 

Sbepperd. B. O. 
Sherman. BObt. 
Sheviy, J. W. 
Shields. Edward H. T. 
Snvtrton Trio 
SUverton, Will 
Slmouaon. M. 
Skill. C!has. (Sho«r) 
Sletten, Clarence 
Sloan. Harry G. 
Smith, H. 
Smith, WUl Z. 
Smith, H. A. 
Smitti, BaOT'C 
anlth. ' ' 

Smith. X. 8. 
•SaUtb. Lee Oetaa 
Smith ft AekermaB 
Snydam. BanT B. 

Stalford, Leon 
•Stanley. Tbos . 
Star ft Orescent Cam. 
•Spragg, W. B. 
Sprinkle, Floyd 
Sqnlres, Dr. Ai. F. 

sueer. ^pt. Qeit. 

•Stevens, Ben D. 
Stevens. Willie 
Stevens, Jeff D. 
Stewart. Claode 

(Trap Drmamer) 
Btittler. Doe Wm. W. 
Stone; JaOb O. 
Storli Cam. Oo. 
StreUB. 1. T. 
atahe. Bmr : 
Sliiigia, O. 7. 
Swain. Tom 
•Taylor, Albert 
Taylor, ZeU 
TeetaBroa.* Show 
Terry. Bobt 
Ttewney. B. W., Mgr. 
Texas Bill's W. W. 

Ttisyer. Geo. P. 
Thlelen. Frank, Mgr. 
Thomas Bros.* Sbow 
Thomas, R. A. 
nuMDpscn. Thoa. 8c 
nooet, J., Agt. 
Uiuiatoa. Howard. 

Tomer. Loots Aiihsr 

Tyce ft Jerome 

Tyler. Chas. W. 
Vendome Theam) 

•Underwood, Cbas- . 

Units ft Paol 2e - 

VaoADen, S. W. 

Van, Woody 

VauKhn. J. B. 

Veeder. Burt 

Verbeck. S. A. (Show- 

VIvtana, The Two-. 
VogeL Chris. 
Tolker, Bert ' " • 
•Tccla. Oeow M. 


Wabath. fiC O. - • 
WaUoo. John 
•■Walton, Kratt 
Wandl*. A- 
Ward. C. B. 
•Warner, Ben - B. 
Waaiier Broa. 
Weaver, Wink 
Welch. Fred I- 
WeUIngton Bma. , 
WeDa ft Gray 
•Welsh, Jsa. 
Welsh. James 
Wentwortb. Ohaa. . 
Weateott, M. B. 
Weatem Aa. '0*, - ' 

Whtthr. J. At 
WhUe, O. H. 
•White, Porter >.< 
Whitney. John 
•Wicks, Cecil 

■?TOher, H. Lee 
WilUamson. J. J. 
Willing, Chss. 
wnila. B. J (Glidi 

WlUard ft Co.. B. V.. 
Wilson. Floyd : . > 
Wlndecker. A. 
Winstoek, MeMa Q. 
Wltman. Mannri 
W«U, . Iahe (cr ' 

Waoda. Hsrry L. 
WooAun. w. 
•Woods. Mr. (' 

Wrest FamUy. 1 
Wright. Elba ■. 
Wright. Fred W. 
Wyatt. wni 
Wygspd, W. E. 
W. W. A.. < 
•W. H. S. 
•Tanger. Scant 
Tent. B. C , 
Tonng Bros.?'] 

Theatre -£ 


TovmflB. , 
|j* P«T» , 


DalT and Mnrpby, pictured above, are ")b*C 
plain talkers." at least that Is the wsy they 
appear on the bills. They have Just retnraed 
« thlrtytwo mefca* ~ "~ 

BeisebeD Heny-goroaBi, 
Bik 4 cliarlots, double cyUadar 
Bdltios, looks n De, moe SUSSLm 
T. I. STINE. Fieeo. Md. 

Just FiDisbed 

New Theatre 

Seats 600. Stage 25x50 ft. Giidiros 
36ft. 64 

Ad(3r<>';s. R. E ELVERS, Mo>i-ow Idaho, for 

the oiH-Dlnc Vlrr_. Zinii Ui Jan. Kt. 

FOR BALE.— Feer!ei» £Ieetrle Plaao, at halC 
price. 10 Penny Slot Picture OCsdiiiiea. vlsbt • 
Artoacope's, 6 .^ntorama'a, eompleta with ateBite 
and views, 2 Punching 'Machine*. 1 iMft'K 
wood. I Elecrrtc and Lung Tester. The M 
cheap. C. a. JAmsaOB. VBaaattaik la... 


DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

U O 2 C 



In Iheir AmtzioJ. My*(ifv!n^ and Amus- 
ing Act. Two Minda wilh bat a Single 
ThouAht TKe Only Act of lis Kind in 
<he World To-day. 200 Messages Re- 
ceived from tKe A«d>eAcc. Any Part of 
the ■owse, Tr&nsMiMaA to Hm Ma0» to 
Fifteen Mlnotea. 


Addren B. A. MTER8, St W. sm Stnet. 

aN('Ii;S. »5 W. SDth StTHt, S«« York. 


ff. W. BUBBELL. Mgr. Treaioa, Mo. M. W. HUBBELL, Trtas. 

temain Une Bock Is'and. division and large shops, coal mloes. Qoincr. Omaha and Kansas 
fc_I*»««*a«e80ft. wall to wall. 3i ft. deep opeiiinr. 4.i fi. lo g^rtUtrun. Mc" boxes 
fjggj^jff* he at tng. A-1 show tuwn. Nuw buokiuir i90<> and 1907. 


If want to fly buy direct from the larirest 
balloon manafacturerin America. Anytblne 
and everxthlnK connected with the balloon 
basin ess No farm work, 
.■^nd stamps for cataiocme. 

iamm ieb stevems, mJs^r. 

WamCOJKym/u Gnad Opera Hoow (H 
R. Wjrsor. mgr.) qolMr AOama Sa»T«r 13: foud 
boslnew and performancr. Ehea Balj ea »: 
crood busio^^ atxl perforaanae* FML • Faff. 
Poof SO: Tbf Eiemal at.T S; Tkt BSfU Chef 

23: Hearts of Gold 30. 

Slar Tiit-Jtre (K. H. Ossoodti.v. mgr.) Vaude- 
ville v\eek rj; good buslnetui and attraction. 

BJCHJIOND. — Gennelte Theatre (Ira SivUher. 
m;:r. > rariiiral 17; pooO ^>usinefs aod pleased. 
Busier Broivu 21: good business. Pretty PtKSS 
Slite Ttacked 2r,: I'aul Jones Opera Co. 23. 

Xeiv I'ljIIllp's Tlieatre (0. G. Marray. mcr.) 
Ross SIstera. Geo, Evers. Knox Brothers and 
Woodford's Kdurated Horse tveek 13; bualnea* 


TIPTON starts Grand (M. S. Marts, mgr.} 

Tbe Otpheom Stock Co. week M: packed boaMa 
and fMd ffneipaay. SCctty CCnr 


■DLPIUIJL— Sioate Cuto (Baylew ft Wall, 
props.) Becsar Prince Open C* 2-4: fair bosl- 
ness. Son's Jltastrels 10; sood skew sod fair 

bnslneM. National Stock Co. IS and week; 
good busi ness. 
BOUTH ICeALESTER. — Langsdale Opera 

(A. B. Estea. mgr.) The Little Home- 
it; sood buslci-ss, no::j Toltj 21; Im- 
boalBess. Brown's In Town 24; Don- 
aeUr ft Hatfleld'a Minstrels 23; Lyman Twins 
28: To IBe Soried AIlTe SS: Poaey From P»- 
seynile 30; Tlie Last Bose of Sammer Dee. 1; 
Sweet Clorer 9; Joseph OeGrasse 11. 

■ad bBst- 


lipyr in its 84 th week of pleasing the people. Always ca- 
:^ter|]i|^,to tite people, and carrjing nothing 

: bat^''faig']i«class, clean, moral entertaiiuneats and strictly 

Intimate privileges. 

Regards to all my friends. Glad to hear from yon at 

iall^iniea. Address as per ronle 

H. H. JEPPS, Mgr. 





SKAiuxn AflBMnr 

F^irnlshes RI(;ii.C1ass Vosleal aad Dtamatle 
Talent for Churches. Y. M. C. A.'s. Star 
Entertainment Courses, etc. Ooadaets Se- 
lect Concert Tours. Presents Opeiettss. <^ 
eras. Concerts and other hl^.c]asa Eotcr- 
talnmenu. Promotes and Produces Mnslesl 
and Ifcaaatle FnUnOs. Does a ceaenl 

FanlAes sll kinds of Performers for Tan- 
dernie Tlieatres, Parks, Boad Companies, 
etc. Supplies Attractions tor Street Fairs, 
Candrsls. State and Coonty Fairs. Pzo- 
motes. Or^nizes and Ooadaets all kinds of 
Outdoor and Indoor Amusement Events. 
X(C<^tes Sales and Leases of Parka, 
IlMattcs aad an kinds «C Show Froiwrty. 

t^^^t Wasks Tour 
Wtik Entirely New and 
Hew xaated Features. 
■Mte A imw IDEA 
^ -ii-i- — JUlfilill. Sow zeadr 
to aetotitte wBk Cmtaltteca. 

liBTtted. Performers keep in toacb. Write for Bonte blank. We 
wm look attar Coney Island and a few other Parks and th lugs besldlb AMlM 

WILL S. HECK, General ManagM-, 

I-on£ Di 

Phone Canal i 


mgr.) Clarke's 
ness. At Cripple 
Only Sin 27. 

CEDAa RAPIDS. — Greene's Opera Houw (W. 
S. Collier, mgr.) Henderson Stock Co. 13-15; 
good bnslness. An Arlsti>cratlc Tramp 16; heavy 
bnslness: Floradoia 17; sood knendance. Bap 
Ward 20; Down Wiine tke Cotton Biosscnu 
Grow es; .Jly Wife's PtmOy 23; Hie Scbool Girl 
31: Doca Tlwrae 23: Tlie Flints 2T-2D; Tbe 
Irish Pawabraken SO. 

People's Theatre (Vie. HacOb ngt.y Washer 
Brothers. Welsti and MsitlaM. Chaad and De 
Verne. Miss BooDle Gayloc, tattle Xamoc and 
oth ers w eek ]3; bosioess sood, 

DTTBUQITE.— Grand Opera Boose (Wm. T. 
Boehl, mgr.) An Orphan's Prayer 11; fair tnisl. 
ne*s. May Irwln 13; good trastness and and- 
lence pleased. The Irish PawnbrvAers 14; fair 
business. Tlie Girl and the Bandit 16: good 

boslness and performance. An Arlatociatl^ 

Tramp IS: fair business. Robt. Edesoo 2T; 
Tic TNoaian In the Ca« 29: Uncle Tom's Cafiln 
>:■ S! Ilasklnj Dec. 2. 

Bljna. Good business Is tbe resnlt of excel- 
lent attraetloas. Francis Redding and Co. 
heaied a g ood bill week 20. 

FATRFTTT.n. — Grand Opera Boose (Lonls 
Tboma. mgr.) Tbe Fstal Wedding S; failed to 
appear. In Old Vltsiala 14: cancelled. At 
Cripple Creek 13: good bnilatu Aa Oiphas'a 
Ftarer n: Marsarvt Balpli Dec S: Xkc Irish 
PswaknkeTs 4. 

R. KASIBOV.— Bblnger Grand (W. B. Bb- 
kiter. mirr.) Ehler's Stock Co. week 12: fair 
iNlsine.'^';. On Orphan's Prayer 23: A Boyal 
Stare 2«. 

IOWA rftTTB. Metreeelltan Open Biaw (E. 
O. GUsworth, age.) ne MaC.HMMw 21; 
failed to appear. ftMaMa BMelsn 'Sis San- 
ford Dodge 30. 

KEO&uu Orand Opera House (F. F. Stnr. 

mpr.) Little Johnnv Jrnes 14: capacity 
bnslness. Brltt-XclMn Fight Pletarea 17-18: fair 
business. Bane and BIk- 9^ ' 
25; Qniaer AAna Snnr ms 
Hoaor ao.^ ^^^^^ !^ BMsee ft J O 

SSS^b^S^Mn aad ^de'cai Bnth beTd 
an exeelleat MB w««k M. 

ORAWA. — Opera Haoae (K. C Bletchky. 
mgr.) Carts DcsBatle Os. 16; talr per forma nee 
and bosliwas. The MIdnlgtit Eipt e ss 23; Por- 
ter J. White Dec. 1. 

OSKALOOSA.— Mssonle Opers Boose (A. P. 
Owens, mgr.) At Cripple Creek 14; good show 
I sod boslness. An Orphan's Prayer 20; Mc- 
Fadde B's -F lats 25. 

WATERLOO. — Brown's Opera Hotise (C. F. 
Brown, mgr.) Floradora 14: big bnslness and 
performance. Her Only Sin 20: The Telephone 
airl 22: Adelaide Thra^ton 21; ily Wife's Fam- 
ll.v 25: Wm. Owen 30. 

Electric Theatre (E. H. Johnson, mgr.) Bnsl- 
ness good week 13. Brans Trio. May Del May. 
I Wonneer.CklMren. Frank Comar, Jfa. J. BMii« 
and pictDres week 20. 


ASnXHE — Seelye Ttieatre (A. B. BitlfSi, 
mgr.) Under Two Hags 18; fair shew and 

good bnslness. node Tom's Obin 25: can- 
celed. Tbe Locke's Stock Q>. week 27; The 
Liberty Belles Dec. 8; A iRoyal Slave 11 ; A Trip 
to Mars 1«: As Told In the Hills 22. 

ASKAirSAS. — Fifth Avenue Opera House (E. 
K. Byers. mgr.) Howe's Moving Pictures 15: 
good bnslness. T3ie King of Tramps 20: good 
business. Solty Toity_24: The Pumpkin Busker 
2S: Oeril's Aaetloa 38; Ooosln Kate 2S; Sweet 
C3ainr Qk *; n%jMr^ Bdka 4; Alice NIel 

Ail Orders Receiie Personal AttiBtioD. 

See Our Ad Page ST. 

glutted States l^ot & Awnin; Co. 

We Ouarantee SatMaetloa. 


VerlnAtl. 1214 



Wa m a nnf a c tare tham for raiza 
_ Oamlvsls, Resorts, Mo. Saa tta 

Hat Pins , Sea MhMs a»l1grtl^iil tlaa ^^ 55 
i l is emu o u . WateUyaabawtaasaqatanma. 

T.NLM0TT>4»III~ - 

When Many 

_ ■ad bosl. 

rand lAenr and MBMBk Mc 
MT SMd Mav- 'UMe JUany 

ll Biaaetlng 

Oomes Xi 
ness. It 
Jones BiL 
Star ~ 
good ~ 

CEdBUnL-Hrtrhk ttcMn (B. B. Mmer. 

) Mad Vcjcr Bead Oe. M; pleeMd large 

1. ne Uicrtr Bdlee U: ptoaacd Uagt 

^ ^ Merry Trampa 20; a FInnkard 

22: 'Deell'a Aoettaa 23. 

wmiams' Opera Honse (G. W. wmiams. 
mgr.) The Wayward Son 17; pleased fair bos- 
In esg. M arg aret Ralph 18: good bosiness. 

CHZRRTVAlj:. — Opera Boose (Chas. Casb. 
mgr.) The Liberty Belles 16; good show sad 
patronage. 8i Plankard 24. 

PORT SCOTT. — Davidson Tbestie (Bany C. 
Bmich. mgr.) Under Sontbem Sklea M; ca- 
pacity business. Lord Baltimore M: fair busi- 
ness. The Wayward Son 18: good bnslness. 
Alberta Gallatin 20: excellent performance. 
Devil's Auction 21; As Told lo tbe Hills 27- 
L ittle Johnny Jones 20. 

jy »at<»OBj^j|Opg« JBa^ A. '-^^ImmL 

Uf umaa MUM IS. 
TjHeWit ~ — 

Theatis (W. W. Bdl. 
mgr.) The UbKtr Bellea IS- food ahaw aad 
bnslness fair. Under Southern Sklea M; poad 
sbow and tmsincss. Two Merry Xcavpa IP; 
big bnalneas. Tbe Wayward Bom ]P; psod 
business and plessed. Brown's la -Saaa St: 
The Girl From Kay's 2S; Little Mnay jeaca 
S4 ; DerU's AncUon 25. 

WICHITA. — Craufard Theatre (E. L. Mart- 
UnfE. mgr.) Howe's Moving Pictures 16-17; good 
irasloess. Lyman Twins IS: good bnslneaa. Little 
PotuiDy Jones 22; Louis James 23; Lord Balti- 
more H: Hoity Tolty 33; Mahara'a Minstrels 
27: Buster Brown 2S; Alberta Gallatin 30; 
Sweet Clover Dec. I: Tlie Liberty Belles 2. 

Toler .\adIlorlum Ui. G. Toler A Son. props.) 
Ward Dramatic Co. 10-18: fair business. DerU's 
.\ncllou Dec 2: .\Ilce Nellson 8; SaUsbory Or- 
chestra 13. 

BUau (C. B. Olesoo, mgr.) Vaodcellle wcA 
13: pood haslnfM. Rellly and Marvu. Dair 
aad linrpkr, Uole Weller, Otto Olaoa. Ptad 
RaUcr and otben week 20: pood b niln t ss. ^ 
- . .E._ TppdeiUle to at- 

BuK (H. Ik BnialK a«r.> Badi 
Ifeer atlraetlaas are drawtnp smII. 
afc Uriidleld Grand Opera BenM (B. 
a«r.) Tbe Wayward Son dS; fUr 

- 2« 


Ibeatre (a A. Shaw. 
Acnas the FacUe arcek IS; good heal- 
ness and abow. Costci's Last Fight week Se. 

The Mssonle (C. A. Shaw, aagr.) York State 
Ftdki week 20; good show and patroaafe. Tbe 
BUck Crook, Jr. week 27. 

Macaoley's Tlieatre (Jno. T. Uacaaley, 
mgr.) Coming Tho' tbe Rye 20^; good show 
and business. Frank Daniels 23-25; Francis 
WHson 2T-2B. 

BncklDgtiam Theatre (Whallen Bros., mgrs.) 
The iMerry Makers week 19; good business and 
show. The Ideal Borlesqoers week 26. 

rHopkins* Theatre (Wm. Beichman, mgr.) 
Henrietta DeSerrls, Sylvester. Joles snd Prln- 
gle. Harvard Brothers, Mitchell and Ctln, Vio- 
let Oale. Sartoa's Dops, the klnodmme week 
IP: pood bOl aad tailaiw _ 



AXXXABBBIA.— Bapldes Theatre CB. H. 
Flagp, mgr.) Berald S<liiare Open Go. 13; 
good company and traslneo*. Al. G. Plcld*a 
SUnstrels 16: good boslnesa and performance. 
Shepaid's Moving Pictures 18-19; fair bosiness. 
Bsbes in Toyland 20: A Trip to Egypt 21; 
Harry IBctesford 24; The County Chairman 2S; 
Effle Ellsler 98: Pete Baker 27: nie Chaperons 
59. ' 

BATON ROVOE. — Elks' Theatre (Gns Wer- 
ner, msr.) Pavton Sisters 12-18; good business 
ami Co mpun.v. Babe* Id Toyland 19. 

LAFATETTE. — Jefferson Theatre (The Im- 
provement Co., mgrs.) Lorraine Stock Co. 14- 
15; fair business. Sbepard's Moving Pictures 
IT; good traslness and show. Effle Ellselr 22; 
A Trip to Egypt 21. 

T.ATTT: CHARLES.— Opera House (W. A. Fin 
ney. mgr.) Herald Square Opera Co. 7: good 
business aad pleased. A Little Ontcast 12; fair 
business aad aadlenee. Sawiap the Wind IS: 
pleased luge altiadaara. Haaan Bcerts M: 
good shew aad baMaoa. AL q. mfls Wa- 
strels 13: eapaeitt. bpaaa 
lag Metures I«: B«hcs In • 
to Egypt 23. 


Vaylaad »: A IMP 


e< Xaric (Mlxea ft 





Ford's Opera Honse (Obas. B. WtKt, BgrJ 
Virginia Bamed week 20; good show sad tmm- 
ness. Doekstsder's Minstrels 21. 

Albaagfc's Xbeatie (Sobt B. Irwia. mgr.) 
Tbe Oeeser of Occk week 20; _ _ 
aad bastocaa^ na Bcart o( Marylaad ST. 
^Jljele Tbaatie (B. " 

Tlie Beaoty Doctor week PPj^Arl 
Foot Mortons week 27. 

Maryland Theatre (Jaa. L. Kcraaa. mgt.) 
High-class TsudeTllIe is attraetittp pood re- 

Holllday Street Theatre (Keman, Rife ft 
Honck, mgr.) The Sign of tbe CSrosa week 
20; e. R. O. Trocked Aronnd the World 
week 27. 

Monomeutsl Theatre (Jas. Eetsan, mgr.) The 
California Girls week 20; line show and bust. 
ness. Dainty Paree week 27. 

SYLVAN 90HENTBAL. 224 Laurens St. 

dnrBEELAlTD. — Academy of Music (Mellln- 
eer Bros., mgrs.) PIcklnes -from Puck 13; fair 
business and attracting. Mugg's Landlac 18; 
fair business and slion-. Klark-Uxten Ok. St- 
Dee. 2: Tbe Office Boy 4: Parsifal 5; ailrtif* 
Holmes 7: The Black Crook. Jr., B. 


FALL RIVER licndemy of Music (Cahn 4 

Grant, mgrs.) The Huntley Stock Co week 13; 
good business and company. I'rlmrose Min- 
strels in. when Huntley Stock Co. laid off: good 
tmslnesK. Chas. Grapewla IPs •^sse and AMcc 
21: 'nie Isle of Spice SS; «b«aaH M: Ike Bap 
stock Co. week 27. 

Sheedy's Xew BIJou. Fanny Rice. MalUity 
Brothers. Brooks and Uallldan, Trollr Car Trio, 
Carter and ^Walter Co., and others week 9Pl 
Bosiness big. 

Casto (M. L. Bayaea. mgr.) LInd. tbe neat 
mystery, Delame aad tOarrcU. Daker and Bab- 
ertaoB. Aid* aad AMsns, PMlth aad trBrlaa 
and others «C(* M. flood haalatsa the nda. 
Rlchekideoa. SOm Baby Hart. Oaoadly and 
Howe and otbcra wcA tO. Pnilaiw pood. 

OLOtrCESTEB.— Onloa OUI Theatre (Lotbiop 
ft -Tolman. mgra.) Ibc Isle of Splee 14; >ne 
show and bnslness. Dot Karroll Co. 13-18: fair 
company and patronage. Wronged 22; Little 
Lord 'Fanntleroy 2S. 


Xiie Billboard 



It has stood the teWb for MU^tnd hM come to stay as hang the only Perfect Motion Picture Machine and Steieopticon on the market. 
i^ILENCE AND STEADINESS are its strongest features. One-third more light than any other machine with the same amount of gas or 
electric current. Brilliant pictures and abscrintely no ffickcr. Th^ m\j in«^«u> tlmy wjlf ^^^liit^^ »^fTy*^ wif ii«n^ H—ff^, tuA 

wind up film backward as well as forward. 


ORBATLT IMPBOYSD AMD fiUMHULFlED. One-fonrth tiie balk and less than half the weight of any standard machine. Cut down 
year excess bacgace and still have tiie best machine made. Price, Complete with all attachments. ^OO. 



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I.BNCTH 600 FBBT. PRICE teo. (Send for ClrcnUr). 

-The OreatMt CrMrtion of S«nsatteital Motion Ploturo Photography.- 


A wrtiii fiillf nklUtle. aerlas of acenes and Incldan t a aetnaUy made In Colorado, and following with ezceedlncly Sne aeciuaey the trne eventa that made Colorado 

S end for llluatrated CIroular. 

LM^Iii. 480 rMt. PriM. eS4.00. 


■..nSth. 3SO WmM. 


SUM m nn vum ^ "-tss^ssv^ w.'^ssss 

. are all madehr oar New Procesa. kItI 
detalla andateady aaa t eieopt l coaalloe. 




4S Peek Gourt, GHICAIiQ, ILL. 

hMtnen. lAaerlcu TIt.grapta Co. IB; Wbj 
Wrls LeaTc Home 20-22; good biutJ>«M. 
Open ileow. FtBbtTt Stock Go. week 13; 

Colonl.1 MoTlns Pletotc Co. 

MWaTiTi Ogtn Soow (Far BrBthaia A 
* — *~' BBIL) Tlie Weird Faya weak M; 
amam, VanderUl* week 37. 

ex. 1. Harpkjr. asr.) HantingtMH 

IM^ MMk Oa. la Ha ighty B diacea week 90; 

Boatoa Ikcatie (Bst. Tlbbctta, mgrO Dan 
■ad Ida JlaaalBC. Sash leani. Vie Lalaoell. 
and othera «cek SO: cood bnafaicia. 

naplrt (Bartr Woodward, mgr.) BMtaan 
•NA.a. ftm rnul t of fine randcTllIa. 


SETBOIT,— Tunple Tbeatre {J. H. More, 
msr.) HoDdlnl, W. B. itnif^ and Bltncb 
Mlcfaoli, Grett Nelgon Famll;, Ju. F. iMc- 
OMuUd, Kem. Moalcal Doc, Cooper uid Bat>- 
hMo. uid other* week 20; good buloeu. 

Detroit Opera Hook (H. Parent, mgr.) Frltil 
■dteff week 20; floe performance and capacity 
taflBCOT. Henrietta Croiman week 27. 

l^oenm (A. Warner, mgr.) Bra Tangnaj 
Wltk U; good boatncaa and pertonaaace. Nancr 
BCDwa week 28. 
Aicaae Xhtatic (F. Of«w, mgr.) Mlncr'a 
wa lk ]>; good ahow ana mnncai. 

Gvatal ncalia (X. Maah. mgr.) Hlgh-^Ian 
vaadeflUt la dn«la> wdl. 

WUtacy (Ohaa. AUaMo. mgr.) Tlie Peddler 
wcA aO; food taatacaa aad performance. M7 
Tam-bor OUwaak M. WX. t. BENCHARD. 
_BAT CXXT_Wa*tetOB Sbcatre (W. J. 
Damt. mgr.) A Mr 9zeliante 16: good boil. 
oee* and pertnnnance. Boae Ooeblan IT; fair 
tulneo. BU Hlglmew, tlie Btj 18; good 
butaeu. Tlie 3lgn of the Poor 10; good boil- 
nee*. Tbe Seminary Girl 22; Bia Tangoaj 
27: Mn. Wlgis of the Cabbage IM* SK 
Whj Women Sin 80; Britt-Nclaaa VMht He- 
tore. Dec 5; Prancl. WUwn 7. 

BIJoo (I. O. Pllmore, mgr.) Blrrde BUI. 
<»c«r Pronlx. Wilson and Morma, Tbe White. 
»lde« and otben, week 20; good bnslnesa. 
JBOWAOIAO. — Beckwlth Memorial Theatta 
(W. T. t«ckle, mgr.) MUdred HoUand 10; 
*iod bnalneu and pleated. Welt Jlln.trels le; 

Kl abow and bo.lnru. At Plnejr Kldge 24; 
a Bolden 2S. 
LAHSnrO — Balrd'a Opera Hoase (F. J. Wll- 
nania, mgr.) Eternal City 14; good ahow and 
»o«lne«i. My Wife's FiuiiIIt 'M: RU Hlgh- 
■eaa, the Bcr 21; Boae Coghlan 23: Tbe Sem* 
h^ eiH 16: MaJesUc Stock Co. week 27. Tbe 
IMM«aaaa BabSny B. 

iniaa (D. >. BabaoB. mgr.) Harry W. Spin, 
""'i. *-S^• ■•"St Bmx. lUaa BlaiMh Kd- 
ward., man MiaMglatao, Scaato CrawfWd. 
and moTlac pIchBca week IS; good bnafaMea and 

UAQVETTE.— Opera Houw (A. F. Koepke, 
■Cr.l Uojeaka 30; good boalness. Mme. Herr- 
"S2 Oorton'a iMlnatrels 6. 

^,^aa ncatre (W. A. Boaa, nqtr.) Joaepblne 
X?'"- Oook and Oakea, Jaa. MOFarUnd, Zan- 
netta and Mansfield and others week 20; Busl- 
Ben aooil. 

- jgW reooH.— arand 

^■jWAEOOH.— grand Owna Hooaa (B-B. 

atrela 20; Mra. Wlgga ot tbe Osbbage Patch 
24; At Piney BIdge 2S; Boae Cogbland In The 
iDokc ot KllUkcaakle 27; Tbe Smlnary Girl 

BADXX aXB. WlBTg Wan Ovcn Bonae (W. 

■ — — - cia. the Bcr 14; 


imnniAFOLIB.— IfctnpalUaa (L. K. Scott, 
mgr.) In tbe Blabop'a Curlafe week 12; good 
boBlnesa. Bobt. Sdcaoe 20.K; Florence Bob- 
erta 2S-9S. 

BlJoo (Hiee. U Baya. mgr.) Tbe Grafter 
week 12; good boalness. Sis Hopkins week 

Orpbeam <6. E. Raymond, mgr.) Franx 
Bhert A Co.. Hengler SUters, Mother. Hongh- 
ton and Moaher. T. Nelaon Downa, Dlzon and 
Holmes and otbers week 19; boslnesa good. 

Andltorlom (P. T. IBannon, mgr.) Grace Van 
Stoddlford week 12; good bnalness. Tbe Girl 
and the Bandit 20.22. 

I.yeeom (LOSpcaia. awr.) VaadcTllla week 

Tandertne biliB are attracting good bnsloem. 

Dewey (M. H. Singer, mgr.) Broadway Gai- 
ety Glrla week 32; good brntDcaa. Xbe Jolly 
GIrlawidc XA A. «. WALEBB. 

■TJMT TWS enmH fV. A. Weoihaater. 
mgr.) Afclim T hwt a e la The Mam^ of 
BettT IT: fair b n ila ts a and good vctfacmaacc. 

AHaxOI.— Palace Mnle llall (A. B. HaeMaa. 
mgr.) Smith Uanball VaodcTflle 0». S: BIp 
▼aa Wlakle 23. Good attraction wanted for 
^lankaglTlnjr Kay. matinee and erenlns. 

ST. CLOTTD. — Davidson TbeatT« (E. T. Darld- 
soo. mgr.) Tbe Triumph of Betty 13: pleased 
good boslneaa. be Holy City 16: good boslnesa. 
Down by the Sea; fair performance and bnsl. 
ness. Mildred BoUand Dec. 3; York State fXiIka 
3: West's Minstrels 9. 

ST. FAXTL. — Metropolitan Opera Hoose (L. N. 
Scott, mgr.) Florence Roberta 19-22: good busi- 
ness aad company. Strongbeart 23.25: Mme. 
iModJeaka 2T-2B; The Yankee Consol 30- Dec 2. 

Grand Opera House (Theo. I>- Hayes, mgr.) 
Eellar week 19; packed honses. The Boy Be- 
hind tbe Gon week 26. 

Star Xheatie (J. O. TanBoo. mgr.) The 

(J. ^0 . Ta BBaq, _mg.^ 


The above represents tbe well-known team of Sbep erd 
circus people now en route with tbe John " 
tbe circus season these people will take a 
where they wlU play a few dates and temala 
the big abows. Sidney Sbepaid has bcca cor' 
tlooa, and for the past alz ataaiM he haa 
character work, which I 
AngmoB la baUcd by ottlH 

Chaa. Frer^ 


OOLirXBTTS,— Columbus Theatre (F. M. Maer, 
mgr.) Stanley's Polyscope Co, 23; Jnlee Fta*. 
man Opera Co. 27-28. Under canvas — Ring ting 
GORIAXU.— Codnth Opera House. Tbe dana- 
laa IS: 'oe ahow, capiwilr booae. Badow * 

oC the 

Opera Oo. 21: •>! 
aade Task Sptee^ Dae.. 
' ~- - (S. ll. Stela, 
mgr.) A Bnaeh o( Ktfa IS: goad baafBaaa. The' 
Clansman 21. Under canraa Ohapelle'a Bab- 
bit Foot Comedy Co. IS: big baalacaa. 

HATTIEBBnBO Andltorlom (field A Look. 

mgra.) Ijaora Millard Opera Co. 16: good boal- 
ness and pleased. Eflle Ellsler 17; canceled. 
Kersand'a Mlnatrela 27; Tbe Clansman 39; 
Wllla Moslcal Comedy Co 304>cc. 2: Mnaleal 
Comedy Oo. 4; IiewU Mofrlaoa 7; Panl OH., 
more 13; MoTlng Ptetotca 14; When We Wcra 
Tweoty-One 15: Herold Square Opera Oo. lA 

JACKSOH, — Centory Theatre (V. O. Bobert- 
aon, mgr.) Cbarlone Snmette 10; fair Mtow 
~ ~ ' so, Al, G. Field's Minstrels 23; like 
as: Shepard's Moring Pletnrea 2B. 

nieatze (Atwood & Sims, mgra.) 

Ketaand'a iMlnstrela 16: line abow and S. B. O. 
boalaesa. Dnder canras — A Babbit'a root 20; 
peeke d tenL John Boblnson fibow 21. 

HAXCHEZ. — Opera House. Tbe Geiaba IT; 
good boslnesa. Tbe Honeymoon 18; fair boal- 
neta. Al. G. Field's MInstiela 21; Tlie Olana- 
mao 31: Harry Bereaf<i>rd 27; Shepard's Moring 
pictures 28. 


ST, LOmS,— Gairlck Theatre (Geo. IhyA 
mgr.) Mrs. Flake In I.eab Kles<iaR;.ti~aMl. 
baslnesa; abow pleasing and ezcellOBlk-' 
Next: The Genius and the Model. 

Olympic Tbeatre (P, Short, mgr.) She XmS 
of Nod to good boslnesa. Well ailfrt'MS' 
pleasing. Next: Ethel Barrymore. 

Century Theatre (P. ffliort. mgr.) Hay Ir. 
win In Mra. Black Is Back; company and ahow 
excellent; bnalneas good. Next: Tlie Heir to 
the Hoorali. 

Columbia Tbeatre (Tate A Middleton, mgra.) 
Col. Bordererry A Co.. Patty Brothers, Burtoa 
and Brookes, Lynn Welcber, Bzowa aad Brown, 
Williams and Melbourne, Callahan and Ma(A, 
Poor Bmperora of Mnale, Jacob and Bla Dog. 
Iieo BMd and FOltne, Fcnr, aad the kinadnme: 

1 Opcim Booae (Jan. She e h y. mgr.) 

Tke Show QM with BndB Ttimnaa^ to good 
boalnesa; plwatiig performance. Nest: tfesn. 

Imperial Theatre (D. E. Bonelt. aur.) A 
Bace for lafe wltb a real tain stoiB, to good 
boslnesa; good performaaee. Next: Aeraaa the 

Standard Hieatre (Leo. BeldiaMiaeh. mgr.) 
8am Oevere's Own Co. of Borleaonera; good 
abow and strong olio, Indndlag Kecne. Two 
Slmdea, BUou Comedy Foor, Andy Leiria A 
Co., Fire Bomanoa, and Nelson-Brltt Flgbt Pic- 
tures; bnsinesa big. Next: May Howard. 

Hsvlln'i Theatre (Wm. Garen, mgr.) After 
MI". 'o big bajOnesa: sood and pleoatag, 

capa^.t ^^-ipany. Next: The Street Slagee. 

a. faaa mi^. 


Xtie BiiIt>oar<l 


H CBRi iti .n. 

CUSS 1^0 cam mtn. 

Flip M Projecting Kin etoscopes 


Ne.«^r4. CODE. VATERARM. LENGTH. 440n. A •66.00. 


If*. ST«t 




; Bm Dictate opens wlth^ 


lancbable "Jnmbl*" Aniwimeei 

at*^Bll^omrmysteriolu and novel Mmdecietk ^ _. ^ ^ ^ 
nietirftioenesliowa ]|oiber»iid ■!! tbechlldiMilmirledly eMtmlR 
- - _ ... nowply. Hm 

iDCoStowork. Mother cmUsFMhor 
TMherlabed. His ■Inmbetm aia atetu.-_ _ _ _ 
pens as ATiakMi. he is seen eainliiE«ta»hod «p % 

- - - ^'inolltlM 

I divma>. In Us 


wbidi ap- 

_ii ainnient with 

Mdn. vhlcK be tries to 

JKlMriiietatabeeirhb acopot coiree. 
te tk$ kttdieii. Father enters with 
■ends talm oat for woud. 

■M bgr tba wood-pile, taMn« a m an to cbov the mod. while he sits down and 
^gnlBOR »B*tr of bUBOecaw so he cannot see the man work. I ~. . 

.'■Mtta BansliDWS her the bic pile ot wood he has chopped. 

1 beer and carries the wood Into the boose, 
ather instead of beatlns it crawls Into It. " ' 

Pieeniilly Mothe r comes along 
Mother ctves the man a class 


carpet and Fathersets oorered with dost and a i 
flaal scene shows nitbars 
tag. Father%AurailB« 

aoor mnd tiM 

The next scene sbows a carpet on 
Mother and Daoi^ter now start In to beat the 

r discover htm. The 
~ rawwasb- 




.:-,i?^iiv;-.r.-'^ H 


wtm^wt on CO SUA Paetoryt Ormnce, H. J. 
OlilcmKO OSee« 804 WKkMb ATenne. 
Hew Tork oaeet SI VbIob Saaare. Cable Address. Knrlllan. New Tork. 



U K. lUt St., Hew Tors 
1M-mt KMoa 8t..8u PimMlaso. CteL 


B Bownfleld Ptctaze MscMnea, 116 eacb. n EdlKm PhoDocnpb Sprlns. flO each. 16 0»- 
h mbl. Pbooosraph Otitiiet.. f 16 e^A, 6 Golambl* PboDOsnirb Motor. fSS Md. 8 Bownileld 
rii.. Mnj Bass fSO neb. 2 Eleetrlcal Uaetdne. In CUoet. fU each. 2 Ifllls LoTc Lettcis, on 
Btaoda fS eacli. 1 P. C. Water Blower, *S0. lOAxteacope Plctme Maddnes. $16 esdi. 1 MQl* 
UtOns Machine. flO. 2 Boorer Name Plate Machine., |20 each. 1 Simplex Name Plate Machine 
10. 13 Peasnt MacUae*, Peno7 Slot, |S eacb.bsma Oaniral Co,, Rapapcia A Sisdli, Pnps. 
wni Mil .tetlr «r ty lots. JAJCES gpnroLA, U» aewiy, H«w Yoifc. 

Jlelen May Butler 

r aSfh Wsek. J. LESLIE 


35th Week. J. LESLIE SPAHN, Blanagw. 


r, BY. 


Routes Ahead 

sad Pttfoanscs an iwpMlfnUy n«aMt.d t* ooatifbirt. tbdr datM ti tUa da- 
mast isaah Xhs BOlbeaid Batuday, ts laaar. pablieation. 
forwards ■"«" to all pcofeMlonala tne of charKC. Memtiets of tlM 
tarlted, while oo the rwi. to hare their msU sddnassd In esrs sf 3h* 
Sa it win he pnniptlr torwsided. 


AtbertU A Women <FamUr): Bswtt«, Fa.t 

27-Dee. 2; (Family) Oarbondale 4-9. 
Aistlns, Tbe Toe.lni; (Star) : HamQtoD, Ont,, 
2T-Dec. 2. 

JIvoUo Qoartett: Merlin. Tea. 27«ee. X; Ana- 
tin 3-16. • 

ABhton aa/t» <ai|sa)s Bactai^ Vkw *t- 

Dec 2. 

Arsall. WUUsa dhphsea) 

ST-See. 2. 

AnrtebT. a t. (Mordty): Ootatade 
CSU Zf-iDee. 2; (Norellr) DesTcr 4-8. 

Aftlaas. ne (Pe<vle's): Learenwcrth, Kan.. 
aS-Dec 2. _ 

Adam. AMack (Ossi): Bsstiidl]. Mass, XT- 
Dec 2; qiinisi asw a ml „ . ^ 

Aleamder, Owns B. (BriTS): BHtlNC OHA. 

2r-Dec. 2. 

AlTOEa (Oalet;): St. Loola, Ma. Ml 
AdelrD (Caatle): moomlsftaa, IL. ir4liaL X: 

(GaletT) Sprlngfleld 4-9. 
Aide A Armooi (OUonlal): Lawrence, Maaa., 

sr-Dec X. 

Adams. B. Klzfcs A Oo. (Baztoe's Aodlwdam): 

Norfolk. Ta- XX D SAf. - 

ABen A Maata OMlni aMrUkOMnM- 

Alra. AUcc (G. O. B.): Oisad BapidS. MSk.. 

Xf-Dec. XL 
AWiMim. Ota tp a (Mite): 

Dee. S. 

Albeoe. mas * JOh lA ^ 
SMtarasa, wis., ST'Sse. S; 

iMc 4-a. 

ArUnston A Bdaton): Oratal: HartoB. lad., 
2T^Oee. 2: (Crrnal) Andenon 4-8. 

Adams, Mnaleal (I'^U;): Ottnmwat Ia.( XT- 
Dee. 2. 

Adair, Art (Collaeom) : Champalp^ flL. 9T- 
Dec. 2; (BUon) Decatur 4-0. 

Aoberts, Le. (Keith's): Boston, Mass., XT- 
Dec. 2; (Eelth'a) PioTldence, B. L 4-9. 

Acker & CoUln. (Odeon): Daytco. O., XT-Dec 
2: (Mtulc Ball) Baltlmoie. MA. 4-16. 

AriDstTong A HoUr OlsJesUe): Waesw M.. XT- 
Dec 2; (MalesSe) It. Worth 4-9. 

Amcriens.Ooac^ MB OfSJcstlc): Waesk Xez,. 
xr«ec X: (mUcsUs) Ft. Worth *« 

ABstos. Ihe (15m1: gMlsdsWils. Pa,. XT- 
Sec X: sew Zttt OIvl M. _ 

Adamlnl A Taylor (Orphenm): Utlca, N. Y., 
27-Dec. 2. 

Ahem, CbM. & Jae. (Mohawk): Schenectady, 

•N. Y.. 2T-I>»c. 2. 
Antrim A Peter. (Park): Erie, Pa., 27-Dee. 2. 
Anger A Hanler (Oem) : Lynn. MaH.. 27-Dee. 2. 
Asbtoo A Martini (Acme): Norfolk. Ta., ZT- 

Dec. 2. 

Allen A Kenna (Star): Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 25, 

Xraskfort, Ind., XT- 

XewBzk. R. l„ XT- 

AmssB A 

Avon Oomsdr 

Dec 4-9. 
Alma. Mile. (CrTStal) 

Dec 2. 
Alpine Famllr (Vsw 

27-Dec 2. 

27-Dee. 2. 
ATery A Hart ( P roc t or's); 

Dec. 2. 
Alabama Qaartet 

2T-Oee. X. .. 

AMao. Hatxaict: Dnhlln. lie. ST-Dse. X. 
BaiTT. Katie (Praetor'. 23d St.): Msw Tsck 
City, 2T-I>ec. 2; (Poll'.) Worcester. lUss„ 


Brown, J»A. A LUIIan Wrisbt (Oarrlck): Bnl- 
Inston. la., 27-Dec 2; (People's) Cedar Baplda 


Boatonlan Onsdr Fsor (Phb): Xsmps, Pis.. 

Baker TMops OaflVStMt MHs^ II. C. XT- 
Dee. 2. 

Boaanko & BadcUffe (Ideal): Fond dn tAt, WI.., 

27-Dec. 2; (Electric) Waterloo, la., 4-8. 
Barrett SIstera (Bortig A Seanun's): New X«rk 

City, 27-Dee. 2. 
Browne, Whlatllns Tom (OiptMRl: 'Mm Ifen- 

elaco, C.I., 26-Dec 9. 
Bum. A Waabhan (Btjio): IihpcodBX, ma.. 

XT-Dei. X. 

Bmoer, Dorothy: Chlcafo. DL, ST-Ose X 
Brodrriek A Jeaalka (Bllsa): OalSBCtL MHh_ 

27-Dee. 2. 

Barron's Animals. Chss. (OoteaMs)j Oksla- 

natl. O.. 27-Dec 2. 
Bobe, Mile. Ollaa (Bopktns') Memphis Tenn.. 

(Bopklna') Loomine, Ky., 4-9. 
BUck A Leslie (Grand): Portland, Ore- 2T- 

Dfc. 2. 

Boston C^ty Qnartet (Troeadero: PblladelphU. 
Pa., 27-Dee, 2; (Miner's Bower) Mew Zcsk 
City, 4-9. 

Bailey A AnsHa (Pasta'.): New TM Ctty. 
ZT-Dee. 2; (Orpbcnm )Otl«s «-«. 

ioTS-bSSx: *0tiMiS77'£si£r3S- 

Bowery Newsboys' (Isartet: NsStarllle, Tenn., 

27-Dec. 2; New Orleaas, La.. 4-B. 
Bliofi Qmedy Fonr (O. O. H.): IndlaaaseUa. 

Ind 27-Dee. 2; Loolarllle, Ky., 4-9. 
Boekeye Trie (NoTelty): Topeka, Kan., 96- 

Dee. 2; (People's) LesTrawortb 4-B. 
Boab Bros. (Oalety): St. Leols. Mo.. Dee. 8A. 
Barnes, W. B. and Borae, Princess mala 

Cbntea): Ban rrandaco, (HI., J7-Dee, 9. 
Blssoonette A Newman (Caatle) : Bluomlscten. 

IU„ 2T-Dac. 2; (BUM) OaIe*iirg 4«. 

Ksokak, la., XT-Dec. X; Bad- 

ObleacoL HL, XI- 

Bncklty's Dogs: 

hu tan M. 
Bjroa A BIsach (Ui 

27 Dec. ^ iPaHas ) 


Brown A Brown (Olynvle) 
. Dec. 2. 

Booth. The Qicat (Beles's): WIUfswMt. Bs.. 
_ XT-Dee. «;.jO. ^a,l^ mttffSijXi ^ 

Dte^ X: ,. _ ' 

^'5y'X;* T o i! S f aMy' lffis sss Sl7 '«!£^ ^ *' 
Bsnle. Xr. A IbSL Jlmals (HsmsMtstelB'a): 

New York City. XT-Dec X; (Orpbeam) Bea«- 
tn«. Pa., 4-9. 
Bmno A BaaseU (Pn>ctor's): Newark. N. 

zr-Dec. 2; (PTletor'B) Albsar, N. 4-0. 

Bell A Henry (Bmptre): New CToss. mtf., Dss. 

4-9; (Bmplie) Stratford 11-16; (Bnplre Sbc»- 

herd Bosh 16-23; (Bnptre) Cardiff B-W. 
Bergere, Valerie (Ccdombla): OtBdsastl. O,. 

ae-Dec. 2; (Bopklns') LoolSTUle. Kr„ 4«, 
Bentley, Jennie (Dnlcioe) : Ban Claire, Wk.. 

XT-Dee. 2; (BIjon) Dnln% Minn.. 4-0. 
BsiTowa4iancaster Cb. (Byde A Bcbmsa's): 

BrootOya. N. T.. XT-OSC. 2; (MctsCa) Bsw 

Tort: City. M. 
Bmat A SSTlIIe 

VlMi^ 96-1>ec 2. 
Tliilhn A Broekaway (Keith's): 

B. L, 27-Dee. 2.~ 
Bsksr A I^aa (Baplte): Mew 

Dec 4-»: (BaplRtlBBr' 

Shepherd Bath IX ML C 
Banker. QHsat ~ 

JS-Dee. 9. 

Bacon A Ysoe (Unlqne): Laa Aagdes, Oal.. 

20-Dec 2 

Bates. Loole W. tIndasMsl): H.ltai. IB. 

Zl-Dte. 2. ■ • 
Baker A BoMbsm ICbsMUt IAWSSMSl MMS. 

27-Dec. 2. 

BetSoDtn Aral). (G. O. H.): IndlSOSpoUS. kS« 

27 Drc. 2. 

BeUniaa A Moore (8l>es'«): BsOsIsl II. S« 

XT-Pec X. ... _ _ 

"iCS^se. •■■■••*» 
Bssash A Miner (Shcs'S): Boffals. «. T.. Xf- 

Dsc X. 
BdBWBfs Chaises: 
BUoa Ctreos (BUoa): PWl Blw^ 

_• _ _ ^ 


Boyd, Hany: iMIlk UMk, Xf-llSS. IL 
Brownlns A WUv fOfefbcaa): OaXMb aWbs 

27-Dec. 2. 

Bnrtoo A Bankln (Empire): LsfiaUe. 11L«-Bi- 

Dec. 2. 

Bnms, Harry: Detroit. Mich., TT-Dee. X. 
Bnma A Morris (Califmila): San FrandseSk 

CaL. 27-IJec. 2. 
Bnxcas. T. Dsly: Wlehtta, Kan.. XT-Dec X. 
Bsidik poor (Sesls): Copcahscsa. Dsa. Osa. 


Barlsir*. ■ephsala (Btepodmas): 

City, •cpt. XLladet. 
Beefcress A IsMsar QIBI is. ) ; 

Minn.. Met 
Betty, Kittle (Crown): Pt. .Wcith, Tex,. Oct. 
28. Indef. 

Brewer.. Tbe A F. B. McAdoe; «STOttaaca« 
Cook lalaad. Snath Bes tslsaX^ Dsa. l-Sl; 
Altnti*ii OSsk MsM. Aa, Mk _ 

Byrons. tts (EDppsksBS^: Msw IMk CM'. 


Bortlcos. Tbe Two (Weasf.) : Pceala. BL* fl^ 

Bradley A DsTls (Ban Toa): 

XT-Dec X. 
Badcr LaTella TteaM i 
ML. XT-Dm. X. 

Brsan A^taaO (BlifnW? 

X: (Botrarfl) 

KSSS.. Xr-DSC Si tBvwwwj 

BM^^B^sr (BsTMikat): 
Belfort. Msy (Kdlh's): Haw Task OMy. XT- 

Bnrkhart A BSiV (BtMM*»t U&m SHk OMp.. 

27-Dec. 2. ._ ; 

Dee. a. 

Brown A TViWnsisi (People's): Otadasstl, Ol« 
27-Dcc 2. 

Creawell. w. P. (Bljea): P«t Basaa. 
XT-Dccl It — " — "~ 

Csmeron A Plannafaa (Orpbetn): 

oil.. Minn.. 2S-I>ec X. _ 
OhneU A CIsrks (BUes): Dss Wohis^ k« 
. XT-Occ X: (Wsasfs) Pssris. U.. 4-«l 
OhiMsI. aL (OnaX): MHwaahN. WlA. Ml 

CUXiaed A <Mh (Dssilatoa): 

XT-Dec X 

OsuMey ^ JcaBsetts (Jaeeh's): PssHa. BL. 

Crot'ty fno. Tlx fMdlp): a. SL iMlA HU 

27-Dec. 2. " 
Oattaneos. The HIsIXbm)! ■nMM^ Ki S« 

Dec. 4-9. 
Cooper A Boblnsoo (Keith's): 

27-Dec. 2; (Sbei'l) BolTalo, M. T.. • 
CasUe A OoUlos (Crystal): Dctfal 

Xr-Dse. S: (Bljofi) Mllwsokee, Wls^, 4-*. 
Osrke A Ollmar* (Smith's): Otasd Bsplds, 

Clayton.' Xnfctas A Jsapsr (Ocpheam): 

Col., 27-Dec 2. 
Chsmberllaa, Tbe (G. O. B.): Byiacase, M. Z-i 

XT-Dee. X: (Chaae'a) WsHliiilis. D. O. M. 

Dse. X. 

Clifford A Bake (Park): W utct st e r, Mass.. 

27-Dec. 2; (Keith's) PrOTldence. R. L. 4-P.' 
Chllen. JaaaM B. (BspktM^): I<aaillls. Ep.. 

DECEMBER 2. 1905. 

Xtie Blllt>barcl 




Largest Play Exchange in the World 

Plays of all classes for stock, tonr or repertoire. Apply to us for any play available and we will supply you. 
. N. B.— See onr Stock List in this issue. 

• cn\S. H. STEWART, General Representative. 

At Uberty 


darinet and Tuba. B. A O. After 
Dee. 2nd. Address, 


.- Ounean, IncL Ter. 



Open for u Engagameni for Season 1906. 


VMtnred vvltb Vila T. I. Culk Curnljal 
0». ofSt. Ffc oltMU m.. S«MOB 1806. 



WM. L. LYKCNS. Wepfmntativa. 






In Traokti Areuad tht World Co. 
■antaaut k. B. voaos. Stam IBOB^M 



b's Theatre, Chicago. 



Traekad Arooid Tha World Co. Saasoa 19Q5-06. 


HncHii Geo. Homaivs. 


New York Thiatri BoiidiDg 



...AT L.IBERTY... 

AT t-IBKR-rV, 

Clapa iVIatties, 



Cb.ncten, Comedy, Advance or Business 
■•■••pp. stock reportx)lre or one play. Joint 
••jMl*- Add.2i-,9 E. IndliKEi ,^t,.rh|.-&K-o. 111.. 



atrtitni, O., 27- 

aS-Pte. tl (Omit 
Qsrite. WIMTjjj qiWl fcft 

ZTnOtc *; CT M l w) 

Grctos. Tbm OstM |9 

San AatMlo. „ 

Camrran, Grae* (KfeOMjrl.): Hi.attj^ V. X.. 

2T-I>ec. 2, 

Carlln & Ottl (Bmpixe): Patmoo, N. J., 0- 
D«e. 2. 

CaiToItoa & Hodsca (Majestic): Chicago, IIL, 
27-Dec. 2; (Hajinarket) Chicago 4^8. 

CltT Olrla (Keith's): New Totk City. 27-Dec 
2; (Keith's) Boaton, Mass., 4-9. 

Cootr, B«rt (Keith's): Boston, Ma»., 2T- 

Dee. 2: (Keith's) New York City. 4-9. 
Cbameroys. The (Odonlal): Lawrence. Mass., 


Corwey, Feny (Temple): Detroit, Mich,, 27- 
Dee. 2: (Keith's) CleTelasd. 0-. 4-9. 

CblnmbUss, The Fire (Dockstader's): Wll- 
mlogtoo, Del., 2T-Dec. 2. 

Oomar. Frank (FsmUr): Sloox (Hty, la., 2?- 

cuTttt. 'sMt aiaas. . acv w«t, wt^ a- 

Cntty*. six Huial (Chate*.): WUhlngtonJ D. 
C. 27-Dee. 2: (Pioetw'i) N«iraik. N. J., 


Cartmell tc Barris (Keith's): ProTldence, K. 

I.. 27-Dee 2: (Keith's) New York Cltj 4J». 
Charles. Carl (Novelty): Omaha, Neb., 28- 

Dee 2; (Gem) Cooncll Bloffs, la., 4.9. 
Caisoo, Miriam (Bortlg Sc Seamon's) : New 

York City. 2T-D»c. 2. 
C%ester, The Grest ((^stal): Milwaokee. Wis., 

27.Dec 2: (Temple) Ft. Wayne, Isd., 4-9. 
CaTana (Sheedy's): Pall Rirer, Mass., Z7- 

Dec. 2: (Proctor*.) Troy, N. Y., 4-9. 
Osloo Comedy Foot (Sheedy's): Fall Elrer. 

M. :.'<.. 2T-DCC. 2. 
Creasy, WIU M., A. Blanche Dame (G. O. H.): 

PmsboTs, Pa., 2T-Dec. 2; (Keith's) cnercland, 

O.. 4-9. 

Oohen. Josepbtee. * Co. (TMBla): Mw Tcrk 
Cltjr, X-Ott. *i (KdtMO — ~ 

CUfford * Ban 

See. :. 

Clarke. Lucy 

Cameroo & T<ded. 

Sr-Dec. 2. 
Oocswell ft Ftani (Lyric) 

Dec. 2. 

Colooial Septet: Chlugo. 111., 2T-Dee. 2. 
Costn II Bancroft (Keeoey's): Brooklyn, N. 

Y.. 27-Dec. 2. 
Cox Family Quartet (Otrtna's): Snreka, CaL. 

20-Dec. 2. ■ ni. 

27JDec. 2. 

CSsrr, Albert (Blppediea.): Hmt Tok City, 

CazTOIl. Great (Aloar): P f i ii. CoL, . In- 
def- : . , 

c^truuoBs. ma*- tgHm^umi^x Xwk 

Cit7. itML 
Oaxkoalau, Xke (BlppMmae): Hew York 
Cttr. tmltS. 

CoIUoa * Bsrt <Ap<dIa): DosaeUarf, Ger„ Dec. 

4-18: (Palace) Man^Mo. it^. IS4B. 
Conger. Helen (BUoa): B.IMH.I, la., todaf. 
Cook & MUs Botbert <Hfrt.)t ^tww. MIg., 

Not. 22-Dec. 13. 
CottreU. Loalse * Robert (Hippodrome): New 
- York City, Indet. 

Cherry * Bates (Maryland): Baltimore, Md., 27- 
Dec. 3; (Madison Sqaarc Garden) New York 
City 4-0. 

Crawford, Bessie (BUM): JaekaoB. Mleb,. 27- 
Dec. 2. , _ 

Cased & DeVeiB.' Bn«pH^ !•-> 
2T-Dee. 3. . _ 

OsutsBttae atstata, Tkas* |KMliM|t Kew 
Talk eoj, Sr-Dee. ». , 

3T-Dec. a. _ 

Colon it Bastlnca (Paataes): Hew To(k City. 
37-Dec. 2. , 

Conchas, Panl (Hyde * BtfHMafa): Brooklyn. 
N. Y., 27-Dec. 2. ^ _ 

CampbeU ft Johasoa (BOMlM)! CHmCO. 
lU., 27-Dec. 2. 

(^rlllo, Leo (Proctor's): Albany, N. T., 27- 
Dec S 

Clsrke', Harry (MM. fOlraple): OUOSCO. DL, 

27-Dec. a. „ . . . 

(dement, CUy (BWHVt nMMM^ ■• 

Connlnt (Mohawk): BdWDCetady, N. T.. ST- 
Dec 2. 

Dlonne Twin Slatec. (Otyaple): OUawOk m., 

27-Dee. t. . _ „^ 

Dall * MiUtm frMMrt)! XtV Voik atr. 

Dec. 2. 

Dale, Violet (Hopkins'): Ifemphls. Itenn., ST* 
Dec. 2. 

Dresser, Lonlae (Q. O. H.); B fo x am , S. T.. 

27-Dec 3. ^ _ 
Drew. Mr. and HkSb CMMt IMaWMt Omb.. 

37-Oce. a. 

Dunbaf. OUriM FitnOn: iSaetwa, m..' SB- 
Dee. S: <Sind) Miet »». 
Daly ft O'Brien (Bijon): Bar Ottr. XM.. ST- 

Dec. 2. ■ ■ 

Dorsch ft RusseU (RMtaMOt Itath Ada BIS, 

.Man.. 27-Dec. 2. 
DeTllbla. Ol«at: Bouoke. Tk.. SHIte. S, 

Dallev. Mr. ft Mrs. (Sheedy's): MI River, 

Msis.. Sfi-Dec. 2: (Palace) Woeetter 4-9. 
Derrln, las. T. (Lyric): Jcrylla. Mo., 26 Dec. 2, 

W M. Mi). 

There Is a Distinct Difference Between the 

"National Sen/ice" 



You will have to believe it if you try it for a few weeks. 


62 N. Clark St., CHICAGO, ILL. 

vitaqrarh films 

12 Cent. Per Foot* 

It's Common Newspaper Talk That 


Xaoae _ 


-....BlIRGLAR BlI.I^.sss. 

1. Fanny, Too. Bill trlM to rob a dsBtlat'. oSloe* 
and geu ou tooth palled. The laogb Is on Bill. 
I^engtli, - - 21U Feet. 

••• OH! iroa; bibtv bov: ••• 

( wiib spa Uctas te tbe soap nianniaetnr<ra.)_ 
A Pnnny Utile Ooale. • UHOCa SO FSR. 
Iiafl«s,iai.fssti 8hsrioekBalMs,1««satiasnHS. 
Uiri Ftoblaai, IN ft. t BIsekftWhtta, fl. tt.1 UssH. 
Mo. u, ns ft. I Caeapc From Uas Ungj m ft. 

Write for eliea laia of theaboTeto 



116 Naaaau St.. Now York City. 

TelcplMuie,S7itJoIin. Oabto Addiaas,*'Yttagiapii.'_ 




Vaudsvilii Thaatra Maoagars, 


If we cumob glT. jwm a better np- '■'^::^-: ,Tti: 

to-data Flctme Aeb than you ate ..i.^rV 'jv? 

now receiving, no nMttar .'^riia''. la. . : ' . - ' , ■ f 
supplying yoa. 
We are the OrigiMtt» of UilB ' . •' ' 
. offer. Sont miss lb. Q0 |X T^aRAY 

20th century OPmCOPE CO., 

2 W. 14th sty NEW YORIK. 


SS.OO for first hundred, Reproduced rravon portraits from photo. Finest Lobby wodc 
ira.lf S. nd for sanii'-i'^ OTTAW.^ I»HOXO<;lt.VVt KK CO., Nattlucer Bleck. 
Ottaua, Ilia. 

^nt 3hows 


Wild West 


Jnncle N«. 1 of tbe BeneToIent Order o( 
."Amertcao Tlsers beia It* wml-aDnsal election 
i'- mt tb» winter qimxten of tbe BAximm A Bailer 
' . ttotr In Bridceport. Oobs., Sandar. Nov. IB. 
wbcn Uie foBowtnc oflleers ireie elected: Wm. 
OTHm, pmUcnt: Jobn M. Laughlln. Tlce- 
ncaident: Ctaaa. HntcMnaoD, stmnd treasoier; 
' Cterle* Stock, tieanxer; MaL G. Denman. arntn- 
'X clal Mcxctarr; B* J. Mooney, recording Becre- 
tair: J. 7oIer. wrgeant at arms, and John 
Bofee. Geo. Beyee, I.atTr Egan, Geo. Flatter 
amA Kd- Shaffer, trnstees. 

At the concliulaD of the tnislneaa a>e«ting 
roioyeA a Tex^ pleasant evening. 


'flb'!lMNi Kotbers bare dla- 
upon an amlc- 

haTe a abow of 

Sis. SantcUe wlH gr- 
in Homer, S. T„ tUa winter, aaA Ma 
la ortanialnc In Lancaster, Pa. Mr. 
win hnT* an entlrelr new outfit. 


It to MptfM Hwt Vootlt, the famooa Eng- 
kfc down, wto tiaa tor nianr Teara delighted 
■LXtanee. la nine laaane at Idalmn. where lie 
m-tacvMIr tfrlns a actlea of repreacntatlona. 

> Voottt waa goBBceted 


Sha 8dla A l>owna Shows do«ed the season 
•t Srlaeaofa. Ala.. Kot. 22, and went dl- 
' % neUr to Blnnlnsham. Ala., wliere tlier wOl 
.v,'''WMv'a>d arxmnse for next season. The show 

?;Si»>i»B.*»..««*atlT eaI*rK<xl. and will open earlj' 

The many friends of Governor John 
T. (RoMaaon win be pleaaed to know that be la 
Mpldtr rec o i eri nc from the ahock canaed by 
.m» Rccst mwtt eu acetdeot. In wUcb be 
>aaBK Mr:laate .kla lifa^ , Sba Goraraor is 
:,'5^^«B.<Mk»"tfl 'Mlr'lMlli^' ttlf *• Cln- 
. cbaaC^aad i» mjm aat n a few daj* be 
wm bare completely rceorered. 

Notes from Star Show No. 2: We 
' bare cone Into winter qoartera on the fair 
Srosnda in PlTmoath. Ind. The ahowmen hare 
an been paid off. and hare departed for their 
bomea. The season was Tcry pr oap er oua. and 
w« ban dcddad to cnlarfa betore next year. 
. Oac MaefcamfHia an Imy, and « nsBbar of new 
waaona wm be made. W» wffl next aeasoo 
baTc a larger number of trained animals. 

The Forepaugh-Sells Shows closed 
at Stnttgart. Ark, Not. 23, all the men In 
advance belns paid at Pine Slnff. Ark. They 
an started for home In happiness, and wlab 
to extend their thanks throogh these rolnmns 
to rred Morsan, the contmctlng ssent, for 
gettbas tbe good botela In Texss. 

Chaa. H. Tlnney, who so successfully 
bandied tbe mnale department of tbe SeUs A 
Downs Bbow Uils season, bas been te-ei^ged 

Bert Davis and wffib liave signed 
■l tka Cad mgenbeek 'Skow ftr- Btzt aea- 
a. HtL Iiafla baa a lai»e-gMi .BMt ^»t - 
^Mtta , CO wbldL be ralNA twaaty^fgbt 
«C cottaa Ibis •eaaon. Bk feas acnt aa a 
and Ifa an right. 

Albert Henry, one of the clowns with 
Ma BsHama'S Ten Bis fibowa, was. neottir 
y M r jaay la/wi nei^ jPS ,^. hIbk to 

■caa eaM la tatt!' V^"'"* 

The Brown Family Show, tourine 

KentnckT In palace wagons, reports Ane weather 
and sood bnsTness. Mis. Wm. X. Biu w n re- 
lobied H ie dww Not. SO, after a Tlalt to Har- 
.. iltfiiug» fa, 

Marvelons Pascatel is busy rehears- 
' log at the is'cw York Hippodrome, where be 
wm bsTC an Important part In the new prodoe- 
: entitled A Sode^ Glnns,- which opens 

■■-^Pgf^.H. ■ *^ 

'i^.<^Xn, Masie- Lano. wtfe of the legal 
" — " la Twy 111 at 

''te tte 


W. W. Parmlee. of the Wallace 
. Bbows.. is Tlsltlng bis parenta In Warren, Pa. 
Be baa been with- the Wallace pmtsl* tor a 
' oC years. 

,;Aftj^^JLoqato^gg^tfager with 

' '' > CLcIiae SSraUania; of th BagenbeOk 
.' ■-tf m m i rJmflB. - at ■ bla home fa Oorlngton, Ky. 
;&w«T«r, bis condition is not aeiloos, snd be 
. win prabah^ be oat again In a few dsjs. 

. Chas- T_,Ogrden writes: "The show 
X lias, been oat ten monOia (Not. IS), and we 

'^^.r^'-^Sm'^WU^ .-Ttaupe. win —rt tMiinn 
r.yaw r.i* w arn ■ mam tar act with 

tiMt the Jobn Bob- 
la IMr aaaaaa Saa. ». ba 



rtaia t 

In many Instancea (bat 
gtren la also the permaaant 

- — ;m wlU — 

Adama, Tkank, ITiHillaia Ifcaaa in nnte. 
Anderson Dog and Foay flknra>>«Mncbester, Ind. 
Ar nold, E. J.. Sfaows. .......... -Portland, Ore. 

BaHer* Ofbllle B.) Shawa BonstBD, Tex. 

Bard Bna.' Show Blading, Pa. 

Barlow's Sbows Sooth Mnford, Ind. 

Bamom A Bailey's ,.. .Bridgeport, Conn. 

(New York offices. 25-27 W. Mtb st.) 

Bartine's Shows OmmersTlUe, Ind. 

/Beaman's Dog A Pony Show — Dudley are.. 

Parkersburs. W. Va. 
Seattle's Great American Shows 

Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Bcmard'a (Sam) Sbows ..mnhorst, Cal. 

Bereda's (Bark) Tom, Staowa...Iilncoln, Neb. 
BAIdec'a (W, F.) New nBlted..St. Joseph, Mo. 
Boobenr Broa.' Goldan Xaaeot Shawa.... 

;OnMa. (Hdk. 

Bonner Sbow, ISO Colrer aTC, Acacy 41Qr« M. J. 

Bmwn'a ConAlned Shows NewMCb Adc 

Buffalo BUI'S Wild West Mars-rflls^ Itaatl 

Bosby Bros.' naa. m. 

Bodkin Bros.' Show, MB Baarbcm st. 

^« yj. Chicago, 111. 

Canada Frank'a ..,••'•^••1^.. Tipton, la. 

Campbell Bros.' Falrbury, Neb. 

CampbeU's Dr., Dog A Pony Shows 

Idibettc, Kan. 

CasteDo A Graves Shows (>>rtland, N. T. 

Clark, SI. L., Sbows New Orleans, IilU 

Craft's Do^ and Pony Shows Fonda, la. 

Crawford'a CoL. Sbow Bed Key. Ind. 

«]iijircat_ - _ - 


Cbleapn. m. 

Dashlngton Bros.' ....... I>aiiTlUe. ni. 

Dock's (Sam) w....;iIMdeileksb(irg, Ta. 

DeCoops' Show .». .Ban Francisco. Cal. 

Downle's, Andrew, Show Ofedlns, N. Y. 

Dnlaney's Sbows New MartlnsrlUe. W. Va. 

tails' lOc. and 20c Sbows Tower City. Pa. 

Elstnn's Dog snd Pony Show. .Kansas City, Mo. 

Floto's (Otto) Shows DenTer, Col. 

Forepangh-SellB iBroB-' . Colambns, O. 

Fox's (BoUa) Show Terre Hante, Ind. 

Frank A Hermann's VandcTllIe Show.... 

Wapskoneta. O. 

Frlsbee Bios.' Shows Detroit, Uleb. 

Gentry Bros.' Ko. l.........BlooniiBgtan, Ind. 

Gentry Bros.* Mo. 9.... Bloamlngton, Ind. 

GWb'a Big Dtrmgle Wmwh. . . . WapakiMieta, O. 
Glasscock's ^Uez) Shsaa..... JMCilnr. To. 

Oollaar acsa.' ...^....iiJtmAm, °Wla. 

Great AmczleaB Water Ohaak......taBloa, O. 

Great BoOalo .wnd West MIssoala, MOnt. 

Great International Shows.... Kansaa City, Mo. 

Gnat Texas BIB'S Wild West Boone, Is. 

Greater Amerlcsn Sbows. .302 Dearborn St., 

Chicago, III. 

Gregory A White Show Bock Hills, S. C. 

Orlmaley'a New I^ondon Shows. .Plttsborg, Pa. 

Haaf'S (Enest) Shows Shrereport, La. 

Hacerty <T. E.) Big Tent Show. Frankton, Ind. 

HalL Wm. p.. Shows lAncaster. Mo. 

Hairs Shows Fond dn Lac, Wis. 

Hall's (Geo. W., jr.) EranSTllle. Wis. 

HaU's, F. W., United Wagon Show 

Oayfllle, Kan. 

Harkneaa and Ite Mlaatid CIreaa 


' Dobnqoe. la. 
'a (F. «■> jfcjjWi... lilaaHc city, N. J. 

Hnlbnrd'a WM w)M.....v.'.n9adelpbla. Pa. 

Hagenbeck'a Carthage, O. 

Indian (BOI'a WBd iWest CUfton IVirge, Ta. 

James A Loaa Show Sonth MUwankee, Wis. 

Jones* Angostos, Shows Toorlng tbe Sonth. 

Julian's Amphltbpatre HsTana, m. 

Kellogg'B Great So. Shows Alexsndrls, La, 

Kennev Bros.' WUd West Indian Congress 

Perry, Okla. 

Kemp, G. P. Lamar, Mo. 

Knwirs 25e. Clrcna Drmklrk, O. 

Knott's Perfect SlHn<a..,........Bddbic. Mleb. 

iCnowlea Sbow fllatiiin. Okla. 

(Ona) .Onille, O. 

........Salem. HI. 

'^.'..Ba&Tffle, Ind. 

liocecta's flbowi -Oorry, Fa. 

I«e'a (Chaa.) flhoiwa .......wnkcabarre. Pa. 

Leonarder Bros.' aicai......,...PoriIand, Or*. 

Leopold's (Frsnk) Showa. Hoirlstown, Fa. 

Lemon Bros.' Show....... .'Dodson, iSo. 

Lowrey Bros.' Showa ......... .Sbenaadoab, Pa. 

Lncky Bill Qnenemo. Kan. 

Mann's (H- A.) ■ Oberlln, O. 

Jiansfleld's. W. J. Parlllon Shows.Tldloate. Pa. 

McCieary's (W. 3.) Zoo Van Wert, O. 

McDonald Bros.* "Hnntlngton, W. Va. 

Melhonm. The Great. Clrens Hebron, Wis. 

Mlnnell Bros.' (No. 1) Delaware, O. 

Montgomery's PaTOIon Show Boone. Is. 

Mooce Family Show.......... ..Touring Florida. 

aiorgan'a (J. B.) I«xlngton, Ind. 

Mreea (F. M.) Big T*Bt Sbow. npton, la. 

NeO'a unltea 8b««a ............. .Belalt, Kan. 

MMile'i nu Sbov . ..........^ Taa^ar, C C 

Nbrrla Jfe Bowa .....••..■•..flaata Oras, Oal. 

Ortln Bros.' Clrens City of Mexico 

Or ton Bros.' Sbow Des Moines, la. 

Pan-American Dodaoo, Mo. 

Pawnee Bill WUd West Birmingham, Ala. 

Perrlne's (Dare W.) Easton Baplds, Mich., 

Ferry's (Frank L.) Show .Tates CltT, Ul. 

Peter's, W. J., PSTlllon Marrsrllle. Ksn. 

Prescott A Co.'s Bocklsnd, Me, 

PnhQlone's No. 1 Harana, Cnba. 

Pnhnione's No. 2 Tonrlog Cobs, 

PhnUp's D. T. C. Co Cortland, O. 

Seed's Bnropean Shows en tonr 

Beoo * AlTord'i (Nortbem) Kankakee, m. 

geae > AlrscJ-a faatbaBM. nattjiaarg. ' 

Rice's Dog A Pony Show... 

Rlngllng Bros.' 

Blppel's Shows 

Bobbins' (Frank A.) Shows. 
Robinson's (Bsppy Bob).., 

New Albany, Ind. 

Baraboo, Wis. 

,.. Frankfort, Ind, 

CUfton, N. J. 

Bald Saob. N. J. 
.THxaea Park, O. 

.....Bnahboro. Ps. 

.......... Pltketts. Wis. I 

...••»••• .Rosbboro. I 

Robinson's (John. 
Rock Bros.' Shows 
Bock Braa.' 

Bocky 3iaa_ 

Sam wen's D.. F. * 9f. flbow Hoostoo, Xii:. i 

Santelle, Slg., Shows Homer, N. T. 

Sells A Downs' Blrmlnsbam. Ala. 

Shelby, Janet, Shows £d route South 

SkeibcaCa Ooa-BlBS Olicas. .. .Dorchester, wis. 

SMStTt Mmj. Wmr. » En route Sooth. 

Stewait^ Chv*,. Us OMy circus....... ... 

Ft. Worth. Ind. 

Shstrer ft Spry Broa.' Portsmouth. O. 

surer Bros.' .■ Acme, Mich. 

SIpe's New Sbows Kokomo, Ind. 

Smith's Imperial Clrcas Backstown. Pa- 

Bayder Bros.' A Dowker Boodboow, 111. 

Star Sbows, No. 8 Plysaonth, lad. 

Stewart Family Wayne, bd. 

Son Bros.' ........-^..SaTannab, Ga. 

Swift Bros.' Show (Na..'U. ..wGolden Gate, lU. 
Swift Bros.' Show (Ite. S> ... . . .Greennp, Ul. 

Tanner Bros.' E. K. Shows Lincoln. Neb. 

Terry's U. X. Shows Little Slonz, la. 

Teias BUI'S WUd West En route. 

Todd's, £. H.. New Era Sbows.. Eoodlioase, III. 

Todt, Wm. Shows Snow HIU, Md. 

Tonner's Hippodrome West Berlin. N. J. 

Tattle's Olympic LlnnesrUle. Pa. 

Dden's (W. J.) Wild Weet Flannlgsn, lU. 

Van Vranken'a Shows Scott, O. 

WaUace Sbows ..•••..........Peni, Ind. 

Walsh Slsteas* Show ......... .»^4hla Cm. O. 

Ward's Showa Mgmm^l^ Mass. 

Washbom ft D'Alaa'B nalaed AaliMll 

Clrcas En mote Sootb. 

Washban'a Das ft Vony Sbowa.Paterson, N. J. 

.* aiow. " - - 

Welsh 'Bras.* 
Wheeler. AL F. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

New Model Sbows 

Schenectady, N. X. 

Wheeler's, J. B., Monkey Show. .Portlsnd, Ore. 
Winston's, Prof., Ses lAons- .. .823 TaUeTrand 
are.. JacksonrUle, Fla. 

WIntermate "Bros.' Eebron. Wis. 

Woodford's (Cbas.) Animal No. I. Falcooer.N.Y. 
Woodford Animal Sbow No. 2. .Falconer, N. T. 
Zlck A Zarrow's Show. .Sprtngle, York Co., Pa. 
Zlemer's, King E. Sbows St. Loots, Mo. 


Ament's, Capt. W. D. Shows. .Hot Springs, Aik. 

Arnold, E. J., Shows Portland, Ore. 

Banscher Cam. Co De Soto. Mo. 

BIr Otto Trained Animal Co 290 Third St., 

■Milwaukee, Wis. 

Capitol Am. Co Lansing, Mich. 

Grouse Am. Co.. 881 Preston st PblladelphU. 

Cash. T. L, CamlTal Co 438 Wabash are., 

St. Paul. 'Minn. 

Dreamland Carnival Co Arondale. Ala. 

Eagle CamlTal Co., 25 S. Front st... . Wilming- 
ton, Ti. C. 

Excelsior Csrn- Co. of N. T.....NorTlstown. Pa. 

Fatlma% LaBeUe, Show 319 Grand St. 

Sobokcn. N. J. 
Feran Braa.* Shows railed. .Ike Zoo, Toledo, O. 

"nnliiSlwa**0* ^'*"'***' ^ ** " " 

Great flaslrtll flhows ••••......•..•AaaBata, Ga. 

Greater Smith Am. Ob. .MSid^' AU. 

BatA, J. Frank, Showa .Wttahars, Fa. 

Hewltf a (Fred) Bxp'n. Sbowa, Waahbastaa, Ind. 

LaBose Electric Fountain 210 Ft. Scott St., 

Ft. Scott, Kan. 

Lachman-Keecb Expo. Co Lomberton. UIss. 

McElwee's MerTy-Go-Roiud . . . .Lelsyres. Pa. 

McCarthy Am. Co JackaoQTine, HI. 

Mitchell's Anthracite Band Kelayres, Pa. 

MetropoUtan Am. Co. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Monarch Camlral Co Corlngton, Ind. 

Montgomery A Satcher DaBas, Tex. 

'Monumental Camlval Co Hot Springs, Ark. 

Mnndy Shows GaleabDrg, 111. 

Jethro Almond's Bible Show.. Albemarle. N. C. 

Parker, New, Am. Co AbOene, Kan. 

Parker's Fairyland Am. Oo AUIene, Kan. 

Parker, Great, Am, Oo .Abilene, Kan. 

Parker. C._W., Am. Oo. ...Abnene. Kan. 

~ " ' ~ Ckrairal Oo..W(B8eId. Kan. 

Co.... Jh Badel pMa. Pa. 

--. — ^ ^ ■ . 1 • • • vIlBBfldBCa SUtil* 

RobbMB'.ftab Oo..Bodniaa BMc. "fc-*— «»«. O. 

BoMag Mfc M r Xsatona, Ky. 

SeeiaaB4fIIlleaa Mardl Grsa Oa. 

Flednwnt Park. Atlanta, 6a- 

Tennessee CamlTal Oo Lexington. Ky. 

Welder's. Win H.. CamlTsI <5o. - . -WeUston O. 
Westlake's CsralTal of Noreltles. .222 W. 128tb 
St.. New York City. 

Wlxom Bros.' Baoet^t; Mleb 

Whitney Am. Oo 108 W. lUta sL., 


Staitand Park will be new attrac- 
tion at Jtaitreal. Can., next aeason. Wm. R. 
ael iat lD n , of Mew ZoA, Is promoting the en- 
tmnte .i^>^^J>!ffi be expended abont 

«aM.OOO. mat the stock wm be bdd by Can- 

of Ttate Bnlldlng, afastrcal, aad woek wui 

begin shortly. 

mmm vai7devii.i.b artists as 

Can place rood acts with Clubs at all times 
Call or write. MatropolKan Entertalnmeot' 
Bureau. 421 Honadaock BIdg., Chicago, III. 


rntt with Mtt L 
middles ; SSxtO and I 

D. BE, 1 

1<T 8. Canal St. 

, » with «0iMtt.wHhtwo 10 




Phone 2S51. Esta-bltafaed 1843 

Thomsoo ft VaniiYMr 




Ail Mate yJ SiZM 


6159.6161 WentworHi Ay«., Chloaxo. 

Large Stock 80ft. and Under 
New and Second Hand, Write 

.... SET YOUR .... I Eill I 9 

From MAGEE & SON. 

Tents to let, all sires. 

specialty. Tel 5fiS 




Portable Grand Staada and Fqldiag Cir> 
cua Chaira manofactuied. 

fumiahed and plaos: 
pective puichaiets. 

F». A. IVfcHUGH. 



IVa.3188 BonneHt.. dneIiiiisa.O 


OUTFITS, USHERS and all othars. Send 
for Cata l og, mention kind wanted. 


. C . GOSS C 




FijEE '•^^7^ 


stock Hangers, Fostera and Onu on band tor aSHO' 
tlBingeveiy branch of tbe AmaaemrntBnslnesa. BeaaMO 
Catalogue it» of Dramatlo and Show PrIntlagI 

„ — I (D 

Catalogne (C 

Cstslogne (B) Blllpo^ 

F&st.cla*a PrlnUng of ail kinds. 

Fair snd CsmlTsl PrlnUDR 
BJllposters, Commercial Posters. 


813 ELM BTnrFT, ST. UailM. M** 

lighting Systems 

^g^ ?g| Shows. Parks. Greets. Stores, HsUa. Bte. mtm 

' rTiil hr all ih« laadliififciiw In tht ■wM. UAHsMritote all ] 

USHT has been 


Ttie Billboard 



( I noerperatod ) 

2-18 N. Dosplaines St., 125-133 W. Randolph St., 


MA Years Eiperhnce "■"PAI^F^^ .^.o'^r^^^dC^w 





"Amarioa.Oap Home 


W* Mak* 


Write Us Before Placing Your Orders for 
Tents for 1906 Use. 


We can .ntake your Flags, Wagon CoTer8» 
Hone Blankets, etc. 

WehsToconsldersbleof 10 osT 


BLACk snd RED I AnytWncBMdSflteaavw 




T£etttricttl WBekbr 

i United States Tent & Awning Co. 

On the Brst page of this issue are reproduced the pbotocnq^is of the direotOIS 
of the United States Tent & Awnin£ Co. 

The United States Tent & Awning Ck). is not an old name, but the men at its 
head are old in the bnmnem, having practically spent all their lives in it. liatthey 
have been sooeessfiil goes withoui aagriog: Tbsir qiateii haai bein' steadily i 
and their eapaeitgr for work anjgmanted by a srowinir deaumcl opbn th^ 
tion. ThecoB^any iiBoiir dciag an . tmm a w i ia h uri i^ ^ 
many of die prind^^ circuses and carnival companies, and that they enjoy the con- 
fidence of their jiatrons is evident from the constant increase in their business. Their 
aim is to give satisfaction, to turn out work promptly, and as ordered, all orders 
being given equal care and consideration, irrespective of their magnitude. 

The Billboard does not hesitate 
to reoommend this enterprising 
up-to-date progressive firm to 
the attention of its readers. 








receive PERSONAL attention. We have already had to enlarge our quarters on account of the satistai^tiQi|i.:^ 
given in the past. You will find our goods everywhere. Our customers are our best references. if. 

Ask them idMiit us. 



Ttie Billboard 


The G. i M. B&re&tn Cala- 
lotrae for thirteen years the 
MONEY SAVER. Write for 
It to-dar ami bo-ccmvlnced. 

nun LMM tkMti 

Sole a«ents for "Raynold" 
Watches and the celebrated 

"Hamilton" Razors. 


Etc., Etc. 

Tb« bwfe suowte, 
ennrdAUnetar and baUr- 
hoo known in jmn. Writ* 

for fall partifml&n to th* 


MF6. CO. 

23 Ddidi St, 

Moving Picture 

EzklbMon wMtttas ta nnt flims o« tb* road 
wUlMieqaM. A «MB*Mi Hm «( tt« bMt 

Moving Picture Paper 

AlvAjB Ik Stock 

Rvm lOe^ to tun po«tp*Id. 

Chicago Film Excliange 

133 1. Clark St, GMICABO, ILL 


I bsT« Tln-Typ* 
BnttoB Fana: aU 
ilze Beseli. Btau. 
OIui and Baeki, 

«tc. Write for 
•unples. AIM Tln- 
Type aappllei, ineli 
MM Tin Plate*. BUpa. 
Collodion. Cbeml- 
eala. ate 


Per 100 

Will Rossitei's Original 

^'^ BOOKS 

Theatrical Information 

«nd other Tauable information Dertalnliiar to 
same. PrlceSl. Address MAiKsncAmrsnciRT 
OO- »o.m W.Jetrwoc St.. lonlsnue, Ky. 

DeLano. Wm. (O. H.): OKdenebnrs, N. Y., 

2T-D«; 2. 

Dehnore, The Mlws (Ampblon) : Brooklrn, N. 
Y.. 27-Dec. 2; (Bmplre) Hcboken, N. X, 

De Lac«Ts Tbe: Das llUiia, Ia« XT-Dee. 2. 
Danoras, tes (Odtoa): OvtM. O., STdiSC. S. ' 
Daimat. Ttie W (WWeBy)* <MdUik Cal., 

27-Dec 2. 

Dana * Maoular fimMt SUtdt^ fli. 27. 

DonaldaoB, Anna (BarUc A MOMa'a): Mew 

York CUT. ar-Dee. Sl 
Daeey. Chuc & Adali (Oiaad): Jiatetla, Ore., 

27-Dee. 2. 

Derdcn. Dare (Star): Atdilaon, Kan., as- 

Dee. 2; (Family) Sioux air, la.. 44). 
Delmore, John, Sc UaOj outul (Otkolal): 

Lawrence. Man.. 2T>Dm, S. . . 
De Oescb. Mamie B. (FIN|iWW)i UmBWOrtb, 

Kan.. ae-Dec. 2. 
Dnnn, Arthnr A Ob. (Baeel urt MA- ttj: Nenr 

York CltT, zr-Dec 1; OMMaes M(k St.) 

New York Cltr 
De Wan A Erwla (aiasd): ^eama, Waih., 

2T DM. 2; (SUr) Portlaad. Ore.. ««. 
Oe Witt, Bnmi A Tonaiiee (Ifccst): Xkcnton, 

N. J.. 27-Dec 2. 
Darla A Walker: WheellnCi W. Tk^t' BM^ 

Steiit>enTlUe, O.. T-S. 
IVa A D'a (O. O. H.): Grand Baplda, Sacb., 

Dec. 4-». 

IVAlma'a Monkers. Joint (Hainmentelm'a): New 
York Cilty. 27-Dee. 2; (Am^ilon) Bto^Irn 

Day. Geo. W. (Shea's): TtocontiK Ont., 27- 

Dee. 2: (Proctor'a) Albany, N. Y., 4-a. 
Dooler, BrcimcT A Base (Arcade): IWedOk 0„ 

2TJDec 2. 

Doncan. A. O. ((Mdalal): Haiv Task Qty, 

2T-Dec. 2; lO^mmi tHtUf^ ■ 
DUon A Anger «fephaBB)> SSB Wnmnaro, CU.. 

26- Dec 9. 

Dolan. Boser A BSUe: Topeka, Ean.. S-9. 
Dereen, Bnliert (Blcbinond) : North Adama, 

Maaa., 27-<Dec. 2; (PaA) Werceiter, Matf., 


DeliiMre A Lee (Proetor'i): Albany. M. Y., 

27- Dec 2: (Mohawk) Sebcneetady 44. 

Day. Bdmand, A <JOb MMmMUs): St. Iroola. 
3to., 27-Dee;. St .(CHtS«>..Oi. - B.) ObloiKo, 

ni., 4-9. 

De ScniB', Hemlett^ 'tm SrtHlh. (ilimiiiiii'): 
XemphU. Teoa.. SMlM^ Ih ObJistK) Cbi- 
caso, HL . 4< . 

Downey A WlllBd (S. O. B.): Chand Baplda, 
Mldb. ar-Me; S; (Ontle). Blooalncton. HI., 

Doyle. Mkjor (Slobawk): Sdieoeetady. M. Y., 


DeiHoIIla A Taloca (Price's): HsanllMl, Mo., 
Zl-Htc 2; (O. K.) Pekln, m., 4-9. 

Dayton Slaters (liadier's): Iios Angelea, C»l., 
20-Dec. 8. 

De Bols, Qrest fXaVs): Kiims Cltx. Ho.. 

26-Dec. 2. ■ ■ 

Demosio A Bells (nmliy): HiwsWwi, Fa., 

26-Dec X 

De Faya, Mssleal: Lign, QIA^ V-Dse. S. 
Dixon A HoiBcs (Oiftsam): OMka, IM., 2t- 

Dec. 2. 

Dixon. Browera A Dlzan( Trent): Trenton, M. 

J.. 27-Dec 2. 
Diamond A Smith (HstlMay'S): M«w Bcd> 

ford. Maia., 27-IleSk S. 
Dahlias, Lea.: 3M Jk Mtll SM^ B^;, Oct. 

9-Dec. 23. 

Donoran. Jaba 41. (OhMSgiapk): X«s Inwli^ 
Cal., IndsfL 

Downey. Leslie T. (ItoKlty): Stoekton, OkL, 

Oct. SO-Jan. I. 
Drew, Carroll (Bndcer): Bockford. m., Jmse 

U. Indef. 

Dnral. Joa. (BUoa): MlBTUle. N. J.. Indef. 
Drew. Darotby (Oq)bemn): New Oileana, La., 
2T-Dee. 2. 

Doyle, FMir (Sttk): BesttUv Wask;, 27- 
Dec. 2. . • 

Eaiet A StekMT fWkeVal)t Sidslls, 1Is„ ST- 

Dec. 2. 

Barle. Mr. A Mrs. Barry (Qrystal): xopeka, 

Kaa., ae-Dec 2. 
Barle. The Dancing (O. H.): Stoddard, Wis., 

28- Dec. 2; (Weet End) Winona. Minn., 4-9. 
Elmo. Fete A AEle (Cirjstal): Msrloo, Ind., 

ST-Dec. 2; (Oryatal) Anderson 4-9. 
Btbardo. Naomi (Keltb's): PlttSbnrs .Pa., 27- 
Dee. 2. 

Edsall. Dean, A Arthur IVnbes (Orpbenm): Om- 
. Ss> (Oipbeam) MlnscapoUa, 

Bsmoade. Mwsrd. Mk. AVts. (Orpbevn): Kaa. 

■as City. Mo.. Dec. 4-9. 
EstellUa, La Belle (Majestic): Ohlcago, m., 
27-Dec. 2. 

Ehicnbeix A Treodall (Bon Tob): Salt Lake 
City. Otab. 2T-Dec 2; (Lyeemn) Ogden 4-9. 
Trio (Elite): Darenport. la., 2T-Dec 2. 
a. Lea ((^bemn): Los Angeles, (M., 

_ Dec. 2. 

Enis-Nowlan Trio (0>lnmbla): St. Lools, Mo., 

2T-Dec. 2; (Olympic) Chicago, m., 4-9. 
indrldge. Tbe Great (Berl): Pneblo, Ool.. 27- 

Dec 2; (Ciystal) DenTer 4-9. 
E^ren, G«o. W. (Ort^enm): Pcetsmoatli. O., 

2T-Dee. 2; (Star) Mnnde. Ind.. 3-9. 
Enunett. Grade, A CO. (Bmptre): Boboken, N. 

J.. 27'Dee. 2; WnkeSbatte, Pa.. 4-9. 
EtbsrdA, Haoaal (Keith's): Plttibmg, Fa.. 27- 

Dec 2* 

Birle A BsrUattt Skanskla. Fa., ST-Dec. 8. 
Eninore Sisters fgrntlUH .iMsatt^ ST- 

Dec 2. 

Elton-PoIo Troupe (Sapsilsl): BiasKlrB, H. T., 

2T-Dec. 2. 

Eamerelda Slaters (Oxpheom): San Trandaco, 

Cal.. 2»Dec. 2. 
Eller. GlTie (Alcazar): Denrer, Col.. Indef. 
Eltcn. Sam: Moss A StoII Tonr. Eng., Nor. 

1. Indef. 

Empire Comedy VOor: Bopln TMr, Eaf., Oct. 
le-Dee. U. 

Brerhart (RkatSCbWS)! '. OhSBtt MS.. OiC 


Bmperora of Mnsle. Vlsv (O. O. latlBB* 
apolia, Ind., 27.Dae. St OMMMH.} OMfr 

natl, O., 3.9, 
Eckboir A OordoD (Caste's): Fall BItct, Ussa., 

27-Dec. 2. 

Expositloa Voor .(Fsotfa'a): ctadnaatl, O., 27- 
Dee. S. 

Far. Coley A Pay (Majeatle): Hot Sprlocs. 

Ark., 27-Dec. 2; (Majeatle) Dallas, Tex., i-0. 
FUbnoce A Adams (O. H.): Ksnaurs, N. 0„ 

sr-Dac S. 

J Merry i 

Chirlstmas Greetings 

V %• ^ FKOM ^9* 



Home of Burlesque 

PradoMd Vndsr d»» Dliveiieai of 

The Man. Who Made 

Sam T. Jack Famous 

ChicaLtfo's GreaLtest Burleisque Hovse Opened 
Sunday. November 19, 1905. to Tremendovs 
Business. A Success From the Very Start 

All Communiea-ttooa to 


; Proprietor «Lnd MoL-nagera 

North Clewrk ^r^d Kinzie StreetSa 


B A <K tirt %# wr I V TBE Abst liTrriiB singlb act, bab honb. 

~W»B ■ ilr&^W XSLAT I>OE8 lO XO 12 BlINVTES IH 


.(Of Baltics and Newton.) 

najmtett of All SINQI^G AMD D AWaw jS C O amiANS 


Managers Addrewrcare Billboard. 






Quid BowBT. Btth'OssoHne Attaob- 

nratta. Yon 6uk naA sqyiAsim. 
Write for caMogm and prfoe Ust— 

loa MIohlsain Str«et, 


Xtie Billl>oar<l 





If this Good Wishes and Encouraging 
Orders His Friends are Showering Upon 
Him is Any Indication of Success, His 
Future Prospects Were Never Brighter. A 

Behold The "Cutlery King" Throwing 

Ught On New Fields. 

Aa announced before in these colomns, he has opened a New and Complete Jewelry Department under the able manaeement of 
Louis Lamm. His ^'Johnny On the Spot" method of doing business, coupled with Mr. Lamm's vast experience in this line* will_siirely: 
bring good cheer to the hearts of all Streetmen, Auctioneers, Cane and Knife Rack Men* WMta Stone ' WoriEBn; Hil^ Vikh. T' 
and FlrandiUB Houses, in fact everybody using Jewelry, Novelties, Cutlery and Canes. 

I "jimnailiml addreaa mt «Be« to be plmc^ on em moling Hrti. Mt yn will receive onr new complete Cataloirne which wlU be iasned in early spring 



Th« Man Who Knows Your Wants and Attsnds to Them Quiekly. 

nmUa, Tm (Costal): Kekonov lld.> W* 

Aw, Lm Tnac (r«ally)t ttsos aiTi Dte- 

«n. 'Delia * Mtmt^t BlooKlnii K 

y., ar-Dce. t. 

Mix * Burr Ok (glll^t Bmt^ IT. 

X., Dte. 2.' 

nulm * rvibtm (nom'e): Widlm, Wla.. 

27-D*e. S, 

ftcdeilcks, Iba (Beri'a): PuM^ OoL. XT- 

Dm. Sl 

naher. Ur. * Kn. Poklaa nbjMUe) 
AatoalOb Sh.. tT'Btfc S; (Hajwllc) 
tOD 4-0. 

ntlHM, Dick, ft 

.Pwrta. UlTm. _ _ 

Kidtttea, The (Ocvkcom) 
_18-Dte. S. 

lamdl. Cliff: Al 

ST-Dee. 1. 

■task. Marrelooa, a Bob (Ootbam): BiooUrs, 

K. sr-Dte. X 
•Merlck. Tht QMtt (VMpVl): LMftonNrtb. 

Km., zr-Dee. a 

Bra*. (BIJmOI OtMB 

Dee. a. 

rnrmu, Radto (Hathawar'a): RMT 

JIua., 2T-Dee. 2. 
Tttpuoojt MaA (IlTdU): Oip* Tom, A« 

Not, 9B-Iaa 

tafiS^ ■•>' 

Vnok & rtaak (Haaeotte): JIMtUe. JJa.. Oet. 

18- D«e. S. 

■'■^^ Glatk <Keia'a): Haw Torn Oltr. »• 

ftuiclB. Bmma (OtpkeoaX:' !«• Aagelea, OaL, 

19- Dec, 1. 

mier, jSaato «»ja«le): CUowo, OL. «I- 

Dec. 2, ■ . 

r<|<>t>r * rgatar fttaBt): naatta, ». »• 

Dee. 2. 

'otd euten * BfoQicn (Haymukat): Obl- 

cago. 111.. ar-Dee. 3. 
Gerdon, Doa & Mae (Weaat'a): Peoria, m., 

_2?<D*e. 2. 

floldes & Bvgtf {Weaat'a): Pe<sU, HI., 2T- 

„Dee. 2: (Orpbemn) DaTcnport. la., 4-9. 

Ontorj Troupe (PaUce): New York Olty, ST- 
Dee. 2; (aardcn) Oreenpolnt, L. I., 4-9. 

OottloM), Mr. & Mr* (Unique): San Franclaco, 
C«l.. 27-D»c. 2; (Unique) Santa Crui 4 0. 

Bodfiey & Henderson (Mohawk): Schenectady. 
^ X,. ia>Dce.. 2: ((hvkeum) Keadlnt. Fa.. 

a*wB A^BartbK tOMmkmit Tap**,. Knu, «• 

„ Dec 2; (LaSaUe) KMSuk 

Ga7. Great (Bmptic): LiBine, OL, ST-DM. & 

01b»>n, ohaa. i Kathcrtae (Hoirard): Obl- 

ca.Ko. ni.. n-Dee. S; (Lreamn) IfUmaapoUa. 

Minn., 4-D. 

St LoDla. Ma. 


Omtm a Bakw (Sngto): 

Dee. 2." 
OrecBwar. Bf. (OdnMOl 
2T-Dee 2 

aiBDt. S/dDer (Ttent): nenton. N J, 
Dec. 2; (Mairland) Baltimore, Md., 4^9. 

OallettraMoDkeTa (Hopklni'): LoolBTlUe, Ky., 
27-Dec. 2; (Hopkins') MeDptOs, Tcon., S-O. 

OUmore. Stella CCrDcadero): Ohicaco. m., ST- 
Dee. 2; (Empire) Toledo. O.. 4-S. 

Oarrlson. Jale* tc Ella (Baynaiket) : OUeaco. 
IlL, 27-Dee. 2; (O. 0. B.) IsdlaaapoUa. Ind., 

Oofortb ft DoTle (Wood'a O. H.): Scdalla, Ho. 
19-Dec. 2. 

Grolia. Tbe four (Bljoo): BockfocO, m., 27- 
See. 2: (Mirror) DeAIOIaea. la., 4«. _ 

OotdoD a BvH. MltMt (BlJoo): itaekrort, m.. 
Sr-D«e. 2; (Grand) MUmnkee, Wis., 4-8. 

OanoD, XaxlQD (Ocpkenn): Loa Angelee, OaL. 
2T-Dcc^ 2. 

(Mmaa. Saa ii Otrtte Obdeiae): Obleago. 

ni.. Dee. «•. _ 
Oreena & Werner (Pxoetor'a 2Sd St.): Nejr 

Tork Oltr, 217-Oec 2; (PioetoCa Newnk, H. 

J 4-9 

(Mniner, 'HappT Jack (Majestic): OUcm m.; 

2T-Dec. 2: (ColnmUa) St. Loida, Mth, 4-9. 
(3eaero ^k Tbeol (Bmplie): OlaafOiir. iBf.. Dec. 

4-9; (Eknplre) UTetpool 25-80. 
Oardna A Stoddard (]taieatle>: rt Worth. 

Tex., 27-Dec. 2. 
Orosr. Bo'aeU 7. (BUoa): Marinette. T\la., 

2T-Dec. 2; (Ben's) BscaData, Mich., -i-o. 
Olose, Ansnsta (Marjlaad): BalUmore, Md.. 

27-Dee. 2; (O. O. H.) Uttrtmrg. Pa.. 4-9. 
Gray A oiAa <Bt«98. gi;»riaa^_ _2a- 


Bridseport. Oonii., 
OtacUmatt, O., 

1B« 27- 

Dee. 2; 

Gallasber A Barrett (PoU'a): 

2T-Dec. Z. 
Gerard, FTancla (CMaoflila) 

ae-Dce. 2. 
(Jodfrej ft Heodenon aMMk)t 

N. X., 2T-Dec. 2, 
Gordoii ft aiacan: Mahainy C 
Dec 2i 

Goorler. SaOr ft Gonriar: huM, Hum., 27- 
Dec 2 

Ony's Parlor Mlaatrela (WoodTa): SedaUa, Mo., 

20-Dec. 2. _ . 

Oayllor, Ohaa. (Umpire): flaa TtaaHaea. OaL. 

27-Dec S. 

Gerard. Marte (BiJoa): QolDV. !■« tMlte. 2: 

(Qatetr) aprln^d 44. 
Gardiner Children, Three (BUoa): Calomet, 

Mich.. 2T-Dee. 2. ^ _ _ 

Galbretb ft IWiel (BIlM): SaMtaik HL, ST- 
Gran Trio < O lJi t ll >t WtSbtt, M, tT- 

Dec. 2. 

Graham ft BaTea (Crystal): rraskfCrt, tad., 

27-Dec. a. 

CMod. Basel (Crystal): Eokomo, Ind.. 37-Dee. 3. 
Qammuu Josephine, ft Co (Keith's): New 
T«fe City, 2T-Dec 2. 

-Billy (Olympic 


& tiewla (OolamtiU) : St. Lonla, Mo, 

tr-Dee. 2: (family) B. St. Lonla. UL. 4«. 
Bolcombe. Cortia * VM* (CaiaMMa): 
einaattf O.. 9T4lMu It 11 — 


(Olympic): Obicaso, ID.. 27- 


Tin Litnt aniMist Up-ti-Date tf AniMimlt 

Operated t^e past season at the White City, Chicago. The most 
popular attraction on the ground. The best money-getter as inTes^ 
dgation will prove. CONCESSIONAIRES get the Dooble <«Urt' 
concesdon in your ttaurk. It will more than dear itself the first yeiNr^( 
Writefor prices, terms and partaenlars. '■ ^- '- i^Sii/i 



Xtte Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 1905, 




George H. Hines' Enterprises 

'° Cklcaso's One Winon Dollar Innenml Restrt. 

3» rw WW! m ■ ^^WT"^^ Preparing for Summer Season of 1906. FIVE 

WHITE CITY, The World's Greatest Amusement Park Next Season. We have engaeed a Special 
European Novelty Attraction: JESS JEWELL'S liAMIKlNS. We wish to engage a Strong Trained 
Wild Animal Show. On percentage or guarantee; A golden opportunity for a bright showman with the 

KITBrr\ EDUCATED CHIMPANZEE. Will bay or plajr <n pe tc eo t aige or gnuaiitae. 
r\WH I We solicit correspondence from other good, stiongt 

Oan place two staaag sensational shows. Address all communications to, 


Administrative Offices, WHITE CITY, 

CHICACaO, IUa u. s.; 


Ovttr IbMti* (O. T. Cmrford, 

Bine Rtbbon Gljds to pMd traal 

py^f« and oUo cootAlu Hie AnstliiB, GOdar 
iiul Fox. Tbe Sldonlu. CnnnlngMnn ind Cot- 
eoer. T)» World'i THo. Next: The SlaJesUo. 

Globe Theatre (B. r. aceker, osr.) Srlran 
•ad Otleal. Tbeo. Jnaloaa. Ula Wnnlimn. 
Lm Oclasd. Asnea BdiiMnd*. Kaar Msck. and 

Oar Baker ft; 

Ef7pt 15. 

Brlcbam. mgr.) 
abovr and tmeliiesa. 

CUBTOH. — Blxznmn Opera Hoixse (Wm. P. 
laiTis. mgr.) Two Merry O^tampa 14; fair show 
and bnaloeaa. Ham Hanaon 30; Iijman Twins 
Dec. 11; Cberrr Vallej U; loa. OcQiaaK 19; 
A Trip to ECTpt 23; Baiis and Vix ST. 
IXBXOH.— Glwlc^aa XI 

(S. P. 

fW. J. 
On. week 6; 

► jgainf tinai CDoila Kate 
litae Mbbt- Jooea 18; 

■aadbMJaaa and 

M; good aadlcnc 

. niAed honae and good peerormasee. T«ro Metiy 
bamps aO; Dnd« 3ontb«Ti SMes 23: iWhat Wo- 
aen WIU Do 2S; BeneaUi tte Bed Croaa 30. 

JOPLOr.— NeT dnb TbeiCre (L. F. Ballard, 
asr.) Tbe Llbertr BeUes 14: talr sbovr and 
IwmliM ■■ Two Merry Tnimps 19; good com- 

Ear and boalness. Tbe Wayvard Son 21; 
Ola James 22: As Told In Uie mUs 26: Boster 
"i^rown 30: A Son of Best Dec. 1; SI Plunkard » 
-I I«ile Theatre (Cbaa. B. Hnrtttna. vsr.) Slaaa- 
'W2aadaitf«r.3ke/~' " ■ ~ 

' WASSKHaBUKG. — Magnolia Opera Hoofie 
(Land Markwaxd. mgr.) Alberta Gallatlii 15: 
excellent attraction and fair patronage. A 
Coontrr Kid 23. 

KABSAS ui'X'X. — WSllla Wood (Woodward A 
Bnrgcaa Am. Oo^ if*-) Heir to the Boocab 
week 19; cxeeBHt^tw'-^ 

Loois Jtan* SSm^. sw-.'MeiiiU ao- 

atae HaU 
cellent ahow 
week 28. 

Andltotlnm (Woodward ft Borgeaa Am- Go. 
men.) Texas we^ 19; eoaj/utj latt aod tmii- 

Cenbor (Ite Barrett, mgr.) Mky;. 
■ k IB; good ebow aaZCe 

ShDw OIi3m wcde 

'-XdeTB XlKBtie (Uejd Brown, mgr.) Good 
»a»nimn< la drawing exeeUent patronage. 

Jfatlnnal (F. Flanders, mgr.) Boalnees la 
good an the rcaolt of hlgb-claas Tanderllle. 

GuiTentlott HaU (L. W. Sboue, mgr.) Oof- 
trotha VoTlnx Pletnm week IS: bnilneaa good. 
Alice Mielaen Dec^ 4. CBAS. H. mat.t. . 

T.*lTAa. — Opera iBoaae (J. S. Mooie, mgr.) 
T7nder Soothen SUea 17; padced honaes. As 
Told In the 'HJHa 20; Tbe Wayward Sao Dec 
1; Howe'» KoTinc Pietaoea 4; Chcny Taller <■ 

XAOOV.— <BIee'* Theatre (H. S. logea. mtt.) 
nie 'Yolmiteer Organist 9; good boAieM ead 
peztemance. The Black Crook. Jr_ ..Ml jaaad 
burineaa and attraction. Harlan-NaMS Hcdt 
Co. 13-1 5: fair Bbows and boslnesa. 

sr. J06EFE. — Tootle Theatre (C. IT. FhUter. 
mgr.) Franda 'Wilson 19; good a&actSon and 
boaiiieaa. Tbe Betr to the Hoorah 17; good 
-.-koainess and pleased. Hap .Ward 25; Tbe Scfaool 
JVttl 29; T1>e Outperona 30. 

Lrcenm Thotre (C. 17 f hllley. mgr.) Texas 
: i^ns;«taMk_ -XkB Biv Behind the Onn 

and Ixmls Bererley, nank Qroh, The SdiolMdi. 
C Cooke; and ottaers week 19; good hoslnen. 

BTm/IT.TA. — New Sedalla Tbeaue (Geo.' F. 
Oleodorf, mgr.) Jack 'Hoelller week 12; good 
company aad boalnesa. Idttlc Johnny Jomea 
19; fdeaaed cood bartneaa. Oie Qml FrtHn 
Kay'a 20; ne Ubetty Bdlaa IS: Vaitr South- 
ern Sklea SS. 

Wood's Opera Hoose (H. W. Wood, mgr.) 
TandeTllIe week 19, excepting 20, wh£tt Der- 
U's Anctloa appeared; good tmslneas and bill. 
'DeTtl's Anetlon 20; bnslneas good. 

BFSIHeFi£LI>. — Baldwin Theatre (Geo. H. 
Olmdoef, mgr.) Woodland IS; performance ex> 
oeUent, iMMne llUed to oapaelty. Lord Baltl- 
mora 14; koasi talr. Under Soathena Sues 18; 

naar Hr. 

I Woojhragd _8tDCk Co. In 

. \Stm *8S*VilM?^5g.) am , 
Olarka ft O*., ne Speak a OuaU e la , Browning 

and Wally, Dorothy Drew, Etbel Boblnson. Bry- 
ant and Saville, and others week IS; excellent 

•Novelty Theatre (P. fi. Mlland. mgr.) Geo. 
Atkinson. DeMora aaA sa**"** Frank Emer- 
son, niree DeM, IFFlint Body, and moring 
pictures week 19. H. J. BOOT. 


KAHCHESIER.— Opera Boose (E. W. Bar- 
Tlngtoa. mgr.) Irlah Ladlea' Cbolr 16; packed 
koose. g nan iae Mlneticls 20. 

Park Tbcatic (Jbol BtUes. mgr.) Btca aad 
Baitoo OaMr Ck 1S.1S: ' ' 
B3« Biotbei'a rilaii IMS: 


Beantlfnl Jim Key, plctnred above. Is. without doobt. the most woiMlerfal horse in 
tte. we^ Bki. wnasenieat at the WMld'a^ate^awa tinaeacBal.. aad It la dalaed that 


steiaec; asr.) 
W hy Wewe n Sta v. 

MlWHUfl IMaa Acatre (C A. Bamols, 
mgr.) Tfea VIsaiiii I 43iri dS; good ahow aad 
bnslaeas. Ike SaMan ot Snln 30. 

Graad Tkcatre. The Old Plantatin J OaU ia t 

17; Sbasflsr Vheatre Co. wrek 19. 


XI>O0UI.— OIlTcr Theatre (Flank C. Zebmng, 
msr.) When Jeiiany Gbmes Marching Some 15: 
good hoslneas. (Betr to tbe Hoorab 16; good 
bnstness and splendid performance. McFadden's 
Flats IT; pleased large audience: 'Way Down 
Sast IS; good boainesB and fine penformance. 

Lj-rlc Theatre (H. M. Miner, mgr.) Sid De- 
dalmlle. Tbe Jobnwns, Master WaJter Wat- 
kin. Mexlas and Mexlas and others week IS; 
buslQess fine. 

OKAHA Boyd's Theatre (Woodward ft Snr- 

gess, tngrs,) Francis Wllsoa 17-U: fair bosl- 
neaa. Wben Johnny OmmS JiMlias Bvaa 19- 
22; pleased large rctam, ' Vfe9 ' SmMbM 28- 
28: Slorodora a. 

Kmg'B Theatre ((3iaa. Breed, mgr.) Tbe 
Smart Set 16-18; good performance and ca- 
" Mcradden's FUts 19-21; ex- 
Ba* Ward 22- 

A Bnrgiiaa. 

ATLAsnc rTTT Tn"a Ttm 

moTlng pictures, ffteiv asa 
crowds as nsoal. 

Saroy Tbcatxe. Hdhoaae 
S. B. O. Cteaton Glaike 1 
Ue Bleala 34-05. 

Mr. Bjag eesegti «a a ott et attrae- 

OHS ass agtaadias ex c rt lent returns. 
An 0tmt aMaeacBlB are doing wen. 
aZWftBK — Mewark TbeaHe (I<ee Ottolengul. 
mgr.) m. S. Wmald weA 27. 

Bmptrc a>e a t i« (W. H. Hyaiaa, mgr.) aira. 
Temuc^ IWegram week 37. 

fl n hnaWa Tkeatre (X J. J s e s ka , met-'i Dader 
sonthcn Sklca week 27. 

Blaney's Theatre (J. B. Bneken. mgr.) 
Queen ot the Elghhindeta week 27. 

Proctor's Iheatre (J. S. Fyoes, mgr.) La- 
llan Bttssell headed a good bill week 20. Oay- 
ton White and Marie Stnart and oOera 

Waldmann'a fW. 8. Clark, 
book ers w eek 27. 

TBZBTOH. — Trent Tteatre (Ed. Benton, 
mgr.) -Dan HcAToy. Tie Holdswortba, Dick 
and Alice Mc.^Toy, and others wek 20; good 
boslneas. Sherman and DeForrest. DeWltt. 
IBnms and Torrance, Latins, Foster and Foster, 
Kimball and DoooTan, and others week 27. 

Tsylor Opera House (M. Moses, mgr.) Bank- 
ets and Brofceis 18; pleased fair liiisliiiaa Tk* 

mgr. ) Knicker- 

oC lb. Pipp 20; good _ 
aad fair bastaesa. IdtUe Gf<r laOj 29; Kaxac 

of OViklo SO; Tbomaa JeSetaan Dee. 1; Mel-' 
bonme MdDowell 2. 

Star Theatre (F. B. Shaltera, mgrj Taaiij 
Fair 18-18; good bnslness. Bnnnloc Wm QMn 
20-22; good hnslness. Confesslona oC • mb 
23-2S; When London Sleeps 27-28. 


MZW TOaS CrrZ Although there wUl be a 

wealth of attractloua new to New York for the 
week starting Not. 27, nothing In the local 
theatrical altoation wMl be more noteworthy 
than tbe second week of the grand opera sea- 
son. . TIdIa Allen, In Tbe Toast of the TMra. 
at Daly's; Peter F. Dalley. In Tbe Press Agent; 
at Lew Fldds' Theatre; WUUam OiUler In Oa 
tlis <)nlet. at the Criterion; Ol£a Nethersole. la 
Xhe Iiabrtlotb. at the fierald Sqoare, and Tlt> 
ywi« p^gi^ ]K ffiff ty'r MarttW'attr at tl« 
^Z&HbeckM; wm be tbe pdadpal ckaacea. 

MetrBgaUtaa Opeca Boaae (Betarlck Ooatied, 
dlreetar.) Tke staad opera aeaaon eoo tla naa 
lata us aeoat week SI. 

Belaaco Tbiatii (David -Welssfn. mgr.) 
Blsncbe Bates cestliiaca Tbe Girl Item tbe 
Golden West to capacity bnalneaa. 

Empire Theatre (Chaa. Prohman. mgr.) Mande 
Adams In Peter Pan Is still attracting capacity 

Cntsloa Theatre (Chss. Frohman, mgr.) 
Maxlne BOIott doeed bar nn> la Her Gjicat 
Match. ~ " 



Lyceum Theatre fDanid 1 
Lion and the Mouse 
week of Its run 27. 

GairlA Tliestre (Wm. V. BcyaaM^ans.) 
Grace George in Tbe Marriage of WllUasa 
Aahe, entered upon the aeeaas weak aC k« 
stay at this hooaa SI. 


mgrs.) The 

closed its ShakMcarean engagement 25. On 3T 
virgin BnaeS' began the first local perform- 
ances of filPene Marseillaise. 

BUon Theatre (Henry B. Sire, mgr.) Darld 
Warfleld continues his long run of The Music 
Master with unlntermpted anccesa attending. 

SsToy Theatre (Frank McKee, mgr.) James 

E. Hackett and Mary Mannerlng continue Tbm 
Walls of Jericho to capacity business. 

Broadwiy l%eatre (A. W. Dingwall, mgr.) 
Veronlqoe Is stUI attracting all the ctowda this 
house can attend to. 

Lxw Fields' Theatre (W. B. SlU, mgr.) Pater 

F. HatWy ep e a a for a ran of nla . 
ST. - - - - - - 

IWg*a Tbaatiw 

Uar kar 

Tbe Oatdi o( the SMaa Sk On- ST TIala 
Allen began ker engasemeot la Xbe Toaat of 

the Town. 

Herald Square Theatre (Chaa. nohman, mgr.) 
Joseph Cawthora closed his mn of Frits la Tarn*, 
many >BaU 2S. On 27 Olga Netbenola begaa 
a nm ot The Catbyrlntb, 

Hudson Theatre (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) 
Bobert Lorraine continues .Man and Sapermaa 
to capacity business. 

Wallack's Theatre (Mrs. ■Rieo. Moss, mgr.) 
Wm. FaTeraham, in Tbe Squaw-Man, continues 
bare to capacity business. 

Garden Theatre (Henry W. SaTage. mgr.) 
Bobert 'Mantell continues Ms season of Shake- 
Veare week of 27, presenting King Lear. 

Oaalao (Stanbert Broa., mgr.) Tbe Bail an4 

Maecsa ^Sciatre ( sw ^mi j sonar* SfeaaSHw) 

Margaret AngHn rontlnoes to pusJiil Baa ta 
eapsdty bnalaeM. 
il.yrle Theatre (ahnbcrt Bna., awTS.) Ds 

Wolf Hopper, In Happyland. rematas a capadly 

hoalneas attraction for this lionse. 

New Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw ft Briangei, 
mgrs.) Tbe White C:at will make a special 
bid for holiday patronage week 27, contlnnlng 
here to t}lg attendance. ■ 

Joe Weber's Theatre (Joseph F. Weber, mgr.) 
Cyril Scott, in The Prince Chap, oootlnnes an 
attractlTe feature at this resort. 

Madison Sqaara Tbaatxe (Waltar K. lAwaaneaw 

Scorse M. i 

9f ftttttS 

Slppodrome (Tbonpaon ^ Doadr. W**) 

Vftst crowd* arc wiHtwt^y attrscted to tUs 
woDdercmsty aitcrtalnlns exhlbltto—. 

Uberty Theatre (Klmw Jk BrUoger, aBsnu) 
Mmrle Ctthlll enters apoa her conchidliic we^ Ik 
Moonshine 37. 




Xl\e Billl>oar<l 









MmmA»t»»wm ap>rmll«9 !■ Blsdc Tents wl I 

A Successor to 

Winner •! ili- m ail« 

THE WVER PIRATES, - - - 837ft. 
THE HORSE THIEF, - - - - 650ft. 
THEiWEBUG, 628ft. 






Taken in the Tenneaave nonntaina, wi'li 
Original Cbaractera Id tbe Plat.; 




COUNTRY COURTSHIP, . . - 505ft. 
onrniii . A GERMAN WARSHIP , 

.... n.^,nu A^m^^.: StSS^SSSiVA'Ai^^' AMERICAN MHTOSCOPE A BIOGRAPH 00^ II L l4tt«.,IIEW YfMUL; 

Aune Sotherland leads the «tock CAmpaOT I* 1™ 
MOeaUtioa of Woman Against WoaunnU 
Mck. The bUI closing 25 was Hnnnia 
GMe Ttieatie (C. A. WUllaoA asr-) 
acrlkan'a Motnlng Glorlea Blre 
lettslnmat, foUowlni a soad awM 

Aeadeav at Xoale (OtiBaar li , 

% ■atca in Tbyland opens an cnsasement 
SStWU - Mlvirinc fonr good wccka for The 
«( ««. 

Bsriem opera House (Ales. 
aHtts.) The Sogers BroUiera h 
Wt the attraction week of 27, 
neck lot The College Widow. 

Wcstend Theatre (6. A. Blumenthal. mgr.) 
Itan. Dick and Hutt wIU tumlsh this week's 
' entKtalnment. (ollowlng a proqcrons week tor 
Checkers which ended 25. 

Metropolis Theatre (Henry BoaenbeTg, mgr.) 
The BeUe of New York this week. Iiast week 
In 'Sew York Town ecjored good Inialnets. 

Star Theatre (W. T. Keogb. mgr.) For HIS 
iBnther's Crime Is the attraction week ot ZT. 
Olte Baasell Brothers In The Great Jewel Bob- 
bety enjojed One buslnen week ending 35. 

Gotham Theatre (SuUlTsn Ic Krana. mgrt.) 
yi^e, Woaian and flaac wm bdd fortb iiere 
ef W^lCiaowii ^jy ^wwri Wg week foe 

tlita. T. Keosh. mgr.) 


_ _ Dick. 

B." S. A„ la wMdi Bobert OiMMBaaWttw. 

Intas nacc Theatre (B«lBdeh OMnali aBM 
lane Betddberg Is conl laa ai aa tka aOMK 

at mt German Stock Oo. . _ 

Voorttenth Street TbeaHe ft. Welter Basen- 
mgr.) Fantasma Is the attraction (or 

— ■ week, rollowing a week of pros- 

>m. Dick and Harry. 
' Onrer Theatre (SnlllTsn & KraQ3, mgr.) 
Blee * Barton's Big Gaiety Co. Is ttie atrrac- 
ttoo here week ot 27, following a big week for 
Oie Gay Masoneraders which ended 23 

American Theatre (Wm. T. Keogb, mgr.) 
Chaa. T. Aldrlch as Secret Serrlce Sam will 
ke the attraction here week of 27. touowlng a 
week of proopcrlty for Qoeeo of the HUOwsy. 
TMHa^Mtn <aBUnaa *- Waaiih' "^j^ 

Iheatie (Edwlo d. Miner, 
_^.) na Ooloalal Beltea vUl be the attiae- 
tlea at tUs boose week ot 27, foUowln* a 
prospetons. week (or The Areaoe Girl. 

London Theatre (James B. Cartln, osr.) 
Bemy & Woods Show monies to this bouse (or 
week of 27. Last week good business marked 
the ensagement o( The Maacottea. 

Third Arenne Theatre (A. H. Woods, mgr.) 
Why Girls Lrf>aTe Home will he eiplalned at 
thU hoose wck of 27. Last week The Way of 
the Transgreasor was proTen to be bard. 

Otand Opera Sonse (J. H. Springer, mgr.) 
Tbe Prodigal Son, week of 27, foUowa The Pearl 
and the Pumpkin, wlildi enjoyed a big week 
ending 2S. 

Miner's Eighth ATenne Theatre (Edwin D. 
Ulner, mgr.) Tbe Mascottea take up the enter- 
tslaasrt «( tiMae aadlsMsa «. tat mak'a 

Bakct^ Hoenm (Ma H. Andensai. mgr.) 

TIeaks and enrlos galofe. 


BROOKLYir. — Broadway Ttteatre (Leo 0. 
Teller, mgr.) E. 8. WUlard In repertoire week 

^l^l ne Pearl and tbe 'Pumpkin week 27. 

Park Theatre (Lew Parker, mgr.) Mrs. 
Temple'a Telegram week 20. The WInnlBC Olrl 
«eek Z7. 

Majestic (W. C. Trldley, mgr.) Tbe Belle 
Jt tbe West week ao. Down the Pike week 

„Qiaad Opera Hooae (M. T. MWletmi. mgr.) 
■fcaka and I week 30; Simple Simon Simple 

CBcaaett WUaon. mgr.) Tbos. E. Shea 
week aO; Ue. Blm and I week 

T- Gmcf, mgr.) 
* Mainly' 

^Stw u£n week H. 


._ Hermann, 

told aad aalctta Boiatt. Blllr Yfb< 

_Oi>htaB (Percy Q. WUllams. mgr.) 
biaa^ taadon Co., Anna Lsnghlln, r 

Darras Brothers, and Tltagrapb 

. ao. Joa. Hart and Carrie DeUar. Frank 
tJmsJ", AUt Orerton, Snyder and Baekler. and 

«Mk v. 

I • B1 OOtk SMsa. av-> »a- 

Oera Band, BelBdtr and tesBStd. Jo- 
sephine Gassman, Colby and Way. Dolan and 
Lenharr. Tbe Gleesons and n«iiih»n Splssel 
Brothers snd Sfack, -Mntpliy and Fianda and 
Coralle week 20. DelU FaoL WssM aad King- 
ston. Adolpb Zlnk, Nat aawsk- Webbs, 
fiariows, Jjincaater Oo^ 'Basaril aad SQiae and 

PadOoacliaa w«a k_2T. ■ _ _ - 


Garden Theatre (Edw. F. Kealy, mgr.) Hlgb- 
clsss TaodeTlUe week 20. 
Keeney's (F. A. Keean, mgr.) 

Girls, (JaTlu and Plat" 

Leonard, Kopke and 
and others week 20. 

Paytoo's (S. S. Allen, mgr.) More Tbsn 
Qaeea week 20, Anab Na Pogne week 27. 

FlilUIp'a I^eenm (L. TblUvs, mgr.) Tbe 
GlH B^lDcer wade aSk war Wda Oo Wrong 

Tbe Taasar 

week IT. 


Goatm (■. r. aurt. iwr.) 

& Co.. Baney Oemaid. Uealy and Hadlson, 
Owkley and 3(cBride, Lataen Sisters, Huston 
and Dallas, Maala Singleton. Bellman and 
Moore, snd etbera we^ 20. Lewis McOnd A 
Oc Tbe Boldworttas, Frank and Little Bob, 
and others week 27; business big. 

Imperial Theatre (Wm. T. Grorer, mgr.) 
Opens 25. 

(Nassao (F. F. Fleck, mgr.) Imperial Bnr- 
lesqoera with Lillian Waafabnm and Paollne Mo- 
ran, Crawford and "'"""^i SHiilgf Maters, 
Lew Parker, Wm. J. Braai^ aad JMe CUpper 
Comedy Four week 20. 

Gayety (laa. Clark, mgr.) The Eoropean 
Sensation week 20. 

Star (A. H. SlllB, mgr.) 
week 20. 

Unique (F. B. .CMI« 
dens week 20. 

SBO Hiiate>i/H. Y. O. 

AVBVBjr.— iBnrtia Opera SMaa IB. S. New- 
ton, mgr.) Tbe King of Tmmm M; Tbe ^- 
rlral of XttUe Mi fttv ffldi Uw» ^S"*^^ 
Other PMgta Mmtf Bmf HoaUgaa 

Bnrtla tamj^m O. 8. Newtoo. mgr.) b 
the Aan tCWnM S: pleased blghastoefa. 
Bertba GoIlandB: Soater Brown 25: Sehn- 
mann-Relnk 28; (Aanocey Olcott 20. > 

BUFFALO.— Star Theatre (Dr. P. C. (innen. 
mgr.) BngUah Grand Ooera Oo^ week 27. 

Lyceum Zbaatrs <X Ta^gbltn. aigr.) Mrs. 
Fiske la Leah ITIiahaa wcA 27 

Teck nwatre (Dr. P. C Oiradl, mgr.) In 
New Tatk VSWB mik IT. 

Shea's Ttaataa OL Shea, mgr.) waiiama 
and Taekar, Batasea anini.i., The Yasaar Girls, 
Bellman and Moore, and others week 27. 

Lafayette Tbeatre (Chas. M. Bagg, mgr.) Tbe 
Yankee Doodle Girls week 27. 

Garden Tbeatre (Chas. W. MciMahon, mgr.) 
Hose Hill English Folly Co. week Z7. 

Linn's IMasenm. Baymond and DeLlsle. Mc- 
ManTi Aaaea Atbertoo, and others week 27. 

CmAS. W. G<«TZ. 

OOHmB,— Opera Bouse (B. C. Game, mgr.) 
Flaming Arrow 15: g ood hns taesa. Cbec keia 1 7: 
good btislnese and pefdaaaaaaw Big .Hearted 
Jim 21; Jaa. (yWcU Baatina .aad Bsokera 
2S: Dora Thome M. 

TROT.-OUnd'g Opm BmmOL M*. 
Big Hearted Jim 90; BoaUr BMWB B; A »itc 
of the MIU 22. 

ProctOP's Grlswold (W. H. Graham, mgr.) 
Empire City Qnartette. Marie Keller. Delmore 
dnd Lee. Oinfield and Carlton and others week 
20. Business continues line. 

Lycenm iAl- W. Fremont, mgr.) Tbe Miriam 
Shelby Stock Oo. week 13. presented Forgtren; 
large and well pleased audiences. Dorothy Ver- 
non of naddon Ball week 20. 

Boj-al Theatre (Wm. H. Buck, mgr.) Dewey 
E^rtraraganza Co. week 13: BOod bnalness and 
performance. The Parisian Widows week 20. 

■ pr.aiTDa — Lyceum Theatre (M. Bets, mgr.) 
Crestoo Clarke IS: good business and pleased. 
Tbe Sedemptlon of DaTld Cor«>n 14; larige bns- 
Inees. Abom Opera Co. 15; large bosir — 
Ibe Office Boy 18; good biii |n is a , Ttanhera 
Brokers 21; Tbe Edncatloa eg Ife. Hm 
Bight Bells SS: Mme. achti ais a a l l| la> ML 

Rialto ~ 

gan and 

'd flsillli Opera 'House (F. K. Har- 
diaon. mgr.) A Hot Old Time 13; (sir bnsl- 
'SesF Oaw 14: good boslneis. Badley's 
n^na »: fak HiiIum, Dand 

Xh wm MdBsaa. . na Xlac aC Tramps 
H: Adr isilaiii OUicr li^a^'a Money 22; 
Bertba Galland M; Saater Bran Xt; -Alaig the 

Kenne bec SO. 

GLOYZBSYnXE. — Darling Tbeatre (Will E, 
Gaut. mgr.) OaTid Harum 12; pleased good bus- 
iness. 'Why Glrla LeaTe Home 14; good busi- 
neas. Katfaeryn Pnmell Stock .Co. 15: capacity 
business. A. Hot Old Time 20; The Wizard ot 
Oz 22; Bnater Brown 23; Jas. 0"Nen 24. 

Family Tbeatre (Wm. Callioon. mgr.) Clara 
Knott and Co.. La- Telle's Dogs and others week 
20; business tine. 

HOSITELLSYILLE,— Sbattnck Theatre (Chas. 
S. Smith, mgr.) Tbe Bedemptlon of Darld Oor- 
800 15: excellent performance end good boose. 
Ibe TQlage Parson 18: fair business. Ezra 
Kendall 28; A Hot Old Ttme 30; Other Peoplea' 
Money Dec. 1: Tracy, tbe Outlaw 2. 

H1TDSON.— >Elk's Tbeatre (B. A. U. Deely. 
mgr.) Bobertson'a Ifailu Pletnrea M: good 
business. Tbe FMal-.WIMte JteV-aMC fnal- 
ness. Ibe Wizard «( .<H 2^ ■aaF-kHhess. 
Dora Tbome 2L 

JAXESTOWir.— Samuel's Opera House (M. 
Bels, mgr.) The Village Parson 16; fair busi 
neas. T 

Mllllooaire Tramp 18; 
Schamann-Belnk 25. 

Tbe Bedemptlon pC. OaTld^'<yOiaan 17; 
nt attraction aad -tatt- anaataMa.^. A 

Sin SO: Feggr ; 
itrels 8. 


ATHEHB. — Opera House (Flnsterwald A . 
Slaughter, mgrs.) Hnmpty Dnmpty 23; WeU'a 
Band 28; A Little Outcast Dec. 2. 

BABBEBXOB. — 'Barbettou Tbeatre (A. F. 
Stubldreber, mgr.) Sandy Bottom XC; good 
business and performance. The Old OoOiea -■ 
Mma 27: A Jolly American Tramp Dec 2. 

nAmntTDOE, — colonial Theatre (Hammond' 1 
Bros., mgrn.) Xhe Ua of Spica 18: delighted ' 
packed hoose. UtOa Ootcaat SS: From Baga 
to Blchea 27; Xhe Uttle s^rfrrtt Dec. S: Ladr 
Teazle 8; Deserted at tbe Attar WL 

COLDKBTTB. — Great Sootham tO. X. Belt' 
ner, mgr.) Scbumann.aebik 14; gaad Itaal 
neaa. (Dockatader*« Mlnstvda IS; She Uttle 
Dncbess 16-17; fine *— «■«««" Tloia AOea 18; 
good boBloess. Ezra KendaU 20 Weber's' All- 
star stock Co. 21; Tbe Mayor of Tbklo 22: 
Home Folks 23-25; canceled. The Base ot Al* 
bambra 24-25. 

Grand Opera House (W. W. Praascr, mgr.) - 
Qulncy Adams Sawyer 13-15; pleased fldr bat.- 
neaa. Jane Corcoran 1&.18; fair TiiialM as Pant \ 
Jones aO-22: Parla by MIgbt 23-25. f 
Iknplre Tbeatre (Fred. Neddemeyer, mgr.)- 
Capt. Impudence week 13; excellent perform- ' 
ance cod business. In Tbe ^lace o£ tbe Kla^* 

P01TGHKEEP8IE.— CoUlngwood Opera House 
(N. G. Milliard, mgr.) Boston Symphony Con- 
cert Co. 13: good business. Simple Simon Sim'ple 
14; pleased fair business. Don Thome 15; fslr 
performance and attendance. Bankers and Brok- 
ers 16; big hosinees. Checkerr. 18; good bnsi- 
nesa. A SlaTe oftbe Mill 20; Tbe Ninety and 
Nine 22; nnele J«*h a w i i ee l i t 2S. 

Family Thcatza (Red BeBea 

B0CHE8TEB.— Ivcenm (IL B. Walff. mgr.) 
Blanch Walsh IS: large attendance. Ftltzt 
Scbeff 22; good bnsloess. Bhnia BanesJOo. 
at; ^aaneel «e»tt 28; Tbe 

tbUsaal <lfax Hants, mgr.) 
Oooile (kwemess 21^82: good boilneia. Barney 
GOnNte '2S-25. 

Cook Opera Heoae (W. B. McCallum. mgr.) 
Benae'a Ferty Oonrey, and others 

week 20; goad bnatnees. 

Baker (W. B. VeCaUiim, mgr.) Why Smith 
Lett Home week 20; good Im sl n ea s. The Dairy 
Farm week 27. 

Corinthian (H. C. Jacobs, mgr.) The IBon 
Tons week SO; good business. Htrtr Bryant's 
Co. week 27. CSAS. W. NBL90N. 


ABHEVTLLE. — Aoditorlom (W. F. Bandolpb, 
mgr.) Murray Comedy Co. week 13; excepting 
IS: good Bhow and btnlness. Walker White- 
side 19; excellent performance and good re- 

Grand Opera House (Gudger A Beynolda, 
mgrs.) Tbe (Beggar Prince Opera Co. week 

CHABLOTTE.— 'Academy of Mnaic. Walker 
Whiteside 16; excellent prodnctlon and fair at- 

OBEEHSBOSO Grand Opera Hoose (Cbas. 

T. FoBer, mgr.) Pauline Hall In Dorcas 14; 
good show and fair patronage. Mabel Paige 
in At Coxy Comers 16; good attraction and 
fair attendance. Wben We Were Twenty-one 
17: «ood performance and bnalness. A Mad- 
cap Princess 18; pleased large returns. 

BALEIOH Academy of Mnstc (J. Sherwood 

Dpcbnrcb. mgr.) Pauline Hall 17: good abow 
and bnstneas. Mabel Paige 18; fair bnHness. 
A Mgma^ teom ItoCT^aa^ l^Ml^ MtaM sea^^ 

Brotbers, mgia.) tSsTSonlBon 1^ eapaa^ 
boslaesa. When We Were Twenty^ma 16: 
good boalaeas aad performance. Pauline Hall 
18: nod show and fair patronage. PanI Oll- 
liabd Paige 21: Sophie Bnadt 22; 
" " Co. week 27. 

mmmt. — Opera House .(Alaoa Bmhaker. 
mgr.) That Uttle Swede 28; fair bssUien. 

The Tenderfoot S4; excellent performance and 
capacity business. Florence Boberts 25; fine 
company and good bnalness. Mme. Herrmsnn 
M;. X«ck SUte Fslka 28; Pngteaatve Enter- 

atieat (Chas. W. Harper, mgr.) Onater'a 
- At l»as: Ug hnsmeas. BOWCC7 Mewa. 
pa US-Si fit hoaiaeai. rfeaB.BaBAS BidM 

a gja; Fl ghtll^ Mte 2B4Bi. - r.^^. r - 

CO g HOeW M T. — BMh atnet' Yliaiw a. P. 
C a llahsa . BBr4.- : 9s. Ma aC '%Iib:^2J; heat 
show Of tt a SMMifc ■Bsasg^ 
_^g esapanj. tUar ■^*""*. 

DAYTOir — ^Victoria Tbeatre (O. C. IfHIer, 
mgr.) Ezra KendaU 21; good bnsbiesB. Joe 
Weber's All-Star Stock Co. 22; good ~ 
The Eternal Ottr- -^"^ 

Thro' the Bj« : 
Carle 25. 

INatlonal Tbeatre (GIL Burrows, mgr.) Pretty 
Peggy IS-IS: excellent show and business. Cns. 
ter'a Laat Fight 16-18: good bnalness. Qnecn 
or tha Wklte ataiea aO«: 8. B. O. Hearts . 

baslness, . Elale JSnla 81; aiesaed Isige 
ness. Bdlson'a Qfosing Plentaa 2040: 'QidacF ~ 
Adams Sawyer Dee. 8; The UtSa Ooteast 12. 

XEHTOB.-^«rand Opera Honia (Heaiy DIA- 
son. mgr.) Tbe King ot Bogaea 21; tair busi- 
ness. A Pair of Country Kids 27; Bndolpb aad 
Adolph Dec. 1; East Lynne S. 

LABCASTEB. — Chestnut Street Opera Hbois 
(W. H. Cotter, mgr.) Qolney Adama Baan* . 
1«: (hlr boalncsB. The Utde Oaebcaa .18;- 
capacity business. The Ofllee Boy 12. 

BEWABX. — Auditorium ( Jcdmson ft Mat- ' 
thews, mgrs.) The lale of Bong Bonf IS: 
good business. Tbe Little Dndvss IS; good 
Bbow and fair boalneas. The Mommy and- lha .< 
Hommlngblrd 18; good show and *^ 
BIcbard Oarle 21: capacity builu€sa 
slMW. Msdama ~ ' 

Paul Jones 28; ' ,_ 

25; Mary Emeiaoa 28; Oaa 
Walsh Dee. L 

BILES.— Verbeck Theatre (M. B. wnUama^ ' 
mgr.) In tbe Elerentb Hour 13: good bualaesa.' 
The VUlage {Parson 20: Sandy Bottom 24. 

HOBTH BALTDIOBE.— Opera Hoose (A. G. 
Benry, mgr.) Tbe King ot Bogues 14; good 
business and performance. The Sign of tbe 
Croaa 16;; A Pair of Conntry Klim 22. 

tJOXtA ^May's Opera Hoose (Oiaa. H. May,' 

mgr.) Buster Brown 15; good business and- 
perfonnance. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pictures 15-18;^ 
fair bnalneaa. Tfa« Ring of Boguea 18; fabr 
bnslness. Pretty Peggy 21; plessed good at- 
tendance. QnlncT Adams Sawyer 28; Budolpb 
and Adolph Dec. 2. 

POMKBOT,— Opera House (A. V. Howell, 
mgr.) SIde-Tracked IS: good abow and Ug 
business. Uncle Tom's Cabin 22: Well's Baas 
SO: Britt-Nelson Fight Pictures Dee. 8; AL O- 
neld'a Minstrels 15. _ 

'rand Opcia Saaw . (Smith * 

) Two UtOa WUtt »; pleaaed; 
Cousin Kate .IStU - 
15; ezedlent r~ 

fair* haataat. Sandy OBottom 
Bor 88; The Tsle of Spice 24. 

(Oaatloned on page 45.) 


Ttie Billboard 

DECEMBER Z, 1905. 




Once upon a time a little toad came hopping to its mother and in much exdtement told her of the great big animal it had seen. 
Whereupon the Mother Toad swelled herself sayiner» "So Big?" and tiie baby toad replied, "Oh, Mother, biggerl" Thereupon 
; > the Mother Toad puffed herself even more, saying, "So big, little one?" , And the baby to ad rep lied. "Oh, motherl bigger, 
X ; mnch bigserr And the Mother Toad continued to swell herself ingger and bigger UNTIL FINALLY SU£ BUBST. 

'^mim^Miim mot 'S,-- 


Bil Wl Cn Slow a RKQnt to KJIiklai if Oiivas tor tin Larpst Skiws Tkit Gan't Bs Bait. 

IAIm UmiIm a a For The Bingling Bros, for 16 yean; for the B. E. Wallace Show 15 years! Walter L. Main for 10 years; 

Wta InnDu liflllVflS "^^'^ ^ Downs 5 years; GoUmar Bros, for 13 years; Gentry Bros. 14 years, and for other shows varying 

- " iliUliV VUllaUW fpQH, to 20 years, such as The Floto Shows, Van Amburg Shows, Sig Sautelle, Harris Nickel Plate, 

' ' Hargreaves, Welsh Bros., Bonheur Bros,, Mighty Haag, M. L. Clark, O. Q. Setchell, Tyrrell Bro8t( 

. . Eiler's "Uncle Tom," etc.; Capt. W. D. Ament, Robinson Amusement Co., C. W. Parker, A. L. FI« 

■-■ ~ Bamsdier, etc.; Fkwnee Bill, Buckskin Bill, Luella, Vorepauffh-Fisb, Boer War, Fkin's Pompeii, etc. v 

. . mmrAmtMMMD w tmn9. 

^ ; We Make All Kinds and Sizes of Tents, 

(Tffis, Carnival and Wild West Canvas Speciality! -^Banner and Side Show Paintings: 

yopply you with anything made of Canvas — Water-Proof Coveis, Let us -figure with you oa your 1906 equipment. EBtimates piompftly 
,?CnI Clothing, Signs, Flags^ Awnings. | and gladly furnished. Correspondence soUclteo. 



59-61 West Washington St., CHICAGO, ILL., U. S. A. 


gg Agent, 

Hav* had Ynis of Exparianoa 
and Hava Alwaja Hada Baad. 


T h«» Billboard, Chicago 


and cards for Ha- 
Klclans. Street- 
men and Side 
Sbuw People at 

I that aety eompatltlon. Over SOO.OOO 

airid this rammer. SiampIrB. Uoe Dime. Cata- 
loBim of Parlor Tricks for Stamp. 

Alia* Triok and Novtit 

f M ILUMMS ST., ■ • 


HyUnd*. Tbe Thrte 

Mtcb.. 2T-Dec. 2. 
Ballbmck it Pmrqqttt* CHonrd): 
2T-Dec. 2. 

Oblcago, m.. 

Htuton & Daiiaa (faik): Ma^ Sfe., Sr<Dte 2; 

D*c. 2. 

Hoghei, Nick (Harinarket): Cblrago, n., 2T- 

Dec. 2; (Pastor'i) New York Olt; *-9. 
Hofbca, Mr. 4k Mzt. Oca* (Howara): 




In All lines Those doliw more than one act 
preferred. State terms and all. One 
week. Feb. ai to Mar. 3rd. 

UtlELL fi. PEUfiE. "^•■^!>>k!s°S^«- 


'• : #:lar One Dollar, Sample 20e. 
EM j f iMcics as •mm^ttmrjtU, 

Aaroqa^aadotbam. flaiidfBrnmsli»4ar. 

'.B^i^toaHlasiap. ■ . 

MlSBopteJlM.. • PhlladalpMa, Pa. 



Ik OoIlion'(BtiMi>: Battle Oatt, Web., 
Xl-Vta. 3: (CrTStal) Molktaoa 4-a. 
Hmytm * Oniham (Orrstal): Vnuiktart, Ind., 
27-Dec. 2. 

Howe & Scott (CtoBi aa}? Nair Z«k OUr, «• 

Dec. 2. (Star) Biaall^ *«. ' 
BaiiTej A Doue (lluqaalt 1flaaia||i>lli. Wa., 

Not. 6, Indct. 
Batcfa. a«o. H. (Wett SUe): Janesrllle. Wis., 

Bewlette, Bob * Kaa (Sta^It AtlaaU, Oa., 


indet ^ ' 

H^nqUi AI^B. * MUd* (PBaoplDwy); IB- 

Oaba« Nof. 

ft. WMtk. 

■twda % Bb L. ptc l-tx, 
otineii Sros. f 


iway'aSi* Haw Bed- 
Ghlcaso, III., 
Beseklfa, ic. z.. 


^ . IW * Olaia (Star) 

Hemnaas, Tbe Three 

2T-0CC. 2: (FamUr) 

Hatkawar * 'Walton (Hal 

fntd, liaas.. 20-2S. 
H^jjua^ft Fkelpa (Oljinple) 

Halt * DcJfar (Oipksas)i 

3T-I>(e. 3. 
Haines. Nat (Hrds ft 

N. T., 2T-Dec 2. 
Hammond & Forreater (BlJoQ); Jackson* Mlcb., 

27-Dec. 2. 

Harris tc Harris (Standard)^ 
27-Dec. 2. 

Holdworths. nie (Gotham)-. Brookljn, N. T.. 

ST-Dce. 2; (OraDd) Ptttabnia. Pa., 4.». 
Hmtteand * Irene Wriaht (Majntlc): Ft. 

Worth. Sts.. Dee. M. 
Homid * Uader (H^ St.): Paecla. HI.. Die^ 

Howard a llfeA ttlHAplt ' 

BaiTla A Mrrlo: Oadeo, Utah. SHieaL S: 

tello. Idaho, 44. • 

I^^^Oys EARTh 

^ BALLOpNI/S< " 

BOX 67. 


Cincinnati. O., 


Hayes A, Wjnat (TamllT) 

2T-I>ee. 2. — 
BcmnanD, Hie Oreat C4 

City. ST^IXe. a. 
Backer ft Lester (Foil's): Hew Hstco. Oam- 

S7-Dce. 2: (PoH's) Hsrtted 4^. 


For Sale 


One NaaliTlIIa alaeltle fahqr 

machine. A-1 order, two ndiiiii 

Hake* elecant lloaa. Cost MM* naad only 

short time, a bartratn, 2110.00 rets It, no leaa. 

W. R. FISHER. In caro of Merubanla 
Food Show. Oetiolt, Mlcb„ up to Dec I6tb. 

Waatel to Entaip 

or sen S photoscopea, cost 1700, wUI wgl fDT 
60 cent! on the dollar, all or aepatatai aaa 
flou candT- machine, coat flOO, wlU take S2S; 
one Ice-cream cone machloe. thice for 
flO. or wUI trade (or anytblnK I caa use on 
the road with eatnl?al or a eoadtta tent show 
that eoat as moch, aa tin ata~ * 
arat. AddnM .X.' 

THe greattest aick«l 
teK«r of tkkm ag« 

Future Scope 
Your Future Vtttt 
Your future husband 


Dald of yoor 

and ludiynumbcn 
all forSccniii 

PMOS $1.50 to $2. 


Fortunes 75c to $1.50 

niotos^d Fortunes Ui BuTeloiwa K^OO par 


siMia Si. niitn St., 

A M'w Wondar In Amutement Haeliiiiat 

The tuDDlest slot macbiae 
eror iDTentcd: MU arm* 
body a i«Mla& Oba aa 

operated wSff^mSBi S 


A real anmltr Jnst oat. 
Dumb-baU lift apd «rip 
developar. Starlight vrip 
and mnaele tester. Tbree 
war mnscle tester: Cum- 
btnatlon Bowliov and Bit 
theOooa machme: BunTe- 
atr Poalal Card machines. 
Sonvaalr poatu eaids. etc. 





Trie Billboajpd 




Wild West and Indian Congress 


WhHa Cityy 


r7 "-I 

The MMon of 1906 will find this Organization Bigger, Gmuier, Bet^ 
ter than ever before, with all new features. Tht IrMMll 


Indlu Congrats In the World. All communications to 

COL. FREDERICK T. CUMMINS, Director Qenoral, 
3838 Indiana A.venue. CHICAGO. ILL.. <J. S. 

i9oe.... se:a.son ....looe 



The Great Wallace Shows 


Oar IMS Sideshow gained the reputation of being tbe bMt sidetbow ever organised. 
•Mil ImproTe it tbla comlnK seasoit. and want to hear from tbe best acts In the business 
■attmUa for a hltrh class show. Tbe Interior of our tent will be an exvenkUe dnutlDK ol 
Pinsb and mUd, therefore when wrlttng for an eogavement ramamber that we shall ened 
jour wardrobe and stage setting to be In keeplnc with 


Acts that bare elaborate 

photo*. State full partlca- 

>«nr wardrobe and stage setting to be In keeplnc with same. Acts that bav 
tettliis will be BlTen the pNt<iiiBC«,^lAdtaBll08TMml pbotor State t 
a" snd lowest salar;r In flrat MMr. CSl Sa i m vUm iwi g itteng »Jol'te negi 
CUffprda write.) Adaress . _ ~TW. H. UePABI 

The Quia Midget 

A Conpict Button Oatflt Oily 4 iBCki^Sqoin By 4i Inckis HIgt. 
Capable of producing a finished button picture every 
minute. The neatest and simplest ferrotype dry plate 
camera on tbe market to-dar. A positive money-maker 
for use at ralza. CamlTala or EsblbiUona. and can be 
oMMMd ftt uv tl>M m4 piMib M M duk som. callery 
ortmtlareaalMd. Oompleta on tit Inelndtereaminx 
caMb tilpod. and all accessories ready to work JlftOO. 

204, 70 IISSH SL, lEW YOU, I. Y. 

mediae, W. Ta., 

LooIstHIs. lEy-t 

Fa., n. 

Dee. a, • ^ 

Koppe * Koppe (BUsB) 

27-Dee. 2. 
Koklo. MifTDon.tte (Bopktes') 

27-Dec. 2. 
Keniu, Obas. (laaUr): 

Dec 2. 
KoMt, ^ciata (vntftr)! 

Xeeteh Famllyt Bsl 
K»Mdr A Jaass (PaatsMtt 

27-D(e. 2. 

Keloej. Mr. A Mrs. Alfred (Orpbeom): Kauu 

CItT. Uo., ST-Dk. ». 
Kalsersttu Jptysapte): ■oath Bsod. lad.. ST* 

Dec. 2: (BamM) " 
La AdelU 

Dte. 2. 

L* CUIr, Bsnr <K«ltb'a): PrarUsBee, B. I.. 


27-D«c. %• (Keith'.) Bo*to B.lUia., 44'. 
IJtrs. Urs. inks, A Co. (Bea's): BKUubi. 

lUeb„ SfT-Dcc. 2: (BUM) OUaiwt 4«. 
La Clalr A Wtst (ntoilCs): JUrlbiM, Xaa., 
ST-Oee. 2; (BradcabaiKh'^ FhUadilpbIa, Fa., 

Lnmts, The (Funlly): Bntle, 

LaAdeUa (Lrrte): Tnf* ^alai M. ST- 

Dec. 2. 

t«Nolr'. Uukwett. (OMMlt 

Minn.. ST-Dee^S. " ' 

Lockwood, Mlw 

York City, 

Ont.. 39. 

UlllputUn (Bm Tym): Salt Lake CHy, Utah. 

27-Dec. 2; Osden 8-9. 
Lorvtta Twins Trio (Orpbemn): HlBDtapoUs^ 

MIna., W-Oee. 2; (Orpbeom) DcoTsr, OoL, 

La, Joe (Star): HamlltSB, OaC Dte. 4. 
Loess, Tbe Three (Arcade): InildM, Maa.^ 

27-Dec. 2. ... 
Lm. Hogh A Bsssle (Bljoa)! aaMMl, m., 


La Tell Bros. (Lvrlc): Sacramento, (^sl., 2T- 

Dec. 2; (Norelt;) Stockton 4-9. 
Luce & Lace (Muoolc Temple): n. Wayiio, 

Ind., 2T-Dec. 2; (Lyric) Terr* fiUuM <-9. 
LeiKbtoD, Lj^IlUn. Co. (JetTets*): Ssglniir, 

Mich., Z7-'Dec. 2; (Bljoo) BstUe Creek 4-a. 
Le.Ur. Geo. W. (Tale'.): Kama Clt7, Mo.. 

27'Dec. 2; (People'.) LesTenwortb, Kan., 4-9. 
L Tardo A Bnard (Orjstal): Loguispart. Ind.. 
. 'Z7-Dec. 2: (Orjital) Frankfort 4-9. 
Le Dent, Tbe Great (Family): GloTOSTme, 

N. Y., 27-Dcc. 2; (Star) HamUtoo. Ont., 


Lanca.ter. Tom (BUoo): Kenosha. Wis.. 27-2D: 
Baclne ao-Dec. 2; (Btjoo) Sbtbornn 4-0: nmd 

Le Box A Woodtord (B^lth'slt . MaMB, Mais . 
2(7-Dee 2; (Family) Partlsad. Mk, ««, ' 

da Lac 7-9. 

LcoDsrd. Gns (Fanlly): IhsiaBMa.. Pa^ V* 
Dee. 2: (Tsmlly) Msbsaw OUr 4^, 

Lawman A Bwlos r 
sr-oao. Si 

usa T(' 

lm» a a< 

.' ST-Dte. 
Ls Teen 

Dec. a. 
Lne... Bd^ 



t/ciille A Dallr/- (Oljrmple): Oblago, 

2r7 Drc. 2; (Colamtila) St. Lotll.. Mo.. «-a. 
Leonard. I-^ldle (Orpbeom): San Franclseo, OaL, 

?0-nec. 2: (Orpbemn) Loa Angeles 4-9- 
LaVcll. Frank F.: Osawatomle, Kan., 27-S9; 

Greeley SO-Dec. 2; Rlcbmosd. Mo., 4-9. 
Ls Tom;, Irene (O. H.): Bangor, Me., 27- 

D«e. 2: (JeScrMn) Portland 4-9. 

LateU, Edwin (Orphaaa): Loa Angdta, OU.. 
19-Dee. 2. 

Ls Toaka. PhU .(tM«idi. 'Mi OsL. 

27-Dcc. S. 

Lm^aai, ^AL CMM^X Mawaik. M. 7., 

Laaibsrt' Bros. • (QH b i am ) » ■sadW. Pa.. S7- 
Ose. S, 

Lteeaid A Bastsda (Blalt»>t ■mita. N. T., 

27-Dte. S. 

Le ouii. John (fllllM'a Mlh ■».)> . Maw Sstfc 

L^cb^,' Onat (QqAmTl Vtm, V. 
Dec. 3. 

Xio/er A Locler (Orpheimi): 

Oal.. Sr-Dee. 2. 
Lowman Slater. (Star): Atlanta, Oa.. ladet. 
Lucanla Trio (Hippodrome): New York City. 


LeMorne SIststs: ObIiiiiAii^ C, tl-Osik Si 

LeK\S28?^v^1b£U tr. 

Dec. a. 

Lakola, Harry A Carrie (Main St) Peoria, 

m., Dec. 3-9. 
Lincoln. Frank (Orpbeom): . Bnoklya, M. -'Z.. 

27-Dec. 2. . ... __^'-.^- 

LaVeUe Trio (IIMMBi '' JteV. .:Mk <Mr. V* 

Dec 2l 

Latlaa, Bills. (Tnat)! lan s u , M. J., ST- 
ST-Dcc S. 

Miller, i:tashaw A Vlllat: Oslns m.. ST-Dse. 

2; (ttfrie) TefiUa, Mo.. 4-9 
Minr^gw. sidy (ndl lasttral): Aacnsta. Oa., 

Msntell's' TfsillBallli (DMiM): 

Man., Dee. AC . - . 
Morer A MOMT (IlfiDlv. Sa 

N. Y.. 4-9. 

Marrelle & Gleaion (Olympic): CJhlcago. HL. 

27-Dec 2. 

Masaey A Kramer (BUoa): DaaTllto. lU- 

27-Dec. 2. 

Mlllman Trio (C. 0. H.): Ohleafo. ni.. XT- 
Dec. 2; (ColmnbU) St. Loals. Mo., 4-9. 

Manning Trio (Bl}oa): Jackwm, Mich, 27 
Dec. 2. 

Moiart, Fred A Bra (Oocnr d'AIsne): Spokane, 
wa«h..m-Dee t^M. . . _ ^ 

Morrison, Jo£1iSm1i B« IMM^ Ik^ » 
Dec. 2. • 

Magee. Jack B. (LafaytM*): BaCkls^ V. 
ae-Dec. 2. 

Mnrpby A Magee (Lafayette): ItaMfak W. T., 
2T-Dee. 2; (Arenne) Delzolt. Mleb.. 4-9. 

Slsigle Family: Batte. Mont.. 26-Dee. 2. 

Murtba. John H. (Crystal): Kokomo, lad. 
Sf-Dec. 2; (Cry.tal) Loganapofft 4-9. 

MoCkoley A Donoran (Lrcrom): Ban naaelsco, 
CaL. ao-Dcc S; (Ohntas) Saa naadsco M. 

San ftaaslseaw 

The finest stock of second band films 
and sons slides In good condition at 
ibaicat^ Tbeae fllnaliaTaiaaa 

taStiUaifcIt, . CHIGAgO^ ILL 

Mora of those . 


.ibiont Rhesus 

/160 Creenwlcli St., Now York. 




For Ro«d Bhowr that cmn play^ VAud«Tlll« MuvlcaimliiliC 
Answer <|uJck and ume Loweitc RAbuy.' AUo (ootf 
Comedy Sketch Team Md Slater A«t tut cail ehaxt#«} 
and » few more BlQKl« Act*. Addrvri - 


Bourbon, laO.. Hot. SS.IA . .B W asal o a. laA. Ds^^ 

uiv eMunim 

Companxla BsaA of Mpan Slit 

pie write. 

Host b« reliable company, 

1202 Phoo.iix St., NILES. MICH. 

Illnalona. Black AH. Wax Figares, OritanaJ 
FatatlDCS. Vemrlloaatst Figures, Marlopt 
B tt sfc Indian Portnne TeUI«a Headit. Bbow 
OoowSto. telaataouMVBrMMalavar.ornts. 
W. M. UIAW, Vteterl*. Mo. 

Pboto HsietalBe, ffesr eoet tl4eb 
•steeA perfect order. Bell BIMI 

r<»*mia.<te B>r PiA<* MwlM. 

w. R. 'p^si«si^ 

■Man CAT Ct t.oOOfMt nini..a«lo;tt.,good' 
rVIa S/1iAjE>Z condlUoD. PIbr. Traok. aU 
paddsd.W.m.ttM. Arnold OaaOatdt (bast mads). M,' 

ooatSIA EdlMin'. lUvlndIng A) SMroopUeoa.inth 
It fM N.wCkbI«.aa.a 
tirlUt. Addrw quick. 


MB m%t £ , iOby u» top. » topg tb a .M t at a l a. aes .i 
foil MU I foartb inleraat la Ofstelaaa Dec Md, 

r. B. ELBTUN. us Unwood At* , KaaaaaClty.MSu' 


"^SaSv aredolaglt. WbyBotTOOl 

Can Increaae Your BoalucM SO par 
wltbOarOood.. OthsrmaUoedKk 

J.LAPatBB CO.. MSB. Tan 


Btadtor lataMcatalone and Ji 
of aafslilssu . VMsa IM* 



Larao Llat 
and Amat«^ar 
ekatekea. MI>f 

of Kew PrafaMioMl 

ir Flaps. VaadnUB 

fall italaMiat% KontM 
bUiir^Mfa. B».»hOT. Drill.. *■«. Tl a l a l a— . 
T. a. SKMISoa. Pabllaku'. Da»l. !«, f b ln aa a . Ilh 


Xiie Billboard 


1 street 


C ^ 

V J 


R. Sctmeldewliid. 
. BxUMtioa Co, nil,, _ 

Dnncbica, under d>M «C Sliinv IB: 
^, "BefcrriiiK tD tk» ttKlmmt In your tame of 
^, Mot. IB, that «wlBC to diffctvnces amons tbe 

to «F.«iat Ik* tM 

"Hi* onix durercnces mamg Ui* nunacen 
teadwd tlie cxpcdicner of goinc to Loa An- 

Slea dlwct. It was flnaSy decided to play 
a Tna^aco, ' and aome of tbe large towns 
en Toqte to X«oa Angeles. We are accortUogly 
exhlbltliis Jk«r* to a satisfactory and steadily 
^creaslDj; bnaloess. bat oar principal stand for 
ttie winter will t>e In the City of Angela, where 
• bpical TQIage will l>e tiallt and .occupied 
.■.■.mmtOi)^ igenlin of tbe eastm pMk 
r:>M^^iSm.Jva wOl (iTe ipBoe ts tfeli 

'V TtM morldn State Fair optntd at TUDpa. 
' KoT. 10. In aUl its anmptnoim ^lender. Ac 
wewthcr was faToral>Ie, and a nraltttnde of 
people wltneued the ojienln); eeicaumj. The 
azIUbtts were larger and better than at any 
pieTlons fair. 
. rrhe **range" or midway oatsbone any erer 
'.l.MCB In Tampa. Each show did big baslness. 

the liprger shows were Lay ton's fireworks 
!le. nehtlng the Flamea: Cipt. W. D. 
■t'a Ghoat and Plantation Staowi, WllBOn, 
A £bert's Trip Aroand the World. 

in B«n's Wild West, LeTitt's Crystal 

Hue. Vemo. Cigarette Plend, Igorrote TUIagp.i 
Ohaa. W. Tyler'a Vendome featarlng Corena 
and a DUBlber of nnaller oaei. It itaade tc- 
nnatattao^ Ti 

^tleaal Tdr opened at 8aa 

MttT. Xt,iiUh aa attendance 
— BMIL Hm Cmmm .Watliiiif' 

Blibed ito Bnata. SStTmC 

dar. win M tfm tmmt ttg^. m tSi 

This aaaaa ireeks rt ml 

and ^.w*jM.*t^.w.« 0{ 

tft'lpet Into the city and conTlnce the anthorl' 
ties and coaunitteee that the real camlTal or- 
canlXBtiooa are different tram thoae that vis- 
ited the dty In Ike pant, difter jca hare 
finally conTincad- 'tta^ aM .lb* (Mir makes 
good, tbe city kU tam xMMlMd to the car- 
nlTal hnatnesi. 

•'In the cities that have not been bnncoed. 
It la an entirely dlffereul proposition. The con- 
tracting agent goes Into the city, meets the 
oommittee. and the contract Is drawn np. If 
all managers wonld live np to their promises 
and wonU nodnce tbe shows they adTertlse, 
the camlTal hoslnen woidd he as sood as 


vComoPoiaTAN; notes 


mopoUtaii OMlval Oo. 

la nUnolB the Ck>s- 
tma Cairo to 
Wa are play- 

tto anapices 
ad aameet it 

I tSBWHinf in 

ear own train of ilwtaia can^ and although 
tfa* lallnad rata* aid .Ugkv tlMHl !■ former 
yean, w* expect ts Mk* a^ th* hUc ones 
and abonld good -wealhar eontbrac m win end 
op with a ciadltable abowlns. On the trip 
from Cnito we passed ttanogh flw states, and 
V. O. Johnson and Engineer F. H. Caatle re- 
mained at the calliope tbe entire time dealLng 
out moslc to the natlres. 

Tuscaloosa was show hongty and prored snc- 
cessfnl, thoopb two days of rain cot in con- 
siderably. 'Antllnger'a WUd West turned pa- 
trons away at erery ptTfonnance. 

Although the Robinson Amusement Co. Is 
sfaowlog In iMoDtgomery this week we sre 
holding fortSi on Dexter arenue, from Court 
Square to tbe Capitol, snd are getting onr 
shata of the bnslneis. Yesterday, Thnrsday, 
was th* biggest of the week, bat tbe temaln- 
Inc tm days Aoold be a «NBt dial better. 
1. Ahfabuaaon. who " " "* 


For Christinas Presents 

Wb«t iB moT« npfyroprlats tlun u, beaiittfnl,ip>Hdliv Diamond 1 T tmlt Hlj UMl MmmH Wm ^ 
It Is loTe Uittt brtngs the Jojs of a ObrlMmas rvoMiDtnuie*, uul tbe IMUMMll tE* ttM iwEii 

of love. 

1 he IvofHa Pyatttm mt Chrtjitm** TImo la a flTMt ud Tlme^ Ooa-vonleiico to thotmuids u 
It enables persons In all circumstances lo make beautiful and appropriate ChrlHtmos Girts. 
Everyone m.t Cbrletmas time Is anxloos to glre tbelr loved ones liaiidaome CtirlBimas Presents. 

but It Is not always coDveoJent. THIS 1»FTI8 OTBTEX of Cr«dlt mrsa* roanalcaM. Tbai 

Is (he only way In which It differs from acash transaction. There Is no delav, no security, no 
pobllci^. It simply means a matter ot oonfldence and coDTeDicnce to honorable people. 
OarllsmdsmBc ChrlstiaM CaUil«me Is re^lendeat with thnasands oC beaatlful Jewelry 


e the artleles yen 
rtoTT retain them, 
_ return to ua. 
choice BviecttoBS 

Diamond Cuttersi 

Dept. P> n 92 to 98 State Street 

Not** from the MlaataslppI State 
lUr: The Misslsalppi Indnatrlal Expoaltlon 
wUI ibiow open the fates of tbe great fair 
Her. 22. and tmm aU reports of adrertiabiK 
Ksa all oTer tne atate. the largest crowds 
that enr Tialted the capttol will be In attend- 
OBCe daring the ten days of the erent. Ezcnr- 
^a aa win mn tnto Jacksoa arery evening. 
dassOB the must prominent exhlhlts of the fair 
will be that of the Railroad Burning Throogh 
<k»' 'Wwlsslppl, and extilMts from tbe prom- 
jBsBt in ai iafartnms of the state. The Coamo- 
la lltaii idanacBcat Co. wia nsnlab attiacthins 
iKtba plka. BObbr jCooMa, UcycUat, wfll race 
Milnatdme. liTiomte, dOK catila aad hotie 
anr will attsaet naay tnmmm ftuui aB afar 
ttb Hat*. It wffl^^ -- - 

At the aimiial mcatliv of the Colo- 

^ada,«ata Vak Aasoe l tloa. bald reeatly la 
iVaeblo. tha dalliiwtac dbtetgcs wore doeted 
■ftr the coming year: 7. IL. g, c 

K West. c. B. Schmidt; W. T. Gear, a. L ~ 
■Bd Dr. A. T. Klac. A. Mtdng'tf thd 
ft dkteton wlO^^au. flS jjMe tk 

The tnetton oompaiqr at Montsom- 
aey. i l s , ha* pnribassd Klaetrlc Park. A new 
ttaan* U balag bant aad airangements 
being made for the Inst — 
tat atxt season. General 

1 will spare no expebK «■ n 
:«bm Dnaalaad at tba apaik. 

It aad aixangenients are 
InstaBment at ft n Mn T 
eral Usnacv W. B. Slf- 
xpanse la .laalAc tta to- 






"I made It a point this past season to sttidy 
clo«ely the eondttloos In eTery city contracted, 
aad I haTe oome t» tbe eonclnslon diat the car- 
atsal baslness Is not on the wane, hot de- 
cidedly to tbe contrary. 

coarse there are a nomber of cities that 
Afeare bad » genteel snlBciency of the so-called 
'•treet fair ' amnsements, - bnt In those elUes 
Where they bare had a repntable camlTal or- 
ganiTJition ttiey axe tn for another week of 
festivitir-«. Those cities not desiring a repeti- 
tion of oLrnlTal .week baye been baaoocd, and 
.vbancoed Kood aad_nlaalp. 'aa that .tbay -wlU 
.^aerer for^t Ibr-nCT UTO hid -ttclr. dnnt- 
Lwala (t) whiA dU look' aUka' t» ttcas. nSe 
:::t>wna ba*8 bean, dsetlsed by mli represen tatlBn- 
' "^Wbat la tba 'Committee to do when the cstr^ 
Mlral airlTea and It'tt foond that some otithe 
Mg festnrrs pramlRd'are mlmtngt Tbcy hare 
to stand' back and let the eanOral' go on as 
adrertlxed. Itie next pranoter wbo drops Into 
tte city zceelTcs tba n eg nti s a , "1X9; wa bara 

^ Md tbe ex. 

BOfdty jnlTtlecc with at aampany, bat 
went aoatb a few weeks ago to take In two 
or tbica state falta, "came back home" at 
Ifoatgomety, Ala. 

Next week we go to Jackson. Mlaa., where 
we famish tbe sttractlana for the State Fair 
for two weeks. Meridian, Lsurel snd Natcfaes 
will follow, after which Mobile, Baton Booge, 
New Orleans and Lake (Tharleu will take op 
oar time. 

Mrs. O. F. Sttirm, wife of Cbas. 7. Storm, 
nnnsKer of concrsBlans, left this week for nu 
extended Tlslt to bcr home in Blxmlngham. 

Among oar new featnres hi King Jnmbo, the 
giant snake, which Is. geltInK top money onder 
llie managesaent of B. F. Lewis, formarly with 
retatl Brothers. J. O. Miller's neaa London 
Qbost Bbow was act rtady to open here, hot 
fo «a at neKMD. 

O. H. Adams, who lobMd at Dolntb as press 
representative, bas also assnmed the position 
of sectetaiy, ancoeedlng L. L. Cole, who re- 
signed serersl weeks sgo. 

The footbsU teams of tbe OntXIl DlDtfar> 
alty of Kentucky and of the .dUasa ttata 
UnlTerslty were gnests of Col. D. T> nat> 
linger one ereniog this week. 

H. Snyder, genenl manager, was taken se- 
rlonsly ill In Carbondale, 111.. Saturday eTcn- 
Ing. and was oibUgad to ranaln la bis private 
car at Mailoa. dhMMHTwHll tkt latter 
part ot tba weak dtOdw .Ml H warn satlreiy 






W. I. lEBeEH 4 08., ; ; 852 S. Stmr Aie., GHICA60. ILL. 

Attractions Wanted 

At onr newly rcdted house; capacity 000; electricity, fnmsce heat: atlM 
ronoa ondtr. Population 8.IM0. One thoosand mineta paid ld-<0. nna 



!5L£»?*^-*?S.*"S!S!"*' '3'«BLB?^J!"5-»!?* fiwlnwa tor eccentric iiKht 

or ntrsljcljt 

' on. r»')iiilt«. 

Dr. Hence Grant writes as follows: "Tbe 
camlral at Orsasabora, S. O.. Nor. 14-18, 

2d'' AvmmSi 

to ba tbaft. tEhate arate no 
ty-two oonceaslana and I never 
In all my Ufa did tmslness with a better set 
o£ men. 1 booked twelve shows, among them 
being -I^m*s Uonsrefa nieatre. Xievltt'B 'Maxe and 
Foolish Honse, Cook's Jemsslem, Cooley's Plan, 
tatlon. Tanner's Beptlle Show, BoIUn's Ani- 
mal 8lM>w, and Oaterlle'a Ferrla-whecl. Got- 
enior Heywood opened the festivities with a 
speeob. In which he heartily reomnmended car- 
nivals. The Indnatrlal parade contained boats 
representing all tbe leading baslness men and 
the flower panda was macnUlcent. Hie ear- 
nival waa given onder the anapleas ot the Basl- 
ness Maa'B Loacoe. We bcartfly tbaak W. O. 
Atklnsso, Ik H. Wanamakar, Jr., W. X>. Gtoee. 
President Jcaalngs, and eveeUUy Mayor Doyle, 
who dM aU In their power to make the car- 
nival a success. Fally 60.000 people atteoded. 
Xoa can pat ine on. record as ssylng that tbe 
stiaat tab at OnqabBsataads vat among 
" " " sec- 


Thos. Baylan, treasurer of the Will 
S. "Welder Carnival Co., is wintering at the 
home of hlB parents in Coalton. . Ohio. Tommy 
Is getting aa fat as a Thsnksgtvlng tnrlHV. 
He wlUba auuiv,an tlia Wot Kay T at tha 
openinc w the waMer - flbowa. ■ . 

Dr. Horace Qrant win apend the wln> 
ter Id Florida and Cbba, and win TMt Nassao. 
Porto Bl««. tha Babaan UUnda and Kbigs- 
ton. fb wm be abasBt abset algbt weeks, and 
on Ui'falgn win blgta ipimntiOBB. for next 

Charles A. Mang^old, director of 
amnsements for ithe Texas State Fair recently 
beld in Dallas, gives to Messrs Baver & Oar- 
tiaiby a good portloo of the credit for tbe 
soccess of that event. 

J. S. Rambsejr, spieler on the Ven- 
dome Show with the wm B. Waldsr Osnit- 
val Co., win have Charge «t an grMlitM with 
tba Waldsr anstihatlsa asst aaaaaa. 

Harry Hardy, contrsctinr agent with 
the Ferarl (Brothers Shows, bss gone to his 
taooM In Plqna, OtdOk tW a ftw daja' TUlt. 

W. B. Skldmore and wife eloM< with 
Iba 'Wbltaey Greater Sbowa at ttoaatt, Ua.. aad 
can be sddressed at Uttla Back, Ark. 

Ben. Wllllama, advertlalns acent, 

has closed with the Capitol Amusement Od. 
He can be addressed at Dayton, Tenn. 

attractions have 
Outfral Oa>t and 

Harty B. Bandjr hM oloeed ttto negro 
mosleal eooadr m ii i l l ll B i L aad baa net to 

Atlanta. Ga. 

The B. Delsarian 
*Md the BMden Seathi 


Pleasure Resort* 
Summer Gardeiw 



Chicago amusement promoters are displaying 
Interest In the progress of the work of con-' 
stmctlng the new $1,500,000 resort on the 
West Side. The locstlon Is corner of West 
Harrl»>n street and Des Plalnes avenne, not 
Oes Plalnes street, as many have supposed. 
The site selected by the management oovera 
an area ot about aeventeen acres ot gcoond, 
mid In form to an biMnlar reetagle. Is beau- 
ttMUy wooded wlUi vnat oaks, and covered 
wttfa nrbigy green tort. Ito aataral advan- 
tages have been leog reeognlaad br tbe Inbab- 
Itsnts of the cnrnmnnlty. who hava aTalted 
themselves of the proximity ot this falty-liks 
spot to hold their plcnlc< and outdoor eewbta- 
tiona there. 

^Following Immediately upon the announcement 
tiiat Frank B. E. Woodward, "the man who 
made White City famous," had been engaged 
to direct the Department of PoMIdty for the 
(Beach Amusement Co., came the statement by 
the management tbat they had enKaged H. E. 
Bice, one of the owners of the Globe Theatre 
of St. Louis to act as manager, with a gen- 
eral sopervislon oyer works, concessions and 

malnteDsnce. Joseph Biggs of St. Louis, a 
man familiar with the work of conslructlDg 
aMoasMat resor^ wm act as superintendent. 

Oa XbanOay. Vtfr. 9, aa atated in a recent 
lasae of Tba BOIboazd. tha work ot construc- 
tion was began by a laiga loree ot carpenters 
snd laborers. Since that tiaia wock bas pro- 
gressed steadily. Wm. " ** 

Tialag ai^tcct Cor tba 

left flw Waw Tork City Wednesday ot laat 
we* to coasult with Kirby, PeUt * ONra 
In rererence to tbe front elevitloB aad dt> 

tall rians for the Scenic Ballway, SSbMBaB. 
Ball Room, ResUurant, Main Entraaeariaiw*^ 
eral other Important structures. 

It will be a policy of tbe msnsgement to 
control the lievt money-mslrlng shows, this 

{lOUey having been fonnd extremely auccesafnl 
n the management of White City. Manager 
Bice Is In receipt of over tour hnndred requests 
bom waald4w coneeaslonalres, and be states 
tbat ahoot a balf-dooaa «t tbasa akaa «|U mp- 
reaent aa InsastaMBt «C afiBTdBSbMna «B 
new pars. 

Tbe nsme for tba naw rcaort haa aot nt 
been chosen, Imt this wlU be dseldsd la a 

short time. Over 20.000 icplya fmrlMCD M- 
celved by the management. In reply to ad- 
vertisements offering prises: tha fltat prise being 
fsoo In cash, for the moat appropriate snggrs-' 
tlon for a name for the new park. This wlB 
probably be decided within a couple of weeks, 
as the work of constmction la piociesstng oo 
rapidly that Director of PuhllcTty Waodwaid 

nnds himself handicapped bw. r** *""-* 

nlte name upon which to all 
scrlptloos and anloglea. 


Tba BlI Bridge Company, builders and opera- 
torn of T-errls wheels at Boodhoose, III., have 
Incorporated under the law-a of that state with 
an IncresBed capital. 

This Is the first step In a systemsUe campaign 
of exploiutlon which will carry the Big BIl 
wheel to tbe forefront of devices of Ita kind, 
and It alrudy enjoys a repuutlon of which 
maay. «t Ua faaa popnUr competitors arc cov- 

la aa naiK— for the Ell Bridge Oon- 


The Cfliney Island Co.. of Cincinnati, 
•sat week pnrdased another exenrslon steamer 
which win be used together with their band- 
soma Idand Qoean to carry patrons to and 
from the Mpalar rssott next aeaaon. The 
FTMdtjr. Tamnce haa bscn In the Pltuburg 
tradt mice ^«ie waa bnUt at the Olnclnnat! 

"wyt a .year. «io. She is practicaUy 
OanfM^lD^daBaB tv jsdi^ that aad 

for a Ug asaion nnt 

Rapid progress ts being: made at 
Riverside Park, Montreal. Kan., toward the In- 
atallaUon of several new attractions thst Pro- 
prietor Tremblay promised his patrons for Che 
season of 1808. The fonndatlon has been laid 
tor the new theatre, and the erection of the 
Oalvestra Flood is progresshig rapidly. 'Al. 
Read, wbo was so successful laat season in 
^e apadtyot amDsemcat managar. baa bean 
'v^raagagea *r™ ■■■■■■ 

DECEMBER 2, 190S. 

The Btllboard 



A Permanent Income from a S15 Investment. 

Write now for Particulars. ^ ^ ' 



U]aninrr.-^raBd Op«« Heme (Slncler & 
in.) Eb«B HolitoD IS; plcaicd good 
Bodolpta and Adolpb 18; good bail- 
nit Roynf Ctxrt 20: large tmsloeu. Tbe 
BtdemptJon of David CorBon 24; My Wife'* 
Fuiilljr 3S; Mugg's Landing 27; Mm. Wigs* 
of tbe Cabbage Patch 30; King of Rogues 

Dec. 2. 

BFRIKOFnXD — Grand Opera House (L. J. 
DallT, mgr.) Lev Dockstader'a Minstrels 14: 
pleased capaclt7 business. Tbe Diamond Klog 
IT-IS; ple.Md fair baatnoM. Pretty Peggy 20: 
Schnmann-Helnk 31: Cousin Kate 22: Slde- 
Tracked 23: Paul Jonos 24; King of Bognes 25. 

Orpbeam (Gna Sun. mgr.) Pete and Allle 
Elmo. Mortimer BaHM^tt. Al. Weston, and oth- 
er. week 13] bualneaa good. 

BTEVBEMTILLE. — Grand Opera House (C. 
W. Maxwell, mgr.) Deaerted at tbe Altar IB; 
food bnaioesa and plaaatd. Paris tf NIgbt 
U: good baalness aM attnetkn. 

XOIXDO 'ValantlM Tbeatz* (Otto KUtm, 

Mgr.) VloU AUn M< MMrttont (how lad tanl- 
um. A 1M» ■miM»» tt; amilltBt (miIbms 

naaa. ftUIIan Blaoralt OS; Coming Tbro' tbe 

IffMUB Tbeatr* (Frank Bnrt mgr.) Sky 


rarm IS-IS; pleased good business. 
Tbnmgb Oeorgia 18-22; good buBloeu. 
Brown 2S-2S. 

Bmpire Tbcatte (Abe Sbaplro, mgr.) Trana- 
AUantle Bwleagnera week 18; good boalneaa and 
parfermanca. Bmt-flaatley 6boir week 26. 

Arcade (Harry Lamkin, mgr.) Rapoll. Be- 
beeca Warren, and othera week 28: business 

anrfa Theatre (A. Wiswall. IB|T.> PtOOi 
Rags to RIcbea I«-18t MNi.hMlMMi aMttP U 
Gold 19-22: pleased ttSViaMMflt. HHTfiM- 

b oy Gi rl aa-&. 

tiHXIOBUiVII.I.E. — Cltr Opera Honae (BlTIn 
ft Tan Ostran. imcm ) Itnilolph and Adolpb 9; 
good Iwalncss. Why Women Sin 11 good bnsl- 

Bennett * Moulloo 18-18; nod boal' 

- - " lae ^7 

■asa. The Utile Bed fleboolbonaa 


JaaUa 24; canceled. A Windy Oltr ST; Tbe 

Bess and eomiMUiy. Oonain Rate 21; caneclad. 

Hamlet 22. 

▼AK WZBT Andltorlnm (F. X. Saltier. 

tagr-) Bben Holden 21; good bnalnesa and 

CSOnaay Cousin Kate 28. 
WUttEN Warren 

annicaoa ana 


Opera Hoase (Dana A 

Laalla, msrs.) The Royal Chef 21; good boai- 
nesa. PIS, Paff, Font 22; Tbe VUUge Paraoo 

'WILimfOTOH. — Opera Honse (Don DeToss. 
mgr.) Qnlncy Adams Sawyer IT; large and 
appreclatlTC audience. Slde-Tracked 21; fair 
atgaeUon_and business. Hamlet Dec. S. 

DWV. — Grand Opera Bouse (T. R. 
T.) Harria and Parklnion Stock 

, jS; good bualneta. acnrray and 

ibeker Comedy Co. weak SO, 
_^ark Ibeatre (Lea Morton, ngr.) Togel's 
■niiatrala IS; gaod bmlncM. Un. Ltfltafweirs 
Baota 14: (ood akow and bnalnesa. Mary 
Baeraoo 10; good bnalnesa and sbbw. Deserted 
at the Altar 17-18; fair abow and bnalneas. 
N«B» Browne 20-22; TJnde Tbm'a Cabin 24; 
Parld HlKKlns 2S. 

UnSSTILLE. — Welter llieatre (J. O. Eng- 
land, mgr.) The late of Splee IB; big business. 
PanI lones Opera Co. IS; nod business. Tloln 
Allen 21; pleased eapad^ iMBae. Emma Bunt- 
ing Co. aa-3B: PUT. Mr. Poot Zt; Tbe Re- 
demption o( DbvM Omm at JfacF 

30; Klsla Mala fiMb It Sto 

Case 3. 


■ m!WtaX.—Ctm BoBM (D. I. VtAIne. 
mgr.) Tbe Little Homeatead 15; pleased good 
buRlneaa. Chas, D, Hanford 17; good perform- 
ance and business. Holty Tolty 10; Century 
Stock Co. 20-22: Woods Sisters 23-25. 


PHILADELPHIA Lyric Theatre. Week 20. 

The Genius and the Model; business big. Week 
27. Mrs. Leslie Carter in Adrea. 

Broad Street Tbeatre, Week 20, Jobn Drew 
In Delancey; bnsluess big. Week 27 same 

Chestnut Street Theatre. Week 20. Melotyre 
and Heatb In The Ham Tree: bnslnen big. 

Week 2T. The CoUege -Widow. 

<%eatnnt Street Opera Honse. Week 20, The 
gnS*** ^ Deatalc; bualneaa fair. Week 2T, 
"Sl/Hntt la Mordland. 

-^nfiit BtiMt ThMtre. Week SO. Dustin 
niBBB iB Tba Tli^liataa: Imslneaa Tery big. 
W<»» ST, mut iMnetioii. 
Qatrick TlMBtw. Week 90. Urle Belteir m 

Park Theatre. Week 20, Tbe Old Homestead; 
Imslness good. Week 27, same attraction. 

Grand Opera House. Weak 20, Nat 31. Wills 
In The 'Duka of Duluth; business rery big. 
Week 3T. Girls Will Ba Oirla. 

Blaatj'a Atach StCMt Tk(«tM. Watt 20, 
Too ProBd to Bat: *mImm saad. flMi ST, 
The Curse of Brink. 

National Tbaatra. Weak SOk Saeiat Sanrlce 
Sam; bualneaa lalr. Wa* ST. (Janfaaalona of a 

Peoples Theatre. Week 20. Human Hearta; 

business fair. Week '.^7, TtiniuaB ijhca In reper- 

Hart'a Theatre. Week 20. Tbe Burglar; bus 
Inesa good. Week 27, Too Proud to Keg. 

SUndard Theatre. Week 20, stuck In Tbe 
Christian ; business Tery big. Week 27, Only 
Sliop Girl. 

Forepaugb'H Theatre. Week 20, Stock in 
Tbelma; business fair. Week ZT, Uncle Tom's 

Eleventh Street Opera Honse. OWBOatf* HlU' 
strels continue to draw -well. 

Keith's Chestnut Street Tbeatre. Refined 
Tsuderllle continues to attract large crowds 
here twice a day, with tbe mucb-desplaed sup 
per show looking lerj prosperout. 

Bon Ton Tbeatre. Fair bualneaa la being 
done bere wltb oontlanona TaodcTllla. 

Casbio. Weak BO, OariM CUft la JmUlng 
Island to Ttqr^ jjOO d bMlBMi, Wttk ST. Tlie 

York, Jr. 

Alloa Thaatie. Wttk M, Btlltj * Woedt' 
Show to good boalataa. Wetic ST, The OUISor' 
nla Oiila. 

LyetBn ZheatM. Wttk 90^ n* Blh Boi- 
lers aoBpleMMtad tr^aa «rtfa vaadnsw abow 
draw Ms Meaty. WiMk IT. IM&wla'e Big 

•ttiaet fhir 

curios continue to 
800 Walnut St. 
ALTOONA,— )EleTenth Arenue Opera Honse 
(t. C. MIsbler, mgr.) Rlebard Carle IB; packed 
iMMiae and good abow. Blmmeleln'a Ideala IB- 
IS; 8. R. O. ngbtlng Fata 80; good abow and 
baalness. Mary Bmeraon 21; good performanre 
and business. iDoekstader's Minstrels 22; good 
business and line performances. Viola Allen 23; 
Hie City Sports 24; Fantasma 25; Creston 
Clarke 27: Over 'Niagara Falls 28; Tbe Sign of 
the Four 20: Shado\ra of a Great City 80; Plff, 
Pair. I'ouf Dec. I. 

BEATEB FALLS. — ^Lyceum Tbeatre (8. Han- 
aner, mgr.) A Royal Cbet IS; 8. B. O. Tofal'a 
Mlnatrela 14; fair abow and bnabtaaa. la tte 
EleTCBth Hour IS; good abow aud baiiaiaa. 
Mary UNteaa lit amelltat attnMloa aaf feed 
builnets. WH Bok WMt* 18; S. B. a " " 

Itnil ISiiv 20: His Last Dollar 23; Deserted at 
(he Altar 2S: Kirk Brown Co. week 27. 

BBASrOBO — New Bradford Tbeatre (Jay 
Nortb, mgr.) Mnrray and Mackay Stock Co. 
14jl9 ^ go wl baalB«aa. Priaeeaa Cble 90; pleaaed 

ton S?'^Si*^SSS**VSr"H!oyBl'*Miw» IS; 
crowded honse. 

OKAMBXKBSintft. — Bosedale Opera Boose 
(Frank Shlnabroak, mcr.) CartoU Ceattir Co. 
13-18; good bualneaa and company. May HIU- 
msn stock Co. 24-2S; The Clay Baker SO. 

OOVHELSVZIXB. — Colonial Theatre (Geo. M. 
Cooper, mgr.) Sandy 'Bottom 13: good busl- 
ni'8s and performance. Tbe Sambo Girl 16: 
capacity bualneaa. Tbe Beanty and tbe Beaat 
18; good business and performance. Keith's 
Own Burlesquera 20; The Missouri Girl 22; 
Nettle, tbe Newsglrl 23; Miss Bob Wblte 25. 

XT, OABJCEL.— O. A. R. Opm HOOM (J- 
B. Gould, mgr.) Too Proad ttjtm l>t Balked 
bouse and good performance. Hlllillas ■ "ITal 
ters VaudeTllle Co. 23-2S. 

COBBT .Messenger Theatre (C. T. Trimble. 

mgr.) Paris by Night 15: good business and 
excellent performance. The I^rlncefs Ohlc 17; 
good honlnesB, 

EAST BTROnSSBURQ ^New Grand Opera 

Houae (F. F. Heller, mgr.) Botbbum Mann 
Co. week 20; failed to appear. A Thorough- 
bred T^amp 30; Banting and Walters Dec. 4 5. 

EKIZ.— MaJeaUc Tbeatre (Jno. L. Gllson, 
mgr.) Paris by Night id; pleased fair attend- 
ance. Tbe VolUage I'arson 17; good business 
and show. Tbe Redemption of David Corson 
18: good bnalness. Bis Last DoUar 21; good 
business. A Mllllonalra Tramp 23: Schumann- 
Helnk M; Cbannoey Olcott SB; XIw Mommy and 
tbe HommlngUrd ST: Xbe Btsstf Ow Beaat 
28: Our Mew aiumttr SO; m.'-Wigt «< tbe 
Cabbage Patah Dee. S. 

Park Thaatra (Joa. L. OUioa. aigr.) Emmet 
SaTav* Ok. DuMi Bietbata, Tcmoo, Mnrpby 
and Wmafd. Xlia VIeterIa Parker, Oslrado 
and othan week ST. Business week 20; good. 

HAZtnOV<-4nad (B. Wslser, mgr.) Tbe 
once (Boy 18; good business and excellent per- 
formance. Too Proud to Beg 14; pleased large 
aodlenec. Tlie Fatal Wedding 15; pleaaed large 
attendance. Tbe Child Wife 16; fair business 
and performance. Simple Simon Simple 20; 
Ben Mack Rep. Co. 21-2S. 

' Family Tbeatre (Mr. Bersker. mgr.) Im- 
perial Japanese Troupe. Bayes and Wynne, 
Mr. and Mrs. Browning. Bnrk and McEToy, and 
others week 20: business good. 

JOHHSTOWV CambrU Tbeatre (U. W. 

swr.) The Holy CMr Ids fair busl- 
EMttaBa Fran Pock IS: tUr bnalBess. 
- — _ - ~ .1^^ 



S. R. a »aak*B Bad 


The Famous Rexos. tbe acknoirleilged leading skating attraction haye resumed fllllng en- 
Lgeraents In the rarlous roller rluks, Mrs. Rexos having folly recovered from her recent 
New. novel and original features, beantUol coatnmea, and tbe most Onlabed perform- 

Dockstader's Minstrels 21; Viola Allen 22; Tbe 
City Sports 33; Fantasma 24; The Four Bunt- 
ings 33: Over Niagara Falls 27; Creston Clarke 
38: PIS, Pag. Pout 80. 

T.SIWlASl'ltE.— «ew Fnlton Open Boaae (C. 
A. Yeekor. Bar.) Wbta We Were Twcatr-aaa 
18; good kai l ai H . ItRj XcAoUOa Btocfe Ca. 
week 90; coed eompaay and large boalaiaa. 
Doekatadai*a Iflnalrrta 34; High Boiler floil aa- 
qncra ST: Tbat'a John'a War 98; ~ ~ ~ 
Boknei a: The Rlrala 80. 

New Family Tbeatre (Bdw. Hoaart 

Clan Knott, Tbe Alpine Family, Gharlea Z . 

Jacobs and VsafTrle, Iocs Mecnaker, Caaeroa 
and Toledo, and othera week 27; bualneaa good. 

LATROBE.— Sbowalter Theatre (W- A. Sbo- 
walter, mgr.) Hie Sleeping Beantr and the 
Beast 16; excellent performance and crowded 
boose. The Missouri Girl 18; good performance 
and attendance. 

LEBANON. — FUtaer Academy of Husle (Geo. 
T. Spang, mgr.) The iMsyor of Toklo 13; gtod 
business and performance. Ben P. Mack Stock 
Co. 1 3- 18; eiceUent business and company. 

IBASVOXX,— lAcademy of Music (E. H. 
Nonla, aacr.) Priaceaa Chle 13; pleased fair 

hoota. ni Barta" — . . . . 

Cblcago Stock Oo. 
PIctorea H: The Sheipii 
28; Tlie Wlaai d of Oa 

XOHESSEV.— Orand Opera Bo^ {A. K. 
Staustcr. mgr.) A Boyol Stare 14; goad bMk 
nrss. Four Bmaclnga 18; Mlso Bob WUlB SSl 

A Windy City; — ' —- 

Deserted at tbe 

Hyde 28; Uncle tomft 
Money Dec. 2. 

Star Theatre. Vaudeville la drawing good re- 
ta rns. 

BBW CABTIX. — Opera Bouse (J. F. Genkln- 
ger, mgr.) Chicago Stock Co. 13-18; good com- 
pany and business. Nettle, the Newsglrl 20; 
good bnslness. Fantasma 21; large business. 
Interna tional Stock Co. week 27. 

on. CITX.— Verbeck Tbeatre (G. H. Verbeck, 
mgr.) Prlneesa Chic 15; fair abow and tnuloaaa 
good. The UeTtatk Hoar IS; talr abow and 
businea a. aait ta-Parklaaaa Stack Oo. 20-3S. 
PHUaffUHMr- Pl8rea>» Optia Bonaa (J. T. 

m^iBMiA'Si ISA 

pertanBaaee. Sr. uSjO aad- Mr. Hyde 91: 

When We Were Twenty-one 24; To Die at 
Dawn 23: The Sign of the Foor 28; A Mil- 
lionaire Tramp Dec. 1: Tbe Girl of tbe Stieeta 
6: The Village Fool 0; Sandy Bottom 11; A 
Ro yal S l ave 1 6: Alvlo Joslln 20. 

PITT8BUBO.— 'Belasco (G. W. Sammls. mgr.) 
Leslie Carter In Zaaa week 20; record bual- 
neas. Fan tana week 27. 

Mion <T. F. Klrke. Jr.. mgr.) Ethel BaBfy- 
more In Sunday week 20: excellent 
and bnslness. Tbe Bam Tree week 2T. 

Alvln (R. M. Gnllck Sc Co., mgra.) Tbe Offlee 
Boy week 20: good business and attraetloa. 
Bis Last Dollar week 27. 

iSrand (Harry Davis, mgr.) Madame Eo- 
genie ManleUl headed a line bin week 90. 

Oayety (J. B. Orr, mgr.) TaBltJ Fair ' 
20: good bnalnesa end now. 'Ttm City ~ 
week 27. 

Empire (B. J. 'MeOollougb. mgr.) A 
away Boy week 20: good attraction and 
ness. Tbe Bouse of Mystery week 27. . 

Bljon (R. M. Gnllck, mgr.) Tracked Around 
the World week 20: good bnslness. When tbe 
World Sleeps week 2T. 

Carnegie Hall. Slme. Calve week 20: flne 
business and attraction. LOUIS L. KAUFMAN, 
402 Pena Bldg. 

FTTirXSirrAWlIET. — Mahoning Street Opera 
Bouse (J. C. Fish, mgr.) Nettle, tbe Newsglrl 
16: good business and pleased. Tbe Watermelon 
Trust 17; fair bnslness. The Eleventh Bour 

POTTSTOWH.— Family Theatre (H. Frank 
D'Esta. mgr.) Tally Ho Duo. Alberts. CUtford 
and Hal), Demoolo and Belle, and otbeta week 
20: business good. 

Grand Opera Bouse (C. M. Vsndecallce. mgr.) 
Tbe Girl of the Strsela •; . " - - - - 
Running For Office Mt 
Street Singer 2t . .. 

SaBAMTOV—bceam ntatre (A. Y. IMCr. 

gr.) CMataa CBartie IS: Bsad ahow aad: (air 
bualneaa. Btibta Bbod Open Oa. IS: seed aSow . 
and hnabieea. Tbe Ednntlon of Mr. Pl|9 21; 
Melboome OladDoweU 22: Eight Bells 23; TtoU 
Allen 25. 

Academy of Music (A. J. DnCTy, mgr.) Sher- 
lock Bolmea 13-15: good show and big busl- 
ness. Bis Searted Jim 18: good business and 
fair sbnw. David Baram 20-22; Shadows of a 

(Irrst CltT 23-2S. 

.<5tar Theatre (Alf. G. Herrington. mgr.) . 
Wine. Woman and Song 13-18; good show and I 
bnslness. The Knickerbockers 20-25: big bnal- \ 
ness. Underlined: The Cracker Jacks. 

Family (Dan McCoy, mgr.) Tex Box beaded 
good bin week 13. Carllsles Dog tc Fony 
Circus week 20. 

aa »aaa 88.) 


Xtie Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 190& 

V itagraph Comedy Feature Film. 






NEWtflVORK ADDRESS: 127-129 W. 32hd ST. 





UTTI.B BOCE...<.. 




m^tSm 1IEA1IES IN 


HO U8T«'K ... 





.~ TEX. 


^ TEX, 


;^ , TEX. 




Wanted ^^t all times, Newr Bright and 
High Class Novelty Acts of an ldnds. 

No SBidays. 

p. E. CARKDTHEKS. Ocrt Mf 

Two Perfonuces Daily. 


Mermold and Jaccard Building, 



^ * _ 

Xr-Dee. X. 
XuKr A Enmer (Cl7.t>I) : 

3T-Dee. 2. 
llltetacn.& Osta (Hopkins'): 

as-occ 2. 

.Heauixn'. Mlnttrd Slalds (Hortls A Seunon-i): 
Keir York City. 27-I)cc. 2; (Hrde A Bcb- 
ana'.) BraoUja 4-e. - ; _ 

Mii.ket<B. aimu, 
Unsphls, Teim., 

^nk) Bprlngflfld. Maai:; 44L 
■nr. J- K.. tc. Clir. Lu. ((~ 
InSton. D. C. 27-Dm. 1 
Uaalc7 & Stullas (Cr7«Ul): Detroit, Iflrh.. 

Dee. 4-9. 
KctelCT A Elpmnore (ItlJw) : 

XT-Dm. 2. 
m^vt^Oia, Brim (Hntlv * 

Tork Xaxf, ZT-Dcc i 
Ibrqpuds. Tbc (O. B.)r Baffiaeh IT. X., 37- 

Om. S:(Bcanctt'«) LoDdoo. Ost., «-«. 
]fufc.[. Two (Stw): RiMimiQ. OnL. »- Dw. 

H-Dec X. 

CI, ■• - 

Ku Andcn. EM fTiiliiMH ' TiiilHi. Bk, 

■■■fltua^ Bmdct B., ft Mngoerite Eeelcr (Prae- 
,.,«--•«'•); Albany. N. y.. ZT-Dec. 2. 
t^T*'f*"'*T", Tbe (SuTluid): Bmltlmore. UA, 

xr-DK. (Otpbeom) Beadlss. Pa.. 4-«. 
-'Jl u n .tU . Tbe Fire (HUDmenteln's) : Nev lotk 
CItj-, Sr-Dec- 2 (Proetor't) Troy 4-9. 
lOmanl FarnQr. Poor (KKner'a): Brooklm, 

N y., JI-D«. 2. 
Vazlnellaa, Tbe Gr^at (W««st'<): Peoria, nL. 
i. sr-Dec. 2; (BUon) Decmtar 4-0. 
^aben. Tbree (Moore'a): Portland. Me.. 27- 

Dee. S: (Ooloiilia) New Totk City 4-S. 
■ IfTB.. W. CMi'a): Brldseport, Ooim., 

' SMIce. S: (Patfu Hnr HaTra 4-0. 
iSUBm (Boaetn): St. Xbonuu, Ont., 27- 
BM. X. 

ioctaB.. .Tb* (N«-«It7>: gania. CUr, Sfo., 
J>ee. S-8- 

(O. a EJ 

XiMMi A EUTcr (Stu): Topeka. Ku., 

Mice. 2. 
XBM^ BM (VUr): 
Hack * Dosal (BIJaB): 

Dee. 2. 
XoCarrera, The (Bljon) 

2T-Dec. 2. 
Merrltt. Itajiiii»J (naflr); 

T.. 27-Dec ». 
Melets A Mar. (MMds 

Dec u-ie. 
MlUerablp Slsten (OhuB 

20- Dec. 2. 
MorreU & Deetr <Fkt«kk}j 

27-Dec. 2. 
MaUea & CarelU (Hr 

aianltowoc. Wis., 27- 
Battle Greek, Midi., 

Boston, Mass., 
■u Okw CU., 

*. l^ilBattv 

aaj, SI- 
Maim, sm. 

Dae. tf(«}ofV 
SMIte. X. 

Ibxilatt Tate (arand): Toilet, m.. 97-Dee.S. 
UeInT m* (Clark St.): Cblevo. lU, 27- 

Dec S: (TaiHtette) aueago 4-«. 
Voote. Bany CO. H.): Muillil»»% Mb, 2T- 

Dee: 2; (o. Eul mmmam «3L 

Ueredlth Trio. «i» tfK &>«-.aHta(K Pa., 

27-Dec. 2. - • 

MnrpbT, W. H., A Jgmm g mf tg rtrt); 

BocDester. N. T.. ST-OMk. t| lOnMl Ptt» 

burg. Pa., 

filerlan'a Oc«* (Hamiazket) ; CUeasOb m.. 17- 
Dec. 2. 

Ulxaniaa, Tte CHajnutket): CMfia, HL. 

27-Dec. a. . . 
Murphy A OMtoV niVM4MOB CHHfl^ IB, 

27-Dec S. ■ 
McGnlre, I. J. (BUmOi ' VMBIK W. Ta.. 

McCord. I,rwts A Oa. ((MtaB)t BMUjn, 

N. T., 27-Dec. 2. 
BatmeoB. JostUnx (BIJob): Taekwn. lUdi., 27- 
Dec 2. 

MecDsker, lues (IkBllr): LmouMI. B... 27- 
Dec 2; (raaabliiaMll* *%. . 
McBana, SnggUag MMMHlIt OkllBril. O., 

2«.Dec. 2. 

Maznz & Uaxette (Ptoetot*.): Bewuk, N. J., 

27. Dec 2. 

Mmrtm^Jamea 1. CEeUh'a): Bcw X«A Clt7, 

Uartln A Rldswaj (g Mll »10« «Hr SMt Ottj, 

27-Oec 2. 
BaedonaU. James (OoA's Ou B^l 

N. T, 27-D«c 2. 

Mntoo. Vr. 

Ca.. Indef. 
.SCarceUoe {Btppo^Kme}z 


Mario A Aldo (Orrln Btw/li 
Max, Mar S. iodeC. 

New Xsik Ctt7. 


A pair of "hrnn- 
mere"— original In 

Professional CoDles 
free to aincers <end- 
lag recent proKr&ms. 



If vou want them, write to us. 
Our pricfs will startle you. 
Send fur reduced price , list. 


inoem, wnb maleiroll 
nw (neetal sprifht- 

Ab lmpMsl«Hied lore 

weoded to tbo words. ^ 

Uoosaotltstaoefal melody and tbe exan&ltis 

eatddneas ' of the words wUl please tbe 
•nttia honae— from the rostmm to the rattei^ 


A HeOltAttTe STmpbOBy. 

Words and Hnsic by NT Calbeck. 

A harmontoas blending of pleasing medita- 
tions with dreamy and graceful melody, and 
"set" with an effective "moonlight" back- 
fTonnd— msklcr a strikingly attracttve and 
assnradly pocnUar Tocal nnmber. 

Botb tbeas aniigs ate feasts of melody, bar- 
many and voatrj that will be mlored b7 
ererr a n d l enc * , P w fMsl o nal - copies now 




AX Piano Flayer .and Al ninatratcd 
Sober aod reliable. State 
To open Dec 4. E. H. JOBBSOB. 
trio Tbestrs, Waterloo, Iowa. 

natratcd Saiastar. 
n la IMrSiter. 
tSOB. Mpw Bae. 


moMd a ■oeBeasfol wuob of 33 weeka 
witk BunuB & BaileY GrrateM Show 
oa Sarth as Utd* Svek, Ark. 

it Address 




Raaon, Staeais* CaOery. 
Silverware and Cheap Jewelry. 

Scad tor oor prices of 

They will Interest Yotl. 

86 B. B roadw ay , NBW YORK CtVt. 


Post Cards and MacUnes. 
Awtapatk Pinos, New aai Mi. 




, TAUGHT BY MAlt . ^. 

'2i Lxuou &Au HinK Fu IS! HI cttOI 
AoamsSt TOLi^ OOlO. 

Wutid, 6lass BItwirs 

Mafle, ar aay 

Boas Daaa write. 
WaahlagtM. P. C, 

Address K. W. OCUfOTZBi 
cars Food Show. 


and a Happy ffeto year, 




THE BICYCLOrG wtt.i.aim* BBOS. 






$AO A Wl 

Made SelUng 
Our Famous II 

Direct froaas 


I bsard a Mock away. Sxim 
to eaamlaaCtOB. 

■ H7W.23nl,lltwrotfc 

Fs C. STMTM, Jr. ^giSSTii-i. 

u tba pasty wsJKs*^ 


10x45 ft., cotton rope, split net, never 
l)een used. Will trade for Black Top, 
White Top, Balloon or anrthlng I can 
Warr«n MoCartkr. OBAPni. XLU 

DECEMBER 2. 1905. 

W O R L O ^ S S B N S A TI a N ^ 19^^ 

Pfomoter, Orgtt.iUMr. or B>«h>r Waoitad, or Patwrtr Sold Outright. 


antf aesp* uoeeda the C»moas Ferrte ^ 

iM-aaw and addlns tha MMaMo— I Iwtiira of tb* •wins. 

*^^Sount BwlDR couUM of » maigtmt Imm, Ions i 

_i nSan anfb ugb, and two md UmImi tvwm, MOi 

WhMl, eomblBins Its faMons wltta tbow of 

um aoofC, otolltotlDff on • pivot aluft rapportcd on two een- 
. 300ft. high and flOO ft. apart. Tba paucDgvr car !• Vft. In 
loaf arm of tb« twins beam In the same manner ae a Ferria 

' >pcd with lour electric pauenser elevators. 

: from one tower to the 
loaded to balance the 
greatly of tha Uto ctrmlD, 

*ne method oi operating tha'plntoirwheenrf'tha awlas" b ea m la almllarto Ibat oaad on the Ferrla wheel, bj meana 
^aBDfOCkatelwln nuuloar orer two tprocket wbMli on eacb ilda tt tba iwUstas beam, operated by two moton. one 

C^tehecBtral tower. Bol table locking arraogemepta are proTtdad oa each tOWCT to bold the awlnslag beam while 

Tatba baaa of each tower (and toweca) 9,000 aqnara feet, an baBdseoa tlekai oflloea, l e o a t i tl an iiiimia and tm- 
MaaiaiHMthaaMmMn. Th*p«TiUoBat(b«topor<Mbt«w<rkMalkiaripM*a(IJMWMlMt>aaAaai 

— ' *"-- 1 ■- 

. ei^eeJlnstlia alant aaa^w by SMtt. and t^ 
BEMiATloa AI. FKATUBE.— The •antatloul rcatoflil 
Otm oaBeoser ear can paaa tha oeBlral towers at a rata 
tetenmllee an boar, or eren leeOLlf fonnd dealrabla. 

ORiiKD KLECTKtO OIBPLAT.— The entire oonatneuon win be brllUaotly lllnmlsated • 
^Mcent llicbta, and In making complete rotation the iwaai imi la will travel a dlatance of LSOOft. 
COB r— The total ooat of oonatractlon and equipment will call for an ootlay of llicoao. 
■AFB AND PBACT1CA1»— The detaila of meehaalmn and eonatenctlea were perfected by 
Uar at Ik* Qleat ■•»akW at RukTlUa aad Omttha, and of the Aerial Cyeia, at BaCalow 
Wea peaeed taeeeMble apoa by tha enpeet oinlmwa at the Worlds »hlr, I 


hMd by Inean* 
KOiiyw, tba 

ary for iu enetloa. n the project was abaaSoned. 

^naOlaot Swuuc waa Immadlatev thereafter. September I, UOt, awarded the cono 

~ ■ — Half War bMHH laiMlli iM ' 


<r, DOAK ATmLORi < 
B oonipBSj notfTad Hi 0 

r, Odsno THSATBB, TDLUaoaA. 1 
Hat ga plaelag the bidi. It waa fooBd tbal 

_ BpletlrailiitlaiafernMogaBlacaCtbeKxpoeillaa. 


address and we will mail jou our Ifew Catalocrue of Wire Workers' StmpUesaiid TooIb, 
Bbowlog new goods and Ug nduetions of viioes <m many tbin^ 

We are Manufacturers and Headqu 


•or Wire Workers' Supplies of all kinds. 

42 Wadlsow St., OHICAaO, ILL. 

B-Dte. a. ^ 
Dm * wans (CkyMI): Detroit. Midi.. »- 
' Sec S ;Ut Bema) Waahlnctoo. C. H.. C, 

Palka. Baty Ladte: Badae. Wla.. ZT-Dee. S. 
Pleeole Mldsata (Kalth'a): ProvldeBee, B. L. 

sr-Dee. 2; (Kcltk'a) Ileir T«(k City 4-». 
Mtotler. Den (Xobaerk): Seheneetadaj'. N. X.. 

SJ-Dec 2; (Kdtb'c) dcTcUad. O., 4 8. 
Mat. rxcd & AbbIc (BeBBett'a) : Xoadoo. 

Si-Dce. 2: (nrwiKfrt at. Skonu 44. 

ftTDtloe TX01IM lac ~ 
Pa.. »9ia. 

bars. Pa.. 
D.. c 4 a. 
Patty Broa (Baymaifcct): 
Dec. X 

FalBiar * B ob to aaa (tffcaon) 

ObIc«l«, m., 2T- 

Pite^ft^RcBiB nhpte): 

Palmer. Alice (Olyanla 

N. Y.. Ans. as. iBdof. 
Vaptata (Empire Palace of Varietlea) 

kamieabats. 8. A.. Not ZI-3H. 1. 
natter A Hartwell Pari*. FT., Nor. 20-Dec. 23. 
Power's Elephaata (Blppodiiame) : New York 

City An«. 80, indet. 

F>^*^K»^(auDan«): rt. w«rt&, lax.. 

nnrm^^jMCd Itm CVIftal0S KMP SMft CUft 

Palmer, Jolaoa ft Palmer (OolomMa): CiadB- 

satl. 0., ar-Dec 3. 
Facki. Two (Qotkam): BMOklys, N. Z., XI- 

Qaccn'a Fan. Tte (Oiflniini)i Saw Orleani. 

La.. 3T-Dce S. 
Qnlnlan. Dan * KcDar Mack (o. O. H.): In- 

diaaapoUa. lad.. Si-Dee. 2; (Oolombia) Cln- 

dnsatl. O., 4-». 
Kyaa t SlehfleM (O. O. H.): IndluipoUs. Ind.. 

2T-I>ec. 2; (OOIaB'Ua) OlncUmatl, O., 4.0. 
Beddinc, Franceeeo. * Co. (Crystal): Clereland, 

O., 27 -Dec. 2: (Family) Seranton. Pa.. 4-8. 
Rsjurd. Oiarll* (Academy of Mnale): Roan- 
oke. Va.. 27-Dee. 2; (O. H.) BlneOeM. W. 

Va.. 4«. 

Kooney, Katie (Faik): WacccaMT, Maaa.. 27- 

See. 2. 

Bayaor. Vslentli* OkariMt Wmatm, Pa.. 

9&-Dee. 16. 

■Mbefort * Way: Oleiia WOl, K. T.. 20- 

Dee. 2. 

aaaselL FUa * OUlle (Olimple): CUcaflo. 

m.. sr^lae^ 1. 
B^TMC Mtt (aMfttrt: Oi lUn SpitefB. 

Ool.. rt-nte. X 
Boss Sitters (Mnnlel: MitartM; DL, ST- 

Dec. 2: (Ore' 
Boeatrea, The 

27-D«c. 2. 
BajDo's Bull Decs. Al. (O. H.1S . 4 

sr-Dec. 2; (O. H.) Wbeeimg; W. 

(O. B.) SteabenTllle. O.. 7-9 
Bofeia, wm ?Rellb>a): Piwrldeoce. E. 1., 
_2I-Dec. 2; (Kelth'a) PhlladelphU, Pa., 8<. 

Boss & iuM^^rmt^tSS^ OdHgOk m.. ar- 

Dec. 2. 

Blc« A Cady fBonkhu*): Loatsrllle. Ky.. ST- 
Dec 2: (HopklDt') JfcmyhU, Tenn.. 4», 
ToiB (Domlalon): Wf - - "— 
_>'-Dte. S: (I«ceaa) inai 
■MlactaigH^a^Tak (MatM^t 

BoblnaoB. Chaa. (Mlaer'a Bowery): New Tart 
city 27.1>ec. 2; (Mloer'a Sth Atc.) Mew 
_ York City. 4-S. 

Rie*. nnay (Dade): Taokm, M. Z.. *t- 

D«. 2. 

Bonee raauir (OtntaDs Wlwilaa. wis., 
Sr-Dae. a. 


■y. Itoor (nent): Tmton, M. J.. Dee. 

nveka, Kan., ST-Oaa. 1. 

A Biraarda 

Sooth Bend. 

(OotaaMI): Snr Tetk CItp. 

2T'Dee. 2: ((OiVheam) Broa U yn **. 
Russell & WaiAar (I^Tle): Tone Bante, Isd., 

STDec. 2: (LttIc) Clerelaad, O., 4-8. 
Reynard. Ed. F. (Temple): Detroit, 
27-Dec. 2: (Oook'a O. H.) Boctaester. N. T.. 

Beasl. Lnlgl (Keith's): Cleveland. O.. ZT-Dee. 

a: Chicago. UL. 4-8. 
■adford A Valentine (Palace): Beltaat. be., 

ar-Dee. 2: (TlToll) London 4-SO. 
Rnsaells. T%e (CSrrscal): Losansport. Ind., 
27-Dec. 2. 

RsvenacToft, Charlotte (Caatle): Bloamlsctsa. 

111., 27-Dec. 2. 
Bawls & Von TTonfiaas (U MMt 

la., 27-Dec. 2. 
Beieben'a Daga (KMIk^): 

Dee. *. 
Btam Bra* fOnte Bml'): 

M-Dee. «. .. 
Rice Fcaillr:. fMMMIs 
BoMnwiorBttta (5i>fct1iia| 

Dec. 2. 

Bobbins A Trcnaman (Olympic): 

Ind., Z7.d>ec. Z. 
Botxon. Mra. Stawt (Ocsfecom): Desm^ OdL, 

R^>erta A Ralatoa IBAanrt: Maw Sak City. 

2T-D«e. 2. 

Boaaell. BUoo (Hippodrome): Vargate, Ekif., 

Dec. 4-S; Empress t Islington U-16. 
Baekett A Basaid: Bmpire Toor, BBC Nor. 

20-Dec. 30. 
RamoU. ' Wl'lUams & I^uketw (BOMt): 

CBport. la.. Oct. 2S. bidet. 
Beed, iFrancea (Cltoia Bdiaaiami): I 

Hot. J-Apr. 30. . 
Beata. Theresa (BIppaAaaae): Mht 


Rosa * Lewla, Berila. Oi^ As^ fl. 
Ramsey Oatcca (Caatte): WaadiaM TBL, ar- 
Dec. 2, 

Raimnnd * (3ood (Commina'): BorUsKtoii. Ont., 
ST-Dec 0 

Randolpbi^ G iatiyM (OBIgg): ^MWgUa. 

Reno "a Morray S)^>MMShB(ik kTIi 
27-Dec. 2. _ 

Ring A wniUma (Btjaa): Wlddta. Saa.. 
Dec. 2: Denver. OoL. _ . _„ 

BlebBrdaon. Laeesdef. .0*b . Q MJes); Dea 
Hotaea, la^ «T-pe«fc (WMDiMma 4-8. 

Betmer, Betan (OMWt Wl S ^gm, D. a, 

RnsseU * TIDyne (Hyde a Btfenas'i): Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.. 27-De«. 2. _ ^ 
Ritchie, Adete (Qotham): Brooklyn. N. T., 

BoadL^I^^M OhMlirt9t ^M^V T ST 

Beed A Shaw (8ta>daid)i Ok*Mljb 0» 20- 

Bossow, (Bbarlea (VMetafWt WMMIk. W. 

2T*Dcc. 3. 

Boeser. Kdward (Family): Pottarllle. Pa., 
3T-I>ee. 3. _ ..^ _ , 

Boaaow MMait* CPMCtM^): Stowaik, K. J.. 
27-Dee. S. . ^ - ____ 

Boeser, B a i W CftHlfl* OMMm >Sw 37- 
Dec 1 

ecbepp'a'Oon * Foatea (Ma]eat1e>: Bet apclnsa, 

Tex.. 3T-Dec. 2: (Ma)estle) Waeo d-J. 
Shea, Ttaoa. T. (JelTeta*): Bagtnaw, MIA.. 17- 

Dec. 2: (C%rata1) Detroit 44. 
SoHon. Larry A Attlla (Star): Poftlaad. Oi^. 

27-Dec. 2: (Star) Seattle. Wasb.. 8-9. 
SInrpsoos, Mnalcal (Kelth'a): Pioetdeoee, B. L. 

27*Dcc 3 

Slater. Itaata r(BiJoa): Oecatar, UL. ST- 
Oee. S; (Xata at.) P'M^ 4«. . 

27-Oee. 2: (iBPlte) teUnt «^ . 
Sally * Phclpa <BUaa)ri^^B^ Jtt. l l> i f. a . 
Baatell. Tbe Orrat (OiBft M miwco. 

CaL. Sr-Dec a , . _^ 

"-^STk ^SlaJTriiaai?!* 

Oeo. (brie): Uncoln. Neb.. aMtat. X 

(OoetlBaed oo pate in.) 


the Mermcdda MTm. 

MIK ataapeie Sometaanlt Direr. Sack DHWi' 
Baada aad Fast Tied INver. Fancy Oiriinmerk 
SdaatUaSwIaiaar. (All Bead Flrat Work.) 



Trick Shallow Water 
Speedy Swimmer. 



Opu for Pnftsitius 1906 as Pertntap Show, Fm AttractiH, w Pufc CiinssiM. 

OaaM rfdihealiaalMMhiftiil ifiiiai inniiii ini - i i n i atailaailallil 

afMnaiBS, St. Loals Swlmmins Sehoola .^^^^ 

THOS. Qe SudoH aid W|nii1li, 


EM* ^ Dramatic Comedljr AlEetch. 

^«lon£it:hcui'fi Oourtship." 

• (Oopyrltbted.) 

Be— mt a— pIwb TItiaei f eetoty Bitfltofc - • MEW TORK CITT. 

If yon are in tha ■IWIIilBK BOSIHESS to MUEB KOIBXp there is bat one 
line of reoMditBoa tbe BWFlwt tbat bring resnlta to Mg >oand <)nllan. We 
loF Blafc _tfc«> Jdtnt n^t and Most Elaborate Line of Paper FBKB witk 
WWBBS BKHKDIES. No matter what line yon are handlinK at pr a a eii^ i wa 
pun aave you money. Write as to-day for partioalars. Address 

MMEW MMEDY CO. Cir. Ollwr at teWln. CIMUmTIi 9. 


Beel Xo. 1 Contains the Chicken Thlerea oA Wmtpmb WatkS M 
Father iUrst-olaaa condirion). $70e00e 
Baal ffa. S CmtalBB PaflMO Ka^ Hat. 

H0OBAFH8>*Babe In WtMaifRat^ Power «r A«thority, Waiting 
for Bin, Ftra Bngr (all in cood conditioii). $70.00. 

D. J. UaDAR, 27 WasMagloa Avi. So., yiNNEAPOLiS. MINIL 


Bie 80N0 HIT OF THE H01TB. GtoaS choiWK Bit* i 
SiDcers bave ordered It from HalaetoOal" 
copy tree. Send late Drovram and stamiia^ 
oo. 308 N. 4 1st St. Phlladelpbla, Pa. 


M. P. operator, (lidison machine.) 
BsJlyhoo people write. Salaries must 
be low; its idl winter south. Address 
O. L. IVfaltland* 






Address, cr. BILLBOARD, Clccinnatl. 



Xlie Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 


17. S. and 







alwajrs on tbe alstt to plMW Us patMM, and 
takM vccUl pains to aire iha dcaltcd 

■crriet. Oe was Identlllcd for flfteen years 
with the adTcrtlslni end of -tbe tbratrlcal In- 
tanats of TnU 7. Davis, and nndetstands tbe 
Bostiac loihini all dam Iba liac. _ Be Is 

wtfl» CMW wWn oravMl tttjUbt 

oC MS lift. 

John Brown, the local billposter of 
tbe Grand Opera Hoase at Nocrlstown. Pa., 
was bitten on tbe leg by a dof wbUe poatlac 
um^^KtaaaMy Car Ob. Broira Us ~ 

^6dimPt.mENrs of the season 

THE Billboard Is pleased to ex- 
tend to billposters and distrib- 
utors generally Christmas 
sreeUnss. tt is ft Uttte mtxiy 
in the game, but aa this Is ths Chitet- 
mas Billboard. It Is the proper place 
In which to say "Merry Christmas." 
WhUe Tbe BiUboard has taken but a 
r— <«y •liilsiisr In tlin aflslxs .oC; its 
biUposter MMids fiiir Sdme ttans It esn 
not overlook the evidences of loyalty 
to the "Old Reliable," 'which they have 
Sbown doxinir the past year. For this. 
TWi: ■TS^triltr' t**""^*"'- '"■'> ■■■■ - 

'■■.:i;;;;:;<,''V^^^'*'' • • • ' "" ' 

!,i Tiitte win be a great gathering of 
Unpostlng magnates In Old Clncy next 
Tnasday, when the directors oC the 
Association wiU hold tbcir.' Jlacaiiber 
meeting. A large attsndsaos Is ex- 
pected, and an the High Guys wlU be 
«n hand. We have not decided whether 
it would be best to take to the woods 
on this octasion, or to remsln.'tB'town 
and face it out. It is expected tlist 
when thla bunch arrives that we will 
be panic stricken and ready to hold up 
both hands. We may. on the second 
thought, decide to hajig oat the latch 
string, and be prepared to extend a 
ffiaA hand to all comers. The direc- 
tors might do worse than spend an 
hour or so looking over tbe magnificent 
plant of The Billboard. A busier UYe 
' of industry is not to be found In CIn- 
l^annatL ^ ^ ^ 

i^' - Oar old friend. O. F. Vsddsr. for- 
merly with the Van P— W tt^pisnt in 
New York, is now eonnsetsd wMh The 
Newark Sign Co.. where he is making 
good. Notwithstanding tbe fact that 
vaddn's exptrisnce In the billposting 
' IlilMlriiiM ' jflOMr niit irtT"-' over more 
^ Ika&'flm^wn^ MHrtoe. be Is particu- 
: laxly fitted to make good. Vedder has 
' . ft pleasing manner, is a thorough gen- 

- tleman. and presents his proposition In 
ft straightforward business way. He 
takes great personal pride in seeing 

- -that "the details of a contract, placed 
■ In his hands, are carried out as agreed. 
■>• Thus he wins a customer every time. 

• • • 

- ' It Is hinted that old man Van Ben- 
ren is already klckiog himself for sell- 
ing out the controlling interest In the 
combined New Tork plant to Barney 
Unk. Under the old arrangement, 

: ' VsnBenren's share of the year's profits 
amounted to sotnethlng ilka .thirty or 
tblrty-five thousand dulan. Now, he 
derives but stx per cent, on his pre- 
ferred stock of tll6,000 — less than 
seven thousand dollars. Of course, be 
got one bondred and sixteen thonssnd 
doOan cash tor Ills wnnnw a i .Mvel^ but 

be flnsL Just tbe same, The New Tork 
City Combination is worrying over the 

situation, and know that the theatre 
managers are seriously considering the 
matter. We have it from a reliable 
source that tb* deal Is going to go 
through, and that nothing oan stop it. 
The theatre Soaaaitei* have everj-thins 
to gain lh"tlils matter, and nothing- to 

1 Antr 

Ms pasted a SSnbeataa tke 
•went radac down the. stMel 
pepolar brand at tobacco. Sir. ' 
recovered (torn tbe bite. 

WHBRK Td Orr liiroflMATION 

For tbe InformAtloa of readers of Tbe BiU- 
board, Interested In billposting and dlstrlb- 
nting. we pnblisb berewftb a list of secre- 
taries of The 'National and sereral Subordinate 

Associated Billposters of Tbe United States 
and Panada — Secretary. Cbas. Bernard, 1514 
TrHiime BDQdlng, Cblcago, 111. ^ ^ 


lowtt Assoclal 
Davenport. la. 

Indiana Association.— Seoetaiy. Ed. Hatter, 
QontlnstoD, Ind. 

Eentacky Association. Bf c w taiy, fames L. 
Lastbert. 3*n nsadsrsca, Mr. . . . _. ■ 
r,.»|Hr P. 

Nortbe'm Assoaatton. Beertt a iy. 0. B. Grlc- 
bel, Ye Maokatot — 

iNew Jersey 1 

Boaoietaaa. Isag Bna^ % 

Wew " 
% ~ 

New Tork 
Fitch. 2 WUllams si , 

Obto Association. — Seetataty, 
Newark, O. 

Soatbwestem AasocUtloo.— Secretary, 
Alton, Oklaboma City, Okla. Ter. 

pacific Coast Aaaodatlon. — Seoetary, 
Spaolilln^. Boise, Ida. 

aontbeastem Association. — Beetetaiy. Cbas. B. 

Next week a number of directors will 
assemble in Cincinnati and partake or a ban- 
net glren by the Adrertlsers Club at two 
illsrs per. It has not be decided n-betber or 
not tbe mean will consist of Franktorters, Saner 
Bkaat nd stein acnes Tbe Bblaa. No Ms 
«HMS «r M«h4»alla ga wilh ttla. If the d. 
teeten want to tea a ml good tfalnt, tbey are 
InTlted to call and Inspect tbe offlce of The 

H. E. Logan, manager, Logan Bill- 
posting Co., (Macon, Mo., has bis t>oard filled 
with "Gold Dost," "Sledge Tobacco" "Virginia 
Gbcroota!' and "Pcarllne." He also bas a good 
dm aC blS apace filled with coming show pa- 


B. G. 

TcAer, I«neastcr, 

Bocky Uonntaln i 
n. Searles, 1728 IjV 
Texas Association.. 
Westherford, Tex. 

Trl^tate — Otlssonrl, Kansas and Nebraska. 
Secretary, H. M. Ernst, Atchison, Ksn. 

Wisconsin Aasoclatlon. — Secretary, E.. J. 
Kempf. Sbcboyicaa, Wis. 

Middle AUaotlc SUtes AssocUtlon. 
tary, J. K. Bsyllss, Wilmington, Del. 

Persona desiring to engsge in tbe MilpocitiiiR 
bnsiness wUl find It to their adTaotage to 
correspond with tt>e aboTs-mentloned secxcta- 
rles. and obtain from them fall informs tlon 
recsrdlng tbe reqnlremeats for membecablp end 
■ " .. .. ^ ^ 

tbe amount of aannal dwi^tba 

the best Interest he can'mUfce on that 
la four per cent., so that all together 
his Investment will bring him less than 
t n ^ i ie thotisand dollars aimually, 
agaloat tldity^rtlMNMaaA' Mr more that 
he had under the eld' deal. The old 
man Is quick to see the point, and it 
won't take him long to realize that he 
got a gold brick. He may have felt a 
momentary thriU of satlsfSctlon in get- 
ting even with Pratt for fancied 
sligtats, but be is paying a lilgh price 
for his grude ,and it won't set well 
he.coBus to balance np his ac- 
: the end oC the year» 

^ feSTlns bad BO . 

in Ifee MIlMatlng tmslnass, aboold eonralt tbe 
MCRtBlM^ before oonuaenelns operattons; In 
this way tbsy win arold nustakes, an eh ss 
pnttlas a plant in a town alresdy coTcred by 
an **f<fMaHflB aambcr. or building boards b> 

s^t'^^^s jL^ngyy^ 

coonsel Wllft "VlO' fMpV. OflMtO Os ttO ASaS- 


There are a nnmber of sssnrlsi 

eorer more than one state; for e: 

Tbe New England AssocUtlon coTeis aU tbe 
New England states. 

Tbe (Middle Atlantic StAtt Association coTers 
tbe states of Delaware, Maryland. Virginia. 
West Tlrglula and Worth OaroUna. 

The Northern Aaaodatlon corers tbs 
Minnesota, 'North and Soatb Dakota. 

Tba Soutb WaatacB Asio el s tl o a _ 

M Atknm n, Indlaa Smltaiy osd Ok- 

Tbe iSd^^'^onntsIn Assoelatloa eorera the 
states Oolocade, Wyomlngy,. Utah, Arlsooa, New 
Mexico and Nerada. 

Tbe PacUe Coast Asaodatlaa corers the states 
of California, On^goo, Washington, Idaho and 

The Soatbeastern Aaao^tloii oorers the states 
of Alabama. Georgls. Ulnlsslppl, South Csro- 
llns and Tennessee. 

Persons residing la attbar of 

shoold com sj iaf ttt SMMtfOl jOC 


:.'C^'3ilIpo8ters generally will remember 
'-'tti^ hot fight which the Billposter's 
- union In Chicago gave The American 
Posting Service at the time when Bar- 
ney Iiink was general manager of that 
plant. They made it so hot for Bar- 
ney that he was mighty glad to leave 
.' the town and let Bob Campbell settle 

r ribie tenaiL. "Tte atoiy Is now going 

around that that strike was framed up 
for Barney's benefit. Bob boasted oii 
the aulet that he would run Barney 

to make good, he 

^'^'^cbt'fhiir^iimlait bt on the deal. It took 

') 'about ft week for them to knock all 

i,>: the fight oat of Barney emd he was 

^Klad, enoutfl to quit. This left Bob in 

'^^tAijMMtftvthe point which he^jmght 


" ■ ■■ • • • 

It Is the opinion of the Astute Edi- 
tor that there Is nothing to the proposl 
tftm of the theatrical managers of New 
Teilc City to put In ft plant of their 
own. Of oonrsflii the edltw knows all 
ftbost ***** tnattaCa anA 


J. J. Hughes & Co., of Lynchburg, 

Va.. have recently erected a splendid double 
deck Ixnrd opposite the Academy of Hoale in 
that city, whicb Is said ta be as flue aa It 
la possible to bnlld. The .mm «*• 
aipted by a slasla daafc beaal. aa 
BO ip|T " «H l t— ***^ **gi ibe ewser of 
er^ kad tho «U kooid est down. Mr. Hagbca 
ind «B laf r i air with tbe owner, snd Um mag- 
iiinnBI SDilbls d acfcir Is the result. Bngbst 

did aUMea to Us OMtr MMDMt piaat. 

The Waterbuiy BOlpoadiig Co.. Wa 
terbory. Conn.. iind« Ihi SMMgHMSt of Jean 
Jscqoes and asny Paraoos. baa kept up Its 

good work In tbe billposting line. The follow, 
lag psper Is dlsplsyed on the boards: "Oold 
Dust," 480 sheets; Young & Smylle Licorice, 
480 sheets; J. B. Mnlllns & Co., 800 . sheets; 
KlTScbbanm's Suits, 400 sfaeets; Acorn Range. 
820 abcets; Sweet Caporsl. 1.000 sheets; The 
Delineator 480 sheets, making a total of 4,060 
sheets, not Indodlng show paper. 

J. E. Morrison, manager of The Mor- 
gwj^BMtog tfcnieft Olde gg» >*• <£.t^ 


The fonrtli annual coorentlon of the Nstlonal 
Alliance of Billposters and Blliers of America 
irlll be beld in TVenrer. Col.. beRlnolng Monday, 
Decemtvpr 4. Nearly eTery local in the coontry 
bas expressed its intention to be represented by 
dele^stes. and the meeting trill, wltlioat doobt, 
be the most Important In tbe history of tbe Al- 

Tbe committee in charge bas about completed 
all arraTij;enient« for entertalomeat and has a 
fine programme. One of ttie fi>atureB wlU be tbe 
big "smoker." which wUl take place Wednes- 
day. December 0. Tbe progrsnnne for tbst erent 
Is one of tbe best ercr arranged la Denser, and 
some of the best boxing tslent In town will 
help mske the night s memorable one. 

Denrer Local extends a cordial loTltatton tO 
The BiUboard to l>e repreaented. Headquarters 
wlU be at the Windsor hotel and all Ttcltlng 
managers, agenta and billposters are extended a 
cordial Inrltstloo to come arannd and make 
themselTcs at bcmc. 

Iln-dlouston VaudeTllle Company as agent, asd li 
now in Texas. 

'Billy Ball snd Bills Gerson, adrertlilag attalg 
o( the Tabor and Oroadivay tbealiei^ :eBa Bat 
ivalt till the delegates arrire. "Iliey •Speat to 
meet «onie of tliem at the state line. 

Eilllor Hall is getting out a special number Of 
the "Mutr Monthly." 

All delegates arc reqaeated to wire B. P. 
PeMir..cBia of tba Wtedscr BaM. (he timo aad 
trsla they win arrire oa. 


See Our Ad Page ST, 

Hatted States Teat & Awnlof Co. 

Lantesi Taat ^' 

TOUIW UJfl HAiro . PIATB B aod a TettatHe 
SlaalBK aad nsnelng SISTER TEAJg, dotag mo- 
sieu torn preferred. One sing for Illustrated 
SoafS and do Serpentine D snce. Both take part 
in afterpiece. Or Good SKETCH TEAlt, man 
and wife. Good wardrobe and nest sppearaaee 
Imperatlre. One and two nights. Four moaths" 
en;;agemeot. Msnagement paya hotel and fras* 
cUnj; expenses. Write quick, naming lowest oad 
bU you do. Join on Wire. Open Dec 4. 
Address 8XIBEB »B0S., MslsonTlUs, Q, 

WA>TEI>— Partaer wWi fl.OOO to wodncc a 
brand new copyrighted rotal play. Gbocfc tall 
of llr«t.class comedy action from start to flalab, 
with strong, ratlonsl plot and nvmeraoa eona- 
terplou. A cUmaz In esery scene. Inttodueei 
trained dog ind pooy In aatuial, Ilfc-like way. 
sppeals to lorers of the romantic, tbe sensatloaal 

an'l tlio hiitTmnc. If too hnvt tbe cash lo In- 

rcH- l i 1..-: . I' atI'.- B, B. DOWTTX, 
Op«r& llouie, Btandiah Mich. 

WAITXQ) — To lease a Theatre or Opera Houa* 
In a progreaalre town. State full [mrtlculars. 
Address W. T. WOMBU TU Bans St.. Tblla. 


Sampling, TaoMilf. Oistributlng. 
L.OOAN, - - . UTAM. 



The iX'Kulnr niretlng of Denver I»<*at No. 0 
of the Billposters snd BUlers' Alliance, was 
held Sunday. HorenAer 18. and was tbe largest 
erer. Ska sessloa was almost eatlrrly uken 
up with zeports of the yailona committees on tbe 
work «( amaslas far tba neming eoasaatloa. 
Good fi i gu M iir alsag the llBt is leperted. 
Several mattos at aaueeal Impertaaes cams 
befflce iba menActs and many molatioas wen 

J. N. Smith Is sgain working In Dearer. 

rred lt.-<lfl.>M hn-^ corn- nl..-n,! of th.- Ki-miV 

WMkiiglti, PasaassPtpaUtiia, 22|0Q0. 

37 W*»t Ch«ft«nut Street. 

Memberoftha Associated Bill Postera and' 
Distributors of tbe D.S. and Canada: also 
the Pennsylvania State AssoclStlM aad 
Local No. 3, of Plttsburs, Pa. AU wetk 
promptly and caretallv done. 

POBtlae, Kicb. Member Michigan Sute Bill- 
poMem' Anoclattoa and Aaso. Billpoalcrs U. S. 
and Canada. Splendid fsclllUea. Prompt letT. 
Ice to patrons. 

The Oonalilaon LItho. 



Cilor«li,-W]ftMi|,-iNew Mnici, - Utah 


1728 Lawrence St., : DENVER 

Progressiie Billposters all Boy our "Q" Pasta 

BMda aspaelally for their nse. baeauso BETTER tbaa haa» 
aade.mora convenient aad corululy CllliAPKR. Will not 
sour snd will keep for an Indaanlts ;cngtb of time. Oa 
receipt of tl.n will ship you a aample barrel boldlag OTsr 
SM pounds, out of wbteb yon csn make folly three bamla 
by leduclag with cold water as Beaded. Uiay blllpoatan 
act as osnrafMHa and oontrai loeal paper haasotc trsde sa 
weU aa nii g i i. la t wby not yoat UtBMNiMiatoUwttuas, 

The Indianappito to Co., - Indianapolte, Ind. 


TO waoa IT HAT ooscaaai 

BaTlaclaspeeMdthsofltaaaadblll.TC«Batlfr.J.I,Wllliaau, f axamlasd bis mstbod 
ay wWhoas h asltatloQ Md n n i M ii ■ ai M y tbaS b. baa SB. bast all roand sqalppsd aatBblU 

^ - ..w SQUlpiMd 



hsT* ths bssl boaidsaa* 



Telephone Ontral 3800. Main OOlM.S-II Soatta Water St. Soatb Bransh, fin Wsntwortb A«a, 
BIIXPOSTDtO. DiaTBIBOnMO AND OUTDOOR A0VERTI81NO. Posting sad Dlatrtbatlac doas pnwptly 
carefully, judlelously, L cations best In tbe city. 

PBIMTIMC WhenPretUIr tinted, Fsrfectlr Poated I niCTBIRIITIiO Br Men Only, rrompl, CarstUl sad 

rniHIIRO snd Promlnrntlr Kl^ed, VotU<n are UlainiDUilllll Strictly Acooidlng to OlrssUsaSS* 

ProdlKiouH l*rodai;*TB Ke<iaeBt oC tbe Adrertlser. 


DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

Tlie Billboaircl 


SI wrtPi<wr<>llyco»g8r«trlii g M > >— 
' «lMOa«laIBaii«« World*aVMr* 




SLLnli liwTirk 

WILXJ/WM WEIL, Director 

A Modem Onrmnlwtlon tor a Modern Poblie. 

C o mpl ate Qrand Cenomt 

MMum VMunt 



IjOVIS, no. 
SdIM »u 


relatlnrto Aniata. 

Moslc. Eta 

New York Cltj 
301 KnlckarlMcker 


Owil Ntanaxar 
Addicaa on bnsineaa 
matten. datei, etc. 

Open for Propeuti for Sammir EnOOmtnls, 

Psrks, Rutorti, Exposttlont, Etc. 



Vs x.qoj 






W*keT««T«TrtklaclBtha ipoHliut sooda lla*. Bnd 

Mom* for onr Cr«* CAtalosu*. W*' hav* M>m«U)LlBC 
B*«*n4h«t]m». R. A. MUORE UFO. CO., til lUln St. 
(aniu Cttr, Mo. 


■one Blldia, Lsunt, por Kt • 3LW 

■t«r*optleon>. tao KTSdn .MkMma^ M M 

Spot Ughu, ramplcu with color wlMct,... „,„. . . ~ 

Mhtpordom m>.»».. 

WW jM uilco. 

aiir MMshiiiOT CM 

:■ — ~ n< n. n. 

Aatoawtle Water Klppi*. ninsTiiauiT. 
Li*i>M«,CkrliaBii. U«UclD«i.8llil« CkiTlerai WUtmwaitt 
to order. Rapolrlns by eiiwrt workmoo. 
Mil jou new oppantiu ehwper IbM yea eea bar 


U M 




j04W.««tlSt..».T.Cin. lit. Iroidfli; ii< Btk *i. 


y* kne ererrttalaajroa need tor tUMt or Mr work 
!(mliiM,BotHHio,Jomlrr. tmm, poekMcntlny, rtb 
Mn,JapMMaeeuMii.cnnr»tll. iliiMor*. alappm. blow 
Ml*, paper borne, whtnle bell«ani>. rubber Wile, abell 
pateee, (Ui* cutter knlire, Dirmo booki. Oenuen caller 
■"•"W". We moke e apecleltr of puttlnit up lou 
book lou, Jewcliy tola, abeer Inb, raaor lote. elo. Ttt 


eiTN. rourth Btraat ST. LOUIS. MO. 

Waterloo Balloon Company 

fl- t-. MVmCU Xaoam. All the tel«et BttlMS 
lion* In the Aerial W«rM—«rrp»Btlae Dam*. 


Advertiaementa imder tbia htifllnr 'wUl bo 
pabliahad weakly at tha onifoim zate of tea 
ceata par iaana, ar HiM par year. 

Ow i a aj J. r. ank. few M: 

"•T, Kaika W. H. Metbewi. «M U it. 

SA..^flaala— M. P. Boochtoa, box 6M. 

XLL.-^ast St. Loals— W. B. Dennar. 
EdtvardarlUe — Kdlermao Abr Co. 
Mattooo — M<!Pberaon Broa., 301 N. 12Bth 

Palmyra — A. C. Parmer. 
IHD.— HuBtlDgton— Benjamin SUtea, 3 BreietC 

Indlanapolla— lodlanapoUa AdT, Co., SIB 

StcTenaon bldg. 
Manclr — Monclr Adr. Co. 
Terrr Bante — O. M. Bartlett. 
IOWA.— DeaUolnea — W. W. Sloore, Uceaaed. 
Donda — UnlOD B. P. & AdT. Co. 
MaeoD Cltr — Benry DIrbl. 
-Aleblaon— Clt7 BlUpoatlng Ce. 
Oaavatomie — E. P. IVkK. 
Oaweco— Oaweso BIHlMtlfeg Oa.. W. B. 
OondOD, prop. 
LA.— Lafayette— B. Glrard ft Oo. 

. — Boaton — Caonlngbam A Coniley. 
Boaton — Joba V. Carter. 383 BalOMat at. 

f-^^wrti ^' iS g/ linfewwt a. r. wM 


KO.— Bt. Lonia— 8. A. Hyde, aW aap^ it. 
XZB,— TaMBiT — Bobert . Ohrlatlaa. 

Sebnyler— Bna A Bolmao. 
V. TOBK. — Osdeuborc — E. H. Braer. 

Port Jerrla— (A. C. H. Mealer. 

Potsdam — Edaoo Xkylor, 20 Warcrly it. 

Schenectadr— Cbaa.H3eiiedlct. 121 Jar at 

Syracnae — Jamea Mokngbey, Cornier wds. 
H. OAR.— SUtearllle— Bowland Adr. Oo. 
OHIO,— Cloclaaatt— J. J. Mnrpbj A Ob. 

Colnmboe— 8. A. Hyde. 

roatorU— W. a TeirUl A OOb. 116 W. 
tibb at. 

Martin'* Perry-J. P. BlnMbHt. 

VonngfltOKD — M. Glf^r. 

PEKN.— Carllale— Wm. A. Ualoy. box 40. 
DiTbots— O. H. Barlow. S 8. Bndy at. 
Eaat Xork— Blebard B. Stalcj. 
JobnalowD— OeoTfc Cpdc(ta«M A OOk 
PboealxTllte-Qco. K. Wniligf. 
Tn«B»-C. ■. PUIUpe. 

B. n>« -oniimmn— I. a Blagiv (at Otatiee- 

_vSSt^L~c, e. TMit. 
T£Hir<— otaiiMa-^. 0. BaaiiaH. Booae 

A«v. flcrr- 


:art<iiiia tfatftaaii B. 9. aa< 


TEX.— Amarino— I. Zk 

Hlll a twro— n . P. Jonca. 
Shennaii — iw. J. Bareav, feas Ma. 
UTAH,-Salt Lake Clty—J«feB V. HWta. 
VT. — Beaalaatoe — ^BaoBlactaa Ade. Asaa9, P. 

O. Box 833. — — 
■WIS.— w>« Snjwrlor— C. A. Uinball, W«t So- 


parlor Botrl. 
—Mea t reel O . J. T. 



800 Om* M Pm* 97. 

UniUd Statts Tent and Awning Coa 


nrccKLT Li5T or distributors. 

Adeaitlaamaata aadn tbia haaJtaa will ba 
ijrtHilnil^ wMMr ^Biipm Mil tea 

A D. 

ABK. — OoDvay — J. F. Clark, box V2, 
OottoQ Plaot — Booo A Bcbela. 
Briena— nimatrlck B. P. OOw 
SprlDKdale— Ifllt 

COW.— Stamford— BiBlar 
ILL,— Bloomln tluu CHj B. F. Oh (Miieinn 


Boahnell— Cbambrrlla Blllpoatlac Oo. 
CbarleetoD — T. G. Oiambcra. 
Ohicaxo — A. Darla, 208 W. Taa Barm at. 
□III.— Mlcblgan Cltr-^. L. WcMB A Ok. 

Wloemae — E. O. BDrroofba. 
IOWA.— ComlDg — F. C. Bet-ae. 

DeeMolnea — W. W. Moore. Uecnaed Dla. 
KAN. — El.Kortb — ^m. L. Gaston. 

Nlckemn — Joba E. MOIer, B. P. BOd 

DIat. . 
Oairego — Oawrgo BlBpaMlBB Cku, W. B. 

Ooodoo, prop. 

XT, — Bnadhead — Broadbead B. P. and DM. Ob. 

Rusaelinile— ABdItorlom B. P. sod DIat. Oo. 
MIOR.— Standlab— Ben. B. DowelL 

mmt.— Bemldjt— A. T. Wlieelock. 

Mlnneapons— Olbbooa Poetise Oo. 
KISS,— BrookhaTcn— F. B. Wlmtierir A Bro. 
MOHT.— BUllnge— A. L. Babcock. 
ir. TOBZ.— OobleakUl— Bdwin F. Wcstwortb. 

H, OABaF-MaMrHIa— dtowlaad.Adv. oa 

OHIO. MMihtewa Aat l wap H. Watas. 

PSmr.— Altooaa— Chaitte iMoioad Oiatbb 327 
. <tb are. 

Jebaateir B Jehart»ini B. P. Toi. 
TEMM .— Mempble— Waid 1laCaa;ay. 

TEX.-GainexTiUe-pBgl OaWa. a a. r. aad 


Toknm— <:. C. lIB A I l . 
VT.— Bennington- BeaMfM Adv. ASW. P. 

O. Rax mo. 
W. TA.— BlotA'td— H. L Mkall. 
WIS.— Pialrle da 

IT'S UP TO YOU, n. snEEnuN 

We are headquarters fur 

Carnival, Fair and Streetaien. 

Jewelrr lots. Comb Iota, 
Shear lots. Notion lots. 
Purse lots. Handkerchlefb. 
Razor lots. Memo. Books. 
Glass Cotter Knives. W. B. w. 
Brand Tableware. Peerlew. 
SbarDeDers. German Collar 
Buttonaand KeedleCaaea. 

Blic Una of SIwm Vmj Otila* 
Flab PoBdtae Biille«B«iArda< Ar. 

\fe buy and sell for cash, and yea 
will And cnr prices 

Tlie Clieapeai In America. 
Send for onr Big lUnatrated Cata- 
locne to-dar BM b* MMMtawid tkat 

yon can 

Save CMBB B «• ss varMM. M 
•▼aiT 4allar*a w«plk «• «aa A a 

yon bny In our Una. 



1lllinllL.I.T. Citj. 

'We hare one of tb« newest and moat norel amumnentJi of the aee. .\ genuine Lire FM 
and Animal Cbaae by lire boanda. It la not like ridea. dlrea and alidre. but atrtctly new aad The real foods are deUrered to the people la a way that they can new the cbaae 
frnm atart to flalsh, a dlatance from one-fonrth to flre mllea. and farther If dealred. Onr 
noTclty .irhlcb la fully protected by U. S. and Foreign patents and which may be made atatlen- 

Hr>' of [M>rtabIo, *lx anlform and attractlTe In appearance. It COaaiats of a drcolar wall 

nround anv size apace desired, on the Interior surface of which Is eonstncted an endlcM bellcal 
rmuvay on nlilch the exhibition takes place In full Tiew of the audience. Daring the past 
yiimmer ne fully drmonatrated tlie fact that we can liandle more people at a Ix-tter price and 
with greater aatljffactlon— drawing more new people to old parka, tnrnlng In and oat frovn 500 
to 1.000 p<K>pIe every hour— at lesa expense than atvy amuaement yet offered to the public. It 
never Rnjii » old. It catches all alike — ladles, children and men; when tliey see It once they mt* 
It ncaln. It Is original, thrilling and fascinating, and aa natural, and more eiclHng than 
:iuy chas«> that can l>e produced In the n-lld woods. The tvaylng of hounds, the running boraae. 
the drliii; of fzuns. the hluuinK li^^ and the shouts of the people drawa mora pMple thaa 

the bent spieler In the land: no muehlnery or skilled opeiatoca reiinlred. If TOa are kMlfelM 
for the money making, pleasure and ilrawing cald for the futoreiMwTlte na. 'Park, Mate an nr- 
eign rights for sale 


Suinvan Building, WAVMaY. 


Mock voik ft 
for o wi f ilituff 

Clotb Bftimcn to order. Heralds* Dodeers 



WANTED— Fop the New Lyeetim Ttteatre. Sprlnglleld. OIilo. 

Melodrama, Farce Comedy and Minstrels, for one. two or three night stands at popblar pncca; 
10, 20. 30 and 50c. Can also use attractions for one nlght stands, at u.<.ual prices, and two 
ftrst'ClSiiii repertoire companies, during the season. Ilou^ opens Christmap week. Want atrooC 
attraction for oi>enlnc nlpht. Musical Comedy preferred. Theatre situated on Main St., the 
beat location In the city. Tlie moat handsome, popular-priced theatre In Ohio. Ubetal percent- 
ace anil inMtmpni offered to sttrsctlons. W^.\!NTEI) — Lliliogrs pher to work on fWwit 
do T ClUS FISirr.R. Ro> ClwnT.. |-.,r t!iv.- ■u,,] a l.l-. - - C. B. FISHEB Or BUB BVa. 

M«!iAj(rr -Ihn l.>rcu:ii, Sj. . , K ll r M , 0>>.". 

COL. W. J. IIDEN— Roman Charlota and Hippodrome RaOM 

with a Wild West and trained Anitiial .itlractloa. The Attraction cotnblned In one, with a 
tine lot of Ilorsee and little Ponies and Trained Animals, la now open to book or caotnct ttt 
l!Wt> with any good Park. Coantj Pair or Street Carnival Co. I hare tbe flacM and brat st- 
tractlon that can be got la that Una. I don't bar any company In this Uae. Weald Ute ta 
hear from some sooA naA nuog u*. I eta Sire yoa the best at refHtaeta Uj 
.\ditres all letters to OOL. W. T. V. ~ " — — — ^- . — — 

Qen«rat Manag«r nshar's Thaatre 

Assistant Maiiaa«r The Affiliated Western Circuit 

OFFICES: Colombian Bulldlne. 916 Market. Street. SAN git AWCISCO. TAI 


Salary or percentage. Manager KlrkpatrM, OoaUM Han. write. Big money 
rent. SKEAlCLAiai BnXSEUX. BeaTer and Xarkst Straets. Xemk, X. J. 

a n niTC Cknmaeeni, Street, l%lr, Depaftnimt Store 
AUCHIe, oe Hall Order Wadtem aaSd for aaaipla . 

^UohooaelwIdartMieBtlwMarfeil. ll3pir«MA^ 


I and Parod|w|e 

n B HBefllB Ata. OTIOAOOI. fix. 



Xfie Billboard 







;^ WAR Ml MO 

rniM IlnitBd States drcutt Oauit at St. Ltrate has Joft 

patents and perpetually enjoining infringements. 

We OWN the Excluive Rifbt to tte ONLY MetlM4s of ■aidaf FLOSS CANDY ud 
■aker iMi 

wll pnsccate every 

Electric Candy Machine Co^ 

JVlachines $100.00 Each. NashvUle, Tienn., u. s. a. 

We (Bxtend the Season's Greetings 


always place Clean Privileges and Sliows. Will 

all Winter. 



at WlMdMome Entertainment 

Art Aiiair 





Booked solid until No- 
Tsmber, 1908. 

Permanent address 

Clicip OHiM 111 Nilliarri 


^muiy jrears connected with the Chicago Inwiidi of tbe 

Pain Pyrotechnic Co., 


That he has severed his connection with that concern and 

Js Now Located at 167 Deaborn Street, CHICAGO 

^iniiere he will condact a general Fireworks Busio 
Correspondence SoUelted. 

making r 

I Ptfksi's SiMOtiig Gidlsry 

(No. « Mbdd. iHtb caaollne ensiiM. 1 Trat 
12x14. S Winchester Eifles. 16 Shot Toolboxei. 
Outfit In Kood cond ltjon; osed itwot 9 months; 
CMt tCiS. far tsas euk. HaTe too maA other 
ImclnMS la nj Mm ftr aelllnc. 

W. Dl oagley. 

606 WaUaa St. Waniian. Tans. 


To boy AcrobsUe P»d for big »ci "Mano) Mt 
prelttred; mast be cheap tor cash. SUte 
- <an pTtimlsra la liat I rtfc Ad- 


Anybody emn learn to be a Sideler; g»t from 
J20 to $50 a week. Get my t>ook on Spiels, 
Second Edition, n ow r eady. Price, Jl; send 
qnick. WX. H. DUKE, 403 Chastnat St., laita 
Banta. Ind. 

We hare these second-hand joints: Maaoo Drop 
Case. 2 ways, tlO: Morocco Drop Case. 4 ways, 
$17,50: Sand Striker & Cbart. t?? BO; Foor- 
*_Caae. ^aai; - - 

Foil actlDS oompany, 
panics to play my bcQse. 


Also sued oom* 
Good boose and torn. 


saltable (or alasost any aboir. .-«c per 100. 
make offer, for the lot. DAKSOW, M Wast 
132d St.. Kew Tcrk City. 


Stroot Drama or Scenic. Soltable for one alsbter, 

luma, BtK ear 


Trained Sea Lions 

Far twaaty werka SpecUI 'Fcatore Orila Bnia 


Stem-Wind Watch 

59 cts. each. $6.84 per doz. 

We are the only watch and jewelry 
hou.<=e of its kind in the United States. 

We carry a complete stock of watcb- 
es, from the cheapest to the best. 

Our prices are lower tlMUl aiqr cOier 
house can quote you. 

We also cariy a complete stodc cf 
Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Bsaon^ 
Fountain Pens", Etc., which we can 
sell you at a saving of 50 per cent. 

We carry a large assortment of 
Optical Goods; also a complete line of 
Alloy Goods, Field and Opera Glasses. 

Samples seat C O. D. with priTi' 
of eramlnatJon lay sending nsa dep 

of SI 00. 


JOS. BROwi & ee.Sfr 

$300.00 wfll tray ODe.baU IntereM In my bif 
sceole ptodoetlon of Dncte Tom's Cabin. Bot- 
atr Merctaanta and Cnrloalty scefcera, keep off; 
yon are no good. Van most act manage or 
adranee; woman (or Opbela and child (or Era- 
Show booked aolld oatU Jnae 1. 1006: a oiap loc 
the rIAt man. .Xddraa OIKILB 3Wni MBOL 
Byanfila. O. Fur flala— « ----- 
Paper, 1 rent per sfces t . 


Comedy Entertainer, who can do two tama (pre- 
(er Ventniaqolsm and maKle), man with pie- 
tore madilne and two featnre films, who can 
sing Illustrated song. One Tlolln player and 
one harp player; preference glTen to those tliat 
play braaa. Mo^ be jpBOd oa t mi oK; sta te a U 
yo n can do 
land, O. 

Riley Opera Hoose at Bomble, Tex., wants st- 
tractlona. Good oil Beld town of 6,000 people. 
Bouae seats 600, Rceelpta nm from $160 to $400. 
Hare played this season: Uncle 7o8h Perkins. 
Eappy UoDllgan. Uorray ft Mack. UcFsdden's 
Flntf. 07er NiaEara FallB and a nomber of 
otliera. CHA8. atLEy, Mtt., Hambla. Xas. 




nt tCbuft VrVa-ty* vlev of Woadcrluid Pack and Oomrty F«ir at Seicra B«aeh, Maaa., aom nader 
mna af IMiL «( tbe osat sMdern aad op-to-dua Mwiiit naorts crcr Mijum. 1k» ~ 

tkc aaat wmiA ni artlatle licbtlac and dacanUv* cIMK. Ike T. IB. Malta ~^ 

~e wKk vlOi great lapidltr. The Sboot tkc<tatea, wltk Ma 1m. . 

-wlilela win girt ample loom far tbe diaplar at ratloaa kfoda «( motor te a f. 
enwd of dcToteea at ttiftitiMtt. "Oxe Flgbtlas tbe fixmn will be pat oa as • 
. Uh. leorrate, blab, etc. — will be flrat-elaaa ezamplea o( aretalteetaie I> tt* emet atyiea 
creatcat apectacnlar trlalnator and prodocer. feka aizaMCd ta InlM GNattoa. The awTdaa a umm «c th 
Island, nnden It certaui tbat tbli attractloa MMt will tihv »V ttaanali •••malBlHA'nft. 9mt 
COS attnctloos. Boiler atatlng. wbich baa trntag the lut tuv yiaais titwii tm m mtw Ham fUt, «B. 
ODS at^etloos "fcr the Toanccr element. 

The Coanty Fair SiblMtlon In Wonderland la a new departure for park entetprlaea, and from ttB 
Is no doObt aa to Ita aneeesa. AnpUeatlona are comlax. In from all OTcr tbe cooati? for apacea In tbeai ' 
WtliB d maaafaetmca alaae eooU eoutMeimMy more tbaa Oil tbe ipaeca allotted. In atoer to make tl 

" ' ~ LOC the eaoatiy aa« an taaartiaa «C the — i ift i eftit ^ItaatHf win hn« 

vca air ' 

of eoaatmethn, ahom tbat tbe plana belns eaiVled ant wUI ttee Boatoo tat 1 
ich flipaila fiiiiii tbe nasal leetansnlar ideaa. win make H poaalble to c ' 

mOag amaaeauat eoaattaetiac flrma la the Halted State^fc. 

of the amaaaacn* Faik. Aioaad tbia la heins cooatmeted a tweatf -Ure mat 
hall win have a ■ooe i p r****"'* ***r 100x300, wbleb will allow ample apaee for a 
aay ilie ahow that haa beretotete been erected.. The aeroal foieliD TlHaiee Ja> 
It theae eoaatdei. Beanr Baltalie, known throngbont the amnaemest world aa the 
art%a m. r - 

with which Uila manofaetorlav 
hnlldlDsa. Hew England belos 

al expoeltloa la meeting, there 
I a pore^ mADUfactnrtss c«ater, Stm 
a hefaiS taken la appavftnc appUea- 


Ml**halthaBaMajaatoapvcaachlac««bactoaui the >'.U!nUaB of STRKtTHBSI Mn JflBB to 


Is th« H«»dqoart«r* for }ioTeltlM of all kinds, 
are &few whldi are fladlnir a ready sale and an all warm members: 


T|m most attractive 
UOfCilty shown in 
JTMUS- A big 


A Hot Saltar. 


$9.00 an. 

1_ DBMPTr 

One of the 
Sellers on 

Dir m 



Over eoe,000 tn stock; tbe 

laigi It asaortment In the 
conntrr. Sample free. 
Price per too aaeorted: no 
two alike. 60e poetlMld. or 
per lOOO 15.00 bj eipreM- 
Send for mr cat&loaue- 
It's niEE. 

V( Km* tki 


Uttr Bmmoth VU-prnm* oKteloffu of w»teb««. Jowvlty, «h«n botoIUm. nottona, poaxloo, 3m%mn^ ffoods . 
ascnU* ipadamo, aad prlTllaca moa** Ktn<U Mnt fre* on roqvMt, 

I. WHITESOH, rr'™5j>.'r'::- cHicneo, ill. 




troll and rabadiT, BotbaeaOold CMm 

l!LK?Il?'2?'*i!L?"""™- VeoiwMMjase Cream ot Violet, due* not ro 

He^SmihS?'*'"*'*-***'-'*^*'***^ leataayheia i mp aM ajaa rtetpt ot pdeob I axi ae paah 
?Hr Tri^fS'^^?, Sr'"".''?'!! Try a Y ^BeaaaaSgteeMfc CHdarThaatttam the maaataataw 
CHGHioAi. CO.. Depcs. woftctarrli. mass, stmimea. Hill 1 1 iBllimmia. «ha abaeataa ■ 

n « grand reoney niafcer. Bend Me Iter a Munple. terms, etc. to the ab — — — , 


Big Hit In 


49* ] 

Scott. Carrie X. (Gem): Iran, Maaa.. 37- 
Dee, 2. 

Slngb. Omar. & Co. (Fioetor'a): Newark. N. 
J., 2T-Dec. 8; (Eeeney'a) Brooklyn, N. T.. 

Sato, O. K. (Park): Woreeater, Maia.. ZT- 
Dec. 2: (Keith's) New Tork Cltr 4-8. 

Sammers & Wlatera (Bljoa): WteUta, Kan., 
2e-I>ec. 2; Kanaaa City, Mo.. 4-». 

Spook MInatrda (Oipheam): Kaaaaa Olty. SCo,, 
ZT-Dee. Z. 

Sem. Gbas ( Waete'a); Hnnu^ V. V- IMIee. 

2: (ProetoCa J29th 8tJ H«firT«ik Cttr ««, 
Sheiman. Oaa, OCabel Oe TDreat Co. (Ttent): 

Trenton. 7.. S7-Dee. 3; (Batfaawaj'a) New 

Bedford. Maas.. 4-8. 
Seldoma. The (Sbea'a): Detroit. Midi.. 27- 

Dec. 2. 

StabI Bose, Co. (Hapktna*): IxxUxrUie. Kr-. 

2T-J)ec. 2; (Odombla) CbdaMtL O., M. 
Semon, Oharlea FaIke (RMH** HMk fUlt MCw 

York 01t7. ST-Oec §1 -Ct>aillg» MWfc Bt.) 

Nw Tork City 4-0. 
Smith'* The Aerial (Kelth'a): Yenacatown. O.. 

2T-Dec. 2: (Kelth'a) <3eTeland 4-0. 
Snjder A BDckley (Orpheom): Brookba* H. T» 

27-Dec. S: (Albambra) New York <Xte4-0. 
Sims, Reouble (Howard): ChlcaCik OL. 27- 

Dec. 2; (Weast's) Peoila 4 ». 
Staean A Warren (Poll's): IWoreeater. Maas.. 

2T-0ec. 2: (PoU's) Springfield 4-9. 
SImon-Cardner Cb.: Woreeater, Maaa., 2T- 

Dec. SL 

Sailrl'* Keaaacr (Falfa): Watechair. Ooan., 
27-Oee. S. 

SpIaaeU Btat. *Ma(k (MlVift: IHrtni. Maaa.. 

2T-Dec. 2^ - - ■ - • 

Strattoo, iWlii'Sl.. fllMMM: '.HMAkb Va., 

20-Dec. a. •• ■ . 

Stoddard & <inMKv%MnLj&:«ltik S, 
Smith. P. J .OMb'SEjT^'^iSu IlL. KoT. 

5, Indef 

Strln-Ereno (Krystatpalaet) UepsiK. Ger., 

Steivart. Ednard (Orpheom): Deaeer. Ool.. 


Symonds. Jack (Utb K: O.'. H.)s MIMel- 

Pa.. 2^-Dec, 2, 
S3To^s. The (Otaad): Marten. lad., ST-See. 

2: (Bennetfa) BIAmood. Ind.. 4-0. 
Simmona ft Haoia (Ocaaett'a): ^'•^-'-M lad.. 

XT-Dab S. 
BtaaMHi * 

arSee. «. 
Sloaaea. The: 

modote) Oil ._ _ 
Sankey Bna. WW"|fc>t ' IMiagtt ™ ■ ST- 

Dee. 3. 

et. <3alre 8I#tcrs (CTystal): Kokomo. Ind.. 
2T-Dec. 3. 

Straose & Xoaas (Paopla'a): O.. 

ar-oee. 8. _■ ^ - ■ : . . . 

^2?SS. *. Cifllirt*. 4lk*kBalk O,, 

Shedman'a Doca Sc Poolea fPaator'a): New Tork 

City. er-Dee. 2. 
Saador. Pan! (Pnictor'a): JJUor. M. X.. ST- 

t| .fOMB- 

a^alnor. CUSord Tal (Oennett's): 

Ind.. er-Dec. Z; (BQon) Wayne 4-P. - 

^xana Slaters (Bijon): -Dnbaqne. Ia.«'^ 91 
Dee. e. 

Tnlsa (Bljon): Manitowoc. Wla., STf-Dee. S. 
Troha (Oipbenm): Bta VtaadaMw GaL, ~* 

Dec. 2; (OiphaaK' ~ 

Thibot * Bocna to 

Dec. 2. 

TmesdeU, Mr. I Hn ■fiaai* fTfiiJlilill 

BalUmore. MO., K-OtK.i*S 
adelphla. Pa.. 44. 


«r-Dee. S; ^P6ln^■ 

Thrltoa * TarltoB 
Mo.. as-Dee. 2, 


Williams and Melbom. Grm and VanoU, po- 
lite Tauilevllle entertainers. nre meettai 
with remarkable sncceas In their act. entitled 
Jost For Fnn. Tbey have Jnst flnlsbed 

(igements orer the Kohl i Castle and the 

deraon drcnlts. and are booked mtll Marck 4 
hy weetera Tandeellle manageta. They opea at 
Saay naatar^ V aire. New Xark OWr. M a uh 

Mai A 
tied J 


Xrte Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 


in nuT miu actreu 



I with oridnal 

>Ma CO. 

MB'T A.\|mACKEn, 



TbiBnHlfiirils uujm 



WB urvrrB offers fhom vaddetille itia^nagers and agents 

Harry and May Howard 

rr i — itln K«B«lg»MdOI«w O i niM iiOonM<y WMtafcilnttodMlaK WnKing, Wmy l»l»lo« « e« aaA (UalMot 
•nWooteahMDaaM*. «—■— «»IJ««.«ri«ilrMi ii«ri«i TH» Bn.TilO*Blr» MW TOBK qwii 


Watter Biemer m His Juggling Girl 


8AM80N AND 2 


Responsible Managers, address ears Billboard. 






Far. »ddr««B W. A. LANG. 312 Utfilen Llldjf., Chicago. 



■"y#-;v-;s;-;'.%. IN VAUDEVILLE 



The Sansatlon vff the Gantary. 

rmtanA with Nat. Rr*" - — — — 
O*. BbiobM. Hktb 


e:va westcott 

:,icBiTH . oiptounr. 



"Ooft k Labii br a .Teik" 

Address B. A. HETEB&nirwtKaiH V.T. 


l»Mly Saih Piiigi*» 

" M lir EmUHt Stock CappaDy. 


TIw Paer of All Character nianes Artists, 







[ AddTefia.Tbe Blll-Htard. Clnclnnstt, O. 


I Mr 




I W.Mh •«* . New rofk Otr. 

ot All 

..Biokett Family.. 


ALICE ALVA. The OarineL" 






. Week 1 

arfelnson Stxxsk Co. 

Appearance, Wardrobe, Ability. Week IfTmnnter 2Tth, Marietta,. Obto, 

Harrls-Pa-" " — 



I Phillips & Gordon! 




moF. uniio OLHEn, 


Complete Bands furnished Circus, 
Parlis and CamiTal Co. Address 
SBT Imt AVENine, 



Tiaaked Around the World Co. 

L >. WOODS. SutM II 



Time allflUed. till Mar IS. 




Met with good success last week at the CoInmUa, St. IaoIb, Mo. TMb 
Grand Opera House, Indianapolis, Ind. 



"Queen of Clubs,' 

Dmghter of Dr. Oesch.of Portland. Orvcon. making good In VandeTille. 

BUly Onslow and Mile. Gamett 

■•••Burlesque Artists.... 

<rf SoDsbtoe and Flowers. Address. 
CHA8. WBAY, Seattle, Wash. 



offered by every manager. Address. 
809 yorth loeth Street. NEW YORK CITY. 


The Aeknowfodisd 

New, VofA and OiMoal Itetniw. AH 
ronte or, 9 Fair St.^«nd Mfab. 

L ea d l m Skaters. 



fm. Address 49 FHtb Aroaue, 


Sie HassaD BenAii' 


mzmil TROUPE 


10 ARABS Headed by Skaik ABASS 


Manafi m. address 

SIE HASSAI BEI Ul. The Luna Villa. CoMf Islud I. T. 



Address. Care BUlbomrd. 





il DIsroblR^ Wire All 




manj fiuuiy altitAtlonft, eomedj JokvUdv And m dew 

perfoniMuioe on tba slack wire, by H las Cmrrmj. OffWB 
UiTlCAd. P*r. addrMs, 19 F er r y St.. Pia«biuv. 



raC.II)U(l«n, Id 'ice. aHentormm 





TiGiliinI Milt iiMrM—Mt 




#. A. IUESr.« 


i:s«»s. St... 


oecEMBUi i; naa. 

Xtie Billboard 




A New Holiday Booanza for Hustlers. Eierybodf, Regardless of 
Ap So, «M it 

Briefly dMcriM: A Imi i i j ' —i rtM iB wwaw wMMa ifce Hog proper. Anow 
potnu to nambeie on po Mehed nickel flaace. VbdikedlB MiM e WaeUye colors. SPINS ON 
BITBBBBIfDSOBCUINDm 8plns In a pocket. A child can spin It In 3 seconds. Oreatest 
little JiricerTonerer saw. Htgb. Low. Odd or Even. Bed or Black. "B.U.ON." Fnll partlcu- 
lata and anantitr prices npMiiWDeM. OonplaMoatfit. by mall, postpaid, for !5e. PROMPT 

imu man 81. tm. mi g. niiwt sl. pwuulpim, pa. 


BUKBTTHT. — Cbeatont Sti««t Opera Hoaw (J. 
C. Packer, mgr.) BuDDlDg For Office 9; good 
bosIneM. \Vhen We Were Twenty-one 20. 

TITUSTHXE. — Opera Hoase (Harry GersoD, 
m^.) Cradoc-NevUle Stock Co. week 13; bli; 
business. lo tbe Elevcotb Hour 20; (air bosl- 
nesi. Tbe VlUacc Paiaaa tit She SMv Vlt7 
30: Tbe Momnr aad the HMnatogiM Btc 1; 
A Hot Old naoe Dec 9. 

WASKENOTOH ^Lyrlc Tbeatie (D. B. For- 
rest, met.) Boeabelle Leslie Stock Co. 13-18; 
good bnslnesa. Len- Dockstader SO; S. R. O. 
OTer N'lagara Falls 21; Tbe Boose ol Mystery 
23: Nettle, tbe Newsgtrl 23; Bennett-Mooltoo 
Stock Co. week 2T; The Offlce Boy 30, wbeD 
Bennett-'Moalton lay off. 

VILLIAIISPOST. — ^Lycomlnc Opera Honse 
(L. J. Fltk. mgr.) CbMtcr DeVoode 13-18: 
good company and ciewdsd hSMM. WHO We 
Were Tn-enty-one 21; OMelCB TflrfT* M; To 
me at Dawn 25. 


CHABT.FSTOM Academy of Unslc (C. R. 

Mattbetvs, mgr.) I«wls Morrison IS: large 
business. Al. H. Wilson 17; good bnslnesa. 
Walkn Wblteslde 18; talr bostncss and itood 
*Mr. Woods Biownlnc Co. 20.2B: Pauline Ball 

. . lOoluMa Xktatie (F. L. 
jr.) I«wla Hiiilm IS: buS Imal. 
am. F I O Mtt DavlB M; 
Walker WMIcsMe IT; tn 
and pleased. AL B. Wllaaa 18; Ian* patron 
age. Depew-Botdette Stock Co. ZO-a-. Dorcas 
H: TheMadcap Frlacno 29. 

KASKTNO — Lyeeom Theatre <C. R. Breldln, 
■igr.) Wyndham's Morlns Pletnres IS; fair 
kariness. Under canraa — Barkoat Amnseibeat 
Co. week 27: Tao Ambers Sbows 23. 

HEWBEBBT.— Opera House (Earbardt Stew- 
art It Wells, mgrs.) The Beggar Prince Opera 
Co- 10: splendid performance and business. The 
Player Maid 15; good performance and bnsl- 
oess. National Stock Co. week 20. except- 
ing 22; Wbes We Were Twenty -one 22; Depew- 
Bnrdette 8toek C o. 27-28. 

SPABTAmiBO Greenwald'B Opera Bouse 

'Max. Greenwald. mgr.) Tbe Sign of tbe Four 
IT: pkased fair baslness. Marry Stock Co. 
««tk aa: Black VttU 22. 


SIOUX FALLS.— «.'ew Theatre (S. M. Bear, 
■pgr.) Century Stock Co. 12-lS; good bnslness. 
Sanford Dodge 18: Hickman Bessey Stock Co. 
l»-23; Florodora 24. 

Grand Oncra Hoose (S. M. (Bear, mgr.) The 
SfosMUaara OaaghMr IS-U; pIcaMd pooS boa- 
■■Ma. f snam Sacfeaaa OOMtToa. 9Sl 

CLASKSVILLE.— Elder's Opera Hoose (Jss. 
T. Wood, mgr.) Juice Foreman Mnslcal Co. 
U; good business and performance. Lanra Mil- 
led O pera C o. 23. 

KHOXVir,T.F atanb'a Tfaeatie (Frits Staob, 
«Wr.) Vc Ate KlBK 14: lood bnsioess and 
Prntmnrnm Ike JtBU lS UL S IT; pleased good 
patninace. Vtaak Oaslili U; flue company and 

fersoti Bratbeta 13; 
man 14-15: goof 
t-ackaye 16-18; 
20-21; The lal* 
Bobson 27-28. 

Bljon (B. M. , 
MiMin week U; 
Rest week 20. 

Grand (A. B. Morrison, mgr.) Rose Stabl A 
Co, Thome and Carleton. DeKoe Trio, Talbot 
■nd Boceni. Saale flsber. Rice aad Kenp. aad 
". sat g u t business. 


CLEBiraNE.— iBrown's Opera Hoase (Jno. R. 
Jobnson. mgr.) Boston Dramatic Co. IS; (air 
business and performance. Albert Taylor Stock 
<»i is-l"; good company and capacity business. 
^''^^^^^^•^—VTOKn-t Opera House (Paul 
VuUa. <ngr.) Jos. OeGraaac IS; sood boalaess 
« B.^ BnOat .a» — 

eSLTEBTOH.— Orand Opera 
Wels, mgr.) Eleanor RvtMon lit ■BRMb 
action and deUghted audience. PMd's MIn 
•Bels ls-13; good business and excellent show, 
aepard's Moving Pictures 14-15; good buslnens. 
SmtIbs the Wlad 10; Bamaii Bearli IT; Du 
IS; Uttle Oeteaat " " - " 
■rtsa la^l^laBS 

WMSfiTfc — Opera House (Jas. DtiiEa. 
1- ■nMvh'B Moving 'Plclnres 13-14; pMd 
Hader caoTas — Campbell's' Sbows SB. 
BT. — Opera House (H. W. Waidn. 
•■} Gerlrade Ewing Co. IS-18: pleased good 
„ JMM. Ohas. B. Banfoid 35: DoaaeUr A 
PaMMTa qitaatiala 38: Hamaa Beatta Dee. d; 

■« AB W Wfc— Oiand Opeta Hoasr (8. B. 

Web. fl«r;) The Collese Widow U-U: sood 
perforaiaBce and capacity lioslneas. Bnster 
Brown IS-IS; good show and large patronage. 
The Coon^ Cbalrman IS; Human Hearts 1!): 
Sowing tbe Wind 20; Bnrleaqae 21; Itamoos 
22; Babes In Toyland 24-25; A Uttle Outcast 
20: .\ Trip to Egypt 30. 

Majestic Vaudeville (G. Oliver Lake, mgr.) 
Amerlcus Comedy Four. Murray K. Hill. Mile. 
Dalr, WlU H. Armstrong and Mapialear. BaUF. 
and others week 20; t>oslness bi^. IhAwaai^ 
va s — N orrls & Bowe's Show 23. . 

TTLEB — Grand Opoa Boata CA. 
mgr.) Jos DeOiaaae IS; picaaal'te 
ness. Fia DUvolo IS; fair a t traeUsa 
tronaaa. Bastw ■man IS; good ah. 
pleased Ibmbm^." Ovtnde BwIds Co. week 

WAOO.— Aadltoriam Opera Boose (Jake Gar- 
ikle. aiwr.) Al. 6. Field's Minstrels S; good 
pertonaaace aad pscked bonse. Buster Brown. 
13: good show and talr baslness. Tbe (Allege 
Widow 14; bis business and good show. The 
County Cbatrmao IC; Over Niagara Falls 18. 
iNew MsJesUc ( W. A. BUt. mgr.) ^^^^ 

Troope. Rice Pooy 
'Msyme Sbocky, Gns 
20: business good. 

'WAXAB&CHIE Shdtoo Open Boose (T. 

H. Shelton. mgr.) Boston Dramatic Co. 14: 
talr tmiiaeis and show. Olympic Maslcal Com- 
edy Oa. WIS e**^ show . and bmlBiM. 4taepta 
DeGtaSSe IR Bnman Hearts 22. 


OGDEK Grand Opera Honse (R. A. Oraot, 

mgr.) Jolly Grass Widows 10; good company 
and fair returns. Midnight in Cblnat orfp 11; 
fair show and baslness. In Old EMM^f 1^; 
good show and baslness. Tbe Tliu OSS 11; flne 
performance and packed boose. 

SALT LAKE CITY.— «alt Lake Ibsatie (Geo. 
D. Pyper. mgr.) In Old Kc 
boslncia. Tbe Sbo-Gon IS. 
Bantaca at KlttF. 

JTevada IX-IS: His Knob* et 

ITiiiliilIld The ^oonsblnets. 
Lyite Ikiaiie. The Parisian 


ST. JOHHBBPSO — Stanley 
R. Heath, mgr.) Tracy, Uie 
show and big baslness. 

BPTLAirS. — Opera House (Boyle dc Brehmer. 
mgrs.) The Sunny South 13; Tbe Arrival of 
Kitty IS; Bast I^nne 1«; fair *MWlnea«. Tracy, 
the Ooltar It 


COTIirOTOH. — Masonic neatre (Oias. A. 
<3over. mgr.) Miss Bob White 2; pleaaed ca- 
pacity business. Humpty Dnapty 4: fair busi- 
ness. A Message Fraoi Ban 14: talr business 
and pleated. Edioea FMa Bw e S w s y 22; Sophia 
Bcadfocd A Co. 27-Dec. S. 

CBSBLOSilBVnXS.— AadltdtlBm (J. J. Let 
ma, MS.) At Cosy Conica U; good ^how 
* Hessage 


A aiessace TroiB Bars 16; splen- 
did basinets and permimance. Tbe Fortune 


A Pair 

Teller 18; pleased Urge business. A Pair of 
Pinks 20; flne performance and fair ratnrns. 

SABRISONBimO — Assembly Hall (W. A. 
Braltbwalte, mgr.) Mabel Paige 15:^I>le««*<> 
excellent patronage. Pickings from Pack 18, 
failed to appear. The Unwritten Law 24; 
SophU Bradford Dec 4-S. ■ 

LTHCBBQBO. — Academy of Music (Orbln 
Shields, mgr.) Vadcap Prlaecw IB; blr busi- 
ness. Cartotta * Oa. lT4S:_Ssa« Mstenaace 
and fair 
et Pinks S. 


am. mgr.) Nothing But ' 
aess and flne pertoimanee. 

RrATOTOM.— BeetrkF^ 
Sbnitz. mgr.) A 
performance and 
Teller 17: | 

A Pair eFPI ge 1 

Wood, msr.) 
formance aai 


COLFAX. — ^Rldgeway Theatre (Geo. H. Len- 
nox, mgr.) Why Women Sin 15; good business. 

WEST ▼isonnA 


CHARLESTON. — Burleiv Opera House (N. S. 
Barlew mgr.) A Message From Mars 13; good 
Unde Tom's Obln 14; good Ibow 
Otte.SMsase 17; »..B. O. 
Ja tXt pIsaBtS pas*, audi- 

gie Benton. Miss luiuu t — m-nxi mmm wtmmi 
week 20; good business. L J. XeBalic. Ictooie 
Ware. Koppe and Koppe. Wancn and Howard 
and Ver VerUn Co. week 27. 

Grand Opera Honse (Chas. Felnler. mgr.) 
ParU hy Night 21.23; good attendaaea.. Tbe 

«C Xystety 23-25; good show aad big 

1. Irene Myers Stock Co. vtik ST. 
AXVLETOH. — Opera Honse. 
Ike Osae 23; Yankee Consul 24. 

— O. Danforth, mgr.) 

tlett and Collins, 

aad Ooraan week 13; sood b 

HD^-Graad Opaca.Bsesa Or.-1L:. eaa- 

) The Wswoi' ta. the . Osae. Mt , fair 

Bden BdCCMaB ' Cte. '^reekt lS: ' 

BELOIT. — Belolt Theatre (B. 6. WUsoa, 
ngr.) At Plaey BIdge IS: good koslneas. Ua- 
de SI Hiskfns 17: talr pertonaanee and crowded 
ose. Hlmmeleln's Stock Co. week SO. 
Westslda Thestre (Meaeham A Floeger. 
mgrM. Saslness good. 

kBHOSBA. — Rhode Opera Honse (Jos. G. 
Rhode, mgr.) The Lsnd of Nod 19; fine show 
and record bnslnesB. North Brothers Comedians 
28 and week: Kellar Dec. 6; Howard Hall 10. 

Biion Family Theatre (F. J. O'Brien, mgr.) 
Gosanka and RadcUlfe, Frank Bnrt, Ashton and 
Earle. Jas Cowley, Ward Trio, and others week 
20; business good. _ 

£Atr CLAIRE Grand Opera House (C. D. 

.Moon, mgr.) Dan Sully 6; pleased big busl> 
ness. Faust 9; fair bnslness. Smith Marshall 
Vaudeville Co. 12; good business. Ole Oleson 
17; good bnslness. Grace Van StoddUocd Zl: 
The Girl and tbe -Bandit 23; Under Two Flags 
Dec. 2; Mildred Holland B. _ 
FOBD DP LSC— Crescent Opera Bteas (P- B- 
Haher. aagr.) Tke T l l asip h a* an topw sa 18; 
asod attiMtl— aaSi.fclr ^Silsiii When Wo- 
Less IS: Itlr hasfarsa and ned perform 

aaee, Tbe Yankee Consal 2S; 

In Won- 

IdM^Tuderllle Theatre (F. J. O'Brien, mgr.) 
<3ande Anstln. Ward Trio. Payton Trio, Frank 
Burke, BOly HInes, Sully and Phelps and others 
week 1 3: tm slness (Sood. _ , 

JABXSTZLLE. — ^Myer's Opera Honse (V. L. 
Myers, mgr.) Unde SI Haskins 18; good show 
and baslness. BHttJNelson Tight Pictures 20- 
21: good baslness. Why Oltis i*aT e Home 23; 
good baslness and iftasr»?.Bkaatleg'-tke^€knl*s 
2S: An ArUtocntle Mav'SSt^ABee' lP Wen- 

derland Dec. _ 

RACmE.— Belle City Opera House (Wm. 
Psnl, mgr.) The Hoosler Girl 17; fair busi- 
ness. The rynMdden Ofairiage 10; good hosl- 
nes^ raas^ SS^^. yseS^kgissSfc^^^ Ailsto- 

'''biJob neatie (F. I. (PBcisis.'lmsrJ ; 
and LeBtaet. Caand Anatia. B 
others week 90; boshnss good. 


TOROSTO.— PriBccsa (O. B. Bhsppaid. 
Savage's English pMad Owea. C^. JMI 
good buslnen and .«MSSap> .° OSav xk 

Rye week 21. _ _ 

Grand (A. J. Bmall. mgr.) Tbe Shadow Be- 
hind the Thnme ««dc 20; big business. The 
Errand 'Bar week 27. . _ . . • 

Shea's (J. Shea, mgr.) Gote and JdmsoD. 
Tbe Elinore Sisters, Gaidaer and Vincent, and 
others week 20: Ituslness and bill excellent. 

Star (Mr. F. W. Stair, mgr.) The Yankee 
Doodle Girls week 20: nice bnslness. Tlie Bal- 
timore Bcaotles week 27. 

Jiajestle (A. J. Small, aagr.) The Eye Wit- 
MSB walk. .M^SBlMkiMV business and at- 

■■"■"V- . . Y'a. Gibson. 

LONDOH.— Grand A .9kJ(Msn. Mrjaams 
of the Mine 24-2S: fke CkBSSllC »; CMCktr's 

Bdneated Horses 21-25. , _ . . 

Beonet's (C. C. Bennet, mgr.) Fanacr Joae's 
Plga. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Powers. SoDlvaa and 
FaavMlena. Mllo Vagga. Epps and Loietta. Mc- 
TTiMSi lalgt FIcaso Tnapa. aad ths atorlng 


Styl* t OoMBlnc 8e»]*. 

Tbe Watllig 

Ouessing Scales, 
Punching Bags, 
Picture MachiiiMi 


..SoHfODlr Post Cards.. 

AH klaii. 

twu wviinmnr 


8«iid for Catalogue FSE& 





ImMI Shikws 

Spintlle*, Sehives, 
Drop. Cmm, Set 

Expert Dice 


• WaybOMrtSts 
raOVIDEMOK, - R. Is 

D Long Distance TeL t4S& L Union. ' 

Wanted tor January 1, 1906 

First-clsss Lady and Gentleman for Vsnderille 
Show, doing team work In sinking and dancing 
and Specialty work; in fact, good all-ronn d pe o. 
pie. Also good piano plnjcr. lady pref crred- 
State eiperl*»nre and salary- fxtx-cted, AddlCBB 


FOR SA.I..E:. 

BendyrorBoBlneBB. A-l Oraer. 

R. BARVEY, M17 UiliitM kn.. imu City. 1. 


"Tallest ian on Earth" Co. 


Great Western Printing Ca. 8t.Ii"nla.lll>. ■-. 


RaadlBS and BaaMaM 
Cki a loaass tMa. AH 


NATTONAI. MUSIC OO. kase a_lot, at 

hits. 0*n and aee OS. 

Ave. N*^ York — 41 


ART niESB, US 8. 8«Un«3t.,8yi»co»e.l« Y. 


Mtott t. tCHAFM, SttrUu. tot. 

14 ibOC ■AOBSIES: coat fSV>: are practlcallT 
good as new. Sell all for HOO. First ssooey. 
Send for list. 

RIOOS AMUSEBEHT 00.. . Augiist«._Ba. 

Sf^^^lSe xSSs'waUB 

. . Lambert. _ 
laise andlence. 

WBEELIBO.— Conrt TbeaHe (BO. Vtaashelm. 
mgr.) Weber's AU-Star Stack <». SO: good 
Bsliirss and performance. TMm ABsnSl; ca- 
•acitr boalaeas. Uncle 'iWnjMki «t Spod 
tsslKsi M**ow. VUnae Wtm »: Par- 

aUsl IS: Oaatsa Clarte 9^ ■ _ 

^VHm rs—n" Tksetsa' IBbut BbAnib. mt.I 

BoBse (Truk Tord. aagr.) 

Sbrrea at tbe Mines 14: good baslaess and fair 
oerftHiBance. Mark's Brothers 20-25. _ 
BiaOBTOB,— Grand Opera House (D. P. 
Brnnlgan. mgr.) Yankee OmMI 14; 8. ^ O. 
and pleased. Yoas«^.ns^ ^bJ^*S 'S^' 
ness and fair coaagnr* 'Ae CNaskW; Sit The 
Eve Witness 80. . •. ii . 

8T, JOH«»^»MeB-.HlllBe^A._^.»teier 
mgr.) w. fl.'asikiBB Stodc Oa. wedc SOt good 
business. — ^ ... , 

York (R. J. Armstrong, mgr.) Vaudeville 1? 
drawing good bnslness. 

ST. THOltAS. — Xew Grand (D. McInt.Tr*. 
mgr.) Rose Coehlan 14: good business snd 
perf<^rmance. SInvef; of the Ntlne 1«: fair show 
and heavy business. Gsy's Minstrels 21. 


M Pmtm Zr. 

United States Tent & Amfaig Co. 

Oar Csston^rs Aar Best lefiarMCM. 


eondHlon: the genuine, made m tae "!""""■' 

Can^ Machine Co. .\ddreas 

The BOlboard 1440 Broadway, Vav 

gOBUUP UIl S (from Maine wilds) cheap. A^j 
ways an attraction. Sow >>ookli>s ordets. 
UKWOOD FLINT - - - Korth Watsrford. Bs,. 

WANTED <:in« Kn^r.-iver to work on salary 

or per out MnM J..::, nt once. Addprsa. 
FRAITK KELLY. - - - Care The 

" Addre.a ITTi; S. Kn.l SI.. Phlla^^a. 




:ssggMKDORA COkKsm 
la TBBdsTins ail — 



Xfic Oillboard 

PBOBMBKR 2, 1906 

'* ^■■%,■■■*'^^.•.v•;';'ri,■! 





f DuraMlily, 25 Per Cent Ttane Saved, 
II Easy Operafton and SAnSFACnON. 


ytf&:^mm^ . C AT ALC 


iiiicianati Branch: 

Typewriter Co., 

124 East Fourtii street 

■ : ' 'vV v \ :S v.. 



Saves Money, 
I5ay«0 Time,; 
SavM Worry. 


Write Barnum & Bailey, 
Rlngllng Bros , Forb- 
PAuoH & Sblls Bscs., 
John Robinson, Carl Hag- 
ENBECK. Sun Bros , Norkis 
& RowE, Floto Shows, 
:>0msr BKbs., E. Haao^ and 
hear what they hare to say, 
and then write to us. 



Campbell Bro..*: HoDry QroTe, T.Z., SO; 
'WBltMboro 80; Rtoccold Dee. 1; Dmeui. 

OumAi' rnnk'c Lockbart, Tex.. LoUox 
Ml aaiu.lM Dfc It Bhlur Si Mbmoob «; 

OutM Dm. 1. 

Lifting Systems for Stores, 
Halls, Sdiods, Chnrches, 
Parks and Streets. 

DALY and O'BRIEN-^.. 

A Fany Daieii2 Comedlaa. 




An iBpcrted "Biddy." 
:p-oot oancino. 



(Oonttamd OD pagt M.) 

Amortra, Owd 
FU., ism 

AiihmiM Omini 0*.: 
Dec. S: Snar " 

OomopollUui 1_ 
dcr, mgn.: Ji 

W. AMnetloaa: 



* Snr- 
il Karl- 

DelsarUn Sbow: OrUodo, VIBm IMM & 
Dl^ CunlTU Co.: AmufatTTtm^ WIUS, t| 
Bonren, N. Mei.. *-». 

Dodc* Anniemrat Co., E. L. Dodic. mtr.: Dal- 

hirt, T*x., 2fl-I>ec. 2; Tnmcomar 
Bnropeui Amaaemoot Oo., A. A. Batdser* gen. 

sofT.: Shlnrr, Tex., 37-X>te. J; SUrt 
Qreatrr Electric Noveltr Od.: Koadoako. Mlia.. 

29-Oec. a; Canton _ _ _ _„ 

lonet-Adami SHowb: BliboiiTlIU. S. Om n-D«e. 

3; Georgetown 4-0. 
Parker. Mew, Amaa<;coe]|t OOtt 

2T-Dec. 2: Aiiatln_ S-IO. 

'ierce-OUfrr Klos-Kamlfal to.t 0|4nib«| 
N. Y., 27-D«c. 2; Maloaa ♦•.„ . _ 
tiddell'a Sootfaera Caralval Oa.: OlltllftK n*. 


zr.'Dec. 2; Laktlaad ^ 

BoblnaoD Amnaemaat Oo.: XaUadasa. Ala.. XT- 
Dec, a; UftinniM, MIM.. 

sSrSSitP-9mm s. a. » 

D«C. s. . ■ . . a 

Sootban Oai^nl Om._Mm. Ai^ flr<nh^ & 
Vtno llMirt L. K ttlM, 

Jno. A, Hiinmelein*s Enterprises 




New Grand Opara Haiu 




Nn Tork Uddrais Rmii 608, 1402 Brudny, 

or l«rti HlBBilim't Iduls. 

Tke Goney IslaDd ot tbe 
East: Old Orchaid 


PrlTlleg. People look ttala up. Conceded tbe flneat Batblnc Beaeb la tba mwU. Oalr Ab- 
owment Park vitUn a radltis of 100 mllea; a MUllon People, 80 Cltlea and SOO Towu to dra* 
from: 15,000 local popnbtlon. Oreat ezearalon center ot the Eaat. PBEB PABK. Patronatr 
doDblIng eacb rear. Cloaed letaan ot IDOS aa tbe record breaker. Wa ara new ready to ne- 
Kotlate tMUatice conceMlons (not under contract ) ; sIm .tidltlonal amoaemcnt device* 
tor aeaaoo 1806, alao tor leaae Street Cranefalae for MInlatore lUllway. from Central Depot to 
Park cDtnuee. Open Jose 18 to Sept. U, (weather jwrmlttliK t All allre 7 dara eacb ncek: 

AmhMI Tmt |f 


A kiMh'i Higk Class Motion Pictures. 

' 'It S«der. to alas llloatrated aoBRa. Prefer yooa* 
wlBtaw woritn. Salary moat tow. I pa|rra|> 
l l a i l ai it aunifmieBt, and nor aalaiy 
It Claik aad Lake ata., ( 

^JS^""^^^!^ BVMaiy rOra In not eondltlon, ISO. Aboot 000 feet aMorted FUna, amalattas. 
ot BomlMrAMSt tt Port ArOnr. Riuao.Jap War, BalUmore PIr* tas. 1 OxeyUtfae Oaa-maklng On^ 
at. only oaed 1 weak. ISO. l Baby Orand Upright pUno. «S5. \WU aall or trade any part 
^,^*'°^J" ""H for any Mod of portable abow property or teatartng FUna. 'WIAiMrPBD— 
White Top aiid Plantation Banner. Will hiiy tlio followlni; Pllma: Kid €aim, Loat Cb«d. 
Bold-Dp of the Leadvine Staite. good, loud Pipe Orsan. aim 380 r. Bbeoatadt. All of tlia above 
moat be In Al condition. No Jnlb Addieaa J. W. NVaEHT. Oon. Mgr. Oraatac O^atrie 
Vorelty Co., Koacioako, Kiaa., MW 9t«. B. . 

OECEMBKR 2, 190& 

Xtie Billboard 


Frisco's Latest 


Mysteries, Illusions and 
Novsitiss Wantsd 



AKimaizn oo. *a. 
OooMMtim SiMpiBg ua JMnlBg<cw 

IV. ir. 

; Italian Baad, one more (how, Btoli-wl ic t l . 
nttto-whed. Frinicgci write. Ho graft. 

KWY-^lM QrMtMt, Hotest 8«ltor of Thmn Mr-mmMr 

Qombliw" ^1 the erory-dw ne c i m ary pocket and desk tnaimmente In ooe aa»U blirbly 

MnnTomous specialty works, 

75 Well* Straat. CHICAGO. ILL- 


The Great Alamo Shows 

V**^ Ike doaa eC ataaoo. Dae. tO, abow baa baca 
•Nt nMm. 91,000 burs tbe ODtat eoapiete. 8 abam 
flatna aad Aga. 0.000 ft. of ttaa, eleetrleal effceta. I 
mma, tnati, atata. alutia. S ballooaa. gap i 

I mt.. OittMir IMOOl ^hw iwgo- ' ' 

01 wadta, and baa elearad 
itet • Mg moa l a na t Wlby. 
Bt. s plaaaa,- baod oHI- 

Rrivil.e:ge: T f 
wmw^iJEL..... J—j 1^ V-r JTV X 

Hie Big One. Rales on All Railroads. 

CIv CMlf Filr taoditln Bi| Fm Cmbil n StiMs, 

WEST POnrr, MMB., wek of Peewnbw IL AUxtm SAM ACH. 


VMfer rxwple wbo do«He la aaaaart. 
•aid. fflnithiBitt. OUa. 

Shooting Gallery 

■ta DlfTerent Dw-Irih, Eleclrle 7»r- 
icet*. Ol&n. B«U FounCalDS- 
OTer 50 Ne«' Movlnff 

Otir new Sltde. with Intcreh&ne*- 
alile 4>hjt^ctt>. Ii« the irr«at««t boon 
to fnllvrjr men. No mllciT ihoDld 
Mwltbootone. OarMw movlnv 
ohJaetamabneaklmoat aaythlns 
thkt moTn from euoe to aato- 
mobile, froni locomotlTr tn bftttle 
i*hlp. Thi> inoHt lDter««tlnir Mt of 
moviiiK unrew tvtr put on th» 
lUArket. and at a price that la 
within the reach of all. 

fiend for our lUartrated new 
eataloKiie. (tudT f^lf* K aiul 16 
and tbink oC tbe wondcrfol 
chanpe the Slid* would make la 

jnnr nllerr. We aeil emplcta 
nllerwm or anj- aart tbemx 
w e belK •WMOCiail S «ba Ontrk'; 

^ wonder' 


"■■f bi — i-^i-. 

owjtidaMi t be ■a» t 
(111 imlS ij eiai la liaii 


Carousel Works, 



With Ernest Hogan 
"Rufus Rastus'* CO. 


T U D I oS> 


. Always In ttte 

We do more work than all other Studios combined, yfhj 
Because our work is the best and our prices are always reasonable. . 

Do Dot give your work to irresponsible parties, but buy of tiM Old.nlttUte 
firm where you know you will get .the worth of your mcmey 

We hare now under oontnet, and baTO recently fomwied with SeeneiT, 
a great many line Opera Houses, among this number the TSev Majesoe 
Theatre. Chicago; I7ew Orpheus Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah ; New Opera 
House, Morgantown, W. va. ; Mishler's Mew Theatre, Altoona, Pa. ; Jeffer- 
son Theatre, Goshen, Ind. ; Scritaaer's Opera HooseLBalcetsfield, CsL; bealdaa 
Scenery for hundreds of small Opwa Houaa and Xblla In anracr .SatS.-liDa., 
Territory- in the Union. ' ' ..... * ■■ ..' 

We alao make a Specialty of Bnlldlnc Klectrle Seemle 
Tbeatrc, aucli aa '*Da)r In tlie Alpa«*> ** Johmstown 
Flooa," "RrnpUoM of BII. Pelee«>* maA- aU kind, of 

SOSHAN & LANDIS CO. *'*-'IS.gx£l!;!S? ^ 

rOattea Cmmtf, uy eolor. Paya for 
AM. fLOOO OAMVT lUOa. oo, H 



Des Moines, la. 

Want New ConceMiorip.,. 
For Comlns Season^ 

Dally Average Attendance 5.000. Sunday 25,000 Most 
Successful Park in the West. WANT SHOOT-THE- 
CHUTES, AERIAL SWING, and anyttahK new that wH 

make good. 







For Six, Eight and Ten Weeks. Address or call on FRED 
OfBce Hoursi 11 to 1, 41 WestTwenty-Eigbtta St., I^ew York. 

V. 8.— Have no Special A««nts. Do boisiness direct orthioD8liyoaraaHiit|> 

if you have one. 

Wanted, Male and Female Gymnast* for 6ymnastic Novelty. 

Female* gl»en prff^rence. Setsan openi ahortlr. Write aolck. sUtlnn" aU yoo c an aB d_ wUl 

do; give helRht, ase. weight, lowett aalarj and toll particolara: would Uke W nearnwD M 

Bertha Ih rir.. FoDtalQ, Cr»ne, Bertha B. Weod «ad Mile. BWf»H,. It «t WttttJ Jbe HoU- ■ 

days, or ahtrUy after. AJdreaa maUMt, OMaasa omm m MMoaaa. m 




LIKE A nme of life it flies throsbii the air. a modern marvel, most wonderful creation of the century 



;|v?!Ve A Monster Mechanical Bird of Flight ^. 

* "'^nformlDe revolutions heretofore undreamed of by aeronauts. Santo Du- 
moot's exhibitions in Europe pale into insignificance. Absolutely more 
.^N'troDderfiil and awe-inspiring tban anything yet produced to attract the 
>'!«''S(Dt iiMienary to wait upon wind conditions. Will fly In any gale up to for^ 
. iv miles an hour, lias six times the power of any other machine inventea, 
': with one-half the wind resistance. Completely equipped in every particular. 
'V Fall corps of expert aeronauts. Flights guaranteed. Finest Aereodome 
ever manufactured. No disappointmeuts; no delays. 

A most important factor to be considered by eom- 
mitteas In bookJi* and adwtMnf nfMtnreat- 
traetloD. ITew.novd. ITothlnff Hte fb Man before. 
Ontdaor Amussmtnt Featnra In thi World. Correspondence solicited. 


AO BiBBia hiHw te CHAS. F. RHODES, Dinetar ni Dnirri Wmipt. 

f HE WHITE CITY EAGLE AIRSHIP Can Be BoBkid fif Miita Engagemmt 


AiIhmHd" Sit SpUli. 

Blectrlc HyToaniowQBges 
Drop Cases, Metal Boolettt 
Wheel— best ever. Loaded 
Dlee and Harked Cards. Greatesi 
log ever written on gambling 
) to any address 7KE!i:. 
BAR It «k OO 

; Us Submit You f\guTe$.m» 

n— Our Ad mmg» 3r 

StelM T«rt ft Amtaf to, 


by liuiaDutoiieed 
poTMiis. w«M«lbe 
only oricla»loia.uid 
■ell the only me- 
cenfiil ptoe— ano 

V. Z. LONQ, Springfitid, Ohio. 


IXAX ABABTATT H0B8EB, irhlte. t»o mark- 
fl« jnrm. foartnn hand*. Soond, broken. 
Bnlncnllr snttnl for ataow. piradr or adrer- 
ttalnc. ciMiAIsuatirnI Engllsli Trap .Un flnlati, 
riMwr Urta, and Sne Un Double Harona, bran 
linM ' apd bamra. Trap and liarncaa brand- 
— XlMMOt matc'im UironBliout. Will aell 
t4MM»t Maplate. or team aloiw, or would 

of Intanit » MKdm ' n iM ilM nagt aMaoD'a 


J"*"™ ^"^"^i ta*! » looA >M. Tolea 
to alac mnatiatcd ainsa; ilgbt nadmr; ttruutle 
and Taodwiue oiiial<^*^Mir*taaar «• ^d«r. 
>a booKn. chaaara. eisuatta laixte ar ilainii > 

I catrr to raflnrd aodlcneaa. Par dUr MiMT 

**<*«-. wui clTe joa joor traaaparbigoa when 
yoo Join to atnd back to yoor friend. I carrv 
mj am Khaball Piano. I pay board and trans- 
portation after Jolnlns. Moatcal and Tanderlllr 
pe<vle write. Can place good people by the 
year. Opera Houses In »-lnter: big tent In 
oeTer doae. Addreta HAHRY DE LA 
»_aan Jtx Golden cinwt Show. 
Ma. manaaota. 

AUOner OPlBttPl. Sccmc Painter. 65 W. 
25«to St, Xew Yodc City, formerlr Eoster * 
' W'r*: Mnalc Hall. Thlrtr^lTC ream profesalooal 

'i>>0«l' i a ra- O ho^ ataw, eomplate. *30; 8*r- 

»MBUa* nnia, ahnoat near. A. 
Oatat SIS. Stamp tor laplr. O. B. 
-tth wk, MnnaapoMa, Kinn. 


lOK BATT Card Prlntlntr OntDt. neir never 
been oaed. Goldlng Official No. 2 Hand Press, 
with _ la t eat style type and ererytblng necessary 
for Azat-daaa card printing bnainess. This ont- 
ia tba aame aa oaed ao snccesafoUy at the Saab World's Pslr. Price complete, wtth 
' «T«r -KkOOO cards, «S0.00. r. X. VATTOHTOir. 
UO S. Eicli St.. Colnmbna, O. 

100 Letter Beada 
5.U00 Conpoo* $1. 
XQKRIca- ' 

■ Ilea mkk. , 

or Bbt.. S3e: 

Measured by the severest ataadard of 
the Gmat Critics, the 


Is the "recognized artistic criterion 
for all others. 

...We Challenge The World... 

To produce a piano equal to 
'the EVERETT in either 
▼olnine or quality of tone 








For Reconstructed Electric Park, Detroit, Mich. 880,000 more iS being spent 
for the coming season and we have desirable space for anything good tiMft 
will get the money. No fakes need apply. State fully what you havw at no 



SLOT MACHINE»-ir,~«^^%J"""' 

J. A. FLTNIi, n Fklnnoant ATa.. Hawark, K. a 

FOR BALE Oicap or Trade—Oalatca Onflt. Stat- 
£f IS'''!!S&iS fWeatoo'a aaka): Addcaas 
n. W. JOII— BaiiiMi Ala. 

•Ida Carle. 

Firelen VaMii ApM. 

IISS Broadway. 


OUR BUSINESS Is to iind the man 
who hM a mflit to 
8*n m4 th« msn 
who Is in the market 
to bu y . We maintain 
an office In N. T. 
and also advertise In 
all of tbe best papers. 
We have- on onr 
booka aom* of the 
beat of the rschts 
listed In Lloyds, also 
some not so fancy, 
but sound, and ciieap 
forcasb. If you want 
to buy or sell, call, 

write or pbone. 







MOM m 



will Make For Tou 


BplB sncar into couoa 
oMsdr aar aolar ar aaTar 

FLOSS iAOIilE 00.. 

U iraet BMIb It., 

NBW VOflk. 

^ it n CaoTanen 


Our DOLLAR aanrtcd boa of naa aoapa nteiuos lar 
Ko la tba hot aailar tor fairs, atraat work, or oanTa» 
Ui*. OaaU yoa Ml par MtSraaa. DOB'S aali — 

E. M. 0«ns HMP CO.. at Uiloe Pvt Plate. CIICMI. 



^S^ii/// Qbupnt PliM M Earth to Bay 

Clocks anil Jeweli*y. 

Writ, for OaCaloguo. 




ISOl S. Flores St.. San Antonio. Tex. 


Waatcd for Ohrlstmaa waak at Stephana' Open 
House. Ashland, Kansas. Scetios capadt; 400. 
Good Bbow town and pInULr ot aeatT, Omr- 

Marcb anil April. 
OXV, AaUand, Kaa. 


will trade X. V «lotc farm or ClilcnKO. lU.. 
property Tor two or tliree car uliow. Want W), 
with two or three 30*h seata, etf. etc.. cottnplete. 
W. L. P., Duncan, III 

Juaaui Rs NiHi n* •i>roll6R5 

•aM tat latHt aatalamw aod tvtgiuaf baek. 
Maa nr. »W. TAJr WTOK ^ ' • " 


In all quantltlM. MlsbMt pric. pAld 



lllms, Marblnes. eto. 
131 Bo. Clark St.. Cblcago, 111. 


DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

Xtie Blllboapd 





8PEUTa (tar 



No Storage Battery fiecemur: operated Iqr stmplr connecting to aajr Bleetilo _^ 

Circuit, direct or altemaung. Huetnatlone tn wdtage poeKlvely do not ^Mst tlie epeedT as In 

other direct current machines. 

Over 2,CC0 of our coin slot tallciiig machines now in use. Here are a few of the 
Penny Arcades or parlors entirely equipped with them. Drop into the nearest and satld^y 
younelf that our nuuflilDes do the business. 

OF "turn aOei 


SURPRISE vAVOBVtua 00., m am iMh sttitaw omt.m 

MacblDW. _ 

PBOPLs-a VAOsaviua 00..111 wm m Bk, x*w York citr, ai 

PEX>PI.B« TADDKVmJS CO.. Mtb St and Unox Are., Hew Toik 

PEOPLI'rS VACDSVILLE CO., Wt Third Ave., New York City, n 


THC AUDITORIUM. imBrawlifaT.Kew York CUT. S&Hacblno. 
ecu A KFER & CO. . til Opal St., tftw Orleaw. La., to Hacblnea. 
MIDLAND UACBINB CO.,niM*M8t., Chlogo, III.. WMaeliliiee. 
ROY U AU VAIS, 7m Market Sfciaeii FnnelMO, OaL, » Maebljie*. 
BARRY TBMPBU.Y. Tom Am., IM .MnleaJOU., MM^dUaea. 

ASHTON, HicmtLJtxanr.iHW. 


X: 3. MeORAW, BalUmore. Md.. 10 Machlaee^ 
aODBBaAM ELECTRIC CO., (30 OenDml Bt-Lowall.: 
"LUNA PARK,''CIeTeIand, O., 10 MaehlM*. 
"LUNA PARK." PltMbnric. Fa^ 1* MactalnceL 

M. ZUSTOVICH. MO State St., Chicago, IIL, » 

O. w. BALSDOIi. S31 Dtamond 8t..nital»irtt, P\a., 10 

A. O. Bi3tENSOI),Flt(UanFUfc,% 

EA8TPROVII ' ™ =^ - 



»Ml ~ ' 


r Oa, Oi WaatalasleB 8C, Boetoii. MaM., 
t»MBOilwloA»«,I^W.,W«ililimnn. I>.tl.l0 


I VAUDBTUXE OO. till niTd A«Miio, Xow York CItr. 

BBH * WBias, MU Boardwalk. Atlantle atr.N-J-.MMa- 


MAOUIKE ft PHILLIPS, nt Main St.. Dallaa. Tex.. 10 Kacbtaca- 
VN ION NOVELTY CO^ SII Rlrer St.. TroT, N. Y., 10 Uaehlnta. 

UN ION NOVELTY CO.. Sll Rlrer St.. TroT, K. Y., 10 Mae 
DIA.MOND NOVELTY CO., BTracow. N. Y.. 10 Machloas. 
I.EUTZ « WILLIAMS, lllll y^rnum St., Omaha, Neb., 10 
AMERICAN ARCADE CO., Quebec. Can.. 90 Machine*. 



AMXRICAN ARCADE 00., LlnlUd, n* 
~— ,«01 — " — 

AMERICAN ARCADE CO., Ottawa. Call.. M Machlnea. 
O. W. BEN>°ETHUM, Readlnfc, Pa., 10 Xachlnee. 
D. B. CASCAHBAS. I0> Thames SC.. Newport. R. I.. 10 Marhljiea. 
DIAMOND NOVELTY CO., Schenectady, N. Y., ffl Machines. 
DIAMOND NOVVXTV CO.. BclienecUilT, N. Y.. 20 Machines. 
W. W. COl.E, Onialm, Neb , 10 Slachlnes. 
"ELECTRIC 1-AUK." Newark. N. J., 10 Hachlnea. 


ROSENFIELD MANUFACTURING CO., 683 Hudson Street, New York City 







a$t OMeolB a 

artlMtle TUCeniie 





•f inusM*' TRUNKS 


k:«own eybbtwhebb. 

37 X 20 X 17 •* Th 

30 X 21 X 18 6 OO 

3» X 22 X 19 e SS 

3U X 5(3 X 20 e SO 

40 X 24 X 31 7 SO 

For Partienlaroand 

SaxSOxSS 00 

84 X Six as » se 

sex sax 84 10 00 

88 z 88 X as 19 so 

40XS8XSS 11 00 



This Spindle Is Ave rears s]ie»d of the 
It is a creeper with 
loMIr impossible to 
Kreatest. Candy 
everoffered. Send for 
and price: also our 
las coods of every 
nsteat work); Psaa- 
Bloe. rtaest UM- 
Mew Cold Deek Had 

Camel Back or the Ohieaco Spindles. 

aaneiBSb bat alMo- 
detee*. mtMag the 

Wheel or Spindle 
further description 
catalogue of Sport- 
descrlpUon ; cards 
iDg and Miss Out 
out In the world 
oat bk. Stiestemis. ele» etc 

eos, FT. seon, kai. 

Richard Gutlifliann Transfer Go. 

Th« Only BKOhialw* Theatrical. Soenanf 
•fill Property StorM* Warwhoua* and 

Tranefer Company In tiw Country. 

Scenery and Properties for sale for storase ehaiaes. HaTO taanlad AIX tto laixe companies 
playimr in Ohieaso this aeaaon with the best of reoorda .^la IstlM.flnii that hu the Ooj- 
ernment oontraet tor mOTiiur aU the Federal oOceaaadFMoBoa Into the new P.O. nnild- 
Ins In OhIcacD. TOO loads Inttlioaiai can anybody beat Itt We haTe, shipped scenery from 
> Osnfomla. and all are well -pleased at price. We haTe a larce stock of second- 

Maine to Canfomla. and all are well vleased at prlc 
b&nd Btutr which we can utilise in rebnildinr shows. 
^Office. Boom UL zs Dearbo rn St .. TeL Harrison l«67i Btndloa. Ihopa, 
Tbroop St.. TeCHooMe Ilk OBIOAfaC tUU 

Warehouses. 107 to tl& 

The Billboard's Free Emergency Service. 

H AHAOaBB In need of people hy nmm of aeoMaiit, sletauH, IndlspoalUoD 
or dbath are iDTited to wuaiiB at either of our oflloea stating their reqalr» 
ments. All snOh wlrea are Immediately bulletined on a very larse black board 
with whloh each office Is provided, luny aotora, actresses, performers, musi- 
cians and agents who are at liberty look in on us daily and they always road 
the bulletins on the board. ThUiisa qolck means or getting m tonoh with 
tb* ngbX, people. This aervloe la gnUa. AU Want AOi sent ns for publloa- 
tton are also peirtwd the moment reoelved. and Hanagera frequently get appU- 
•atlon bafora the paper oontalnlng their ad comes out. 

Sena yonr 

■•••'•1 Aet r«aa ea, ferforiBers, naiwvaaiw* — — • - • 
Md Adwanee m<in AT l.IBBHTir, tu lf«w Vnrk or OlMlaimll. 
call at oar Ofleee mm* recteter. 

Al MW «l 


NEW YORK,I440 Broadway; CINCINNATI, 416*18 Elm St. 





win hold 20 48-page eoplaa. The p^^en ean ba 
easily bound one at atlme; lata oopiaa flan ba te> 
aazted in plaoa of tb* old ooaa. ItkMpatte pft* 
pera flat and in good oenJltlop. Slaallsli. 


Th* Billboard Publishing Company, 
416 aim Straot, Clnelnnatl. O, 


••••Bennett's Dramatte Exelianges 

SUM 30C Mil BMi tmrt mtrng. chum, hunis. «. hu h 

We plaoe man peoide than all the oUier Qiicaao dnmatio 
combined. We oan seeore any play wanted, if on the maitefe. 
we have your ImdneMl Send stamp Inr eatakgoe of 


One Pallmaa Slaaping and Dining Car Camblnad, "HENRIETTA." 

rooo. «aah room, (ollat room. Uiian eliMat. follr molpped with carpet and 
DK. aitcaaa wlttaB.walx<bol.ransa. taotaadcoM water, atak. Imffatroom, wlUir«frl8«rator. Baker beater, 
lkfealjn'tell.tMamiwUI«Mdaadri« - - 

Tan MctloB.. stata room, smol , 

bmdiw, kltrbaa with anr aix-bol 


60-Foot or Longar BAGGAGE CAR. 

Also 30-ft. middle piece for 60-ft. R. T. Can place good 

4570 A. McMillan. St. Louis. Mo. 

Musicians. Address 

Tlie JEW nnd the BIDDT: and 
Permanent address, Cai* Tb* BlUhoeid. 

....THE LONDON.... 


ta tba reooffsUsd oitan M Yaadsfllla Artlns thrOBslMat tba world. Amattcaas Tlflttna In Loadon will 

tMdiifl1endly.walepmeat«Heaaad. Maw Totk layiassMatlr., I. fL CARLB. IIM r 

YWllCIO. nHpesM— 

Oil| tki BEST Skotchesp Songa^ Camedlaay Dramaa i 

Wilnt Skiilt P hH ada l plwa. Pa, 


Ttie Billl>oarcl 










r««yott*aIde» Af th« Htock of hort«s wa carrj for ClrcoH or «nr oth«r Tent Show purpoftcfl. whether thoy art; for B*trfCA8* or Hippodrome uita^e- Any tthuw deHlrlnc to purchAM Horace for 
■Mi MHIB wui do well to fftTC tu ft cftll and look over our stock boforn troln}? elHewbere. We are proud to say that we can fltiow you BON flOOl hontm loan hour's time Chan any oCfaurflrmlD this or any 
■■■■■MMCIX* WrtlOttafwpftrtlculani. All correspondeoce will be promptly answered. • 

ARE KLFF & SON 272-276 North Gerire Avenue, CHICAGO, ILL., U. S. A. 

ft0lia Itiebk W Wllp oiMt Addntti KUISOI. Loaf DIttaiM Telephoaei MOIIOE MOS. 


RCP^^NT^oer ^ Zoological Garden 

I can import into the United States and deliver in three or fonr weekBi 

Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Bears. Cam- 
els, Antelopes, Ostriches, Emus. Kangaroos, Chimpanzees, Monkeys, 
Baboons, Snakes, and any other wild animals obtainable. 

Showmen are requested to give me their permanent addreu and thus 
receive Hagbnesck'sXaitbst Price List, as issued. 

Largo conaitfnmont off 10 to 25 Snakes, and many Monkoys, on band. 


S. A. STEPHAN, Zoologfical Garden, CINCINNATI 





■ ' TMifWKSHOWS . . . 

mraSURG exposition, Pinabang, Pm. 

At-t. GREAT successes. 

=SEAS50N 100e=: 
Fichting The Flamos Co. will 

now FIra Shown 

at Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincin- 
nati, Ciovoland, Boaton and PKta- 


SEAS6I. Early ApplleillM MRt 

be made. 


Xtie Blllboapcl 


Great Oliver Troupe 


Billboard, Cliicago. 


^ TWO^ M W = 

BV BRMKST kl N N WOO O H Aft ■». 

A National Hit. King of All Marches. 

A limited number ot copies to band directors, SSc. 

Fsr Sail by DIXIE MUSIC CO., 134 Van Buren St.. GH1GA60, ILL. 



Frencb Dancing 61rls«ln a refined and artlHilc Vaudeville 

The Famous Frencb Dancing 61rls«ln a refined and artlHilc Vaudev 


Patented in the United States, Can- 
ada, Great Britain, France, Germany, 
Norway, Denmark and ICewfound- 



Sold since 1900. 


It has no equal. Used successfully by CIBCUSES, MEDICINE MEN, 
ADVEBTI8KB8. OHnlvals, and ISMatctaal and Amnaanieat BatacpilaaB of 
all kinds. Bend nr eatidogua and pvloa Ilat. 

L. D. LOTHROP, Inventor. 



Juat dosed a successful season with John Robinson Circus; to enter vsude- 
vllle for winter season. Per. address, care Billboard, Cincinnati, O. 



Comedy Musical Sketch ArtKts, 
Solos AiiU Duets on Various In- 

slruments. Eleeant Wardrolto. Tl 

of A(!t. 20 Minutes. 

(.•Aow In ONK. 

Per address, 


H i » » < .»»»»» » ». n . » » I ' l l ii*»a I 


I . Mew Lino of 3, 4 and &-C!o]ored Oardii, Oomle and Fancy. 80 Kew Subjects. 
> M ''"C'**' ^ otsmBi' FoMpaid tar. w 


"Tlie Funnlesi Ever." A <lrt-al Siillur Kv.Tywlicro. Hami>lc Si-i. .jf ID iiostDttld for 40c 

. Fastpald tvr 

* ......•......«••■*.••..*.... ..HM>. ............ ..M.......... 21 


* ; ; 


IiMm X4ttiirdC Plain Ooib1c«. French Colored and Faney CaMs. 

AWWTiHT '•^■^^»nSiiQn.nMuii: $2.00 Ptr 1.000 t 
«* Mm * Mm i i iii M i n iii nnnn iiiti* n i» mMM 

; ••THE PEERLESS" '^'^^^ 


FITTKD ni' CoMri.F.TF AT , , 


; Hundreds of Aroade Machines '"U! 



1 tBMropiUTM i loyan cmpaiy, pfSiXSSStiiA i \ 




Facial Krnptlons. Erysipelas, Nettle Rastt, Klnif Worm. Itch. Poison Oak. Ulcers. 
Acne, Itchlnc Piles and all Germ Dlseasesot the fckln. ECZEMALINE Is a soothlnK 
Ointment— Pleasant to ase— Powerful In Its effects. One jar will demonstrate Its 
merlis. often effects a cure. Prescribed by best Dby<lclans. ' It can be used anywhere 
on the skin surface ot Infant or adult alike without the sllghteat tear ot Injarx. u 
contains no mercury, acids or paasb. No mlnorat aaMar M Mur dfaanpliOMi ..It 
trives Immediate relief: stop* itchlnir Instantly: destfOn tM olMaW g«rat SM MM 
In the restoration of the tissue building processes. 

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET Itching, Burning, P«rspirin«. Aehlna. 
Frost-Bitten Feot will find Instant relief in a single Jar of Eesemallne. 

ECZEM ALINE destroys all obnoxious odors exuded from the feet. 


Send SOeto the Western Dlstrlbntlng Dept. THE BO^BCAUOn M «r*Ntt Olsrk 
Street. Chlcaeo, Ills, and we will maU yon a tnU atsad Jar postpaid. Uigi XHE 

ECZEMALINB CO.,.KnoiivUle, Tenn. 

Street. Chicago, Ills, and we wlU 

irill Hadlr NiMAtte 

monMrltltfaiialo^wliarweclatoltwUi ; • 




8TO R E 

I win Mil my formula for maklnc OOOST, 
iWtli for ^00. Any one can make them after 
(ollowlnc my Inatmctlona. Can work the candy 
bnalnesa In any atUl town and always get the 
money. Can work erery day In the year. 
Costa 6e per ponnd. Yon get 20c to 40c for 
It. Address W. H. oaACE, Taffy Kina, oTw 
S09 West Kiih Avo., o«k«Ioon». Iow».. Re- 
gards to oil mj rrl.-ntl!)- 

TENTS, TENTS, TENTS, thk orkax caiokdo 

Sm Oup Ad Page 87. 
IMM SMm TmI i Jlinht 

. OailTia«inte»na« street Fidr. 

Ii KE-EirOAOED at the New Teck HlppodNme. 
to open Monday. Not. 20. Caleedo'i nsUowlng 
engagement ertcr the Hippodrome Is for Ha- 
Tana, Cntta, comaTCsclng on January I, 1908, 
yree af ter March, 1906. Permanent addtea 


*2te JWiBWuTirf" iiiai 


Can naoe a Few SMM 


Unat SInK or Dance. State helitbt, aRe and weight; 
alio lowest mlary. In ant letter. Send phovoe. 

513 Elm St. St Louie. Mo. 


Flags, Banners, 


Cillulold Buttons. 

■• .ia>.«; ' - 

Steroopticon Slides 

Rental Bureau. 

Ho. 116 SiocMsB St.. Sai FrtMins. M. 

ODantareBsagementa. FarkaorFkln. In alee clear 
vmIiiw I maEeVmclalty ot OOINQ OUT OF 8IQBT. 
1 leave tao groond ungtair by my taath aadjMrforni 
haiardaua feau hundred* of teat la mid air. . Home Ao- 
Naw Dundee, Ont.. for a faw aoalbs this wtater. 

9, «iA88Ki.i.B, Dry^aw, BMefc. 



Eaay aeller: big pro&ta. Weighs one ponnd. ea- 
paelty 290 llM. State rlgbu tor sale. Sanrple SO 
cts.. flOO per M. S. C. DUXIH, If nira»illi»lt. Pa. 


10 Feature Acts, Pmmy Magic, 26 Songs. 8 
Monolognet, T Parodies. Gaga, 4 Stnmp Speeebe*. 
12 Sketches, aU for 50e. £. P. COHaAH, 
nSS Hoith Fooith St., phlladslphia. Fa. 


VUVO FLAYXa who eso alng lllDatnted sonn. 
~ ~ No tickets. OOLintBIA 

State lowest salar y. 

mmra nomts 

CO., Fainncat, W. Ta. 


One Second'ttand llXJUlT.OOtSOirH1>. Moat 
be O. K, and price right. BaTe good propoal- 
tlon. (or some one who owoa a Peirla WhecL 
Write ft a. LOHO. KotmdaTflla W. Va. 

WAlfXED— Moatcal Comedian. Mnat make good 
on baUyboo and not be atiaU ot week. MO 
ticketa. yoln oa wire. Can use good elee trle 
Theatre Trout. WMte or wire OLD F'Kl^"'^^ BT 
OASUORX, SsntlastaB, Tenn. 


In thoir Bomady Piaylai. 

A Timely Lesson 


Oood One-Night Attractions 

At the remodeled SPENCER, ICA88., OPERA 
HOirSZ. Pop. 7,800; ten thonaanil to draw frook 
Stage aoaas. Beetnelly. aev Sm i tiy ;' 
thing new. fer open tlinc addreas X. B. 



Finest little Opera House in the State 
FresBO. OMo. late ATt adaic. 0. 


Xtie Billboard 




The best, greatest and most sensational acts in the cir- 
cus world. None too big or too expensive for this. 
America's Richest Tented Exhibition. 

The foremost riders (with or withont stock), aerial- 
ists, acrobats, paatomifliists, dancers and trained am- 
mal acts; in fact any high class and refined act. In 
other words the Great Floto Shows proposes to com- 
pete in excellence with any circus or shows in the 

-!-A Diirtw of a MiUiOB DiUars-:- 

Is now being expended in additional startling features, 
equipment and general remodelling of this already well 
known lastttntion* 

PnUisan Palace Car Dining Service, Pullman Pal- 
ace Car Sleepers, including Pullman service in the way 
of equipment, and let it be understood that the working 
men of the Floto Shows have Pullman Palace Car 



Car managers. Contracting agents, Billposters, Litho- 
graphers, Route Riders, Distributors and general all 
around hnstlets. Only those who have no ezcnaes' and 
are first class in their various departsients should ap* 

ply for positions. Season 1906 opens early in MARCH 
and closes about DECEMBER 1. 


AN Cemmunieationa to 

Nn York AMm. 


SELLS, CHI If TmiPSM & mm nm- 





Mcintosh s?,^vT'^^'^ 




Xhe FamoQH Freiicli Dam In^ «.lrU, lii a rptliied and ar Intlt VuiidcTllIe 



,¥fiRe AilTISTS SUPREme. 

—Parker BbootfBff Uftllery No. e. Tent mnd Piano. UsM Tent. S-ft. wall; DylnR Indian 
nSQZV. Pctrilled Indlui, Mermaid, S-le«nce<l Dog-; all wjtb 7x9 palnUnfcm. CDterpiis« 
Stereoptlcon, Acetylene Bonier and Tank: Psmloa Play and Life of Christ; Isdlao 
Carlos. I wsot Edison lAtest Movlni^ Plctore Kachlne and Films; also 60 fC- Ronnd top 

O. W- MOREY. Jew«ler and Optlofaci, Valentino. Nab- 

Slot Machines 

POOL BOWUBO eomblnaUoD. 14-ft. table, icc- 
Istcra and aotooatle Pin Betten. niostntid 
circulars of CTCIT tbiBg fre«. H. A. KcCAX*- 
LISTER, 4009 Vaith lUAH St., St. Lonii, Ho. 

OOMPAar KUUSERS whilcbooUnr ttaroacb 
Oblo aboald not fWcet BOBEVILLE. ttiat bai7 
little place of 8.000. It baa ten Potteries, elfht 
Coal Mines and two large Brick Plants, aU 
working ererr daj. AddreaaFBUnC B. JOHV- 
BOH. lUnaccr. Bosavills. OUa, 

Sm Our Ad Page 37. 

Hritei ttalM Tart t Mt^ tt. 

TcKU Tor Wild West i 

Slot Machines 

Tor An MWWBt. AH Uada. Below- coat. 
LETr, 41S Kearser St.. San Frasciaco, Ctt 


t books for 10c. AU ktsda of acts, 
'a School, SS7 H. Uth. FhlU.. Ba. 

Center. Qnarter and Side Poles, Stake*. Ctr- 
cos Seats. ChjtfltB fumlstied complete. One 
CaDop7 for Wild West Sbo>T. 1.1st free. PEABL 
VAV. Hortlnillak >. T. 


Tit our "Jewel brand" Heads Agv aaeheMM 
work, and Bocen' Superior BsM tor stNct 
work; both fully wumnted. 


lllddletowo. M. T. 

To mn oe wtte. tte yttj bee 
PEBFOBHZBS ta aU nor*. Lgns tare 
ment. BBOF. T. K. SaWaUT. Ons<a 
Hadleia* Oa, Maaaaimr. Aasariaa C*.. Va. 

mw TO BBOOHE A C OM t OMWO mt. Fn»t 
and Back Bendlnic: each trick maaBBted, 39<- 
TnA Karplief a Bchool, 837 IT. Uth, VUIa. Tn., 

"TTu giTlwwir' 

Ttt« mill>oar«l 



A List, Alphabetically Arranged, of All the 
New Productions and Important Revivals 
Since September 4- Rosters of Original 
Companies and Places of Opening-Other 
Chronology of Tedmical Interest. 

DiMBi cumedy.** hj Glen McDoDoajcb and 
Victor Hfrtiert. Opened at Sur Theatre. 
Buffalo. N. 1'., Sept. J4. Produced at Grand 
Open UouK. Chicago. Sept. 17. Prodoeed at 
Majestic Tlwatrc. Mew York City, as Won- 
ORjaiid, Oct. a. Ont: 

Dr. Fai Sam Chip 

PbTlIIa ..........Era Darenport 

Gladys •••■•••••••Almee Angeles 

BlldeganJe FlggCtS .......... .Lotta Faast 

Pilnce Fortnnlo ....^.^.^....Befale Wynn 

Ca|>t. MonUgue Bla*. .Charlei Barry 

ttmet ......'i'...Ocoixe McKay 

King of Hearts J. C. Marlowe 

LeiDiler ..........m. Dorla Mitchell 

Uargot Sue Kelleher 

Gertrude .Sulda Halrers 

Bolla James Hatrii and WUUam Coban 

Chief of Gendanoes ....WllUain McOanlela 

Uarcaret Bmily Foltoo 

MarsacTlte Helen HUton 

Met Alice Ela 

ICarJorle LncUle Easen 

MaqiherlU Phoebe Loobet 

Adele Gordon 

Ulnnle Woodbory 

■-■..**...»........ ■fWarte Frmnklyn 

■ ■ w«»fcjy»i- Howland 

,...^......^........O eot^ B«rton 

...................vaiNlH Bvpce 


Oct. 2. 

norence Roberts is aram-d. utben art 
PfcnaQ. Laelu Hcadenua. U. S. Xortlonp. 

ain>rd Lrtgfc. Bobm . u«tr<id^ onu b. 

}<-'<'x. HI Mm UHin.Mwini XMkv. Kotak 
Lamliua. nn«M» BMUM aid JfcMFita Es- 


AN .ujxmucAJo' ixmo.— «u tv g«o. n. 

Broadbaist and C. T. Duty. Opened la Syr^i- 
n»«e. X. Oct. 

Wiuiaa B. Cimae suned; BUds apo?.: >» 
leadlag lady. 

AS \E SOW.— Four-set drama, hy Ber. John 
M. Snyder. Opened at McTldwCa Xkestre, 
OtalcaEO. Sept. S. OaBb 
iter. John St. Mn. JK h^.Makk GItaDore 

Bub BilUnc* fHnrtra B. Craig 

Frank St. Joka :.rtanklya Roberta 

I>eaco<i Baiastt Bncet Mack 

(.aptain Haaka Mac M. Barnes 

Uither Ludlsai Oonclas Fairbanks 

Ste»e StetaOD ., Edwin Forsberg 

AL SpHwer .Vkadcde D. Freeo^an 

SUHOD GoUalh JMVcr Ben Cotton 

5*e Uallett .N. N. Beers 

Eph. Hallett .Stereo Meade 

Ace Wheeler .........'....Itorry Meredltb 

C'al Hooper Mbn S. Barton 

Jjr». it. John Marie Taylor 

E°^. ^"<i Beirn Msc Gregor 

Huldy Cuablns May McCabc 

Ollre Wrigbt 

■elle St. John Kate Beneteao 

n.f: Baaaett Pearl Sanford 

Pidly HlyUey Harlan A. Obapmso 


In three sets, 
St tiie GrsDd 
Ave- 31. Cast: 

Ears Kendall 

« -...•»..«.. John Garrick 

li^r^- Ellaabeth King 

.JT^^ Tborlow BrrgCQ 

m^jF*'*^ Bishop 

Neatiitt Vtcderlek Malcolm 

r.»jfal"'«'V/ Kathryne Browne 

vSS^ Nesbitt BlU O'NeUI 

l,!5™ V v; -; TalUferro 

nTSl' nM"!?.'""* Barold Boaaell 

Wl* 9umam 

jcair tmaii lu 

"w^S^SAMARITANTlF^rce In foor acts. 
k ImHJ^^^- opened at ColnmbU Theatre. 

-nfi"?- ^ S- *■ Opened at Oar- 

.*'WdXr23.''l5L.t:'^"* City., sept. 12. 

Blaford Higglns, proprietor of the New 
Boston 'Hotel Samnel Reed 

H. Calhoun Galloway, a promoter of liti- 
gation L. Wadswortli Harris 

Homer McGee, a great iarentar 

Jacques Kmger 

Si^or Pletro Gar^lina, of the Conserr- 
atory George Marlon 

Henry Doty, of tlie New Boston Lirery 
Bam Sam. B. Hardy 

Snsanna W&ratly. housekeeper at the 

Tiew Boston Hotel Anne Sntberland 

EHzabetb Forest Oridley. wife of Alonxo 
ATi^usta True 

Jessie Grldley, dangliter of Alonxo 

Cecccyile Mayer 

Belle (Hlskle, aD Inelpleat MClba 

Grace Fisher 

THB BELLE OF THE WEST.— Musical comedy 
in tliree acts, by Harry B. Smith: music by 
Karl L. Hoselma. Opened at HsrrUSnrg, 
Fa.. Ang. 28. OMt: 

Rob Randolph Jack Henderson 

Tarantula Jake Joeeph Greene 

Hon. Holland 8toae Percy Jennings 

Connor Will Powers 

Kidder Arthur Powers 

Methuaslem Jones J. R. Lee 

DskoU Dan BArry Dale 

Glad'Haad BUI J. B. Miller 

Short-Card diarley Wallace F. Beery 

Dnfortnnate-Sduaalta Sig. Franklin 

Ah Chew Aa. W. Herbert 

Vera Vane Jbtlon LtttleOeld 

Mlrandy Jkac ...Bteiletta Keyes 

Nora . ........... JiiMBa _A aBwaa 

Cora .. .....H. ............ '..inft . B^AEby 

Dora ..............Taiatr BoRen 

Flora „ .iimimi Wise 

Am«n ABM Solfman 

Laora ...^...;.aMe Arts 

Virginia i«c 



Bides like a Palace Gar. BIG when up. 
The VERY smallest wnen down for ship- 
ping Parks, Carnival Companiasy 

why not have The One Safe wheiBlf 

the big: money getter, instead of the 
Cheap, spider-web wheels? You are al- 
ways afraid of an accident (and have 
tbnm, too). Attractive prices for 1808. 




Applications Will Be Receind li WrtUos Oal|, for tti VariNS Miur Coieessiott 




oneoftlwiiioitnioeBaRtalpnkBhitlMeinnitirMwVMtBMMii* TkaHa«iaaaia.A.Jt. : 

campment will be held in Hlnneapolls next Ansnst. vsrblch tocetber with the 1 
State Fair, will hrlng over 300.000 vlsitois lottaeTwIn ClWs. Correspondence is invftadtMim 
tbemanascTSOt bands ot National repnlatlon. Address all commnnlcatlons to 

I. L NRSEY, President aod 6eoerai Manager, Twin Citi Wonderland. 



L»rtm ateok Always 
•a Hand 

A complete line of fast seUing and numey 



And other holiday goods at extremely low 
prices. Write for catalogue and prices 

Capt. James Barley.....i.'«|L OL- 
Uent. Setoa Boyne. ....i ~ _ 

Hert>ert Hannera ...VMak 'Oolttndth 

Major S medley Gcoise Sumner 

Tom Oodd Ococse Uiller 

Aoffastus Smith .......... ..Barrsy Barton 

John Dibbs Nell O'Brien 

George Potter Oiren Gwent 

Ted W. H. Post 

Joe B. W. Parmenter 

Bill Frederick Raymond 

Alt Herbert Aylinc 

Jack Barry Gwynetle 

Mr*. Smedley Ina Oeldsodth 

Ethel flowdlcr .J CathMTlne Pkrtnee 

EaMx fiaOaa ...........aai^aBpiyt- fcyMaar 

9fta. Rortfp .......... '...Batbcrtae Stewart 

tin. BaMwh ...Bra Tlaeeat 


in tw acta tr a. T. 
man. :OmmA at OM' 
Tofk Ot^. 9tL ~ 

Pincns ..........6na Torke 

roosky ......^.Nick Adams 

B. Dunne Coode ........... Jas. J. Collins 

Wood B. Holnia........ ...... Bert Thayer 

Senor SUntoa CslMM ......F.C 8. Baekley 

Billy Bobbs .'...Bddle Bsrto 

Orptaens nippe ................ ..Barl Berry 

Bill 6. Bisher ...............Ralph Seals 

Ord. R. Round ..........iiUatoo DeWolt 

AUle Gator ..........k Dick Bnrch 

I.ulu Larcbmcot' ....•..*.. ...Rita Redmond 

MolLr Street Anna Wilkes 

Jessie Jenka Mamie Lairerty 

Jaqutoette .Kthel Golden 

La Ftance Laarler DeWolf 

Beauty Viola Macey 

Bride S.vlphette 

June .Lolette Names 

Moss Knixy WInR 

Amalga Olaled Msncie Catlln 

Uias Ouri Daisy Dtckerman 

Con SoUdated JBelen PhUllpa 

Teanie See ..Uabd Uonne 

Weaten> UalOD ...........^KatUcCB Adair 

AtAy eon ...nettle torons 

Tezaa PacMe Sadie Sdonls 

Baity Moore .....vabel crott 

Inter Bomogb ....... .v. --Bleanor In« t ia M 

Qoldie -Bo«ids ........w... Mildred Newman 

Lake Superior Carrie Cooper 

fiocar Trust Bertha Bced 

Brie Ftiat ......... ..i^......Ousste Bettela 

Ontora Sliipped Same 
' Day RoMlved. 


3032 N, 6th St, 




Never Before Seen Witt Aay Other Act 





Attractiona draws great crowds every day. and pleases the people with sreat sncceaa. 
The people lore to see BRONCHO JOHN tae geaalae scout and sucueiefBl niHItaty 
guide ot War. BRONCHO JOMN with bis mea, animals. ontBt andazblUtlMlsan 
money makers tor all who be does basiness with. For partlcalars address. 

J. H. SPfclilVAWt nanacer. Valparaiso. Ind. 


Xbe Famona French 


Dctas Clrla, In a refined and artistic VaadevUla 


Readiag MMboii Badge Gow, 

Reading* Pv. 

We Are Expert Builders. 

United Stales Tent & Awnin; Co. 

or All Kinds or Tcaia. 


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Stat, (nil puflenUi. mlOx lowest price flrat letter. 

Care at Rllllxwid. CUidBDatl. Ohio. 

Trie: Btllboard 









E^i^Y 30fti, 1906, 

E F R O M B O 8 T O 

^imnf FROM : Grntir Bk^d, 1,200,000 Piopls. Witlua 50 Hiiss, 3,000,000 PNidi. 


F. G. 

Gen. Mgr.' 


53 State St., Boston, Mass. 



Billboard,' CWcago. 



The Va 

CIrctu Teats To 

See Our Ad Page 37. 

United States Tent & Awning: Co. 

Aui SLi.a Or Silj le. 

;SHE1 -BBEjLK OF'AVKNLE A- — Hnstcal corned? 
In tbn« mcts. Book and lyrics by Hany-WlU 
n.iM.j u>d - xmnic^ by E^ert Vao Alstjme. 
Oiieied at fbe Gnat Opm HauE«, New Xork 
OtT. Oct. 9. OMt: ' - ' : 

Geotse Fairfax Hal Qementa 

Jodse StnTcsant Green-de-Uiat 

; wm s. Bisioe 

lord Cecil Carandlsh........ Frank Holllns 

_ Spike McNeQ BIDy Kent 

- Carl Klatz .....-•Sat Plelda 

Solomoii Bloom Harry Fields 

-SBatchem ...» .....WllUam Soott . 

Stralglit , ...... BoJ)#rt "Wade 

'. ' Jaetet ....^..-..-.i — ...Franela". MacCulre. 

■ IHB SBAOTT DOCTOR- — Musical corned;. -In 
V : two acta. Book by Howard M. Shelley, lyrics 
; Tbonias W. Pilor£ mdslc byFred-HjUnda 
; and C. H.;iJBn ^4)»M(« at. Ite nntacalk 
' . Stict Xkwine.. Htar-XDik -Ottr. Sev*.: -m- 

^v-. Jalla De'Ca'Orcae V.....;CIaIre .6reenTine ' 

' nrnriHn*--Tnill*l.l» - ' Tnttlr Uart 

Flora Hrlands 

Valeria TeraBleK'.:.!..'^.;.^..-. Susie Winner 
WaLslnglian^'-Cylior--'..... .Dan Qfoylei 

' E<>eoeier Lnttfr i wni Pbllbrlck 

Ketchom <|nlck ...a Earl Reddlns 

Solomoo CobCD' ..!....... James R- Waters 

Jack Lester .- .O. D. Johns 

expressman .....t«'. A.'RogefS - 

- Waltrr ..AL Ofalendorf 

ftimr ........ .Jcsile Cudownlc 

EEPORB USD tfTBB..':-Fkm. br Leo. Oil- 
rlehsteln. Opened at the PanwD Tbeatre, 

Bartford. Conn., Nor. 6. 

C&st Inclodes FMtz WUllams, Tbomas A. 
Wise, Kenyon Blsbop. Kattaerlne Florence. Geo. 
C. Bonllace, Jr., and Leo Dltrtcbsteln. 

CATOH.OF TTTR niTlATinWi Miiili il drajDa In 
two .cts.> by -IT J 1 1 SSMW Oosmo 
BuOton. Opcnedimt. BUP^ nutie, Keir 
Tack City, Ans. SB. Cub ' 

. The Safe, of St. J mmiM ...". Jl— flostmt 
Lbril _jftijjit»a JMoBM «gle.i .]^... Jfcti. 'K^e 
Ifr. wuifHB . whMB .^tad mi^h^ jr. 
I<acd TrtlM ^..ift.WJ. V. ...... ...B«t Sinden 

' Slr-JotB 09MI...\..~r..W. lb Biaiaomnbe 
Tallonr .Andi.HB .........Tallrar Andreirs 

Captain BnahpMl ...........Flank Norman 

..Almerlc M n n tpiiMfT .-i..i^,.7tek.'B, Millar 

Badminton^ ~ " 



First Footman . 
Second Footman 
Tbe Dnefiess ... 
Lady Catertaam 
Lady Crystal 

ITIrlati 'Graham 
.John F. O'SnUlTsn 
Majter I«al( Victor 
...William Jefferson 
^. ...... -..C. J, Erans 

....Mn; 7. p. West 

..I Mand kmton 

.Annie Esmond 

The Bon. Sophia Bedford Jane May 

The Hon. Honorla Bedford. BCargaret Frsser 

Angela .Xdna Hay 

Fricess ScboirenbiAe-HcAeniclwiicn .... 

Baa. mmiiliiite IlMkli«....TMn!V«irIes 

-.OlotlMe ~ 

CUSTEB'S LAST PIGHT. — Historical t^elo- 
drama In four acts, by Han Beld. . Opened 
at tbe Star Theatre, Sew Tork Ctty. Anx. 
21. Cast: i 

Buffalo Mn Jlon^omery-'lr^iK 

Bh* B»;*d""""* 

Wahkeneetab • 
Louis Ramsay 

DoTe Eye 

)trs. aiary Boodr 


Brare Bear . 

Markoe ....i 

Betsey Baker — ..J..! 
Geonce Westley 
Gniena Cutter ....... 

i8m. Z*. HaorSee 
JUnian Lancaster 
.;|(argaret Nelson 
.Fannie Abbott 
..JEitberlne Doollns 
...4.. . . . . .Qninnebin 

.V..«...By Himself 
•i iti.: . . . Bt Herself 
■'VUllam H. Lewis 
....Eocene Weller 


Tbomas Dtxan. Jt^ 
Opened at tte ' 
Vs.. Sept. 22. 
Cast MMea GeorgU 
Sltctale^ AaMk Wahb and 

TOB CBOSSnra. — Poar act play by Winston 
CborcMll and Loids B. SUpman. Opened at 
the Eaclld ATenn. ThMitnw OleTeland, Olilo, 
Oct 2. Caat: • ■ 

Nicholas Temple .... 

DaTld RItcble 

AUBnate De St. Ore... 
Harty Blddle (known 

Baron de Carondelet. . 

M. De St. Gre 

Dr. Perrin 

De Cresplgny 


..John -Blalr 

H. McAllister 

Etienne Olrardot 

as Old. OllTe).. 

Alex. F. Frank 

.Arthnr B. Lawrence 

B. y. FersuaoB 

. — Edward Donnelly 

Sbelley Hnll 

P. Blehter 

»•■•«»••• • • a w. WiloA 

MaM Bett 

......Tiolet Book 

THE xnsKB OF DDLDTH. — OpcnUc farce In 
two acta, fay Geotse Bioadlniiat. Mote fay 

Ma» g..mtt.-- omil at «• a — 

trc Mrt SL 

DarllBS DooUttle Nat it. Wills 

Klakka IT Henry Norman 

Dennis O'Ban Stanley Hawkins 

Olnaep^ Sutatta ....Bobert Paton Qlbbe 

Jasper WaaUnKton Srecen Frank White 

Tbe High Fxlest Frank DeardaS 

lUesaenccr A. G. Franklin 

Amem Edltb Decker 

PrinecM >IlrttM> .Settle Arnold 

Jhaut Oatbcriae Can 

BlaacB Dtra MuaUa 

to tbe HIgk ftlwt. .Vn r 



DE LAIfCBY. — Comedy In three sets by An- 
sustna Tbrnnaa. Opened mt Emplie Tbcatie. 

U. 7. .. 

JfiftB .... 

...... ..Obt Rlcbols 

.0. Uadean Sarase 
.......SMacy IrrUw 

Walter ............. ......4.^.. w. 

Taeqo^lae ^Utftf Ji Mgiitn IMI* 

Irene MUlard .........^... .^.Ps ele geene 

Jo ........ ....^.....•...••AlbeTt Sflccardl 

Peter ....... W. Becfatel 

air. Umard ............^...Traak Aiken 

Tom Robert MuUe 

Georse ............Hairy Beddinc 

DaTe Marple ...........Henefee Johnstone 

Botler Albert Boccardl 

Maid Uay Galyer 

MnL HObard OondU BcdM 

HBE DBUOOH n<T.— Dtama, by John Laibet 
Long and Bdw. Cbllds Oarpenter. Opened at 
the Gamck Tbeatre, Philadelphia, Pa., aiM 
18. Company beaded bj Minnie Sellgniaa mm 
William Brmmwell. Tour closed. 
HAST DAWSON.— Comedy In three acts, by 
E. E. Kidder. Opened in Washington. D. a, 
Ang. ,ljL_ Pndnead a^WaUadt'a Theatrtk 

Bose Dawso 

TT.nn.h Doty 

Badle Collins 

Mrs. CaiQrchlll.ChQrdhlU-Breton 

Jeffreys Lewla 

Ernestine Ormby Lerell Taylor 

Ancle Bates Phyllis Sherwood 

BDOnnn)' BUBKEv— Bomaatle Irish play, lo 
four acts, by Theodore Bart Sayre. Opeaed 
at the Hyperion Tbeatre, New Haren^OMBa 
Sept. 11. Trodoced at the Majestic 
New Tork City, Oct. 2.21. Cast: 

Edmnnd Bnrke ... 
OUrer Goldsmith 


Lord Nugent 

Sir Hngh Vlrlan 

Captain Gallecr 

Minriee DeMfcr 



Slogger Morphy 

Lord Bertie Glsdys 

Mickey Unrphy ...Lottie 

Lord Archie Lottie 

I«dy Phyllis Edith 

MUy Macent 

..Cbaancey Oleott 
...Daniel Jsrrett 
. .Msec Qreenleaf 
. ..Vemer darges 

Thomas Darld 

BIchard Malcbira 
....Macy Harlam 
..George Breonan 

Charles Ogle 

Charles Oct* 

MUbonme Siutt 




I« Jenne _ _ ..^ 

Charlotte Mmbanrae Smltk 

THE FILIBUSTER. — Moslcal COMSd y. .k* 
Broadhorst and Swain. Opened at QoiM 
Tbeatre, St. Looif, HO., Sept. 9.' 
week of Oct. 3t I. Feaeee 

..Tom Hadsway 
■iitiClMiieM Seagreaie 
•Charles Seagreate 

Adama diaries Dockery 

Ciptalo Salratore Oarda O. J. Vsneiw 

Reggie Mothereon H. C. Fren.* 

CaptalD Enchilada Harry Poii"-" 

Donna Dolores Kate Oond^o 

Boonrlng Bet Helena Phfllli*' 

Dolly DaiklBCtiNl .UtM Ball 







We have stoek Piiitorial Posters suitable fop most any kind 



fop Papop witii TKIaa off Standapd Plays has promptod ao te'aot.oat 
olabopato lino off papor f op oaoh of the f ollowiaa piajfo i 

Rip Van Winkle, Dp. Jekyll and Mp. Hyde 

a nd East Lynne & 




Vnmeh DuielDe Clrls, In « refined and artlatle VmndeTlIIe 


James Fierce WLilUm QaTena 

Beatrice Forrest Sophia Scott 

Paal Jennings James Breonan 

Howard Klrtland Oaoise Brteht 


Rillboard, Chicago. 


Sea Our Ad Page 37. 
lUted States Teat & Awaiaf Ca. 

■Oira Artteta. 


Bosallc .. 


Vtooiic .. 

....Grace Ombam 
..Frances Hodgson 
. . .Owrno Mnedltti 

Helen Allen 

......Helen Welili 

ncBTiNO FATE.— Helodnma III ftmr aeti, br 
Edward Locke. Opened at the Star Theatre. 
New Sork Cttr. Auc. 14.- Oaat: 

Han7 Langdoa 
fnncil Clark . 

aw at PoUee 

SUMe B«F .. 
Freddie BmUk 


?»ntry ............. 

^oi iceiBM 


AKSle Cllne ...... 

Uose DoratoD ..... 

J:'"- Stewart ..... 


JIr«. Crania 

I-TTT Stewart .... 
■■race Stewart .... 

....Ancaa Ooataira 

-Wnilam A. PtOIey 

, Th. Aiken 

...Jobn K. Mackay 

Dan Bealj 

Barry Smith 

George Dear 

Walter Cooke 

■oaU Wolf 
B. Bpeera 

B. CoUen 

».^.'.>ll|lllaB Ortat t 
>....i.,»....i.'.~..B» "fltoot 

.... ...^I 

^......j^uteF HSfdy 

••.•..ivVkank ZfCobard 
;..'9..«£BSward Sdirani 
••«.....'.«.. .M. Kelly 

....IiMe Meara 

......AftiBteatto Smart 

•i.aaaay Fleming 

Mulcal OxnedF. 

«reat SaSr 
••«pt. 25. Pt< 
"go. Oct. 1 

aaaaalHE THREE KOBERS.a.aa 

Introdneiiw > new oomblnattoa of 
Gymnaitlr and Oentorttca. 



MgPaBBy BMg.. 

■B&Ttue. WASH. 

Fay Templetoo Is starred. Othen arc Victor 
Moore. Jnlla Balpb. Lois Bwell. Chas ilng, Jr.. 
Walter Oaren. Jaa. EL Uannlns. Louis R. Crls- 
ell. Alf. DeBall. Eugene HeGreggor. Miss Cox. 
A. C. Bealll. J. StDMOS, SUtsoeclte Lane, Nat. 

' I «. BUatt. 31axk» Stnger. 
A. B. AxrMid, J. 8. Dsoaelly, 
~ Priaea. Krrada Viiya- 
Matgamta Mase. 

A mat rnxjoksax^vur i« " h. bio*. 

aom. Opened at tbe lUttlek Trie-.ttrF, PtUa- 
delpbla. Pa.. Sept. 23. 

Tbomas W. Ross la standi Otbors are Uaale 
Hndaon Cblller. BUoa Penundex. Jobn Flood 
and George _ Paiaons. 

THE FonB LEAF CLOVBB — Unslcal eomedy 
In four acta. t>y Martha Morton. Opened at 
Faraon's Theatre, Hartford. Good.. Oct. 
3. Closed week of Oct. le. Cast: 

Dr. Horatlon Brown....... 

Dr. Jobn Brown 

Beginald Arthur Jefferson 


William SlapoTer 

Hanaman Jellon-s 

SIgnor Dl BonnetU 

Mrs. DeMsr Fosaeict 



Miss Blsbop 

Mis. Sadler 
Mrs. Taylor 
Snt^b Onasta ..«••...• 
Ml*. OTEaale 

■C BoaUaee. Jr. 
..Claude Braoke 
DeWltt Tan 
..Brandon Hant 
.Walter Perkins 
. .Snits Edwards 
Edonard Dnrand 

.Maade Granger 
.Tlola Csrlstodt 
Oraea Wkltwortk 

BlatT CH^a 

Anna Lee .. 
Pearl Brown 
DtKOtby OdcU 



'.........♦.S MI ; H O^IdJ 

.......•«• ...naacea Sears 

...........Belle Triochard 

...^..-.....Brelja Jelinaoa 


three acts by Jobs J. McNally. Opened in 
Rochester, N. T., Sept- 22. Prodnced at 
Herald Square Theatre. New York City. Oct. 
16. Cast: 

Frits Von SwcibeillMtB ....Joseph Cawtbora 

Pat McCann Mark Hart 

Bella -McCann Soe Stuart 

Elena McCann ........... Allaon Sklpwortb 

J. Edward Gorier ........Mlaa M. Tannen 

Charles Hart ..'.^.i.Vnak W. Shea 

Ul McGrala Ada Lewis 

Snsette Sorbonne Neia Aymar 

Alfred Hlnes George .\ustln Moore 

MlUlo -Meyers Snxanne Halpten 

Grant Bellyne MelTIlle Kills 

Teddy Mnllane Cbas. McDonaU 

Fergus O'Flafaerty Robert O'Coaaor 

Tim SoIllTan ...........^^BaBp^B^Walt. .. 

Slim Jim . . . ....*..««m».mMB.a'^wv WBI^B',- ' 

'^ttjr^' DnpolB M.^.Wipt^-K< Bmdllstta 
^lBBn0ov.--.^^'...^WMW**Charlaa ^Ooaa 
. . . . i . . . . .'.V. . . ... ^ • . vodaae 

. ....... ..;;..'.^.V;...TIolet Banes 

I«tty .......Alva HollaDd 

Batl^ Beryle Dam 

Plnens P. Lekoaky 

Mrs. Hart-JMnn. . Stella Majhaw 

■t .tha ^_„,__^ 


Opened at tbe Ganlek Xbeatiak 

Out tnclodes Dare Lewt*. A 

lowe, Toby Lyons, John Ki 
Amelia Stooe. Mae Taylor, Neejw' 
Kelso and Florence Townaend 





Bmno ..- 

ZUpata ;. 

Widow Tellar.£ 
Rosle Teller 


Little Gretcfaen. 

.,;;.AL.£. -Bolsteln 
Viii-.W;" E' Btarble 
.;;...TMiy Waylaad. 
.... Howard Lerrlek 
.Len B. Kane 

.i. Brelyn Snble 

~1arence Shepherd 
;;;U]Uan Rhodes 

FranelB Ibbotson 

.Little OUdya BStotla 

THE OEATOff Mallear 

vdm AMt lit a^:, — " 

i.-A..y.i>..»l .-.'. .* . Hlrtt ar^ Banx 

vt*..*.^*...*'....<t*.*sMiv vwuey 
B.' .^..■..^Mf.^....-^^.XAcy Daly 

edy, by Harry DeiMine. (ipenel at tbe Ly- 

ceom Theatre, Bocbester, N. Y.. Oct. 14 
Comp any headed tj Btaxf WoodmH aad Xdna 


Charles II .Arthnr Foncst 

Tbt Count de Grammoatt Otis Skinner 

Lord Jermyn Sotert Peyton Carter 

IXHd Arlington Cbarles Wellea 

Mr. James BamUtao 'WUllajn Bosell 

Iionl Chamberlain Daniel Pennal 

ira.......-.Jolm Boiyte:, 

Jennie Buataaa 
.U^;'.Marian Abbott:- 


diaBn. .lB r 

at ,tba ^__ 

fieyt. 18. OMt: 

Michael iNolan 

Pat Dolan 

Tom Croston.. ....... 

Simon Stakea.'...^^.'. 
SImmono. ............. 





• .. . . ...... ......... 

. . .James Rnaaell 

Jobs Btnaell 

G. Lingham 
.....B»yal Tbsyer 
Mka RosseB, Jr 

Frank Batttn 

.S. G. Archibald 

G. A. WyUe 

John A-Salloc 

Beory Jobas 

-..WUIlam Beztcr 
jO. a. Carpentar 
.Joha But 


am CaOBXT IIATOH.— Play. ill four acts. 
, br Olrdc jnteb. ODtaed at tbe Criterion The- 
V atn; Kc» Zak lWt^Stvt. 4. Cast: , 

^';;;:^;i;.v;ifaft(» oitdieaios* 

L^..^........;jMtk> Tbinc 

3tBe. MatblMe Oottrelly 

Onmtcss Ossavettl .Suzanne Perry 

crown prince Adolpb Charles Cherry 

Mr. AuKustos Botes Heitiert Standing 

Jfr. Cyril Bote* . Leon QnartennalDe 

Mr. Fla•k^Wan>.... Ftllx Bdwardes 

Hallen. .Cory Xboius 

"Weeks. . .> .andcesoa . TOFlor 


Xtie Billboard 

DKCBMBER 2, 1903. 









Hm a Smc« 225x150 Fut. UbIms Yh Htvi i SigHtia ui Abnlitily Niw Fnturi, Dm'I Write. Adintt 

WM, H. REYNOLDS, Pres. - 22 Court St., BROOKLYN, N. Y. 

r CO HBK HUBBAND^^taie-aet 
B. Ouw. BeTlTcd at tbe 
Haw Tack OUr. Itpt. 18. 

BWiFTtiAMD.— Oonle CMn, In two acta, hj 
rtcdcrlck Bankan and B« ' " ~ 

Opaoad at 

at IflTlc TbHtrc, 

Mcir Tack OUT. OttL Oaat: 

BMlnald Oe Konn, 
bMtra, I" 



■calatlciia <D» Wolf Hopper 

Bphlnnv .WUllui Wolff 

Altlnraa tWUllajn l)«iiforth 

f^ortanatna Joaaph PMlIlpa 

••••••••••••••••••.Jaiis Do&amilva 

»••••••••••••••••«••• aXkaak Oaaax 

= - 


na hair 

BaabIetaiilaii....J'am<* JlelntTTa 
~ .T. K. Bcatlk 

JW. o. Flclda 

. Brcrbart FtorrMt Huff 

— Bpoteaab I>aTM ToiT»nc» 

WMCa^^ lUeklcbaekar AUml FUbcr 

Jobraa Bowland 
JOuoUoa OonlOD 

BcBe Gold 

..Banr Cooper 
K. Johnaooa 

IwaWk* •••••••••• 

■iUK. xmBIBv— Dnma. Bertvad at the Ja- 
cob Tbeatze. BUadiath. ». j., SapL 10. Caat: 

Daanoa Klxkc Ttwnk -Wcatoo 

> JHR7 KJifca. PaaUnc DnlBald 

.Oiarlea B. Basnell 

Mjjwr d Bkiwr 

• ■•BaAvt Vtortlcr 
■•••^•••••^••••■■•Ikatt Oa Hooaa 

^ = iliaatei 
i> ■■>>■•■ ••^•••••••••..JMaa 

Xadr T»avan.i;........Jbi. 8JB. 

5?***" .BBaa 

Haiel Kirk JOaa Kffle EUer 


acta, Jay ' Boat. 
. ThaatTC. Stw Talk 

■ BnrtoB riiaaall 
Baraee FaliMf.. 

' Doctor 

— Stomantle diaina, la (our 

'j* Uenteaant Jackioa. 
Walter ratrdeld.... 

Batik FalifleM 

HMmmr Soaaa 

Artbar faUteld. . . . 

W*B JhBTtoa. 

n«A Daltm.. 

....... ...Ikaak Boaatf 

. . j_.yWal laea Shaw 
»««a««Clcaige M. DfTCTC 
........SaiiT' Mltcben 

...•...•..Blm«r Adama 
..........GoBBle Henrr 

.... JOtaarlotte SfTereon 

ObrliUne HUI 

7oaeph F. DnrU 

Tbcodon Ouneroo 

J. H. Watera 

Bobcrt OUU* 

Oaaaad at Btooa Ogaca 
, JDnampta^ jfTrL Oat. M. ^K? 
— — At «i»irae>s nattn, CUcm 0«t. .ll 
.Out ladDdca UMal TaUafoft. Attmr ' toimi. 
B. J. BadcUCe. Mazy Hampton aad Smt Btcir. 


edr, br 0«o. V. Hdbtrt. 

ton. Del., Brut. 19. 

ClnrleB Grspen-tn Is >tarT«d. (Mhara are Anna 
Chance, Edvard c. UlUcspK, Cbulea Morton, 
Nat KoTb, Fred Mower. Jamea Allan. Harry 
Crandaa, Jolm Dillon. Bnrma TfMjjrTlUliili 
Sutford, Itlaucbv Howard, Anna WiDtcra, 
Kathiyn Pearl and Roth Black. 

TBIE: JBWflLfi OF FOBB.— Oaa aw tT9i;<d.v, by 
waiKcr whitMldaa. i^ianaA at llia noyd 
Theatre. Omalia. IMk. iM. ^ .M. dutaln 
raiser to David OaniVd Lmt^lr Mr. Whltc- 

Rldes' conii>«ny. 

JOarr oiit ot- OOLilBJCa).— r«rcc. in tUree acU, 
br CeoTKe Ade. Opcnad «t ~ ~ 
atre. New Haven. OMUL* Mn^iW^..\ 
at lorceuui 'ItieaLre New 
Mot. 17. Caat: 

: Mt'ot'eoniiar.'. . 

JJctifb WbeaZoek, )r. 

Batitkuua Piatolac, la tba^ekle bnalness 

• Bogen-.' J. Epaoo 

'«IlTm" Maao., •wfagar'a old osHexe 

cbom Obatlaa Jackion 

Caroline pidtailiB; <Hr danshtrr oC Sep 

timna Catberlne Cllman 

■S. W. Jones, a female bnalnen man 

Muliel Amber 

GeneTlerc Ctalxzle. one of tbMa randld 

friends XSeorcl* Uendnm 

Lnella Jenklna Pickering, pcealdent of tbe 

Oo-onUnata Coltnra CliAs 

Zioolaa Srdmetlt 

BanOoa HaOooalsk, a atcnocraptiw 

.JBIaaebe Stoddard 

A XKJUT BUBOH^Ifnalcal eom«Jr, tn tiro 
acta; book tr Jo». LeBrandt. moalc by Bany 
Tan Tllaar. OnaDad at I\nrta«ntb Street Tbe- 
•ttfc Mw TaACMr. BWt. A. Oart: 
lUnlM Buon.. .JBtDr. 8. OUfTord 
■Ctoia. Bazan..*«***»9«»»««...«a..Jao Vleld^ 

Jaeot* Sahmltt .Itaik Woehv 

lwilly.aC-tha-TaeU ; Cm Bayea 

Zack nuMOl .W. H. Wblte 

Baiw Van MMAi... Occise Kaget 

Police 0mm.: Obarlea T. i>.irr 



niomaa Broadbent 
ConwUni Doyle ... 

Larry Doyle , 

Peter Keegan 

Fatlicr Dempsey .. 

Matt Haffixin 

Tim Hafflgan 

Barney Doran .... 

Hodaoo ..... 

Patiy Farrell 

Nora Beniy 

Aont Jody 

.Jeannette Mjrcelle 
...aiatbllde PrerlUe 
> Madge Pierce 

I8LAin>.— TOBZ act 
.■wmm^ IMMM at tbe 

mmt shb oi^; HM. 11. 

Dodson MltcheU 

Charles Crosby 

ATDold Dily 

......George Farren 

Mark Price 

. . . . — John Flndlay 

Wlnchell Smith 

.7aaeph M. Sparks 

Fred Tyler 

Joseph Maddera 

....Cbiyatal Heme 

.Mrs. John Flndlay 

31HB Itira IBAT KILLS.-^>raiiu la four 
«r taSfc wM Ba%.ppM« aUtta Tba- 


Sir Bdmtd £sm. 
Hany Low* .. 
Beglnald ~ 

• ..Altan W. Parecll 

Walter Sberwln 

.....Sdniar Romalne 
.....•^IfeBCta* Drew 

JoBn ■wrtiB 
Dan Btefciek „.. 
M>yaie Ttanaaa 

aba. ^SanooA «...aww 
Uafcelle I«wa^.........;....Oiaot WUbr . 

MaT. Ann OaoaB ••»•«••«. ..J,, .y«i 

. Bmke 

National iCm6«, y 

Opened at 

C Oct. 23. 


Marianne oiga Netbenole 

Max de Pogia HamUtoo Beyelle 

Lools, In Act 1 'Winnie Crln> 

Loals. in Acts 1., III., IV... Leonard Crisp 

M. TUIard-OnTSl nvilllam Farren, jr. 

Mme. VlUard-DnTal ....Lootee Moody 

George Le BieoU Hotwrt Carter 

Hubert d* St. ISrlc . . . .Oharlaa Quartermalne 

il'anlette de St. Itole DamUiy Grimston 

Pierre, their boo .Dora CH&p 

Tttt Doctor ~ ■■ 

...Baity Dodd 

zoom AMD 



Ber. Pontltez 
Jane Dectia ., 
Mrs. Roasmore ... 

Miss Nesbit 

Jndge Roasmoca .. 
Ex-Jndge Stott .. 
Toby Blcf 
Shirley , 
Hon. FItlNjf 
Jorklna ....... 

Senator Bobcrta 
Kate BoberU... 
Wn. John Bukatt 


.nay la fasr 
at tka lUd- 
0ft BO. 


Hmurd Baa 

.Maixartt Only 

Jolla Hancbett 

Carolyn Elbarta 

...Walter Allen 

Fraxer Coolter 

•'..;.Aunes T. McDonald 
.••AWMUn Daly WUkea 

• ••.......Grace EUlston 

• •...•..Blebard Bennett 
• Martin Sabine 

Jamea stone 

E. A. Bberle 

.Marlon Bollock Johnson 
Brd«t...lfm. St J«bn 


8ee Our Ad Page 37. 
Unitfld States Tent & Awning Co. 

We Ar«i leut MpeclKllala. 

BmHb aad Viator Bai 
Knlckcibockfx Xkaatit, 
4. Played New 

iia, hy Baaiy B. 

Qpaaad at tb* 
Tort City, Seg. 

IbnhMtaa »HlM. K* .... 

as. aoatd Oct. Mte tbe road. Caat 

BerlTed at tba 
Xork City. Bapt, 



Mams liucca.... 

Holy Nagar 

Mlmna, tbe Bebo. 


OUoa Valgna 



..Cbas. A. MUlirard 
Xliaa. A. SteTeoaon 

Marshall Welsh 

Harold Howard 

iFranela Powera 

...Frank Weaterton 
....George Bareonrt 

OUmore Scott 

LoaU KeUer 


hH. O. Carlton 

r- j^-., Bdna Griffln 

— MW itbaa. JOharlea Bnngerford 

T^'^SSS' '••••••••. ...WUiBrd Sterling 

■ ?yg* fewj »'»»««»».«»»«t«<Oordon Weat 
A now BMM ,,, aWllUtin Sbay 

(Page of tba Baaalt muM ODamacy 

A Bargeman........ Indian Durrett 

f^'J"' •••...••.... Teft Jotanaon 

^*lba • , Sdnnrd Brown 

Slltrad Dharlea Wright 

Var-Igon t. L. Brana 

SUtc of the Whips J. w. Carroll 

5if'?J*..i"l? Oueen'a Door iBmeat Dale 

Th« OhHd Vaaba j«ne Felton 

JnUa Doma Oorah Adam. 

-.Cala Bobarto 

^■nsna..... ..'.•••••«.. ,.^.3Bat ZiajNM OBrtog 

MCMmaaaiDai.— Mnaleal comedy, by Geo. V 

. Marie . Oiljin U itarred. Others are Wllllnm 
JnjwartB, O««lor BebaD. Frederick I'anlding, 
^S?"fit H. B. Itoberti, 

g^g^ Otoa ja^n w^Mlllaa tawaaa; 

Oct, !«' 

Dorothy Ony Loin Olaser 

iMd Barlbuam MelTlllc BUwart 

finny .DooUttla B. o. Han 

Sannri Oij .Obarlaa Bradahaw 

Mrs. Odjr •••..Cairia Vetklaa 

S'''..*'*Cu::*"'*"«-"*»**d*tn da Hnaa 

Bertha BlUlatt OUea Mottay 

Celeste Kaala Fergnaoa 

lyleutenaot Von Rlohtcr (Henry Vogel 

i"M» Byron Onflej 

The Hon. 'Percy Flllbaodle. .Wm. Naaghtoo 
Tbe Marqala de Ba|IHBt.«.'.. .Jamea Leahy 
....Carl Hartbcrg 

Jamea B^aay 

..Bnrlco .Oremoote 
... .John Ardlsone 
....Sidney Harrto 

, ......Edward Leakf 

Ron. Montague Bank .Beule HolbraOB 

Ron. Mayland Bank eadle Pro hat 

jff.V'U LlUtan Spencer 

MUUeaat.. Qaecolc Hewitt 

flMt BtflS... ...Joseph FMhoff 

Id Blllff 1.. f. Sampaoo 

i^Mhn d>anU Desmond 

J >S!MK .Claa Bheltaardt 

BsteU* De Lanto.i TMa Whttiaoce 

Nora MdCrea «AlSa Bedmoad 

Rotb DelMytt Bdta IUl. 

yervn Bodiii^«M. .....••••••• a4I1a 

Baroo TOO Rbel 

Count Rnnoffaky.. 

Count ChlanU 

'Dake de Bolero..., 

Prince Umskyritcb 

Captain Sheridan Barry 



Ool. WlUlam Warrant Albert McOoTem 

Capt. James Jennings Oscar Norfleet 

Sergt. Oaofsa Harrey William Hart 

Om. Sidney Leland .Oaorga W. Mitchell 

SargeoB Btdaey Bntler. L. P.HIcki 

Corp. Cbarlca Bowaar .Vraacia Tala 

PrlTate HIU ffSM* B. SOftt 

Lieut. Pace ..3. r. Wigbaaaa 

Major Jamea WIIaOB... JihB .b WaodoCMB 

Tbomaa Mobbarly Aftbar ■. aMaMe 

Amoa Meedy Oharita H. JWlIiin 

Virginia Uland ^.truittt* Kmfesw 

l£«^^*I«i>Mn if.^lUfgUtt. JHm* 

"•O. WBH^.. ..••.•••••••. ....^^^ 

MiAiE. MniytaTR.— operetM. °' Ir Tk 
^rt and H. M. Ulaaaom.^)itM< at 

N. J.. Ort. 7. Cast; 

nenri De BouTray, Oonte da Bt Mar.... 
.WlUlaia Praette 

Capt. Bllrnne Oe BoaTray, bla nephew.... 

• Walter Perelral 

airam Bent, aa Aawiteaa JlinionaUr.... 

„ .OUade OilUacwatar 

Gaston, an artlat Mate. OfeOe'a aoa.... 

General u llat«rii Da ▼lUeftaaebe.... 

Llent. Bene ta MOUt, enmie^Ui Marie 
Louise aoward Chambers 

ITnncols, porter at Mme. Ceclle'a 

„ • J. A. Kieman 

Mme. Ceclle, proprietress of a Pariatan hat 

_»i«op. Joaephlne Bartlet 

fancheie, her daughter Bdna Fasselt 

Nan-tte, her danghter. .. .Blanche Morrison 

Marie Loalse, Ktlenne's sister 

Loalse LeBaroti 

Bebr.^eerjttiydllea B«*gffe....Ida Mara 

~~ ~ ^..........•..aBffftlMI' Bol^ 


Di^CCMBCR i, 1905. 

Xtie Billboard 


by O«org« BMMfd Statr^ ObM»4 lit 
Huilton Theatre. M«ir ClfT, Bept. B. 


pj^lor Main '■J^ ^i?""' 

Suvl". BoKlna-l •^w^ii'SS; 

•John Tanner "**^L "K*""* 

iT« Anna IWhlttteM il"'^ 

v«r Wblt«fleM Francea Clark 

Violet Bobtaton Ol^.S^'ES 

Hi>nrv Stiakar MwaM AMU 

& jSEU. JT JM>^ »>nutt 

—p.,,,. v. smmte 

_ tartaln 
MMT Zork 

4 OF MBN.— - 

raiser. Opened at Lycem 
City. Au«. 21. C««t: 

Ciitlibert rarrlntton. 
Edltli Firrln«ton 

: LMrtord 

.Matgaitt nUaitao 

mv \I VN ON TH® BOX.— A dranaUaaUon 6t 
cAce' Livingston FumlM of Oarold McGiath a 
itorv. Opened at Madlaon Square Tbeatre. 
New york CltX. Oct 2. Oaat: 

Lient BdbMt 1fluta(m..acBrr b. vixtj 

Charlea awSwo*....^ ..BfO^ B«th 

(Waael OcoTM AnMltf>*>*> • • Baker 
oSSt KartJi:. "rr^..... .John We.lej 

MmwI Rank Bal«Mb......9ainea A. Bltu 

W«5C!!r.....Pr»d W. Petera 

•C Ol«t'U.i..i — 1*°"* W«l!«f 

C«rt««;4<i..«...-;Cheater Bectoft 

Ofllerr 0>BncBki«..i 

Siaa act^ lBMiltr.^...-CarU>tU NUlaon 

,„.•••. .».-.Miy «»i»ew 

Barkaaoe On TBS MCBK) MASTBR.— Onnwd 
•apt. SI. Cait: 

Bm Barewtf. fMl*Hl)MaI "g?" 

melody •••••••••• o?^ 

Loom Splueh. • ••••••••••••• l*^!""" m % 

BllWyi Jfftl* JntoItM Ttcdcrlck 

llr. ^^•••••••••••••••••••{BaiTT Keiir 

{•wlarlTTr. ...A. .... J««TT Kelly 

<«BV iMIilk MoatKomer; 

Belea Oanttac w„.....»l«»ehe Rln« 

Beini uBDiuia ♦•■•••■■■•■■■■i — : 

Xlaa Bolatem ..•'••••j»;HaRT "a ner 

OtvlMte StaBaUin....'...^aittrDd* WMtty 
0(i>*to CtaiMr ......jjOitM iwia 

■■Bphiar WU4r 
tart. M. Tt 4*t> Mi 
WlUJaai Aate 

Q«oSi*y cuff* 

liotd i*arkaiB «•»••■ 
Locd OlMtfll* • 

llaye ot Un. 
Otm»a at McW' 

Lady Kitty 
Lady Partiam.oato 
lady ~ 


t«»*««** vBra Wtbatar 
....M. J. Oraatantlne 
.IM. W. Sldnrr 

- a. W»l*>n 

••••••••Alfred Woods 

Ooorge rranklln 

Frank WHaoa 

.Oedl Klnfatooe 
, . . .John Carton 
..RIctiard DaTia 

Oraea Oeorte 

....Katherlse Stewart 
Mand WlUlamaoo 
• ••DaTcnport Seymour 
Baffle CarrlDston 
••••Looon BadnifT 

TBB MAN or DESnNT^-4>ne-aet conedy. by 
0. B. Sbaw. ReTlvfd at tbe Oarrick Tbea- 
tre, Ne<r York City, Sept. IB. C»t: 

Napoleon Bonaparte Arnold Daly 

Tlie LteoteDanC Wlncbrll Bmlth 

The Inkeeper Jobn FlndUy 

Tbe Lady Mary Hampton 

..Henr Kelkcr 
nederiek Perry 

U»nrlce HmUmS 
baitan ItaattK 

Gnldo CaloDas.'...i •• 

Mirto Colooaa^..;;.. nede 

Prlntrallf ••.••j...BMHr Jewett 

* **■■"■■•••••'••••••••• Mmut Shepherd 

S**'*^' "•••••••••••••••••••**f^SII 0*Mear> 


MAHT AKD roiTN.— Comedy. In three act", 
by Gdttb BBIa Baker. OpaMd at tbe Man- 
liKtt.n ThwMb S«k mr. Sept. II 

Cloaed Sept. lb. GMt! 

John Eririn Jeho Maaon 

Frink Wiimer John Ctaerwxi 

Mr. TronbrMxr WUltiim 8. M»<k 

Mr. Pilrfleld ralrfleld Steeena. Edward Kllta 
riirlaa, an expt«aiiMB..,,)Meph Banoaway 

JlniT Ervrln ...;.aadle Marilnot 

HnrlH-ra nrear Amy Rlcard 

Trri.,, Murpbf ' Annie Temmana 

Jiino Jireonae*. Vlrlen Holt 

uIhb Jonei Ida A. TlHMDaa 

cL -""S* -.<»«*«* M "rtfUeport, 

tnnn.. Sept. M. ' ~ "- 

U'tdlnj parL 

TIK NA7.vnBm— PUy la thiM aeu and a 
■ by nal. Beld. OptaM at Btnde- 

Simon, a leper ot OjiM | . ...T»aa xacMiMS 

Pontlna PUate. tbe coTemor 

Baidee Klrkland 

a thlaC..... Jamaa Ayrea 

...Jaailc Iiett 
_ Berod ........ 

Irene Hodaon 

I>tnaeua, a aoldler Frank Basaell 

Caeaar, Eknperor ot Rome Ctaarlea Dalton 

Maretia AilOftatB^ a Roman general 

.*.....••••.•••••••.. .... .Bmeat Baatlnsa 

nsriUaoa, • Biiiaa olBeer of Caesar.... 

Tbomaa Macl<amie 

Demetrlna, onele ot Jodlth.-Blgelow Cooper 
Apollna, a feathery youth. ..WllUam EHIott 
Tauma, a barbarian prlncejBardee Klrkland 
LdcIoi, a aoldler of Caesar. .Frank Bussell 

Kaon, a Creedman Robert F. Loire 

Robrla, a tarorlte danghter of Demetrlna 
•'Rotnia, a Caeorlte of TlgelUnna and 

Caeaar Eatelle Earle 

Hagdella, a danghter of IXTnetrioa 

Jessie Izett 

Diana, wife ot Demetrlna . . Edltb Lelgbton 
Jtldltb, dangbter of Simon of Bethany.. 
Margaret Wycberl^y 

tUOKJS BBOWIN.— Mnaleal Conedy 
•a Manataai Mnat 




Xaler ViMapba. 

Mara XostapiSa... 

Socrates Flala «....■§> Lodge 

Noah LttUe Jlabert B. Barty 

Count nonsfe da Brie Frank Ctaeen 

Baron Saneriwaten Johnny Jobnsn 

Lord WoreaalttAtre David Andrada 

Grand Dnka OtIakainMkSky. .E. W. Lewla 

Hnllybaloo •••..>.. ••...TOo Hodgman 

Nancy Bl«wa^..i;^«.,,<^. Mary Marble 

Prinecaa BHfe8a^««»a»f ••••••••Bow Bamet 

Polly ..•....^....•••••••.^.'•TeTa Belmont 

Sally ^••••.•••••V* B. Fisher 

Molly ..•.••••^.•.•.•••w..Oitbertoe Melton 

Alice •••••••••••••.....Eatelle Bogeis 

Nellls ..••.•—••.•.••. ...jW^ la £ofCT 

OTHBLLO.— Baelfad at 
New Tork dtj, MoT. 
Otbello ..••••••••••■. 




Dake ot Venice 




Gratlano , 


the Garden Tbeatze, 
a. Cast: 

...Bobert B. Uantell 

.Banr Lrlgbton 

Ota Uodaley 

OUea ablne 

Waller Campbell 

Gordon Bnrby 

. ...Arthnr H. Ebbeta 
..•Franklin Bcndtaen 
• ...Darore Parmer 
..•BaadltoQ S. Uott 


PEriuaR RAIN.^Ptay la dee a<^, by J. M. Bar- 
rle. Opened at NatlOBal Theatre, Waablng- 
too, D. C, Oct. IT. Radoeer at Bmplit Xlia> 
atra. New Talk Cttf, -Un*. a. Caatt 
Peter Pan. .. .••••■•••< >••..» • V aad a Adams 

Aneat I^wfocd 

• •••••••••••..Grace Benderaoo 

'wtmm BaHing 

....••« Mildred Morris 

John NapilMB iBVUns. . .Walter Boblnson 
Michael laiiNMMitUiic..Martba McOraw 
Nana ...•••••••••••••. •Oharlea H. Weatoa. 

Tinker BaS •••••••••••••••••.. -Jane Wren 

Tootlea ..•••.•.••••••••••. ••.Ylolet Rand 

Nlba ......••..•• Lnln Peck 

Slightly Frances Sedgirlek 

Cnrley Mabel Klpp 

First Twin Katberlne KappeU 

Second Twin EUa Gllroy 

Jamea Book Bmeat Lawford 

Smee Tbomaa McOrath 

Starkey .^/Wallace Jaekaon 

Cookaon .WflUan Benderaoa 

Cecco .■•.••.....•.••••....... .Paul Tbarp 

IfBtttaa •nsMa Talcatlae 

hksa Bany Oyactte 

OfMt Blj^ UMt M 

THE PINK BCSSARS.— Mnslcal Ofl<r, In 
two acta, by Campbell A Skinner. Opened at 
Chicago Opera House, Cblcafo. IB., Get. 16 

Hon. Teddy Todd, Mayor of Kankakee 
Jobn Starln 

T. Ctieatemeld Prebble, an AnsUclxed 
natire ot Kansas Edward Panlton 

"Jack" XtanSb kla «bnm..Artbnr Earnest 
Bbeddcr Wtttt, mml€ editor Kankakee 

Sews ..i w. H. White 

Bee. Flood. Us brother.. Frank Harrington 

"Xeddy" S. Sampaon, a eotrboy 

W. W. Black 

BalonoQ S.rpboosteln. a Parlalan mar- 
riage broker F. Tan Rensfelser 

Oapt Rodolpb Zltaaky, ot tbe Royal 

Rongartsn Bosoara J. H, Pratt 

Danber Broah, an art atndent..Chas Homan 
Llent. Sehnipp, ot tbe Baral Bongartan 
Baaaata ....Blaaska OUsen 


Jowir* ' wailar * aV 'itatfUiMpt • • 

Mrs. VaTii& a yoaag wU«Hr..LoU B. 1 
JiaijQfia waim, tm attpda^btet... 

. ••.••••..••...•••••••• Fraaeaa Marie 

Bate TUaatlaa. a mOSmn ftrl 

Mabel Holllos 

May Flood Riranns Lammee 

Katrtna Von Ralbaek GrorrleTr FInlay 

Boatea Xaiotlca Mai Isabella Oiiar^t 

tbe Na* Issamiiia Xbaatn. Haw Tack Cttr. 
Bept. 4. Ckacd tor nad toor OeL 14. cast: 

Stephen ACagnnaaon W. H. Tbompeon 

Anna Ida Waterman 

Magnns Stephenson Edward Morgan 

Oaear Btepbenaon Aniwey Bondeanlt 

Oscar HetlsoB ..J. B. Dodaon 

Tboca MaOaso Charlotte Walker 

••••••••. ••Drtna DeWoItc 

•••••• Jiarte WalnwrU^t 

'••^^^•^^••••.••••^••^Okariotta _Walkcr 

Naua Hmw ■••••••••••••••••* 

Doctsv'OlMB •••••••••Caa. CL 

Tbe Pastar 


The SkacMt 

Dlraeler at 

Agent of Ba* at 
Eric AmasBQB •••••'•••••••^•••Albact Itaatk 

Baionras GlWMBaii^lfti^ -Saa. W. Bama 

The AmericaalMBM.».v..J'eha Saodeiaga 
Jon yidaUa. •;• •%•'•••••■■■■•• .EVank Blxby 
Gndnm" '.'.l'i^;^.>^^^^'.^«.^... . .Edna Bmna 
Head WflMK -'•^..•^••■■■ir C. Bmnlnghans 
Marts Ocactfaf 

PAPA'S BOY.— Moslcal ocmedy. In three acta, 
by Frank W. Lloyd. Opened at tbe Mnrray 
Hill Tbeatre, New Xstk.CUr, Aug. 18. Cast: 
Pnteasor BInSem' •••••••'..Cbarlea Bowser 

I. B. Crankle D. J. SolllTan 

Dolly Harry B. Lester 

Jack Flyboy W. J. Samnels 

Captain OooUttla G. • R. Raymond 

Mra. CiaaMa ••..••••... ...Florenre Edney 

'Mrs. DsOHttto Sne BeUe Mead 

Polly Lole Arnold 

UaOam Tiptoe Elizabeth Heas 

Pearl Dexter Mollle E. Bogers 


Mabel Battoo 

Oiace ram 


agansa In time acts, by Panl Weat and Joba 
W. Brattsa^ 0*MM at tka KnaMv Tb«a- 
tre. Hew Talk Oi^i lai^ Sk . Chaad far 
load toor Oct. !•> flMtt 
Pearl Prbagla •.••»••••••.. O i l U a Oarilila 

Joe UlUer ••••••••• •Virlor GraBTflla 

Johnny Famnai .•••••^••...•aaser Mldaley 
Polly PrenJav ••••••......••.. Ida Hawler 

Sally BImpkiM •••••• Ethel Jntinaoo 

Jimmy Glagalkiaafl^> Carroll MeComaa 

Mr. Dndley Tbomaa WbllTea 

Mons. Olgot .Allan Ranau 

John Doc ••.•>.•.... a. . ..Oeoige Rlcbaros 
Be* Oaimeai .. 


Xoibsr Ostar 

flpanglew to^ ••••••••••••_ 

Dancing Ejai ••••••••••••••Oraea 

Snnbeam . ....••••••••••■•••••. .ITlafa Mooca 

T bjsUe down ...•••^••••. Bla Weir 

BlaebeU •....•..••••••••■••.Ifaada Beasoo 

■epbrr ■••■••.•••UDIaa Sterling 

Tbe Com Dodger ••••••••....Joaeph Kane 

DiTy Jones ••••••••• John Mayan 

Captain Blaekbeav ..........Oeorga CulUns 

Captain Kldd B. A. Anson 

Captain Jinks Jamea Caldwell 

John SOTer Martin Reddy 

Xiyoanalae Partnegeeaer Harry eBrmnan 

Sir Henry Morgan Edward Wlnea 

Captain Stede Bonnet A. H. Ranaome 

CapL Bartholomew Bobsrts..lTaa Cbarterla 

Naner I«a 

FblUp Tar' 


Page ta Ta 
Page to Tai 

HcGlBt7 •• 

811 rer ctarloB Qaartette.Mtssaa DaiBag and 
Porter; Mesara. Walters and Shroeder 

BIOHARD m. — Berlred at 

tie. Haw Talk OUr» 0«L i 
■ Dnke ot Glocte 

King Henry IT. 

Barf ot 

Dnke ad 

Lord Stanley 

Sir WllUam Catsbj 


Lord Mayor ot 

Prince of Wales 

Dnke ot York . 

Dnke ot Norfolk 

Sir Richard BateUltc. .. 

Earl of Oxford 

Sir Jamea Blonnt 

Lieutenant ot tba Toarar. 

Offlcer ••••••..... 

Lady A ma 


.Attr laigkiM 
..Burr f«lgtiNB 
...•Oar T.iiiiisisy 
Daniel GBfeathcr 
...DeTore Panaer 
...•Gordon BnrbT' 
......OUea Shine' 

.Iiorralne Frost 
UeU Fnat 
Artbor Ebbeta 
.Franklin Bendtacn 

George Maey 

HamBtoo B. Mott 
...Walter Campbell 
• .••Tbomaa Lear 

RICHBLIEC — RerlTed at tte Gardao'. 
New Tort CItr. Oct. ao. Caat: 

Cardinal El th s M lW .Babcrt B. Hantell 

Adrlen de Msiaial , Barry Lelgbtoa 

Baradaa Gny Llndaley 

Loots zm. •••.•.......Itanklln Bendtsen 

Oaaton ......Walter Campbell 

Joseph ....•..•.•••.....•.•••. .OUea Sblne 

De Bertngksa Aitfcar B. Ebbeta 

Hngnet ••.•••.•••••.•••... ••Gordon Borby 

Fraaeola .• Deeore Parmer 

Clarmoat Edwin Foaa 

VIrat Secretary Walter steams 

" Sasrataij ..........Bany Keana 

aC Ika Oanda...BaadIlsa B. Mott 

TKB RBAJAB OP BBXMtO. — aindeal 

book by Wm. L. Bdberta; mnale tv Hal. 
CampbelL Opened at tbe Colnmbla Tl tsatia, 
Chicago. Ang. 20. 

Chat ladndcs J. U. Vnmy. Miss Mslatsala. 
Balph Moot*. OaaaM Okmeroa. Vaaa IM- 
lery, Ttaaoea Algar, Basel Irey and Alasa M- 

BIP TAM WnnCLB.— Opened la Bostoo. MaaL^ 
Sept. an. Prad c eed at WalUek's Tbaatn^ 
Haw Tork City. Oct. »-21. Qsst: 

Blp Tan Winkle Thomas JeffnasB 

Derrick Ton Bllbiiiail Frank C Banga 

Cocfcela Earl Weatun 

Nick Taddcr BaaaeU BasMtt 

Jacob Setln Carl Retlcr 

Clanaen D. Jonca 

Little Btadhk t TMa Flagntb 

Uttle BiBW ••••••••• l/eonl Flagralb 

aretebem •••••••••••• Ethel Foliar 

Dwart .••••.^•••••••..•.. .Dudley >f<Cann 

Headrik Baam ••• Bobert Brows 

Belnilck Taddar ••••• Malcolm Dnncan 

Setk .••••••••••••^•••.•Waltar 8. Bawaid 



by Edward Peple. UiifBed at Ma _„ 

Theatre. New York City. Sept. 4. Mored to 
Weber'a Thatre Oct. 2. Cast: 

William Psyton Cj-ni Scott 

The Earl of Hnntlngton CecU D MlUe 

Marcus Rnnlon Tbmss A. Wlae 

BalllnRton Theo<lore Terry 

Yadder Albert Terry 

Frits Ceorae Ftsber 

A Trackman Albert Perry 

Alice Trarers Grace KImbaU 

Mrs. Errlnxton Floreaee Cuaroa 

Phoebe Puckers UaCf Reoogh 

Claadta.ased flee Belea PnUaiaa 

Oaadla. aged eight Edith Speara 

filiT*t*[ aid eighteen Lottie Alter 

aO!t^3aiu la ftar aela. kg 
' $» m» ilallMal TksatM^ 


Four Designs. 


10 FOR 10 

lOO FOR $1 

^ O S T P A I 


The Billboard Publishing Co- 416 £lm Stw, 


Xlte Billboard 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

Hnms PER OAT. 

Are the Best yoee) Getters le the Privilege Field Today. GET READY FOR NEXT SEASON. The Rouad Giens Never Fall te get the Meoei. 

SINGLE OVEN $8 SO; TWO $14.50; THREE 9l9.Sa 

mr ft Tinaj. fiuint co.. 

Write for 

Ittor St., CHICASO, ILL. 

BOID TO DDBUir.— Cooudr druaa 
~ ~ ~ Ik But. O fwM 


Bcmdliie r 
Mrs. HeniT 
.'JCis. James 

•ft«f «•••'•••••* ••wiU TdKtf 
Jiote D. SfUtcn 

Ulna Shirley 
,lBl8 Majnard' 
Jessie I«awiir 

BUHA'WiAT BOY. — Comedy dmna. In fonr 
'■r aeta^ br Hal. Beld. Opened at MetzopoUs 
^ ' .XhMtTCk Kmr Tack OlTr ±ns- !»• Cast: 
-j'^KuQa .-;»...T>>tlilil B. Seatcn 
V Kdaoa ....V.^^.Iu'v.Wabor U. Boe 

^: Stella Bcynolda ...........KUnor H. Pas« 

Ned UBnton Emeit Kaat 

km ton ............Pearl E. Abbott 

Bflraotds ..Bnrr Camtli 

!e SieyBoltfii ..........Marda Harris 

OaxT BeynoMs Joaeph Santley 

"Bn ite" Harry Wilson 

.WliUam Bowem .'«^«i». ....F r«nfc Scott 
Teblas Yofmc - ...'»«-.^; jjidrns 


taiee. la three acta, by John J. McNally. 
Opened at the Uberty Theatre, New York 

V ° Cltr. Sept. *. C3MaA Oet. S8 for road toor. 

A Cast ■ r^:^' '' ; 

Helnrlch Punk ....•••..••....Goa Bogera 
V,.IUei>olaB Knox ....... .........Uu Rogers 

'-'..Aliee O'Grady Corimie 

fi' Serald Fitssenld ... Manilce Darcy 

Asa*tsl& O'HiwilllttB Jode IntropUU 

. s¥.««.K Doolcr Bcwlc de Tole 

: . ' Bas O'Hoellhan ......Chartea F. MeCartlqr 

Bat Itfnch B|- " — 

: ' Dr. Phinip-OKTaa O'SaOny. 

:-iBMft.' -•^.••.»*^».*.«*.JaIla 
: -''Mk^'MMii .•«;^VV.^.......'WlIIlam Torpey 

' • Tfat ' :. • ' • r.iiii..i ColUns 

'KfCr ..Paollne Thome 

M«|f|ft» Iiynn D'Arcy 

Grace Orindell 

r) Artknr T. Olfeaaa 

In fonr acts bj Lottie Blair Parker. 
Opened at PlalnOeld. N. J.. Not. «. Cast: 

Dnld Ootm Walter Mwud> 

Vr. Paraedna mial.plai rriiill Blsslna 
Andy iTi- ■ ^ P- SnUlTaa 

Jacob CaroMB .^..Jamn A. Nairn 

Stephen Carmen Paol Sehwacer 

"Dud" Smith Jay Msimfleld 

"Hank" Bmitlns Lynn B31. Hammond 

"Al" Piper Wmiam Lambert 

Antbony wnUam Payne 

Pepeeta Jnlla Marie Taylor 

Mrs. Corson ......Mrs. Samnel Charles 

Dorothea Carman ...........Georgia Earle 

Dorothy FiaKT Pearl Ford 

deopatia Hay h. Bell 

Mite '«C lli«r <3iB. j f B. fflnmnniia 
Jake ......^jj.i.'.'i.;.^..wnaam Payne 

Aognst ......'^i^'.i:^«^.:.WIUlam Lamtx-rt 

Pepeeta ....^.'...J^v.^. JUla Marie Taylor 

KatzlDa May L. BeU 

■ .'.■»: Boom In hotel — Clndonatl. 


Dayld Corson -. Walter Edwards 

Dr. Piracelnis Aescnlaplni... Scott Sleglns 

Andy McFarlane J. P. StdllTan 

.PbOllpe BeaoTolr William Lambert 

Dick CortwrUiht A. Maxflrld Moree 

Pbater Mantel ..........Jos eph M. Lothian 

~ " .......>.Wima » Pay ne 

. . . . * ^ . .RnA Sckwa iser 

... JUna' Xatfa Taylor 

DaTld and Pfepeta la KHr Oi^ 
Icaas— USl. 

David Corwa ....i;.^.......WaIter Edwards 

Aady 3(cFatlaa«-..M:^^.^...J. P. SalllTan 
- Jmeob Carman ..l.'^..'*.l;.w.J»nips A. Nona 
Stephen Carman ...........Panl Schn-azer 

"Dnd" Smith Jay Manrtleld 

Friend WlllUm rorlon-.Lynn B. Fliimniond 
Friend Joseph FIai:Ier...A. MaxBeld Morre 
FH«nd,.JaMa .Gclflla... Joseph M. Lothian 
— ......Jnlla Mnrle Tn.vtor 

.i.~.3ln. Samnel Charles 


■ Speeude. OgtmHat^ Om Setr York Hip. 
h podmme. KtwiXatkifit^irltet. U. Oaat: 

" da BiMaay and 
at Q» Array 

HcBiy Sci 
BoMy Caimi 
Gcocxe lasna . . 
Prlace ....m***. 

Blanche .... 

The Viceroy 
The Mandarin 
Colonel John 
LI Lnns Foo 


Tancreed . . • « 

Janet .. 

Sannders .... 
De Bocbe . ., 

.^..^^....Bay Applesate 
F. Smcbirorth 


llda ilerab- 

.... Gertmde Fowler 

Charles Glbney 

.Leander Oe Cordora 

Anbrey Seattle 

...Bobert T. Dndley 

Ethel Blande 

.....Wmiam Hadsoa 

:..A«.lslilP CampbeU 
....... .Alan Brooks 

.......Harry Thomas 

TBS SQDAW-MAN. — Drama. In foor acts, by 
Edward Milton Boyle. Opened AprU 24 at 
the Star Theatre. BnSalo, N. T. Prodnced 
at Wallaek'a Xbcatre^ Mew York City, Oct. 

aC Kethm 

Herbert Sleatb 

Diana, Us wife. Coantess of Eerhlll. .. 

Selene Johnson 

Lady EUxaheth Wynnegate, bU mother 

Selma Fetter Boyle 

Lady Mabel Wymisate, bit sister 

Katherlne Fitter 

. Jamw Wyaaesate. afterward Jim 

Us eaaalB...WlIllain FsTeiabam 
~ hia Mtrat* 

.FtafclVti Itacst 

ds'^BoUcltar ^ Ca rl t o p 

AIb«t Branninc 

Sir Jobs Applfgate, Diana's coasln 

CecU Ward 

Tha Bight Bav. tte BM>op of Ex- 

ajar^. . . . . .wmiam ErOIe 

MortlBier Xartinl 

MiB. Washington Adams, an 

lady , 

Jim Carson*, oow-pnscfaer 

Shorty Emmett Shackleford 

Bis BUI, foreman Geo. Fawcett 

Andy Bfulsmln Marbnix 

Cnnetay MltcbeU Lewis 

Baco WMtab kaaae wiaaslcr aad later- 

Xabrran.: laaaa cklef at_tta .m i M.. 

iratwUb. Ui danghter Ifikd IBgCTlrai 

Uttle Hal. ber son... Brelya Wrixht 

CaKb Hawkins, matler and bad man. . 

W. S. Hart 

Nick, the barkeper Frederick Watson 

McSorley, engineer Orerland Limited.. 

Nathan Aranson 

Parker, Pnllman coadaetor..W. E. Knlbloe 

Pete ...........W. H. Sadler 

Parson ....Chester Wblte 

Pnnk, a Chinaman . Jowph Jndge 

Mrs. Hiram Doollttle, from Denver . 

Farms. Mass. Clara Denton 

tlx. Biiam DooUUle, ber basband 

Boyd Soatbej 

-Bod Baal^ ^nlK^ag Coyote connty. . 

Winiam Frederick 

Tbeattv, Mew 





Fred Skinner . 
nank KeliKm 
DIek U' 

war ~ 

—Drama. BerlTed at SaToy 
Xsak CUy, Aug. 2S^pt. 23. 

I.............. Harrison Ford 

, Richard Sterling 

> Tajlor Holmes 

Sidney Alnsworth 

F- A. Turner 

.Francis Bonn 
..Frank Gheen 

J. JIdatm 
.Br mwFii 

Molly LiTl^alMi 
Betty Bates 
Mand Wcataa:.... 

Dorotiiy SaiSHa^vw. 

Tad ...^^ii^^^Li 

Benton .W'*****.^*.;*, 
BnrUer .f..^.'..Vi 
Farley . .i^S-^^^tl^ 

^..........acrtmde Tem 

■ .....Loaiaa Drew 

XaJorie Wood 

fiUfltlt Sanford 
-aiazy Boland 

Clay Boyd 

.RdmiiRd Brease 
. M ad bu a _Sadth 

four acts. Opened at the American Theatre. 
New. York City. Oct. *, . Cta-t: 

L^na Nope. .......... 

Grace Bennett 

Jndy Dairy 

Mr». Potts 

"Mame" MeCaoo.... 


Pat , 

T^ftt^^y ♦ 

Pnrld RosMi......,,.. 

Panl Hard loir 

HobMt Hj-de 

Hcur Bennett 

Dan : I^noif. 


' jPgiSit'.*.* * * ^ * * 

^untai Tslknuui 
—Bath Baadtsrth 
-^.i;-..>llay Grerllle 
9l a. LoBjcvore 

Nell Olbmn 

Clara Bfll 

Belle Sqnirps 

. Sr.mTey Lamb 

Lo!)ta Lamb 

Frank Kll.lay 

Herliert Warren 

S^ th C. HnlH-y 

..Harry B. Eytln-.-e 
...Edward. Braxbair 
•i^s-^t.rtft-E H g jMlaer 
*'.'.a%*BBnF" Baalres 
^ . .'. jr - p. . BcRIy 
..'..'....P. lCeaae.1y 
....jasws Johnston 
^■•..HaIfy Laagdon 

Kv.^ SaqlollF ..••.••.«•., 
r: Pi l inw soplyowlat 
A,-. HIta tal " 

....James Cherry 

..Florence Slnnott 

VerDf>n Lee 

.wnilam Hamley 


THE TRtTTH TELLERS. — Comedy la (oar a'ta. 
by Martha Morton. Opratd at tbe CobnnMa 
Theatre. WssMagtoa. D, CU'lMb A Flaynl 
the Grand Opera Booae^- llNFtM OBr. Oct. 
Cast: - ■ . 


Boaor Mortimer Oira Qolataa 

Crystal Mortimer Leaner P oa ai a 

George -Mortimer Little Tif 

Tamns, the piper Alfred HadaoB 

Miss Mortimer, annt of the cblldrea. . 

Louise Mackintosh 

Lady Mary Esther Lyon 

Ladr CaoMeatowa i..BIancbe Monlton 

BgiM^jllia^UrHmcT^s maid. .Clara Irrlns 

.................... Francis Nordstrom 

Lady McCarthy Rita Carlye 

T . Ill lan Darling Florence Bnmsmore 

Lady McLane Jolla Vemmi 

Klldare Orme Caldara 

CoL Fltzroy, of the Fifteenth Drasoons 

Frank McDonald 

Xba .TIear a( St. Alavalas Robert Rogers 

Xflrt^lMHMh MB a( Irai^^Camdeotown 

C^p£*BHil^F * ac!^ba iipictac^^^ ^^a^aa?" 

lAwiaaee FUaiuv^ af tte FUlcaalh Dia 

goons Bdwia day too 

James Pslmer fAiiinf 

Corporal James A. 

Lord UeCactfeTi « the Hfttaatk Ota- 

XHB XtinilO OF THB nMMWf-4tamtt at 

Oct. IS. Tbe caat: 

Baptlsta w. H. Cronpton 

Vlncentlo Ullam Harris 

Locentio Frederick Lewis 

Petroelilo E. H. Sothem 

0»« T. L. Coleman 

• -. Pedro De Oordoba 

................... .^^ed. Eric 

Frank Belcfaer 

_ . ■ ^■■fc 

Taidor .........a.., " 

Gmmlo ......Mtt***. 


Blanca ........ 

Widow Jtmiesat HcKaagWa 
Cnrtls Mis. Woodward 

POM., one, A»a> BAiBBY^Mnalcal comedy, 
la tao aaia. by Hairy WUlltaa a ^i^ 
■^SaSbL *t ^ AaMrieaa Tbiali» 

■aw-TMc CUy. Sept. 3S. Oaat: 

George L. BIckel 

Bam Watsoo. Jr. 

J?V^;-;iL:i "d- i«« wrothe 

Colonel BMK _._Haiiy Bond 

Llentraant Xaalv .ftaak Thomdyke 

Don Gsrda. Babcrt Athon 

^aiuc.........................^S^ .O'Brien 

S'T!!* .'........,.ii.,CaaF Price 

...Mkm Henry 

^(fngo ..Frank Stapleton 

Si"*"---:----!"...-. James LIchter 

•ne Great Mocil,i Frank Barnard 

J "J?. fnulL McCne 

SenorlU RIeeardo Jeanette LaBean 

V""" ?'»;.• Bessie aifford 

Mrs. BUa Noycs .Diotliy La May 

SHB TIkiar or SHB TOWW.— comedy. Id fonr 
Pltek. Oprord at Smith's 

. "ml-. Oct. 2. Cast: 

5^55? Baity Msgleton viola Allen 

^UUfas Barrsas Isabel Irrlnc 

Dowami nnittaa at Malmsburg 

T '^""ril'ir'A iWnny Addison Pitt 

Lady Charlotte.... — 

Duke of Ualmsbnry 

Lord PhlUlps „ 

Ifrd Algernon Vabta*. , 

Master Hany Ba«. .Jamt» Xtaag 

Mr. McLaogbIia.....'...'v^.XL la alia ADn 

An Author.. Maattee Stuart 

. ' Hsrold de Becker 
AD Old Ifaa Xa«pr..... J. H. Lewla 


aecaaa avafMBa...«.«.....«.Ofl. Baaaalt 

'^^'>?r"3L£**%=?B«' >«F K- Bangs 
and M. Kleta. . Oataad at Ike Academy of 
Mosle^ BsIttmna^jSToet. ^SSt*" 
porarlly for rtamacnat. Caat: 

Rockerneitle , 

Prof. Forcasta.... 






GasollBa.. ........ 

Edna. . .....i...*.. 


• --.--Beoben Pax 
..Edward B. Martlndell 

wmiam C. Welilon 

...J. Clarence Harrey 

Clayton White 

C. I. NICholMD 

Frank ttaney 

....Cbrlstle MaeOooald 

.,..Bi lea Bale 

^laee CablB 

VEJUONIQITE.— Moalcal comedy, translated by 
"2!? ''■>»''*"''>• "P n''<l at Bmadivay Thea- 
tre. New rotk aiy. Oct. SO. Cast: 

_ — • — ™-. J. Champ.I.,ena Maltland 

Annt BenoH, ,,..:i:.-^lMmmlf Ssnter 

ST",''^ — .:...Vani-Vam 

n?lL" .Madge Vinton 

y"" Ruby D Imar 

Jr? Vi-; Florence Plnkett 

llelene de Solanaes Rmi, vinceot 

note >tan lie T . in a a aia it La irrence Rea 

^ • 'f».""tot......,.,,.-.;.iAabrey Flcs;:erald 

S^P'''™ -..y;..i..........BsIph Xaira 

i ;Jaa<^a Ciaat 

M. Coqoenard JflbB Le Hay 

HHB WOl'IB Ctt.T. Bp ec U ealar aealtti com. 
edy. In three acts. Opened at New Amster- 
dam Theatre, New York City, Not. 2. Ca«l: 

Hardluck the 'Steentb. .Winiam T. Hodees 

^ . — Maude Lambert 

Herbert Corthell 

Edltb St. Clair 

Hugh J. Wan) 

William Macart 

.Henrietta Cropper 



Prlnceea Chiffon 



The Fairy FiKtone.. 

— — - — — ....... .^.^ u . . xysvirp 

5fea»a. Harriet Worthlagu^ 

MWiet .Seymour Broun 

...Malda Snyder 


THE WO>£AN IN THE CASE.— Four art drama, 
by Clyde Fitch. Rerlved at the Madison So. 
Theatre. New Yolk City. Axtg. 2L Cast: 

Margat^t Rolfe .........Blancbe WaM 

Mrs. Hushes .. Eleanor Cuqr 

CUlre Foeter ^..^.^.....Oocotliy Dm 

Elsie Bretrster ......^.Otace OBAoos 

Bora MUler i.JCattcitae BeU 

Ifolfe il»« -Jean Patriquln 

}*«1<»- .Bttyla Clemrns 

JoUan Eolfe Martin Alaop 

Mr. Tbompaon Jrank Sheridan 

Jlmaiy OTfeU Leonard Ide 

Lsois KlanlTsky Barry Boeers 

WaMani...^..,. Wm. Wsdsworth 

I.......... .iwm. TlrsTt rs 

....... .James Do Sang 

Itaak B. Wright 

W.UiLS OF JKRTqHO. — Comedy drama, in four 
acts, by Alfred Sobo. -Opcaa* at Ike Batloaal 
Theatre. WaaMwttaL O. CL Baak- Ml Fi^ 

25. Caat: 

Jack FrOblJber J. K. Hackett 

Hanker Bannister DaTld Olassford 

The Marquis of Sterentoo. . W. J. Ferguson 

Lord Drayton (his son) Sidney Blow 

Harry Dallas WllUam Barcoort 

Bertram Hannaford Fred Owen Baxter 

Honorable Wilfred Kenton F. Pattoo 

Lord MarcfamoDt Bex McGregor 

BMMcaMe Jasper Twelretrees A. Hare 

^ t i i a .. J........ Harry Carter 

BaaiBM Bw r. b. Allen 

JwaeB^...... William Clement 

'Wiiilaas. .......... 

Lady Weateiky...J 

Mis Maaalactsa... 

Tbe^Dj^jn^C^WIpa. . 

Miss wyau..'^. 

May........ .;.. , 

UCF DHOBMa -Xay BIsyney 

•Htaa IMMMct (kar slater) 

Mary Mannerinc 

, In foor acts, 
at .SMetva 

<*it.:- — — — — -w.^ »• 

Dl Oastlgllonl Adele Block 

Bonbon Louise Macklntott 

jU dem olw ll e Toollor Anes Scott 

gMlllpe_ lt i gM S ... ... JTO MmTp . Oarletaa 

vpnat DC laatan.'.......WIBIaia Nartoa 

Antoina Im 
Inspector DAassrte. 


OstM Ttioaipson 

edy melodrama. In tour acts, by CbarM 
Fleming. Opened at the Murray wii] 
tre. New York City. BepL 28. Caat: 

Bomp Bendetaoo Tlctaii 

Bob Adams wmiam F. Canall 

Ueateatnt Balpb Oimer ....Artbnr Ellery 

John HarrU George A. Holt 

Zeke Underdoo BlUy WUIlams 

Tom Motley Jsmes 8. KltU 

Magnna Ellison George W. Park 

Ben Grantly w. P. George 

Inspector of Police Hal. S. Twlng 

- John E. Starling 

Tobe Scrogglns C. V. Wayne 

f"" 5T>catley Albert H. Woodson 

John Chaw Henry BIddell 

Halnea i>ed. D. Olbbs 

Ujcell John A. Brady 

Stella .Marie R.nlnford 

Kate Puryea 

m Edith Tanner 

^SSISP-^^S' J"" trageily. by Sliert.ljn 
^?^£f' ■"iTed at the New National Tlie- 

v^t laeMaea Lonla Jamea as Vlnrfnlns. 

. -.-M !*Ma aa Denuriis. Jsmra A. Yr-^ 
MfSff OmMm. Xonnan Hsckctt aa 

lOHUi turn aa Vltgluia. 

WOLFVILLB.— Drama by Clyde FUch and WU- 
Ua Steell. Opeaed at Ibe Bosdatrcct Theatre, 
Philadelphia. .ta^. OgL 23. Cast: 

Cherokee BaB .....i. N. C. Good win 

Fam Nell ............. ...Katherine Grey 

Pinion BUI Cny Standing 

Benson Anala' .....^.i.'...... Jessie Bnaley 

Old Monte ...i.v..i.i...;....KeU O'Brien 

^',7- '.........•.....PliylUs lUnkln 

Old Enrlsht .....^...^..;....Saai Edwards 

^c Peets v...'...Xhailea Bstler 

Sue ^^^^^^^m. a^m^^ 

SIRA. — Drama In fnnr acls. bF BtaiT Miner 
and J. Hartley Manners. Opened at Ike Rai- 
pire Tbeatrr. Newark. N. J., Rfpt. IS. Pro- 
dneed at the Princess TbeatlCb Haw To* 
CIQr. Sept. 31. Oast: 

Bee. Gordon Clsrerlns... 

Capt. Arnold SylTester.Ja_^_ , 

Sir Frederick Kuowlrs. P. B. O. S... 


Jncoh Ross I 

B"»''r ....wmiaa Draae 

rootrnan Charles Brace 

The Lady Constance Clsrering 

_ ..•■iiv" ;.llrs. Tbomaa WhlBiea 

».*b_Wndtag Beyerly Sltgresres 

j.».. OwiBdulyn Valentine 
" ealM Zlra, 

DECEMBER 2. 1905. 

Xtie Olllboard 


vm. A. BBLt^ IHcr. 


For Dates. One and Thr«*'Sheet Ds- 
«c'iptlv«. send for Catalosue and "rice 
List and Illustrated Souvenir Of our Eatab- 
lishment Wa can aave you MONEY. 

BELL SHOW PRINT, Sigournty, la. 


Hi Great Lake Shore AauiseaieBt aid 

floUriu tha 

tng to 1 
all klndj. 

Tww amvhw Mb.; • 
tor Sc. V^tnieDDo- 

1 toa, invlalUhk per LinW: 3U Samples 
'we. A. WABTBU Photo«r»pHt r. Cadiz. O. 






Send tori 
"20 y« 

ample e( oar . 

****** ^'y*? ^ ***???? * 



For Sale 

1 TftbloAu Band and Uptown Kreak Wafroa far 1 Tlckrt. 1 Wardrobe, Pol*. Jack. 

Sirlnmr. l>mpertT.<)iakaaad Chala, Ui 

s Advanc« waaoap-for" ~ 

f ul Slatue Waaoaa. for 

II b« so1drorcmi>borii]xmimtlia*tai 
will bo elTen on bankable papeni. 

snod farm work bor««s. and rnlnlatofe 

r tnrtkcr paitMnlan,aiklTaia 

» *ew nflm l > . 


Somersault oi tbi lUtfi Win 

care Hi. mnhoud. OInolnimtt oOlo*. 


Their Btan.acr. and the Ageats wlio Book lor TUem. 

Thia list baa bera eompUed and will b* edited by Walter K. Hill, manaser of The 
BlUboanTa New York OBce. Room 8. 1440 Broadway. New York City. (Ganges and cor- 
reetlOBS wtU ba udr weekly and, with a view to having It absolutely correct and complete In 
«T«y dmn. iMCtw and artist* are requested to send Mr. HUl any correctloiu wUcli they 
1253L2!!r*_l2 ■•I*™'?i_»'*> aupplymg any omlaaioii wUcb Uter vaaj Botlca. Tlwic 
B M iai iM —a win be tfcanlrDaKF tactirad and aakaawlatad. We diMieT^" ~ 




ABdanon, Ind Crystal 

Atlantic City, N.J..auvKnuitar'a 

Atlaatie Ctnr, ir.J..Ooylafa. 

AlbdDy. N. T. Pnietor'a........... 

Avtorla, Ore... 
Astoria, Ore 

AJtron. O. , 

Atlanta. Oa 

Augusta, Ga 

,, Grand. 

. . T;r.lnue..^..,...i, 




I* John Ammons 

..Sid FCva 

.. Frank Goldle 

,. Howard Graham. 


. . . Address Manager. 

.. Address Manager. 

. .. Address Manager. 

... Wm. Morris. S W. 2S at. N. T. a 

« Addrasa Maoacar. 

Archie Pblllon Addrasa Itana 

J. B. Thompson Address Manaacr. 

... ^ „ . — Buck Johnson Address Hanacar. : 

Bllllngbam, Wash... Grand. ................G. c. Ellison Addrcsa Manager. 

Butte, Mont Famll) Dick iMieton Address Manaaer. 

Battle Creek. Mich. Itljou W. S. Uutterfleld Address Manager. 

Bakersflcld. Cal Union Address Manager. 

S*.*iJ?*!ES; it^'V^'^ ^ Kaman S.K.nodgdon, St.JamesBld..N.y.C. 

BeMt, Win .^...OVaat)Hde...~....... Addrcsaliuager. 

1tL.^eMa^..ii^^,.M...Vfm^vny AMimb Uanarer. 


Brldgefort. Cmn 



IC. ltli*a.....a.. . • . .. 


Austin A etone's.. 
Walker's Muaee... 

Mass Nickelodeon 

N. T Ampblon 

N. T..... Keenay's.. 





.K. Shea. S.K.Hodsdon, St.JaiaeaBU..N.T.C. 

' ^ 5- iUtchell ^m. Morris. • W. tSa^lL T. C 

, S K.Hodgdon. gtJanniriWM..W.X<a, 

J. B. Keaung!! 

. Carl Liothrop Address Manager. 

. Stone & Shaw Address Manager. 

■ Ifc B. Walker Address Manager. • ■' ■ 

.C. B. Cherry Address Manager. 

■ C. Grover Address Managf?r. 

- - _ ,.«»nk Keener. Address Manager. 

Brooklyn. N. T..... Gotham Chaa. Wllllama Wm. Morris. 8 W. 28 St.. Id ft 

Brooklyn. N. T Hyde * Behman'a... Nick Norton Hyde * Behmaa. 

Brooklyn. N. T.....Orplwaa.... P- O. Williams..... Wm. Monis, CW.**!.. K,T.O: 

Brooklyn. M. T.....Kevrttr...~««»«»—?- O. Wmiams..... Wmh. HoRts. •W.Mat.K'S^.C 

Canton. O. Palm Ross Hudson Address Manacer. 

Canton, O (tardea M. Manning Address Manager. 

Colorado Spas, Colo.. ISmpIre Address Manager. 

Columbtu, O Pboenlz Address Manager. 

C«<1ar Raplda, la... People* a Vic Hoeo '. Address Manager. 

Cedar Rapids. la... Auditorium Ray W. Fa»- Address Manager. 

Cincinnati, O Columbia. M. c. Anderson.... J.J.MurdocIc AshlaaAMk. OHssse. 

Calumet. Mich Bijou H. C. Dan forth Addmas Manager. 

dUcacow HI Olyniple. Aba Jacobs J.XKnidoak. Ashlaad Blk. Chleago. 

Chicago. HI HayaMi1tat........;.*W. W Friimsu....XJJtnrtoek. Ashland.Blk. Ctdcago. 

Chieagu, HI Majestic.............. ArtharFkblsh XXKorOotdc, Aahlaad Blk. Chleago. 

Chicago. Ill New AiearWsn fVank Maple Address Maoagar. 

Chicago, ni nstStraat .......Davis & Churchill.. Address Masager. •■■■■>■'' ." . 

Chicago, HI Roward**. Davis & Chorchlll.. Address Uaaaser. - 

Chicago. Ill Clark St.'MMe......l.- M. Hedges Address Manager. 

Chicago,' ni L.ondan ]iaase..i.....W. J. Sweeney Addreaa Manager. 

Cleveland. O. Keith's....^.. - H. A, Daniels S.K.Hodgdoo, St.JaMinAiiK.T.C. 

C1e\'eUnd. O. Lvrlc ....B. R. langa Address Manager. 

Cripplo Creek. CM.. Palm T!"!! I^bcTskl Bert Plttman. Nordty, 

C. Hngledrum.... Address Manager. 

Danvlll;. HI.. 
Davenport, la..., 
Des Moiaea. la.. 
Dubuque. Ta..... 

Denver, CM 

Denver. Col...... 

Denver, Ool 

Denver, Col 

Denver. Col 


... H. A, Sodlnl 

...FVed Buehaaaaa., 

. Address Manager. 
. Addrat* Manager. 






Jake Rosenthal..... AddrMslIanacer. 
..... ...*■*. ................. Address Manager. 

..... Martin Back C. E. Bray. Ashland Blk. Chicago. 

..... ba Adams Address Manager. 

,. Ijsvey Address Manager. 

Tonv Lnbelskl Bert Pittman. Novelty. 

Detroit. Mich Temple R. Moore S.K.Hodnkin, "it TnmrsHM.tW,T.<T 

Detroit, Mich Crystal I. J. Na^h Address Maiuiger. 

Dayton, O Odeon Hanlock & Curran. Address Manag 

Duluth, Mion Biiou JoeHaltland jrn. Nash. Uni< 

Decatur, HI Bijou A- Blesflrtod.. 

Bseanaha. Ml^ Ben'a.. 

. AddrMs Msnacsr. 

East tst. tadm, ]f0.ntadlr..<>"><*»— • ^rry L.uiia.....„...Addraas Manaeeiv 
Elmlra. ir. T^..;.^ inri^- — P- W. Merns wall... Addma Mans—. . 

Eaa Ctalie. Wh.....tTnl«aSb.... ........... AI Schuberg. .Address Maaaccr. 

Brie. Pa Park.. J- Gllson Addreaa Manager, 

Fn?eT>ort. Ill Empire.. •.•••>••••... G. Derlne Address Manager. 

Fall ^Iver. Mass Bijou ; :......C. E. Cook Address Manager. 

F^U River. Mars Casto Al Haynes S. K. Hod(rdon, St, James 'Bids, N.T. 

Fail River, Mass... Kickleodeon..... AddV'ess Manager. 

Pond du Lac. Wis. Ideal Prank O'Brien Address Manager. 

Fort Worth. Tex... Crown Geo. Fritste Address Manager. 

Fort Worth. Tex star S: Dinwiddle..... AMiais Manager. 

Fort Worth. Tex Standaid •X"* M. Ps Bn ps...,Aaartss MOasgar. 

Fort Wayne,>ir '. Addrasa Manager. 

Fresno. Cal Star Tony Lnbelskl Bert Plttman Novelty.Denver.CoI. 

Fresno Cal Grand TOny Luhelakl 3ert Pittman Novelty.Denver.Col. 

Glouoener. N. J.... Empire Address Manage.-. 

Glens Fall^. N. T.. capital James Donohoe Al Meyers. JI west 3lBt St. 

Olovorsvllle, N-T Family.. .'—-.—.-. .--Wra. Calhoun Address Manafirer. 

Grand Rapid?. Mich. Grand Op. Henae.... Churchill & Davis... Acdress Manager. 

(^nrn Boy. Wis EDou W, C. Danforth T.T. Keefe, 67 s. Clarn St. Chicago. 

Hoboken, N. J Empire A. M. Bmggeman.i Jo.PalgeSmIth.St.JsmfalimN.TiC 

Hut Sprlnrs. Ark... Happy Hollow Geo. W. T\9inasso... Address Maj»cer. 

Hot Srrlnin. Ark.. Palace. ••••• Address Manager. 

Hamilton, Can Star J. C. Anpleton Address M a n sas n ^ ., _ _ _ 

Hartford. Ooaa Poli's....'...U..~^..^. B. Kirbr TVm. Morrti.'* W. ItT.C 

Hamilton. O aatnd..;.-..i..i«~.. MeC^rthr * Ward.. Addrcsa Managar . 

Houston. Tex s»ndarAu>^A.'.'.....AIvldo ft Lassaie.... Address Manager. 

I.'.hpemlnr, Mich,.. BlJon....'.«i«ij«i"." ". ."• Address Manager. 

Indlsnonolls, Ind... Cn>nd Opw HBBSI...81iaefer glegler...... J.J.Murdocfc. Ashland Blk. Chleago. 

.Tcllet III •'Irand lonia Coldberr. W.F.Henderson.ns.CIaife8^Cblcaga. 

lopltn. Mo Lyric C. E. Hodklns Jkddreas Manaeer. 

Janesvlllc. Wis West Side Clarence B«rdiat...Aedresi> Manager. 

Johrstown. N. T... Eaele Address Manager. 

~~ Majtstic ^Tpnr XMbelSkI Address Manager. 

National •& !<>■ laBdcrs...... Addrass ICoBOcer. 

Orrhcum Martin Ijehman C. H. Bray. Ashlaad Blk, Chicago. 

Kansas City, Mo.. City. Mo.. 
Kat.nas city. Mo.. dvr. Mo... Tale's.. 

Ki-naaM, Wis. BIJou 

KokoiiMh Ind Crystal 

Lraver.wortK Kan. Crystal.... 

t,ondor. Can London.... 

Lansing. Mich BIJou 

Los Argeles. Cal... Casino 

Los Aniteles. Cal... Flrcher's... 
LiOS Anceles. Cfcl... Empire.... 
I.OS Angeles. Cat... Orphenm.. 
T,os A ag e Wfc . Cnl... HMqae,.^.. 

Los AniteiMk oai.;;ir 

Los Anatfee. Cal... 

Leadvllle. Col Novelty 

Lyrn. Mass Gem 

Lynn. Mass Auditorium.. 

Lowell, Mass Palace. 

I.owpll. Mass Boston. 

Lowell. Mass 

LInroln. Neb 

Tj\nrr.?ter. Pa 

Tx*ralre. O.\-r«*nre. Mass...,. Casino., 
LHwrmce. Mnss... -Colonial... 
lj> Crr»iie. wis BItoa. 

.. T.. Brovn.... ..„..., Address Manager. 

..Frank O'BrltB..^.... Address Manager. 

...Frank O'BrlSB. Address Manager. 

JohBj Anuaeaa.....^ Ad^tress Mnnaser. 

, Address Manager. . f-.- 

Address ManafTcr. 
, Address Manager. 
, Address Mansger. 

Address MSaasar. 

.. Clarenre Drown.... C. V. Braj^ Ashland Btk. Chlea^, 
~ - - , Kerelty.Denver.CoL 

.Ae , 
•e***eM IvIlT XAlWUM*»»ei 
leeeeeee 1^ TRTe ' 

,'Bfrt Flttman. : Nomtr, 

.People's , 

. Lvrlc 

. Family 


.....Lemey Bros 

J. H. Tebbetts..., 

.... H. A. Woodward., 

....H.M. Miller 

..... Kd Mozart 

W. L. baliagher.. 


Address Manacer. 
Address Manager. 
AddreyH Manager. 
Addresa Mnnaaer. 
Address Manager. 
Addiess Mansger. 
Address .Manager. 

......Al Barnes Addrrs liManaRer. 

J...;. John Nash Jno. Noidi. Valqee. Wf nnl pe a . Man. 

Loni'vllle Ky Konklna* Wm. Relehman J.J.Murdnrk. Ashlaad Blk, Chicago. 

1A Salle, ni Empire Bart Bnagart........ Address Manager. 

T ./transport. Ind Crystal »..J.:Hi' Am woi l s....»... Address Manacer. 

Manitowoc, Wis..,. Variety Address Manager. 

Memphis. Tenn Grand Op, House J.J.Mordock. Ashland Blk. Chicago. 

Mprion Tnd Crvstal J. H. Ammons Address Manager. 

Vsrlon. Ind Grand '1. G. Pnmmera Address Manager. 

Mahnnoy ritv Pa. -Family J. H. Ammons Freeman Bernstein, Jt WJ*St.H.T.C. 

Mndlren Wis Firm's Ed Moiart Manaeen 

VMi'a">fee. Wis Cr\*»t«l Fred Flom W.P-Henderson. 

Mllwanfce*. T**'' Grand F. B. Winter. Address Manager. 

Mlmifapolls. Minn. Orpheum JMinBlllott C 

Mmnenpolls. Mn«n..naiqae ^ P. Vestee...... 

Msrineit*. Wis RUoo H. C DandoHh.. 

Mnakeeon Mlch Crystal H. C. Danforth. „__. 

MutKle. Ind Star H. H. <taimodhT......Addrsss Maaaccr. 

Mnrqaene. MlPh....Bttaa.l..... ...W. A. Ross.......... Address Monomr. 

ttaw T«ik CUy......AUmte Oiiim.. 




1358 Broadwayf 








I. S. 




Qoeen of White Slates 
Tracked Around tbe World 
Fast Life in New Yorli 
Falleo by the Wayside 
Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl 
Dangers of Woriiing 6irit 
Secret Senice San 
Lost in a Big CHj 
Chinatown Charlie 
Ruled Off the Turf 
Qoeen of Highbinders 
Lured from Hone 
Confessions of a Wife 
Tbe Crooked Path 

Musical Comedies 

The Belle of Areoue A 
Tmi, Dick ud Nirri 


xne Blllboaira 

DKCBMBKR 2, 1905. 

0611 IIIEnStOFES, $75. 


40a SUBJECTS, 4 


Rex ^ Star Stereoptiron $21.50 



RHEOSTATS. 2?0Volt., $8.50. 




■vAiD wmt wvm goodb. 
809 rUbert. 



para In tone, may to 
tone and play. Pbo- 
to9. referances. cata' 



t'tU AaNMi BHIboud. or 1 
land ATe.. Cleveland. Ohio. 


*'l|i8kel)ne& Devant's Mysteries" 


Sola oontrol in VaudevM*. Car* Hf 

B. Marinelll, New York. 



lown and Mule Hurdle Rider 

Fifth year with M. L. Clark Shows. 


Small Tent Shows 

Comint: South will do well here. PopnIatloD 
300. Twelve store*. Write for partlcnra. On 
A. C. L. K- R. between Sumter and Oranse- 
bnrtf. WALTER D. EPPEBaON. Plnewood. 



Ther are nnr specialty bat we makeuy Idted 
of tent tbal Is made. Don't bay bef o re cet- 

tlnir oar prires Yi*urs truly. 

n. D. A H. L. SMITH, Dniton, Ga. 




Constructed on an cnttrcly new 
principle* not at all aiHcward to 
handle, easy to play as any irx 
stringed instrument^ vtrndrtful 
carrying power* Bqmifiy dc^rsblc 
£or cnlMv mIo or dnb «ofk. aoU 

on CSsy psySMBtB tf 


HM ft. sr. PADL. miNN. 

libation "He £moard" wiw» aatwern^ aiM. 




New Toik Caty .*Torlnnila X, R. Btmberr. Addren Uanacer. 

New York C:ty 'New York Louis Werba. U. S. Bentham. St. JamM Bldr 

New Tork City 'American Win. T. Keogb Ted Marks.New AmB.ThcaterBldK. 

New ToA City •Grand Op. Houae... J. U. Sprlnser M. S. Bentbam.St. James Bldg.N.T. 

New York City Colonial P. O. Williams Wm. Morris, 6 W.2S St., N. T. C. 

New Tork City Alharobra P. G. Williams Wm. Morris, S W.a St., N. T. C. 

New York City ••Dewey, ««o. Krauee Wm. Morris, 6 W. 28tb St. 

New Tork City •Third Aycnne A. B. Wood* .Ben Harris, Hotel Metmpola. 

New Toik City •Gotham Ctoo. Kiaiiae Wm. Morrla, s W. Jttb St. 

New Tork City Hubet'a Mnaee. J. K, Anderaon AlKreu Xanacer. 

New Tork City Htirtlv * Seaman's Ben Hnitlf. ASMrear Uanaser. 

New York City Union Square B. F. Racers S.K,I*oagdan, St,JamasBld,,n.T.O, 

New York City •Metropolis Henry Rosenbcrr.-. B. A, iHytn. a W. Mat St. 

New York City Tony Pastor's H. S. Sandenon AdAess Manacer. 

New York City Proctor'f SStii St.... E. Robinson Wm. Morris, 8 St, N. T. C. 

New York City Proctor-a 23rd St... G. E. Graham Wm. Morris. 6 W.2gSt., N. T. C. 

New York City Proctor'a 12Sth St.,. J. T. Fynes Wm. Morris, 6 W.2g St., N. T, C. 

New York City Victoria Oscar Bammetetetn Wm. Morrl,!. 6 W.2» St.. N. Y. C. 

New York City Family R. Graumann 131 W. 4M St 

New York City •Westend Geo. Blumenttaai B. A. Meyers, 31 W. list St 

New York City •Murray ElU :. Wm. T. Keogh M. S. Bentbam. SL James Bid*. 

New Yoric Cltr •Star. .....Wm. T. Keosb X. 8. Bentham, t ' 

NewBnmswiek.N.J. TlvotL................Jaa, Mooaban Addraas Ifaaaatr. 

Niagara Falls,N.T. Lgrceom Addieaa Xanaser. 

Krrfolk. Va Audltortnm. J. M. Barton AdOrsss Xanaeer. 

Norfolk. Va Acme Wllk«rsoii*Msn«le.. Addrees Manager. 

Norfolk. Va BUcu Abb Smith. Addrem Manaser. 

Norfolk. Va Manhattan.... C, A. Criaalan. Add ess Manager. 

Nashville. Tenn — Grand Ojt, Beoaa... X. D. *'"r"i- J.J.Murdock. Ashland 

N.Weatmlnater.BC. Variety .........S. X Cohan Address Mara«er. 

Nanalmo. B. C Variety Address Manager. 

New Orleans, La.,.Orpbeiim Uaittn Beck C. E. Bray. Ashland BIk, C!hlea«o. 

Newark. N. t. Froetor'a R. C Stewart Wm. Morris, 6 W.a st/N. T. C. 

New Raren. Conn..FoU's ,Z. PoU Wm. Morris, « W,tt St. N, T. C. 

No. Adams. Xass.. Sheedy's W. p. Meade AdHrests Manager. 

New Bedford, Kaaa. Hatbaway's T. & Baylls Address XaaaMr. 

Oakland. Cal Bell Bd Roman Arcnie Levy,305 Mason Bt,8an FMn. 

Oakland. Cal Empire E. M. Carlson Address Manager. 

Oakland. Cal. Noveltj- Tony Lubelskl Bert Ptttman. Novelty, Denyer.Col. 

Ottumwa. la Crystal Address Manager. 

Orden. Utah Lyceum Tony Lubelskl Bert Plttman, Novelty, DeaTar. 

Omataa. Neb Orpbaum Martin Beck C. E. Bray. Ashland RBi^ 

Omah,!. Neb Novelty P. U. Mallaod Address Manager. 

Osbkush,'WU BIJOU H. C. Danfortb Address Msrager. 

Paurson. N. J Buinll]r...............Xacila*Biauna..... FMamanBornateln. 1< W. 

Passaic. N. X. B"»mi^. ............. . FusmanBemstcln, X w, 

Poui^hkcepsle, N.T. Famdr.......~ rnA Pe y!P<»de ......F t(Wman B«rBateln. M W. 

Portland, Ore. QraBd................ J. R* BnUHgiMi...... Aflonaa " 

Portland. Ore Star J-R- BnlakMa. ti tHr iis 

Portland, Ore Lgrrlo. Keating Anood Afdnaa . 

Portland, Ore Orpbeum W. A. Simmons Addreaa Manager, 

PtTowiisend.Waah. standard. Address Manager. 

Philadelphia. Fa....Bradenbers'a C. A. Bradinbcrc... Address Manager. 

Philadelphia. Pa.. ..Keith's H. T, Jordon S.K.Kcdedon, StJi 

Philadelphia. Fa....uth Street .naak Onmont Address Manaser. 

Portland, Me Portland J, B. Ifoore S.K.Hoc«don. StJi 

Pecria, XJI Weast'a.': C, y.Jgartaon Address Manager. 


•••HUB 0lftilM*«MI 

••• Onwd.... 
• Keitb's.. 

-•• OBpron'a. 


Addreaa Xasacer. 
Address XaBdiBW. 
Address Maaagep. 

Address Manager. 
. S.K.Hodgdon. St Jama 
Address Manager. 
AdCress Manager. 


■ Grand Op. House... Harry Davis &.K.Radirdon. ^ MM .If T f1 

• BUoa McConnell & Patrick Addreaa Manager. 

• PblUlD^ Address Manager, 

: Bert Pitman.'^oraltr. Sam. 

2£S3S^***" Aj j y iS i P 

Peoria, 111 

Peoria. HI 

Pueblo. Col 

Pseblo. Col 

Prcvldtnce. R. I 
Pawtucket R. !• 
Pawtucket R. I. 

PtttsburK Pa 

Qalni:7. Ill 

Richmond, lad... 
Rocbaster. N. T.... 

B4wkforS. m........^ . ^ ^— 

Reni^ Nei^.. ........ Gnuia....«t*i«»M«..« vDBjr IiiiDalfKt...... . 

Raelae Wis. BIJou ••••••«• ltaakQ'ai}Mk.....Addn^ 

San Joet, Cal Unique .M>iM.aDvlnMiK..M>. BtrtPlttmui. Kovellr, 

San Jose, Cal jom ................ l ildi sss Xaaagar. 

San Jose, Cal .Victory Addieaa Xaiiassr. 

St. Lxiuis. Mo Columbia Ftank T^te J.J.Murdock, Ashland Blk, Chicago, 

St I.,>uln. Mo Star O. P. Crawfford Addrees Manager. 

San Diego, Cal Pickwick Tony Idbelskl Be rt Pl ttman, Novelty. Denver. 

Otmd .. .»....••...•»• ..... ».» ^.. ... .......... Ad drea a Xenager. 

Oiyetal...............a^ed wBaoM&........AddrsasKanagar. 

. - Dmiial l'g.....M«»«.«»fc B. Jmb...., CL W;B8uatt. TieadoB. Can. 

Valla, S. D... Novelty.....!.....'... VnrIMs|dU.......Bert Plttman. Neieltr. Ds b ts i. 

•beboygan. Wis Unique ••....m. VkUk O^Mm...... Address Hanaaer. 

South Send. Ind Olyraple. i W. A. Lang, OgdSB 

8anFranelseo.Cal.. Chutes Addrm Manager. 

SanFranclBco,Cal.. Fisher's T<ony Lubelskl i!<'rt r.timan. Novelty, Denver. 

SanFranetsccCal.. Novdty Sam Loverlch Adiir,'^ Manager. 

SanFranclsco,Cal.. Orpbeum John Xorrlasy C. E. Bray. Ashland Blk, Chicago. 

SanFtanclsco,CaI.. Lyceum Addrees Manager. Mission Address Manager, 

8anFrmnelsoo.Cal — Emails X)Brtia4k'waataB....Jtddiess Maaastsr. 

Seattle. Wash Crystal »|u.«.>.*. 'fddrtes Haaagar. 

Seattle, Wash Comlqae,....(.......JC MMMini..i,... Addroee MaaagSR 

Seattle. Wash Cential.......MM..;.'>aB CL nalsr....... Address Manager. 

Seattle. Wash Bmpira.......M. Address Mansger. 

Seattle Wash I!dlaaB..M«MM. Addrees Vsnager. 

Seattle. Wash OiplMUX....... S. J. Oonnellen Addreaa Manager. 

Seattle. Wash Stsr.. .M. O. WInstock Addreaa Marager. 

Seattle. Wash Pantagea^,, .......... Alex. Pantages.... Address Manaxer. 

St Paul, Minn Orpheum J. C. Kaane Address Manager. 

St Paul. Mian Emplie X Wclnbols Addreaa Manager. 

Saginaw, xieb Jelfera Xaika * Bamferd.. Addreaa Manager, 

St JohM N. B Tork K. F. Xyda a fldr ssa Manager. 

Bontb Chicago. XIL.Unlaae 

Seranton. Pa J^amlly .........A V..lnOnr........-Address Manager. 

Spokane, Wash La Boheme.........;»<.n.w.U.............Address Manager. 

Spokans, Wash OI>eron Address Manager. 

Spokane. Wash Comlque Address Xanager. 

Spokane, Wash Rdlaon Address Manager. 

Syractire. N. Y Grand Op. House.. ..C. H. PlumuKr S.K.Hodgdon,BtJaniaa BHKjr.T.CL 

Sprlnxfli-Id. ni Gaiety Smith A Burton.... A ddreia Manager. " • 

SprlDglleld, III Empire John Connora .Address Manager. 

Springfield, 111 Olympic JC. J. McCann Jtddraas Mansger. 

Bpringlleld. O Orpbeum Ous Suh Address Manager. 

SprlBgfleld. Xase,.. Poll'a.........,MMM;C. 3r,JUaiU^.,,...yrm. Xcrria, 8 WMSL, H. T, C, 

Springfield. Xo Star...«,.«..CT;..,.UA K fliMMggM.... Addrsas Manager. 

SaltLakeCtty.tTtah. Boa VOK.... Tear l*nieMM.......Bert Plttman, Novelty, Denver. 

Saratoga Spga,N.T. Gem Address Manager. 

Sedalla. Mo Crystal Address Manager 

Schenectady. N. T. Mohawk Weber A Rtub Addrees Manager 

Sacramento. Cal Oak Park Tony Lubelrkl Bert Plttman. Novelty, 

Sacramento. Cal Novelty Tony Lubelskl Bert Plttman. Novelty, 

Santa Cms. Cal — Unique Aodrees Manager. 

SanBamadlno. Cal. Broadway.. 
Santt Rosa. Cel.... jfavelty.... 

Staektan. cel. 

- iltp.. 

Nuvel^r*. ......*■ 

■ . Star. ............. 

.. Shea s...,.......i 


. Proctor's........ 

..Olyropla.. ....... 

..Costal , 


Orand D. B. Worley .Addreaa Manager! 

..0>phenm,............, W. H . Hqrmek...... Address Manager. 


Topeka, Kan 

I oledo. O 

Toronto. Can.... 
Trenton. N. J... 

Troy. N. T 

Troy. N. T 

Tacoma. Wash.. 
Tacoma, Wash., 
Tscoma. Wash,, 
Tacoma. Waah 


Victoria, B. C Savoy, 

Victoria. B. c Star , 

Victor. Col Grand 

Washington. D. C. Chase's..... 
Waterbury. Conn... Jaques Op. 
Waterloo, la Johnson's.. 

Worcester, Maas....Palaea...... 

Worcester. Mass — Park............ A. T. WIIMa.;,.,,., 

. Address Manager. 
Bert Plttman. Novelty, P iaeet t 

E. LIssenden.. 

....Tony Lubalskl...,^ . , 

... Tjany LnbeUkI Bert Plttman. Novelty, 1 

...R. A. Wilhclma AiMresa Manager. 

....a. V. Morris Addreaa Hansger. 

... B. H. i.arkin Address Manager. 

■— i,.^S**V SK-HodadonTst JamseBld,JI.T.a 

EdRenton Address Manager. 

,...Wm. Oraham Wm. Morris, g w.a St. m;t, O, 

.Address Manager. 
*,..,..... ............. Address Manager. 

.p. Wdley.. Address Mansger. 

;»...>.;,. Address Mansgcrl 
AddreM Msnager, 
......... Addresjl Manager. 

.........wlnnlfred De WItI.E.K.Hodcdon. Si.JaniartM.JI.TX!. 

Bu nii.. J. W. FItspatrtck.. Wm. Morris. 6 W.X BL. JC^lC C, 
....B. H. Johnaon...... ..Address Mansger. 

Davey Jk Lsalle.... Addreaa Managar. 

Addrtaa If enager. 

Woonseeket R. X...Hiib....^ 

Winnipeg, Csn Domlntioa.^,,... X. Kyle 

Winnipeg. Can Dn>4lie.;..MM....... Nash A Burrows., 

Wilmington, I>el....aaniac.. W. L. Dockstader., 

Wichita. Kan Lyric C. M. Box 

Wichita. Kan Bijoa C E. Olson Address Managtr. 

Wsjihiogton, Pa.... Lyric AdtTress Manager. 

Toaagstown, O. Orand OP. Baaae...T. K. Albaagb 8.K.Hodgdon, 8tJaiBaeBld.,N.T.O. 

. J- w. CoBklln....... Address Manager, ^ 

• RarrvAr¥WMtr„Hffj|m||||^|^^^|» 
.Address Manager, - > 

. Address Manager. 
, Address Msnager. 


f^tMetive. Hlsta Grsde Dnlforms at Incom- 
MraUe prices. Send for catalog and cloUl 
aamples. Tell as what you want. 


COLUMBUS. 0.. U. S. As 



The biggest money maker of the ■MMon. 
Write for price list or aaaplea, 


n» LOCTIt at . 8T, L0DI9, MO. 


Wane Machine from 
r.,~" ""■"T^^.. "se W«rM-s Fair. Tbo mm- 
eblne has made«. OoMMUi I will Mil It for SO. 
I took lton a debt) It has sot to be sold. It can be 
u».rt bT w or suoUb*. fbm ■n.cblae Is inches bf 
6 reet, and »II alUehmentsgo with It A batgala. 

662G Dni msr Bl. BT. LOUIB. MO, 


Poottry. Plgaeaa, Dogs. Cats, Pel stock. Peafowl,, 
Swans, Pheaaaats, Quail, 'Waterfowl, Cage Birds. I"ar- 
Wl^ tenets. (Ish and AaoaHum t-upplle.. Animal*, 
HSjSSiS^'?" ."PR"*"- •ncti«>alo'». Brooders Moks, 
akeaUklnds or supplies, send lor lllustmted eatSans 


. Bend lor lllustmted cal 

t,.N. W„ WaeMntleii. D. C. 


One Fins Traveling Wagon, I Tent, Polesand 
Slakes, couplet*: SLectureSet*, eompleu, Aliaansw, 



Some good open time at Culbreath Opera Bon**, SI. 
John, jCanass, Plued Ihs toUowlag Sleek OomfiaBl** 


not be told from tlie most eosUy gSBiS. Aay JM. la 
MOsloneonly Ucenta. 8all«rsFUoBBI||n|MiM CM». 

lUTHIIwaaliee St., Denver. Colo. 

St. Jo— p h , Mleh., 

ShellB. Rhell Noreliln and Wood gneds for the RolMsy 

,mo k. ^,iri traile, winhes tn eocrsaiiona with thoM 

-Inn 1 

>velLlr« tn manufacture. 

DECmMBBR 2, 1905. 

XKe Billboard 



...HALF TONE... 

Mill Mr PMtm. HmMi, Nmpapen 
Ml Utlir Iniii 

IV MU or WaCM* VMpald 


Your Photograph 
On Post Cards 


Films, SlidM, Aeeessories. 


OHAS. in. STBBBINfl,! 

lOaM main Ml.. Kanaka rilr, yto. 




Hai divided p«d«l which op. 
crAici Drum or Cymbal up* 

arjtcly or togvihcr, Adru«**blc 

to h«i>^tit . ■tn.k.- iiK-l roaitlon, 
compact, It^tn 111 wct^ht. 


W.J. DYER t mo. 

T72 Dyvr nidt. St. P«b1. muu. 



For the P. O. S. of A. Opera- 
House, Berwick, Pla., the boom 
town of Pennsylvania. Good open 
time in December and January. 
House aeate 800; sbse bf stage 
26.\42. Pay twice a month; over 
$100,000 paid out last pay day. 
Popuiatkm of 14,000 to draw from. 
F. R. KETCHEN. Ml£r , 



Eva Thatcher 

Twenty weeks on the PaclOt Coast. Offered 
m*"^ Addrewi. H11.1.11OARO. ChU:a«o. 


Alphk^edeally arr».ni«d of Amenta. Ho- 
<.la, Muaic PuMlahws vtd 
Dcalera in Theatrieal, 

A<lvertlB«meDt« Dot exceeding ooe 1]d« In 
U'i));th. win bv publlsbed. properly clautOed In 
tiilk Directory, at the rate of (10 for one year 
(.'Z iBnea), proTlded they are of an acceptable 
nature. Price Include, one yeu*. .olMcrlptloo 
to The BlUlioiTd. B«euUr tdvertlaers who Tue 
Id exce.. ot fSO worth ol space annoally are 
eotltled to one line tree of ctiarge for each 
nrtj- dollars or fraction thereof, cotered by their 
contracl.. The Directory, la revlaed and cor. 
rrcted weekly, changes In firm namea and 
add rfj i Mas ctoavdad aa hnb aa tbv arc 


Sllaa J. Conyne, *oa McLean aTe., Chicago, 111. 

Belmont SUtrn' BalkMO Oo., UmA Cttj, Midi. 

Noruw^ BalitoM CS.J n hiumtmisi.jaumm 
Pnt, Otaw. Sntrtt, BaamlMa Tiwi. 


Wm. Bartela, 16B Greenwich at. M. >. O. 
Crou. LlTerpool, England. 

Carl Hagenbcek. Stelllngen Hamburg, Oennaay. 
Loola Rnhe. 248 Grand at., N. Y. O. 
SchUllog'a Zoo, 28 Cooper w]., N, T. C, 

Botanical Dec. Os., 271 Wabaab Are., Oblcago. 

And XkuMMj^k^nm^^^jo ^acUUtm la 

ManrMt B. n » H mmt l§, M Kaiaaa at.. N. X. O. 

0*0. A. Pamal * Oa.. 41 WaTno at.. M. T. C 

Prank BoltOD * Co.. lOT B. Madlmn .t.. Cblca(> 
Lyoo A Bealey, 206 Wabaah are.. Chicago. 


roat St. Bammon, 222 Post .t.. San Franclaco. 

o. J. PnMottt..Ascy. Z18 Lnmbn Bicbao(» 




BottOB Co- 4U taaaa a**., St. iMrta 


Ox-hydrogan Oaa Kannfactnrart. 
Cin'tl Cal. Ught Co., lOd W. -ttta at., Otnelnnan 
St. UMla Cfel. Ught Co., M« Ba at, St I«al* 


Geo. Krntx, BraniTUle, Ind. 


Electric Chndy Machine Co., 
Empire Cream Separator Co. 

Far Ct iuiii aa, Farka, SaaiaMr Oaidau, ate 

Dlmbt-rger Fop Ooni Co., ISS Beotca, Bnttalo. 
Wm. r. Madden * Co.,14-l« Deatmaaao Bt.,N.1 
New Vtrk Cbofection Co., 76 Varlek at.. N.T.C 
Roeekbolm Broa. A Gckatain, Chicago. 
SbotwtU Utt. Otn 111 Mleklfaa at, OUeaga 


I. BlataatftB, M Ana at, Mew Tack CUj 
D. O. Rickattn. 80 Asa at. Now Tork OIlT. 
Slasar Bn*., IB Boircyy. New T«(k CII7. 
United Statea Flag Co.. aM3 OUbwt, OlaalaaatI 
Wcatem Bargain Bootc, 272 — — — 

Na.hTllla, Tcnn. 
, Bloomflald. N. J 

Ana Maaa Banc Otr Oc OUeagai. 
ML Ytnta Oar Mrg. Co.. Mt. Vemoa. 01. 
Tbc Taataa Tnn.porutton Co., St. lioala. Mo. 


New and Seoond Eaad. 
P. A. McBngb, SS a CbapUa at., OltTClaBd 

SuUl*aa ft Bi^. FM, lad. 


Lanlcr ft 
KlDCCCy ' 
W. B. ■ 



St Loola Confetti Co., St Loali, Mo. 
V. S. nrawotka Op.. St. bwla aad ~ 
u 8. Hag Oak, SMt oubwt avt., 


Van Ban ftaw. 121 N. Otk at, 

HalftoDU, Ensrarlnga, ato. 

Clark Eng., Mllvrankee. Wla. 

Knox. Bngr. Co., US Bate. at.. Knoxrtlle, Tana 

Life O'graTiin. Co., LaCrcne, Wla. 

Queen City Bngr. Co.. Blymjer bidg., Clnelnatl 

Strate Bog. Co., Park Row bldg.. New Tork. 


Prof. P. I. Ridge. 1ST USalle at., CUoago. 

WUwn'a School. 256 W. 23rd at, N. Y. O. 

And Soalaci in riaga, Bnatiag, 

_ » Ji iniina . j^iiiiia n i B , ww. 

WUIaxd Oae Co., S22 Dal. at, riayi Ottr, Ma 

U. S. riag Co., 2313 aitbert aTc, OlaeninL 

Natl. Tl.(ue Mfg. Co.. M7 Fulton at- Btw>UyB 
U. 6. Flag Co.. ZM3 Ollbcrt aTc, CudaatL 



TtiePftONC 5133 3B*J 
BM*KLIE6LIGHT'>.rvv vo*K 

Mr AND 129 W 38 :» ST.. 



Send in yonr late procimm for 

".MarBle. Yon 're Ttae Girl ■ Love.** 
**Tliat Candy Girl ol Mine." 

**ril Take Ibe Cim House ror Mine.** 

ITS Only Human Nature Alter AU. =.■ V 

m Me Home On cbrlBtmaa Eve. 

It Tbc Silver C — » Good-Bye. BInc Eyes. 
l»oa*t Yon Waat a CM. "HIali Ball.** 
Sootlilna. Yon and I. 

Wa have anch writara aa F. Clifford Harrla, Allen Dougherty. Leland 8. Roberta. 
Tracey. J. J. Haekay. E. B. JewalL J. J. Weltlt Allpooalar aonc. taogtat tree. 
Arranging'. Call o. na whan to rraeo. 



...WRITE TO... 


612.614-616 Marlon Buildinc 
KATXt-K. - - WASM. 


nui run rnlouU theatrical moving in san francisci. 

Calls at all theatrea erery Suodar 
our office. ProfesstoDal rates ot " 

opposite TlTi>ll Opera House. 

nNB OOnBlNATlON rAB-Wft.!oDK<SiuteTt>omi.vBih stand, toilet roomi. Uim 
clpaet and extra berths tor 20 people. KltalMn.alnlnj| — * * 

r room, large oallara. Baker he a te r . 

Iforlmi^^,; : 

. Wfttertown. 




Bobs CanTaamfta, ChaadBlUraiBa. ORflOMiT, ffMMff^ 

ITnIr lh« vrrr bc«t nr«d apply. BoMBtit 

i.-uUr-. In (imt It'ttJT Klnfllr ponaldtrtw* 

. _ _ _ _ 1. *. 

mwi Worklnir Peopl* Id all bnocta**. Oni^ ih« xt-ry bc«t 
— " IT BUmp. l*lMso arlTO roll pa 
For tmnmr portlcnUirB odtfrn* 


■B low OB JnsCldoB tbo artist to fuminh tbir (rrflat BCL 

OOrIf eOBCraCtB for BBXt BBMOD. win havn nfw oucflt. 
BOW ballootut Buul* or old rapalrnl. v^rltr oarljr. Cl 
For partlfnUrv and prices addreuA tbr ai-rouaiit, 


AncrriHluDii farnlobrd auy-*bpre. uru-t-n buniJrrii fe«l hltrti. Do trapes* acti 
(Nrrforin doable trmpez« vxplo«luu» aud (lamcbuU* I rap* and racra, Tboao put oa 
ar« extraordiaarj attraC|IOIU. Prler» IDBllO OCCOnUjlg tO dlkt^DCg^Ud UWjRJV 

Perm, iddresj, HUMBOLDT, TEH. 

To wHoa IT HAT coxcaax: . . ^. 

BaTlng Inapected tta. oflica and bill-room e( Mr. J. R. Wllllaiaa. 1 naailaall hia i 

Iwy without he.ltatlan and unmerredly that h.haa the beat all round equipped aalabllabmaat ( 

wrn In .11 ui^r (nkv,^1iu Kvrr? thlDK ■» .y^'^' ."'1 I ."i MtlHlltMl th.t lie will .t .11 tlmen rmrrr out hi. eol 
tract to the letter and Kire iTlect •atll.r.c tlnn I. < . . i , M 1 " " A V , 

: I. . AK- :.t I C' l* Co. 



The Breatui of all 




I. operateil by letting two 
iTory ball, roll down Incline. 
Playar haa privU.*. oc iunp- 
pliWOBa of tha balla, at an 
Unaa. Bai t laaiMitlnni, 
bigaadlMUa pMai^ alar and 
blowoS. Wtththa-nrou 
we giT. you two <x« feet 
layout, made on btm% enamel 
la la 

allowed Co go eraTywhercaa 
account of It. falrappeai 
Price. BSB.OO. 

• .••REMEMBER.... 
This |uu bit 
nover bm soM 
•r ainititii bi- 
fm. M it mHIi 

■ • 

SoHM Mm fw 1906 TM Ira lltt Itwi 

Tbe Ewana Bee Htwe; tbe mt or 190B 

The Xwiate* Wire "Set Spindle" 

The World'a Vair Striker, Complete.. 
Tbe IinPROVRD Camel Hack. Spindle 
Ttae Chlcaco Drop Case« "new" 

CHICK COP— Tha looker pla7eT'._l>e.t_friend: we make and aeii .On'y.O«nu'?'»'.P«^ 

. is.oa 


Booda ttian all othera combined ; _tjhe on^y^expert work on 

BaaartldlgCTaat klMa. acrSw VjOs'sii dKk.r a" <»rdi>Viiied and >ult«d''u.M: sinirle deek 11.0a. 
Elwda. WamakeaadaalfmcottlMaa " 

by ii Oetoar prleaa-iter will you. Kouiett* wheeta ~mp'««« Si? !!2,£lT? 
tuarantee. Frleetium. We manufacture all our own goodik ValalognelrM— naaroru. 

year ituarantee. 

H. Oa EVAMS A CO- ns cmt itv aiwo. ills. 



Xlie Billboaircl 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 



' : CRAM'8 ' 


■y'r-taa iMi l a g m BeawMHy OBtawa Mww « tt> PaHea MmtM. Cwmi 
rV'- : niMlcnOoiiiitrle»-BaUi<a«4BS9*oi90L Tkto nark eontalM 4Mn I 
: IxKlolly mtrmined awnefc lipid to M>p> (or loeatlBy i 

I will mall one copy (only) at this Atlu, In (Best) Cleth Blndlne^DOStDsId 
to *ay sddress In the TTnlted States or Canada— by retam mall, on lecelpt 
^j^'OCaKnWOader for M cents, or 22 two-cent stamps. t i i . : 


^^dress GEORGE F. CRAM, 

Katablisliml 1867. 

Mention Billboard. 


Can you Imagine dogs playing a real drama, 
beings ? Tbese dogs do It. 

Sm. BDBIHAUPT, Igent, : : : Sf. Jaaes Bldg., lEW YORK CITY 


Osnraa Shoes. leather turned, 91. with Leather Soles. 91.50. 


CanTks Pointw 2So.. with Leather Boles. SOo. 
Elastic RnDDorters 91. 
Satin Tmnks, OoIIws and ColTs 8i>anried and Trimmed. 98. 

illiw and CsitomTlctats and Shirts. 8(a«e Mase-upb Bvrlot- 

8. B. CALI., 

244 Main St., - SPRIRGFIEID, MASS. 

tfk M ■ ^ Bni I A rnW CUnUr— ^l"' Ezpoaltlon KoTlDS Plctura Kaeliliu aO; Ediaon 

IlIlD VMI K nULLM rUJl SnUW OmtTmnBotbaratn. LabuBotdBukBobbcn 

run Jll^E TimekedbTBlood UonnditM: UsyUtlwOMHsklllBOaMt (»: a tnukto «arrT >li 
■ — mi cnrtolM itiU m-, «lm« prwrrtiig bu* U; toot ntlm tUOi ■oppU— mough tor 

twowssfes'ikawM: iWlatt(rbwd«,<n«Bniopa,MSopaskm!.«eBSnct*. M* ■mnU iltnlMloB auda. m 


bMMd. MAll Oman FlUsA Utr 

TaL Mi lUdlaoa Saul*. M* Sixth A«%, aasr SM SMM, X. T. 

omt HoamcY DEPABnwtrr an uistaut ioooniw 


Vanfaotann, Osalsis is. aaa Ssntal Boisaai 
ABcrtesn Blogrspta Obk, U ■. Htb st, N. T. 0. 
Fvter Baelnlopi, 1W UIhIod St. Ssd rrascUeo 
Obleaco nlin B*.. 1S8 S. Olatlc St., CMcaco._ 
Bugcue CUo* A Cb.. 2 W. Mtbc st, N. S. C 
BdlsoD Mte. Co.. SI Union Square. N. Y. 0 
Gaaton MellM SMU E. S8th »t. New York. 
Klclce Optical Oo., 92 State St., Cblcsgo; UT-tt 

W. 32d St., New Yml[ City. 
S. Lobln, 23 S. Stb St., Philadflphls. 
McAllister, 40 N«8saa St.. New Yorit City. 
Miles Bros., 10 E. 14tli St.. New Yorli City. 
Miles Bros. MO Tnilt st- San FranelaoOkOtL 
NaU. Film Bating « N. Oafk Stn tSfOV 
Pattae Clneaatspaik OSn 48 B. M att 


Annin & Co.. SO Fnltoo at. New York OUT- 

National Flas Co.. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

V. 8. nas Co.. 2213 GUbert sTe.. Cloclnnatl. 


Splndlea, Club Honao Fumitnre, eta. 
BaiT & Co., 56 Stb are., <%l«go. 
B. V. Clark, 9 WeTboaaet «., ProTldence, B. 1 
Cowper Mfg. Oo. .168 S. Clinton at.. Chicago. 
Deane, 1057 Ontral nve, Cincinnati, O. 
H. C. Gvana & Co., 123 S. Clark at.. Obleaco. 
Jesse James, Fort Scott. Kan. 
Klein & Mlllt-r. 43 Lebnard at.. New York Ctty 
D. MiUer Mfs. Co.. Kansas City. Mo. 
B. A. Uoore iltg. Co., B23 Wyan., Kan. 01ty,Uo 


lCak»-np Bozea, Cold Cream, oto 
Tbe Hess Co., 223 S. Fitshue &t.. Boebester.N.Y 
Vannom & MlcbL lai N. Stb St.. PhlUdelpblt. 


Plmnas sad Xr^piags for (Unas sad Adv. Via. 

turn Oa., OS HacraVs wataMotlyB 


OBxoAOo, nx. 

Hotel Belmont. Rnr., IDS W. Madlaon. 
Albambia (New). Enr., cor. 19tb & State. 
City Hotel, Eur. and Am., cor 19th and State 

Omiodtlea and Bids-itaow Goods (Xannfaatstsis 

of and Dealers In.) 
M. Boltnlre, "Dreamland." Coney lalsod, N. Y. 
Prat. Ch&a CktoIIe, Sse Bloomfleld are., Btoom- 
lleld. N. J. 

Cbas. B- WestOD. 4 Cirruthera. Lawrence. Msss. 
f. W. Zairow, 121 w. Uberty at., ClnelastL 

For Btsce XFae. 
Bennett Xswelry Co., 1S17 Poplsr, FfeUaMBUa 
Altred Oogcenhelm, 528 Broadway, N. T. ft 
Holaman ft Alter, 1~8 E. Madlaon at. Obleage. 
Roser*. Tbnrman A Co., 15G Wabasb, CblesfO. 
Slnser Broa.. S2 Bowery. N. Y. C. 

mm. yumttlh IWS PoUcn avc., ' 

mar h mMaom. 240 B. Madlsoa 


Baacona. Torchaa for Cironaaa ^d T«at Shows. 
Bolte A Weyer 2IJ0.301 W. Lake at., Gbieaco. 
OsA. Taylor 97 Clitr at.. New York City. 


Btareoptloona, oto. 
VsAlllster. 49 Naniin at., New Y«lk OttT. 
Kletne OpUcal Co., St State St., CtdMfib 
C M i M is it , Tribune bide, Oblsnglb 



p«h ifarfwi««gujyffl»wiJ' 

ATmlta(e.Hctsetaen Os., 
Ouncy LoeomoUre Worki. «N B ww. j 
W. B. Oooderman, BomsIlselllSb M. Z. 

HCTsehell-SpIllman * Co.. No. Voi 
rtederlck IngerM>U, 307 4tb a**.. 
W. H. Labb, Indianapolis. Ind: 
0. W. noker, At>Uene. Kan. 

, Supply Eonaea. 

J. T. B. Clark. 812 Walnut St., Kan. Otty, Mo. 
V. P. Home. 1018 Central are., ClndniMtl, O 
Slagtt Bna., SB Bowery. New York City. 


f. 8. BlUisidt, SOM Lawiraee st,, 

A K. MMgMB Olw M JB8b itMMAM, O. 

O^SO nim I9z.. IBS 8. OUrk at., Cblca«o. 
■mpt OUns A Co.. SB Dearborn St.. Cbloago. 
Uftsd L. Haratn A Co.. 118 IB. Utb, M. Y. C. 
^MacbA Co., SOB FUbert lb, nStMUUt. 

WUes Bros.. 116 Tork at- 8iB taneliaaL XM. 

Pstbe Olnematngraph Co.. 40 B. asd at., N< 
York dty, 

irll* Polyscope Co.. 41 peck Court, Cblcaso. 

rhs ronowinr Yima will bs clad to aaad ooplaa 
of Vow Bones to Becotnlxsd Xsmbvs 
of ths Profaaalan, 
Altnraa Mosic Pob. Co., 210 Powell it.. San 

F^nclaco, Ckl, 
Jf^^*"?!*'-. ^Ttb at.. New York Olty. 

Satn Mule Co., « W. 28th at.. New York City, 
taoms H. BnaMi A Co.. 45 fW. 28tli. N. Y. 0. 
7"^ "8r"^*5 Wsahln^ St., Oblcaso. 
f. V. yen dar Xcbdcn, Jr., 28 (rFsmll, Oaa 


rffelB|lO»„»JIOTCat. IiadlnKtaa,Ifi«k. 

dNCn A Co.. SIB Wella at., Cbieaco. 

TlM Bs^ Oo.. 12 Dntcb at.. New Terit Olty. 

loic^JEMhtor MO Park 9«ir, Mmt Xsck CUr. 


BUlbwn Bros., N Flllli •«•„ 


For BUIpoataTS, Olxeas and Tbaattioll 
Rider AJeaks, 127 N. B«fa at., ' 

Wha CMtc Espoclally to tha 
r. Wendt Pboto., Boon ton. N. J. 
Wllaon Studio. 246-218 SUte at., Oblca«o. 
1. W. Wllion. 162 State St.. Cbleago. 

Oaalsfa la. iBftilWb Acsat* and Snksn. 
Obaa. V<<l>WMiM A On* WaAlagtoo, CUesfs^ 
IU« BUaabslh Hartwy. MSI B-way. K. Y. a 
trim aosaltK. as WMIbsIsd «t_ OUnn. 
jaaftr A Mtdaa. i0k Bs ai l wy. XTft 
Msns * Os^TUIl BiMdway. 1(. T. 0. 
V. 8. Valasa. SIB FMil rt.. BMlkta. M. X. 
Wiaaett Hay Boewb MS WwuTllT. C 
OoEene A. tndte, IdU Vmy, W. x. O. 

Of pictorial Poatan sad Blc Typa Staada, 
Btz«*mars. oto. 
lckerman.<}nlsley Utbo. Co., Kan. City, Mo. 
Ajnerlcan Show Print Co.. Mllwankce> Wis. 
Bell Sbovr Print Co.. SiKOomey. la. 
C. H. Buck A Co., Beaton, Maw. 
OamlTal Poster Oo>, TlT-TlB Ocanepin are.. 


Oblcaso Sliow FMnt Os.. MO BIB as*., Ohloaso. 
Cniccnt Bag. A Prtg. Oa., SB Sd at., Brsai- 

tUU. lad. 
Donaldson Litbo. Co., Newport, Ky.. 
B. Xk Fiantin & Co., 300 Dearbsm Ki, WeaflSb 

~- 1 Prts. Co.. 22 Lake at, ""■* 

W Prt(. Oo., S13 Elm St., 

HaBacBaa A Co.. Cincinnati. 
MaaalUbn Sim A Show 

Print Co.. MaaaUlon, 0. 
PtOB Prtg. 'A Pnb. On.. PbUadelptala. Pa. 
Clarence B. Bnney, Runey bldg.. CInclnatl. O. 
^teeer Poater Works. St. gpr. 111. 
D. 8. Utbo., RoaScU-MorKan Print. Norwood, Ok 
Valnatecr Bite. Co., Rr.rooldaTlUe, Pa. 
WIlBBM A Bryant. 400 Main at.. Oallaib 9m, 


CrtsWDt, Bif, TP ng, ^Ob, SB Sd St., BtsdS- 

Cbnrdi PMB. 
~esc«Dt Bn' 
»Ule. Ind. 

W<oilli fffflBtlgg wMmhivOhp 


U Hmmmss, lOr W. SOth sb. K «. Q. 

lobB HsrMW sua 
Jsmcs tiUptn, 181 

BOHMB A Landla. 238 S. Clinton. Cbleaco. 

S. Bock, 02 Bine Island are., CblcsfH' 

Xaan/aotnms and Doslars in 
AntoiBstle Construction Co.. 106 Fnlton St.. N. 

z. Olty. 

Detroit. Mleb. 

82 Bowery. N<'W York Ity. 
. Co.. 1S3 W. Jackson. Ohiesge. 


WIB BsMltar, aas WaihlBStOB St., CUesca, 
I. WhNsaoa. BiO M. Madiasa St.. OMeaio. 


Bac lUostiatad 

Chicago Plhn Bxebsnge. 193 S. Clark at.. Chi- 
cago, ni. 

Bngene Cllne A Oo.. 10 B. 14tta St., . N. Y. . 
Klelne Optical Co., 92 SUte it., Cblcsgo; 127-20 

W. SSd at.. New York. 
McAUUtei. 40 Nassau sL. Nsw York City. 
NatiOBal rikn Beating Co.. 62 N. Clark St., 

Cbloago, 111 

Btllg raiyseope Oo., «t Feck Conrt. Cbleago, IB. 

J. B. aancy. 247 Sallna at.. Syraeoao, M. Y. 

Obieago Booaa Wiask Os^ SSth * taso, OUsaB* 


Tot Vair VsUawan, alo. 

One, Yonge A Oo.. BIB St. Oiarics at., St LaolA 
Fabriclns, OOT N. Broadway. 8t. bonis. Mo. 
B. B. FtiBtns A Co.. SB Deaiboni st, Oblesgo. 
M. Oerber. 720 Sootli St., PbiisdclpbU. 
Tbe Ooldsmltb Toy * Importing Cow. 121 B. 

4tb St.. Cincinnati, O. 
Alt. Onggenbelm, 809 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Holsman A Alter. 178 B. Madison St. Oblesgo. 
Tbe R. B. Co., 106 Oanal St., MMr X«« OMy< 
I. Elarnsteln. 44 Ann at.. New TMfe C9ty. 
I«Tln Broa., Terre Haute. Ind. 
W. F. Miller, 144 Park Bow. N. T. 0. 
Newman Mfg. Co.. 81 Woodland arc., Ci* 
Rogers-Tbunnsn A Co., 10 Wsbasb s*c., < 
Will Besiiter at WaiUngtoa st. CUeiBA _ 
BhiToek^IMd On.. BIT K. 4tb st, St I«als, Ma. 
N. Bbue A Os.. BBS Ofsdlson st, Cblcsgo. 
Sbapiio * Sam da Benth at, Pblladetpbla. 
Singer ania., 81 Bowaiy. «ew York 0I&/ 
Western Bargain HMae BTS B. Vadlsoo. Oblesgo. 
Barry Wctabanai. 240 E. Madison St.. Otalcago. 
I. Whlteson. 240 X. Madlaon St., Chicago. 

rttC 8. Ungerman, 700 N. otb st. PbtUddgbls. 

Ohas. Bombsupt.s 1182 Broadwsy, N. T. 0. 
Weatam nmat Be, 906 C. O. B. bMg.. Oblesgo 

Xl^e Billboara 



$5.00 TO SI5.00 A DAY 

Bmoakos (RotBikuehen) Ovifits 

Md ii OtparimeDt Storas. 

KTMTbonMwirewUIbiv an ontflt ibe moment 
ttaiv MelioweaiiUjruidQnickly these erbp and 
delfclons Bmecakea »n made. Tbey cokt about 
line tonrtb of • cant each mnd anyoue cma make 
forty In twenty minutes lime. For breakfast, 
Innclieon or artert.oun tea. Boeecakes are not 
only a convenience bat a decided norelty. Bnn- 
dreosof oatBtscsn be sold at ehurcb baiaar*. 
food shows etc.. beoldesyon can sell the cakrs 
at three for 5c as fast as yon can make thtm. 
The sec consists of 2 Irons and a handle all 
packed In a neat box with fail and explicit di- 
rections, receipts, etc Send Ti'C in stamps or 
Money Order and I will mall you acumplcM out- 
fltand quote you my wholesaleprlcmi. 

This is a business you csnmit aflnvdjtooivw- 
look, as It will certainly toIm yon aood atoaay 
risht from the atart. 



Aremaklncfoodin Department Btotea and In 

TbonDaodtt uf dozens of Cones will be sold dnilDff the hiriL 
days. I toll yon bow to put tbem np in packams. fnnilol 
folding boxes, tin .paila. labels, etc P«wle will cany tb 
I boni* and UL!ti>«Bi _M »h«te plwwMg. bnt^iiD to 
'IB iMfitadi Of aoRlal do- 
ittOiH. ate for which yoa 

can sell 

cones homo an d aitja»W» at 

cbarch fairs and Imun; Aattair rlnln food 
shows, etc. There an thousands of ways to 
make money out of eones and I can put yon 
rlrbt it you will only iriTO me the chance. Write 
for my cataiotnaeor ttiwt alieadi hai» • eenr. 
send me your order. 

I take this oooasioD to thank all those who favored me with business 
duriDg the past aeMon aocl wUb the readers of The BUUKMid-roas and aU-^ 
a Many Cbiltcniaa and a HiOTT Prosperoiia H«ir Tmt.' 


127 Michigan St., TOLEDO, OHIO. 



Bater & Locknrood Co., 415 DfUwar* St. 

Nts City, Mo. 
Geo. II. DonaTtn * Co., Oslamiius. O. 
DoiiglicrtT Bras.' Tent Co., St, Louli, Mo. 
J C. Com Co.. Ortrolt, Mich. 
M. R. Kunkely, 103 Sootb St.. N, T. O. 
Tlie Marrar Co., (SO S Wsahlngton St.. Cbleaxo. 
Cliu. P. Sledu IVnt Co.. Detroit. Uleb 
ttkompm * TcBdlTMr, Sie B. Pearl. Cla«liui.atl 
U. 8. Teat * Awn. 0»., 22S W. BaadOlph «t. 

Ackermann-Qulglef Co., Ksassa Olty, Wtt 

•. B. CsU, 944 WalB at., fipriiicfleld. Usaa. 


Q. N'errloof. 98 N. FTanklla st. CUesCO. 
Ofo. A. ratorel A Co., 41 Warren st, N. X. C 



SSf * Bac Co.. UB 4MwMa ave.. 
0. A. «^«r ItaDk 'Wka., 87 mBaaMilbAlMai 


If, 0. A Oth, Oolnobua, O. 

Wtatm VHtona Osi, SO dark at.. Chieaso. 


Piink MelTllIe Moa BrotdwiT, N. Y. O. 
B<1« Sluvne. 87 Waihlnitton «t. Otaloco. 
Tlicarlr liuiklejr, 827 8t. Junei bidg., N, Y. O. 
Cron, Beast Hcrcbaat. UTSzpool, ttaf. 





NOW /5_ 




416 Elm SU e iMOIN MATt OHM. 

^irsiiTtiiGR,isrirs mmlh*' 

tSauccensful ff!KtitB*t PortlAod Expo»U1oa, retnmlDK 
direct CO »-tjtrtiotr point. dellvrriafC mM«affes letterf. 
«tc. Also the only succtmsful AInhIp at St. Loots Hx- 
posltlon. More »iicc««arul ftlRhts Chan all other AlntUpa 
mjnrth. Capt. Tbo* 8. Baldwin Is prepared to balld 
WM^RPly a limited number of these ffenalne airships 
MM Vin sood. Aleo open tor aM mmt mm ntm daring 

yjaJJUf. AJtosa THOira, BUOWn, m Ilarket 



ir 8iTM tj tin 

Tk8 Acne of 
EiriH Mi Ca- 

aln litiili- 
Kiiee. The 

Most Eipenshe 
Horse aad Dog 
Act hi VMde- 
fllte : : : : 

will apiMar In K*w York with a annbrr tt MV t|MH> M*« dMsn 

Prettiest Horses, 
Dliioid Studded 
HmM Ml tke 
Om TriliH 
Worklv With 
Horses. : 



— WILUE VAN 0EE-S5teS5; 





■1 .. . Our Ad Pa.* 37- 

United States Ttnt ft tuning Co. 
"The WovM Our IMd " 


w^iw!l.'*°"''>*^'<*«<Boopt, BatODi. Odds Wti» 
-inlS?" igM?^*yo"f 'jM-- Stamp for oal 





Lady to Feature for r isrobintf Act on Trapeze, Performers 
In all branches doing one or more turns. Specialty People 
for the Concert, Man with Picture Machine and Illustrated 
Song Outfit, Leader for Brass Band and Orchestra, Boss 
Canvasman, Hostler, Train Master and Chandelier man. 

Would like to hear from the Burtliuw. Stillson Bros., acbrader Bra.. Harm. Schiemm Bros.. 
Hiie. D'Alma. Will Winlos, SchUBan BlatM.. ana toiMvaMabMSfleasHr. 



llanacer BoseHelTllIe-SIs Hopkins Co.. as route In amusement lonmals. or permanent 
U Woodward Are.. Detroit. Mich. 


Bain bow. SnarlM. Soiuet.. 
:tc. Etc ! 

Comptol. Una Water Klpples. Cloud Effects. Soow, Fire. Bali 
Moonllcht. Tolcanok Flowers. Panoraaiaa 
Firilowlii* is a par^l IIM of UMia OC one wppUMeHi 

UNA rjUM, xMNgioini nooi, n» it m mmmmi mi ami m », it sr. 

tha NSW YORK HIPPODBDME conpleta with Are X4unDV 
eataloituo mdI ob receipt ot 4c. In stamps. 



^**^SiiSittwSi.{iiMiwet«»ri>ew < 





H — w y cover ledg er 

416 Elm Stre.t, CinclDnatl, Ohio. 



Xlie BlllboAra 



, '.■-••»J,T-:-.•^' . 





mm* A. H. WBSTFAUh 

Just Out.... 


L'l-'KA lirrZI.LM, (i w, Mt. Ave., K'- L'o U: r.j , Colo. 



We hare the best cards for the least money: printed In 4 colors: flftr desl«nis: each one fall 
of fnn uid creates roars o{ lauebter. Send us I3 cents and we will send you 2K samples, Tbesa 
caidsanlMttkathlne tosell atstate and county fairs, at theatres and lanMawPi 
wh«i»tta jtOBiB gstber. Send 15 CKnts for 25 samples and confldentlal prieM. JMMMM 

e:^ Rose Street, New York. 


pup HORN 

^^CAI#i;iOP£ KING...... 

^▼ERTBEST. Address. 




w- wen 

UfAlfTV SEABOH MOf— Oareor t iwople. performers for bifrtbow, mnslclAiis, blUposten, a^oU. four and 
k*"*** ■ V >lx boFM driven, crooms. eanTumen, seat maru chandelier man, property men. mau to are for dog* 
monker*; oiuat beexperleoced people. TUala & waifOD uhow; people eat and eleep on )ot. People that 
B vlthabow lastMBsoD wriceearlr forcoDCraccs: those thaC wrote before, write ainUn. Clide Rlaldo write, 
ocfclttgpople ■ iMrw JOHNNIE wc ~" ' "" — 



Official Theatrical Guide 


Hw fiiist ran of 6000 ooiiUs left prew on liv 1st, 

and was exhausted immediately. 

The second run of 5000 copies left the press oil Joljr 1st, ' * 

and there are now on hand less than 400 copies. 





Price $1.00, which includes the monthly so] 
■"■''"^ to aoy address desired. Send subscriptiiMi to 


a Empire Tlieatre Bnlldtiic NEW YORK CITY. 

LRoad Attractions. •^ENTERPRISES OF-v» 




TiiiNHM IMW^^^ GHI0A60, ILL 


Over Niagara Falls 
The Game Keeper 

Lini ■MGni 

1^ OM CMit Mm" 
I.' Iflill 

In "The Fool's Revenge" 




sawARTz THani 




PMir MsmuL imuEv m MviiM A ctnm 




TJic Bllll>oar><l 





THE CHICA60 HOUSE WRECKIMB COHPANV occtpImm oneqn^jgapd o^^ ponltlon in American enterprlK. We cuna Into ezlstenni at tlia Ume of the 
slTli'v In i»< Cor tha parpoM ot parctuMlOK that ma«nlllceat an<l historic t».a».ll00 WOKLO'8 PAIR, and turnlne Its tuc aimremte of TalaabTc material into marketable product. >VbtBJM< 
'i.c.«i.irUo«»o£ that glMntlcfalr.joo wMl r«ali«ewhat»nad»ance««p the torinatlonan(lparpo5 thia comiuiny «a» from tbe cnnierratlTe baslnevs metbods ol the past. Imltaton ban uroL. , 
' *— — --- — ~ In our llnc^aTe ara kaova from the (luir to Alaska, and from London u> tbo Aatlpodes astha "OKEATEST BARQAIN HOUSE ON EARTH." We bonirht the ttjTil.oOO PAN 

" r tbe enormooa 
op. bat we are 



arc- urge SHMInrl 

ataARBO<3ATE.TE>T»..and manj other <atge public and prlTate buildings. Our latest Eli»nllc cransaetloima the jrarehawor theenUra llOn nnll inilieilHt DilDPUlCE CVOnCi 

All Ita beantitul ueklteetm awl colaamlliaUdiogikcaTeriDean areaot uioacrea.iui atatuatyaadworkaal^^ «OU,UUU,UUU LUUIOlKlft rUKbHAOt UrUOi* 

auintEB. which coutufyt g T eif i r il »m>le «<lala aaaolhetarad. Its eoaatlaaaaitiaetlau and ■ ■ ■■■■■■ w .atf o( which wa Itat on thto pa«*. EeerrthinK Is ot the moMexpenalir* chMKtar, 

,JE*'"HLS" "fSSSS- *UWAlUlJ jyJliSfi?y£J' «•«»"«'« >« tl» eapoalUon Uaa.wahBmltethw aalamad oar SeM ot opoSjoM nntll it la now anUa>Uad.^Wbei«TaT there 

inw.MCBIvSn*,.AaMaill»>«r ■AMOnCTDIUaS' SaCBI, oar nameroas wide a-wakarepreseataClves are there, oa the mtet to neon for a aMeka M nneml meretaaadliaoC arafTaBtpraand 
— olTerB the cUBtomcr has eeldom l>een equaled and nerer excelled. 

Doatdoa thinr 
Bopptr of tickets till yon in»i 
tasve }«^^«rml million nnosed tlekl 
UHiblaaa Pnnhaia EzpoattUB.' 


kinds. Come on the resolatlaB 

and are coosecntlvely DUml 

dons o< «e, te. Ite, Ue. «e, He, 

la MeaofUML 



Unlarcer lou w« stra wcaal 

100,000,000 FEET OF LUMBER. 

Weh»relOI>,000,000(«etoflu«ib«r. that has vMtk bat one 7e*r** wear, which most be sold at once It wa" 
' In UleeooscnieUoa of this Mamoiocta Ezpo«ltlon.aiMt !■ oC Che beBCprmded of- loog Le«t SouthemPlne. 1* 
^'of Otaa wMh w Lumber. Tlmb^f. Bo r da 8haaUilng.PlU»«t. Patent Lath. Bas«. <Ja«in(r mad MoaldlDflr 
" far jM mi w l i mU oq of Eair Ba lM l — Of art flt i ilBr itoM Track Bulldlnfirs. etc If yoa are con- 
MtMlaghwIayottropportoaMiyf gaUfcahUpXaaC ht^k-class lumberata tremeDdoae Mcrt- 
weatlllhaTeaaMorfBoosqaaatlty OBbaad aadoarvmalanmJtMl In ctearlag^ It awaj. so that yonr 
will taaTe to be sent In withoat detmy. Anottaerpoint — sneb bar^lnsaa we are offering* will be speedllj- 
pped op. Yoa win uerer bare aucbaefaanoa afcaio. Get bold oC it anyway, for lamber te frettln«r scarcer 
7e«r. and use It when 70a can. Our years of experience have made It poerlbla for as to dls- 

wlthoQt toJocT to tb« material. Wesold nlUlona oC feet ol lamber ftom the WoMTh FiFir nt 

- Jl».a» 


This ffrand archlteetuial triaoipb Is now offered for eate as an aadltorlam or Exhibition Ball. The entlr* atrac* 

aad perfect la every detail. 

proKlmatedlineiialoiMiof tbe balldlnffs;ra3M x Toe f aef. Wltitlb MsSfiiikliipeiNMa fl&VttdlK 
sake a aapccb aaiplthaater Car di 

.Aui* VTWDu Mrcuiiiccumu vtuBipn w uuw uucrvu lur eaua as an auuiwnuin or Cixnioit 

lar« fmn be taken down, shipped to any part of the world, and set op aaala eoiulele 
iost aa It stood at Bt. toal* while dlspbbyfn? the ffoveniraent "WHtef tt* ffwftrt I 
naeznoipled strenvtfa anddorablllty. being constmcted of niu JemewBttgpea^Mhi 


Hera fs the chance of a life-time for show people to 
omameot their parks and amasement ptares with 
tbeoMNS maipiiacent specimeosof the »ctiiptor*a 
art, aMCttted and desired by the workl's foremost 
artlats. Fkirniontbs these beaatlfnl pieces of Stat* 
uaryheldttaehandredaof thoasandaof rlsltoisto 
the Louisiana Purchase ElxposlUon spellbound In 
speechless admiration. They will make most vala- 
aule attractions In your boslnesa for years to come. 

It U Impoaslble here to describe the rast amountnf 

tbls elasfUcal and modem work we bave for sale. 

Only those who have vlilted tbe Fair have any con- 
cepUoo of the extent or ▼arlety of this selection. 
The ntmost eare wiU be exercised In maOTlmc 
them : and we can deliver them In perfect condition. 
They wlUbesoldIa|Empa,palnorsUiicl3r- OxOur 
at onc« as tbeia S dSWMlt 
who were li 

IncaiHle^ceat Lamps. 

We have 160.000 Edison *ase, IM Vol- 
taKe,Oiiaiiial Bactrle make, t oandl* 

S- Umm ffUr, tfeea Imf aee* veiy 

little service. They tew* all been 

tborouffbly tested and are In flfvi> 
cUm* coDdlUoD. In lotS'«C aOO or more, 
prtee each, 6 cents. 

Kew lAoasdeseent Lamps, 

trie 1 

a.MO colored In 
Amber. Oreen. Opal 1 
sec. eecoad Band Uc 

Electrical Apparatus. 

We are In a posltloa to supply ynn 
with anytblnic In the eleetrlc»l line. 

aie sMtter what yoar aeeda are, we 
eaaasopir yea promptlj and with the 
>a4ef We rteseapon ihr aierkat. Our 
4M contalBS evetytuac eooeelTable 
the electrical Una. Hflreareafaw 
Hems: Kotnrs, Fanw. Vtaroacea, Test 
fleta, fieteetor Galvans— Sers^ Voh 
Jkters, Circuit Breaheaa. SpBln^ 
Gomes, Ad>tMtabte Desk lAmps, An- 
nunciators. Telepbooe Brackets .Test- 
is^ Telephones, Arch Switches, etc., 
etc.aUasKoed ae new, sad ia Aret- 
class cea dft lefc Pe»*»ai l esf e nj oaa 
eaprsjadlra ysaegetast s^Pinrl asail 
coods. re^aawe sen. We hew* the 
«aly ade<|iinta method e< liaaidlins 
this business coroyetent workmen, 
tnielllKeat enperrlalon, aad rl^ld In- 
•pectloa of ererythittfc aenc out. Xon 
wtUhaTalecstfunblw with thesaffoods 
Ahaa wfaca newapparatos Is lastaued. 


Bamboo Poles. 

A«w 70a thtnklns o( flttlns up a 
pabUe Amnsement Garden or a Sam* 
mer Fark, Casino, etc t We have just 
tbe article yon need to embellish your 

landscape and make It resemhw a 
choice pictnresqao nook In tha tropica. 
Wben we boosht the entlra Loalslana 

Purchase Exposlthm. amcmff the tone 
upon tons of marketable material 
which came into oar hands, wetatMSI 
Baroboo Poles. They were osed la tha 

Philippine Reeerratlott. and were tbe 
proper^of tbe United States Oovem 
raent. They are from three to flTs 
Inches In diameter at tha base, and 
fromOtniO r«et long. Too can see 
the possibilities aC each material In 
yoor boalDCSS. With these poles yon 
can build Kxmcefttl, portable booths 
airy paTlUons, mstle arbors, furni- 
ture, etc. In tact the use* of bamboo 
are lefflon and It Isa decided noVelty 
as a bnlldlng material In this and 
other Northern countries. Uontfallto 
secure some of these useful poles at 
our excccdlogly low price*. Kcmem- 
berlteeettheU.8. OoraniBicnt <3.»- 
The; win 

a pieca to bapod 
RMBe jaar aardea 
Ukea hcaatlfat troB 

losolatcd Copper Wire. 

Oaa ntlUon dollars worth of Rnb- 

bcr covered and Weatherproof Cop 

per wire for Inside and oalslde wirlns 
sices No. It to 7V.00O C. M. We can 
furnish practically anythioir needed 
In wire of any kind, and at prices that 
will mean a saving to too of at least 
Sft per cent. Also, •ttO,000 worth of 
Lead Epcased Rnbber Covered Copper 
Wires for any purpose. Complete Uat 
aad low prices sent on application. 


These CTertleet maefalsca cxoal U«aelHjr.alllltT 
aad hw ea tj .aaythln. o( thta gargra aaar ftefora 
rl e n i l tba morkat. Each martilM la jiuto- 
natle and ooB.reTCf«ahle and cam lia e^nip- 
ped wteb 4Mtent electric attachment, makl^ a 
douUe reldstar, one «. the maehlae aad aae at 
some reaCral reeelTlnjr point. Thej were bniu e«- 
peclall; fsr tbe Eipoeltloa, aad an peaealeaUr 
new. Alee clMa top ** Che » pe r Boaea,** which 
chops the Ockat* as the; eater. Otiure hare 
coin attachmeata. tttereb, dolaftawar wllhtldreta. 
tbe penNHi eaterlBK BlmplT dropplaicacoln Into the 
recelvlnjc slot, which Is regliitered slmaltanoouslr 
hr the turnstile. 


We haTo a lance etock at tb» Mat aad aUractln 
JeirerwB Ouardr aaUanaa, aoaa of wtalela hava 
seta but little wear. Thf cam ha osad hj any 
show for haad.mllltaiy. ■iMatnl. panda or Mb- 
era. wiu> rery MM. rt i.i «kvaaa mmft oC 
pure wrol l.»MinM«IIK^tet.Si.J»> 
loa plalahhl..MHnB kv MMST MBMMC lb. 
•tripea. " 

itt la falrcaiidl(lM^....-....~....>....».... W>ao 

tad la nod eaadltlMi. HM 

*iBaodaaaaw T.IO 

.W. tam alao m lolta oC "Ktaakl- aalfonaa eo. 
*Maf off coat aod panta, made of extra atroov m*. 
<*«aL nayooatStJ*. salt. All In itood eaadl- 
tian: weare mIUbc them for n.n. tm Jefferson 
Ouards OrerooaU made ot MlddlsMX good welcbt 
and quality, eitra Uned. eoet (16 OS each. Thejr are 
eicellrnt oondltton and we are *elUa« then tor 
*^00 each. 

m-Kbakl" cape that eoet ILSeaeh Me 

MO MIS of swords, with belts and ecabbards, 
made ot black leather, and braaa trimmed. 

nieepersst tlOO 

Kyon are coins to take a show on tbe nad thle 
*~' >a here la yoor opportnaltgr (o lit oat 


Two thoonod Folding; Cots that were pnrchaaed tor tbe 
World's Fair, .oasa ot them have nerer been need, 
nw tiamaaaMaMl. »t Onely trimed hardwood with 
adjustable teMisC amtmt woren wire springs. Tha 

They aiwltaaf lai*in lat* 
leacth: when toUed np they make a paekace .boot 3 
Ceet Ions and tlochee <a thickneaa. Weight abont U 
|iiiiia«a JoatttatklasEareaafo. FHca each » et*. 

Wa have 3M* ot iheae beds, they were osed dnrlns tbe 
Fair by the JetTeraon Guards and aa good as new. They 
are al^labada.«»«tt..a«a plain aa»l aa h ata ntl a l , har- 


wire spring 

Tbey lii i ii aB>W.»ai>eiil.iil anil mill latiiil aiitihifli 

_ •tat 


Why hay new naeMM^^i>»».>.a»Wi.ia» 
tor halt tMwIoal aM8Mii.<M<rw4y fhraUi 
YoacasMtaOOtdtapaaaaaapaatblalUMw ttia 
sihle to glTa yoa nach ot aa idea oC what «• I 
hatM as kaow yoar waata ia 



Two l*x»xW WeatlDCfaaHiiO. 
Three 14xtlxU WeatlasbovaCM 

Tm n-h. p. 110 roH, Waalam I 
Three U.h. p. 110 toIV. \ 
Om H lu p. ll» wiW. OMiitall 

Oh HkPktN «.•*.< 
Oa. n h. pw I w nit, OouMRM. 
Oaa**. P^ MO Tolt, Wacaer. 
Mat^pL MO Toll. Oeneral Electric 

; -3 

Thoaa who e ua laia pl ata ftmliUBc.kOiaa or oAlea 
will and oar prtcce wonder folly low ; In many Instan- 
ces the original cost ha Tiny bee a saMi IHt^jd. Wacan 
foralshyoar PASlXiR. DRAWIKO BOOIL DlRIMa 

CORTAIRS and FOMTIERS )• the moat eomplete In 
tha country. Oar collection ot RUGS is sopcrb. 
consisting of Turkish and American weaTcs in 
haaatSfai colors aad deal mis. Our tomltma de- 
partment la atocfced with nothlns hot the ,ei7 beat 
grade., la aoUd oak aai i a a basaaytolah. Wahare 
llACHIIlI8,aiidlateetOTaTbMiekold Mccaalty. 
FBraaieaa«alpaseBtwa have nooBoll Top Desks, 
txam Me WorM** lUr-, they haee t8 pigeon holes, 
«».*a» m «aM> l o<t« r c a hiaf t,.par«ec«loctiog 

I «hen 
a< OF- 

Om te tMMk wtta wkM la I 

rHMUns Apparatus, 

■« tare., Buoflnc Straetnral Iron, Hardware 
» pMtldpate In tbi. sreat .laoKliter .ale. 

S«aa l a, Vta* fc aaa, 
an* nuBbtnc Material 

■luaen, Vm raiB, a-ssw, ws-m 

'e arr dispoafne of at extremelT 


asth^nd Iron^Streets* CHICAOO. 


World's Fair Grounds, ST. LOUIS. 

■Ni ■liiMfii 

Xlie Billboard 

MCpMBefl Z, 1909. 

The Largest and Most Relialile Wholesale Streetineo's Supply House In the Counttir 





















We have an endless variety of Especially Attractive 



The South is wreathed in Sunshine, Smiles and Money 

— Streetmen go down there — Enjoy the sunshine, and 
get some of the loose change laying around idle and wil- 
ling to be spent, while fhe ICY BC4^8TS howl through 
the Northern States. It is a recreative, enjoyable and 
profitable place to go now. Take a good stock with vou 
and you wm return lined with greenbacks in' the Spring. 
Do it boys— Time is money — do it. 

















Tdunr AKncLKs 


W« make a apaolalty 

of Premium Go>>da 

of all Kind*. 

IV. shure: CO 

2ie4^9ee-Sie8-a70 Madison St., 




^ Handsome large room, finely fitted ap. Tho- 
I Unattached: snltable for Miueam. MoTtng 
p Pletim Show, Uenr-Qo-Boand. eta Qvoi 

iMMk OkMP nM._WiUMU.wlthOTwithoai 

matfhIiMe. AtSxtm 


786 Ml— Ion St, San Francisco. 

Privli«ite Bagsage. Stoek and 

ry-Ge-Reund Cara. 

long'. Unlrabic (or jihow (nd C^mlTal CDmp* 
,_RauOMbl« terms. Writ* for riutScolgm. 

i§^t Turn Out Work Prompt>y.« 

■ Sm OwAd r«ct 37. 

. > • > ll»-fitfir Dm *r 0> <• tmUt. 






' F.B.IMZU.tOa,ltUOB,ltleh.-,B.B.IIo;IL 

List af Fairs 


Phocols— Ttorltorlal Fair. DtC. 4-9. TemoD 
U Cluk. ^ anpt. 

aartftrt-QMD. JMmn** JUr. As. i7-ia. 
B. Santtett, pNa.| W. B. Onr. at*. 

Lockhart— Coanty Fate. Die. 1447. W. U. 

ScofWld, aec'y. 

New Street Fairs. 

Thexa dat«t bav* baaa 

publication of our lut lilt. 

Brandon, Miss. — Str««t Fair and CamlTaL Dm. 

11-13. Greater Electric Noreltr Co., attr. 
Canton. MIsg. — Street -Fair and CamlTal. Dec. 

Greater Electric Norelty Co.. attr. 
Greenville. Miss. — Street Fair and Carnlral 

4-9. Roblnaon Amoaement Co.. attr. 
Laurel. -Mlsa. — Street Fair and Camlral. 

11-16. Coamopolltan Amusement Co.. 
Lakeland. Fla. — Street Fair and Carnlral. 

4-0. Hidden Southern Oamlval Co., attr. 
Meridian, illss. — Street 'Fair and Carnival. Dec 

4-9. Co8nioiK>lltnD Amuse. Co.. attr. 

Santa Kosa. Neir /Mex.— Street 'Fab and Cam! 
TaL 'Oce 4-9. Oodga Aianatmat CCo., attr. 



Street Fain and Canhrals; 

XUt Hit ia rerUad aad oetiaaM wAlf, 



Ailr. mC OMML Dec. 

Dorant, MiM.— Street Fair and CamiTal. Dec. 

4 "J. Greater Electric Novelty Co., attr. 
Blco. Tex.— Street Fair and Carnival. Dee. 


Italy. Tn.— 'FlremcB'a Street Fkir and CamlTal. 
Dec. 4-9. troHd'a Fair UUwtr aod OamlTal 
Co.. attr. ' 

Xtr Weat. Ha. Wl u t l fWr aad CanlTal. Dee. 

14-W. BUdali'a SeatlMn Canlral Ov., attr. 
Malaoe. N. T— JHnet fair aad OnnlTal. Dee. 

M. Xlag XatalTal Ko.. attr. 
Mlaod. na.r-«lnft Fair. and OuBlral, .Dm. 
• IM*. BISMra SoBtbcn Oandral Co:, anr. 

Globe Ticket Company 

New York. ' Chicago. San Fftuidico* 

I12-II4 North Twelfth Street, 


1^ n m n n 

Speciikl Ti 


Street Fairs, Amusement Companies. Sum- 
mer Parks. Carnivals, Expositions. Theatres. 

«a»-aa -■ m 

PartiGiilan <B0 

W« cMTjr in itock conieculivdjr 
Duabeted atc^ ticket! raiidiiigi 
"Good for OasiMBbtion''. put 
up in rolla of .1^000 1 asiorted 
colon. TbMO WO CM -Mp im- 

The Leading Show Printers (Lithographic or Blodk) latte Ihlttail 

The Ault & Wiborg Company's 

Ar« You One cf TImii. 

Cincinnati New York 


Chicago St IvOuls 

_M. laf TMOMA, 1383 West Lake St., Chicago. 

FORBALB— AllonkajU>o>^tbaLoopi aisdalxwMka. - 



' LOUlfl B. MAUOM * OO., «M Wabub At*., OHIOAUO. ' • 

DECEMBER 2,H05.-^" -.' • 




Is Ckrd la tlie Gremteat IfoT«ltr mrw 
Hsned. Uve StreaUnra 
IHUIloiiB or OMmm 


PRICE $1.25 PER 100. 




WABTZD Acenis, Canvauen. Street-mea, 

iKCawrtWil llr«l-T 

If* Ceatary Cml 

t»f»itr«rer,SUc«r,A>»l«C«wrthi»»i»r»i r 
ICakbinCattcr. AkltcheauteasilBiedfor 
twelve dilferenl purposei. It peels and lUcei 
everrlhlns'lnihefniltandvecetahlellBe. Kcb 
4]ulckly and Is exceedingly handy and easy to 
operate. Save* Its price on every bushel of fniit 
Ar vccctablcs It peels. Latest thlnr of (he kind 
out. Quickest lelllnv and aioat proMaMa aiticia 

XMTa T. Sample, bv malL 9S eaati. 



flrouDd floor; up-to-data •QalnaMntt lana ataaei 
«a|iai'lty l.OOO: drawlnc BopaMloa mjm. ' 

good, and Rood stiuwa — ' — — 

Addma J. R. 8 
1141 IMoadwagr. 

uwijiMbu|iMab OaadopaaliM. 


S«nd lo l&to program for profefwlonal copies 
of our late music. Call on ua when in Vrlaoo. 
All i>uiiiilar soncs taunht free. ArraiurlOK 
neatly done. 8nnn pabllabod on royalty. 


»10 Fewll St. Smi PnuiAtsoo. Cal. 


' BOO feet Fathe Film, biud new, ■ 
6e. a foot. 

786 MiitlM St., Sai FniMlM*, Cal. 

lap Y08R 



Gibson Purse 

BMt by 

SSilS'A-'"-'^?*- "•'■» """P'* «»i with BBBMand 
waaiad. Olhaon Puraa Co.. Box lOOt. BaHafoBtalw.O. 

Aaaa. De«. 98.S0. 
Aftlui, ]Ileb.r-I«uwec Oo. Foolttr AMoetatlon 
..'^•S:. 'JS: —• B- Bolyoke. Kt'r. 

*:>SS^^<*ii-'«^ Aam. at AlkawU 

Ota. ' Ot. A Timey ■ 

.9" Ofttal WUIamettc Pooltrr Aian. 

^'5^ i^Si ■!■■«" iniilJUiu Co. Pooltiy Breia 
S?'-*"^ ■S** *»• 1«08. B. B. 

Tbtmpaoa. ■ccv. ■ • 

Aim AKnr, tlfl«ij WTiifcliiiaw e. &. P. _. 

Jan. 8-l4 VnfAStS'^Se^.^'yf'llSBl 
Ann at. 

Antwerp, O.— (Antwerp Poultry and Pet Stock 
.A^- Blaartl, aec'y. 

Ashland. O.— 'Aahland F. iP. ft P. s. Anal 

Show. Dec. 26 30. -w. A. aiason. aec'y. 
Atlanta, Oa.— Atlanta Poultry Aaan. Jan. 17- 

g. 1906. C. O. BartweU, aec'y 
Antnm, N Z.— •Aiibnm foidtty Asao. Jan. IS- 

as. J. H. eeott. 

AncnaU. Oa.-'AagaiU P. ft P. a. Aaan. Jan. 

8-12, 1906. J. W. KlUIngawortta, aec'y. 
beUerllle, III.— St. CUh- Ot. Ponltrr and Pet 
Stock AMD. Show. Jan. — , 1906. W. B 
Bckert. Kf^*y. 
BelTldere, 111. ^Northern Illinois Poultry Asm. 

Kb. IMO, 1B06. Bert B. Lucaa, aec'y. 
Bewtr, Has*.— iPonltty Assn. of Bssez County. 

Dta. U-IS. Daniel p. Foster. 
BtalMhain .Ate.— State Poultry Aasn. Dee. 
_ „<*5«. Baittr, aec'y. 216 N. SOtb St. 

Blackwall. OUdd^Bter-State Poultry ft Ftt 

Stock Aan. Ota. se.«l. o«a. M. Caiaoo. 
Boonvnie, Mc— Oeolial Mo. PoaltiT Asta Dee. 

12-16. Obaa. O. Klllar. box 708. 
Boatoa. siasa.— 'Kair Suland PlyOMnitli Bock 
ClQb. Jan. 20. W*^. 8. 1^™^" 

BroektoB, Masa^— ^ocktaa PooltBr , 


W W. Oca. 8. Batmuoe.' ateV. ' 

BooMer, Ool Bonlder Ponltrr Asan. Show. 

Bee. 18-18. D. W. McMutt. iec'y. 
BoSalo, N T.— National Federation ot American 
nomlnK PlfeoB Fanelera' Asan. Mtatlnc Dee. 
12. Wm. Verrlnder, Jeraey City, nTj. 
liatler, Pa. — Butler Oo. P. ft P. 8. Asm. Data 

not aet. Tlr(U Oltaon. teo'y. 
C^mibridse. O. — Poultry Fanelera' Asan. Sbow. 

Jan. 3-6, 1906. James O. SarcUet, aec'y. 
tXiarlestoe, S. C— iPonltry Show. Dec. 6. T. 

J. McCarthy 
Obarlotle, N O.— Omrlotte Poultry Aaan. Show. 

Jan. 16-ao, 1806. B. .S. Uavis, pres. 
ObattaDOOKa, Teon.— ChitUoooxa I'ouJtrr Aran. 

Sliow. Jan. 10-18, 1806 U F. Maury, aec'j. 
Odoai^ III.— (NorUwaatein Illioola Fanelera' 
Aasn. Sfaow. Dee. i2-1U. Barry NeaUi. aec. 
Chicago, 111.— National Fanciers' ft Breeders' 
Show. Jan. 32-27, 1006. Fted L. Kinney, 

Cbleaso Betshts, III.— Nortbcasiern III. Fan. 
dan' Aan. Ota. IS-U. Bany .Ntaib, stCy 

1^ : ^ 

raalBf Aan 

Jan. iMo, woe. T. J. rsn, 8t«>y. 
Olnelaaat!. O.— Clnetnaatl Foubr !*•>. Bbor. 

Jan, 16-20. 1906. T. t. Poy, xc'y. 
fllnelnitatl. O.— Clnclmtl V. ft P. S. Assn. 

JsB. 16-20, 1908. C. M. Uames, tec'y. 
Olebome, Tez.— Johoeon Ciunty Poultry Show. 

Jan. I«-l», ISM. W. B. Sterens. sec'y. 
GliambeT«bnt«. Pa.— ftanklln County Poultry 
Assn. Show. Jan. — , 1906. Hairy Celblg. 

Otalcago, lU.— American BulT Wyandotte Club. 

Jan. — . 1906. Warren T. Lord, aec'y. care 

Central Park. Troy, N. Y. 
Chicago, 111. — Bronse Turkey Oluli Show. 

ter part ot January, 1800, Mrs, B. F. Dlllup, 

MlUord. III. 

Chilton. Wis.— chutoa V. 4k 9, •. iia.' now. 

Jan. — , 1906. 
Clay City, Kan.— Clay City Poultry Assn. Show. 

Dec. 28-30. WUl F. Opfer. sec'y. 
Cleveland. O. — The Panders' Oub of Cleveland. 
Jan. 2D-Feb. 3. Vf. R. Ulnz, sec'y, care 
First National Bank. 
Clarlnda. la.— <3Iatlnda Poultry Assn. Show. 
Dec. 13.IS. 

Clebnrat, T»Kf 

^OKlen' Assn. Jan. 
9-13, 1806. I. W. Sberlch. aec'y. 
neetwood. Pa.— Bl&ndon Poultry, and Pigeon 
»»u. Show. Dec. 13-lfl. B. O. WUklnaoo, 

Fim. Mich.— Poultry ft Pet Stock Asin. of 

Oaeace Oo. Dec. 12-15. 

M^Albn 0». Dec. 11-16. nmilp A. Hencr, 
ney -. 

iSS^-Ar'^S. Poultry Asan. Jan. 

W-lJjMOfc Otaat. Slana, aec'y. 

^"*'2' i&''TF*"'*"X ••»w. Dee. 18-23. 

Jno. H. C aaai H . 
PreeporjL Me. gttgart «Nlt>7 Aasn. Dee «• 

w«Os.r. QMiw aan. 

Vtt stock 


itCB. box 

Oloelaaati. O.' 

08b' Wia|P,tt8< aan. 

CtalC, Mo,— Ponltiy Shoir, -Oat.. M. 0 W. 

tt Ofotr riaaitir, 
Aiaa., W!». niw. 



«*Oiien Time.. 


DecS-iothandard. Writ* aalek to 
^« W. WWIWt Mir. MoBaaaaa. Pa, 


it^m^.^*'*'" *>» make ma iMMMf 


^fj;; side-wall, Pole* aal Om 

Also twa One trained rinaa ~ 
"jrtte Oadaa ft '■r^rl 




Davis, pres. 
Qrobkston, Minn. — Poultry, 

loral Show. Dec. T-O. 
OowB Point. Ind. — Lake 
eon and Pet Slock 
S». J. J. Stert, 

DalloD. Moss llaL 

Aasn. Show. JaSL .Mh 
wold, sec'y. 
Dallas, Tex. — (Poultry Show. 

Elbert Beeman. sec'y. 
Davenport. la.— TrI-CIty Faoclera* 

Il-lS. J. B. Voss, aec'y. . . • 
Dayton. O. — Dayton PandCHf :j3Uk.i-'lUk.l-7. 

0. O. DaTldloa, KC'y." '" • - ' '-'^ 
Decatnr, JlL— Maeaa Ok MItv Wd *rt Stock 

. oris- 

Jan. 0-14, 1906. 


AssB, Show.. Oaa.' t»>H. 

• .PaSff, aee'y. • 

DtBTcr, Oal'— State iPooltsT sad Pat Stock Attn. 

Shoir. Jan. i-U. 1806. . - ' 
DMrolt, Mlcb.— State PDBltty and .Ptt Stock 

Asta. Show. Jan. 2T-(Feb. I. '1806. 
Detroit. Mlcb.— CWtiy and Pet Stock Aasn. 

Show. Jan. «-U. - 
Dnalap, la. B tfir TaUay Peultty .Aaioetetlen 

Show. OmTmI. t^Tc; Udoct.' . . 
Owifht. lU.-4hKSt Ctoatby Aam. Bboir, Dee. 

11- w. 

B. QraenTllle, (Pa.— Voultiy Show, Dec, 27-30. 

O. A. Mark. 
Baat BamptoB, Haas.— East Hampton Poultry 

.OInb Show. Dec. 14-10. Wirt B. Oniry. 


■an Claalre: WU.^Chlppewa Valley Poultry 

Aass. . Dee. IQ-IS. 
Bdoo, O,— >Bdon Poultry (Fanciers' Asan, Show. 

Jan. 1(^13. Joim Oearhart. aec'y. 
■IfiB, lU. — Wgla Poultry Assn. Show. Jaa. 1-6. 

twa. B. B. Bowe. aec'y. . 
aiwsod, lad.— Iater<ii1>aB Pooltir Atn. Bshl- 

l4tloa. Dec. 18-fiB. S. ' W.^Mnat. aat*y. 
Bmporla, Xan.— tiyea County MWBf JiM; Ote. 

B*. D. M. Mar, aec'y- •• 
■old, OkIa.-<]«i«eI< Cb, P. ft P. 6. . Amb. 

Jan. 8-ia, I«ta. I. W. Sherldi, ace'y. 
BTanavUle. lad, — Bvaaarllle Psaltiar. Pdaoa aai 
' Pat Stoa AMD. Sboir. JiA. 8-13, 18K, H. 

t, B t lm a r , aae'y. 

Trtma. Oal 

Stack ^ 

Andre wa. 
Fulton, Uo,< 

Show. Ja^ 


Assn. Shoir. 


Greenllcld. O.— Grecnfleld P. ft P. 8. Aasn. 
Shojv. Jan. 918. C. Sherman Parrott. sec'y. 

Greenlleld. la.— Adair County Poultry and Pet 
Stock Asan. Show. Jan. 2-1, 1906. S. E. Al- 
ley. Mrs., aec'y. 

Hamilton O.— Anthem Ohio Poultry Aaan. Jan. 
1-e. 1906. V. O. Hotrman. aec'y. 

Baubstadt. Ind.— Wabash Valley P. ft P. S. 

_Aaan. Dee. 1*.28. Frank L. Rlffert. sec'y. 

HutlatnDf .Pa<— Pa. Fanelert* Am. Jan. 23- 
'Sr.' IfOa. .JUUI B. Oorc, Boyalton, aec'y, 

BMIaad. inch.— BoUand P. P. ft P. S. Attn. 
Show. Oce. IS.X8. Ih B. O - - 

Hudson. Midi.— Mailry. 
Jan. 81-Fet>. S; H. A. 

BnnUvllle, Ala.— <«Ttal_ 

Alabama Poultry ft V.'l. AaH. Oat, M. 
John L. Bay. lee'y. . 
IndlanapoUa. Ind. — ^Fanciers' AatB. of tad. Pec 

S-10. E. A. Pierce, 829 Washington at. 
Iowa Falls, It— Northwestern Poolttr. AaiB. 

Dec. 22. L. D. Uovey, aec'y. 
Iowa Falls, la. — ^Poultry and Fancy MaA'Aaw. 

Dec. 18-28. T. T. White, sec'y 
Jaekaonrille, III. — Jaekaon Fealtqr Asm. Dee. 

13-16. L. O, Tancht. iNfy. . 
Kansas City. Mo. — Kanaaa City jnaselera* Asso- 
ciation Show. Jan. 23-26. 1808. 
Kalamazoo, Mich. — S. W. Mlehlcaa Ponltry 

Assn. Bxhtkltlon. Dee. SS-S. J. S, Can. 
Kankakee, 111.— Kaukaka* -flMllBr >'.aad Pat 
Stock Assn. Show. JaS. ll^lMt. P. 
Vlnlog, Boapltal. in. 
Ktagatoo. N. T.— Olatcr Co. Poollzy. ' Plgeoa 
and Pat Stock Aan. Sbow. Dee. 11-18, 
Stock Aan. Sbow. Jan. XS-as, 1806. 
t* O oilii Wla.— Oreati Poollry and Pot 
^MtA AMB. Sbow. Jan. B-IB, 1906 
taacaater. M«.— Sdmrlar Oo. Podtiy Aan. Dee. 

4-8. Price Baya, trc'y. 
Lawrence, Kaa. — Oooalat Cb. Pooltiy Ataa. Dee. 
12-16. J. 'Malnwarlng, aec'y. 

LeeSbnrg, O. — Poultry Sbow. Jan. ••11, 

M. J. Stevens, sec'y. 
Lelpalc, O. — Putnam County Poultry 

2-6, looe: H.' S. 'Baeb.''|M'y. 
Lenox, Mattd-^MMUw 'Oab I 

Stock Asn. '■■UK' AK ' IS-l 


Leominster. Masa. — Poultry Show. Dec. 5-8. L. 

D. Mudgett. 
Lima. 0. — Lima Poultry. Pigeon snd Pet Stock 

Aaan. Show. Jaa. 2-8, 100(1. Ed. nesta, 


Lincoln, Neb.— Nebraska Stale Poultry Assn. 

Jan. 15-20, 1006. Luther 1". Ladden, sec'y. 
Little Rock. Ark.-'Ltltle Hock I'oultry Aaan. 

Jan. — , 1906. Chas. K. Butt, sec'y. 
Long Branch, N. J. — Poultry Show. Dec, 18-22. 

B. D. WalnwrlBbt. Little Sliver. N. J. 
Los Angelet. CaL— «\>artt«Btb Aanoal Bxblbl 
tion of the i<oa dnjaija Faaltv 

8-15, 1908. O. 

vr. Adams at. 
MadUOB. N. J. BaattH ItetaO dab a( An*r- 

Iw. Job. — ! 180S. B. It. PoekiMB, aec'y, 

Jertey CltyTK. J. 
MadlsoB, N. J.— BattttiB PaBtall Clab of Amer- 
ica. ' Jaa. 1808. B. M. Poekmaa. IS 

Briaktrboff tt„ Jrney City. 
Mancheater, N. "B.i— Qoeen City PonltiT Aara. 

Show. Dec. 10-22. C. B. TOUe, aaat. aec'y. 
Uankota Minn. — Central Mian. Pooltiy Aasn. 

Dec. 25-20. J. W. Ktlliaaa, at^. 
Mason City. la.— lI■dtr.^.|aar■: S%aMv ^>an. 

Tenth Annoal SbOW. ''MV.'-jMttt^l:',]!. T. 
BIckel. see'y. . -^'i 
MattooB. in. ^jipis.iniaila fwaaiif Aan. 
Show. 7aa, S4S; 'lS0a.: .4W. -ft lV!ts>ndr. 
aec'y. . ■ - ■■ . - 

-Maxahachee, Tex — Mt T a k aWia v gsttly » • Ptt 
Stock Asan, Sbow. jasTSSi,' ISN. V. V. 
Davenporti aec'y. 
Mllwaoktt. Wla.— MSwaakto Poeltiy Faneltra' 
Sbow. 9n. tMS, 1806. O. O. Lolber, aec'y. 
MUvvaokee. W|p.— Wteeaaala Pntbcied Stock 

For Parks, Gainiialii oiHKFaiR 



iil d a ataA Q, e«<i<i«nnan for dataa,Tray,PSM^ 



Tin lsnmilea t Mknagan and Dofr' 
ton to^tawila tb* oUMt Um of 

alndian RemedieSa 

On the market. Our goods an 
reliable, oar prices are ri^t, and 
our paper Is the llnes1> ever fur- 
nished FRKE by any mediebM 


For Fall liforaatiM Utna 

Oregon Indian Medleim k 


Nmr Opera Noni 

Pluys Sunday MatiRii Hi miKi 


Addf«ss 8. W. MORTON. 

Who Is BiHCln Ml? 


bodkiMwt wnriltsi wmt sa Mtasf tksi 


BEST TYPE WORK .1 cVi;, .n.i'aV;: 
I^VrDATESiru",90c A SET>! 


JOimniwlls MlBB.— Stata Paaltty Aaaa. Shaw. 

Jaa. a-30, 1806. O. A. Lotb. acc^. 
aiiaeak, UI.-«onltiy Aaaa. Sbow. Jaa. aiS, 

180U. B. fl. Parka, Benton. III. 
Monmouth. UL — ^Warren Oo. pooltiy aad Tom 

Show. Jan. 8-13, 1808. Prod Wilsht. atc'y. 
Monleamery. Ala.— State Poultry ~ 

Dec. 11-15. L. D. Teasley. aeCy. 
Montpeller ,Ind. — Poultry and Pet 

Jan. 1.6. 1906. L. L. Mr * 

KkpervUle, 111.— NaperrUI* 

P. S. Aaan. Jan. 2d 

Olvler, cor. aec'y. 
Nashville. Tenn.— (Poultry Assd. STiow. 

1-6. 1906. Jno. A. Mnrklu, Jr., sec'y. 
Newark, O. — Ponltry Show. Dec. 2*1-30. 

Larason, aec'y. 
Neweonerstown, O. — Tuscarawas Coonty Pool- 
try Assn. Show. Jaa. 10-U. UOS. T. D. 

Mnlcane, aec'y. 
New Loudon, la. 

Show Dec 64. 
New York. K, ~ 

e-8. 1808. 1 

N. J. . 
New York City- 

Clob Sbow. Jaa. ..<s 

ory, -Dttawait, Wlaf . -■ .■: 

Now York dtp— ^Anerteaa Ptynonlh Back Olab 
-SbMt. laa, ues, „ Q.- P. Sekwak, Bo«- 

cater, N, T. • 

tfew York City — Al*rrlc«Ti Ij^-giMTi Skow Jaa. 
1-T. JOOd. W. \y. IWU<>ock. Eatt. ii. Y. 


See Our Ad Pas* ST., 

United States Tent & Awnin;'Ca 

None Too Small to Consider. 


Drop Gbaa, S way, open, nnrontsd. « Ifea.- 
Ohlaaan Bet Bplndle and travaUngeaaa. - - as 
Qnatar Magnet nt; Cblv<a,l>ioeaadCki«>: Uas 
nta. DEANE.1067C«otraMT.Oia'tl.n. 




Near Bfc«4«aayten Ver ahi 

J. D. Harrison, the wall- knows CIscaa 

n Ada viaea*— 1 t«aeb laa-oiM aad aiiistte sjia* 
■■■■TIHc oopalloaltrBsanaeHaevsBmdr 
■ISIV I IHb Ml. Bow lo OBvatt aay piltV!* 

sight. Into c»DtiT»una ra»-u— ■ Vnm al^iliaajni 
for tif book. Cbrlstensen Bcfcool A NpMnHBnl 
8, Wastan Ave., ChUaeo. 


MiUlK," comic Dote* soBgf 
OOUIiTT COBK." oomlo IrtA 

MaUinctaeach. J.LOUB VOM DBB 
OTanrsn atrsat, Saa ft aa [ a s B« ,Ost 




z no. 

Xhe C W« Parker Amusement Enterprises 

800— F^EOPLE:— 800 
in all. branches of the carnival business. 

eat Parker Amusement Company, No. 5 Company; C. W. Parker Amusement Company, No. 6 Com* 
Vmajnyfi^!^ Parker Amusement Company. No. 7 Company; Parkar Fahrytand Company. Tho . 

j New Companies to be Named Later. Address all commnnications to 

CON Tf KENNEDY, General Manager C. W. Parker Enterprises, Abilene, Kansas 


8M the Slides 

morim kMntUol Ulastnted story ballads, 


They Always Make Good 

TwiBiiMfiiiisT copies free to recognized slnc- 
10 eents aaeht siso 
"Jnst aPltflMOfT—" 

90th Streat^ 


:Show Printing 

Typ« and Encravod Posters, 
HwvMs and OedSMB. 

nn miT, 12l-138 5th It.. Chleagi 

- -D MlKERi Of ■ "j 1 I.K*jP(/ff/'MM 

You Want To Know 

Whmt is doliw snTwbeie at any time In anx 
~ ? It 80k It Is oar business to tell yon. D 
idoat know what yon want, ask some- 
~ We can belp yoa oat. 



DIaSi pecftet 
moiKT, BMpsTMt. Hi 

e&Tda; amw block-out Ink. snacmik- 
tmdperlaTtaoo per bottle. latest 
faoldoat '""•**'"*T. eptndlee. ahoot- 
ln« g&UeriM. etc e*c Write for 
new pxmetteel epacOas C^ede flftt*- 
locns. tne. 
Esu Clairo, Wis. 

Us Make Your Tents. 

See Our Ad Page 37. 


We Make All Kinda of Tenta. 

CAMcr noTos H^ifVi 


Hkoto.. Boonton, N. J. 


KMakUsbeA 1872. 
d H jtfiua en QmM fttjntebed In tenia for 
je^MoTliicPl«ter.MM-hli>». AU order* 
PSM at the Dnlted Sletee OUod pcompUr 

Street. ST. LOUIS. MO., U. S. A. 

Srw York CJtT — NeUoneJ S. C. W. Lifgborn 
Clob Sboir. tmn. 4, ISOS. Mn. Irrlst P. 
Rice. MC*y. 

New Tork Cltr — Netlonel Bantam Assn. 7an. 

— , 1906. Grorgr L. Yoans. tte'j. 
New York City — Amrrlaul Bull Pljmontb Bock 

Olob. Jan. — , isoe. W. O. Densj, Boch- 

ester. N. Y. 
New York City — Amertcan Ezbtbltlon Gtme snd 

Gtme Bantsm Clob. Jan. 8-T, U06, Cbas. 

Gorsisn, Ctrllsle, Ps. 

Sbow. Jsa. S-ai. 1S08. 
North Willtaai. O. 

Oek Hsitnr. 0< — Pooltiy Assn. Sbwir. 7an. (-IS. 

I90II. Lools Ii. Cartenien. aec'y. . 
OeoDomowoc Wis.— OcoDonoiroe P. & . P. S. 

A«sn. Dee. n-ia. Ikart Back. 
Oklaboma Clte.-MiB>mHifesaB atst* ehow. 

Jan. 9.M. K HH^. CvB. WMi-asst. 


Olney, UL— 'Klehland 

Assn. Sbow. Jan. %%, 

Perkerebms, in. 
Oreeon, ill. — Ogle Coonty P. A P. S. Assn. 

Show. Dee. 2S.30. L. H. Valentloe, see'y. 
Ochkosh. Wis. — Sute PooUrr .Assn. Show. Jsn. 

15-20. 1906. 

Oweosboro. Kj. — 'Poottiy asw. See. *%. O. 

O. Dongherty, see'y. 
Owen SooDd. ~ ' ~ 

PooltlT. Plf i H i „ 

Jsn. a-IS. flOfc^ e s f^sMiao. sccTy. 
Pails, m. — ^Edsar Co. Ponltiy Assn. Sbow. 

Feb. — , 1906. John Doke. tec'y. 
Polo. IB. — Polo PonltiT and Seed Com Assn. 
. Show. Jan. 8-12, 1806. J. A. Dirlson, Kc*;. 
PlslBTUIe, Kan. — Books Co. Poultry Assn. Sbow. 

Vot. 27-29. C. E. Kinney, see'y. 
PainesTlIle. O. — ^Ponlay sad Pet Stock Assn. 

Jan. 10-13. I9ue V. m^Mtmm,w0tt. ■■■ 
Palmyra. Mo.— Ponltiy aMn,~aMi ML lOss 

Mand Blooocr. . - . - . 

PoTsons. l>s^^^lpag«Me»^g)MM|^.^ .BgJ^ 


Pateiaoo. XL J ^s«Tllj 8b«r. Dee. M. Isaes 

PlttsAeld. O- -Poultry Asaa. WrhlMt. yaa. t«- 

2S, 1906. N. 0- Itestr. scCy. 
Pewsnkee. Wis.— Cenltiy Skew. . Dee. 20-2S. 

w. c. Ellesaa. 
PleasantTiUe, la. — Iowa Pooltiy Assn. Sbow. 

Dec. 25-Jan. 1. 1906. A. B. Adams. 
Plymontta. Mass. — Pooltry Sbow. Jan. — , 1906. 

B. C. Cbsndler, Kc'y. Kingston. Mast. 
Pooca City, Okla. — Poultry Sx>w. Dec. IS-ZZ. 

J. Flem Smitb. 
Pontlsc Mlcb Slxtb Annnal Poultry * Plc- 

eoD Sbow. Jan. 10-20, 1806. Daniel Thomas. 


Portland, Ore. — State Ponltry Assn. Show. Jan. 

10-17, 1906. J. C. Murray, see'y, E. 13 tb st. 
Fortlsnd. Me.— State Ponltry and Pet Stock 
Dec 5-8. A. L. Merritt, Anbon. Me. 

" ' Jan. 



OpavaatteTaarfiM'svodatcnctlons. Write for opeo 
MK. iiliti— SOOTT A aOOTT. Ibaa««r« 


B o nks for wmim tun ft thnnmnil B«nd 
saanp for sample. AKDREWB. Kaglc 
..lass. With 8C.Pbn«lel|il»., P.- 

Inliaslied CMs. Sice. Boto-onta,. 
— ink, JloTOlCTSbgoiJwt tiaUctihS^ 

MmUrn^ «n. -Bia^' ^fat niiiwi jug 

8-9. W. I. Brown .see'y. 8 bebucs PL 

Qnlscy, Mleb.— Qslney Ponltiy snd Pet Stock 

Asan. Sbow. Dec 14-lT. 
Bl^ey. W. Vs.— Pooltry Sbow. Jtm. t*. H. 

w. Deem, pres. 
Blslne Son. O. — ^Blslns Sna Poollcr Asa. Dec 

5-8. Merle Bearick, see'y. . 
Bocbester, N. T.— Flower Oir.CMbtr Am. 

"Great Bocbester Sbow.**^Xia. 94$, 1906. 

Geo. J. Keller, see'y. 
Boekford. 111. — Poultry and Pet Stock Assn. 

Sbow. Jan- 12-20. 1906. O. 3. OUbert, see'y. 
BnaalsTtne, lad.— SossIaTlUe. Peoltiy and Pet 

Stock AssB. Skew. Urn. I-*, ISM. 
Rotberfocd. N. T rsailij Msv. Dsik M-IB. 

B. J. Eiwin . 



J- C. ^ , ^ 

SsTsnnali. Ifc . -P UBHr fkav^ Mk M. 0. 

C. SebBJdtt. 

Scbeneetady. R. T Miailu Otty tmttO' sad 
Pet Stock Assn. Sbow. JtaJaMNkTviM*. 

I. L. Wbltmyer, i«e>. 
Scrsnton. Pa.— Pooltry Sbow. Jan. 15-20. 1908. 

Balpb E Weeks, see'y 
Sebrlnr, O. — Sebrlng P. A P. S, OUb. Jan. 

l-Il. 1906. M. J. StrrenL McTr. 
Sbaron, Ps.— Sbaroo FoolBy CMfc Jta, Il'IS. 

Jobn S. Leslie, see'y. 
Obelby, O— Shelby P. A P. 8. Assn. Trti 
laoe. J. B. Bines, see'y. 
Omshs^Meb.- ^anltq ' Ajsn. Sbow. Jsn. 

SprtndeM. SMiy— nS&ISk tm, 4S. E 
S. Brass. 

Jnn. 17-atL 

S creator, HI MWSMl CMtor Awh. Hw. IXe. 


8|i^^Id..,Ar-*|*MI ». • P. 
atmr. jba. aSTma. j, s. 


Tseoma, Wash.— neoma Pooltrr AssD. Dec 

27Jan. 1. 1908. C. A. Pratt, see'y. 
TKnple, Tel. — BeU County Pooltry A Pet Stock 

Asan. Dec. 13. J. J. Maddin. 
TMln. O.— Nortbwetteni Ohio Pooltry and Pet 

Stock Assa. Show. Jsa. 10-18. V. Crabtiee. 

aec'y. . 

TtptOB. lad^-npton Cbantr Poultry and Pet 
Stock mow. Jsa- 10-lS, 1906. Jao. Lansan, 
see'y. - 

TWedo. p.— Poultry Finelers' Asan. Sbow. ran. 

n-r«<>. 5. 1906. AlTa T. Baker, see'y. 
ISipeka,' Kn-. — sute Poultry Asss. Show:' Jsa. 

8-13, ii'uo. momas Owes, tee'y. 




Patente<> AprilSStb, UKB 

It is Bard asid Cmnpae*. It wlUatot CramM«. 

Ii Otwc«st UBttorm Supply ot Ojcynco, tltc Oa* Is «S to lOO per e«Bt. pure 
And It Is gm.r»n t eo«l by tbe mannfactarers to produce ISS Uters at Oaa per bos, which is 
equal to tiiHt of iiuyotbKrprodncton the market. Ozono is adapted for use in tbeBntar. 
pHse Calclom Uaa untat. and all users of tbisoutlit should not fall to glTS It a trial 

COMSWKB THE ADVAKTAOB of being able to prodnje ealcinm lisbt from practi- 
cally pure gases. Compressed |(ases In tanks contain about 15 per cent, of impurities which 
are non-oombnstlble, and reduce tbe intensity of tbe Illumination In like proportion, hence 
m great adTuntiu " . -- -- — - 

convenience ana 

Ifyoabavea_ _ 
irasont6t. order both. . 

OXOME for the production of Oxygen Oas, packed ittalr-tlgbt cans, per box S|J 

OXTUTHE for the production of Oxygen Gas. packed In air-tight cans, per box. I.; 

XBE KSITKKPKI8E CAIXIDK GAS ODTriT, Model B. weight S UmlIb aae. 

oaaflaM wilk laatmctiotis. " 


.airiuie, auu r^uco buts inscnaiby ui boa iiiumiaaui>u la tiKo prupomon, nence 
aKetobeKalaedftomtbeoseof tbe Bnterprlae oatflttto Mj nnthinf oCUa 
i7por taagi>r. ^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ yiu TL-t il- 

Si. 00 


8E IIP 0*811 


Cincinnati, O. 




^,1°.'* per gross % 3.00 

8M loch diameter. per«ro>s 3.ys 

12 Inch diameter pergross T.50 

U Inch diameter , per gross I4.50 

18 Inch diameter per gross 24-0O 

^'^P^^^^'^'^'l '^oj"- OhrlatBM Tree Omaasents. New Year 
and Cbristmas Postal Cards: also eoole cante la leather anA 
wood, and holiday goodactf aOldndiL 

TWO THOUSAIB Ptjrye ot arma ea tor steaat fairs, falrst ear- 

Scenery for German Village: only used 8 we^: mosteimplete and flnest wrar ballt. Cost- 
over £!o(»-wlll sell for 300, A^» 9m1A flyr t* ITlt^— I. Tthi M^0 11 aw 
GooJa. QAKL E. GUNDLAOH. Ig. 1l>t.-K: W,;WailllMliai Ha 


DEOKMBER 2, 190S. 



:S100,000.00. Inc 

WiU Build Coasters in Any Town 
Pereenfage or SeU Outright 


CHICAGO COASTER CO., 6300 South Park Ave. 

, ILL. 

npcka, Kan.— Fooltrj Sbov. In, S-U» 1908. 

J. W. Hacbet. eec'j. _ 
Oaioa, la. — Banlla Oo. Pooltxy AMI. BMt B«t 

iet. K. O. Smith. mtc'T. 
Walllnsford. Oonn.— IPooltxy Am. of New Hi- 

Tfn. Cono. D»c. aO-Jan. 1. Wco. J. Bogao. 
•Vamn. O. — Ittmtm Oblo Ponltry Aan. Staow. 

Nof. aS-Dec. 1. D. K- M<Mer, _ 
Wc*t BraokllcM, Uaaa.— PoaltZT Wktm. .Bm. S- 

22. E. L. SIcliardaon, ice'r. 
W«t Bnmkllcld, Maaa. — roartfe AmbII 'Show 

at WMt BTOokfl«M Aaan. Dae. M. S. I<. 

Ricbardioa. lee'T. lioz 238w 
Wtaatchccr. te . K wU m ^ ' 

Shoir. ate. IMi. kaavv » -j* *• 
^naWbuo. ailBB. — Bloe Butk ff aa lUj Aaan. 

flkMT. Jan. le-M. Jamea BnphKT. 

I I m-m 



B. L P aaltry Bbov. 

m. W. Owji. «»iawrtlla» ». J. 

BraoklTa, N. T.— BroolclTK Falted Bctall Oio 
era' Aiaoelatlaa'a TlilTd a-"-^! IVhmI Show. 
Clenneet Ave. Blnk. Uaicfa 5-M. 1906. C. 

B. Oiecn and B. J. Bowc. afia.. 2T7 Broad- 
nr. New Y«rk City- 

HaTerblU, Vaaa^-BaTerUH Boatd ct Tmde 
Pood and ladaaMal taaaltlaa. Itew Annccr- 
Mareb «-AycB T. ML~O^B. taaa aa« 
E J. Bm*i^ avik. wifmm»0v. Htw Tack 
citr. — . 

rx>welt. Man.-^well Betall Groeaia' Aaao- 
clatloo's Firm Food and tndoatrtal BxpoaltlaB. 
AaaoeUta HaU. March IT-M. UOS.' O. H. 
Gmk —t m. X. Bmm. acn.. ZTT BlM4in7. 
K«w Z«(k Olv.- . _ 

IMmiK, K. jr. WWHl JtaMB duaia ' road 
mbmr. Kar T-M. IMt. O. H. OvaaB aad B. 
X. Bowot agta., STT B i a adir aj. Mtar Yoek 

rnmdcnee, B. I.— Soteben, G iuuu a aad Var- 
ketnwn'a Aaaocelatlaa of Bhoda lalaad Pare 
Food Sbow. IntantiT BaH, P UgfH tt a . B. I. 
Feb. 12-ai. 1908. O. B. GrecB aad B. J. 
Bowr, mgn., 277 Broadwar, N«w Yo* City. 

SjFTBciue. N. T Sjimcnae Gtoecia * Meat 

Dealers' AaaocUtlon Food ft luJlltllll Cxpo- 
•Itlon. Tbe Albaoitita; Apfll Wttt'-.tmlt. 

C. H. Green and B. J. Zamt, ■BR^ 177 
Broadiraj, New York CItr. 

WaabtngtoD, D. O — ^Wastalnctoa Retail Oro- 
cen' ProtectlTe AaaoclaOaa'a Nattoaal Food 
Sbow * Indnatrial Bxpoaltloa. OoamntloB 
Ball. Dec. 4-l«. C. B. Gzeca and B. i. 
Bowe, msra., 277 Broadway. New Yvk atr. 

I f a i t a itMj Uaai.— Bctall Otoeeia an d Pw lalOB 

«mm ma. M.* SB-Haich i»-aoi c. 
B. «aaaB tm*m.3. Bowc, 

" OtT. 


Chleiso, in ^Electrical Bipoaltlan. Itn. le-ZT, 

1906.- Stewart Spaldinc iec'7, IS Adanu at. 
Cblcago. III.— fiecood Amraal Offlce ApplUacc 
and Biialn«aa Sratem Sbow. OoUaeoaa. Kaieh 
n-24. isoe. Coebraae A Pame, nffS., 11M 
Park Bow bids.. New York City. 
JackMOTlIle, Fla. — Bxpoaltloa. Jan. 4-M, HM. 

na' Pare Food and lad. Expo. Oo. 
Xaw York Clty'^-BIcetrleal Bspaaltlaa. Hae. 
•>«. O. A. mUfr. aee^. atOMrtlaBd at. 
• — — — Ma lUd-WlBts Bzpaattloa. 

B. 8. BHfkaa, aac^ and 


Cmdavea, AMcnblies 

Xka Uat of CaaTaatioDa la uialHad tUa waa fc , 
It wm ba pabliahad la fall aazt weak. 

TflClrcysud Theatrical Peo|Nl 

(Stnm Tuii OfMr.) 

For those who auffer from the reonlts of blood 
iiolaon I make a clorloaa offer to enre them 
for lite, at a creatly redaoed rate. This offer 
unly holdacood tor two months. The trekt- 
ment Is painless, the result sore In eTerir case. 
Write for farther loformstlon to, 

F. A. SIEBER, M. D. 

tmm, W iMftan IL. 

{tears. VjlStoftP. M. 

,..TIie Sen sation of the Century... 





..Parks, Expositions, Carnivals and Fairs.. 

Agents Waitrt 

rha Kjilf* o( lbs World. It doaa tha work Of It dl 
mt articles. For parlac TesotaMoa, naavrta* a 
Crom poCataaa and plmapplaa, cattla< H iia > l l ^ ■ 
aorman rrr, eortac appW, cuttlaa oold .Iaw, mm 
crater, aeaUiis Aah,lea pick. 
Send lOe. tor aanple. ParKnaaM. Addiaas 


118 Fourth Av*.. Pittsburg. Pa. 


tlie cemalM 


The most sttrsetlv* BontUr 
shown in i«M. Dow 
catethlim AMffaeUar. 
Doean. ................. ._'M 

Smd fttr OMdBiB* to 

Hi t int Ei ri, 44 An t^l^T■a^^ 


The Haiaiy PMI and 
Vegetable Sneep 

Bnt kUchve mtwam ••bt Iot^uA. il.UleM frDlt 
or rc«tuN«8 tote % nritif el Uoej ifwlrw, 
en» -ait*. iL la lB«»Iaal>h Im M^tnt^Umf 
mteOB. MtkMMJSimn UrKomb BBMaelv 
the ot^faATT MtLods. Tm oely etMU thai wtfe 


rcfMtr «nrrffT*( tfievn. M^miMm^ 
plnr Mvmlttnc *W lA bboub ear 
■mwr. CfrahlmrsvltbroaTnajMaai 
■ rW fMB In*. Tbe mem pttAUMa a»> 




Virginia Homes 

You leam all about Virginia 
lands, soil, water, cUmate, re- 
sonrcesi products, fruits, ber- 
ries, mode of cultivation, 
prices, etc, by reading the 
Send 10c. for 3 inotttlM sub- 
scription to ■ ■ . 



IMSstla Hnfesd Oaida, Dlee. Bgl^onta, 

..Liearn Lettering.. 

Write A| 
Show ^1 
Cards ^« 

ent color*, balf plat earh, wiaMlilk yoo to bMoi 
proOclent sbow.«Bid MMcai^ wMS reasonable prae 
tlce. In a abort tiaaa. MiHf aoatflt mailed oompieM 

rortl. ilaniplacbaTtNe. 


complete outfit, conalatloz of 
Copyrlgbteo Book of Sample Alpba- 
beta and Complel. laatmctlona, one 
ottbe celebrated Oaoooo Foonan 
Warama and Ink^jableti, four differ- 

Wanted for tiie ALYIN JOSLIN GO. 

people doQbllns braaa and dotns apedaltlea. 
Uosldana doobllns band and orcheatra. A moa- 
alcal team to play blta and dooble band. Ad* 
areas BOB KACK, 60 WUttiar Place, Indianap- 
elia, Ind. 

MB MACK. - 60 Wlilttltr Plict, IIIDIUAPOLIS, IRD 

JMsr, VUh. 


ffuaT.T. BAJTD. . long engagement to r ight par- 
ties. No rrnvellnff. Addrrm 'TTEBO," car* 
of Carrier 7, Cliajlcaton, B. C. 

a<W Hte I 

sa jeomiM. 1 


bana Ume Oota-CamtroUeAMauiktoea, 
3adtaaa>aaMl toiare-"^ .k<.a>d. 

rse Mission St. 

8an Prijnelsao. Cat. 


Sea Our Ad Page 37a 
Unltsd Statts Tent and Avails Cta 



xrie Billboapd 


— FOR 



iNfe Have Every Style of Mechani- 
^1 Toy Made. Write for Our 
Toy Price List. 


Style of Toy 
Watches Mado. 

Mb to Off SiMil Tsy Priee LM. 

NOTE— We PosltlMly win NotSMp Any Toy. 
Orders C. O. D. Unless AccompaniMi By a D*. 
posit of 1-3 of Amount of Order. 

We Are The 

^ffouse in the 

272 E. MAOiSON ST., - CHICAeO 


We Are The 
Most Reliable 
House In the 



S*m Our Ad on Page 37. 

Slates Tint & Awning Co. 




llttto .'*WI2ABD» Peneif ftitd BVmBteta Pen 

Holder, which we are sure is the 'btst article of 
the kind e7cr iuvented or offered to the public. 
Itfltsany vest pocket, holds Itself automatically, 
and la Ifiyisible when Ic use. They ontsell any 
Other holder on the !market ten to one. It your 
dtaler doaa aot camr tb* "WIZABD" wa wUi 
— 1 ft* HOi or OM taMt oa 

von 01 




Merry* Go - Round. 









twcaty TMia' crperlrnce In the mannfac- 
•C HaMeal Bella, Xylophoan. Orchestra 
BtDa. Kaitaliaa. I«»a. etc.. la eoonch to tn- 
ikat Toa (at wbat la risht wbni made tj 
Cattfane alwaya on hand. New odc Jut 
Stamp tor feptr- 
■DWIN R. STREET. Invontor and Maker. 
__*8 Brook au Hartford. Conn. 


■ at once. Other Female Freaks 







Park Manacets should not fail to consult as for any kind of a water 
chnte.- CAPT. PAUL BOTTON, Ooney Island, N. Y. 

J. J. WEAVER, a E., Lvdkiw. Ky. 



•O din can be set on a floor or PftTMMBt 
■aniifaetured by 


UMment OntOttara. No. Tenawanda; N.V. 

rwlth Air Brakes. 

Bgllteaof thaTonawanda Hlnlatnre'Rall- 


A dalldooa popcorn confection, pot op In 
nolatan proof packasea that keeplt fresh a 
kmg time, a anlek adler for theatres, clr- 
enaes. traTeUnr theatrical and medicine com- 
panlea and all places of public amnsement. 
We alK> make a lane line of PAOKAOB 
BBIOK. Inform as where you hold a con- 
feetlonery oonceaaton ana we wlU send sam'' 
pies and prices. 

Ruickhalm Bros, ft Eokstiln, 


BtaetofOaearT.BabeoeklrOoplactliaDMik "rifi 1 1 nn sat ITjIaj m» 


At Liberty 

To Eatirtiii PHpiiitiiit lir tli GMiog Somi 

Have im conrae of eoaatmctioii the most sensational and 
startling act ever attempted; wiU be iea^y toexhi^tto 
those interested Febmaxy 1st. ' 

•OJrtw, PMk umI fanhil laiiaganw* 

eSCAR V. BABCOCK, - 4li:Wr Srt »./lEW \f(MM^^ 

DECEMBER 2, 1905. 

Xtie Billboapd 



Type and Engraved Posters. Com- 
mercial, Circus, Railroad and Theat- 
rical Printing. : : : : : 




The First in MaD} Tiara. Fm u til Stattb tl tmnHk, liiMiiiippi,DMMiNr 4Ui to 8th. 

Here's a chance for PrlTlIeg* Men and That Make any Mlstalce. Address all 

communicatioDS to HARRY MARCH or S. H. JOSEPH. This will be the 
largest line of amusements ever presented at any free street carnival in the 

State of Mi-^-^is'.iiipi. 


Pumps, Clogs, Comedy 

a Speeially. Stii for Latest Catalog. 
J. it. QRIFFIN, 

104 Pwl MfSit, RoohMttr, N. Y. 

Ywr Mirry-li-Riiiil Oigw UvU Mif. Ripi'ri>l n< Raw Misic 

Work irnnted for noir it BPBCIAIi PBIOBB. It roa 
la tlmt (or SprlDS Season. W«_baTt a fair BBBjgff 

«• ean sot pramlte deltT«i7 

hlUm OmA'SB (craok 0( 

gtirtr) wlU Tonr lelectloa ot Vmr StDBIO, whleb w* offtr CBmtr, anltabl* (or SHOOTXNa 
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I and PiLMfl 

niaitrmtlDcr eTerr latiject o( Art, Traraiua' 

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EVni PItnTMtl 




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Booking Agent 

Middio West States. 



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yUloie Darling 

Exoallant Ballads ffar Saafl lilastrators. Slldaa 
•B4IO Par Srt. Bast Work Prodaewl. 
THE nOORE MUSIC CO., Ino.: FUIKI. raiT. Mfr. 
1S4S B*my^ Haw Vark. (MaapSmh StJ 

PratasatoBal aMias 
••at OB raoolal •( 
lata prog r a at. 
•iaaa staai^ for 

Jefforson Tbaatra, Portlaad. 
Empirs Tktatio, Lawistu, If*. OMVI 
Opera Hoasa. Baasor, M*. 
OpeiB Bgoas, Aocosta, Mm. 
CItT Opna BOaa*. ViUtmi, Mm. 
OMr 9m 

Altert ZInatiat BoUa. «. K. (Haw) 

M a nrtias tar Op«n Hea**, Kaaehaatar, H. R. 
Mooltaa Opora Hoaao, Iwonla, V. B. 
Vaalina Tk*atr*, Haaboa, X. & 
Anditorinm. Oaaeord, 8. H. OHM). 
Optra Eoua, Dorar, S. H. 
OdeU Opora Boose, Franklin, V. H. 
Franklin Opara Hoasa, Franklin Falla, H. R. 
Bomanvortk Tkaatia, ^omamrortk, H. H. 
Mosia Ball. Portameatk,-]!. K. 

I-Toa, IIMa. (Baw) 
iMb gfow) 

Kultm XhMtra, Kulkoia, Han... 
Taantaa Thaatia. Taaatoa, Vajs. 
Aeadaov of Maalo, TaU Rirer. Masa. 
Haw Badford Xhaatro, Vaw Bslford. Xaaa. 
Oolaaial Thaatn, Plttaflald, Xsm. (Haw) 
Empin Tteatra, Kortk Adama. Kama. 
BolTak* opant Bnaa, Balyak*, Baa*. 
Vaioa irnt 


Matia Baa, Wd 

Cooit Iqana tlilitf^ Ji^tiacaaM. Baas 


New England 
Chain of Theatres 



Pennsylvania and New Jersey 

B«w Banr Tkaatn. Atlaatle dty. B. 7. 
PatanoB Opara Boos*. Paterwm, B, 1. 
Jaeala' Tkaatra, Elixabath, B. J. 
Plaiafleld Theatra, Plalnflald, B. J.-- (Bow) 
Caaias Pier a-eatze, Asbory Faik, B. 7. 
Academy of Bosio, Seadisc, Fa. 
LjTio Theatra, Allaatown, Fa. 
AU* Opara Booa*. Eaataa, Pa. 


lUk Av 
-Xviie Thaatxak 
0faBd Opara Htrose, 

•WTIlllfatlMt ] 

New Rochelle Theater, New RochellOp No Y. 

' ' ^'"'^'^''Onuid Opera Hoosep'Ottim 


Faiaea*^ Tkaati*. Baitf o id . Ocbb. 
H^rpariaa Xhaatre, Bow Bara 
Bmitk'a Thaatra, Brids^ort, Ceaa. 
Poll's Thaatra, Watarhary, Ccaa. 
Opera Bonso, Wiaated, Com. 
Taylor Opara Boas*, Sankory, iTona. 
Thoauata Opara Haas*, Thcawstaa. 
1I»tW«i Xtaatn, JUrtJuiii 0«aa. 
Baw : 

Tha Btnar, BarHatUm, Tt, (Bow) 
Idkiaiy Ban Xhaatro, Bernilintoa, Vt. 

Ta Op«n Boa**, Mrnitpiua', Tt, 


leaon. B. X. 

^Saslfaa Xkaatia, '<OI*«a«01*b V. T. ■ 
Xha taaba-, Oraarill*, B, T. 
Eaplre Theatra, Glens Falls, H. T. 
▼aa Carler Opera H ouso, Bchenactsdy, B. T. 
Baiio Ball. Toakan, B. T. 

Xhaatia, AbmM* Forks, B. T. 

B. T. 
«. T. . 
B. T. ••■»- 
P**kakIU, B. T. 
of Bssio. Baadont. B. T. 
of Basic, Bawhsrch, B. T. 
Tha ■taattaa, Biddlatowa. B. Z. 

B. Z. . 

a: «; 

B. T. 


imaalcatlOBS for 


./--V*" - ~? 

• ■ ■■-f,--v»<^:vv. 


Tbe past season has demonstrated tbat Amusements pay well In Chicago 
Sommer Entertainments are eagerly patronized hy milltoiis. 






^ PRICE 10 CENTS —Qi/^m^ 




Deeember 9* 190S. 


DieBMBm 9, INS. 



BiliNtsoii Produces Mrs. Gnmdy in London 

^XiOian Blaavelt be^ns Chicago Engagement, in The Rose of the Alhambra — 
Fete DaUaj Well Suited to His New Part — Eobertson's Performance 
' Annus ' ronic ugjuu wmwi an 



DAILEX opened Ilia Ctazrlac 
Bt under tbe SlralMct mar 
aXcncBt itooOMS ntntag. Nov. 9T. 
mt Kew SaTco, Oomi.. wMce ht tp- 
pcaitd tot ttm tat time Is tba new 
*- ~~ aceat. Hie fol- 
ia i«ent opeoed for 
«t ttaa niSd X 

. •CMec ^ 

J CrttniB jr 


aiU« roMlick W. F. BMbetter 

> Bitter Creek Buuon Ohu. Chapoelle 

; SalTmdor Quel* .Walter Neiie 

Joeepti Baltiectoid Cba*. SeagrcaTcs 

T.' BSlonr Adam Docker/ 

!* BUI BotKtar : lohn r. emen 

Jidazns .*^«^m»«Ww>^*«»..Fz««1 Shermui 

'! Landlord ...M.i^V.M.>^.'J:...C B. LuUa 

-.'{f^^nMlN XiMiia Skte Cmdoo 

V'SMMnc Bet ..............Cm* Onliam 

iV Mir Deabiastoa Iiobel HJOI 

r,'! Cells Coarmer ..;..Almeda Potter 

'•' Ronlle Norma Seymoor 

Peplt* Vera Staoler 

la Ibe Dew plecv tbe well koown comeUlao 
apiieara la tiie rote of au u{Hto-daCe' pren aceat. 
Maed. wMt « dcate for more a u e — BU» mc- 
■yurtiy, t— wr aene ei iend M i t «ad take* 
- wUk. aim. K^ftodk ot piettr. sida 10 th» aeanr 
■■tl jiUlUfW; ■ Ih» title part pccDUaxIr flia 3b. 
'■ viUtfJiMti-VTltttlioa, and be appeaia to the 
bNt^^onmic. Tte rtctotloa .U N*v BaTcn 
.'■■wi»' Twr ^«^^>^ala«ttB>■^ana-,«^ Braadwar Sb- 
' Italter na siiaa a& avatiMb' 

and Jaferi'^* wnaon ai» ^Tiapaaalbla ' lar the 
kaok aad Ika Ijrla. aa well aa for the miulc. 

Tb* aoav an topical and in accord witli tiie 
•apld JWtioa of tk* dlalocue. The productlun 

" "&^S^*"' jS^*^iL'aS£S&v'M* 

Mnt. Urundy. a new- domestic plaf. In * four 
act#. hy Madeleine Lucette Rylex. waa elven 
lu laltlal prodnciloD at Uw Scala Xlifatie. Lon- 
dM. nccatlx... with fMaa- aakMttM ud Oci^ 
nvd* OUott 'Is ti».\M)aic:'x*M;<:'? aaat: 

, BlanUNl Sachet ....'...'.J.' Forbrs Rotn-rtiion 
.°: JoO"Ihiddlftim .Sjdni'j r.rou^h 

V Slajor PetUkvt .......... Jamea Heam 

Ur. Je*coa .. Ww Oatdan 

111*. JeTOQB ................ BUaan Haaio* 

A—Ua. J**«B» ♦...., y_.j.>vY alwla ■ Safteif 

'. Klltia Baiaoa ...... 

-f y' -Win ToppIethwaSt* 
p ', Juab Banaoor ...J.^^...J. ' B. Byley 

.•V 'Jeny Bodd . ' Hjde 

t' JLnpiuu ....i..^.:..J.'BL Beanmont 

X5. ilra. wtueti ,^-..^4...^. Iiwa CUftoa 

'" '■>■■■ '■' 
ACT. ' t<^1M'' 

.i^CT IL — ^Tnr stnOj- In the Tloai'a eotta«e. 

ACT UL— Tbe same. <I>arlBf tUa act tbe 
...^eartaln dncmds for one mlnate.; !^, iBdtaMa-tht 
i'fV^ of two daja.) V. ..O-:'. 

^y,MCT VfT-Vbrn HCBX'a sazdaa. . V ' 
■ i-,}^vai0it» iKr'j\iif':^^ a mla aimad jgy. 

■ Mkai* ifea taaa baas ataytv'batoa an dapaaaeat 
la which ahe flsmd. the panoa Oiiafr aipen hla 
•kMfs and took ber la aa Inatroetor to ma eon. 

' The TlUaire so«tlp* set boay. .The local Mta. 
timuly Ix ahockeJ beyond deacrlptloo. Tbeo. 
to aaee the youns (oeeiDeaa* name, the paraon 

' aiks her 10 manr hbD. TMi ahe iclnctaotly 
proml^n to do. Bnt tbe parMo haa preTiooaly 
timd hU attentloax call«d to a Mn>. Patollo. a 
sup^^KM*^ "KraM wldvw.** He Ukes ^l2-s. PatuBo. 

bat the thooshta of marrying a irldow wboee 
hnahand mlfiht drop In some time waa too much 
for tbe ixncooTentiomU parson. iWben It ia for- 
mally aoDoonced thAt tbe parson and tbe SOT- 
enees aiv to be married, the "eraaa widow" 
plays her trump card. Hien Bhe admits that 
tbe "ilr»-" sail "trasa widow" fljtturca were 
.only myths to frtKhtra adrentureia from pester- 
Inz the wearer with propoeala of maniase. A 
but la then called la the marrlace pvoeeedlBSa 
.aad the panon'a aSectloos tor the Mia. htalle 
i- b aeom* the attmccr. The < o»t ra e » » leaves tomt 

■ aad the pazaon is free to manr Uta. FatallOk 

In the role of Iba. PatnBo Mlaa BlUott ilutred 
i^omwa wtth Fmh e a Bobertaoa as th« paxaon. 
Bcpaita d»aat oadlfc Ike «aa.teawa actor wltk 


OhleafB lSSS^if3SS^I^!^f^V^^SSatHne 
for the drat time opon a metropolitan stage 
the new comic opera. The Bose of The Altiam- 
bra. F. C. Whitney la responsible for tbe pro- 
dactloa the cast of which la aa follows: 

Klac of Spain. 


tonad ttame manager laat 
week, aad hr a eoopa da tfeaatra aent oat 

three blc companies from Naw. Xark on a sin- 
gle Sunday special. It waan't ao anWh a mat- 
ter ot cutting expenses with tba Napoleon 
of managers, bat a saving of time. 

Tbe special left the Grand Ceottal promptly 
at 3 P. It., Sonday, Mot. 26, carrylOB mem- 
bos at tba Betbanfltadnwa. tbe Ant Out ot 
OoUo* and th* Sba. LeOagwan'a Boota «am- 
panlaa. There wet* tbiM faaaaniar aan and 
(even baggace can, a laig* paK at tht MMMcy 
heTlng been prerloualy Alpped <m' a Mgnlat 

There were pretty dose to a hundred mem- 
Den 10 the banch, and many Umes that nam- 
Mr ot tttcnda accompanied the thcaplana to 
the depot to bid tbem good-hr- Otben wen 
attxaetad Iv awrlw a l ty. aona ad 
to sea how aa aatwaa l ia ta a 

However, then were two playera mlaalng. 
These ware B. H. Sothem and Julia Uarlowe, 
who balked at a regular passenger ooacb. 
even if It was a Frobrnan special, and de- 
manded a parlor car. Mr. Probman readily rec- 
Dgnlied the delicacy of the sltnatlon and 
shipped these two principals aboard a Boston 
bound Pullman. 
Th* Jast Oat ot OOUeg* Oo._ 'j^jP*^ ^'Jj^ 



wm Build Theatre in 

Bnaness Good in Ohio and West Vir- 

the end ot tbe acMoa Vmt wSB bava a 
hooae In tba natghbaitned «C tiw Oraad. 
Vhecllng It la tbooght tkdt BD thidtPi aaa 
t winner nalaaa than na Bm latHra la 

Miss Condon la scotttg btdfily 
play, Tbe Press Agent. 

V. BiBaf^ aaw 

Brother Nleolo. a friar (attadiad to the 

court of Philip) Frank H. Belcher 

Peregll, the royal physician (attached 

to the coart of Philip) . .Owen Westford 
Ftcdergonda, Jadnta'a aunt and gnard- 

.Addlo Barker 

■pbtt at lacabayda. tba dbMMpiln- 

«C • taai dC 


tta "Maeot" ot tba band 

Charles Bmeraoo Cook wrote the book for the 
new piece and Lucler floamer- composed the 
music. Tbe story la based npoD one of the 
Albambta legends of Waahlngtoo Irving, and 
tclla or 'FbtUp T<> ot Bourboa, ao eccentric old 
(eUew wba fMaaam ta ba dead aad laaaea da- 
creaa;t» ,HMt *BWt. Molblat asB ai oaaa Wai 
from Ma snqpar-bM anale. Baaawaa la wavaa 
aboat^tkii'iltind.'agd fettganda and loeen an 
broagH-^tb 't»;;ibd^.baat aSaet. Tba banla* 
assoiaca laala attb* that ah* might search for 
her lorer without detection. Jtclnta dii acme 
narrow and very exciting escapes, and per- 
chance falls in company witb an enchantress 
who gives her a msgic lata, which provea 
the means of solotlon for all tronbias. Tba 
masie la eatcfay and ot flnt-claa* qnallty. 

VMu Blaanit aee n d a patasoal irtampb 
In lb* leading part ot Yaclnto. and added nueb 
to her weU-eaned npatatton aa a prima donaa. 
She was ably aaatated by the aambet* ot her 


Mm tbaa three hondred Bebrcw acton and 
wrttan tellowad the nmalaa ot tba lata dram- 
atlat Kabnm Heir Scbalkawtta to Mi laat nat- 
Ing-place In Ualoa Flald Oemalaiyi Lnb mnM, 

Nov. 27. 

The dnmatlst waa heHar known by Ua 
Bom da plume. Sohomer, and that be was weU 
beloved among his people waa shown by tbe 
large cortege that marlted Ha tBneml. 

Prom bla late home at 988 K. Broadway, New 
York, to the WlUlamsbnrg bridge, the atreeta, 
and even tbe roofa of tbe honses. were erawded- 

In tbe procvulon were such well known p«o- 

Sle as Jacob Adlrr, actor and manager of the 
rand Theatre; Jacob Sapbersteln, editor of 
the Jewish Momlni; Journal; ivter Wemlck. 
Fdltortal writer of the Jewish 'Morning Jour- 
nal: John Palgey, c<Utvr or (he Jewish Dally 
NeWBl and BlUk Owltch or the Jewlah Dally 


'"o"'*."!..* OUBord. lb* ealerprtalac man- 
agcn of Oblcagn, ban now opon the road tb* 
following Btovctloiw: Don Tborat, Over Ni- 
?f""v/*"V'** Oamakteper. Tbe Wbdster-a 

Th*y beta aadw Oab maaagamnt the 
"^P* fchwarta '•Ibcatn, 

WankegoB. III.; lb* Open Boose. LaPorle. 
lad., and « aaw thutn st Ut. OteneDS, HM. 
Ths People's Stock Co. of Ohtcan U oador 

ttalr dlnctlM, and it U andatatood that tba 

Charles Bradford, a t^tesentstlve of tbe In- 
dependantat elalua that tbcr win ucct a new 
theatn in Vliadlas> W. va.. bat wUl give 
ont no defliUta iBlBTiintlwi, uetpt Uiat be- 
fore the end ot tbe " — — — 


In Wheeling _ 

be a winner oaleaa than an Bia IttHn la 
Its nan*. Tb* annd baa baaa a 
yaan; tlw Oont ditw Mv 
atai* aad dba H|aa la a 
^ Up^aaKJliM Ii 1 


Not : : 

•t tbaai bav* 

Glrli _ 
lota oC 

Barth'a Opeca . . _ 
nrhlcb baa baaa alaaad Cat i 

Dec. 4 with tbe Mlaaoori 

The Pour HontlnEH in The Foot 

pluylhR a great many return dates aroond Pltta- 
burK. They Invariably du capacity boslness 
upon their second visit. 

c. w. McCllntock sprang a new three-sbtet 
tor When the World Sle^a, whiab aet them 
to talklag la PIMabaiB. It . Mad. Uka tbla: 

At the BUoo. 

Davis de Batcbbia* an doing weU with their 
Sandy Bottom Co. Prlnoesa Chic opeoed tbe 
new theatre at Punxaotawney. Pa., and thelf 
attraction played the drst matinee and night. 

Several shows holding time In this section 
hnve canceled recently for various resHonK. 
.\mutii; Lhem were Tbe Little B4m1 Scboolhouxc, 
Trinity Chimes, A Windy City aod Alvln Jo«- 
Un. which will add a band and play this sec- 
tion later. 

Col. t. S. Potu nports iplendld boslness tor 
John W. Vogel's Minstrels. 

Tom Watera and a strong sapportlag eon- 
paay an oBcrIng itoldlborly Neighbors through 
i'ennDtraala. and flW performance Is sn un- 
tiuallflad aaaaoaa. ^ba company is qolte larce. 


B. B. U! 




Manager B. ac. Blmbarg of tba XotkrUI* 
Theatre. 80tb atraat and Lealngtoa a*ana*. 
New York Ctl7. Cloaad bla ateck cobmv •a^ 
urday, Dec. 3, and on Monday opened D* baaae 
with Percy BasweU In The Darling of th* 
t^ods. This will be followed by such attrac- 
tions as Sweet Kitty BcUalrs, Tlie^ilesrt of 
Msrylsnd, Mrs. Temple's Tsl4 
Cijap, Tbe Man on the Bog. ' 
others of that class onsi — ' 
u'ctlon ot M*w Xork. 

It woBld appear tnm the above list ot 
sttmatloaB ttat _. . . 


icuairs, me uesrt 01 
XalMoam. Tba Ftlac* 
log. jSmtj- Tanaa Md 
ecB' ayiaiaiH'a b tbat 

. WBHW appear uvm the abovc list ol 
aetloaB ttat Manager Stanberg bas a book- 


George C Tyler baa ooiBalasIoned Edmond 
Bostand, the French playwright, to fomlab far 
Bleanor Bobaoa a new play to l>c piodoeed 
neat atsson. 

Tbla anaooneemcnt followed Ifr. Tyler's re- 
cent ntarn tram a tonlga trip whKb ladnded 
LondOD and 'Parts. Prom Parla the waB known 
manager proceeded to Oomha, la aoatbcn 
France, and met Baalaad at hla bonii M«g*- 
tutlona tbat had baaa ■liiaw atasaat a 
year were quIAIr. ejaaaC^nlTai' aaalMat ■mu 
dnwn op. 

SI. Bostand Is the author ot Cyrano de Ber- 
gene aad Ij'Algloa. Accordlag to Ms re- 
qaeat. Iiaala N. ntttcr, 'wbo adaatad L'Alg- 
km. «» adapt aaw. sMqr BirSnM 'Babaaa. 


Among other arrsnsemeota completed hy 
George C. Tyler during lila racent trip abroad 
was tbe appcaianec ot Kills JcOrey* ti this 
conntry In Tba CWlMIlM TiadtfTtlt. 
by Alfred SotlS jjir jwg iliitSMH WU •* 

about Jan. 30. 

Mr. Bntro la coning over to direct the 
stagtag ot the new play. Charles Carrwrisbt 
wUI direct th* pmdnctlon tor Messrs. Uebler 
* Co. 

Odin JsOKfa wtu prabebly appear later la 
tbe sceaim la a atw ftoca. aatttM Tbt BoticMi 
hy Bobert Ocaqr DaTtca. 


Tb* new mnalea) comedy la which the Lleb- 
len wIU atar. Klaie JaaU wm be esUed Tbe 
VandeiMIt Cup. Sydney Bostnfald U wrltlog 

^^u. .. ^ ...... 




Must Garry Music on 
Western Circuits 

New OrphetuD Theatre for Salt Lake — 
Independents will Btuld in Denver — 
Gouip from the Colondo 

A new order iui Iicen Inncd br tbe managers 
at nc western TaoderUle booses. Owing to 
the long jamps baggage Is freqaentlr delaxed 
and rehearsals are mixed up. So In the tntore 
pcrtormers mast carry Uwlr mnalc with them 
and not pack It wttb baggage. A Tlolallon o( 
Ihli rule nlU reiult In closing If rehearsals are 
mliacd on accoant of lack of moslc. 

Joseph F- Reardoo, clt7 eleclile Inspector, 
has also announced more rigid InspeetlOD In 
the futotc. Spot llgiitx, picture maeblnea and 
tbe like omst be foUr up to the Cbloaso stand* 
ard. but an Inspection rlsewberp will not nee- 
itnnir pas* In DeuTcr it tberc are weak 


n* atv UMStre nt Florence, Col., baa been 
oawid. ' mA wwk. ataxttd an • aaw 180,000 
bSuant a iM ib l i. «M., atall«.M< flllvttton 
also taw M 

Charles of 


tta Bnpin at Ommdo 
_ r a baciwlor. Wsa OaOi- 
ghter ot a prominent New 

bntal man. Baa cbanged her name, and 

la th* future wlU faaTe a Tolce In the man- 
sgcmtnt ot tlie Alphln twaOj affatti. 

Ibe loeal Iwnano as* twwattny iMtlm pictnre 
pragrama more tlits om acfoit. BeTeral 
muifhs ago It was const dared QUlta tbe proper 
Ihlac to •taad up, put on wiapo and other- 
wist Mww a eontenpt for pletiB* ahosr*. But 

Mir MOiirtr bai act tht tis»— -* 

MM in diawliMt at wdl aa 
M tM WUi. Xm Oar DceelTaia, one i 
lata araatiaM afL^ *>»:l^ "9 
iw w wM W tMSkaMTna araat, and 

tbe pic 

tba star features 

DceelTaia, one of tbe 

■■ ~ Te an 

.--^ It Is 

act OB atfocal pro* 

lU new OiplMwa Tbaatra at Salt I,aka la 
Mag rnabed aa eair the Back style of pnab 
can start It. JnltaT. Blatar, fornerly of New 
Orltaaa and an olO pletnre machine expert, 
will hare eharge. He passed tlireogh Seneer a 
few days ago and made a good Impression as 
a hastier. Tbe plans contrmpliLtp oiK'nlnj; tbe 
booie on Cbrlstmaa Day. but It may i>e a week 
later. Tbls bouse will break tbe Jum:i be- 
tnren DenTer and TtUeo, aod gtea one mora 
week to Orphcom artlnta. 

Ibe Denrer Orpbenm manafMBeBt has Joat 
lutalled a spot Ugbt ot naw design tbat li 
Mid to be Ibe most powerful aSaIr eeer put 
out. It Is like a young searcbllgiit, and was 
used first on tbe Cbsriea Leonard Fletcher im- 
peisonatioo act, which was tonwd Into a 
dsnling apeetaetilar production In colors. 

IB a Bwrloat letter I mcntloatd a tumor 
akeat a UgB-«Iaaa society tbcatrc to lie opened 
here, mmor la imdoabteiUr a fact, al- 

though for certain rcaaona It Is being kept se- 
em, tbongh ground baa been broken for tbe 
structure aod tbe contract let for part of tbe 
bnlldlng. The plans show a tioune aeatlns 1.200 
and completely equipped both In front and on 
■tage. A root garden annex will t>e built for 
llRb*. concert work, and tbe boose will be An- 
Inhed next fall at an expense of aboot 

; It wUl play tbe IndependenU' at- 


Following la tbe roate/ of tbe CurtlB Theatre, 
ooe of tbe Trl-9tate Clrcnlt booaea: Tbe Denrer 
Theatre Co.. owners: A. R, Pelton. manager; 
Adrian UcGulre, treasurer; Itoy D. Emmlck, 
asalitant treaantcs; John flchnler. bead door- 
keeper; Sam. labackijtan ■bbuki t, h. 
Compton, eicetrtelBBr^AmM MNiNM ffO^ 
ertj man. 

At the Orpheum Theatre Meria McOUl Iws 
reslened. and Harry Brown liaa been appobited 
property man. Edward Stewart hat glecB op 
tbe posHloD of klnodrome operator, and Ed. 
Mcodom of (%lca«o Is now In charge with eery 
Rood results. Mr. Nlcodom'a father died In 
Chicago a week ago. Mr. Stewart bas gone 
Into A raudeTlUe road flbow aa picture ma eblne 
operator. Nat (Howard, tbe new atage man- 
ager. Is making good and reeelrlng fsrorable 
comments from artlata aa well aa patrons. 

The local uIlaoBten are aU ready for tbe 
S »'««l > tt t m nM tu , and tbey wUl bare me~ ~ 
ta iptBd aa tba iiitgatca when tbey arrlTB. 

Dnm. OaL 


DtBltl B, Bandmann, a Shakespearean actor 
aC considerable note, dreoped dead on bla ranch 
Bear .Mlisonia, aioDt., Tbanday CTcntng, Nor. 
«• Heart faUnre, auperlndueed by acute In- 
WMtloa, It gleea aa tbe tbe cauae of bis 
atalh. Aboat twdee years ago Vr. Band. 
■Binn Ntlcad ttom the ttage to spend tbe re- 
mainder ot Ua Ufa OM bla laaeb. sir. Band' 
niann waa torn at CMttl. Oarmany, atzty-alx 
££*!*^*<!?> -Bt. aBeiitM IB tragte roles, bla 


A GotaMMa.'.KtaaB haa created aomewfaat 
of a sUr aaaav theatrical peoplt hecaoaa of 
her annoaaecnieat tbat tbe la tbe antbor of 
Tlie Rose of tbe Alhambrm, In which Ulllan 
Dlonrelt It PUying. 

'nie Oolnmons womat claims that abe wrote 
Oje play and anbmltted It In an eastern plsy 
eratest, wben It was oat of ber poaaandon three 
!**"• Sha^daliM that the ante, loeale. 

. — _ ntatrleal Association la up 

m aana agaSm ttaa Canadian Tariff Commla- 
aloB beeanaa aC'Ika Ugh tariff tbat Is placed 
npon American tccnery, printing, coatumea, 
Utbograpbs, etc. 

Tbe matter came more forcibly before tbe 
Commission last week when Minager J. B. 
Turtoo, ot the Orand Opera Hooae, London, on 
behalf of the tbeatrleal managers of f!«»«A., 
pratcated to It a petition atUng tbit the tariff 

Tbe managera claim that tbe tariff Is keep- 
ing oot ot Canada many blgb-dsss attracUona, 
thereby lowering tbe theatrical standard in 
thst Goontry. 

Tbe OauHulttton promised to glre due con- 
sideration to the petition, and will annonnca Itt 

Tbe managers claim tbat tbey are tbe ones 
on whom the doty of psylng this tariff falls. 
Tbey matt hare American attractions or none 
at all, as the population ot tbe OomlMon will 
Bot iranant tha local producUon of Mgb-dass 
attmetlBBa. 'Whea an American 
erOBH* 4lia bocdcr, tta Ametlcin 

the ttrur, bat la deiliiy ap 

aasoont la althar addtd to tta msnsM ot 
tha laaal* ataaaacr «r hla 
WlMl'li IB t 


In Mile. Hodlate. Ullnota ThaatfO, aUetgo. 



Opened with Stock 

Wm. T. Grover Launches New Enter- 
pciM with Fropitlans Oraanataace. 

Wm. T. Grorer opened the Imperial Theatre, 
formerly tbe UonUuk, In Brooklyn. N. TC., 
Monday STenlng, Not. 37, with a bigb-claaa 
etock company and a nnmber ot Artt-data vau- 
dcelllt aett. til of wblcb took weU. Lord and 

Ooka of 9i«Batacoii|b..aW. 7> HontianiciT 
Mamnla ot Qaarmbr ....'Walttr D. GMcae 
I«rd AIctmsB Ohatltad......Msrln_Arden 

aan. nbB Ckaahr 'atkie!r..AU(ad Kappeler 
SfBtam TOdwar .....tWaMcr B. Seymour 
rmSSs AaacMv b. o. tctis 

M», fffl\ Alfred Jackson 

KtaOh Jamea A. Boabell 

Swentan Bdmond J. Norria 

Mawley Janactt JMarshall Famnm 

Wyke William Spenser 

Lady Algernon Obetland..Catbrlne Counteas 
Mrs. Bralwsao Tudway Jnlle Heme 

Mrs, Toklnt LonU RJsl 

I.a<^^PwjPtiliMdtllliitOB .^^^ya Jttii 

Bmi^ Oaidaip •«•••• ••••••■■stanza wtdn 

The company la aboea ttie aTcrage ot tbe 
regular atock organlaatlOB. Bdwln Arden and 
Catheriue Oonntess baee been enrrounded by an 
excellent company ot playera. and Manager 
Oroeer has spared neither time nor encnia la 
glrtaig to hla itatrona « flrst-claaa pettocmaoee 
In e*ety leapeet. It the pertormtacaa trtWh 
follow prora at worthr at tbe picniMM. KT. 
Orotfcr will nerer lack tor patnaaca. 

I Tbe TandcTllle teataraa WCM . •iwlH; - tho 
SUraggta: Balaton's QtaBd Opi i a CB., «Bd "tta 
qiton Polo Troupe. 

' It waa a reprasentatlTe andlence that greol^ 
the opening perfermsnee and admired the aaiV 
new IdeM that Manager Grorer bad worked 
Into tbe new Interior. He boose baa been 
completely renorated and re-de«orated. and 
tha facial latctlar appcaiaBce la that of aa 


More than Twenty Theatres Open in Brooklyn 

OhuIss IniuBan VUts BdtfMM ta Sqarfiss ¥bgbk 

while There Engages Otis Sldnosr under a Look Cartwc t - O ttir Maw 
From Four Kapreioitative QtiiBa. 

TBI Itrge aeatlog capacity ot the 
Oiaad la laadeqoate (or the moltl- 
tndta that .atjtb la tea Blcbaid Maw- 
fleld iB Ma '. Biti^iUBtdBrtlllBI. 

Pricea nate Sm fajr tbvn to 

GO cents. 

Under the aUt direction of John Morrlaay, 
the Orptaeam Theatre It nrorlng too amall, and 
tha BuaafliBaBt aonttHilatta tnlLTT^g a 

it m O ii i M a ii H 

The comic open tetaun at tha TIeOU began 
with a tumaway hooae. Tbe Highwayman, 
with Helena Frederick. Cora Tracy, Artbor Cnn- 
nlngham. George Kunkel, Teddy Webb. Bugene 
Welner and a big beanty cboms, msde a de- 
cided bit, and Is In tor a long nm. Special 
pralac la dtw Uatleal. DIrecloc Belli 

The Aletat* ataUnnea to dec Cha heat per- 
formtnte at IM kind In tha atotok atair play. 
aU tcgraltr faodBeHeoa. la gtraB tto Otaatrtitt- 

iti^ iBtot Yw iiB j jdVagi - - - 

a stotc ot aihSa. 


.\n elaborste bOUdsy bill hat been prepared 
for tbe Cbntes. . Tbe spectacular featura will 
be an elaborafte piadaettoa of BottweU 
Browne's Prineeia Fta TaB..whltt wlB ba tan- 
dered tj a eoapany ef oiar a haBdnd peo- 
ple. BoralatltBa are nwalNd IB tfea. «bf of 

pro Ten a big tBcctia. Ibo 

KeUle T. Hlebolt. It away 
and SO cent hooae. 

:gomcnr. I 

has jnst completed a twtatr watti* came 
ment at the I^ecoau bat kaaB WtBttWd Ta- 

definitely at ni* houie. She haa become Tcry 

popular with the patrons ot the Lyeenm. 

John Buacb, ot ibe Bnscta Family, has tnstl- 
tuted leirsl proceedings to collect from E. Fried 
ot the Mission Theatre, the som ot $200.98. 
alleging tbat the defendant failed to carry ont 
an agreement made by Ardile I^eTy for a 
week's engsgement st tbe tuisslon Theatre. 

C. W. AHsky, of Saota Cma, haa arranged 
to bnlld a new theatre In Sacramento, to br 
run In eoojnnetloa with the Tanderllle honse 
be recently purebaaed In tbat city. 

The new Liberty nieatre In Portland, Ore., 
was opened ?1ot. 20. It It t TtudsTDle booae 
located on Fourth and Stark ttreeta, and It ar 
handsome aa any TauderUle theatre In the 

Tbe injunction suit recently broogbt agalnal 
Belaaco A Mayer by Proprietor D. R. McNeil 
af the Central to prevent them from remor- 
Ing any ot tbe fixtures, fnmltnre. etc.. huf 
beta eomnnmlicd and tha tuit dismissed, a 

ST^HMl'tS Sa'S&dBa.*'* '*'^"*^ 


ai* ton IB- 


For TbsnfcsglTtng week we haee etttaettait 
tbat wUI undoubtedly aapaal to Ifca the at r e 
loTlng ' puUle, and at Oat w« 
Tored with playa tbat waa 

nmt In New York, and are ai 

tbe ftrst time. The Grand offera an excellent 
bill of headlloera In TaaderUIe, tbe AlTin, 
DaTid Blggtnii in nil Laat Dollar, a Tery wor- 
thy attraction: The Nixon. Melntyre A Heath 
In The Earn Tree: The Belaaco, Jeff DeAngells 
In Fantana; tbe Gayccr and tba Academy, va- 
rieiy. which to mMAM Ma^jMM . aaaBgh 
tor any dcalta as iiS m iNnfar di VBtm- 

Following Mrs. Temple's Telegram at tbe Be- 
lasco. Grace StnrteTant will present Lsdy 
Tessle, end for Monday nlgbt. Dee. II. all 
tbe boxes bsTe been reserred by Mrs. B. F. 
Jones, Jr.. who will bare a tbestie party end 
dinner. SooTcnlr programa will be Issued. 

Forest Boir, aa AUegbeny boy. Is with Me- 
lntyre and Oeath. Bit aong On Aa Antomo- 
MIc •Bonvm«B SaB eaatbt en alctlr. 

(M adto haa bcaa 

Qht Om ^ait ihiiB 7Bani_lB « 

Tha phenomenal business done by all of the 
MipcetlTe theatres seems to contlBne. Of 
comae, tbe weatber condltlont baTO a great 
deal to do. and It la to be regretted tbat 
thia week atarto oat wMta each nntaeortble 

Bgement. He Is presenting TsndeeUle In 

bloatloa with hlgbKdtto stock, a mixtnre that 
Biooklyn likes. Batlneca apealiut week waa 

The winning OIil. ene oC ! 
pradnetlona. Jumped dlreet . 
Shuberta' Park {nieatre tUa week. It~lB :B 
good two-act mnalcal comedy, aad ' 
la Brooklyn for coma Omt. It 

lb iMtr'i 


pa ti c na ot tha 

uerry in hla old 

Mr. Merry held tta) 
under OoL Sinn at the old ~ ~ 
theatrea. Ha laedead 

the " 

O. Dnce, general press 

tire tor Mr. Brady and manager of wniCB' 
Lackaye, U tnln bootUns tbe Brady attcac- 
Uoot la Kaw ^Mk CUr. Oaa esold not balp 
tat know that Btrtcit «bb tack In New Xork 
from the naaaer to which tha Grace George 
and Bobert Mantell companlea arc being ex- 
ploited In tbe papera. 

Manager M. T. Mlddleton. alwaya np-to-date. 
bat put oa flanday night concerts at the Grand. 
Ont of the beat Sunday nlgat TanedTllli' ahows 
eter teen to Btooklm wat pat on as the ooea- 
big hlU, and Mr. lIldiMca laftctos au.r«tat 
ereiy Snnday night lM':',vlll.'BMaiBt°:''.Ma-'lMBt 
that money etn boy. 

Tbe attraetlons at tbe Star hare aU done 
well tbla season. Mack's World Beaters took 
In big money and the advance sale for wine. 
Woman and Son for next week Is big. 

Teller't Broadway Theatre Is being adver- 
tised to sU of tbe B. R. T. cars with carda 
announclnc the attraction mud the tact tturt 
tbe theatre la but lirieen mlnuiea from City 
Uall. The result Is ttist TeUer'n Theatre la 
gaining many patrona from SouUi Urookljn aad 
the Heights. 

Percy Williams will soon present The Girl 
With the Ited DomliM at tbe Otpbeum 

rticatrr. TtiLa attrmctlun waa nia beadllner at 

ihe Coloolal Ibcatre, Manhattan. last week. 

It Is taaaVMA.ithst Grsce George wUl uke 
the MartlaiB OC' Wm. Ashe to London In the 
igltag. GEOBCB B. 


Virginia Hamed. In LaBelle m«»— in«it waa 
■rtU received In tbe naw production lait week, 
rhe andlencea were large, and xnanlfeated eon- 
;ilderable satisfaction with the performancea. 
rbe supportng company was excellent. Mlsa 
Hamed is do stranger here, for she was bora 
In a village about thirty niUes from tbe city, 
dhe lived here until abe became of age srtien 
•tw went to Paris to oomplele ber education. 

Vincent Serrano has been making rapid 
strldea In hla histrionic career. His portrayal 
jf Napoleon Bonaparte In LaBelle OfaraellUlse 
•vas a capital performaiice. aod quite a long 
step from Identcnant Denton In Arltona. 

Charles Frohman was m the city Isst week 
:iupexlntendlnK the m-w plaj for Virginia Har- 
iied. wtille bere be sigued contracta for Otto 
Skinner to alar under bW direction. Mr. Skto-' 
ner will appear early In February to a 
play. The Oocl, vrhlcb has msde a 
tbe Oomedle Francalse to FarlsL 

Wella Bawkth 
tht Academy, 1 

'Olga Nethersole postponed her Brooklyn en- 
gacement. and Joe Cawtbome to Ftlts to Tam- 
aaar Ban la SUlng tha week at the Academy 
ol JMlB. : 

Tha Vaad Shew at tha I«ile iMt watk: waa 
a tremeadoim tucetaa. . IkB BtlnllMB. Ik .dB* 
tlmated at about Sa.MC " ' 
wUl be added tor tha L_ 
age will be caaaOr as I 

Franda F. flmlth, uka «M INb as aacHint 
to PhUaddphla. waa holed Ciaaa tha kaiaa a( 
Ua paiiBts IB this tUr^ Ba was wOU kaoim 
here to thcctHrtl dicac^ haetog heca coa- 
nectad ««ih Ika OcUldar Stieet^hcaBa. Ba 
orgaahad the n g f am tU Tl iha t Mla w f: Oa, 

Brooklyn baa now over twenty theatres open 
and all am dotog good boatoess. The last 
opened, tha ImpcitoL focmctly tha tfiw»*«^v. to 
aon ta ka .•. aa mim WB. X. a wa w a aaa- 

The OaUoptr. with 
the leadlBC nie, will 

KlTCB Ito 

here, at I^ed' a Opera B oatCb Ote. 

~' aoHonnauifc'.sst r 



The Ugbt Bternal. a new plsy by SCnHa' 
V. Merle, ot San Franelsco. Is reported t»-'.m 
breaktog aU records tt tbe Malastto ~ 
Ban Franelaeo. where It has been laa 
three weeks. It It probable that tha j 
will be seen In tbe esstcm bootet. 


Charlei Frohman baa decided upon presenting 
Edna May In a new play before the s e aso n to 
over. The new opers will be called Tbe Debn- 
tanto. and ito Sitt preteatotloB will he glean 
IB XtMk at tfca — 


Xlie Billboar^I 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 


■BW YOltR 

roBUSHUur hotbs 

IT looks u ft tb* gnat Soekotadcr aoiis, Et 
ctTfeodr Wocks bat Father, will coipass In 
popttlaxltr tba funons Hot Time In the Old 
Toirn, Car almd7- !■ tbla stmt aoog tbe 
tme of tb« dar tb* mrld orcr. It 1« a 
treat to hear Bonsa's Band rends tbla Bomber, 
whldi tuuUy ukM about On* dostn enrarea. 
Wax there ever a aong wang br lo many stars? 
Jost read a few names: Lew- Dockstader. Tboa. 
Q. Seabrooke, Dan McAroy. Mar Irwin. Flo. 
Irwta. (Lew Hawklnn. frewB Eldrldge, GeOTff "Wil- 
•on. BUI7 S. Clifford. Geo. W. Mirnroe. George 
Fnller Golden (Australia), AI. G. Fields, BUly 
B. Van, ^at Haloes. Marie Dressier; to say 
nothlDff of tlie tbonsanda of otbcrs. Cfoar bring 
on TOOT Imitatlooat 

All ejM la tbe eons writing world are at 
pteeent tnima on DaT* Vmlta and Gewga Wal- 
ttr BMWB. mtl«i.K«^.;MTtiml 

^-j'tr***' , . _ 

tf ancb w«a-kMsm-nasta ■• KIttr Ann Fok, 
Xir Ttmdt. Olenngp * BohcIL md BnacU, 
HtTttir'a xlnatieto. Soattn Qnartette. Xamlc 

Sftnlab. Mar Tlielpn. Grace Tremont. Malxe At 
MM^ ami mnuy <>tJi(TH. 

Delia Ten tt ■ii«ii—fa1lj ftatoziaB Uttle Ulaa 
' Mo One tan H i wb« i » tn Tsndertlle. 

Allen Mar, «1io, wltb bis inastrated aoogs. 
la now regard«*rl aa a permanent tbe 
Standard Tbcatre. Pblladelphla. bas been fea- 
tnrlng a number of Wltmark pnbllcatlona for 
wbldi slides bare been made, and reporta great 
snccess with tbenr. Among the popolar Tocal 
Kcm* Jtmt attoded to are Star of Mr Ufe. OnlT 
a Message from Home. Sweet Home. Take Me 
to Yonr Heart Again and Tbose Songs My Motber 
Used to Sing, not forgettlog tbose stanncb atand- 
•V*. Sweet Adeline, Beacaae Too Wen aa Ola 
■wcetbeart of Mlae and Jolt for Tft-alght. 
Piwli Otartoa oiade bcr drirat In TaodarUIe 
" r at Btda * Brtwn'a Thtatif^ 

It •OHilvtir Mta*. m.mfM:_ 

. tea and Solatr's popolar utei^ 

V.'.MMDl Lace* and Oraeci. and It tinging I Iiore 
SOK AJI a>e Tbse. 


at .KMtb'i tUa wwk. was 
tk tmaaan pabUdMd br 3* 
B. »agi«fc tiiiit^ ^lia^iib ar,Z. ter 
Jerome and flsbwaatHuaiM SjiHBanir* Baatta 
and Palar. tta* boara .«to'%nto WiOB't Taa Poo- 
dle Me. 

Tlie 81x Xnslcal Cnttra dnd tbe new ballad 
In Deer Old Georgia, an excellent mnnber and 
respond to manr encores as a resnlt of their 
elerer rendition of same. 

.\nna Lsugblln, now In vaudcTllIe. 1r Hlnicing 
Won't Yoo Take Me U.mic With You. nrlt- 
ten br Jean T.eniKii nnil ITarTy Kutton. Slie Is 
wearing a dress similar to the one sbe used In 
Tbe Wlwd of Oi. In tbe ctaaracter of Oor 

iSSSiM?1l?'tt» awic^ *°°' 

The Three TrtMibadours. who present oncof the 

moft Dorel acta In tbe boalDess. are using Sol. 
~' nblleatlona with eooatdanlila .aaaatn 
tbe aUbaes tber are feattolar :«IW X» 
and Oood-bre. Dlzle Dear, 
tn Brroo. tbe wan known ataging come- 

■ and lata atar of Oeoige R. \T1>lte't Ser- 

Mat Batty Co., 1M dolDS a rery cntertalalng 
■ptdtltj, wlilcta ladsdea the ose et sereral 
aagnUeciit eoaenmes, rad elabsaate soog ae- 
Biaaories. She win nae ezelnatTelr the pobll- 
catlaas oC Sol. Bloom, by Saymond A. Browne 
and Winiam H. Peon, entitled There's Bomethin): 
Aboat a Untfoni, In the Boose of Ungs snd 
— - Daitr.' Tbla ladr Ja an 

ritSonataTV loatbatu 

nlUm' a^Mtfh s^Dl an* 

' U tta talk «( tt> iDaiiii# wtthla alsly 

iar are entitled SMar. a' aorrfag mareb- 

tka* aoldler toea tons: Lanr. an Irish ballad. 
' Md btrtn' HeoTT, a coon song oddltr which wlL' 
korelr surprise tbe natlres. 

Mlaa CliaTlotte Gnyer George, contralto, late 
of the PsrvirAl Oprni Co.. soloist with DnSi' 
Band. Is now In raudcvllle anil Is maUniT > *Pe' 
clal feature, alon^; witli her hlj^h-elaM nnmbcrv 

which she Hlni7s pi'rfcctlon, of Chaa. K. 

Haxzla* now «mjf about to_b4' Isaned. entitled 
Dreaming. Lore, of Too. andit la safe to aar 
^t tbe -randenua andl<nef*i«|fi«ia'Jfta»Oeorgf 
win make her appcaranctTasrilji'vltrt'kATlng a 
treat - ^;■ ■ ' 'rv^ '■■ ^■■•■•■Vv ;■ ■ 

^ UMmt, 'llkv >• •taiiW Cbas. 
. .__-iaaB SMSMa.' fWiadd'i3r«B, Oare. 

U»'lm<i*, 'lW3r>'lMio, aa 

Ma talented irtf^iaMvintMn 310 KUbtiTn 
tnrer, IS glTiar MBla dMtMn Ja tfetir act 

ft oo.'s wuKkT'snumf 

;.mbtr ft Baah's Paris br mglit Cs. ait noar 

; «-:Jltw; nliht a" -- ■ - 



land and Xdttle OIrL Tenni Da.:' Xb* soaspany 
leaves a trail of ecdeis behln&.f^Nai:tl» these 
nnmbcis. of wUeh 7os. W. Stem ft On. get tbe 


The James K>w y » Quartette, wblcli U scoring 
sndi a bir .nieceaa In vsndeTllle. heailrd by 
tbe faaioas I'Jfnunde Powers himself, were tbe 
fltst^oncs .'lii> Ufce op Uttle Girl. Yon'U Do 
alBce' lk>ls.-.n» more reatrleted to air. Frohman's 
tjbk '^ds.' song, by Bmt and Solman. is the sur- 
priae hit of tbe season. 

MdDonald and DcCaatro. now tn stock at tbe 
Zveeam. Theatre.- have a rexr elerer sketch 
.llilttn 'amail tba ffatcr Piper soog. Tber 
m alp» ■ta^v UKtfeir imb'm latest bal- 
M> Tn the CMdm :AatBWi Tkne, My Sweet 

. - jiasle of ... 
of Urecst JUtai 

.J^^ntinf'g'iiti'r*' ' 


At tbe last meetbg ot tbe Colorado SUte 
Electric Ught Assodatlan a lengtby dlscosslon 
brougbt ont some snrprMnc f*cts tbat are ot 
the utmost Importance to theatrical and mo- 
tion picture men. Poaalbly, the conelnslons 
reached wUl explain a immber of myiterlooa 
braak downs wblcb have pnz^Icd electricians for 
a rear past. 

The tact waa plainly demonstrated tbat wire- 
less tdMtapbr bas been rcspooalhlc for tbe 
saddaa anudag down of lasnlatloa bltherto 
consUand aaiplr safllelcnt tot otdlnaiy lerTlce. 

BcteOr. I)|* xnelB axe tbcas. Tbe Ugh po- 
tential ipafe vsM en wireless will jump to 
dectrte^ troDqr, tclegiaph and telephone Unes 
witbln a hnaoed feet ot tbe sending atatlon. 
This spark wbldi rcaembles static discharge, 
then trarels along the line nntU It finds a 
point wbere the insulation la Insnffldent to bold 
the high tension. It breaka across, and as 
soon as tbe wlreleas apark la established, tbe 
electric light current follows, end a Are re- 
salts unless a fane blows. 

At Boolder, Col., nereral bad flres were 
caused by tbe wireless fnacbinery. In one 
case a drop cord in a bank waa perforated 
and allowed the 104 alternating to bum acroaa. 
The sparks dropped Into a waate-baaket and a 
snMll Haas fnucnred. At PneUa tha wlnlaaa 
pans mat 'tba InsnlstVm 00 a bte BBO-vdt 
tor at taka aUnntqiia Patk. aM It was b*... 
saxT t» shot down Ibat ebeolt. At cmorado 
Bpnafi tha tdtphona pmplc wen In tranhle 
bx bsilnf tbetr eaUca as wdl aa awltdi boards 
perforated. In Denver tte rheostat In a mov- 
ing ptetnre booae In one of the theatraa was 
abort circuited and bnmed ont dnrlDg a per- 
formance, and Investigation showed that jast 
at that time the wireless people were trying 
to talk wltii Gberenne. 106 miles away. 

The rheostat referred to was insulated with 
fiber wblcfa bad become charred and carbon- 
ized, and whldi waa qnlte msnfflcleot to bold 
dcnm blgb voltages. Tbla brlnga die foUowtog 
condusloo: It Is ahadntelr nnsalli to nsa liber 
on a rheostat aad all Inaidatloa oraat be of 
either mica, asbcstoa, mleantte, data or ac 
similar fira-reslsttng sabslanee. Ws aonest 
that an managers and operatots at ooea IwA 
oear their appaiatos— espedallr rheostats and 
homera. and If tber Ond llbcr Inanladon. re- 
itUee It at once. Tlie expense will be Inslg- 
nlfleant. while the cost of a flie would be 
enormoiiB. In partlealar. attention sbonld be 
paid to tbe Inanlatlon of tfie carbon arms or 
ctrrlen In lampa, where tber attach to tbe 
rack work for feeding. Here it bas been tbe 
nsual practice to nse fiber, and It Is probablr 
the moot dangerons place to risk It In view of 
the psoslblUlT for a feed wire eaiTrlag tbe 
spark aamotfsr mOM, poariUrt to mi tbe 
polat at lomat nalatanca, 




One of flw noat brlDtait tbaatriad semte 
of the season In Kew Haven, Oonn., waa tbe 
ansplclons ot tvUfu 

tSBO.OOO ^ " 

Sir. and 
Mr. PoU 

CoTcrnor Henry Tlobcrta and a nnmber of po- 
litical and social leaden occnpled bores. lyonla 
B. Kllbr. manager of Mr. Poll's Hartford tbea 
IN, waa alao present. A large nnmber of 
baaotltnl floral pieces, received from well 
wUhers both Iocs! and foielcn, decorated the 
lohbr and boxea. ..Aim Ow pMaoBMaaa Ur. 
PoU entertained VUk SMnteluiwt at 
tha Oneoo. 

w^VAShiabw ki 

■MBta 'aad Ito umh •ketrleal 


effeeta make It ana of tbe moat attiMtlTa In 
tbe state. The stage Is verr laige, and la 
tbe event that Haaager PoU decides apoa elhsr 
attractlona than vaudeville, the most slabMntf 
nectaclea would Had plenty of room iMbr 
lU footlights. 
Mr. Docking la local maaanr Ot tta 

Henrr B. Menges is orchsna llaiHL 

vid Mrs. SIdner Drew wctafii MaflMn at 
the opening perfonnanee. 


New Totkers wfll soon bare a ebanea to see 
Tbt dananan, Tbomaa Dtzon's diamatlsatton 
It hia own dovsI hr the same name. Klsw It 
Wsnir have made arrangements with Oeorge 
H. Btennan wberehr tUa niaee wOl open at 
tha Liberty Theatre, New Toik, Jan. 8. 

The OUnsman enmed 118 season at Norfolk. 
Ta., Sent. SS, and has bsta nlailBK to oapre- 

c^lantad tjrtn iai la aogtiT^U ia.mrtrers 



r. nnd 

supraniNtt wioM oVbrwork 

'Reports annoimee the aetlons Ulneas of Fxi- 
ward SfeDowcII, tbe oomposer, broogbt alxiut 
br iH S mmils snd «varwotfc. Ur. MeDoweU has 
been 111 atosa fltaMb. aad matters have now 
reaobad a aatat wbete lha eaapoaar*s pbjsl- 
clans tesr that be wm aercr again be able 
to resume hla woek. 


Pedley A Snreb, tbe weU'-fcnown opera bonse 
mansfrem of BvanaviUa, tod,, 

they have seenred " — - 

Tenn.. upon whie^ ' 
tre at once. 

Following the announcement come reporta 
that these enterprising managers are arranging 
to erect bosses In Atlanta, Blcbmond, Blndiif- 
bam. 6t. Louis and CUcago. 


'Vobbr** BaaA, tta 'wdl-kBvwD adaitNl, Is 
at the pobtt at deatt at tTatattawa. iWls. 
Beach Is one ot tbe partnsia at ~ ~ 


His teal n 
flfty years < 
bis company 

E. -A- Thomdl has been engaged as 
ranalcal director at the Nassau Theatre, Brook- 
Un, tomeatd H.' T. Chapman, who taaltaed 
ta ffs — "■- " 

HE labor of directing a big musICEl or- 
ganization la little nndeistood or ap- 
preciated by most of tbose who watch 
some famous musical director, baton 
in hand, mount the box In front ot 
his band or orcliestra. tap lightly for attention, 
and tben. with sweep of arms, bring a burst 

of music fruni bis players. To the casnal list- 
ener and observer at a band concert the work of 
tbe director scorns simplicity Itself. 

"All he has to do Is to know what tune the 
band Is ^olng to play and then beat time." 

Ttje student of mnsic, of course, knowa bet- 
ter than this, but even he seldom bas an Idea 
of the hours of thought, tbe days of hard work, 
spent lo preparing the program lot a ' albgle 
cert hgr the director of a band or et e b a atia 
ActnaUf dbcetloK tbe conc«t la not hart 
1 aaadmaster nsdstMc .bnsa laaf 

it M tbe gut edgea part «C tbe bnsl' 

ncM U an Insplrauon aad tbilU In It 
that eempcnsatcs for all the hard wnk that baa 
gone Into making up tbe concert program and 
drUIIng retaeaisate. 

"There Is no position which gives a mnslelas 
sncli pleasure ss directing a One band of players 
In a concert to an apprtclatlve andlence." 
The bandmaster's srcs gtomd Witt enttasl' 
lima' and Maka aalAIr and 

Tha Sfanharti baea 
last, aad tara 


asm. He waved hll t 

sharply, cllppln;; fala ' 
the final letters. 

yir. Innes Is a mosldan in every word and 
more. All he lacks to make falm fit the genera' 
picture the word calls to mind la tbe long hair. 
But, then, Mr. Innes li a bnloMW man, too, and 
baa eamid a few — — . — - — . 
ot sixty nisess on 
States and Oau 

into Ibis dtr at 

tba lease on the saw 

rr8.'0N JiMtMh «at a IbrTlB la ancUag 
on tba Ma of lha aid Bataatt Bsait, It mSh 
cat plaiw ate canlad oat, tte aair tbtaiia will 
be icadr at tte bctlnninc of nest asaaaa. Smt 
tbla wfll aflsot the otha? playhoosM Is aaav 
tata. aa tbm an now Ave theatre In tba dtr, 
two •( wUcb aia eonsMerad flist-dais. 

Ha la a man who redes wttt 

not coneeal gn^^off^t of 

" yfi— " — 

it not 

His pcnonaUty does , 

eooeentratlon and teoa dtnettoa. 
for this ooe wonld atpeet to im Mb 

band In a wUdlr tNBilsd BMaan. B 

wltb tbe baton ate wita tha xervae at thm haw< 
ever, and be aecutea the alatfMl eflNti bf aaaki 
through the qnlet fMa.aC Ml .MMaaSv, aa< 
wlUioot recourse to bar «8d aaWttMHe or 
fireworks gesture. . ' > 

"Tbe real bard work aC- tkt' ttoiletl direc- 
tor." be continued, "is ddaa IB Ma study. It is 
work, too — It Is drudgery. 1 refer to the ar 
ranBement of pro^rrains for concerta. Every eoO' 
position, before It 1h pnt riown for a nnmber on 
the program, must be cnrefullv weighed, not 
only In regard to Itself, bnt in Its relation to 
tbe rest of tbe noalcal menu to be olfrred. 

"In a way the mnslcsl director is like a chef. 
Be spends boors wwklag over aad arramrlng hla 

emtni thongm. 

baaqott. Bmr dlih rwelTeB „ 
The order «t eooiate Is a gicat qocal 
hinr. man ahaU tba bean meats b 
when the Ughter dIshssT When tba dlans slt 


down at the table, the bald weifc ot tbe ebef 
Is over. In seeing the menu serred as be plan- 
ned it. If be Is an artist, he feels a plesrare 
that makes aU bis bard work worth while. 

'^beo tbe musical director alts down In hla 
library to arrange a program be must always 
bear In mind what effect one nimilier wlU have 
on another. Imagine that yon are looking at a 
brilliant, flaring scarlet: then suddenly th* 
color Is changed to a pale drab. The second 
color can not seem otherwise than poor and 

"It's tbe same wltb lone color. Obvloaaly tbe 
whole effect of some dellcste toned instrument 
ar voice would be fpoiieii ir it ivere Immediately 
neoeded on the proKram iiy blaring martial ma- 
ale, la which heavy brass were prominent. 

lumxm vr a nooBAii 

'*Nambaia «b a concert program most be In 
sympathy wItt one another. It is la the msking 
of prognaja tbat tba steat anecesa of a dfareZ 
tor lies, Tbe vngram most be arranged so that 
not o^ avety nambcr la In a posltloa ttet wtU 
give tt ample opportnnlty to be appieolattd, bat 
the program as a whola most be salMflni. 

"A sneceisfDl ranccrt meani drat aad fow- 
most that tbe program li aocoesitiil, TMnforr 
the great work of a director la to make good 
programa. Seldl wan n notable program maker, 
and the late Theodore Tlionias waa another. 

"It Is no uncommon thing for a musical dl 
rector to arrange a proirram and tear it np aev- 
cral times before getting one that la aatlsfylng. 
With an orchestral band, such as mine, the work 
Of arranging programs la particularly difflcolt. 
The mnalc that we play can not be bonght; II 
has to be especially transerlhed, and all of mine 
has been transcribed either by me or under my 
Immediate direetloa. 

"Witt a symphony orehestm this la not tbe 
nw. Tbe Ubruyls already at hand. Moreover, 
there Is a mnAwlder lufa la tbe matter of se- 
lecting mosle ftr a baadi Ufhtcr eenposlttOBS 
of good eoajnosers an denied to the orchestra, 
hot the band most fnrnlsh not only food far the 
atndent of mule, hot eoomoaltleaa which will 
be enjoyed by the person who atteods the band 
concert purely for enjoyment and wishes to 
besr the tunefnl melodies «< tbe day. 

"Tbe arrangement of a concert program Is 
almost like a chemical experiment. The chem- 
ist Ukes certsln dull. Interesting anbstaoces 
and coroblness them under certain conditions. 
The result Is a magnificent display of splendid 
colors. ■ , 

_."Qf>« 0? the most Important conditions on 
m>ieb. depends the aoeeesa of a concert is the 
SSJ;j"'VW«h It Is jrieen. When I first came 
, g ?¥ *l»to "ake ttis city my home and begin 
R %*'£SJV-*S'*V"* "ad evening concerts 
"LSSf***!! 5!*' ^ ^ tte acoustic 

properties of the Ueatnjrisbt be almoat too 

»uid moalc. I fiANd ttuf" * 
iMtranmits ndgbl^to Uill 
^?"L.'*7 oNlbtM ua^lL tend 
played In It. 

**Tbe ilnit rehesrsftl, liowever, removed all 
my feara. Tbe excellence of the Imll tor baud 

mtule *" ' — . . 


X hBTe played 

"One of tbe taudest problema.l to tee* 
In amglDff my profframa la tbe MlMUm ^ 

loioistt. Jpeeuu^at by playen haTbam ao^ 
ilea to sMb a m^m thai italB bard ta Bad 

ears, 'ine exceuence of tbe hall for band 
! is beyond anything I conld ban booed 

-n-ithout doBhLTS ■ bafihSa eg «aB 

tic i>roperUes Of say banfBw T iSS 

'e olSTed. ' 

artists or novelties tbat make the Mass aasle 
hearers ot to-day alt np. Take Jlskn, the strhia 
bass vlrttioao, who played solos at my ccooctS 
last Sunday, for example. Without question he 
is one of tbe most marveloua performers In 'the 
world. There are several violinists ot Inlerna- 
tlonal repntation— all great artlstS' Hut thrre 
la only one Jlskra. Until one hundred years deo 
a solo on the string bass bad never been keaid. 
and to-day Jlskra is practlcsUy the only NleM 
on this Instrument in the world. Neverthelna," 
music bearers demand new faces and new in- 
fy>rmances constantly, and It Is the hanlest part 
of my work perhaps to supply this demanil. Jnfeta 
wlU. of course, be on programs for solos st my 
concerts later in tlie season, bnt the pulbllc wants 
a change In solol^^ts every week. 

"it Is often the popular notion that the musl. 
clans In a band do all tbe wx>rk and tlutt the 
director is a aort ot ornamental adjunct. There 
may be some truth In this, but then It socnis to 
me aa If the director is In a poaltlon somewhat 
sImUar to tbe Irishman who came to this coun- 
try and wrote back Imwio enthusiastically alioni 
how ae«y It waa to oif^ a llrlog In the United 

be said to Us letter, 'Yoo get paid 
« at«J»t^.a i jban ti> do y to cmjr 

>%m wba doea'A iSe^wfek?''* 

•■ .v.'" AD. 


Tbe Tctarl 'Btoe. an mtaln 'wintering la lUl 
city, and only tbe dlfflcdty ot 1 ' — " 

able location ptedndea tba peeMbOlty ot ttik 
again opening a aoo. Iiaat aeaaaa ttIs waa 

done, and it proved a moneymaker from tbe 
stsrt. but tbe structure tbat they lued last year 
baa been leased to a roUer rink company, aad 
adeiinate quarters are not now at hand. 

A. Boy Knabenshoe and Ua manager, Obas. 
Strohel, wUl alao make tteir beadqaartets In 
tbla dty for the winter. When he baa fln- 
Wied bis tour of tbe Keith Olrcolt, Knabenshoe 
wlU start work upon a new airship, which he 
elalms wlU far anrpass tte one bs ossd la bbi 
famous Haw Teik Olgbtt. 'He la now bring 
hooked tor lha targe tain la the spring. 

The newspaper crltlca called Ban KendaU's 
plar a tbree-act monologne, but many worse 
tbingis than The Vinegar Bnyer have been seen 
here tbla season. Tbe pipy draw caeeptlaudlr 

W. A. IdiDuque has become aananl manager 

of tbe Ooliacom Rink, and nndsc bla able dl- 
netloa tbe attendance has ttown a most grall- 
fying Increase. Mr. LsDaque was formerly con- 
necter*, wltb tbe Hagenbeck Shows, and with 
the Chicago Coliseum. In connection Witt Ms 
managerial duties, he Is also directing the tOCf 
of Campagna's Italian Concert Band- 
Manager Shapiro ot the Empire Theatre, Iibk 
tendered tbe ose of bla bouse for one perform- 
ance to tbe Jewlah BcUef Fund Society. Mr. 
Shapiro's gcneroas offer wlU undoobtedly he ac- 

Jarcme K. Jerome and Ohas. Battele Loomls 
an baled at ths ZenoMs Tbeatn for the last 
of tbe iqaotb. 

Here an some of tbe Valentine bookings for 
Decerotier: Ilanrletia Oroaman 4: Crank Daniels 
8: FYancIa Wilson. S: Mia. Wlggi. 11: May 
Irwln. IS: Heir to the 'Boonb, M. and Joe 
Weber, 16. 'Hnmpty Dnmpty la booked for a 
aoUd week In Jannary. 

J. E. Kitby, ot tba Bmpin ataC Is bUUag 
ahead tar tbe TMma-Atlantlca (or a ' ' 

A taiewdl baaqii 
Braiben, nvntar 
tbroaab ttNV. BMN 
wltb ttlM I 

met wi7 

ta.tha -iMww 

'tbai. of tta 
m bare beta 

Ire yean. They leave 
tber are under con- 
amosement companr. 


PeeUo's theatraa an all doing big bnriaeaa. 

George Morris at tte Earie ia doing capacity, 
and with tbe hlgb-claas attnctlons thst be 
baa booked, tbe snccess ot tbe Earle Is as- 
sured. Two Merry Tramps at the Grand and 
The Frlnce of Idan at the Novelty are both 
doing good btulnesa. 

Kumors were drealsted ben this week tbat 
the authorities were going to close tbe theatres 
on Siuday. However, the managers bare re- 
ceived no such order, and nntU tber do the 

>laybouaes wlU contlnne to do business on 


The reception given Prank Maltese and com- 
pany at tbe opralng of The Wrong Mrs. A8- 
pteton tn ttIs elty was decidedly dattrtlng, nt 
snccess et tho new piece la asaared. 

Oeorga Mania, manager of tte Barls, wU 
open a vanderUle tbeatn at Trinidad. OoL, 
Dee.^, ma Iwaaa. will b> oa tbe Ctnla! 


tbe Ctfilal 
.be tta lesal 


'Hollls E. Cooley, meral le p nss a l 
led In his once a 

0ns Hill, has Inatalle 

son Baslnesa Pbonograph, which saves the 
lime of dictating to a stenograpbar. This Is 
tbe first business phonograph tbat baa been 

InataUed *- — - — — 

ley thlnki 
dictation { 
aU day. 

ont ousmess pooiwgrapn uat nsa oeen 
taUed in aajr tteatrtcil oflloe. aad Mr, Coo- 
, tblnkt feTba Hn jMiJSt « Mltr 
tauon aa Ja aaa tfetale afialREt aa wcB m 


Rev. Dr. Charles. Frederick Goes, npon wbuH' 
nad novel tte stage story of The Re- 

. m of David Ooraon la baaed, w-ltncsaed 
Barker dramatisation for the first time 







When any of the material lacking, missing, or mutilated is 
microfilmed: it will normally be found In Its bibliographic 
Tlfl^notta ^ee the end oT tbB itmtl o^^gKtt^p^ 

►elv.-.\- - - " ■ 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

Tt\c: Billboard 



23 Oxendon 
Street, S.W. 

L>ondon Rialfo 


TeL Ourard. 
TtHt. Breather. 




OVEXi weather has the cause 
of memfte •ttenduce at the theatre* 
this we«k. Bren iicst nights at the 
theatre! and a& abnndance of novelties 
at the Varieties, sacceeded In draw- 
aoly a unall proportion of the popalons 
I tbe novel counter attraction— dry. cold 
Icfa did all the business. 


c wwi. l h l a g from carrlage- 
ISBS «• "nle»«t iJaylng elephants, w» 
ssiiwilTiInt aaw In the trainer's art. 
; Mitaig in tb* UK tank o( <tbe Blp- 
li tbe hotcHt. Once npon a time 

It-^shlns ' 'was a recognized sport in 

p^-~l a spccLd official belne attached to Oie 
SAW'S Sooadiold for the care of the Boyal 
birds. Sat 'that was a long time ego. It Is a 
Blow baslness now. 

■Ox Cormotant has not a good repatatkn. It 
Is as greedy as gull, with tbe dlgesUoa of an 
□6trlcb, aod beln^ about four times the size of 
the former. Its capacity for swallowing flsh 
mar be imagined. This qoaUty has hecn ntil' 
IiFd b7 the ingenlons flahcnMB of th* Far 

The Cormorant Is not ilMmIt to fl»l. and 
when It dtaeovsn that .4ba .«n4r . WW to get 
KKT *oa& at d ti to Mr° to AMt Mwm**^- 
it m cMk to fte t^taar, lite « toMBils It 
HMBM a* tonHaMe. It Is assisted to this 
0t vdM 1)7 baTlng a ring pot around Its 
SHT (toMto atck, so that oooe but rer; small 
tik can pass the Junction and become the 
propertf ot tbe owner of the bird. 

Tbe show Is a cai>ltal one. for not only is 
It eotertalnlng, but as an allegotr of capital 
ud labor. iDxtructlTe as "well. 

Tbe CblDese Osbemiaa nses the precise craft 
OQ which be goes afloat at home — four big bam- 
boo«. about tweotr feet In length, tied to- 
gether. A basket for the catch, and a bamboo 
pole which serves as a paddle as well as a 
perch for tbe bird, constitute tila whole eqnlp- 

.\t tbe word of command, accompanied, if 
secessaiT, by a tooeh with the pole, a bird 
dlres off Uie raft. If snccessfol. It comes to 
the sarfaee at once wltli a flsb In Its beak, 
dwre la a galp and It kas dltouMTert into the 
Iwg aeek. T1m> the file b exteMed. the bird 
■erdM* oa it. to anas to .to* toft, is held 
Mad i l wi n w u d oiT«r a» teArt; to wiileh it 
deposits Its catau mto.'-ftoMy-.aC toh about 
ss tbeie are, of cootok'to-'the tank of 'the 
Hi p pod r ome. Oie tolMmaB is bwBr employed 
sU the time in loolttog after Ills fonr dnrges; 
mslng niem on with Celestial ImprecaUoDS 
when they are laay, and rewarding them with 
s caress when tbey are active. 

Whea the fishing Is over the birds are paid 
tkelr wages which, from their point of view, 
■re no doubt entirely Inadequate. For tlie 
fsfaerman wlio Is tbe capitalist, takes tbe lion's 
share wblcti Is the rule all the world over. 
One bird went on a strike at tSie press show 
yesterday, but -the matter was amicably ar. 
rabced before the dispute spread any farther. 

AnoUier water abow at the "Hip" Is An- 
nette Eellerman. who recently made a plncky 
attempt to swim the Bngllsh Oiaaael. Met 
set eoMM* to; toacr .dtdnc. .and ,totlBmlng. 

_ ■«>■'' . ' '7 ' ' ; • — 1 

again to ber ol< 
P. Huntley. Tbe 
CSBedlan maki 
•ed to be a real 

nd O ' 

^ ihenBely popalsr 
.-tieel of what prom- 

_ .. , y^tiod part, that of the 

nwic brother, Predft. Popple, of a town "tet- 
^orman Porple. Miss Ethel' IrTlng plays 

, sings with more dlsclnctloa, finesse, grace 

todjoUshed art than ever la the role of a 
MUBlar. known as LslBolero, who. 
IJthgtav ttoown over by ■Korman. amnses 

aj.T-— z tor a by making lore to Freddy, 
nis Is ite B^a Idea oC JfK. Bcabm's story, 
the settlag aad- Mandw «C wliieb are e«- 
•enttsHy^^Mm'T^pSt and sancy. almost 
nggeetloa, as most of his previous 


Oswald StoU has beta ntaMd a ii- 

oense for hia proposed patottol kMOT at Fins- 
^f'^- " "Ueh ke kas already 

acqnlred. oir. gtoH totendcd to eommenee tbe 
immediate cooatmctioo there of « bonae with 
a seating oipacHy equal to <he Coliseum, 
to be added to the Stoll Clrenlt of saborban va- 
rieties. Licenses for three other new music 
""Jswere allowed by the same committee of 
a^Maas Governing body, tbe L. C. C. 


^Alfred Lester, 'who for eight years 
■to drawn a comtortaUe 'weekly salary aa a 
wpedlaa, has lost been "dlacoTcied" |v the 
«,Vf?.'„^.' PesslmUtle leeae-stiifter he says 
if*' "Hamlet was funny when It waa written 
Mto^iL lEZ* sayaeniA mste to 


The London Pavilion 'was so full on 
Monday afternoon that It appeared to be bulg- 
ing with people who had assembled to witness 
the performance organized by the Water Bats. 
Moat of the stars now In town lent tbeir aid. 
and some of them had prepared rather am- 
bitious skits on recent productions. For in- 
stance, very laugable was a travesty '^on -the 
unfortunate ballet Excelsior at tbe Lyceum. 
The -Water Rau dubbed It "X. L. C." — or a 
Inllet too a'wtnl for words. Tbe chief Item In 
a very ion ptocnua was a boriesqoe on Beer- 
Tree** sesatsn of (Mirer Tarlst, sow b^ng 

played at Hi»_ < i| ra |is^^»^ n»* t rt . '_T*» ^|ef 

wan Utile ndi 

fun-maker to OUrcr 
who appeared aa 

of the tiny cm 

age l>arglar to nflclcat' to make ane aoOe. and 
when he eaase on togging a atoKed boBdog 
and tripping ^er a blttdgeon as big as him- 
self I laughed by tie round nnder my left ear. 

Oliver -was a big man and then when he 
refused to go a-burgllng beca'use the boors 
were too late' Sikes sets about blm In a Hack- 
enscfamldtian manner. Tboogh the diminutive 
Bill cotdd only grapple with bis opponent's 
legii. be managed to win the flrst .fall and Just 
In Ills moment of triumph Nancy, a powerful, 
plimip lady, comes on. picks the bold burglar 
op and carries him oft In ber arms. 

Mr. Tom CoateUo played Fagln with sn Irisb 
accent, bis kitchen being represented by a Hoe 
of dotbea. and his cell at Newgate was com- 
posed of tile moat gorgeons scenery the Pavil- 
ion po s s es se s, with fbrnitora of tlie latest art 

There were some totort MStogs wUth «»• 
pealed especially to the buA «C ahtsr tUk 

■W. W. Jacobs' latest is a stage pro- 
ductlon of his short story The Temptatloa of 
Samuel 'Buree. which was produced on Not. 0 
at the Imperial as a curtain-raiser. The piece 
was not a -howling success. .\ whimsical bu- 
morout^ root Idea, which promised well at the 
commencement, but failed In the development. 

Saninel Bnrge is a fitiam converted burglar 
who \s the principal advertising feature of 
the sect of Primitive Converts. The tempta- 
tion coofdsts of leaving him In the Jewelry 
"lore of Bartholomew "Hlnrs over night. 
Burge. who has never Ktolen anythint; of 
greater vslpe than a milt can. shows figna 
of returning Inclination -to btirgle, much to 
tbe despair of HIggs and the paator of the 
flock who are. unknown to each other, watch- 
ing Barge from different hldlng-olaces. An 
•rcid'Bf dIsroroTs tbe nastor and HIgga. scent- 
imc a plot, cans a noUeeman wlw marches tlie 
pair of Tefbrmers olf to explain to Hie magis- 
trate next morning. 



This house of vaudeville has one of 
the finest, tf not the finest programs It has 
ever «rt np for Its patrons, beaded ^.v the 
Comedians de Mephlsto Co.. Jackson Family. 
MIPS Florence Ctmllia. The Boy Olen. and a 
host of others. Mr. Richards who left for Loo- 
don and the Coi>tlnent, for the purpose of en- 
gaging srtists of all kinds, win arrive In Svd- 
ney In about two weeks' ttme. baving filled 
his iMok for the next year. He has engaged 
for his AnstniUan theatres The Eight English 
Primroses, a yonnp and bandf^me troupe of 
dancers. They will be accomnanted by the Two 
Bells, who were at the Tlvll THeatre a short 
time back. On Kov. '* Ihiren & I.ncte. gym- 
naats: I>e* Bmnln. bIBiardlsts. and Rill and 
Whittakcr. aad KeHy nod Asnrs. the last two 
tototo ->ii^ AuHmm wfll teplaca «e Ve- 

wra;iM« IM aCllBr. BMtodn* ingtfi ts 

walk at the right 


Hr. Bland Holt's romponv are still 
It this theatre and nightly iwesentlng to their 
tatinaa the Sailor's Knot wllti Its naval and 
tanitarr flavor with tbe reaalt 4tnit tana «>e- 
trore the eortate Is maa «» ««e>y seat Is oe- 
mnled. air. Btand b noted for tbe Tery 
painstaktac and enreftf aMentim to detail with 
which he aunto Mi ptiya. even more etabo- 
Tately 'Ihaa thcr do at the Dmrv t«ne 'nwatr* 
la Lcadnat Htolt. ^htijra tnad biHtoen. and 


This artist has doii<> a thiwft weeks' 

season at tbe TItOU Theatre to AdriaMik and 
ba* broken aH neotda. He daw4' Mk end 
salieil for tlie 'weat en SL. aptatoc' to Vertib 
on OS. Ifr. Ocatfle WQcaMrt -Ooi- ■mm to 
follow ea W a t the TIN 
Ing prodnction being the 
4s brisk. 

Mr. MoKee Rankin left Auckland on 
27. by S. S. Sierra. He goes to make arrange- 
ments 'for Oflss Nance O^Sell's tour of the 
United States, her company following on the 
neTt steamer, three weeks later. 

n ^'^ KATEffTT'S 'I'H liATHF 

The Orchid has succeeded The Cln- 
galee. and wUl ran for a short season. Tba-t 
It has loot none of tta popnlarlty is «hown by 
the p ac k ed bouse on opening night, with money 
Mtotod toag l>efoce the enrtaln went np. 


Mr. Frank M. Clark has had this 
theatre all newly renovated and decorated, and 
Is doing capacity hnstness. hot as be emptors 
mostly local artists, who are not known In the 
Stotcs. I make no mention of any. 

ATHENAEirX wat.t. 

This hall is nightly filled by Mr. J. 
C. WiUlamaon's Bio. Taldeau A AU-Star Pic- 
ture Show with a banqnet of heantlfnl visions, 
and as it 48 porely a moving pictnie Show with 
a two and a half boor performance with oidy 

one interval of tea minutes, yoa can form 
some Idea of the quantity of film they ran 
throogh and with freqnent entire change of 
program, proves that there is a small fortune 
toveated to -tlic plant, necessary to operate sne- 

nnicms theatbe 

The JefTries-KniKht save a very fine 
performance of The Silver Ehig on 28, and 
will i>e followed by A Boyal Divorce and . The 
lady of Lyons. As Is nsnal with the combina- 
tion '^Houae fall" Is frequently seen, and they 
detotre It. for they are a well-meanlac. ptins- 



lldboaTDe Oct; IS to tMwtlili 
turn completely took tbe mitt away from the 
Melbonraltes. Chefslo, tfea iwlh-deridlng de- 
mon In Ktlpateriek's iMptoir toe Loop belqg 
tbe headllner of this company. Tbe Reyes 
Trio, wuilan McCIond are all tbe American ar- 
tiata that I can recall at the present time. Of 
c ourse , being the Melljonrae Cnp Season. t3>-> 
city Is like ?Iew Orleans at Uardl Gras time, 
and lots of people will be content for « week 
to say. "Any old place 'I can bang my hat Is 
home sweet borne to me.** 

Mr. E. J. Kllpaterick amidt nctodn to idt- his 
frienda to America. 

Eronl Brothers' Cirtms flnOd'-'IfiMC In 
lUellioame once mote, aflar a long abasne a. and 
is boosed In the large, oommodlons. permanent 
bnlldlngs of Messrs. itzgerald Btor.. Messrs. 
fMtzgeiald Bros.' Clrcns being at tbe present 
time In the Pbllippiae Islands (Usnlla). tmt 
will be back In 'Anstralla at Christmas time. 

Hie aittendance of Saturday nl^t. 28, proves 
that to the average person the glare of the 
spangles, the sound of the ring-master's whip 
and -the antics of the clown, have lost none of 
the attractions of bygone days, and that -it 
stHl tskPB three crown -ups to take one child 
to SM the menagerie. DR. W. IT. H. LA;NE. 

P. O. Box ai. Queen Victoria lUikels. 
». fc .irn Oct. 81, — 


_ 'Wn- to 

■UoBtTMl. TO* . Amoas aitlK wHI ' yrAaVIy 

sppear here in Febcwy. 

John Park an old TORmto boy. who ia home 
this week and fills aa Important nie in Comiag 
Tbro' tbe Rye. wss given a royal weKome by 
a la^te theatre party of his old * 
tbe opening night, and after the 
was entertained at a banquet. 

Egbert "Dnrand. a clever young actor and 
who Is a native of this biire has been appointed 
bnslne«w manager of the When Knighthood Was 
In Flower Co. Mr. Dorand had been appear- 
ing aa the court Jester. In which be made, a 
lilt the flist part of the season. 
. John J. Brophr. business manager and ad- 
ranee agent of .^l Runaway Boy Co.. wbldi to 
at 'the Malestlc. was fonnd dead In bed on 
Monday. Mr. Urophy had been here for the 
nast fen days. He was 3SI years Old and weB 
known In the business. His remains will he 
sent to his home In Sonthamntouw T/t. T. 

To Robort Xetrman. the iklBfd atage man- 
eeer of Sbea's. ia dne tbe ■maetbnesa with 



Reports from Tlenna, Aas., annotuce that 
Oscar WUde'a Salome has been harted In that 
city as immoral. After a first attempt Berr 
Sfahler, of the Imperial Opera House, at- 
tempted to modify the libretto, bat 'the aacond 

attempt proicd UkewiBe a toilnie. It li likely 
thatTt -mm ant " 


The following bulletin ia iasned by Darcey ' 
Ic Wolford. 13S8 Broadway. New Tork City: 

Boston — ^Bowdoln Square, week Nov. 2T, A 
Texas Ranger; week Dec. 4, A Legacy of Sin. 
Castle Square, week Nov. 27, Prisoner of 
Zenda; week Dec. 4. The Climbers. Empire, 
week 'Nor. 2T, Blue Jeans; week Dec. 4, If I 
Were King. 

Crooklyne— BUon, week <Not. 27, The Wife; 
week Dec 4, Maty of Magdala. Lyeeam. week 
Nor. 27. >vniy Girls Go Wrong week Dee. 4. 
A Doctor's Crime. Paytoa'a, week Nov. ST. 
Anih^ta-Pag ne; week Dee. 4, Uti le Chnrch 
Anaad tbe. Oonmr* ' - liHtotoik ^ waek-j.' Sev*'.- Ala . 

OMcago-^Oflumtl. watfc Mr. ft A StoHMa 

of Coon BoDow; w eek (Dee. 4, Ham. 
BoA Temple, sreek Nov. IT. A lUtoMt Bdl:^ 
week Dec 4, Iraa, tbe "Terrible. MiHtowe^ v 
week Kov. 87. iB^taeoa; wank Dao^ :d»-AI»>s 
haaa. Feople'a. w«ck Nor. 91, A •actok'^Dto- 
patch; week Dee. 4. Wben We 'Weto-'.Taill- : 

Cincinnati — Soblnaoa's, week Nov. S7, Prla- 
oner of Zenda; week Dec. 4. Prince KaxL 

Colnmbos— lEmplre, week Nov. 27, Sweet Iat- 
ender; week Dee. 4. Monte Griato. 

Los Angeles — Bdaaco, week Not. 2T. Why 
Smith X.eft Home. Borhanfc. week Nov. 27. 
The liost Paradise; week Dec 4. Northern 

Lowell— vAcademy. woA Hot. 27. Tmiimrt'n 

Fbocntx. .* .. •v-;. 

New Tork— Fifth 'Amae. week Kor. 3H, 
Madame Sana Gene; week Dec. 4. Slias Hohha. 
OneHundred and Twenty-iiftb Street, week Nor. 
2T, OUver Twist. XorkrOle, week Nor. XT. 
Woman Against Womaa; week See. 4. OomU- 

New Orleans— Grand Opera Honae. week Nor. 
ST. An American Citizen; week Dec. 4. Tbe 
Girl and the Judge. Lyric, -reek Nov. 27. 
Across tbe Pacific; week Dec. 4, Wedded and* 


New Haveo — 'Bijoa. week Nor. 27, DoroUiy 
Vernon of Haddon Hall; week Dec. 4, The Man 
From ilerlco. 

Oaklaud — Idtierty, week Nov. 27. Tbe Light - 
Eternal: week Dee. 4. ChOdrem of the Qhettn. 
descent, mA 'Nor. ST.: A. ngU-toc IIIIIlMfc'i 

Omaha — Bur wood. ' watt Sne. 'V;V9ha;'^Bnto'.. 
cr** DnnAter. 

tot. iMdtaK ladr. wito Woodward 
baa hMB BMF:'to'-:aa«tar>.1ba>aa»t 
.-«B aeeaaat •( a bailr-'totned 

Uartto BMk>"i'pMHl ■wnager of 
Citcalt. was hita . Mwai .dbr the pmpoee ot 
renewing tbe MM «( Vbe Orphenm. He stated 
the chrcolt Is p r e p a red to erect a theatre of 
Its own in esse a saitsble lease for a term of 
years can not be obtained. 

Mlas " 

Miss Beth Stone, an Omaha girl, with Hie 
Schoolgirl Co.. was entertained by ber many 
friends dnring her engagement In this dly. 

Manager Belter of The OrpheamhW' 
from a two weeks' sta.v at ~ 
Much Improved In health. ^-:' 

Slanager iBnrgees wss at Kansas Clt y-ittoat 
week on business connected with his aSHto^! 
rnent conif»any. He reoorts boslness at bis 
Kansas City honse excellent. H. J. ROOT. 

Pitote. gtort CkMa; week Dee^^' 

ftgr « gbop Old; ' week Ote.> 4.^'WIV''B«^V/ 
vorecd- See. ■' '"^i**. ■..■^ ■.t... ... 

Providence — ImpeHal. WMk' HVK ST. Old Bcl^ ' 

(Fawtucket— Kelth*i^ -week Mnr. ST. Why Wo- 
men Sin; week Sec. 4, Ihe Boly City. 

Portland— eelasco, 'week Nov. 27, Michael 
StrogoS: week Dec. 4, The Girl With the Gieen 

Rochester— Baker, week Nov. 27. The Dairy 
Farm; week Dec 4, Josephine. Empress of the 

San Francisco — Alcazar, week Nov. 2Z, My 
Friend From India. Albambra. week Nor. 2T. 
The Millionaire Detective: week Dec. 4. After 
Midnight. UajeeUc. week Nor. 27. Tbe Utfit 

Spokane — ADditorinm, week Nov. 27. ^VhS" 
Holy City; week Dec 4. -Northeni Lights. . 

Springfield — Gllmore. week Not. 27. Baibua 

Salt Lake City— Gnad. 'week Nor. S, ■fan's 
Bemy: week $«%:'.V.>^.milto.Ona. ' is ) 

St. josepi>^j»pi»:.-y mif<g^ito «:.-.j*r,»^ -a—* ; 

cent Sinner: BlrtrtolKllu'^^oy^^^ 
Troy— Lyeenmi- ..toHk>r,lto«l''^ tt' 'IbtCfMBal : 

City. • .-' '• ^ '■ . 

Tacoma— Tacaag^-^waik.'dtorii Si,-ShmtMmt 

of Rldimond. -^-.i i\ '',■■ ■"• '■.'-• ■".' '"i '■■-.j 

Worcester— CtanUto-rMpiBik '«Mk°: '■•»•' .R't 
The Little Minister; trsA BtC 'Ik la ••'M*. 

aoe of the Kins. " ' '. 


Vr. Isles r. BIstfS. fiiief Aetrletan of the 
OtphMHS TbntM. New Orieras. haa been pm 
smM to' mail I o( the Oq*c«i The a t i e at 
Mlt;Ulto CHr- DnsB Ma dei mitoi e h> 


bcaatifUl i w irv n a td "ttolMnc 




The French Opera Honse opened Its seoson of 
grand opera Tuesday night. 'Nov. 21. with 
Huguenots as the hill. The company Is a very 
good one: tbe boose was taxed to its csnadty. 

Senoe IPaycn. noted leader of the Mexican 
Band Is In Wew Orleans. He win give • se- 
ries of iiand concerts at -the St. Charles Hotel 
Palm Garden .wttb Ws Mexican ■>rni»«-y Ttsn.l 
of 55 plecco. 'WaA.Tsai ^'j^^^^g^ 


Manager of the ForeoaBsb Rtodt Co.. 
at Robinson's Opera Hon.-ie. Omto ssll; . admrted 

sommiTT meamire'. Nov. 28. to IkM Mawlf 

from ticket soecnlators. 

Manager Fish claims that the ticket vender 
bad l>een giving him considerable tronhle. and 
•when he 'took hIa stsnd in front of the thea 
tre Sunday evening, armed with a goodly snn- 
nlv of The Prisoner of Zenda tickets. Mr. Fish 
annroactied him tbreatenlng'v when the man 
ran. Not being sMe to follow on account of 
femnorsTy tameivess. Manager Fish drew his 
revolver and fired, though wlthoot effect. 

Ho was later arrested on comnlaint of 
aoecnlator. and a charge of carrying 
weapons was placed againat him:. - 



Xlie Billboard 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

Bpoadway Topics 

Nmv York 

BFOBB one of the lai«Mt su- 


•t tb» gitt t t a (Dceoaes and pre- 
tiie DKXt Interestliis uid artistic act 
ji an* era wen In vmadeTlUe. Mr. Boberts 
Mkn • Tist* from the life of Dick Tnrpln aa 
tt* BMdinm for dlsplajliic bU talcata. ud dar- 
tV ' tb* iuK lioar whlcb lie deT0t« to tils 
tuk pIUT* Ore separate and distinct charactera, 
'^angliif from -male to female msd from fe- 
male to male charaetcrs fallr a docen times. 
Hie staee settlns represents the Interior of The 
flpaolardi, • hotel on Hempstead Heath, Loa- 
don. wlicceln Dick Tnrpin spent a part of tbe 
nlcbt before tie made bis two tanodred mile 
vide to Tork. Ixl Ociobw. 1738. Am Jacob 
Slj, e Bov street ronner; Soft Sally, keeper of 
tte Ian; iaij (Btnlu, a YorksMre farmer; 
Ia4r-Knde Benaader. and Dick Turpln. 
Mr. Xobtctt aeaens to tell a dear story 
* " . fTMM . oCi'tSe . nl^t. and to slTe 

' out TDEplna lecklea 
kt^atMVs' toOk tk a fasel- 
M bH ekiate* With Ilsbt- 

BlBC lapidUr eed baidr disappears 

at one 

KOT. 38, imtn tt mt*a tbat an ants were 
tilled. Alto tliera were many atandlng. Tbe 
Wlllard Bolcomb press coartesy which I pos- 
aeased tnraed me loose emonff the nombers 
who had to stand— and for anything on the 
Mil. Personally, I stood for Jewell's Marion- 
ettes, a nnmetoos band of wooden flares wblch 
did lively stunts and scored a great success. 
Finally s line yonng chap (Where does Keith 
find tbe genteel young men who setre the pnb- 
llc as nnhcrs at his lionsesl) came to me with 
tbe joyful news of a soHtUT H****". * 

Tery Cat old lady and a ftSW tUB aM atnally 
phlcffmatic younger one. 

From tbl» entirely nnlrfased coign of Tan- 
tace I saw May Bellfort, Foy and Clark, Wood 
and Bay. Truly Shattuck and her City Olrls, 
and James J. Morton present a widely yary- 
Ing routine of specialties. James J. Morton 
came last, and had tbe most dlDcnlt position 
to "nuke good" In. but tdm JoUlty, hU whim- 
sical patter and bis abnndant good hnmor 
kept ttaCL aodienc* conTiiJaad with langbtar and 


door as a aun betors he nappeoiB at another 
as the old Itag or the yonnc ladr. In Tolce, 
In bearing. In ennnoIatloD, dlaJect and In 
cTery move be makes be sets clearly' forth a 
satisfying picture of tbe dssliing Dick. tiU 
-wild, career, tbe people of his time and the 
castoma and aecaea ot -the olden tlmca. 

Mr. Bobcrta acoced on lastataaeona saeccss, 
and had to repeatedly acknowledge the ap- 
plause and aboota of approvsl which were be- 
stowed upon bla artlatlc work. And throngh- 
ont bla sketch there weer demonstrations of 
- spproTsI for every cbanRp he made, and hearty 
laoghter (or the excellent comedy he intro- 
Oictd tlBOB^oat the tune ha waa In^aTldanee 


hf--': oittiMiiitiM'.^^itMiM'- ' to" have 
■natad Cor coaiage, and every awmber 
to liaie baen cbeecn either beeanse be 
.IM m. coed dttoker. a crack shot or a lively 
(kBtcr. AC every mectlnK "rongh hoase" wan 
the order of the day. Finally It waa put out 
ot existence because the nsefnllnesn or Itu bp- 
ligeranta bad ceased. Tills is bow I cAuie tu 
And out aboat tbe Thirteen Club. Croaoliic 
Ea*t Fuurtecutb atreet. and while patHtUii; ^u. 
U, wild shouts, shootings and general carnuKo 
anrtdenly boiat fiwth. The rooms of tbe Tblr- 
Mea Gtab were cnwded. tbe barkeeper was 
bour, aod when I laadsd Inside the amoke of 
taraa a«a (dtoailac MV. Bat a new nunpos 
«!Ml7^aMNk akv Ska vattor began serving 
*4aks te ika artv «C a partx ot poker pUy- 
era who wtte seated In ftont of the elab bar. 
The barkeeper waa busy with a rush ot trade 
before "the matiogany" and great activity 
pttraded the place. Tbe aid* 4oar awug 
apra and a tramp made tar the £i«e landi. 
9m waiter made for tbe tramp, and tramp and 
wMter made for the door, in close order, eingle 

Be arlatocratle patrons at the bar i-F't J iiind 
'to gonch their -thirst and the poker game at 
the table weut ou apnce. Suddenly ooe of the 
playcis was caught lu the act of slipping three 
Coigeons sees to tbe player next him. Imme. 
■lately every body was opon their feet and a 
VUd western gun-play quickly began. It seemed 
la.BM that a mlllloo abota were Hied. Tables 
linua OTertnxned, snd ooe ot the men who oc- 


The place where Blograph pictures 
are made te as completely equl(Jt>ed with para- 
gemsl la of tbe stage aa t^nutt. any theatre, 
nne le plenty of accnety.^a: -dgKlng lott and 
fiSrS^'^SLj! » property room. 

-^M wim Junk" eaoogb to start a aecond- 
- jfff.ato te^ and tte meat woodertnl system of 
■ j p''" ! •■•Jff- JWI'ikeia. These llghu 
• paaiJiiP-UfcC ijlted only, to photog- 
•• HS* ?•* '"""tMe for-me to de- 

-..»aat aatocB are cmplored la tchcarslaK 
> or eanan. and many a wvrtbr Theaptaa 
I detf Mm aelf er hcrs(dt over a^mg pnlod 
ot maetMtr npon the stage by these moving 
picture engagements. There Is a stage man- 
agcr to direct the scenes and rehearse tbe ac- 
ton in their dliferent parts. The ideas are 
worked oot according to a prearranged schedule, 
and tbe acton are as oincb in earnest in their 
work as ttiongh tbey were doing some real 
••play actlns" before an audience. The studio 
te In ItaeZf historic. It -was the first audi- 
enee room, la Mew Zcrk to !>e known by tbe 
aaoia at Stetoway San. and here, where mimic 
■es ni a ot talgaadage, imrder, troUc and vlg- 
r i M ll i l llse «C an aorta are dally enacted 
' ■ 'lave booB -lMaxd, tr- 

reC. maar etf <wadd* 

__t^ d^Bet tODca at vatfoaa 

lusuiuuebta^' played by ilngera now atUMned 
with age or else stilled forerer, bore been 
wont to enrap'tare \New Tcrk'e first dtlaeas. 
Xlia Blogtaph Stndto Is a most Interesting 
9kca»' and a busy place, too. 


;AIfhoagb the weather man had 
Dew Tork nndcr a rain wlilcb had 

The pnminsnt Haw Xoik Kuiio raUiabar. 

iomL Fttr and 

aC hIvm 9t apidaL 

«m HI* to • tHMUumctmald and an 
mlBDe IB 4ka!r iketeh. The Uodeia 


iiiab . 

Joaab. Kbeir ivaetaeolar new ot tbe bottom 
ot the sea and what happened there created 
great merriment and for this derer eonple 
there werf also a pronoonced hit and four cur- 
tain calls. Tbe keen hnmor In tbe Shake 
apearean travesty <>y >Wood and Bay was Joy 
folly sppreciated by tbe audience, and -May 
Bellfort scored a deserved personal hit with 
some cleverly rendered epic songs. Of the 
Truly Shattnck specialty the least said is tbe 
t mended. 


The third week of the season of 
grand opera at tbe Metropolitan Opera Douse 
hrlogB a repetition of some of the more popu- 
lar blll». Co iMonday evenlog, Dec- 4, Wag- 
ner's Ixibengrln will be given with LUllau Nor- 
dics as lElsa. On Wednesday evening Ham- 
perdinck's fairy opera. IHoensel and Qretel wOI 
be the bHI. For FUday ereolng, tor the third 
time tbia assaca, Oenmazk^ Xbe Qnaen ot 
Sbeba win be wndaiad. She .Batordar matinee 
bill will be The-BUser ot Lore. In which Mme. 
Sembrldi and Bfr. Oomao win appear, for 
the popular Saturday evening performance Die 
Walknere will be tbe bllU Of tbe Ave operas 
to be rendered this week, four wlU be given 
In Oerman and one in Italian. 


In the heart of Tammany Hall, 
where Tony Pastor presides, there will be usnal 
and customary excellent bUl of Vaudeville for 
the week ot Dec. 4. Joe. Myra and Buster 
Eeaton will be tbe headllners, with Little Jin- 
gles Keaton thrown In for good measure. Keno, 
Walsh and Melrose wlU toe an extra feature, 
presenting their clever comedy acrobatics. Tbe 
Marlon-e-PInnkett Co., Orrille and Frank, Mlt 
cbell and Marron, Cbas. Carlos and bis doge, 
Al. Carleton. lilt, and Urn, Mlek Hogbes, Ken 

yon and 'Daaazni& Baihaway'a Indian Tableaux, 
Jnlea Iiamtt*. WUlNr ud Walttr, and Boch- 
est« sad ntaaags win «!•• MBAote to the 

conttnnoaa — 

For the week ot Deo;. 4 win employ 

Btoe and Pievost. the *Vampetar Bamp Vm," 
aa a topping teetnre. BaL Davla and laaa 

Macanley wlU give their clever atet^. Ma, 
as an extra sttrsctlon. In the same bill will 
also appear Walter C. Kelly, tbe clever mono- 
lognlst; BIccaboona's Trained Horses. Avery 
and lElart. the Maotcal Avolos, the Three AO- 
rara s. Fe Ux Bsny. the Bed Bavea Cadets, and 

Up at the Majestic, where John S. 
JFlaberty not only adorns his position as man- 
ager, but prodneee reenlts. Julian 'Mltctaell's 
production of iWonderlaod Is attracting ca- 
pacity business, and entered upon Its seroDth 
week Dec. 4. Sam. Chip carries off the hon- 
ors smong the men and to Aimee Angeles falls 
the artistic hit among tbe ladles ot tbe com- 
pany. Oblp Is a comedian of real cleverness 
and Is also favored by nature with adapta- 
bility for comic stunts. He has a good voice 
for singing bnmoroos songs, has control of fa- 
cial egpwailoni wbldi tell their own •tutj. 
and can dance expertly. Ulas Angelea la among 
the, fIslnHaat et prsaant<da^^etri|^^^^ both 

entertainment. ~Bva Oavaanott lajeeta lata the 
piece a rein ot homoc uliiek diepa (i> aalUiir 
when her metlona peraooallly la not In art 

dence. The men of tbe oaat can not eofflpeie 
with her in comedy results, and her pernonat 
success Is oa complete aa It la weU merited. 
Lotta Faust cots a dainty and piqnsnt flgnre as 
does also Bessie Wynn. Miss wynn, however, 
shows more of her daintiness snd piquancy than 
does iMlas Faust, and Is an eye-gladdening plc- 
tnre In tights. Tbe production Is gorgeous- 
neia and completeness persaniHed. Tbe ecenlc 
Investiture Is abnndant and attractlre to the 
eye; tbe muidc Is tnnefol, the book la witty 
and the goodly company ot feminine adjuncts 
to tbe piece are nnnsuaUy handaome, aa a lot. 
and eapdhte as a -whble. ShM Milt and 
doobtleaa wlU be many mote imftB eC Won- 
derland at the Uejesttc. 


Henry W. Savage has arranged to 
firodnce Blcbard Harding Darls' new farcical 
comedy. The Galloper, with Baymond Hitch- 
cock as tbe stsr, at Ford's Opera House. Bal- 
timore, Dec. 18. F. Ward Marlon la arrang- 
ing to next season present Jack Donovan in a 
repertoire of royalty plays, with a strong act* 
ine company. In eastern territory. Max Bo- 
senb'cr;;, the hustling Cincinnati Impressarlo, 
has olitalued a Judgment in tbe local courts 
sKxhist J. Rllcy Wheelock and his United 
Statrfi Intlinn Band, npon a claim of payment 
due for services rendered as business manager 
of that organization the spring and summer 
Just passed. Stella Trace y has been engaged 
by Geo. M. Cohan and Sam. H. Harris to re- 

a'lee Eltbel Levy CMrs. Geo. U. Oohan) In 
ttle Tdbnny Jooea, lllm naccr haa canceled 
all , tbe time that she bad booked In vande- 
vllle, and opens at once with Mr. Cohan's 


At the Alhambra Music Hall for the 
week of Dec. 4. They nill present Joseph 
Bart's clever mnalcal comedietta, Iba Other 
Fellow. Tom Hem. a London' Mosle -hall atar 
will present a new Jnggling apeelalty. Mr. and 
Mrs. Harry Tbom wIU be eeen In thelr_peran* 
nlai and never changed offerlos,- >Aa''CptowB 
Flat. Others wlU be Frank Qae^' Bertha 
Waltplanr. OUtotta'a Oaa aad Wtakara, tbe 
C**la»Jti mtrJ*m l^llpIi^l^^JiieWar. and 

For the WMk Of Dm. 4. S. :Li,Xtob 

erta, the marrcloosly versatile- and elefjtr. pro- 
tean actor. Is retained as tha topping ' iOatnre 
for further presentations of Dick Torpl|Lli Wil- 
liams and walker are given black ap- 
propriately enough. 'fhen comes Ned Wey 
bum'a Minstrel Misses aa a third feature, AI 
cede Ospltala, - Blaaa end Blnns^ tbe Three 



For the week of Dec. 4 will have 
Billy Taylor and John F. Kearny & Co. as 
hesdllners. Atalsnta Spencer Ic Co. will be 
the extra attraction. Others Wbo will em- 
ploy their talents In entertaining Harlemites 
at this popular boose wIB lie Watcrbory Broth* 
era and wnar, (ba Two PadM, Sablna, Tent 



Thanksgiving Day waa a Tery happp aoe tat 

the 750 inmates of tbe Minnesota State Prison 
at Stillwater, for on that date tbe nembna 
of the Dreamland Burlesque Co., which waa 
plsylng an engagement st the Star Tbeatie 
Minneapolis, were taken to the prison for the 
purpose ot giving an entertainment for the la. 
mates. Manager J. 0. VanBoo, ot tbe Star, 
bad charge of the party. According to ar- 
rangement the members of the Innocent Maids 
Co. were alfto to participate in the entertain- 
ment, but tbey failed to show op. 

The performance opened on the little prison 
stage at B A. M.. and consisted of tbe fol- 
lowing nnmbers: Gladys St. John, Zeb and 
Joboion, Marie Stewart Dodd, Ed. S t. John, 

St!*TcSaiBd ^ i« sft >ifiBrwT& 

atltntloo. and piwrnptlp at. 
of the llntet liiiuiNt — 
prlaon walls, nw — L. 
expressed ttaemsetTf* M 

the Mttle trip. 


Fire, probably doe to defective wiring, de- 
stroyed the andltorlum of Shea's Theatre, Ta- 
rooto. Can., Thursday night, Nov. SO, en- 
tailing a loss of about K8,000. Ihe atata, 
which was protected by tha ttw glrtjlai, MM 
not seriouBly damaged, bat th*-nnHMi'1M 
completely wrecked. 

Ibe flie aUrted lost after tbe doat aC lha 
erenbig ^tormanoe. Stage manane ••■aV> 


_ad Jnat lo^ed op and waa an hia 

wsF home when Caretaker Joeepb Beoe detected 
the ador «t amoka. He msbed from the cellar 
to And that Uanager Solomon of the Ualestle 
bad turned In the alarm. Manager Jsiry 
Shea and Mr. Newman were imnmoned and did 
valuable work In savins eSecta. 

Tbe firemen worked asalnat odda, hut fMi- 
lessly. At exactly U e'doek the seoC. Ml 
with a crash. Biof an hdn later Iht laMa 
-were subdued. . _ _ . ... 

Michael Shea was foond In Bnffalo and hur- 
ried to Toronto. Ha Immediate^ entered into 
negotiations for the leboiMlat Of the deetmyid 
aodltorlnm. He u aatwii vile . t kaat r a ^andai a 
lease from tbe MeOaa .SMlMi aiA felB' t« 

expires In 1011. - , „ ' 

Shea's was many yean 'MDlBMira OS tbe 
Moore Moaee and later aa -tti aablMoa 4IaMa. 
In September ot UB7 It waa gntted bjr to 
and two years later waa aptnad bf Mr. 8h*a. 

About wwth «( 
rled npon the theatre bi 
an adiuatment of laaots 
win tasin 


iWbUe A. C. Olark and P. O. Stonelralier, 
contortionists and acrobats, were pertornilnf 
on a blA trapeae at tbe atreet fair In WblM- 

death. . . ■ 

Tbe accident was canoed by the III •■IJjl 
of webbing that was Intended to onpport w 
Stooebroker In the flnal breakaway act. Oa 
performer feU twenty feet, atHktns an Ha 
breast and bead. -Be -won taken to the boa- 
pltol whete he retalMd eMwdnonoM tttv « 
conalderabia Upae ot tlM. Xkr^nMiM » 
tertain some boff. ,ft»r .Ma; i m mmt j ■;>■*.«» 
press tbe fear, tbit Ua.htBta- adgU ^MM .kMi 
alfeetad by ike 1*0. ■ -'.yijC^ ; /.■■'v.. ;-.-:i-V-.'-r.- -{ 


Mra. Ibxy Xldder, moOmt at Bdwaid B. 
Kidder, the playwrlghi, and the wrtter of many 
aoDga, died Not. 29 at the home ot her broUier 
Denld W. Feppci, In Ohelaea. llaia„ a» ' 
age of M. It li aM that Kn. SMder V 

! . ..i~-.-.>„;j,.V.J^.„.;^^-.-|j;,«»ij;.|j.' 

-■:■"■!''■ 'I'i 

■•:•! ■ •• . V^:- ..V- f-n ■ v.<s-.-'- - , -ft -v, j"; 

.. ;S-,v.;r.V 'v< -'■•^'•»^^.■!^'^'"■■■:i'r•^^■-3 

DECEMBER S, 1905. 

Xtie Olllboarcl 



Suit* «l, 
Orand Op«ra 


AMBS JAY BRADT. general 

Jprew rraiMcstatlTc of tte BlnglloK 
Bra*.' Hiom.-'ls back on tte CUoafo 
BUHo. mm umoimoemeiit wlU not 
come wlUi U17 degm of tanporUnet 
to the Utwrnatins denliens of Medldsa Hat or 
Moa«-l*w, nor ■wtU It ondillr cxeltt «lM nn- 
«yhl»tlertld^lwMgt i ^ J^yg ^^ Py t t j^ bnt 

• taMtb tiom Die flontUaiid Ilk* nat» « tnccM 
Mimlni oTor tbe Palaetto— « tend «t cneity 
aad Tigor, at once Inspiring and condndTa to 
(reater efforts In onr oirn apliere of cndeaTor — 
a tondi of genlaltt^ and good feDowahtp, and 
tltogetber an Intnnon of tfaoae desirable In 
floeDcea and ideas whleb the genial Bradr eai- 
rlM witli blm ercirwhere. 

We can Dot wonder at Mr. Bradj't taecew In 
tte patiUcltr department of Am "WoiU's Onat 
art ibowi^" M* la ttjnd «• w m w t w rt wur 
be prafara oar vm MBt* to Ikat it Broad' 

way. • 


On Monday night, at the Illinois 
naaln. FritsI Scheir win appear In the new 
Mate «Mra. lIDr. Modiste, the mnMc of wtlcti 
Is Ir victor Herbert and the libretto and 
bxtes tr Beaty Bloasom. OUs la mttf aeheff's 
nM tuasB aa a eomie aptta atar. Mnea Ita 
bMepUoQ bsr eoapanr kss saeosadtA In wln- 
■Ing ftw ItssM a lepntatloa of Iba arsatest 
importance. It la aUtcd that la MOa. Uo- 
dlst*, Victor Scrtiart haa ilian to ttm oeeaalon 
snd proTlded the prima donna irlth mosle 
mrttir of Iter splendid powers. 

There are some newcomer s In tbe company 
tUa aeiaon, among whom maj be mentloowl 
Claude Glllloirirater, Walter PerdTal. WlUUm 
Pniette and 1^ Mara. Tbe ladiee of the com- 
pany remain practlcaUj as last aeason. In' 
clnding Loolae Le Baron. BerUia II0II7. Ada 
Meade, Joaepblne Bartlett, Edna Faaaett, and 
BUncbe MorrUon. Among the soogB In UUe. 
Modiste, Fntsl Schetr baa If I Were on ttie 
Stage, The Olaaootte of the Tronpe, • dcaotp- 
ttre song called Hats Make the Woman, aud 
nw Nightingale and the Star. 


The Umpire, a new musical farce, 
aas dlacloaed tor the Orst time at the Ui 
laUe Xheatra, Satardar night. It differs from 
ptHNi laSalie shows la smar mora attention 
» flw cooMdr, aMboafb tbara la plenty of 
Bade. Btraral nortltlea war* lamdoead. amoar 
Ikera a lootbaU nma plarsd fty the •<BraU 
ns." The ntw piece Is ataasd by Ona flahlk*. 
n* atory of Tbe Umpire deals with the at- 
tempt to extradite from ^loioeeo "Jimmy" Do- 
Ian, an nmplre who rendera a bad decision In 
I haaeball itaae, la mobbed and forced to 
■at. There u a pretty lore story and plenty 
■( complications. Tb* cast tor the new pro- 
InetloD Is headed hy OecU Lasa, OUt* ■ vail, 
isd Tiorrnn- Bs^itaak. . Ska asatodat and 

letting Ifl more 
U tbe LaSslle. 


Altliouch tills little miss la but leu years of 
Kc, she ran look back upon six yeaia of 
tagc experience, for she made her debut at the 
Be or four «iicn Klie created tbe child role In 
Play called A Coiintrjr Editor. Sub^uMiiicntly 
5» appeared in E«iit Lynnc and A Motlier'n 
laart. and last season ahe played the child part 
•*•"'» Kemlna, wlilch was produced by the 
•J™ «o«npany at Proetor'a riftb ATcnue Thes- 
». Her work la The 8uburt>an was aUo praised 
' '.S!^?**^ cMUca In _the leading clUea 

waaon she l» 
sopporta Joe 
. wunlng Gon- 
ms a sw u i ai ia ia o( tiia eltles 
^.^iS' ^S^ •MbualasUe ap- 


Eleanor Robson, who has made such 
a phenomenal Ut both in Obleago, In New Tork 
and In London in Isrsel ZangwUl's Merely 
Mary Ann. will retnm to Chicago at Powera' 
Monday night. Seldom have a sur and a 
play receired each nnanlmooaly enthusiastic 
praises as iwTe Miss ICobson and Merely Mary 
Aim, both In Ametlea and In Xagland. ■ Merely 
Mary Ann Is tha drama Illation of Mr. Zang- 
wtUs' story of tbe ssne aaiM. Xbe heroine 
la a Uttla eonntir ctrL uto kM baeooie the 
ftodn la « Loodoa MiIbv kMMb Her only 
fMeoda la her canary antu ana ac tte lodgers, 
a talented hot penniless composer of mnsle, 
-wins her affections. Then comes the loremak- 
Ing and finally the separation. Tbls was the 
condnsion of Mr. Zangwllls' original story, 
hut lis has added an act to Ids play to tell 
bow ilbty Ann, having become an accompllahed 
yonnc lady of fashion, retoms to her lorer. 

_ta a aiaridlnK styls mtb the smonrs 
and taMtnss ot tbat gay oonrt of King Charles 
walcta was onlqiie for its splendor and ler- 

of the ninth week of 
Broadway to-night 

^ „ E leanant that the Ooban pro- 

doetioD will ba taktn to Kew Xork Dee. 80. 
™* aiaaa « Incal encacement ot thirteen 
weeks, and aaHm «aa oi the 

enga^MMa in Jh* Uatsn o( Obleago theatres. 
Mclntyxa and Beatfa In Tba Ham Its* ftdlow 
tba OMiaa play. 

The last two weeks of Babes in tbe Wood 
are annoimced at the Qsrrlck. ms big mn- 
aical spectacle leavca Chicago to a fortnlgbt 
for New Tork. after scoring a Mg racceas here. 
DeWolf Boppet in Happyland wlU be the next 

'Way Down East will pass Its 300 mark In 
Chicago performances Tuesday night, S, end- 
ing lu alxth engagement at McTlcker'a next 
Saturday night. Kellar, the magician, will 
begin a fortnlgbt's engagement Sunday night, 
Dec. 10. 

The Boae of ttie Alhamhra and Lillian Blan- 
velt are drawing big cioards to the Stnde- 
bakaij^ Sha IMt anan fa • dlaUact adrsnce 
ow tm—aTiwi H aalirlalBiaiala. Xr. Hos- 
aM> aeoi* ttvna tvOcahlng originality 
thTooffhoat. snd bis enssmhles are stirring ap- 
proaches to real grand opera. Mme. Blaarelt 
Is glTcn many excellent opportmiltlea to dis- 
play bsv lamarkaUe volea, aad aha lautores 
them te. aoA' tm aaaaa Aat boa- aaant (n 
ught «MK eoa dfiSy ba, McMwaTg M- 



HO. 14 








The present week offers few thea- 
trical noTCltles to Chicago. Prltal Scheff cornea 
to the Illinois Tbeatra Monday night. 4, In a 
new musical ptay, MUe. Uodlste, which la aald 
to be the rery beat play yet fashlooed (or ber. 
Eleanor Robaon will brug ZangwiU's pret^ 
play. Merely Mary Ann. dupladng William H. 
(3rai>e at Powers* Tbeatie, wliera aha win be- 
gin bar •BgagaiDent Monday Blcht. 

At tba LafiUa ntatie BatnSay nigbt. S. lbs 
new mana g gaaat pNdaoad tba fliat of Ita ^oya. 
The UapiM. a MIMl teaa. ibabtawd >y 
Hoogb, tflaiaa aad M am atd . S*a Taaqnay came 

waavKK or bta 
Bva Tangnay tiM Onat 

_ iay _ c am 
Norttiani flanday aAanaaOt 

~" " ' — "tk 1 

Ma|M«2d aatoM mat 
'.9MMf ' dMa ' aad_ goad 

C^l|^ by JBulT Br 


At the Chicago Opera House HIa 
BoDor, -the Mayor still rules and Is gsining 
day by day. John Slarln Is Increasing his fid- 
lowlng and Blanche Ring contlnoes to 
strengthen the role of Katrlnka. Mabel Har- 
rison haa aasnmed the . role of Daisy, the Odl- 
llner glrL Adeta Oswold. a yoong ObleafO 
girl, la playing tba Uay Flood role. 

Otla Sklnnar In Ola Ocaea da Otaaaumt ta- 
malna at tba Onad Opm Baoaa. ArtUelal 
la Ml typat tMa ptatanaqaa 


' While ont hunting near Norton, Kan., Nov. 
IT, In company with a fellow actor and a 
yonng man of that city. William Easton, ot 
the Kerkhoff-Hllfanan Btock Go., waa accident- 
ally abot and fatally Injured. Mr. Baston's 
coat caogbt on a barbed wire fence, and the 
boy waa attampUng to fraa talm when « aooll 
levrtm tumj. *r tba bv waa acdtent^ 
a bonat Ibpoagb tt ~^ ' 

Mr. daatan waa Immcdlatelr taken to tbe 
Stormant Hoapltal, Topeka, wbcia It waa dls- 
coTCiad that the tmllct had pattatsd tba kld- 
neyi. the spleen, tbe atsaudi and aat at Ifca 
small intestines. An opeiattoa waa jMdNpad. 
and the patient rallied hopefttUy. Sa AM. 
however, the following evening. 

BIr. Baaton was an Elk and the Elks ot 
Xopcka took charge of the bodjr. He was 
laiWdaiilil as a competent actor, snd Itad loany 
Maada in the profeaalon. A wife, ~ ~ 
aad taa child aarvlve him.. 


tmaMm «C' 'Francis 

tbe wait known coawdlaa now appear- 
tag tn Cousin BlUy, waa married Nov. SO at 
the beantifnl country home ot the Wilsons In 
Mew BeAeUe. N. X—.to Mr. Cbarica Hoard. 

a Ftandk jeytaaelit .aad ntttt, Kkm aba met 
while atadir&c aoMla, B.^nrth . ' 

If everylbbv 
Is any wktw aai 
ba • iNat Mtosr.' 

Of the many little Rkctcbes and sketch play- 
ers In TBUdeTille. the act presented by MISS 
Bra Westcott may be claasea among the lead- 
ers In merit ax well sb popnlarlt.r. Miss West- 
cott Is the author of all the sketchea In her 
repertoire, ber present vehicle being styled 
An Bnlsode In Modem Ute In which Miss West- 
cott Is appearing In the Iiadlag vanderllle tb»- 
atres of the coant^ ,«tlji |^ •aaeos wkiak li 

as gratifying as wA ea 




Tbe new Majeatlc Theatre, rt. Wortb, 
opened Monday evening. Not. 27, In a 
ot glory that appeared little abort of theatrical 
revelation In that thrlTlng city. The opeulag 
ot tbe new feO.OOO theatre was a social aa 
well as a theatrical erent, and Ft. Worth's 
elite was ererywhere In evidence. 

Promptly at 8:30 a fnB ordiestra under the 
dltectloa ot Prof. Phil. Epstein sat things to 
ringing by a deaerlptlTe cvertnre written for 
the oceaaloa. Resident B. r. OfciJarvsy of tba 
Interstoite ▲mnsemeot Co. addtassed tbe, 
dlenea aad was wildly ^kla ^ ad.'^ On tba .MB 
were tbe Prosper Tronpe, Ibaa. J. Kteagb.s 

Co.. Gardner and Stodard. Oraarita Arnold. Cos 
Bruno. jos<i)h Jacoby, Rice's Circus. Experi- 
ments In Liquid Air. and the kiaetograph. 

Charles Finer, well known la tbaantcal cir- 
cles. Is tba Isssl awnaaiv Jar!:tts:;i^|Hala|a' 
Clrcnlt. and a.. !. HaBB. a( 


l.aloo. the freak that rlraled any of the aen- 
astloDS in the aide show or muaeam line, is 
dead. Laloo was a colored man. dwarfed and 
deformed. Orowlng out of his body Jnat abora 
the bcaaat and tunning almoat to the knts waa 


raa af 

I«loe wonled eonstsntly over his 

and was In constant ifear that anrgeoaa; 
cbloxoform Urn and perform an opcralla 
ia claimed by phyaidana that tba twa.<1 
eonld have been sneeeasfnlly saMBillA'^i 
snrgleal operation, but tailoo waiM'''a8Na''|W>' 
mlt soch an attempt to he made. 

Lahw waa exhibited In the leading drcoses 
and In the mnaeun all over the coontry. Hs 
last ogwuad In qnttey tt ^abeat Uteea^jMra 

'•Do yon notice Spoos^ m<*T«T osca any 
aad I can't make it oat; ira tba catr 



ef the 



xne Billboard 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

^ BW DOaKBmADEni and Dr. Osier, two 
I c«Iebrlti«s rimons in their reep«ctlite 

■ callings, are preat frlenda, and always 

^L^^ when til* miii--<trcl vl-lt.-^ Iliiltlrooro 
^^■^^ he calls the Joctor Iiiti» oansiiltatlon. 
X^t w««lt they enjoyed a tnreDty miu- Hde In 
tlie doctor*! auto, welng new iBaltlmoro. which, 
ykendX'Uke, is sxnr coovpleted, 

"I irnt Hy. hex, there are no joke* In jan 
pnisr>ni that shonM be chIororann(d|.iailr 
■ge and all of them recently lneaIiMfa> Ijl 

Ur .«dar«A.«T«7.iiiiiiDte/^ .:. W'-v''"- 

jtn tmn ]ftt,: pmt ' timr' Umtt «• tbe mta and 
of V 

B ■ a t o « • ■ 

R's mUd and b«nide«»-4 dim't tblnk. 

IWlieii yoa'Tc bad <ne, Toa call Xor tiro. 

And then don't care what yon do. 

Last nieht 1 hoisted twenty-three 

Ot these arransements Into me. 

JXy wealth Increased, I iwcOcd wttb pride 

I was pickled, primed and MrilM. 


Those dry martinis were too moch for Bt. 

Last ntgfat at twelve I felt ImmenM; 

To-day I feel like thirty cents. 

At four I i»ou;;bt my whtrllog bed, 

tAt eight I woke with ruch a head. 

It is no time for tnlrth or langbter — 

The cold grey dawn of the mamins after. 

1 tried to pay for eyeiy Tonnd; 
I spoke OQ snbiecta nmt profound, 
iWhen all my woea I analyzed. 
Tbe bar-keeper softly aympathlxed. 
. .Tbla ,w«cld la ane kaleldoccope 
Of yaiila mli> ttanacendent bopc. 
' T jfag.fceHin mlsbty bloc; 

^^ w. c. ».. u. ,,; ■ ■ 

Tbe water wagon la tto gtaea ftir me, 
I think that a uui eir lm a la Oe game 
I wept and told ttata mr real aame. 
My eyei ore bleared, my coppcta bot. 
I or to sleep, bnt then I can not. 
It Is no time for mirth or laagliter — 
Tbe cold, gtey dawn of the morning after. 


Tba neir DiOiair Thaaba^ 
the baiKlao— fBO^OOO atraetor 
J>r. OeOiaw, the oldaat and 

of tbe dty, wu tontalr 

pato' (ntona eeotiaeted Into a 
r «a he w M apewd i . 
"ttnr. (bee* an ■eiae thiBsa .|kat;.«Taa!a .aal- 
CBCtat dot* iiot;;want t»' dIaeo<Mr.-(> A' .Mr^Ja 
•xaetly aa alC aa ihr fltidaK aad:.1bint)la ao Ibw 

axaetly aa alC aa ihr Ma^ aad:.«hiN'«lra0 lair 
HOklUllw MB^M#,'UaHnr-I^^>«^i'iMtv tbe 

a prodactlan of KlngaiNV- iTiMlirS na Qhap- 
The sale ot leia nr tka epanlac nlcbt 

meiied nearly $7,000. 

Tbe theatre is an elegant one. The Inte- 
rior color acbeme Is tlrlght and artistic, cream 
and gold predominating. The fnmisiilngs are 
rieb and elaborate. The stage Is extraordinarily 

woodward A Bnrgeas book tlie altractteoa. 

~Daetacs.~, la«Bln*lik»: 

aldam atat a..'bin''ftL . 

ahMT tbat »».0O of It waa tor 

» for Tislts. under what code of ethics 

1 proceed to s«)unre this accoontt, 
.'**&et nr see," replied the doctor, "tbat la a 
VMit ' almple airaag* medico pcrccatac* atate- 
MBt aa a medleUul baals: I will look np Doctor 
BaBy tbe ceWbcatcd aathoritj' - oa mUeage. Ob, 
na. bcie It.Ia .ea 'Pafe a ailHloo and twenty, 
la Ua alBUUias 'er OMS^ ithleb, hr tbe-'Way. are 
lha latest adrteee w» bam «a tb» aabjaet. Dr. 
Bon *eiT likely knew tbat tbia sDhlcet woold 
lie agitated one hnndt«d yean later, for be 
distinctly aaya here, for the patient to pay the 
««.W lor medicine and latum tbe Tlalta,'' 

^:i';M«MHU aaeM call. Mr. Dbckatadfe 
. ta.a.VkaakagMag 

"A good many years ago." saya Jerry J. Co- 
ban, (ather of "Little Johnny Jonea," "be- 
fore onr son George had 'Joined ont' with ns, 

my wife ami 1 were nieatt>CTs ot a trmTellar 

ttoape wboae doanelal backing waa hardly of 
the FlaipoBt Marfan type. Oa tbe oootiary, 
«ar aianager waa aboat tbe meat Impaconlons 
jenoa ImaglaaHe. We aeldon oaw a aalary 

e eC pajtoa oar aetaal botel Mils 

. bidTUr ladea with coin. Things 

mat M la tUa war tat waaka. bat oaa day. I 
remeober, t vaatii to fat mr hair eat and a 

(bare, so I went to.'Ibt aaa aC iaShta.wlth a 
idemaad t ortbe seedCU. 'lUi baa ipiia Jut 
laa far aa I Intend It ■ban.* sold I. %ad I want 
money, and I want It right aoir.' 'AB right, 
all right; don't atep oo yoor feet aboat It. 
How mncta do yoB wantf 'I wast llfty cents, 
and I won't take no for an aoawer,' said I. 
TUtlng bla bat oeer one eye, and blowing a clond 
eC OBOke boa a stogy be bad in bla mooth. oar 
- - It 1 had mr caMB i 
r t«» ObMrT^ 

eata. I have nepaied 

Utfam t,<MIO: iMmahh 
Mgr." Tbe bcadlag «C tbft 
a& was set CoKth fadtealnd 
ant, Uaauomtfr 

iitdi 'yan woaU pat 
Mia. O peraa wm lo- 
ipeca hooaa. Popo- 

Certain of oor prominent comediennes and 
hmlcaqne stars bavc takes recently to telling 
hair acar tbey caaM some time In their career 
"~ " ' I ot. tcagedr or Imnlnailea la the 
"■taan." gfax Inrln, In her 
fbshlsn.' Joins tbe Ust. She 
r-ait tha Aagostln Daly company In 
— - that time It 

•nbio-. Maiy la >ov ehaaae. -I tboa^** 
aaya MIss'Tnrhi. "and I waited 4ar^3lrrSSr 
to eooe. and tell bm that It was ap to ise ta do 

Mrs. Ford. I waited. Daly forgot. H*— ffave 
— It — to — Some — ooe— else. But — " Here MIss 

Irwin's smile widened, and bar big bloe eyes 
cloeed In Uttle eicaecDts of fan, "I went to 
bim — didn't know enoogb to be atrald. All 
the rest trembled with fear at Us frown. Vz. 
Daly,' said I. *whr didn't yon giTe me tbe 
part of Mn. Ford?' He looked at me. seemed 
to me for two mlaates. then be said, *3Cay, 
jua'ic Biieb too modenL for old cooMdy.* That 
«a*:«v,|MMr.;as'I;.«ffB — ' 

George Ade'a press agent has given bis In 
TentlTe facilities a Utile rest while he dla- 
tribntes a brochnre of Ade fnnnylsinc. Bete 

«C tht.Ut: 


iriaHMoar elttoea 
Mid Bm. -1 with 


JuddaUte' HcRinan met with a 
rioaa laaa at aMtUa, Wash., icecatly tbtoagb 
tbe care l ei ww ia oC. «d attondaat who latt a 
aolt-case csatalBing raiaaMa papct* aDd per- 
sonal atEeeta at tbe botaL Iha peopilatsr dla- 
eorered tbe salt ease aad seat It to the land- 
ing after bis gassta bad laft^ Vha porter en- 
desToted to throw the ease on the ateamer, 
bnt missed. Arrangements were made to drag 
the rlTer. 

Fred. Itandolph, of the Grotesque 

Randolptis, recclTed a Tery palafnl injury while 
playing tlie Dominion Tho«tre. Wlnnlpei:, iMaa.. 
week of 3iov. 20. and the team wan compelled 
to cancel for « few weeks including PiUitor'6 
Ibeatte for week of I>ec. ll. Tlie injury wn» 
a tall. Mr. Bondolph was taken to 
M, Faal where tie la Jraianag rapldir 
'a care. , t ■ 

Sanlell writes that he expects to re- 
main on the Coast for a while, notwithstand- 
ing ollen to go to Australia for on engagement 
oTer the Richard Circuit, 

Surazal and Razidl 'write that they 
bare dosed with <be HM wa *b«aB*^Man 
Claire, Wis., and hare boekail ttMr wasba of 

good time In TanderlUe. 

Stanley and Aileen are on their way' 
east over the -NoTcltr with the middle west 
circnlts to follow. Tbey report succeisful re- 
ceptions all along. 

The Corbetta. maglcteng and mind- 
idtnfc aw .ealwtw a wdnganwd Mt at 
their wlBtat hnna In Oairnim, -IT^ Ta. . 

"Vemon Bestor Is doing tba *n- 
nonnclng In addition to the piano play|g( ior 
the JSIJoo Theatre, Decatur. 111. 

Chas. Oayller. gyranaat. wittM that 
be Is meeting with saccess, and ttat fea la 
booked op solid nntll April. 

After a separation of two years, the 
Marrelotis Bozales and Malooe hare again 
Joined Interests. 

Bert and Fred Lielgtaton have closed 
Wi tt ^ tt»e^ P otikstadcr QUaiKels. and will enter 

'31ihiiite' 'lbmien| ' Anncer and ginger, 

annooaces tliat be will pat on bis new act 
about Jan. 1 

Mclntyre and Rice are visiting with 
nlalt*a» fa — ■ 

The dilMnni'oC-tliD laW Iteife; TliidL 
of San Jtaiwlaoj. jbm .Meaattr dM. bBlt 

mm^WKt Managua ai 

aaes of the Alaaaar aad Alhambra ihsai 
that dty, to l a aairn , a goai claimed to be dae 
their father at tba 'Una. of his death. The 
plaintiffs claim OiBt tbelT father was a part- 
ner of Belasco and Uayer In all their enter' 
prises, nnd that he did not receive his dlTl- 
sion of ttie pr«>ilts. They claim to hare legal 
docnmeiTis In proof of such a partnership. 

Suit to recover $500,000 from the 
City of Cbicflgo was Instltnted iWednesdny by 
tbe IW. 8. Clereland Amusement 'Co., Hubbard 
place and Wabaah areoue. The plea for dam- 
ages Is bssed npon the alleged wrongful dos- 
ing ot 4ha ihaMia. te toltea to conply with 

laat Oaatabw. , nag tbat tlaw tba eompany 
aed at vm^ooo. < 

Mr. J. C. Anderson is looking after 
the business end at tbe Marts Grand, Tipton. 
Isd., dnrlDg the sickness of Manager N. s. 

R, Jj. Barnliai'dt haa opened an Blec- 
trlc Ttteanaa at Cbailagal, »t aiaia to 

soluble Ik ligbt TaM ae ni i >aad maatrattd 

Managera Jaolcaon A Reed ot the 

Merlden Theatre, Meriden, Oonn., hare put a 

number ot ImproTcments on their theatre. 

F. E. Johnson, formerly of the Park 
Theatre, Yoangstown, O.. has heen engaged to 
go In adranca tor Uary ■inaiaua. 

A new Asbeatoia curtain haa been In- 
stalled by the management ot the Sixth Street 
Theatre, Coshocton, Ohio. 

The new Novelty Theatre, which 
saad reeently tn Pueblo, Col.. Is doing ca- 
padtr bottaMiB. 

Bmeat Otbba has : been, appointed 
door-keep«t' M .1 
Springs, Alfc. 

The Bijoti TbdStM at .BntiMTiltob 

ind., threw open Ita daart ta .ae.] 

glTlng Day. 

J -^y^ Bhavi. , 

Winfrey as naoater oC tteUotMa Opera i 

Liberty, Mo. 

I C. Mishler announces that hla new- 
theatre at Altoona, Pa., wlU be completed early 


weeks we hare 
BUteen people, 


.\t fletrln, 
tertalned by Mr. 

K. Kinxo, ttaa : Japitnaae juggler, an- 
Doancaa that be If anuilalng a noalMr of 
nrademie compaalea ts^Doiaaa Cl^. Bio., for 
the popular-priced TandeTlUe clrenHs tbrongb- 

oiit the middle west. >UIs attractions will be 
managed by iHoward W. 8e«nan, formerly 
known as Shirley V. Grimes, with beadqnarters 
St the National Theatre, Kansas City, Mo. 

Rosey. the originator of the glraffo- 
cycle, and amy ploying a special engagejnent 
with the lIimllKan's Tronblee Co.. writes that 
he Itas added a new cycle act to bis repertoire 
of tricks. The added feature conttlsts in riding 
a cycle tbe pedals of which are strapped to 
bis feet. It was llrst pat on at Portland, 
Ore.. 'Nor. IT. 

Clara .AUlaon, who reoantly made 

her .Ifee.V' . _ - 

In a tw oa g M mW 

nolagae, was lut wadi prastntcd with a'taSL 

some new piano by her father. Miss Allison 
gives imitations of noted planiats. 

Holinan, Haywar<l and Hayward 
have dlssolred partnerships and Hayward and 
Hayward liaTe ^Ined Interests with Cbas, Far- 
ng. who will hsncofaeth do tha blasfc-tses. com- 

M. J. Cunningham, manager of the 
Crawford Orand at LeaTenworth, Kan., opened 
bis new rauderiUe theatre, tbe People's, at 
Pfrsons, Kan., ^'ov. 20. with a bill that made 
the opening an auspicious one. E. C. Darls, 
the local manager. Is well known to TnnioDs 
theatrrgoere. Mr. Crawford Is ncgollsllnj: for 
sites In two more towns for tbe purpose of 
erecting similar theatres. This theatre In Kan- 
sas City will open Dec, IT, 

Johnnie Connors, proprietor of the 
Empire Tbaatia, dIS B. Wublngtaa atreet, 
Spitegdeid, m, baa Uia id a aeaf UtUa soa- 
Tealr progaaa to iMtfc tba drat aaalraisary of 
tbe Bmplrs. <Iba aoneaalr ooatalna pholographs 
of a mmher of waU-haown pertonaaia aad b 
leiqnt eitto'- " 

lag aadtr S 

The Messenger Theatre. Corry, Pa., 
wbicfa opened recently nnder tbe mantgemeot 
of C. T. Trimble, haa met with phenomenal 
success thus far tbia aeasoo, erery Show plsy- 
hiR to excellent returns. Tba orchestra leader 
at this house Is L. P. Trimble, tbe well-known 
trap drummer. 

Gus Sun has completed arrange- 
ments for tbe new Lyric Theatre that la to 
be opened In tbe PlSber Building, Springfield. 
Ohio. It will be a popnUr-prlced bouse, with 
a aeatlng capadty ot 1,000, and will play one- 
ttlght attractions only. 

The Grand Opera House at Burlie, 

W. Va., which was dMbMtd bT dK MOT, 19 
u to be repUccd hy a. MT' tboatra boUdlng 
to cost «as.«M. Tba aeir .ttiatie wffl ba bf 


la with 

Wo<Tdfords' Anlma! Act No. 1 opened 
Its lesson In vaaderiUe, Nov. 27, at the Park 
Opera 'Honse. Erie, Pa, No. 2 opened tbe same 
day at 'Hamilton, Ohio, nnder the managemcat 
ot £. A. (Wood. 

Prince Albene and May ZiaBrant, 
Slelgbt-of-hand artists, were made aiemben of 
the -Baapberry Onsh at BIchmond, Ind., dnring 
their recent engagement at the PhllUpa* "Thea- 
tre In that dty. 

Following a three week.s' visit at 
his .bnthera* ranch In ^xas, Norman, the "fmg 
man." opened at the lyric Tiieaue. Joiiiin. 
Mo.. Dee. 8, with Learenworth and Kanaaa 
City to toDow. 

Dolan and Lieoharr wirlta tliat their 
naw sketch, aatltlad 9fea lUn Mmv which 
was glren a tiMat atS|ide JbSifiBM Thea- 
tre, New Tcrfc Oiy. 'waak oC Her. dOt U a 
screaming hit. 

Edgar Galbreth, formerly of Minor 
and CaViteth. has Joined InteresU with Mr. 
Patn|..:aBd,tba e«us la baam aa OaHsath and 
raniK TWtr apw . aa : tbe Orgtsi . circnit 

DelmaJne and Blewitt, Frank and 
iHna, bare joined Interests with Prank A. 
Leonard, and will hereafter featnre their orig- 
inal idea In a minstrel first port, Tha aet 
wIU t>e known as Only Three Of Us, 

- The IVArville Siatera traoaacted 
la KsBsaa Oty laat waak. A raUtoad 

■pany has seemed a right of way aver their 
tanCh near Kansas City. 

Kit Karson, sharp-shooter, opened 
npon the Interstate Circuit Dee. 11 at Hot 

Jno. A. Hlmmeleln, owner of the 
Orand Opera House, Sandusky, Ohio, haa com 
pleted arrangOBwats for the oonTcrstoa oC tbat 

'""ill"'* iilii jSKd**? Jl*iaajlt*aSdii.LTa " 


The Martin BIocIc at Lancaster, O., 
baa been pnrcbased by the IMartena Brothers of 
tbat city lac gao,O0O, As thia Mock ladndea 
the hotel end «haatis. aalMMln laHafMWnts 
are pronlssd «a the latlNt' ' 

Mr. Homer Xdiid^, formerly man- 
ager of tba Ma aaal g Opaea Boose, Oskaloosa, 
la., has been saeeeeded 1^ A. P. Owens, who 
was recently manager of the Orand Opera 
'House, Ottomwa, la. 

Plans have been completed for the 
erection of the new $50,000 theatre In Chat- 
tanooga. The house will t>e bnUt by a local 
compooy, and leased to the Shoberta for a pe 
nod ot ten years. 

It is reported that Racine. Wis., is 
to hare aaodMr tbittie la tbe 
E. I.. JobaaiMmb . tta .Mi Mdi ~ 
Is said is be iiMad IT 

John A. Rimmcitein,' owner of the 

Gvand Opera 4aonaa at Sandnsky. O.. wBl speod 
aboat 120,000 in remodelhig It and making ft 
a ground floor theatre, In the spring. 

A. P. Bibber, assistant manager at 
the Bmplre Theatre, Lewlston. Me., has ac- 
cepted the position ot ataga oiaaagsr at tbe 
new Albert Theatre, Berlla, K. S. 

Frank Huist ha« baaa appointed 
manager of Iha Bow Ibialw at dndlne, "U. 
Ur. Bast 1* qolte wdl known lhaatrleally, and 

Is popnlar loally. 

Fred Pennell, the progressive box- 
oOlce man at tba new AodlCariiim Theatre, Hot 
tartan. iMk, baa btsa fi oaii i id te oniteMr m 

The roater ot the Frank Dttdlay Co. 
la as ftdlows: IMak Oudlar. OMwagtri W. Da- 

Helen Aubrey, Cora Bell Bonnie, Rose Oaylor, 
Jamie iWeston, Tlolet Orey. Olga 'Keeley sad 
Baby Watson. 

Notes from the Dora WoodMtt Cfct 
have lost only one alibt la- <be^dnetB 

1 oa tbei.iaad.. :tN 
u pc^K", - band aad- . aMMstra, tad 
a repertoire ot olabttea': loyalty plays, 
errln, Dl., tbe eaUro cswaay was «- 
led by Mr. sad Mra. Bassdl. of tha 
Rnssell Shows. Tbe Boseels bare an elegant 
fonrteen-room borne at Herrln. 

Notes from an Aristocratic Tramp 
(Co B.): We httTC been dotiur phenomenal 
business through Texaa, Indian Terrltwr ana 
Oklsboma. At Mangnm, OkU.. Nor. aO. Er- 
erett w. B.mea and Pic Zellu were aatM. 
by the Rev. M. Powers, and dfuaaiic^ 
Mrs. S. E. Lester gave a banqnet in their 

Chas. Frohman has captured an- 
other star In Otis «klnner, who will appear 
under his management at the Broadway Thea- 
tre, New York Clty,-at)out Februsry. In nie 
Dnel. Mr. Skinner will finlnh his seaaon In 
His Grace da Orammont, under Joseph Buck- 
ley'a omaagement. 

It ia reported that during the trans- 
fer of tha baggage of the '""••-O IJ" p?; 
from Albany to OlOTersTUle. N. X., some of 
the trunks were forced open and their contents 
rilled. None of the wardrobe was taken. 
Bertie Allen asks The Billboard to 

deny for her tbe sutement that ahe and WIU 
A. Peters bad been repUced in tta uadlag 
roles ot Tbe Aristocratic Tramp Oo. hy I*- 
nora <Fraxee and Will O. Fry. 

Margaret Wycheriey, who played 

the leading role tn Xbe ManNMfBe " 

In Chicago, has been eailV*aJir I 
rU to play the leadtag ~ 
Byron'a Profession, 

George 3. FOrcdat buslnwa manager 
of tha eeatial Oadar .■aaUMiB akla8_.Go.. re- 

Lottie Blair Parlcer, who dramatized 
The Bedemptlco of DstH Corson, was preMbt 
at tbe cTcnlng nertormance of that play m 
Newark. Oblot' Mee. at. 
Harry Lawranoa, who dropped dead 

■Wallier Whiteside's opanlng to A 

Capital Comedy, will take ploya Mi UJf 
Panl, Instead ot St. Loals, as was nt aa- 

Dalay Fal^ and Pearl Henry closed 
with tbe It's Dp to too, John Henry Co.. at 
Newport, R. I. 

The Renos report good business for 
the Mande IHlUman Stock Co. In Vermont. 

Clara Mathea ia resting in Chicago. 

:agw oop'niai 

Bill and Hla ■oak.' la' eiaa -aatt oog grlgli teJ Br 

ii. Nobtem. .^1^^ w m 

The Clansman, In one act; copyrlgbMd bf 

DIaon, Jr. . 
Daugtaters of Aa Inn-Keeper; eopjprltbted V 

Jaly Wheat, la two acta, copyrighted by 
Bdwta Bo PsM. 

PlteWlteh; copyrighted by Marie B, aciiiad". 

Kidding of Captain Kidd. In three acts; copy- 
righted by B, W. plumner. „ . 

Maid and tbe Mule: eopyrlgbted by Samuel 

My Maryland copyrighted by B, Lane. 
Prince of Sweden In toor actss eopyrlgbted by 

O. 8. Trlnirwc. -i^ -..i-i, ,1^ n 

Haven Den in foor Bels; wpyrlgMed tir V- 

M. Rakestraw. ^ , 

Tlie Stolen Acrotiats and the«okera 

•Portune; copyrighted by W. C Wrest, ^ ,^ _ 
Tainted Money, In one act; eopyrlgbted by 

J. Cronln. . . ' fs 

Tiberius Oraoaboat aap^lgblad bgr M. n. 
MaaCuUaeb. ^. » .i,^ 

Tor Shea. Is eat act: caiRl|Mi« br Aim 
0. IK BOay.- 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

Xlie Billboard 



It is InteresUns and, perhaps,' edUjlng to 
bice an actor's reply to bis critics, sod Ur. 
Wheeilon Grossmltli's comments od the pab- 
. . _ ,. Uabed notices 
Aaler-Dramatiat Raplies ot The Duffpr 
To Critics 1° Oie London 

paper*, are sot- 
without point. Tbere can. one sappowt, te 
utile doubt that In some qoartera there exists 
a certain dlstroat o( the actor who tnteta Uia 
llsia as a dramatist, and It la to tUa dtslmBt, 
real or apparant—to wUeh Mr. OnnBillli ad' 
dcetsrs himsaU. 'Vaaa at mr crittca," aayt 
Mr. GroMoitb, "da a»t Msaai to Ukt m in 
the tola ot a dnmtM. Tat," ha aaya, mod- 
haaeiadly. ' ftfeait'; m MspeetaUa precedents 
dr.W'MBIr.- (■UMpaaie was an actor— and 
lalbcr a tad ' aaa, Waereadj collaborated to 
some purpose. Pineto. whose record as a pla^' 
wrlgfat Is respectable, Dion Boadcanlt, Wultam 
OUlette all hare been dramatlats, and tliej 
kava all been aetora; ret, as I mr, I 
Mi'4kainlaB tha resentment 

AaWB U mr M«ppearance as • 

• * • 

Antone Malme, formerly a member ot the 
Boral Opera Boose Co. of Sweden, Is In jail 
St iMenominee, Mich., serrlng a thirty days' 
sentence tor drvokenneaa. Malme waa one of 
the leading singers ot Sweden, and appeared at 
tbt etpUal* o( Bnrope. Owlsc to drink lila 
••tot «MBBc.- aflMted. 

• • •■ 

' Sta race qoeatiaa haataatctcd into Uieatrleal 
iMaa ot Topeka, Kan. A. H. Hegan has 
pt e rlded a certain section ot bis theatre for 
the negro patronage. The mti are known as 
Jim Crows. The other day a colored eonple 
purcbased tickets and occopled chair* reserred 
for white people by the management. Ordered 
to more they objected and were eTieted. 
Thereopoo they swore ont a warrant for Man- 
ager liegan's arrest. The manager still ad- 
heres to his policy of diacrlmlnatloa, and will 
flght the case through all tbe courts, he says, 
it that Is necessary to a decision In bis 

• • • 

There are 312,340 miles ot railroad track In 
tbe United States, a net Increase of S.Ol-t miles 
on tbe year. Tbe besTlest construction of the 
year was In tbe loutliwestem group of States. 
In which no leBs than 1,716 miles were built, 
Mlssonrl havlnc to its credit 418 miles. Ar- 
kansas 202 tnllrs, Texas 318 miles, Kansas 31 
miles, Colorado 147 miles. New Mexico less 
than one mile, Indian Territory 280 miles, and 
Oklahoma 270 miles. Gross earnings laereaaed 

'1 UM OTer the TlflHw at 

> far cent. 

• • « 

Most show ttHkt, when they become weary 
of the (mstie and glamor of ' poblic life, buy 
a farm — for tbe sake of peace and qniet. In 
u/ -r-t. Poland they have an- 

Tho Way They Do other method. In 
In Poland theatrical and artistic 

circles in Warsaw and 
geacrally thronghout Poland, a sensation was 
recently caused by the mysterlons disappear- 
ance of Mile. Msrie Slera Rocoska, principal 
daniense at the Royal Opera Honae, Warsaw, 
who was regarded as one of the moat besotlfol 
women in Europe. It now traniplrea tliat MUe. 
Hocoiks hss ned to aallels, in Anstria, where 
she has Uken the Tell in a coorent belonalnE 
to ooe of the moat anatere orders of irans. What 
droTe the lady to this extreme atop baa not 
transpired. Perhsps the msnager would not 
glTe ber the star dresaing-xoom. 

• • • 

An F:nKlish Tsriaty manager, who was re- 
cently aned for a season's salary by a scrlo 
who tbooKfat stae bad been nnjnaUy dlamtsaed. 
uld. In clTlng testimony, that the Isdi's act 
woiiiii tint do at all In tha Small thwna, int 
that hi' tiaii not tiismiased bar on the oiien- 
liiK nlcht. t>ecaiiM* ho was going to London the 
nut w-ok. anil he thought he would glre her 
anoihrr ciianco there, as "London audiences 
are the easiest on earth." The Judge effected 
a compromise. 

• • • * 

An amnslog Incident marked the opening of 
XheDnjrer at Terry's in Loudon. The piece is 
preceded by Mr. Frank Llocoln'a monologue, 
snd in tbe middle of this a compoaed and com- 
placent taliby cat made lis appearance, and 
regarded the audience with as much interest 
ss can usually msnsge to sssume In snytblng 
that Is not niUk or cat's moot. Mr. Llnocln 
soon approelaled tbe fact that tho atlenUon ot 
the audience was divided, and readily aecnred 
Um laugh by cxclslming as he baillad tha 
auaial to a less conspicuous place, "IHi' la 
■at a Moalogne: It's a catalogue." ■. ■ 

Raymond'g Model Museum and Anl- 
msl Show cloaed It* tenting season, and U 
Ptaylng tbe opera tames. The roster ot tbe 
now u as follows: Ota*. Raymond, manager; 
JPV»™f* S5">«wer: Frank Bait and 

The Warrens. ' 
expects to rei 
try all seasoi . 

Ths roster of the Fnuiklyn Comedy 
£?'.«•_•• *]»^' Was. rMnUTn. manager; 
ne Fslrchilds, sketch orUats; Billy Price, 
black face comedian: Frank Keith, ballet slng- 
p'<^'l'"?'** ■■">•■>■ lonhrctle and dancer: 
F. W. Bock. Battle Boek and Nellie Price. 

Fred E. Clayton, agent, lately with 
w. c .Ware's In Old Virginia, closed with that 
SOOK at Pt. Dodge. la., and baa Joined Wni. l)e 
il^' mu'lesl show. aildnlgUt In Coon- 

Montana """^ touring the Oakotas and 

,. Geo/Ke L. Gable write* Uiat the 

rncle St Hasklns Co. u booked solid nntU May 
<>u- They carry sixteen ncoole. t band and 
f"i"'» •P«<:1«> scen'SS? 'me pSy 

jKien rewritten for this seB«>n by H. Lawrence 

Chas; Recklow has been engaged for 
rae seamn with the etwk company playing at 

BifoirH Tiicatro. Chicago. r ' » 

6- lAtham his rrturned to 
ff;>y^>-'^ Hk wosd. Ohio, after > 


The Difficulty With 

Rose Cecelia Shay Pleases Cincimiati 
Andiences— Other News of 
tile Qneea Qtj, 

hew, lis 'SB Vpsr Oaea* Baniaantetai. 
ar eh-ena wj si IMlt aecslatots, haa a rt- 
, It la Ococie V. fish at Oo Forapnnch 

the aith- 


Stock' Oo. of tlils city, For some time 'Uan- 
agera Pish has been annoyed by Snndoy ndght 
speculators, and last iSiinday evening Uanager 
Geo. iFiSh decided to get next to tlie game. 
Having Juat returned from a week's Tistt on 
Broadway, Oscar's rlTsl was out for the big 
ones, and didn'-t Intend to iundle them with 
gloves. It was a case ot catch 'em at first 
Hlcht. StRtlonInc lilniself In front of the box- 
ofllce at Robinson's tbe manager got his opera 
glasses hnsy and dlscorered a groop of people 
that seemed to have as.<>embled for bnaineai por- 
posea. Quickly he atpered for the center of 
the crowd. Awsy r«n the speculator with iMr. 
riah a close second and a hundred or so on- 
lookoni brining up the rear. iBut It waan't 
a fair race because tho otlier fellow bad tbe 
start anil Mr. Fish had a sprained ankle. 
Tbe manageT stopped. Bang! went a re- 
TolTer and tiie speculator halted. A pollce- 
mao escorted the two to the nearby station- 
Iwnse, where the ordained acalpar was fooad 
with the looda. aiaaanr.nih eaaUtas .ttitr 
saying tbat ka wstaK' 'tatlatulidw.'^ Jaat' 

At last.Oose Cecilia Shay has a Tebicle that 
is making good. Paul Jones is ot the "writ- 
ten for amusement" rariety. and affords an 
excellent cTcning's entertainment. ThCTC la 
sulBclent opera to please the kwar of good 
mnstc, picitty ot Jlniile to viease Ito popnlar 
bancane. m qples It sad aa 

as M itaaa ate «o ta IMad in 

stainatly esaaiiaetad - ptaeaa. Of 
course, tte principal Intanat waa tta atnglag 
of Miss Shay, a Olnelanatl prodset, by tta 
way. The rich qtuUlT Ot her Tolce, iU com- 
pass and crystal clearness were greatly ad- 
mired. Ser Tocaliaation wn.i T>4>Ti>r better, and 

her excellent breath control and line snstaln- 
Ing powers were simply delightful, ner com- 
pany la away atwre 4bc arerage. Gnelma L. 
Baker waa One ss her lorer and Joseph Fred- 
erick-:' uaa eqnally as good ss her ItTsL Jack 
Martin and Mill J. Keunle STS' 
when It conies to burlenquelng.' 
roles were In capable hands. 

Tbe TbanksglTlng program at Henck's last 
week waa lEmeat Hogan and his big company 
of dnsky entertainers in Rufus Rastns. B»- 
gan's aggregatioa Is one that deaerres mttch 
credit, it l>eing carefully gotten together and 
carried through. 'Hogan himself Is a good 
"black-face" comedian, ana Is ^tcII known 
throughout this part of the country, a fact 
which was, no doubt, responsible fur the large 
gathering at each performance. 

The Lyeenm waa tiie scene of another race- 
horse-drama laat week, IMghting Fate being its 
title. The company is compoaed of a larga 
caat of clever pcopK, and this alone made tae 
show one of tbe season's best. There were 
sIbo some excellent scenea In estSi act. the tx^t 
t>elng that of a *rlrele»s teloKriiiihy station. 
This scene was put on In great shspe snd 
seemed to Itt quite realistic 

TVtallen Ic iUartell's Merry QIakers were oa 
the boarda at People's Isst week, and the fact 
that theae people are putting oo such strong 
attraetioas waa alone sufllefent to draw u-e 
crowd*. Tbe company for a starter, hare one 
of the prettiest choruses on the wheel, and 
tttls is a dire necessity with the patrons at 
the aone ot Borlcaqae. C>f>rer comedians and 
eieellaat aaepav. laasthas. wUh a wsB-ta' 
olio. sMde ft a nflBfBuaBi nmt tb» 

At (he Cohimbia this week Managers Ander- 
aoD & Ztegler put on an Ideal holiday bill, and 
people were turned away at every perform- 
ance. Valeile iBergere. In fcer condenseil ver- 
sion of Carmen, was tbe advertised beadllner. 
but tbere wasn't anything else <>ut headllneni 
on the bill. They were as follows: Krtincls 
Oerard, (Mabelle Adams, Chas. Barton's Bur- 
lesque iMenaKerle. William H. Wlndom. Valerie 
Bergere A Co.. Palmer and Jolson. Holcombe, 
Curtis and Webb, and the Okabe family. 

The Forepaugh Stock Co. put on The Prisoner 
ot Zeada last week to the. capacity ot the 
house. The entire company appeared In the 
play, snd each xras given all tiie applnuse he 
deserved. Saturday marked tbe dosing of 
itarry IBurkbardt's engagement as leading man 
of the F\>repangh Stock Co. -He doees to take 
a road engagement. IBarry Fenwick, wito baa 
played leading heavie* sine* the company 
opened her* last year, will hetcattar play laada. 
Fre<lerick <Forreatcr, the Juvenile man, has aoe- 
ceeded Mr. Fenwick. Two new man Joined tta 
company ihia week. They axe Harrr Forrest, 
late of tbe Buech Temple Oo. la Chicago, and 
s«'ih Halsey, of -New Orleans. 

■MnfmRer Fish's laat -week's visit to New 
York Clt.v wii.s In tbe interest of plays for Us 
conipnn.v. In spite ot the fact that Manager 
FMi have been prcacaUng the Tctr beat of 
aloek plars. «r* ^ «iU jw 

: aver- 

I Mah ass^eenaldailsg a- p tmj ssl Uuu 
. Sana, evraer et Ita Star Theatre, 
s, to lata' over ttat hooae In Ite 

Managm Mah are 

from D. Vl 

near future. Olr. Onnn'a otber interests forbid 
his further attentloa to the Sur. However, it 
Is not at all prohalrie' that Managers Fish will 
sccept the offer, as they already have one 
theatre in the City ot Brotherly Love. In no 
event win Olanagcrs Tish leave Cincinnati. 
Thcr tar* hi tta Oncen Cltjr 

City a^ tatter gold 

■5- -—.. — s:..s— sslarlee they pay. 

.IBltaoard r aprtseuutive waa entering 
BoUnon^ last T hsrsday Manager nsh came 
oot of Ua prtvmie oaee with an armload of 
what appeared to te loavca ot bread. When 
accosted with the qoeiT U ta had atartad into 
the baking bostneaa te InAmned tta apeaker 
that he waa Just going to pay lalarlrt 

Oscar iHahn, aaalatant Stage aaascK sC flit 
German Theatre Co., rlsaid wlHl tteesmpav 
very suddenly last Krlday. 

iMarnls Walnatock, repreeentlng WfHtUufa 
City Sports, which plays the siaai 
week, and Fred- Beed, of the Vanity 
were welcome callers Saturday. 


The Arrival of Kitty ts doing nicely in this 
state. lEtal. Johnson, female Impersonator, lias 
Joined to play the leading role. Beaele John- 
son has also signed. Fred B. Wren Is making 
the hit of his life. Tbe personnel Is very 

Xilnn's 'Moseum. of which I>r. H. J. Llnn Is 
proprietor and manager. Is doing a good busi- 
ness. On tta lower floor is a Chamber- of Hor- 
rors, Ihowtns the Idfe of Christ, Cxolgosi in 
France, and other wax figures which artists de- 
date to te eqaal to any in tta ooontiT. on 
tto vaaeaad floor la a amaU and ooar theatre. 
Ito^cBBeBt bOl la Baywiad sad Mlale. onie 

lUfltaaD. Agnes tutakm aat iL^h.^ uum. 
On tta mii. flbar . m dM aaria .fit' ~ 
rent attractioaa tase ai* toSMar. ari 
J. iBerger tSart, maglelaa: Banr dloaHon. van- 

trlloqalst: The iBnnaa Fish and Joa D. 
the boneleas wonder. Obristian Lamps Is at 
the piano and L. L. Linn is tteaanrer. Biz 
Shows are given daily. 

Another aweet-roiced atnger haa been "dls- 
covered." (While ainging at Linn's Museum, 
Miaa Myrtle Hickok was heard by Hugh War- 
ner, who was BO pleaaed with her that he con- 
tracted to place ikcr in vanderllle. Six girls 
will assist Miss Hldcok In what promises to 
be tiie best dressed act in vaudeville. Dllss 
Florence IMcDoaald has been engaged to stage 
the act. 

Popular BUI .'MhIM la la town greeting .old 



the City of Broth- 
erly Love. 

Leslie Carter, The College Hiitm, 
The Yirginian and Others 

(Harry Weat, tta popnlar director of the 
Ocand Opera Beoaa ore h e aUa . gare a cooeert. 
•seninK. oC Voir. which was wdl attcoded. 
Tta soHMa-wmilBrisn now a rth LesuMk ao- 
prano, aad V. BiataflaS, plaalst. BaaatUnI 
souvenir prograaaa of boiscd leathar, taacclbcd 
"Seattle Spirit." were prcaented to tta h- 

Signer Frank Oregory, leader nf Ita gflyal 
Italian Band, was presented with a arngslfleaat 

Sd medal by his many friends aad admlicn 
t week at the Star Theatre. 
John Cort. the Seattle tiieatrlcal manager, 
will have charge ot five atars next season. 
They are Emma Calve. Florence Rol>erts. Mandc 
Fealy, {Barney Bernard and Max, Figman. 

R. F. Outcalt. the Buster Brawn cartoonist, 
proved himself to be a very clever entertainer 
at tbe Grand Opera aionse last week. He la 
quite aa clever a story teller as he la a car- 
toonist. A large andleace waa peasant at aU 
three perfti na sBsas. ytta s i Blui aa.that ta drew 
were turned ''•i«c.,;4ar..!ba ' ssM far chsiUabla 

'H. C. Mlaer'a lletry Bscleaqoara la by tar 
the beet company ot thia kind mcatmed at the 
Seattla Theatre «bla aeaaon. Tta Choma. al- 
Uwogh small, coaspriaea aoaa* vatr baaailfiil 
glrla with mod Toieea. BlUr IHHa is Ita 
ioadtng vocalist wAh alas amaid sad 


The Grand Opera -Honae In Kew Tofc was 
threatened wlOi deatruetion Nov. 9P, when a 
fire on the stage after tta pertormance men- 
aced tbe entire structure. 

Tbere la little doubt that the boose would 
have burned to the irronnd. but for the auto- 
mstic •prinklor which Dooded the bnlldinc. 

The Grand Opera House la a landman 0( 
the (Metropolis, and has many historic associa- 
tions. It waa Imllt by Jay Goold aiMl Jim 

lEvery theatre in New York is provided with 
an automatic sprinkler ot tta nature that saved 
the Grand. 

C(one ot tta eltecta of Tta Ftodigal Son Oo., 
j rtJ j j l l was playtiig at tta hoow, were dam- 


The d^eata task o( 

audiences to avoid a flrs . 

pU^ed In N*w Tofk, ThaakacMng Day with 
out accMeitt wtaa a fire la a taetocy on East 
Thirteenth atieet threatened the Beat Side thea- 
tre diatilct. Ita andience* at tta Dewey Thea- 
trsk ■Bahec^ Mai»aWi sad Ito Falaec Bill left 


Helen May Bntler, proprietor of 
Helen May Bntlci'a <«dlas' auUlaiy Band. U 
Ul in Ctattanaofa. Ttaa.. aad hat phyatdans 
■ay Ita can not so oo Ita mad tor bts or alz 
weeks. TUa win upset tar plans cooaiderably. 
and DIaaagcr J. Leslie Spahn haa been obliged 
to cancel Bvo weeks in Mississippi and Louis- 
iana. Daring dUaa Bailee's lltaeaa . ita tand 
will play eoBcsns la aaC aMMfr OhaUaasoga. 

Hap Ward In The Oraftara is cred- 
ited wifli iMTlng ande tte bincst hit ot tta 
season at tta OUvcr Tlieatie. Uneoln. Seb., 
tafoco a record home. Tta eonpaiiy Is said 
to te one ot tta flaest of Its Uad. . 

~ _:«iatoan 

ta'lK'' Ca- 
a three years' 

In thla conntry. 

It Is reported: :ft<Mf 
American Mspreastls 'kaa iM 
vallerl. tta ItaUan prima da 

A lady teacher told a schoolboy to name the 
presidents; and when he replied that te 
couldn't, she said: "When I was as old as 
you. I fOOM aame all tbe prealdents in their 


M ia s Ms . '"» hi w «Mie saly a 

"With clear, crisp weather for Thanksgiving, 
the nmnagcrs ot all oar theatres ]>ad good 
cause to te tappy on that holiday, the best 
one of the year In this town. The matinees 
were all weU attended, and at nl^t yoo could 
not buy a seat, at say pdee, hoata tetote tfte 
dooc* optaid. . >iieia. «we aeauag. aad la aoaa 
thsatiss IttiiMt '-im-.^wmm'-rtK a .seat -lartse 
sallerx as--dt':-sstaltr'*ss 'te a aa>'4ta. 
Smar flaar. bat that aaada ao dmaaaee to tta 
people wto had .msaay sad waatsd to sm a 
■bow. It Is safe to say ttat it waa tta Ug> 
geSt crowd that ever attended theama a 
PhUadeiphla. Ont^de ot Xhmaday liiiililM 
was good all week, and It loota now as If the! 
usual dnllnesa tetcis Chilstisas wonM aat to 
in evidence thia year. 

Thla dty had «ta Blis— I e€ 
new ahoWB week of ttofv ' STv 
good. Otaa. CesMa. Chitie 'Ja'i 
I the moat pcaiaa aad iier flra'Sisis' aaaaaa at 
tbe Lyrle wdl no doabt te Okt moat prsdtabis 
'ever playsd In thia dty. The CoUege Widow 
was also oeen here for the first time and It 
pleaaed ear paoirte. Lew Fields gave us tte 
ttlBt pscp at It Utppcned in Nordland and Edna 
May ha Xte Catch of the Season drew bearlly 
on accoont of her petaonality, but tha play did 
not enthnie. 
Tta two vreeks' engagemeni ot Tte TllglB* 

Ian at the 'Walnnt Btieat 

Wg one. Bvcry night 4M^\< 
tioned in the lobby, and i ' 
of aeeta waa a la pp e d 

Tte war balawia} lka tonr 

in this dty baa BldMB out In eameat, aad all 
aocta' ot indncemcnta are telng offered to gala 
paltoaage. Two of them have an amateur night 
onoa . a week, aad one ot them has sdded a 
number at vaudeville spedaltles to the regular 
bill ao aa to mate -the performance coatinuous. 
One honw has made a teatnre of a twenty-five 
cent matinee, and now another has goue it 
one tetter by advertialng to sell ladjes' re- 
served aeato for ten cents. As predicted early 
in the season, there is not enongh business here 
for four houses of this character, and the fight 
that 1* now oo only means a survival of the 
atronget. In tte meantime snipers and Htho- 
grapters are x«aplng a rich harvest fnNa the 

'Pavmee BUI. wte waa spending a few days 
In thl.H city. 1ms gone to Oklahouta. It':'.-la- 
aald that W. J. Terguaon has been engageA.aa 
general agent for the shows next a e a a o n . ,,'< ■; 

Lew Graiiam, the papular ocaMS,sC-tte''iSiB^ 
ling BratlMts Showa. has retataSd la hls'bSaH< 
la thU City te tta wlatsr. 

,. nsw«fss(a. 'Ag'i 

afketoer, has aeeaiid a dmree. 

Gertrude Baynes, well known In vandcrllle 
circles as the original originator ot the act 
known as The Oholr Celestial, waa married la 
thia dty thia week to 'Or. Edwin Newton Flint. 
Ot Chicago. 

Tte Dog fitew at Horticultural UaU, held 
Nov. SB-'Dec. 2, waa very successful. 

The season ot grand 'opera at tte Academy 
of Masle will start Oec^ 6 artth La VtatetUa;.. 
KnteUtjgi^jjllJlj|^ll^g l<RI i tiVl 

a week. 

T. W. (Wegetarth U taring an tfeclrie 
Uin bnUt on tte lawn hi troat OC Ma 
realdpaee. , Bis new tUpoetlag eoaipaay, 
wa ^^j m^tmU^ mU ag * Xiaaste Oa., is 

ai BCfc; h ilstest /l* tabjr. taksa bi ttol 

given on Monday, -Dec 

John Welah la boay la 
ting np tta asw clicns « ^ 
tta «saa asat sieioa. It_wai^ 

SOB 'WJ/n, 


I t OhlMjt» laat week to 

rm*«im^9S« ha- 

Dan S. FisteU. late of tte Barnum Ic Bailey 
Show, left St. Louis for Chicago laat week. to 

attend the funeral of 

Nov. 24. Mr. FUheU will ; 
fore returning liome. 

AUeo XMsea. of comic opera tame, appeared 
tetote tta Apollo <anb at tte Odeon Theatre, 
Nor. as. Qlme. Oslv* appear* at tbe Odeoa 

Is meeting with 
Tta Will o' tta 


Dea: 4 . dte «e eaacert. 

Rletard'a Jamnllo Opera Co. 
much success on Ita road tonr. 
Wisp Is the opera presented. 

Ettel Bsrrymore and eompa n y are tavlag a 
week ot hard Ubor. VeMdes. ~ 
and three matioeea t£ 
new play. Alice Slt-bT' 

Three wHMia:oC.The tamd of M Oa.-IMt 
that orgaabmMiB^ last wsek befMo laaelag.W. 


Messrs. Light. RnpperOal- * Msward are pre- 
paring to put out a prodnctloa Ot The Con- 
vict's Daughter. The company Is rehearsing in 
thla dty. 

Tbe Tallest (Man on Earth Oo.. whicti left 
this city about a week ago. la metting «-ith 
the test of success. They pla.ved to a turn- 
away house at tte Columbia Theatre. Waab- 
tagtoB. Mo.. an d.aU njy ee Pay jB..ThU a gars 

ihs« lbs taat Hal *f '!#gS'Vn&iBr. 


Xlie Billboard 


The Billboard 


■a avn Boom BnUdlnir, n & t 

iffljinM r ■ 

Addrwp ^an ^eoiMB OTlrfctloiii for tba adltecte] or 

The Billboard Publishing Co. 

, Ar ■Jpgffawwft, »re<u tamg imtkt mottle/ 
\ tolb Bay he had by ncome to DoaaUm 

■■ftroail fTTrm nnffn- r* PottCmetatOm- 


The firat form of The Billboard, in 
eluding the last eight advertiaing pagae, 
sees to press Saturday meming. No 
■ J va rtl aa wi a nt a for tfcaaa pagaa can be 
glwan the ds al ra d poaitlon and no 
ehangaa can be made in standing ads. 
OB any of these pages untees the oopy 
woh — im by neon Friday No ads tor 
<k» laat form will be 

That the cities of the -west are far 
better Sunday show towns than those 
at east baa tit^*^ been demon- 

stntad by tbe decision of A. L. Er- 

langer. Wm. Harris, A- W. Dingwall 
and Frank McKee. who, while at 
French Lick Springs the other day 
acrced that there is at present no rea- 
son for Inyltins New Torkers from 
their firesides on the Sabbath. As the 
Spokesman. Mr. .Harris said: "I think 
we can get along very well without the 
theatres being even on Sunday. There 
is no popular demand for It in New 
Tork. although there Is a demand for 
it throughout the west. "We do not 
object to an occasional sacred concert 
on Snnday night, but we do not be- 
lieve in giving regular Snnday per- 
formances." Notwithstanding, the Sim- 
day theatre-closing law In New Tork 
seems to be about as effective as the 

Jam.' ••• ' 

There are always en tour a large 
number of vaudeville acts that, 
through extensive and not altogether 
veracious advertising, are carried as 
features when they have not the merit 
to warrant the distlnctioii. This often 
means big salary to an act that Is 
actually carried by others of superior 
on the same bill. Managers and per- 
formers would be mutually benefited 
by a means of mntasl 
bag to the proper 

Swttiiiy Os^'Of'Xowa 


aUe to 

their suburban and out-of-town pa- 
tronage by using their Influence to 
Induce their local traction companies 
to adopt methods similar to those re- 
cently instituted in Rochester. N. T.. 
^ The Rochester and Kastem Rapid 
■Railway Co. undertakes to secare re- 
■aervatlons of seats In any of the Roch- 
r aster theatres. By this means resl- 
denta along the lines who have been 
restrained from attending the theatres 
because of the inconvenience and ex- 
pense oC reserving- scats in person or 
by telephone; and the uncertainty - of 
the seats being held If they arrived 
late, can now go to any of the trac- 
tion company's Station agents and 
leave tile ;imoaQt of money equivalent 
to the price of the seats 
which they receive an 
able at the box-office. 

This worin In practice as follows: 
When the companys* agent receives a 
request to obtain tickets' -fpr a given 
performance, he first ascertains the 
price and location preferred, and then 
telephones the order to the traction 
c om pany's station agent in Rochester, 
nalns for the purpose the company's 
private telephone line. The Rochester 
•SCBt then telephones the theatre and 

eatSon as posslMe;~'«iia^t«8«^limies the 

ntmibers of the seats i>acfc to the local 
agent. This agent then makes out an 
cnder and dtitveis it to the parties 

imKiw m*mr:mpi^'-- V-'-- J. 
iwi*siili8iicsw 'resBlttiiy to tbea- 
tre patrons from this system have re- 
stilted in materially increasing the 
of s ea ts to out of . town pur- 

'^sdal-'iaMiKfii* -'ieanS' ««tib'''«<w>- 
Ing from as far away as Geneva, a 
distance of forty miles. In order to 
accommodate this travd in Roidiester. 

tion In any other city with ei^aaWy 
gratifying results to both theatrs man- 
agers and tranctlon companies. 

From several recent Instances it 
would seem that In England the courts 
do not resatd the presentation of plays 
in tmlUBiiss not licensed as theatres 
as serious an infringement of the law 
as we do in America. The proprie- 
tors of The Belle of the Orient have 
been up three times in a vcqr few 
weeks, and in each instano«!tp4r°:.Tery 
light fines were imposed. 

The long suffering people of Uver- 
po<d. BngteM. axe SKftrnHng for Son- 
day perfbcmanoes in ber theatres. If 

they keep up the agitation for two 
hundred years they may be granted 
permission to sing The Holy City in 

vided ilNT 'Hn after tircacb. 


Since Maurice Hewlett's books have 
been placed on the "restricted list" of 
the Brooklyn Public Library because 
of their alleged freedom In descrip- 
tion of the passions, there has been 
an Increased demand for them. Rich 
ard Kansfield's. Olga Nethersole's and 

Saza Bemhaidtf a press agents are wise 

In ■" ' 

fected with the natidnai 
demic The newspapers will never 
build a national theatre, ^dividual 
Judgment is an diaracter- 
istlc. and the pubUo 
on tbe mettta at s jMr or • ptaysr. 
evffli St 

The city conncO at Los Angeles 
passed an ordinance prohibiting an 
exhibition of tights on the stages of 
her theatres. If Los Angeles really 
expects to dig that canal to the sea 
and become the first commercial city 
of California she will have to get 
away from such petty and narrow 
iiilnaH^lsglBlnfltm as this. 

• • a 

Mayor Dunne, of Chicago, Is going 
after ticket speculation through the 
managers. He says I e will exercise 
his power even to revoke the license 
of tliose theatres tliat conttime to per- 
mit Om abasa. Mstot Dmm Is oelg' 
inal In all Ms methodsi 
, "/■/-'^■.■.■■'*/-<». • 
Til* irtBrsrtty ' «rf aatoniatlc sprink- 
lers as adapted to the theatre was 
demonstrated In the fire that threat- 
raed the Grand Opera House In Hew 
destruction last 

for the flxst time In his- 
tory a newspaper has written a play. 
The title of that play Is tbs rMwrk- 
able one of Volcan d'ArmontL Us au 
thor Is the Paris Matin. 

♦ a • 

The crusade against the theatre hat 


IUds Vmr hu i^ned a contract to retnrD to 
isuSnin* tfaeatie tn 

Wat* Wimg tnm tki 

lOnstral Xu Vaadad «lw Coin. 
One blnlE irlDtn*! day irter reb*tml «t 

TODT Pastor's Opera House — the arlclnal atanda 
at 201 Bowerj, opposite Sprlac itrett. New 
Xork — oat Bob Ball, etblopean comedian ud 
gmenU performer, hastened to a RUlto lendei- 
Toos at the period prealded orer by "Sandr" 
Gpeaeer, theatrical manaser and pnbllcan. Aa 
be came In ost ot the Maat he remarked: 
"And the wind blew thronch hi* wtalakera." 
Aa the arrival iras ciran sbared It was ert- 
dent that be -sras not making a personal alia 
•Ion. A loaoger ^as led to vuggeat: 
'Sandy * Spencer's TvliIskersT" 
Tbt Teteran mlnattel laughed as he respODded: 
"The wind wouldn't know wta«re to And ^San- 
dy's' whiskers ■with any degree ot certalntf. 
He mnat fomlsb « heap of amnsemeot to bla 
barber. Since 1 hare knoim *Sandy,' and that 
la many moons, be baa erperlenced more Tarl* 
etlea ot whisken and bnalneaa than any man I 
bare known . Barberoosly hi* face ha* mn the 
gaaot from the clean ahaTC ot an actor or par- 
•DO to the full beuA «( a mtmK m tnanr to 
a Tegetable farmer tmm bag MHd SiB Mla- 
■ch OB hia chin," < 
JaM as Ibe apeata waa MklBg at tfea ecu- 
«< tba tsaUei; Lew 

■eat 4B tbe beer keg. 

'BeoDoay is a good thing, they aay, but I 
nerer nsed any of It. Bat BUIy Birch la tb« 
llmM. Struse. too. for a man who don't mind 
ataUng a hmidrcd «o the ton at • eaid, or tak- 
ing a flyer la Wall aliaet (or a tig Sgarc. I 
wanted to pat «a an act sC ' ' 

.'body laogbed and Bob became aeated 

aC comae remlnliceot. After marallxing 

and tfhUosaphJzlns aboot eroiwany and tbe aecn- 
mnlatlOB of weallK' he -feigns 

tte'*'bSn?^'^ ' ' "* * '■■■^ 

"Some klnda of tanks." Intermpted Brim- 


"Hnb!" anajq^ (Ball. "Ton'd have te lay 
•ooMtttag It yoa broke an E atrlns. Tbcie la 
no taolo aeeompaalmest to what I an COlac 
ta say. ao pleaae lower tlie bridge and cazry 
off yoor chair. Bnmpaer and Oldeomli were 
extra clerer performers who sared their moacj 
and became minstrel managers. Oldeomb was 
tbe most Teisatlle of tbe pair and was also the 
financier of the firm. Oldcomb was blessed with 
a wife who was a gnldlng star and ber bosband 
ttaooght the world of her, as be oogttt to bare, 
niere was no mistake abont ber being appre- 
ciated while llred. but ebe op and died, and that 
was sad. Oldcomb felt tbe loss terribly, and to 
that calamity was added another, bis partner HI 
bad a sbock of paralysis and was obliged to re- 
tire an Invalid. BUI Oldcoonb was of a con- 
aomptlve timi and booked by his friends end 
tbe doctors to die early, bnt he cooldn't. 1%e 
fact was he wasn't a bit partlcnlar about stwy- 
tng, hat had to remain. He was always a good 
Urcr and a big spender, and wbUe the sands 
waalSat rma out kls booct did, and lie liad to 
■at to walk Ur a salagv wklch waa misktr fH- 
fag. 'WUIc ba 'waa stm la ■aaasoaaat.ka pat 
np a beaatlfiil meaaatat ta Ma 'wMb aa at 
tbe cbolecst ^oM la OtwsvMt. -It was a SM 
of a moctsaiy lataidal osS Oie aactaa say 
mented an angel borerlsc orer tbe grare ot ooe 
be bad lOTed beat, and coat a plen^. 

I rippsat tbat Oldesolb eoold have Csaad a 
Mr fest Ck tM and asMsir Hla aasM bad 


ba did 


tt gtttiag oat atain 

- - of 

at tbe saemege, bat 'sMs VOf doqoentlr ae> 
•eribed tbe loeatloa of tba let and Hie lieaatr at 
the angel be c ons e n t e d to fo orer to Greenwood 
and examine the bargain. 

"The superior location at the plot and the 
beanty ot the angel cangbt btm. Tbe deal was 
made and tbe remain* ot the two wires were 
shifted. On the base of tbe moooment it read 
"Oldcomb* In raised letters. Tbe monnment 
maker sent a atone-cntter orer to Greenwood 
and ha chiselled off the lettering. Tbe snr- 
Cace of the base was repollshed and tbe other 
asmc pnt ca in sunken lettering. 

Tbe listeners remarked sdjectlrely: "Awfnl!" 
"DtfMuli" "Horrible!" "OntrtKeone!" 
•Wretched:" and eoforth. etcetera, but Bob 
flan did not Tentore to express any persocal 
■-■ - - to tb propriety or the morality 

n. A^ter tbe expresslre ez- 
bten ezhansted. be added: 
arackar wba was sent ont lo 
bad ktfa eattlac on tombstones 
Sir a UfMiaw aaS wasn't a bit 

UtIbs la esmaew l ea aa< a>p««t*< to be borled 
In «ae. bat when ba bad anlsbid bla Job be by 

cbance leaked op la tbe face of tbe Katae aad 
(be slgbt be aaw eaaaed him to Irare bis 
tools on tbe grooad snd mn tor bis lite, aad 
when be got back to tbe marble yard bla bair 
hsd tnmed white." The listeners almost slopped 
bceathlng; tbe relator flnlahcdr "Whea Ibc 
aMaa eattcr loskad a* late tbe aireet (aca a< tba 

■Csrla Oslitn, In taer sew play, (_ . 
tbrongh as apertnre In a rose arbor at S _ 
oonple on a bench jast below, and wbo are btd- 
den from the andlence. Miss Cahlll. In s clerer 
way, works tbe aodlence np with a descrip- 
tion ot the '^fOatu on" behind tbe aercca. 

a well kBowa Taoderflla sli«er. bat aC 
Urlnx la retirement and Dr. Btwait 
of ChleagOk In PhUadelptiia, Fa„ Mot. ta. 

HOFPMA'N.BDSnS. — Josepb Hsffman, tbe 
well known pianist, and Vta. Marie Bnstls, re* 
cently st Alx'Ics-IEIalBa. Ikano*. 

BBOWM-Mlffi Tiwsfe Bmra aad Miss La- 
llan Beifc Mb mm/tmm ¥t tit ~ ' ' ~ 
Co., Mot. BTat Shhm; ObL. 

IBABiNBS-ZHUiAB. — Ererett V. Barnes and 
Miss Flo Zellar, both' members of the An Aria, 
tocratlc Tramp Co., Not. 20, at Mangnm, Okla., 
bv the R«T. M. Fowcra. 

deraoo, stage manager at the Academy ot Uo- 
ale nad auas ttaiy XUubeth Middlckaoff. a 
»-pioft ■twill, both «C Sagtistowb. aid.. Utt 
j« at tbe M. a. Paxaonaxs by Bct. B. 

ISITMElfP. — Ooy Mia, ot Ika IIsmt 
Stock Co.. aad IBa Ulda. Kemp, of tbo Ktmp 
Sisters wnd West. Vat. iS, at Onard. Okla. 

EtNGSLBT-SANIXkN. — Walter J. KIngtfex, 
adrance agent for Mra. Wlggs ot tbe Cabbage 
Psteii. and Miss Alms Banlon, dangfatrr of 
George Hanlon, Kot. 26. In New Tork City, by 
Ber. ailoot J. Sarage. 

WARI>E-EaBBBTS.— Arthor T. Warde, lata 
manager of tbe Bomona Co., and Mies Anna 
Bobcrts, a member of the eame company. Not. 
la, at ■Wlcblta, Kan., by the urobate ' 
Sfr. Warde Is 
( Incedlan. 

Of Fre<3erlcS 

wmiaa E. Gtay, as 

at tba oU ~" 

duilas tta 

Mrs. Mary 
Cbelsea, Maai.. 
this Issne. 

Annon 'W. Gardner, known professionally aa 
Bobby Beacb, the minstrel, died at the Emer- 
gency Hospital, Watertown, Wis., Dec. 1. fol- 
lovring a stroke of paralysis. For foor yaaia 
Mr. Gardner's health bad not been good, bet 
the day before tbe llnal stroke. Nor. Sd. ba 
aald to hte trlfe tbat be waa HnHar. aa — ~ 
tbat be felt almort like diartsK, Sr. 4 
ser was bon la Jta m t , H. 1 
years aso^ and at the asa «( 
4be ttoir bariaoa «MA Ito Oiwan imaiai a 
Twcaty-foor Tcan ago be er caalia e Ibe Bi ita 
& Bowers Minstrels, wbl6h orgs nl ssthio baa 
been on tbe xosd erer since. He pisycd end* 
and danced. Mr. Gardner was an Elk and tbat 
organization took cha^ of tbe.taaifd 
ices whids WHS 
Chnrch. A wUnr 
snrrlTe him. 

Harry G. Uoyd. ca iptater at Boblnson'o 
Opera House. Clndimatl. OUlO. died Sunday 
erenlng. Not. 2B. of dropsy at Ma borne VMr- 
teenth and Pleasant streets. Mr. Uoyd was 
forty-two years ot age and comes nma a Itaa^ 
rical family. Up to tbe laat aeaasa b*„«aa 
chief stage canaMl at T 
compelled him a 
leas reqionsthle 


to }U. aad Ifn. Eau jrgaia (laiili 


Ameilcan Circle Swing Co., New lork Gltr: 
capital. $10,000. wni manofactnre and operatt 
amnaement derieea. Incorporators — ^T. B. He- 
Leod. ynner Bnilding: John DstIs. 48 Wall 
•treet. boa of New York, and C. B. Hoosel- 
man, 1319 Freene arenne. Brooklyn. 

BanneT Amnsemeot Ol^ 
$2,500. Amnsemeot i 
—Peter 1. Schaefee. 
Elcbterberg. • 

AUngton Opera Ssaae Os- <blas*ill. B.; 
capital. 17,000. WQl aiaaase uaaMMSt m- 
tocscpoaitKS— 8. McWITIIsma, P. B. 



^^^^ MAI 

We can not ondttrtttlu to ramaO 9* 
PACKAGES oa whiob ia nqnind aztim posUc* 

^^Sb. M Urn m» >m4 rii* «( 

BuTtrd, ICn. Don 
Butlcn, Mn. J. B. 
Baoer. N«lUc 
B««cber, Ml*. fliMft ■ 
BrnMtt. Ben* 
Btjuon, Ida 
•Biibop, Mar 

Bluebird. Mall* 
Bniomer FhbBt 

(Mar^erite * Jim) 
Biwm. Ocdoae 
anolee, Mn. Wal- 

•Oma, BcoBa 

Oastle, DoQt 
Caatk. Grace 
Cberaller, Mrs. Frank 
Cliriats Qitkeflar 
Cohen. Mrs. Frank 
ColbT, Florence 
Coin. Mn. Y. il. 
Conger. Helen 
Coatellow, Madaai 
DeAxmo. Mn. Ifa4ie 
Dale. Kath«iTn 
•Demlns. Mrs. E. I. 
Dntslg. Mn, Blaacb* 
Drew. Fnnkle 
OranMd. Mra. JJC 

Ererett. Traea 

*Patima. T^-B^tf 
•Fletcher, laabdla 
fortune. Cecil 
Fox. Mn. Frank 
Franklin, Gertie 
FrlieUe. Ireae 
GaskUl. Mn. Vaiy 
Car. Je ' 



I.aStia, Mn. J. Stan 


LaTow, Mtb. DolUe 
Laflln, DatoOnj 
•ILelaut Mra. rior. 

ILeaUe. Beatrice 
Lewis, Mn. MTrtle 
McBlalT, EI«1« 
MaeDonald. Ulaa B. 
MeDonaJd, Olade*;' 
MeDouId. Mme. DeU 
MeMonii, Bertha 
SlasolK. Ulak 
SUbMB. Uzb. CL 
HaxUa, One* 
3laj, Loot Star 
Majiiard. Docotky 
MUIer. Mn. DOUl* 
MllUsaa. Ada 
Milton. Emma 
Moll. Mamie E. 
Moodj, Emma Calrett 
Moore. Arlean 
Morxan. Catherine 
•Mocrla, Dorothy 
Moaeler, Mn. W. M. 
Mosart, Bra 2c 
Mundell. Ida 
Nenrtoo. Mn. Hairy 
Newtoo Marinierltk 
•OrmabT, Janette 
Peck, Lnia Bay 
PbllUpa, Barry ft Bdl 

PJckerlos. Mn jW.W. 
•FreDtlc. Delia 
Frlnsle. DeUa 
BeddlBS. Hattle 

Reed, Mn. TMa 
Reed. Kitty 
Benfrow, Mr. * Hta. 


RIz, Dorothy Taoffhaa 
Bocer*. Mn. Dock 
■Roma. Booe ^>tHlin 
RoaamoDd, NelUe 
St. Amo. Mra. Joate 
Sallda. Mme. Zmt 
Seheld. Bnma 
Sellca. LaBeUe (Uoo 

ShablMztaa, Mra. SIC, 
Shatidan. lira. Aln 

3m. Mb 

Co.. Tbt MaM 
Belseao^ O nal e 
Bendrlcka, £«•§ Jk 

mil. All 

BocUnc. Mra. Asaa 
Bolmcs. Mn. Ited 
HoU. Mn Mcaa lOe 
Horlcan. Mn. Boxle 

Baward. Jae 'i Oaaala 
OaMtc. Mn. r. L 
~ " IbB. T. J. Se 

Kaae. Iba. IMBa 
Krsccr. UUc 

Stamit. Mt*. D. Jj. 
Sdb. Mn. G«o. 
T^kir, Kaitaa 
Thomaa, Mra. AdAa 
Van Han. Bra 
Tan DoaaeU. Oota 

Valdea. Mn. Oeeella 
Villa. LocU K. 
Volkea. Maria 
Wallace, Versa 
Walten, Pearl 
Ward, Panliae 
Weatcott, BiTa 
Winer. Annie 
Wltaon. 3dn. Helen 
Wiper. Marcaiet B. 
Wolf. UUUa 
Wood. MM. O. L. 

Adaoa, ecA, 
Adama. Fnnk 

*Adnmog. Bddle 

llblOD, lAKIla ^. 

ABen. Milt H. 9i:£j 
ABen'. ia-aa;'t 
AUen. Win ' 
-tllTen, Denry 

Beraer. Albnt 
Brtccr. Bn«at 
'Benard. Nat 
aoaatela. Joe 
Banc * Hicks 
■aeerly. J. w 
BIddle. F. W. 

Imerlcan Am. 0». (Oa BId<rell. Wm. Se 

Kreko Bioa.) 
imea. Per«jt5i». 
Anderaea, «=Tfe?f 
Andrew. G. W.' 

eUa^a (AaccU'a 

W. F. 

- T. B. 
*Artlinr, Oaa 

Aablona, Tbe 

Artlna, Lew *Rn.rd. Jaa. . 

•AnatlB, J. O. Boiart. Wm. 

Baeknaan, JelmCaiaaa Bnndon. Hany 

Rlrchfleld, Grorer 
nianndln. Ttie Great 
B;ink. C. B., Gen'l 

Blonden. Harrr (Ma 

Roardmaa, B. H. 
*8ooiu Geo. B. 
Boaai. .BBnr w. 

8al*»lB._a Jt- 


Barlow * Rase 
Bataee, Bdward 
Barrett, Artkar B. 
Barrsaa .j. S. gg 

^artlett. DoWltt 
Jno. At. 
^€tan <BUMB 

_ Big. U 

Batehelder. r. r. 
Baxter. Bdwaxd 

(Aheara * Bast«) 
Beach * Beach 
Beach, BoUv 

u ir. 

Bnndnoo. Blaworth 
Brammer Family 

(MarciMTlte tc Jim) 
Brennan, J. FTaaola 
Brewer. M. A. 
Britten. Frank (Bad) 
Broadwick. Cbi 
Brooka Bmcry 
Brooka. P. L. 
Brooka, Tamea 
Browmlller, VTm. 
Brown. Bed 
Brown. Qco. (IiBB* 

n<*«B. b W. 
ItrawB. W. (Ob 

Type Bmni) 
Brown, llarrdooB 
Bnbb, Eazty 

Bnckley, Chaa, B. 
Bnneh, H. B. 
Banker, H. B. 
Bnrdi. Fred H, 
Burt, Kinney 
Burke. Hany O. 
Bomctte, BlCkBSB 

Bsirell. Jlmsda 
Boacb, A. 8. 
Bnah. Loala 
Boabea, H. A. 
Bntle. T. B.. Mjfr. 
Bnttlcr. Harry 
*Oaleedo. J. A. 
Cain. Teddy X. 
CaBlway, Geo. 

Ipball, Doa«Iaa W. 
. _ r, Chaa. 
Cappa. Edmoad 

cu, a. H. 

Cardona, Capt. Gene 

Chreltcn, Bert 
Carey, Charles J. 
Ctio, Harry 
Carr, W. Poete 
CarroU. C. J. 
Case. Doe 
Oaae, B. I. 
Oheraller. H. C. 
{Aerront, C. C. 
Claik, N. Tez. 
Clark, darer 
Clemens & MeAIUater 
ClyB«k IT., jl.- , , . 


Oole. Bert 

Cole & Roj;en 

Oole. J. E. 

•Cole. Lools A, 

Coleman. Chas. 

CoUlgnon H. A 

Collins. Frank T. 

Collins, Artbar (Ban- 
Jo Player) 

DlCkensas, D. 
Dlekaon, i. B. 
DlUae. John W. 
Ulllae, Max 
Dllworth, Jamea 
•Dlnklni, T W. 
Ulttmaa. Ohaa. B. 
DtnllB. ItaM. (fire 

DoCa iiatBtfd OtL 
Dock, Janta S. ^ 

. Beit 

Dowman, Walter H. 

Doyle, B. J. Ic 
•Doyle, lYed P. 
Dreamland Oain. Co. 
Dablniky. E. H. 
Dogan, Jamea 
Dnlaney, J. S. 
Domltreaeow Mlttn 
Dopree, Geo. ftUWey 
DattOD, Wm. 
I>ntton Cam. Co. 
•Dnrtels. Sam 
Dwyer. M. J. (Wreat- 

Dyer. W. A, 
Dyer, W. W. 
Dysoa ft Wilson 
Earle. John L. 

XutecB Oaia. ft An. 
. ^Ofe. iBBt.. 

•Bdwarda. Leo 

Edwards, Geo. B. 2e 
Edwards, Prof (care 

Bonner, Gdncated 

•Elsfeld. Max 
Blusters. Mark J. 
E]mecGorf, W. C. 
EisTor:>i. Peter • 

'E:nmers.Tn, Frank 
F,:up'.Tf Musical Com- 


The United States Post Office ^ 
D^MUtment bas announced tbat ^ 
unealiaa. te letters will not be ♦ 
advertlaed In th« newspapers * 
hereafter. First Assistant Post- 
master (General Hitchcock's re- 
4> pert. foUowingr an investisatlon 

* of conditions, advised a relin- 
4> quishment of this custom, argn- 
4> Ing in behalf of his proposition 
4> that 90 per cent, of the uncalled 
*■ for mail is addressel to persons 

who do not live In the city to 

* which the office belongs. 

* Mr. Hitchcock did not state 
^ that a large portion of this 90 
^ per cent, of unidentified mail is 

* addrcMed to theatrical and gen- 
4> eral amusement people, but un- 
•t> doubtedir that is the fact. 
4> In view of the contingencies 

. that may grow out of the new ^ 

* order, resoltlne in the loss of 4» 

* valuable mail matter. The BUI- * 

+ board Invites all transient pro- ♦ 

•(> fessional people to have their 4^ 

<f mail addressed in our care. <• 

4> Whenever addresses or routes ^ 

^ are not available, the names are <^ 

* advertised in this list * 

* * 

Coney. Pete 
CVnikUn. Ed. 
Oonklln. Geo. A. 
ConkUn, Peter 
Conlon. Jack 
Conover. C. L. 
Cbntlsental Am use. ft 

Ex. Co. 
Cook. Chas. W.. Mgr. 
Cookston, M. C. 
O>ons. Ohaa. 
Cooper. C. T. 
Copeland. Sam 
OopUa, AMiCEt ft Win 
g»<l«a. B^ 

OMrt, PBcy Be . 
OaWley, Jaa. B. 
Otalg, H. B. 
Oratg, Peter 
•Ctanaton A. B. 
Crooln, Jack 
Cross. C. E. 
Cross. Mi. (CryaUI 

Palace Olaaa Shoir) 
Croase, W. F. 
Cxarlinskl. C. K. 
DeGstang. Marcy 
DeOroase, ' Jos. 
Del>arls OheTaUer 

Oarslral OOl 
DBTaiaw CM*. . . 

edy Co.. Mgr. 
•Bmpbe (^ndy Xacb 


Erm. Signer 
Evans. H. H., Mgr. 
Erans. W. O. 
Erersole. Wm. Se 
Eyer. Wm. J. 
Fagan Cam. C5o. 
•Farmer. HattOB 
F^nst. Joe 
Fay. Thoa. 
Fein, Cbaa, J. 
FeatoD. C H. 

Pitcher, TL B. 
FItsglbens. Ned 
Flagg. onhert 
FlanDCty. Rank 
Fletcher. Earl D. 
Pleticks. John 
Fllnn, Frank B. 
•Flonce. AL 
Flood. Jno. 
Foley. Bd. 
Fonda Show Co. 
Ford, S. J. 
Foreucea, Earl 
Fortme Boy 
Fonta. Dr. W. K. 
FtanceUa. The Gicat 
•Ftaak; t. 

nancy, , 

nanTllIe. B. B. 
Darlington. Barry 
Parnaby. Beo. 
Daugherty. Jamea 
•Daiigherty Bnm. 
Darenport. W. M. 
Desrstand. Oa*. 

Keeker. Louis (Trap 

Deltblck ft Benjamin 


Delamater Mna. Com. 

Co., Mgr. 
Defanaln. Fladt 
Dempaey. Iknk . 
Perooa. Fitd 
DcfTlB. Jaawa T. 
Dcapor. Mr. (Din n r 


AM. Oil 

Frea. Dae W. ■. 
Free. t. MMB 
French. Max^ 
Fny. Bcary 
Fnlton. BIek A. 
■IHilton, Arthnr B. 
Fnneobarg. Bam 
Cant. Robt. 
uarrlty. Harry 
•Oelger. H. (Actor) 
neleer .John 
t^cms. Jnllna 
George. Zakar 
George. Jacob Se 
Renld. Willie 
Ciergonder. Frog. Oco, 
. enSMia. In. SL- 
ML Jtai 

Oiniland. P. 
•Gtninshaai. AL t. 
•onilagham. WImaat 

Onmore, Ttioa. B. 
Giant's Cam Co., J.B. 
Glenn. W. J. 
Goldattne, O. H. 
Goodwin, Ben 
Gordon ft Bennett 
Gorman. J. A. 
Qorton. Joe, Jr. 
Ooyert . A. ae 

arMa,*VJ & 
Gray ft ~ 

■Gicca J. 

Ortgg. W. O. 

Griffith, Frot. (Ma- 

GrlsweU. Joe 

Groaa. Darld 

Ororea, Frad 

Hadley, Frank B. 

Haines, Ohaa. 

Balnea, B, Hairy 

Hall. W. A. 

Hall. Wm. P. 

IIsmmerstelD, B. B. 

Hamton. Jack 

Handy NoTelty Co. 

Hanley, P. 

Haralamho, Ctela. 

H i rdlng , H.. B., .Baa. 

BU&, -O. & 
HarrlnitOB, WIm. T. 
Harrla. J. Bany 
Harrla. Sid. 
Harris. Jamea A. 
Harrison. Hngli 
Hatch. J. Flank 
Hangan. Elmer 
Hawklna. W. B. 
Hawkins, Mr. 
Hawley, Walter 
Hayes, Tom 
Hayward Stock Oo. 
Wszelton Bnrlesqoe 

Co.. Tbe 
Hesgerty, Stephen 
Hefarlch, Arthor 2Se 
Hedmark, Fred 
Helton. Bd. 
BendetMi^ B. W. 

Lacfaman D. 
Lalne, i. B. 9e 

Lalloo, Mr. 
latne, Chris. 
LesTltt, H. L. 
•LesTltt, J. M. 
Lee. Joe 

Lee, Frank P. 
Lee, Jno. 
Legge. Wade 
Leggett, Clyde 

n ■ 


LaaUe, Jay 

Leslie, Mat D. 
Lery. Ed. 
Lewis, Barry 
Lewis, Bddle 
Lewis, Geo. H. 
Lewla. F. J. 
Ubson. E. P. 
I.lni1«ll, Otias B. 
Locke, Cbas. 
Loekwood, Henry . 

B. W. 
fi^Tg^f n, A. B. 
Lolow, John (Cnown) 
Lomlmrd Bros. 
Lone Star Cam Oo. 
Lioos, A. O. 
Loag. C. W. 
Loos, Doe^ 
Looa, J. «aai,^ 
Loccnaa. Oaat-^ . 
Loaee, OOtatt >L 
•J<owande. A. A. 
fjieaa, Jamea 
Lolgl. Geo. 
Lnmpkls. Cbaa O. 
Lyklns. WhltU 
•Lyons, Jno. E. 
McCallom, W. B. 2e 
McCIaniban. Ike 
Mac Cllniock. Ed. 
•MoC^illom. Hezhert 
McCone. Cbas. 
McDonald. O. H. 
McDonald. Balpb 
McFerd. Chaa. 
McFarland. 3fr. 
McGinn la. J. D. 
lieQnlre. B. 
Jfae Kay 

Sob (CJr- 

•Hm. _ 
HInta ' 

Hlmer. Edward 
Hockey, Batty Olbha 
Bodge. Jaaca H. 
BoffmaB. Otia (Wild 

Hoffman, Arthnr 
Holder. Ed 
HollaDd, Frank 
HoUon-ay, Lee 
Holok. Arthur U.' Se 
Hoosler Am. Co. • 
Hope. Wm. P. 
Boss ft Ni 
Haas, Bert 
Hoss ft Smith 
•HoTct. T. 9. 
Howard, Joa. G. 
Howard. Bdwaid I,. 
Howard. Joe ft GMale 
Howell. B. M. 
Hoyt, Charlea 
•Hodsoo SylTcatar I. 
•Hngbes. Walter 
HugUey. DoUaa 
Ham. Henry Thom 
Home. F. O. 
•Bunt. Brandcn 
Ibbltson. In D. 
•Ikey ft Aby Co. 
Jackson. B. S. 
James. Wai. » 
Jasper. John 
•Jeannett Broa. 
Jenklaa, Strbctt 
JenalBis, B. ■.. 
•JenBcttes, Oa 
Jerame, Fraak ■. 
Jotaiaaa. F. W. Btin 
J«taSM%. B. X. 

MeVntlf. Hany 
McBae, H. B. 
Mace, Fied W. 
Mack. Biny 
Mack. C. W. 
Mackay, L. B. 
Madison's Monarch 

Magee, J. J. 
Maher ft LaPlace 
MalUand ft Paacatd 
•Maley, Deomaa 
Malloy, Mart 
Mandall, Har^ 
Manley, O. W. 
Matenl. Ghaa. A. 
Markcl. Dare 
lUn. J. .a OAero- 

MsTshsTI. Shanty 
Martell. .Wia. 
Martin, H. J. 
Martin. J. A. 
Martin, Chaa. 
Marty. Joe 
Marrels. ~ 
Masey, * 

Mactnewa, N. (Baste 

•Mattler. Bert 
Maxim ft Gay 
Maxwell. C. M. 
Meeker. W^ C. 

Jooea, Earl D. 
Jooes. R. O 
Kano, Joe 
•Karsey, B. 
Kask^, Jamn 
Katool, Baba 
Katxea, R. 
*Kelth. Davit I 
Kellar. BUV - 

•Eelley. Walter B. 
Kelly, Frank 
Kelly. Frank H. 
Kemps* Norelty Co., 


Kennedy. John, Boa. 

Kerr. WUbar 
Kentlae. Bobt. 
Kleppo, sum Hnakea 
Kildan, Kit 
KlI<ore, J. D. 
KUpatrldc Cbaa, J. 
Kllpatilck Biea . 
Kilray, Arthnr 
KlmhaU^Ctaade B, 
•King, 'ma 

•King ft Co., B. S. 
KInnelnew. H. t. 
Klyne, wm* 
Knowlea. Etatr* BL Be 
Knnpp, Ed. 
•Konlgsdorfer, Psnl 
Knns, Pbenomlnal 
Knnse, Benny 
Knns, O. J. 
Knnse. Otto H. 
Krelter, Arthnr 
Knto, Clak 
La FCTcr, H. OL 

(TH^ BtaFda Bid- 

taPcarl. 3. 
UiPtan. ■ 

IjiTelle. Col. 
E«IBogr, Frot. 
LrttBih. BCB 



■aiORley, Ttets 
Morley. iX A. 
Morris. GCBi . 
Morris Oota ' 

•Mortimer, Cbm». 

Mortimer. W. A. 

Moaeley. Wm. M. 

Mosdcy. X. A.. Mgr. 

Bnady. laadta 

XnaiOB. nr. (Clerk) 

Maaasr. Xse Be 

Xvphy. CL J. 

Ifarphy, Jlanes F. 

Mnrphy. Oscar 

Mnrphy. C. M.. Mgr 

Murray, Jno. W. B. 

Murray, Tomaiy 

Mai9le. Toby 

Vyer ft Mason 

Myers. Geo. H. (Pick- 
out King) 

Myers. M. H. 

Myers. N. p. 

My en. Max H., Mgr. 

National Stock Co. 

Kelkirk, F. W. 

Nemo. Prof. 

Neater. Harry 

Sairth. Arthnr 

Miaa, 1-^ 

Kole. Barry 
Xormao. Jamea A. 

XorrlB. Ed. 
Notter. J. F. 
Naetkea. Wo. 

Nygard. «* ' •. 
Odom, Dan 
Olson. A. D. 
Orton Show, Mgr. 
Osborae Dramatic Oo. 
Orentreet, J. M. 
Orcrtoa. Harry 
■Oven Co., Wo,. Jlft 
Owcna, John 
Paaake, Sanl 
Parker. Lam 
Parrot. Scach 
Fa IN ami, Ckaau- 

Pelhama. The 

Pevper, H. L. 

Perry, Tboa. B. 

Perscb, Bert 

Pbares, C. W. Show- 

Phelps. The Two 

•PhlUlpa, Harry ft 
Bell Gordon 

PhllUps ft GordcB 

Pbllly. W. W. 

Plcards ft Garner 

PIckards. Zola O. 

Pierce. Harry h. 

Plttee. C. F. 

Plxley. PMt. O. W. 

*IPoctcr. .HMtat 


Stanford. Leoa 
•Qtrrena, Ben O. : 
Stercna. Willie 
Stewart. Claada ■ . 

Stlen. Elley . ^ 
SUttler. Doe WBa;,X1l 
Stone, Jno. G. 
Stork Trio, The > 
Storta cam. Oo. V 
Streeter A AadOM 
Stabe, Bany J. 
StaOiBd. Chaa. 

'. XaaL (ftOa- 
OMa) 1> 

Battle. J. P. 
Sottao. Bert 
Sutton, DIA P. 
SwalB, Tom 
Swain. Maater Carl 
Swanson, W. B. 
Taggert Family. The 
Tanner. Doc 
TeetaBroa." Sbow 
Thlelen, Flank. Mgr. 
^niomaa Bioa.* ahow 
TboMt, J.. Agt. 
TbantoB, Howard, 

Potts, O. I,. 
Potta ft Potts 
PoweU. J. S. 
Powell. BalMa 
Fowera. F. 7. 
Pretty P«dlr «. 
Price. Jamea ' 
Pnjo. B. P. -- : 
Pnlaskt Broa. 
P. H. D. 
Qnesae, Geo. 
(Guillens, "Bit 
Balnboldt, V. B. 
Randsll. Charles L. 
BandaHa, The Bolder 
Ranney, Geo. 

Bavcr. Okaa. 
BanrUaa, Ota. W. 
•Bay. osna 

Raymond Stock Oo.. 

Beeder, Flank lu 
•Benckl, Frank 
Bcntrow. Mr. ft Mrs. 

Benzo. Jean 
Reynolds, F. J. 
BVides, J. H. 
Richardson, Card F. 
Richardson. Hairy 
BIckerd, Ed. 
•BledeL Anton 
Klgga. Albert 
Boharts, Or. a 
Bobarla. Gao: S. 
Boberta, W. Bi 
•Boberts. AB«t ^ , 
RotHnann, WlB. ' 
BoMnson. JaBMB A.' 
Bobloaon. A. 
RodoUo, Chell 
Bogally, B. Bert 
•SogatB. Geo. Jr. 
•Boltalr. H. 
Bomagoaa. Guy 
Sooney. Lemiard 
Boot. Shrank L. 
Baaa. Brail 
Boae. CoL O. B. 
~ Hcacy 

Trorer. Floyd 
Toner, Loala 
^«e ft Jcrocse 
lykr, Ohaa. W. 

Vendosne Theatre) 
•Underwood. Ohaa B. 
TaaAUen. E. W. . v , 
Vallon. Hngh 
Van. Woody ;■ ' : 
Tanghn, J. B. .V.' 
Feeder, Bnrt 
Velare. Jack 
Telarcs, Elmer 
Teolette ft Old* 
Tcibctt, 8. A. (Bbasr. 

wS^nt. 'Stm '- ■ • 
▼oia. aula. 
Volker. Beit 
Volunteer Organlat 

Co., Mgr. 
•Vorta. Geo. 3L . ■ 
•Voyles, Boaa 
Wade. Jas. (KU) ' 
Walker. Thoa. 
•Walker, F. lAWStaaa 
Wallace, Frederick 
Walnth, H. O. 
Wallon. Joba 
•Walton. Kraft 
Wasdle. A. 
Ward. C. B. 
•Warner. Ben B. 'c;-' 
Wanca. Wm. J. 

•WaalMr. H. I*. ,. 
'Weaver. Wink 
Webster. B. J., BBB. 

Welch, Fred J. 
Wellington Broa. 
Wells A Gray 
■Welab. Jas. 
Wentworth, Cbaa. 
Weatcott. M 3. 
Western Am. Oo. 
^ - . Weatem Bros.* Sbow 

BaacBtbal, Jake, STgr. westoo, R. O., Mgr. 
■ s j w sr s. Hallr. (taeetrle TlwatK) 

B^a!?ykvB. maoaS^ (taL 

Bnasen. .Uftcd 7. Wbsclock. J. Bllv 

BaaseB. L«wr«nee Be WhdaiL WB. 

Bnth. Scott Wtaltlr. Jl ' '. ' v 

Bossey-s Qrt. Ma - wuta CBr ^2«t J<IB.'' 

Ian Not. Go. (Mr. - 

Sbow ) 
Byan. Frank B. 

Bt. Clare, Chaa. 

•Sanden. Geo. H. 

Sawdle. M. G. Ash- Wllllama. Sim (Big 

a'Wft llau 

•Wicks, Cecil 

WUher, H. Lee 

Ideal Show) 
Williams, H. J. 
Williams, FrankUa B. 
Williamson, J. J. 
WUUng, Chas. 

wmis, B. J (Olaaa 

WlUaid A Co.. B..\V. 

Schale ft SorentenSo 
Schenk Family (Ac 

•Schnltx, Bernard 
Schnmak, Jade 
Seott. 7. B. 

Secard. Ma 

Seller. Loolg (Hlgt wuson. Floyd 

wire Bleyele AeO^ — 
a«aw, Obaa. B., (V 
BhaBar, Brerett . w 
•Shannon. John L 
Shattnck. W. H. 
Shearer. Wm. 
Sherldan,.,Xtddy., . 
Sherman, ^^obt;-' 
Sherry, J. W. 
Sherry. J. A. 

ShlU. Cbas. mmO 
•Shuttleworth, B,' L ' 
Slmonson. M. 
Sletten:'' Claieaec 
Smith, "B. 
Smith, H. A. 
Smltb. B. T. 

SaUlb. t. 8. 
•Smltb. Lee (Mn 

Smith, wm S. 

Smith, Gbett 
Smith ft A ck e i i aaa 
•Spngg. W. B. 
Sprinkle. Floyd 
StaUWd. Leon 
Stanford. Leon 
•Stanley. Tboa . 
SUr ft - 

WaU. Jake «r : 
Walfseale. Jamaa 

Warkman. F. O. 
•Wood. Wm. B. 
Woodford. M. B. 
WoodhaU. W. 
•Woods. Mr. 
Woods. StephM.'ft^..: 
Woods. Boy ahaMf ' 

Wright. Elba E. 
Wright. Fred W. 
Wyisrd. Ed. 
Wygard. W.^fc . . 
W. . W. A. Vmm^i.9»^ 

«w. B. a. 

y«mg. Cham. B. 

(Wire Artist) 
Yoong. Dan. Mgr. 
Toonger Family. ~ 
Yoiiaga, Ad. 
ZaRaln. Prof. 

Okaaacat Caau ZaImM, Bany 



matteF. W« aFa Bot FC«Blre« to 
hoM ODClalnied lettcra longer Otrnm 
tern day a, exeep* at rc«BeaU of the 



-Xtie Billboard 


Tbe BtnbMrt mnti 
•Md am^T- Hut t« ysoiir 
A soad lattar for 


AinnSTON.— Noble St. Tbeatre (A. B. Noble. 
msT.) Al. WUion a»: pleased Bood business. The 
SIcn of The Foot 30. 

ETTFATTX^A. — ^Aodltoclom (H. C. BoUesuui, 
mgr.) Barloir Mimitrele 16; opacity boose. 
Underllaed: IHiimptr Dnmpty. 

XOBIT.F. — Mobile Theatre (J. IJasaebaDm, 
mgr.) Metel7 Maij- Am 20; packed bomr. Par- 
toa SMm:MS; cnA Mmw m* jmnll 


SEEniELD.— JtCTCt** <lfM<''Bnit ft; Ut- 
ttejobn. msr.) Slsn ot Ifcg JDT «8} liKalhnt 

performance and baslneas. 

OUKSEir. — ^K. or P. Opera Boose - (W. M. 
Met, mgr.) Am ToM In the HlUs 14; good bniii- 
Me» and pleased. Tbe Heiald Sqnaie Opers 
0». 17-18; good bnalness and company. Pnnip- 
kln Bnsker 18; failed ts appear. Donnelly and 
HatSeld'a Hlnatrels 21; S. B. O. Tbe Little 
Bomeetcad as. Under canraa — Forepaagli and 
.Mla.'Bnttcis' Btnm 21; good boalDcaK 


BAV nuaCaaOO^-VMnmbhi (OatdMii 
Jk Co., mgt».) Tbe 8b»«ai week ST; 

nefls. ■ V" ■■■■ 

TiToII Opera House (.W. ."K,, 
The IHl|;hn-ajTxuin weet TSf 
contlnoe ftidellDltcIy. 
. «t«uid,<tecfa.Ba«K::''(«r..I^.-J«kdn 

■ JUL Ow. wton>«aade*IIIa; 

India, wmfc .STrt-MdaasvcseeBnt"'- 'r-" --.?. 
Albambn ■■ (ec»>AH^ DavM. mgr.) Tie 

Uonaire DeteetlT« mcfc.ST; great ataon- aiK 
good patzonage. 

Ttaher's (TVmi- bnbelAI; mgr.) The Tele- 
phone Uirt wpt>k 2T; One bnsIiMa and perform- 
ance. ■ , ■, '-i'. 

Caurumla (C. P. Halt, mgr.) 1 
Belles «eek Z7; fair boatacaa. 

Orpheam < Joo. ' .-^ria I fcu »'jj»gr;) 

Sisters headed as aMdhsar ;iaK,«Bik'~rai;? taat- 
seas excellent. - 'C^, "-■'^'r- .!.'~2''''^^''Z - 

I^cenaL (Beet OooMilaB.rvaagELi'tMilMaB'aaB- 
ttran /fiMd; aa-.die ' f r nilt '.•"inf.; fcljlj 'jilaia a t 

NS' sfpaat:. idee 

Sli'jUl ; OOH&S'. ar Pliclan BIdg. 
LOS AXXihUES. — Uason Opera Bouse (B. C. 
■Wyatt, mgr.k Ben Hnr flnlslies Its engagement 
Pec^g; bsslneaa la tat. Tbe Prince of Pllsen 

vjN*M*.'3 l ii i iiMj'i|0tba^ mgr.) Tbe 

Mge and JtoiT irtek 19; .looft boiiiMai and 

bm. Lost ParadJae week ac - 

Belasca Tbeatre (Jno. Uaekwond,) mgr. 
Wbj Smith Left Home week aS. 

Grand Opera Boose (Thios. Baker, mgr.) 
Hunei*t HeartB week ISA. 

Orpheam Tbeatre (Clarence Dro>vm. mgr.) Joe 
Flynn. Maiton Ganon. Pierce and Italaee, ill. 
and Mrs. Kemp. Oaaa Ftanda. UdTUIa and 
Stetson and othci» week 19; sood bill and 

Chntefi Park and Theatre (Henry Koch, mgr.) 
Ctalffarelll's Italian Band continues to attract 
he^'T receipts. AJI amusements are dolns 
well. .D. W. FBBIGCBON. 

OAKLAHD — Bell Theatre (A. {Mm, mgr.) 
Princess Trtrle. Botbwen Browne'a Twlrley 
Hnrley Glrto, Harry Clinton StWTcr. Hendet- 
mm and Boas Bentlay week ST; bamneae good. 

SAIT ;0SE.— Victory O^beatre (Sam. HarrU. 
m^.> Four J;igxline Sarretts, uiuan Mel- 
bourn. Manrlo, ClOTeileaf Qnartette, Walter 
Jones, and morlng pletnies week 27; ibie boai- 
neSB and dunr. 

BACRAXEBTO.— Acme ^hMti*',' (Otei:' fled- 
dard, mgr.) Pearl and - • 

Maeidre. LeonI and I 
Hnlcdilncs and Laakyv 
week 27; excellent I inim. 

KIpHnger. mgr.) mntOr -^O^ 

■bow and bnalniaa. ' Th^ . T i i mt 'dC 
Braadwar 1hMtnk^^K,>K£ 'itlUmiiiUmi'-' mgr.) 

Kate Howard Co. 


OOUUKAOO BEBmoa Opera Hooae (S. N. 

Srci mn.) In Old Kentnc^ 27: gnod bnal- 
OoOece -monr M: BtlttrlMaoa 

n ao; irar Bon mat at.,*. 

ftt-.l^f: — 


, = and per- 

>nfexntle» Band S: fUr boslness 
■'-^v The CaBege Widow 28; Under 
I 90; War J>oin> Eaat See. 3. 
e/aaELail. O p m Home fW. F. Stepbens. 
mgr.) Wben Mmar Comes Jbiddng Heme 
25; large and well-tdeaaed biiUmaa Two Merry 
Tramps 28: enod business. At CHpple Creek 
4; Ttederick TVarde 5. 

SVSBLO.— Grand Opeim IHooae (W. F. John- 
.aao, mgr.) Dark 21-35. Two Metry Tramps 
95; good b ortnes s and sbov. College Widow 
sr. ^ <Hd KcBtocky 28. Tbe Maulage of 
SMr.aat UMir Amthan. SUaa Oae^ £ 

SoiMtr neatie (Jaek 
' ' * ■ 19-22. The Prince of 


4f% tar aawa and B i i i lnH i. A 
f ; wzita for partionlara to tba 


BBISOEPORT.— Smith's Opera Boose (E. C. 
Smith, m^.) Down tbe Pike 20: delighted ca- 
pacity bu»lne8s. Brltt-Nelsoa Fight Picmrea 21; 
record buslne^. Tbe Gingerbread Man 22; 
pleased good business, airls Will be OMa 
23: good business. Tbe Prodiga] Son 21; large 
attendance. Checkers 27: Llent. Dick. O. S A. 
28-2B; Cbas. Grapewln SO: Tbe Flamlog Axtow 
Dae, 1-*, 

' Mm IB. «./]IMtbcll, m^.) at. and Mra. 
SUner Blew. Gallagher and Baztett, Arery 

Strskosh. Bochez's Dofrs and Ponlca and othera 
week 2i: business good. 

SANqiTBT.— Tayl« Opera Bouse (P. A(. 
Sbear, mgr.) Otrla Will be Girls 22: pleased 
large andlenee. ^niat Happened to Jones 27; 
In tbe ILand of Cotton 29; Staepard's Morlng Pic- 
tures 30: It's Up to Too, John Henry. Dec. 2. 

EABTFOBO Parson's Theatre (B. C. Par- 
sons, mgr.) The Gingerbread Man 20-21; good 
buslncaa. Oar Kew York 23; pl e aaed large 
bu irtn aaa. In .the land ot Oottoa 334B; good 
boatacaa. Chaa. Giapewls 38; Xoa Oan twrer 
Tdl Wt .Ckeckoa aM>ce. S. 

TT^BiftB J Ktfftm Bdbw ^S. ar TenjUnga^ 
mgr.) For Sa BraOaf'a aiUS; fair 

bnslneaa. Olie Qneen ot Oanrlet* 23-25; fair 
bosineea. Tlie Way o£ th^ Trmnagmnat 27- 
29: No Uotber to Gnide Bar 80-Dee. S. 

'PoU'a (L. C. EUby. mgr.) Hyuns and Me- 
Intyre, Olnslcal Kleist, CtAD'e Dogs headed a 
good bill week 20; bnsixiess excellent. Oar- 
meadta. Colby Family. Pat Booney and Marian 
Bent; and others -week 27. 

; lOBBlDEK^ ^Merlden Theatre (yackaon A 

Becd..'iBgn.) 'Ben of Broken Bow SO; good 
show and baHnoB, Empire Morlng Hctures 
at-as; good baalneas. nMer 6oatliem Skies 
at; fooi baslneaa and pcttammMC, - OUa WtU 
Be GMa 85; good bnabian. JMtte'Hkrder 
Stock Co. jTi Tbe Ule of gplW Dae; 1. 

WATERBtrRT.— Poll's Theatre (Harry Par- 
sons, mcr.) The Little Gray Lady 20: pleased 
fair patrooage. The Rays 21-22; excellent busi- 
ness. Why Girls Leare Home 23: large busi- 
ness. Girls Will t>e Girls 21: fair business. 
Tbe Prodigal Son Zl; good bnslness. Llent. 
Dick. u. S. A.. 2T: Stacrloek Holmes 2B; 
Land of Cotton 30: Ctaa*. Grapewln Dec. I: 
Arnold Daly 3: Sbe Tried to Do Bight '4; 
Wedded and Parted S. 

..Jacques Tbeatre (J. W. Pltzpatrlck. mgr.) 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy and Brand Opera 
Trio bead a good bill week 27; bnslnesa good. 

Star ThMtie (J. B. Ihomnwn, 
Toi t Ladk af Onb week SI: i - 

AUWmA^-Oiniid Onm Ho 
* LMUtBMw mMi A Qwman 
peritormaBea and taniiMW. Don 

wea 4, rwar Down Bait. 
NorOiem nmnite <F. C Bbarta. mgr.) 
'Bm Tanqour In Xbe Snibe OM. 
■ Tbeatre (31. a. Btngar, mgr.) "Week 


WIUOMOTOH'. — I^cenm Theatre (Daniel 
fBumpbrles. mKr-) Past Life in New Tort 
16-18; packed house at every performance. Caa- 
fesslons of a Wife 2022; good boslness. Llght- 
hoDSe bx the Sea. 2M5; good hooses. Dangers 
ot WotUK OUa ^lendld boalnesa. Too 

Fnad to &r Sl>4>ee. 3; IDan Thome 4Si When 
landon Sleepa T-V; Tba Cluai Jewiril Bohbciy 

Gairrlck Theatre fW. Ik Dockstader. asCT.) 

Miller & Hopkins, Cbas. and Edna Harris, Sal- 
He Stcmler. Eddie XrfWnard and Sbarp BxxrKbm, 
Atlanta Spencer & Co.. The Trans-At^tic 
Foot. Th^ Oolomblans. Tbe Four Olipbants, and 
ti» kinetograph week 27. 

Grand Opera Hoose (Jeoae K. Baylls. mgr.) 
Melboiinie 3taatemai In That'a Mn'a Wajr SB; 


WASHHrOTOlf.— (New National (W. B. Eap- 
ley. mer.) Maxine Blllott In Her Great Matcb 
week 2T: business and attraction exceUent. 
John Drew week Dec. 4. 

Belasco (Ira J. Lamotte. mgr.) Bertha Gtl- 
land fai Sweat Klttr 'BdaBs. weak STs good busi- 
ness and emiltDt ' illiggUM. : Wuiama wtA 

Dec 4. 

ColnmbIa (Lndiett & Dyer, rosrs.) Kyrle 
Bellen- In Raffles week 2T; good bnaineas. Dock- 
atader's Minstrels week Dec. 4. 
^3WMtte ffi. P. Sargent, mgr.) Engcnie BUr 
M' Ollsai .:we il . -;tr? good perfoamanee and bnsl- 
newi:' .AL' H. inison week Dee 4. 

Acaienijr (Tno. W. lyons. mgr.) ChOd Sbrres 
oC Xew Xork week 27; good boalneaa and per- 
ftmance. Tbee. B. Sbea wt*k Dee. 4. 

Lyceum (Ensenr Keman. mgr.) Fay Foster 
<>» week 2T; s. R. O. T?>e Brigadiers week 
Oec. 4. 

Chase's (H- W. DeWltt. mcr.) I*e Hanson, 
The Cnttya Mrs. and JIlss Yennans, Ja». K. 
Murray and dara Lane and others week 27: 
bn»Ineae and bill exceptionally good. 

Cawmtte Hall. BU<dc Pattt.- SMS: big 
hoMneaa. ■ - T.C mans. 


PESSACOLA.— Opera House (I. M. Coe, 
msr.) Kersand's Minstrels 30; The Clansman 
nee. 1-2: HooUgaa'a TTotAIea S; Sowing the 
Wind T; a iepartfa. aiwlng Pletntea 0. 
SZ; . AWmXiaZ,— Opera Hooie (Chaa. F. 

mgr.) Al. H. WIlMa. 16: good 
and fair retnma. flml, S; Ug 

Lfwis_Morriaas SVj.-inM. We Were 
^d-tOt -A- 

A T . B A K Y.— Itawlln's Tlieatre (6<^towsky 
Bro«_ mgrs.) r.arlow Minstrels 20: pleased large 

boalnesa. Lewis Mr—" — *" — — 

Twentr.on* 2S: The 
Princess Dec. 1. 


AXLABTA.— Tbe Grand (H. J. and I. L. De- 
Gire. mgrs.t Tbe German Gypsy 21; good 
bnslneaa. Merely Mary Ann 22.23; splendid 
retnraa. Walker Wblteslde 24-25; packed Im- 
menaely. Joe Weber's AH-Star Co. 27-28: 
packed them to the doors. Pauline BaQ Opera 
0». a*:; . Lawta .Oterlaoa 30; >DaTld Ptoctor 

Oypsy 20; good 
Dorcas 22; iplendld 
performaoee and good Iraslneas. Walter White- 
side 31: fair bnslness. A Madcap Princess 
25: excellent sbdw and fine business. Paid 011- 
more 27: Tbe Barlow Minstrels 28; Sbepard's 
Morlng Pictures 30. 

SWAIBSBORO.— Bell Opera Bouse (Geo. H. 
Bell, mgr.) R4iodes-'Bratton Comed.T Co. 16: 
irood business and performance. Denver Ex- 
press 21: good bouse and fine performance. 
Georgia Jubilee Minstrels 21: Taming a Hus- 
band Dec. 4 Under canvas — Spark's Show 2S 

TAILDOSTA. — ^Valdosita Theatre (Cplntqn 
GrllBn. mgr.) Earloir Minstrels 31; good per- 
formance.. Loola UoRtam 24; good BWftWBMce 
and hnataaaa gl a iena a nwlB Wt. good bnal- 


CHICAGO — nilnols Theatre (WUl J. DavU, 
mgr.) Week 4, Frim ScheS In Ollie. Mo- 

Powers' Theatre (Harry Powen, mgr.) Week 
4, Eleanor 'Bobaon •» Mer^ Manr Ann. 

Grand Open Unnss twtiy. Aakts. mgr.) 
rweek 4. tiSTadmt BIh Onae IMwin- 


Studebaker ThWlH . flL' B. BnMMft' agr.) 

Week 4, Limn nwnS !• SiTSmJru- 


Gatrick Tbeatre (Samoel P. Geraon. mgr.) 
Week 4, Bal>es in tbe Wood. 

Colonial Tbeatre (Geo. W. Ledeter. mgr.) 
Week 4. dMjrAre SflBntaa non Bnadwar. 

lUVldmt^ Iheetie (flee. CL Whww, bns. 
mgr.} Wed 4, rwar avn 

Great (NorOiem " 
We^ 4, 

2, Hie Umpire. 

Chicago Opera Bonse (Kohl & Castle, mgn.) 
Week 4. Ws (Honor, the iMayor. 

Olympic Theatre (A. Jacobs, mgr. for Kohl 
ft Castle.) Week 4. Artbnr Prince, Eight Sal- 
vaggts, BMmund Day & Co., Vernon Troape, 
Frances Dooley and Girls, Miss Beckwlth, Danc- 
ing •MlicheUa. Lew Wells, Tbe Two Kings, Tte 
Delks, Tyler and James. Booston and Dalbn, 
Frank Ball, Kllnetop Slsten, and Geo. K. 
Spoor's Klnodrome. 

Ha.vmax^et Theatre <W. W. Freeman, mgr. 

for sou ft Oaatle.) Week 4. Boast's <Uorfeal 
" Fittr BroOMcs, 

.J, Tafioh'a Dogs. 

... Ziffasei IicoiiaTd 

•ad Fnlton. Bc h a etar and DeCaaw. PbB and 
Carrie BniMll. Jar Bmw. Otae Oiaat Trio, 
Sally Sbnnson, and Ceo. K. Speot^ Klnodrome. 

Bush Temple Theatre (Olaabeth 8cb^>er, 
mgr.) Week 4. Ivan, tbe Terrible. 

Criterion Theatre (Uncoln 7, Carter, mgr.) 
Week 4. UePndden'a Plata. 

ford, ngis.) r"irssk «, WbssTW'* WShie Twenty- 
one. : ' • •. 

Colombna H ianlie CWehar ' Bs sa.. mgn.) 
Week 4, MBmreaa Wtk ta .UI' AiaaBfthe 


Howard Theatre (M. Magnns, mgr.) Week 
4, Vaudeville. 

Albambra Tbea'tre (James H. Browne, mgr.) 
Week 4. I«Hle WOlIama In (My Tom-boy Girl. 

Aeadeav o< Ifasie (Wm. Koehe, mgr.) Week 
4, Jeaale Mae BaU la The etreet Staigier. 

Biioa Theatre - fWm. 'BoChik. .aagr-) Week 
4, Shadow Behind the TlironK' '^T 

Sid. J. Boson's Tbeatre (8Id- X Biuaa, mgr.) 
Week 4. Bnrlesqne. 

. Trocadero Tbeatre (Harry B. <BMpii^ mgr.) 
Week 4. Burlesque. 

FoJly Theatre (James A. Fennessy, mgr.) 
Week 4, Burlesque. 

Clark Street Mnseirai (Lonls M. Hedges, 
mgr.) Week 4, Cnrlo Hall and theatre. 

Tnn gM Mae Olusenm (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
mgr.) <Me haB and theatre. 

(THAJtPAlGir.^Opera Hoose (C. F. HamlltoD, 
mgr.) Tbe Forbidden Land 24: pleased large at- 
tendance. T.<nrayetCe 29; Human Hearts 30; The Chef XI. 

DIZOB — Opera House (Ctaarles H. Eastman, 
mgr.) "Rie Hoosler Girl 23; good buelness and 
meased. The Itendaie M; A FMr Bslattal »t 
Uncle Tnn's CMdn Ote. 1; BbtB BUtan 6; 
F^ns t 11. . , 

DABVnXE.— Grand Opera Hooae (W. I<. 
Keller, mgr.) Flints 30 and wedc; Imiaense 
hoalneea. Tbe Volnnteer Organist 18; tab 

BIjaa Theatre (H. O. Btagtedmak mgr.) SoBt 
and Phelps, Bessie Hoogcrt and othen week 
2T; boslness isso(L 

SlenrarUl mUJMUmt Somt. W. I>. Kel- 
ley. mgr.) Ike TOntMr Oi*uilst »; pICMCd 
larce andlenee*. 

BAST gT. IX>Uia Bi— ■»■» Thselie (H. 
P. sm. mgr.) XyiUeOHte Itack Ch, week 
28: beHnass _good ant mmrnKKf lirsllft. Tbe 
Ohansienes Dse. tt II' V TIlllTe Uligliilii 

ZLSnr. — Opera Honae (Fred W: Tenks. mgr.) 
The Bnoawa.ra 20: good bnslness and flne per- 
formance. Shooting the.Chntes 2S: fair bnsl- 
neas and performance. Tbe Paraders 2»: fair 

*how and performance. Ml!»s Alice Nielsen 25: 
fair andlenee and pleawil. The Woman In the 
Case 27: A Poor Relation 30: Britt'ifefaua Flglit 
Plctnres Dec. 1. , . - . 

GAIXBBimC — Andltorimn (Dr. b: T. Dor- 
se.v. mgr) A Fair Bxclianee 0; good company 
and biislnp-is. Little Johnny Jones 11: flne 
show and big bnslness. A Forbidden Marrlaite 
13: fair show and buslnem. Tim Mnrphy 14: 
good show ajMl fair retnrns. Mav Irwin 10: 
big buslnesa. • TTie Stiow Olrl 1»: flne compnnv 
and huslnn-s. Uncle Tom's Cabin 20: goo<l 
hnxinejs. Francis Wilson 23: pleaseil poo.1 
buBlnesK. Orent I.»Ta.rette 24: RIchnrcI III. 
25: Hans and Nix 27: An Orphan's Prnrer 2R: 
Wliat Women Will Do 30: Qnlncy .^dams Saw- 
yer Dec. I: Tim Murphy 2. 

BUon (F. B. Payden, mgr.) The Zimmer- 
man*. Mackle and ocheni week 18; k<k>iI bn»l- 
DCS* and performance. 

JACKSOWILLE.— Grand Opera Iloiife (Geo. 
W. Cliattcrton. mgr.) Human n»nrtji S-J: fair 
hnslneos. .San Toy 24: pleased large rcliinia. 
The Great Lafavette 2.-.: good ahon- ami fair 
hustnesa. Two Johns 27: fair hii«lnei>«. Porter 
J. White 30: IJncle Joah Perkins Dec. 1; 
Cnder Southern Skies 2; The Heir to the Hoo- 
rah 4. 

JOLIET. — .Toilet Theatre (J. T. Henilerson. 
mgr.l Great Ijfayelte 20: good show and 
fal- biwlners. .\ Comer In Corree 21: excellent 
nerf«"ma»M^ ami camcltv hnf«IneaK. The Parnrt- 
era aS: fair rhow and bmlnesa. Tbe Deagnna 23- 
SLI^^^ S?* Her Fatal Sin 90: 

Blehard III. 27; A Desperate Chaaea 30. 

Grand Theatre (I^ula Goldberg, mgr.) La 
Monte and Paulettc. Wallace and Beach; Green 
and Barton, and othera week SO; business good 
Powen and ThedbaH, Blbbert and Warren, Mar- 
reloDS Savryer, Briicr BItteta and others week 
2 7. 

JUfWABBEv^MeClare'a Opera Oooaa CF. B. 
Shults, mgr.) Two Johns IS: good bnslness 
and fair performance. Uncle Tom's CU>Ib 21- 
good business. Traos-Oceanlcs Vaudeville Co! 
25: buslnefs good. 

KABIOM — Opera Bonse (C. W. iBay, mgr ) 
Black Crook, Jr., 22; big bnslness. My Friend 
From Arkansaw 26; good business. Dora Wood- 
ruff 27-20; fair business. Little Bomestead 
Dec. 5. 

PEORIA Grand (Cbamberlln &. Harrington, 

men.) Richard III. 24; good patronage. Cousin 
BlUf 25; good boose. A Poor Bebtlon 20; 
good house. Western Amnsement Co., 27; fair 
buslnsss. San Tor 28; (air honae. The For- 
bidden I.and 98; Ltand ot Nod 80; JteVaddea's 
Flats Dec 1. 

aialn Street nwaHe (Oeila ft CknrehUI. 
mgra.) Ferguson ft Pawa c i e t Ota, Amtln. 
Howard and Xdnder, Idaatsr fltelsrt The 1a* 
kolas, IP. J. Smith, week & 

Weast's ThcMse (flhas. Baitaan. mgr.) The 
McCarrers. Qfr. aad 31m. 08lCtn,.ahUllMM end 
Thomas, Ella ClMH, DM and Mae OotdsD. wcA 
ot Dec. 2. 

QTTIKCT. — 'Empire Theatre (Cbamberlln, Har- 
rington. Co.. mgrs.) San Toy 22; large business. 
Railroad Jack 23; fair business. An Orpbsn's 
Prayer 2.'>: big bnslness. The Two Johns 'J6; 
record business. The Fortddden Land 27; good 
business. Under Sonthem Gklea SO; The I«nd 
of Nod Dec. I: What Wamea WIU Do S; Unda 
Joou Peifefas 8; The OcUa 8i BaiMg BNWa 

S-9. ' • 

Bijou Theatre (Patrick & McConnSUt mgts.) 
Ahearns, lEsbers Sisters, Pox and SamSMn^ ]IbS> 
ter Slater and Anna Mae Lleblg week SV. 

BPBIlIOFI£IJ>.— Cbattertao (Geo. W. Chat- 
tertoa. mgr.) Maaon and Maaoo 22; fair busi- 
ness and pleased. Jebn OrllBth In Blehard HI. 
23; excellent hnalaa ~ 

awars M: p kaa sd 

Volunteer Orgsnlst 88; gsod 

business. Bnman Hearts 28: good 

and business. May Irwin 9T; good 

and bnslness. Al. O. Field's Minstnia' 88; 
heavy btisiness and excellent attraction. 

Gaiety (Smith & Burton, mgrs.) DeCbrnm 
Oogs and Monkeys, McCioad and HdTlUc, FM 
and Simimers, David Ikcatlng aad ethcca week 
27: btKtuess good. 

Olympic (C. J. MoCam. mgr.) Buslnsss aud 
offerings continue good. 

Empire (Jolio Connors, mgr.) Excellent bus- 
iness is the result of good bUIs at tbls house. 
WYOmHC— Colonial (H. A. White, mgr.) 
tadt Co. 18-20; A Knight ot -SS Jaa. 8L 


AB60I,A.— Croxtoa (R. B. WUIK, mgr.) The 
Old Ck>thes Man 22; good show and fair busi- 
ness. The Hunt Stock Co. SO Bec. 2; The Sem- 
inary Girl 7. 

BLUFFTOB. — T3ie Grand (Frank Smith, 
mgr.) Eben Holden 20; good show to fair 
business. Qnlncr Adams Sawyer 27; good bus- 
Ineaa. Sis BUwaeaa, the Bey Dec. 4. 

SVABBVIU^— Orand (T. A. Pedlay. mgr.) 
Gwgej Dla». «( at <l C ' " 

strela Dec. . . 

Oo. 7; P retn Peggy 9; A Message from Mais 
12; Tbe Redemption of David Corson U; Eben 
HoMen 14; Viola Allen 18. 

People's (T. .i. Podlay, mgr.) Once. Bar- 
ward Co. 1» and 22; Van Dyke and. BMM' Cis* 
week 2U': York State Folks Dec. 3; BiBCK'CkaSk, 
Jr.. 16: The Little Homestead 17. 

FBAKKFORT.— BUnn Tbeatre (Langbrake & 
HulTord, mgrs.) Tbe Royal diet 23; pleased 
packed boose. East Lynne 23: good bnalness. 
Pretty Peggy 30: San Toy Dec. 8:' Coasla 
Kate 7; The Booster Girl 8: The VobrntStf Or* 
ganlst 12: Tbe Seminary Girl 15. 

Crystal Tbeatre (Ciiaa. Welsii. mgr.) Leon 
and Adeline. Tbe Itus^ella. Tbe Great liavsrdo, 
Cbas. and Jennie Welsh and othera week 27. 
Business flne. 

FT, WATBE,— Majestic Thea'tre (M. B. Rice, 
mgr.) Eternal City 20; good pcotformance and 
baaliicia. Why Women Sin sLi large honae. 
Oam fld^ 9>: flne a etftrm a uee, flair boslBess. 
Old Cl ot hee Mas 38; tair perfbtaaaee, good 
hoose. Bbea Holden 94: good show aad busi- 
ness. Kolb and DUX 28; pleased two l«rge 

Temple Theatre (F. E. Stonder, mgr.) Last 
we^ 's. 87- Dec. 2, bill was a strong one. 

OOSUJUI. — Jetferson Tbeatre (Barry Som- 
men, mgr.) The Rajib of Btaong 22; fair 
house. ^Eben Holden 28; good iioase. In the 
Blstiop'a Carriage 30; VTiiy Girls Leave Home 
80; The Sambo Girl Dec 1; The Dnke ot Kllll- 
crsnkle S. ■ 

XOXOKO — SIpe Theatre OW. B. Hdmiek. 
mgr.) Why Women Sin 88: frir tasluf BIfh 
Flyen 27: good baslneaa. ' OMe Xaah nap- 
kins aS; fair bnslness. BaMa fWSia'SO: Vnr* 
ray and Mack Dec. 1. 

Crystal Theatre (W. E. Flnley. mgr.) Bosl- 
ness continues good. ' Week 4, Wm. West and 
Beula Benton, Bentham and Freeman, Crlmmons 
and Mack, Mtss Basel Good, and tbe klno- 

rward OSi week 88v eacntlng 88; good 
a asti r Baa CT Sik ill.' O. Field's Mia- 
!. 1; The OeMn S; Fnai Jonec Open 

I,AFATETTE — Grand Opera House (Jas. W. 
Ryan, mgr.) Mme. Modjeska In Mary Stnart 
15; good business. The Moonsliiners' Danghter 
17: fair house. Dan SttUy 20; fair bouse. 
Kolb and DIU 22; fair business. Royal Chef 
M; capacity bonse. The Volunteer Organist 
20; In tbe Bishop's Carriage 28; The Belle ot 
Broadway 30: OUlf JfasK Vea. 9; gaa Tmr «: 
York State FodEiSs Osa sl a «hle~U: Bimfcaty 

Girl 10. 

lOOAKSPOaT Donllng's Theatre (Jno. E. 

Dowllng, mgr.) Bnndn Ilossa M; fair per- 
formance. Tbe Rajah of Bhong 23: good busi- 
ness and performance. The Shelld Co. 'M; 
gooil boslness. Pretty Peggy 28: excellent show 
and bnslneaa. Slaves of the Mine Dec. 1: Snu 
Toy 7; Heir to tlic lloorabm 8; A Volunteer 
Organist 5. 

Crystal (W. T. Randall, mgr.) Leon and 
Adeline. lAVardo. Janes Iiscter. .Xke BMSrito, 
and mvflag.pletaraa wtk.Zlt hwtMa aad hOI 


XDVCIE,— iWyson Grand Opera Bouse (B. 
R. Wysor, mgr.) Plff, PalT. I'uuf 20; pleased 
S. K. O. Tlie Kternal City 21: pleased good 
bnalness. Tbe Royal ClM« SB.: paOui hOOae. 
Murray and Mack 27: The Blgb- flrefa »; A 
>lp»»age from Msr* 30. : 

etiar Theatre <R. II. Osgssfty, mgr) Hatat 
and Mason. Kagrae Keaijr aad e^ers ma0t 88. 
Itnalneaa Kood, 

xaSaHa, mgr.) Anna Bsa 


Xlie Billboap<l 


joo« Opera Oa. Dec. 4; A tieDtleonii Bmglar 
S- TJie Hlg*! Tljea 9. 

OTTEBBEIN.— Smith'! Opera Home (Opp * 
Goii;.'iu', mgra.) A Poor RctaUon ai; good 

'"ut^ilOWII.— Onett TJieatre( iTa SwUbei. 
our.) Bwtcr Bnnrii 21: fair butlnen. Pretty 
MCT Its flue sbotr and ralr baalneu. aide 
TMCfeed M; blK buiteess and fair attraction, 
jial Jonca Opna Co. aS; good sbow and (air 
feoilnna. Qslney Adams Sawyer 30. 

PMIUpa' Tteatre (O. O. Murray, mgr.) Good 
TaudeTllle week 26; bnalneaa good. 

BintUVUXE. — Opera Home (H. B. Mulllii, 
msr.) Tbe Moooshloer'a Daugbter 9; good boa- 
Inew aad ataonr. Doyle Stock Co. SMI; ems- 
eeled. Dncic Jodi Sbnpklna 23; fair «Mir aad 
buaiiicaa. In the Heart ot Oilcago Dee. I; Vhe 
High nrers 4: Ra ilroad Jack 13. 

TTf»"* SAVXB. — The OoUaenm (BroDion 
Bm.. Bgn.) The Royal Obef SB; good eOiow, 
capadty bnahieaa. 'Hans and Nix Dec. 2. 

Empire Tbcatre (lonls V. Sdiebe, mgr.) The 
Kerr Pt a t itna 06; good buslneaa. 

Lyric Tbeatre (I-yrlc AmuBement Co., mga.) 
Burton and tBrooks. Bnasell and Dunbar, l» 
Adella. Wolf and Wllaon, Bengler SIstera and 
klnodrome week 2T; capacity baslneaa. 

Grand Tbeatre (T. W. Bariiydt. mgr.) The 
Runawaya 33; eood companj' aiid bostneaa. Ma- 
nn and Maeon In Trlts and Sntts 24-2S; line 
company, capacity baalneas. Tbe Eternal Otty 
06: eood company, fair bnslneaa. lo ttie Bt- 
ahop's Carriage 27; good boalDeea. May Ir- 
win In 'Mm. Black la (Back 28; good boaloeaa 
and company. Alice Nielsen 9; -AI. O. Fields 
30; iHnnuui iHearta Dec. l-S; Tolonteer Or- 
ganist 4. 

WABASK.— (Barter*a Opera House (J. M. 
Barter, mgr.) Brttt-Xelsoo 21-22; fair boal- 
aMa. Tbe Bajah at Bbong 33; good boslness 
taS •traction. 

PAUL'S TAIXET. — Qneen City Opera Boose 
Gait ft Baroca, mgra.) Son's Mtoatrela 8: fair 
boiliMas and plcaae& An AtiataenkMe Tramp 
10; _BO« d bosiaesa and p l ig g gt. Tka Lnat Boae 
S gnune y, miflgi lln^d. * 

■OBTK VoAXZBXSB. — lamgsdde Open 
Boose (A. B. Sstet. mgr.) Broim'a In IWD 
34; good bnaineas. DonnclV * 'Batlleld'a Hln- 
•trai 23; line performanee and packed bmige. 
Iijman Twins 28; Buried Allre 28; Poatr VMm 
FOicyTllIe 30: Tbe Last Boae o( Bamnwr Dae. 
I; Sweet Ctorer 9; foa. DcOntase 11. 


BZS KOnm.— J^oater^ Open Boose (Wm. 
Foster, mtr.) The flclmlcM 9D; nod boalaeaa. 
Ana taSfoBt SO; The Btemal City Dee. 1; 
The Triomph of Betty 2; Modjeaka 4; Sis Hop- 
kfau 0; Tte SoUcklag Girl 8; Tfae Land of 

GtaDd Open Hotiae (Wm. Faster, mgr.) Tbe 
Boy BAlnd the Onn 23-aB; good sbovr and 
taslness. McFadden'a Flata 96-29: good baal- 
neas. Fosny Mr. Oooley SO-Dee. 1; Tbt Two 
Johns 3-0: Irish Pawnbrokera 7-0. After Blld- 
Bight 10-13: For Her Sake 14-18; Poor Bdatloo 
IT-aO: My Wife's Flamltr 21 «. 

Andltorlnm <Wm. Poster, mgr.) Twin Mnr- 
pby 30; CalTe Sec. IS; Holty TolCy 20. 

BUon n>eatre (Fred Bochanan. mgr.) Van- 
dairlBe playing to good bnslneaa week 2T. 

aitonv TheatM (W. B. Gonrley, mgr.) 
XaaSlft nt p lnrtnK to good ^stneaa week. 27. 

■AttMWB. C pa n Boose (C. P. Hnbbaid. 
■gr.) A' fSikt «< W 4: canceled. Hdia BUI 
M; MM - 10 . Oggii fc . A t CMppIe Creek IS; 

etnceBad. A B«rd Hnit aSlfSTCiay Baker 

23: canceled. 

ABITA — Johnniffi Omm Bmi* CH. ■. Oht«. 
mgr.) Conns OoBcatt QbTSN^ 1; OW* JMUec 

Slnsers 8. 

CESAR RAPme.-OiiMOt'S Open HoDse (W. 
■<i. Collier, mgr.) Hap'lml SO; good bnslneea. 
M.r Wife's Family 9B: sood boalneaa. Tbe 
Srtiool Girl s»; good attendance Dora Tbornc 
->: good boslness. ne FllnU week 2T: Tbe 
Irish Pawnbroken SO. wbcn the rUnto la off. 
l>»» n br the Saa 4: « mnihn St Tb* Woman 
In the Caat «; Ik* Utdt MbMMr 9t Bk ratal 
Sin II. 

reople'i Theatre (Vic Hogo, mgr.) Marguer- 
ite Newton, Knigbt Brothers, Bairlngton, Chas. 
Bowlson, Lottie Monroe and Ttograpb week 27; 

CKEBTOV.— Otanple Grand Theatre ((3atl Da- 
mport, ncr.) Dude JoMi Perklni 8S: fair 
performance and Mdltnct. Ber onir 81a 30; 
Dcsdtrood Dick. S; flMiaM Aom 

Kay's 7. 

OUBVItUE,— <:nnd rOMCt Baui* (Wm. T. 
Roehl. mgr.) The SeMTmrt 90: fUr hnslneaa 
and Show. Gideon's Uhmrelg Dee. 4; Her Fa- 
tal sin 0: The Winning Obi T: The Uttle Mln- 
iMrr S: Mildred Holhind 11; The Pllnta 12-17. 
^ BlJon Theatre. Prof. Lindsay, Gordon BB- 
dred. Washer Broa., Jack OToole. Texana Slst- 
Bonnie Gaylord and tbe morlng ptctsrea 
week 27. — • 

GRINNELL — Colonial Theatre (A. Lister, 
mgr.) Othello 28; good business and attraction 
eicellent. Dora niome 28. 

FALLS — MetropoHlan Open Boose 
,(^- O. Ellsirorth, mgr.^ AMaMa TlnratOB 
In The Triumph of Betty «t Mr bnalnisa. 
Down by th e Sea Dec. 7. . 

XIOKDX — Grand Opera House (F. P. Stur- 
ef' "V-) nans and Nli S2; fair banlncas. 
Two Mina 25; fair business. Tbe Forbidden 
I? _ ~' ahow. Qulnry Adams Sawyer 

38; Vor same and Honor 30: The Land of Nod 
Dec. 2; Uncle Joah Perklna 5: Boater Bivwn 7; 

1^°^" Caee Hw Omnty Ohalr- 

>"<"> 1?: Hairy BertMord M; Tbe Ue oC Bong 

» "AW80H,— Grand (W. ■. nUnm. mr.} 
An Orphan's Prayer 23; tUr beelgf. A Royal 
28; good hualneaa. Britt-KcliOB Fight 
Ptctutea S7; fair bnslness. Qnliacy Adama 
af^SI '•i. Dodge and Bowman Amnsement Oo. 

0»AWA.— Opera Bouse (I. S. Blatcby. mgr.) 
The Midnight Express 24; fair show and at- 
tendance. Faust Dec. I. 

OIIUMWA.— flrand Opera House (J. Frank 
Jersey, mgr.) Taming of the Shrew 30; The 
Etemsl City Dec. 2. 

■ "SCEOLA.— Tonefs Opera IIoum- (I. A. Touet. 
mgr.) As You Like It 20; A Ro.Tal Slave 2. 

OSKAI/K)SA,— Masonic Tlieatre (A. P. Ow- 
«». mgr.) Down Where the Cotton Bloaaoms 
Grow W: good huslneos. McFadden'a FUta SB; 
8. n. o Vendetta SO: The Two John* Dec. 
i;i2!*T5*'*',^'*»^P'> *: Wliat Women WIU Do 8: 
iSII!''*.!?'!"'"""''*'™ My Wife's Fsmlly 7; 
™ Otel from Kaya 11 fDown by the Sea 18; 
M* ?°^S^ Chairman 14; Stares of the Mine 

nna tgr mght M; Ueily TMly ST. 

WATXKLOO.— 'BrowD's Open Boose (C. F, 
Bromn. mgr.) Her Only Sin 20: pleased good 
bnaineas. Hie Telephone Girl 22; fair boal- 
ness. Adelaide 'nnuatoo 34; good bnslnesa and 
flne performance. My Wife's Family 25; good 
twalneea . and fair show. A Hot Ttme la Ooon- 
toH-n 7S; Wm. Owen 30. 

Blectrlc Theatre <E. H. Johnson, mgr.) Br- 
ans Trio, May Del May. Prank Comar. Vesta 
Montrose and others week 20: business and bill 
cood. Do Beck's Dogs and Ponies. Tbe Bays, 
Bending Bonda and others week 2T. 


ARKANSAS CITY. — Pitch Ayenne tRieatie 
('!-. B. flyers, mgr.) Holty Tolty 24; good 
boslness. The Pumpkin Basker 2B; good bnsl- 
ness and £slr show. OerU'a Aaotion 38: Cooain 
Kate SB; Sweet Oloirar Dee. Si .Xbe lAcrty 

JO - _____ 

CHdlTDTE.— fletrlck Theatre (R. B. Mmer, 
mgr.) Uberty BeUes IT; gvod bosinaaa. Two 
Merrr Tramps 20: pleased Atlr baslncaa. SI 
riunkard 22; good hoalneaa. DefU^a Aoetlaa 98; 
excellent boalneaa. UtHe JOkMWjDDW ST. 

William's Opera Honae (G. W?inn«na.nicr.) 
Angel'a Comedians O-lI; S. R. O. The Way- 
ward Son 17: pleased fair bnaineas. Margaret 
Ralph 16; good business. Duncan dark'a Min- 
strels 25: Lyman Twlna. anderllned. 

. lOLA.— Grand Tbeatre (C. H. Wbeaton, 
mgr.) Taming of the Shrew 20; good company 
and boalneaa. Two Merry Trampa 21; fair 
bhalness. Derll'a Auction 22: capacity boose. 
Isist Boae of Summer 23; exceBent company 
and big business. King of TraawB SB; I^auan 
Howe'a Morlng Pictures Dee. 1: 4he SMOOgh- 
bred Tramp 2; Julia Gray iB BR <Mly Jta 9; 
Breckeorldge Stock Co. 7-9- 

FT. SCOTT. — (DaTldson Theatre (Harry C. 
Emich, mgr.) DeTll'a Anctiaa 21; capacity 
honae. Laat Rose of Summer 25; good hoosea. 
Aa Told In the Bills 27; fair audience. lAttle 
Johnny Jones 29; King of Trampa 30; lorman 
H . Howe 's UoTlng Pictures Dec 2. 

NEWTOS.— Sagsdale Opera Honae (D. S. 
WlHlajns. mg r.) An Arlatocntle Tramp 0. 

nXXBBintO. — lakBeDe Thcatic (W. w. Bell, 
mgr.) BiDwa'a Jn Town 31: <alF bnalneaa. The 
Girl Roaa Kay's SS; cxceUant company and 
good boalnaaaL Utde Jobnny JcoM 24; flne 
pertocaMMe «M packed boose. Oeni'o aoc- 
tloo as; aood ^aar and B. B. O. Naa B. Fat- 
tan Jn Tbe last Bosa of SomiMr tt; 0Md com- 
pany and hnaiaesa. Btiatac Bliiail S9; Aa 
Told In the Hills 30: Bcneitt 4kb M Cn8b 
Occ, S: CentDty Stock Co. M; ItfaWs Twins 
8; Adelaide Tlioxstoii 13. 

tXOnXA.— Cranrfocd Tbeatce. Lord Balti- 
more 90: sood abow aad fair boalnew. Little 
Johnny Jones Zl; good Amr and packed hcuM. 
Loula Jamea 34: Howe'a Morlng PIcturee 25. 

NoTelty Theatre (A. O. iHagan, mgr.) Blng 
and WUIIama. Sommera aad iWlntcia. .Holt, 
and others week ttt basbwsi 

Star mieatnb Vmdevine 
retur ns 

WICHITA — Crawford Tlieatre (E. L. Mart- 
ling, mgr.> Little Johnny Jonea 22; packed two 
houses. Loots James 28: fair bnslnesa. Lord 
Baltimore 2t: fair boslness. Holty Tolty 25; 
good bnslness. Mabara's Minstrels 2T: Boater 
Browo 28: Cnele Tom's Cabin 29: canceled. Al- 
berta Gallatin 30; Sweet Clorer Dec. 1; Tbe Ub- 
erty BeUea 2. 

Toler Attdltorlom (S. O. Tatar A Sao. pnpa.) 
Wazde Dramatte Oo. Keek tt: -MT tawlaeas. 
Brltt-Nelson PIgbt VUtrnm »; Dettf* Auc- 
tl«D SO-Dcc 2; Alice IMtaaa S; Waide Drm- 
matle Oo. S-<U. 

BUon (C. a. Olaon, mgr.) Ring and Williams. 
Snnmaa and Winters. Great HoK. Bajiicte 
St. Gemwiae. Otto mmm, rearl Bailer aad ott- 
era week g; b agl ai ei aeeA ' _''."' 

WooderkodiVorkKB. t^acHalg. wtf.} .. Baal, 
ne ae good. ■ ■ - 

WINFIELD. — Wlnaeld Gnnd 

CD. (B. Byers. mgr.) The King of 

pleased good returns. Tbe Pumpkin Hoaker 91; 
fair husioeea. Devll'a Auction 29: An Aristo- 
cratic Tramp 30: Tbe Liberty BeUea Dec. 5. 

WELLdOTON.— Woods Opera House (B. W. 
Hitchcock, mgr.) Angell's Comediaos week 13: 
big business. The Lyman Twins 20: flne show 
and packed bouse. Mahara's Minatrela 23: 
DeTU's lAaeWoa, nnderllned. 


LOUISVILLE. — Avenue Theatre (C. A. Shaw, 
mgr.) Custer's last Fight week 26; good t»uai- 
nesa and perfocmaoce. A Bace for Life week 
Dec. 2. 

Masonic Theatre (C. A. Shaw, mgr.) The 
Black (Trook week 28: boslness and penformance 
good. Buster Brown Dec. 4 and wertt. 
MacBuley's Theatre (Jno. T. Macaoley, mgr.) 
Francis Wilson Sri-20: good business. Eleanor 
Roi»on 30-Dec. 2: May Irwin 5-8. 

Buckingham (Whallen Broa.. mgn.) WB- 
llam'a Ideals week 28: good bnaineas and per- 
fonnance. Sam Derere week Oea S, 

Hopkins' (Wte. Rclehmao, mgr.) Rose Stahl 
and Co.. Oinette's Ueakeya. Biee and (My, 

Mhral Von Wenal. VIgasartle KaHa. 

CnUln. OeUca Bobe eat' OMM iMNk . 

neas good. Valeric BcsgaM and Oa. bead a' good 
bin week Dee. S. 

Liedeifcnata BaO (B. 0. Benedict, mgr.) Anna 
Elra T*r week Dec. 4. 


HOFKIHUVILLE.— *Holland'a Opera House (T. 
B. Gnnls, mgr.) Jewell-Kelley Stock Co. week 
20; pleaaetl good audiences. Fatty Felix 30. 

LEXINGTON. — Opera Honse (Chas. Scott, 
mgr.) Sersesnt Broe 2S: good huoloess. Joe 
We«>er All-Star Stock Co. 23: capacity bu«l- 
ness. The Geisha 2i-QS; fair bnalneaa Howard 
Dorset Co. 2n; big buslnes.' and pleaaed Im- 
menseUv. Cnderllned: Blanche Walsh. 

XATSVnXE.— Washington (Russell. Dye A 
Frank, mgrs.^ Tlie Via Stock Co. 10-18: pleased 
gooil business. The Heart of Ireland 30; (bir 
business. IWell's Hand Dec. 3. 

PAOVOAK. — Tbe Kentucky (T. W. Roberts, 
mgr.) "Van Oyke-Batoa Co. S04S: coed bnal- 
neaa end ceapuf^ •eaaRectiaa Its The laie 
of Boog Song 90: IMtjr Mix Dee. i. 


lOM OSLEAKS— Tnlane (Col. W. H. 
Bowles, mgr.) Wilton Lackaye week 19; good 
hufdnrsa. Wootlland week 20. 

(descent Tlieatrc (Col. W. H. Bowie*, mgr.) 
Tlie Woman Hater week 10: good biaslnesa and 
performance. Busy Isay's Vacation week 98k 

Gram! Opera House (Chas. Ftmrtoo, mgr.) 
Tlie Climbers week 10: flne show and bnslneea. 
An .vmerlran CItlsen week SO 

French Opera House (M. Brulationr. mgr.) 
I«a Huguenots 21; packed boose. Sfanen 38; 

TheetM (Walter BaMwIa, 

iL) .OeUen 

show good. 

St. <^nl 

ston. mcr> -Oidal AlUaaVa 
Karsays aad otbeta watk 

Tborae and Chrleton aad 

Blyslnm .(Will A " 

neeic 19; fair buslaaas; 
Troubles week 26. 

Oreenwald (Henry Greenwald. 
<2rook week 10; big business and 
ance. Dainty Dncheas week 26. 

City Park (Jos.- Bernard, snpt.) Bnslnesa 

Audubon Park (Edw. Baker, snpt.) Attend- 
ance good. 

M7M. A. BOBFSB. SIB 8. Docganols St. 

AT.F.XANDBI8 Bapldea Theatre (B. H. 

Plagg, mgr.) iBabes In Toyland 20: eanadty 
boslaeas ajid excellent c<Mnpany. A Tnp to' 
Egypt 21: fair show and good busloeas. Hie 
OMinty Ohalrman 2S: pleased capad^. EOle 
Ellesler aO; canc«led. Tbe Oiaperons 29; Ba- 
mona CO; A Buo^rb of Keys Dec. 3; Tbe Honey- 
moon -t: Donnelly and Hatfield's Ulostrcls 10; 
Frederick Lorraine 13-17; The Sign of the Four 
20; Lewis Morrison 21; CJbas. B. Ilanford 22; 
When We Were Twenty-one S». 

LAFAYETTE, — Jefferson OSieatre (The Im- 
prorement Co., mgrs.) Eflle EUalcr SS; laise 
and well-pleased bnalneaa. A Skip da Bnvt Ms 
good show and bnslnesa. OHnNpOUtaB . Oon- 
cert Co. 28; Hana Banaon Dec 2. 


BATH, — Cidnmbia Theatre (Ollrer Moaes, 
mgr.) Phelan Stock Co. 13-18; tOlr busi- 
ness- Two Slstos 31; fair bouse. QIarks Dn- 
matlc Oo. 23-25; Mr taslneas and cxe^ent 
company. Boe Stock Oo. Dec U-IB; Oook A 
HaU DramaUc Co. 2S-37; Tbe -Blnls 29. 

LEWISTON.— Empire Tbcatre (Cbba A Onuta, 
raers.) Primrose iBastiela.Sfe. uilBiat sbear 
and business. Clan Tuiuai 9145$ Jba. Xas- 
nedy Oo. week 27. 


BALTntOBE.— Academy ot Xnslc (Nlxoa A 
Zimmerman, mgra.) Jos. Oawthorae in Frits In 
Ibmmany Hall week 27; good riioir and hig 
returns Ihe. Peari and the Pmnpkln week 
Dec. 4. 

iFord'a Opera Honse (Chas. B- Ford, mgr.) 
Docksuder'a Minstrels week 27; S- B. 0. 
Little Johnny Jones week. £>ec. *, 

ABangh's Theatre (Bcbt. B. Irwin, mgr.) 
Hie Heart of Maryland week 21; good Show 
and business fine. Bertha (lalland week Dec. 4. 

3faryland Theatre (Jas. L. Keman. mgr.) 
Augusta Gloae. Mr. and Mca. Howard baea- 
dell, Staley and Bta-beck, Staeit BegB aa. CbaPy 
and Bates, McOntyre and lIcUHW aad alheta 
week 27: bnaineas good. '"" 
. Andilortnm TiMstra (EnseBO raeaaa;- SB.) 
Tb* Foot liortaoa week 97; sood ahav^dZS- 
B. O. AI. I«ach week Dee. A - - . . 

HaHldur St. Xhntre (Kena^ Hi.A marl 
msia) IkaAed Uronnd tbe HMS' .VMk 
bnsbieaa goad. ' Tbe Qneen 
Dec. 4 

Blaney's Theatre (O. N. Ballsnf. 
Life In New York week 27; good ' 
Hoosp of Mystery week Dec. 4. 

MMiomental Theatre (Joa. IL. Kernan. mgr.) 
Dainty l^aree Bnrlesquers week 27; good show 
and patioDage. Fsy Foster Co. week Dec. 4. 

Lyric Theatre (Bernard tJlrlcb. mgr.) Bal- 
tlmore Food Sho w week Z 7; greet bnaineas. 
SmiVlAN SOBBNnraAI,, 224 Laurens St. 

ANNAPOLIS Colonial Theatre fW. A. Hol- 

lebangh, mgr.) "Bte Beal Widow Brown 22; 
jgod stev aaA^nainfae Don Zbone SS; good 

. 4WM lrt BljjB W^>wA ^ of Un^e^jVaBbi- 
CaHaaSP^ SSuo^tSf-' oL - . wmi "Sal 

W. Barer, mgr.) _ 
Annie Ddoaet SlartlB's aiMBK Pletafes 


BIVKR. — Academy (Cabn 

A Grant. 

mgra.) Cbaa. Grapewin 90; (ind 
leased. Befcce and Alter Us 

Tbe laie of Spice 28; good baalBe _ 

Wtaofcd M; fair tiaiftnaa .Boa^ Stack Oe. 
eck ST: Bofflnston Stodt Cla< Mak ; Oee. ;A 
abcedi^g BUoD. Baxke aad UBae beaded a 
good bUI -we^ ST; liua t a e aa continnea good. 

Casta (A. L. fiayses, mgr.) Bxcelient tsb- 
deriUe continnea to attract good bnslnesa. 
Mtekdodecn. Badneaa cood asd attiaetloaa 

SUMnSSXBU— Qnlaa Bm Thcatie daOaop 
A Tglaaa. awit^) Utde IdM ti a a i il l iwt: 95; 
fair buitutss. Vicsedle. tbe Biijailiit' iMO; 
weH fflled boose. eseeUeat pet te na a a c e. On 

the Bridge at Olidnlgbt 80; Sen ot Broken 

Bow Dec. 2. 

Oo. weA OT. 

HOLTOn- Optra 
iri^ ladles' Chair 38; 


Bmptre Theatre (T. F.- Ueny. oigr.) Scney 
Llllles 23-33: fair show sad bai la es s . Amer- 
ican YItagraph Co. ^JO: capacity bnalaesa. 

LOWELL. — Opera House (Fay BroHiera & 
Horsford. mgrs.) Ti>e Weird Fays week 20; 
big business. VanderlUe week 27; S. R- O. 

-Academy (B. J. Mnrphy, mgr.) Naughty 
Rebecca and A Stolen Kiss by the stock com- 
pany week SO; business line. Tnmeasee's Part- 
ner 37; cood boaincaa. Tte 3Caa- From aiez- 

Boston Tbeotre IBcct IMeHa, awr.) ' RaBk 
Kennedy and Jno. A. iSBBtfaa beaded a Vlod 
bUl 'Week 2T: bnilaeee feed. 

Feople'a (Bany Woodirard, mgr.) Bxedleat 
Tauderllle Is drawing weH. 

MEW .BEDFORD, — Kew Bedford Theatre 
(Wm. 9. Cross, mgr.) Colonial Stock Oo^ week 
13: good hnslnesa. iWtooged 90: fair bnalneaa. 
The Isle of Spice 91: good siMHr sod bnslness. 
Before sod After 99; mod Aoc aad fair atten- 
dance. . Cbaa. Qsapewfa aS; Oay. «ear Xork 
24: A HeMwuae me »i mauaae XtawtKls 

9*.. ■ - - i 

Halhaway'a (Theo. B. Baylesa. mgr.) Fran- 
cla Wood. Hathaway and Walton. Chas B. 
Stweet. and other* week 30: business good. Tom 
Xawn and Co., Frank Bush, Mallory Brothers 
and others week 27. 

Sarey (D. R. Bnflbigtoa. mgr.) The Tie that 

r.) A Step 90; packed 


SEXBOn. — Temple Theatre (J. B. 

aqtr.) Gaston BardcTerry, Perry Oorwey, M. ' 
P. . Reynard, Elinore Slstens. Relir Btolbsa. ' 
Frank Gardner and Little Vincent. MaiCCBa, 
Nevarro and Maieena, Oorlo Trh> and martOK 
pictures week 27: good buabiess and bllL Oolo 
and Johnson bead a good bill week Dec. 3. 

Detroit Opera Rouse (H. Parent, mgr.) Hen- 
rietta Crosman In Mary, Mary, Qolte Contrary 
w-eek 27: good business and show. In the Bi^- 
op's Csrrlage week Dec. 4-0. 

Lafayette Theatre (Dr. Campbell, mgr.) Sher- 
lock Holmes week 27; good stiow and bnaineas. 

Lyceraa (A. Waraer, B«r.) Xsncy ttasm 
week 28: Sood pcrtgnisaee sad csod baMBMK. 
Hearts of Gold week Dec. 3. 

Wbltrey Theatre (Chaa. Altman, mgr.) 3fr 
Tom Boy Girl week 'X: good perfocmance and 
larKe audiences. A Wife's Secret week Dec A 
Crystal Theatre (J. Nash, mgr.) Prro aad 
Wilson. Oliver Wilbur, Marie Lauiena. >Ua- 
more audi LeMorne. Castle and Oollins ''t 
maring plcturea week 28; good bagln 
Avenue Theatre (F. Drew, iaC>) ' 
mlan Burlesqners week 26: falT *^' 
kee Doodle Girls week Dec. 3. 

BATTLE (mEEK.I-'Post Theatre (E. R. 
Smith, mgr.) Why Women Sin 27: Tbe Dnke 
of Xmicranlde £9: Hie Sambo Girl 30; At 
PIney Ridge Dec. 1; Tbe Seminary Girl 2. 

BUoo (W. 8. Botteriield, mgr.) Claude Fred- 
erick and Don, Bicycle BIB, Ham mood and 
Forrester, Mn. Leigh Lyndi, Ethel Gelky and 
lllnatrated eosgs and moring pictures week 
27: good ahow and bnaineas. 

BAY CITT. — Waatilngton Theatre CW. J. 
Daunt, mgr.) Seminary Girl 22; fair bnaineas. 
•n>e Sambo Girl 27; good boalneaa. Mrs. Wins 
of tbe Cabbage Patch 28; Why Women Sin 30; 
teltytelson Sight Pictares &-8: FtaaeU WU- 

(J. JD. Sffanoie, eagr.) 


'H. Scs^ mn.) 
D. Q. Ama Dee. 1. 

SOWAaiAA. — Beefcwltb Tbeatre (W. T.' 
LeCkie, sngt.) Ai Phsay 'Ridge 92; good bast-, 
ness and performanee. 

FUHT,— Stone'a Tbeatre (Albert O. Pegs, 
mgr.) ills Highacaa tlie Bey 20; good abow and 
returns. The Seminary Girl 25: elegant per- 
formance and good attendance. Tbe Bambo 
Girl 5!0: I.«(lr Teaile Dec. 1. 

JACKBOH.-'Atbeiiieam (H. J. iPorter. mgr.) 
Tbe Sign ot the T\>nr 22; fair business. Hla 
Highness, tbe IBey 24; good bnaineas. Tbe For- 
bidden iMarriage 25; fair boslness. Lady' 
T^axle 07; good show and business. Mn. 
Wlgga of the Cabbage Fatdi 29; Plney Ridge 
80; Addetde Herrmann Dec 8. 

BDoo Theatre (W. S. Bntteiddd, nwr.) 
George Hint. Harry Soma. Manning Trt«L_ffeo ' 
B. Soyt. Tbe Myaterlons Olda, aaA: 'Okata- . 
scope week 27; good boslness. 

lid Bbi JO. — Balid's Open Honse (I>. I.: 
Wmiaaa^ mar.) Biy Wife's Family 90; Mod. 
hnibwm Bis TOgbnen, the Bey 21; bis 6a^ 
nsss. Base CegWsn la TOe Poke of Kllfis a ble 

good basbiess. Tbe Sign of'tbe Ibor 99;ittlr,. 
business. Cook's Usjestlc Stock Co. ZT-Dee: St/ 

Grace Van Stoddlford In Lady Teaale 28; WW ' 
Women Sin 4: Adelaide Herrman 5; Britt-BO'- 
aoa Pletises 8; Ldghtboose Bobheiy 9. 

BUoa Tbestie (D- J. BohsoD, ingr.) Stewart 
and Saymond, Daly and OIBrien. Geo. B. Hoyt; 
Misa Blandte Edwards, Tbe Jnllans. Baby Irms 
Wlkoff A Oo. week 27; flne bill and bust- 

OW0880.— Open House (C. MetalenbatdMr, 
mgr.) Ttie Bell Boy 25; pleased fair hnsl- 
ness. Whv .Women Sin 20. 

SAGINAW,— Jeffers' Tbeatre (Sam Malka. 
mgr. ) Ted E. Box. Jones and Walton. Thos Shea 
Wise, MUton A Co., Searles A Ormond, Three 
iNamhos. H. S. (>osellne and othen week 98; 
bo s lne ss and aUnetloas good. Grace Van Stad-. 
dMord Dee.' 9: '.-' 

Acadeaar ~(J(ga. -P(aiatebi, mgr.) The Siga. oC 
the Foar.^90: .saod»boalBeas. The Seminary Glil 
23; pleased ! ^eed? ietaraa. i Bra Tangoay 28; 
large baalaeaa and flae' performanee. Mrs. 
W^^^^»e Cshhage Patch 27; W1qr^ W«aeB . 



Bvr.) Tbe TradcrtBotr Ml _ 

ST. PAUL, — Metropolitan Open Honse (L. N. 

iMme- iUodleaka 27-29: good 
Oeasdl JwSec . 9; flood bat-. 
r.-aBd<;-<C^iigy »aNek'-:St 
Tbe BsaMtw ahl Wtt: ne «BdMHt^H- 

Grand Opera (House (Tbeo. L. Hayes, mgr.) 
Ilir Boy Behind tbe Gun 26: big booses, ex- 
cellent show. Curreut: The Fimny Mr. Dooley- 

Star Theatre (J. C. VanRoo. mgr.) Dream- 
land Beauties 26: good houses. 

Orpbenm (Chas. Frerck, mgr.) VanderiBe. 

ST. CLOUD. — DaTldson Opera .Baosa (B.''.T. 
SBTldson. mgr.) Mildred Holland St'Teik State 
Folks 5: West's 'Minstrels 0. 


COLtrHBBS. — Odnmbns Theatre (P. W. 
Maer, mgr.) Stanley's Polyscope 25; good bus- 
iness. Jule Foreman Comic Opera Co. 27-2S: 
floe business. BaUey Comedy Oo. Dec. 1-3: 
PauUne HaU Opera Co. 5: Cncle Josh Spruceby 
9; Herald Square Opera Co. 11. 

HOLLT SFBJNGS.— Opera House (McKle .A 
Andeiaon. mers.) Alberta Gallatto^ aaad abaw 
and pleased house. Helen May Batltr! Bb^OMr 
reled. Jnles Farman Ccaaedy Cae'.98sVtae aaev 
hnd packed boaae. Bciald Sqane Oflca'OA 
DetL 4t'auiaar:«l«Hfde-U. .Oadcr cemaa— 
Beblana's areas Pee; T. • « ' 

^ X10IKni;-OeBtBir ncatie (T- O. BobeHs. 
mar.) AL <B. FMd's BOnatrela 23: S. B. O. 
<Ib» <^i«— — 96: 8. R- O. Shepard's Pletiucs 
98; BIp Tan Winkle 30; Watter Whiteside 
Dec 1: The Sign of the Foor 5. nnder nnraa 
— 'Roblnsoo's Clrcos 2T: packed tent 

OKOL( ' ~ .- - . 

tiki 18, 

TCBX eZBSOV.— Market St. Theatre (Baek- 
ett A Fisher, mgrs.) Sowing the Wind 7: flne 
performance and good business. A Bnneh or 
Kevs 1.1: fair attraction and beary boslne^ 
Ke'rsand's Minstrels 17: 3. R. O. The Sign of, 
the Fonr Dec. 8: Foreman Moslcsl Comedy 0>- 8.1 

iMW I S IIi* . im ia anafcv At'S' V 
Miaamkstt — 

ea faaeSD 


Xrte Oilll3oajr<l 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

Routes Ahead 


(Stn) Atluta. Oa^ Sapt. 3S. 

Mow te St<dl Tocr. En«, 
ToIciSo, O., 

. lodef. 


A OB tins. The Toasioc <Azcade) 

(WBllr) HabaiMf OltT 11-18> 
~ — Jk Mur iM. Brmnt (Btjoo): Ke- 
Br^temod) MUwankce U-U. 
^ Foot (Majestic): «. Wwtli. 
Tbe.. 44: (Maieatle) Uttle Satk, iA, li- 

Aratttnag * 'BoUr Otajeatlc): Waea^ nic, 4- 

Ottjeatle It. "VTartti U-M. 
Adur * GMUm (Mate HaB): BaMmoie. lU., 

Anbctta. Im (Ktttb'a): 

4«: QfairUiid) Balf 
Adctr. Alt (BUOD): 

ani) Cbleaco U-M. 
Axllnstaa ft Htfaton (Crjstal): Andenoo, lod^ 

4-0: (Ocjatal) Kokooo U-ie. 
Altea. ft Delmaln (ramllr): Senntoa. Pa, 4-S; 

(lorrie) OeTdand. O.. U-16. 
Addra (GaiMT): aprlacfleld. m., 4-S. 

ft Mack (Boatoa): Lowell. Haas., 4«; 
■) CUatOB 11-ia. 

B. J. (MoTCltj): Denrcr. OoL. S«. 
ft iraltkea (HunUj): CtttanUIe. 
Pa^ 44. 

AToa aoaicdr Vmr 0bitk'a): Clerelamd, O., 

4-0: (Tmit) Trenton. K. 7.. 11-IS. 
Abeam. Oliaa. ft Jae. (O. O. H.): PlttabntSt 

Pa^ 4^; (Keltb'a) FhUadelphla U-ie. 
AtUnaoD. G«art« (Bltte): OaTCnpoct. la.. 4-S. 
AlHwaa. Blsiit (Cliaac'a): WaaUBCtan. O. €L, 

4-9; (O. O. H.) Plttabots. fclTUWI. . 
Alra. Alice (Bute): I)aT«iip<(V^4 M; XBt' 

Jon) Kewaac^ in.. U-ie. 
Ate. Maria (ObiBplc): Spilnsfleld. IB., ZT- 

<Dce: S; (BUott) B4)CkfiBd U-U. 
tlMwiBi Vie (F«opIa'a>: Paiaooa, Kan., 44. 
Aatalna. Sie: GlaranrUIe, N. X., 4-a. 
AMiima, Tbtca (Otpbcom): Calio, HL, 4-0. 
AtaMTleaM Newabara' Qiuitat (FmlU) : Butte, 

Moat., 4-»: (Bdlaon) Spokane. Waih- U-ie. 
A-Dstlna. Tbe Toailnc (G- O. H.)l 

fa.. 4-«: (Arcade) Toledo, O.. I1-16. 
AIIiB ft OalUM (rainar): HaieltOQ. P 

(Difailly) CatbODdale 11-16. 

Azvtll. Wco. (Otplieam) : New Orleans, 4- 

»: (HopklW) MempUa, I«an.. 18-23. 
Adama. Ualiel (BaVUM*) LoolinUe, Kr. 
Ameta (Gotbaa): KaoUfB. N. X., 4-9. 
Aahtoo. Maisaiet: BeUaat, Ire.. 11-lS. 
Acker ft OUdar (Shca'a): BaOala, N. Y„ 


ft HBBkT (Feovle'a) 

Adama, ■. Kltke. ft Co. (Acme): NarWIk, Ta., 


AddiaoB ft IdTlasBtaa. (Hyde PaA): flU- 
«■«>, nL, „ 

AitaitaB. HvMOMit,. nam; JWkk «. 

ATCIT ft Bmt (bMMHMin 

CWt. 4*. ■ ^ 

AtoIos. Miateal (Bknaatda'a): Hinr TaA 
— City. 4-8. 

^^Dorta, Three (Hammeisteln'a): Mew York 
^■citT. 4-». 

^■brd^ roar (Seala): Onyfiiha»eo, Oca., Sec. 

^^arlow'a EtephaatB 0i^|«AnM)s% IfiiW- 

CatT. ladel. 

Bcekn»e ft uneiir (ITidqae): Minneapolis, 

Minn.. Indef. 
Benr. Kittle (ORnra): 'ft. Woctb, Tex., Oct. 

S, IndeC. 

Bieweis, Tbe ft 7. B. MeAdoo: Barattmica. 
Oaok lalaad. Soath Sea Ulanda. Oee. 1«; 
-~ ita, Oiok Uaad. Jan. 1-Sl. 

B« UltljH '''^ f**' 

■Bellcfadre Btaa. (OaVbciiiQ)': ' San »inrlaro> 
CaL. U-23. 

Beeeber ft May (O. H.): HartaUBC. 8. C, 
4r9: (O. H.) I«iinnbnrs. N. C. U-U. 

Banr, Katie (Poll'a): Worceater;'^!! 

Beaanko ft BadeUfTe (Electric) : Wl 
44; (Pamlly) SIoox City U-IS. 

Baineya, Ttx Tbree (Hsdier's) : New Xork City, 

BraxU ft BraaU (Howard): Boatoi. Maia.. 
4-». . 

Bccnafciaa, Tbt (Blectrlc): WM Huu,^ IaT;< 4-8. 
8w||eaa. F. Dalr dgnlc): UaaAk KA.. U 

- - ikUniaB wncbt (People'a): Ce- 

WhlatUns Tom (Orpbenm) : San FTaiw 
dfeo. CWL, 2S-Dec. 6; (Orphemn) IM Anselca 

Morttmei' (Qtplieinn) : Portamootb, O., 

MUe. Celiaa (UapUna'): LoutarUle, Ky., 
4-8: (Olympic) Cblcago. ni.. 11-16. 
BaUey ft Auatla (Orpbeain): Utica, N. T.. 

4-9: (Bammerstela'a) New Xork City 11-16. 
Banwa ft WaabtntK (Oomlnton): Wlnnlpes, 

Mas.. U-IO. 
Bamea. W. H..' and mat, rituu aa TttHa 

(Ointa'a): Saa Itanetarnit CU., ZT-Dae. 
Bo^tji M» (BMi^e^); IcaTcmrortb, Kia.. 

Ml (XU«^ Kaam atr. Ma^ u-M. 
Blasoanette ft ifewiiiaii (HJoa): Galabm*, 
m.. 4-6. 

Bnclcler'a Doga: BnrUscton, la.. 4-9. 

Sjxm ft Blaaek (I7nl(iiie): Minseaixdia, Minn., 

*9t (Bectzfe) Waterloo, la.. U-ie. 
Barttefe UlHaa. ft Os. (CatsmbU): St. 

IiOQlik Ha.. 44: (HayiMTtat) Cbleacw, HL. 

Brono ft BoaaeU (PzoettCa) : AOmv, H. 

Ben ft HentT (Bknpbe) : StrattWd, Bag.. U'16; 
^^^K> Shepherd Bosh lS-23; (Bnplre) Oar- 

Berseie, Valerie, ft Co. (HopUna'): I«iiU- 
Tllle, Ky., 4-8; (Keitb'a) New Xork (Sty, 

BCDtley, Jennie (Bljoo): Dolntb, Hinn- 44; 

(Dnlqne) Winnipeg Man.. U-ie. 
Barrows Lancaster Co. ' (Proctor'a) : N. 

^-.^^44; (BammaratelB'a) New Xork City, 

BiTut' ft SaTlIIa (Oipknia): - Donir, CU., 

Baker ft hnm (Bnplre): Stratford. Eng., 
11-16; (Eiai>ire) Sti^erd Bnab 18-23; (Bm- 
^t) CazdUC 2940; (Bmpbe) Sinuuea Jan. 

BnmPk Qoi (B(lth%> 


Bums, Hariy 

(Granettl I 

BameUa, Ite Oil 

Baskirk • BIek (MaflM: 

Barker ft BrtK: . fllllwafcl 

B^Jtort. Ibr OffunrhiU)! 

Baker. Pete F. (Bortlg ft Seamoa's) 

Xork City 4-9. 
Blnna ft Binna (Coloolal): New X«ck Olty, 


Byrne, Jobn W. (BUoa): Battte mck. HIA., 

4-9; (Bljoo) Usains 11-16. 
Ba me ll a , Tba «3em): Ooondl BlnSa, U., 44. 
Blngbam, J. W. JOrpbenm) : Cialro, m., 44. 
BgmuJ. Bbada (I^oaom): •WlnnrajnlH. Mlaa., 

Bvtioaa. Vht Two (Unlffie): BbAcnu, im. 

Beangere. Xnn: BoKt iaauUi . O.. IMC 
Baader r-^yn^ XMODOS OUniL "i aai ' 


Barrett Slstera (iByda ft B^aaaa'a): Bnmklni, 
N. X., 44, 

Beckwltti. MlM (Olympic): Chicago, HI., 4-9. 
Baodet, LoQjse (Proctor'a 83d St.): New York 
Cltr, 4-5. 

B^Ee ft I«Bae (PioetaCa 330. St.): Meir Xoik 
Bi 4tHis SHo (BnHHtaO 


i mmnnnmimmif 

(Cfystal): Kdraoio, Xud., 

: TtantoB. N. J.. 44. 

« *«>5 CW., 

Bordlne. Mebal (Xvite): 


Xnw Baatc, lad., 

Baron's BoHeaqoe (aien* (Orphemn)- Dearer, 

CoL, 4-8. 
Bertina ft ihucka iw a y fOata^i 

ilass., 44. , . 
Bellman ft HOOR (8hM*a): 

BeuiaJi ft Miner (Shea's): Tmnto, Oat., 

BOTderrcsry, Onl. Gaatoa (Sbea'a): BaOalo, N. 
BOMI &. KHM* ;CBliiVH>:. (Hfllliill. 0„ 
Bogri, Bnir tBcft SOa): Iplt lalw-aty, ntaii, 


oMMlam Onmcdy Vtor: JaAaeaTiUe, 71a., 
•44 , 

& WaUy (Osphemn): New 

aau, *-tf. 

Burton ft BNoka (Ocaad): Xomartam. 0~ 


MMr Tok Oltr. 

Oarr. Albert 


OarroH, Great (Alcazar): Denrer, OoL, pi, 

New Y<ak 


(jastrlUlona, Three (Hippodrome) 
Olty. IndeC 

OoUIaa ft Hart (ApoUo): Oosseldorf, Ger.. 

Dee. 4-lS; (Palace) Mancbeater, Eng., 18- 

SS: (TlToU) Loodoa S5-30. 
OoaSB'.. Helen (B||oa): Onoipait, It,. InM. 
Coefc ft Mlaa Botbert (Scalo): AnSrerpt Bcls., 

Nov 22- Dec 13, 
Oottrell, Loolse ft Bobert CH^odroae): Karw 

xork City, Indef. 
c^u ft Ciazfc* (^taan): P|MiA. BL. 

Oarti^en ft Hinla..dMIMO- "bm^. SMi City. 


Chrlaul, Al. (L 

OampbeU & Jiilini— iB.' O; K.ii 

Ind., 4-9. 

CoDkey, Clerer (NoreHy): Topeka, Kan., S4: 

(Tale's) Kansas (nty. Mo.. 11-16. 
Clarke, Eany Corson, ft CSo. (CoInrnMa): St. 

lAols, Mo., 11-ie. 
Oprlce, Original (Dominion): Winnipeg, Man., 

4-9; (I^etoat) Minneapolis, Minn.. 11-16. 
Campbell * Bn4r (Gaiety): Sptlngfleld, la., 

4-9; (OMDIO- CblOfOk UL. fl-lt 
CnnnLBgliaB ftlMtk (numy): HaKltoo, Fa., 


Ckeawdl. W. P. (BUon): Jaeksoo. Mich., 44; 

(Btloa) IftiMliv u-ie. 
CHOocd * OMk (tjetoa) 

CbamberllDs, The (Chase's): Washington, D. 

C. 4-9: (Maryland) Baltimore. Md., 11-16. 
Clayton, Jenkins ft Jasper (Orpheam): Kansas 

aty. Mo., U-16. 
Crane, Mr. ft Mrs. Gardner (Keith's): ProT- 

Idence, R. I., .4-9; (Keith's) Boston. Mass., 


Castle ft CoUlns (BIJoo): MUwankee, Wis., 


Cooper & Boiblnson (Shea'a) : BnSalo. N. X., 

4-9; (Shea's) Toronto, Oat., 11-16. 
Cattaam. Zh« (CMteatlt BiooUra. W. X., 

4-«; (Vnetoi'O'Mrib) Xnr »A OHF. H- 


City Girls (Keith's): Boston, Mass, 4 9; 

(Keith's) FrorMence, R. I., 11-16. 
Oanolton ft Bodges (Haymarket): Chleasot 

m.. 4-9; (BUoo) Boektord 11-tt. 
Cteke. Wilfred (Bmpixe): Baboon.: X._X.. 

44: (HnrtlE ft Seanran'*) New TMk CUT. 


OSUcn, James B. (Gniid): MempUs, Tenn., 
'44; (Haymarket) CUeaso. IB.. U-16. 

(nifford ft Boike netth'i): ftofUcnea, B. I.. 
44: (Keith's) WillaMjMg. Bfc, U-lt. 

Cottys, Six UnMal (Btactoek): TXmOi, N. 
J., 4-9. 

Comar, nvnk (Fmlb): Stooz Olty. la., 

Zr.Dee 9; (Ctyatal) St. IdM|A, Mo., 11-16: 
Oonrey, Ferry (Keltli'a): CSereland. O., 44. 
Chameroya, Tbe (Cbhmlal): Lawrence. Mass., 

4-9; (Caato's) Fall Rlrer 11-16 
Coote, Bert (Keith's): New York Caty, 4 9: 

(KeMi's) Baltimore. Md.. U-16. 
0>liimblans, Hie Fire (Orpbeum) : ntloa, N. 

X.. 44: (Orpbeom) Beading, Pa.. 11-16. 
Charles. Carl (Gem): Oooncil Bluffs, la., 3-9; 

(MuUen's) Ouieba, Neb.. 11-16. 
Chester, Tbe Great (Temple): Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 

4-9: (Lyric) Terra Haste 11-16. 
Carana (Proctor's): Tmr. N. X., 4-9; (Pme- 

totfa 98th St.) -New Xoik City U-IS. 
Coiwn. JaaaphtaK. *_0a. (BMthMX HdMcI- 

phU. Pa.. 4«t CUtkAiraMr XM our. 

11-16. "• 

CM«r. wm v., ft .Blutto D»M tBlHV«): 

n-ti. ■ : 

Cased ft DeFene (BUoo): Dobaqna, la., 44. 
CbasslDo (Marytuid): Baltimore. Md.. 44: Pne- 

tor-s 23d St.) New x«k Cttj, 11-ie. 
Carson Bttia. (Hathawar'a): Maw BtOfsed. 

Mass., 44. 

Carson, mrtam (Hyda ft BAbbbM: Ifead:- 

lyn, N. X., 44. 
Cretos, Tlie Great: Sea Mobua, la.. 44. 
Christopher. Chris. (Jeffera'): Sagioaw. Midi.. 

4-9; (Grand) Grand Baplds 11-16. 
CnU ft jotmam (Ckyatal): MUwankee, Wla., 

Conrtaer ft Jeanette (Standaid): DaTcopcrt. 

Ik, 44: (anplre) I«8alle, lU., 11-16. 
Olde ft Xobnm (Temple): Detroit, Midi., S4. 
" ft Matt (Gtjrotal): KokomOk mi- 

Day. Ednmod ft On, ((NrBvHH 


De Serrls', HenrletU, Baa-BeUeta (MajMadi 

Chicago, DL, 44. 
Do>wney_ ft Wluaid JCSutIa)j BlmnJiigtaBi. Til., 


Dnnbar'a Oaprine Paiadoz (Grind): -MltoL HL. 
Dllla ftTempIeton (BiJOD): Port HliMd,lDi£. 

44; (BUon) Battle &eek 11-18. 
Dan-son ft Bootb: London, O., 4-6; Delawara 


Daly ft O'Brien (BUoo): Bay Olty. MlCb.. 44. 
Doyle ft HigglBB (Idea): Fond dn Lac, Wla.. 

4-9; (Empire) Fneport, OL, U<U. 
Derrln, Jas. T. (OxjOwam): Webb CUr, Ka,, 


Danofaa. Imt (Oaalaa):^ OInflnBatt, O., Mt 
..(Phoenix) Colunbu ll-li ' 
D'ATTine Slstern: AteblaoB. Kan,, 44. 
Dlxoa ft Holmes (Btmarket): CUoao^ HI. 

4-9; (Majestle) Cblcago 11-16. - 
DeWltt. Boma ft ToRanee (Lowell O. B.): 
.I«weU. Masa., 4-9; (Fastofi) New X<sK 
City, 11-ie. 
Durant Biotbas, Xbe (Keitt's): BeMOB, . 



DeVilbls, Great: Tllndll'TI.JW. Vs.. 44. 
DeiBoasett ft azsim ^Stffets') : r 

Mich., 3-9; (Ctyatal) Delzolt U-16. 
Orladall. Isabelle (Majestic): Ft. Worth, Tez„ 


Dooley, Frances, ft Co. (01>intde): OblcagOL 
in., 44. 

Oelka, Tbe (Olmplc): Cblcago, m.. 44. 
Dale, Fldet (Haymarket): Ckilcako, 111.. 44. 
Darraas Brns. (Proctor'a sstb St.): Hew Xodt 
Cltr, 44. 

Drew. Mr. ft Mn. Sidney (Gotham): Braeklya. 

Daris, Jorie' (Uent): SreatM. X. !„ M. 
Dlda <Ai«ade): Ssiads. a. Ml 
Dtmmt. Loate OMmwIc)! " 

X.. Mt _ 
DeBob, Oiett CWben 0. AU BeUUa, Ms^ 

De Fv. Mnsteal: Ogdcn. Ctab. 44. 
Downs, Dancing (Crystal): Denrer, OoL, 44. 
Derenda ft Green (Empire): New Oraaa, Eng., 
U-16; (Empire) Stratford 1S-2S; (BmplIS) 
Sbei>er>i]s Bnab 2S-30. 
DeOeseb,_Mmie B.. (Wood's O. H.|^^^^Malla, 


Mo., wwi I 

Deimore ft 

BUer, GlTie flllMii)! 
Elton. San: 3ioas ft I 
1. indef. 

Emplie Comedy Four: Bmpbe Xlonr. 
1 le-Dee. ai. 
. Gmtart (NaoTcclrqDe): Ghent. Hdf.. Dee, 1- 

I BMiUge, The Ossat (CkTstal): 
44; (O. B.) Leadrdle U-M. 
Bllla-Nowlan THo (OlyiBpIc): 

•b): Hew 
at.): Hew 

Cnon -ft 

OinileM ft Culetaa 

Xork ats. 44. 
Osrter ft Bnfard (Praetgi'S 

Xork City. 4-9. 
Oorto ft otto (Keeney'a): BiMklfB. W. T, 

Clarke ft Temple (American): OUeago, m., 

Cole ft Clemens (Howard): Boetoa, Maas., 44. 
CoHiT Family (Poll's): Waterbuiy. Conn., 44. 
Car Family Qnartet (Girton'a): Eoreka, OaL, 

ZT-Dec. 9. 

Celeee (Palace): BItckpoid. Eng., 11-16: S 

Pentney Bd., 25-30. 
<^rew ft Hayee (PoU'e): Bridgeport, 

44; (PoU's) Wateibarr U-16. 
Cameron ft Flanagan (Ot^om): Dearer, OoL, 


Colemaa. Bovd, ft Ool (Btrfenfl): Hartb Ad- 
asu, Jbas-^f« iClKfaK Ongn) FUlsdet 
phla. iSn. ' . 

Cramer ft Oup« IbBlr)! t sn e M tM!. Pa,. 


Colonial Septet (O. O. H.): Indianipolls lad., 

<%alg, Elchy W.: San FTandsco, CaL, U-18. 
Cogan ft Bancroft (Proctor'a): Newark, N. J., 

Casino Omedr Foor (AOuuataa): Hew Xork 

city, 44. 

Capltaln, Aleede ffWInatSpr Mew XlHk City. 


Chprlce, Lyno ft Far (Colontal): New Xork 

City, 44. ' 
Carlos. Chaa., ft Ooga (Paatoc's): New Xoik 

CUT, 44. 

Cstleton. il. (Paetn's): Hew Xork Cltr. 
Dahlias. Les.: Moss ft StoU Toor. Bag.. Oet. 

Dee. 23 . 

Donoran, JOhn G. (ClneognBh): Los An- 
geles, Cel.. indef. 

Downey, LesUe X. (Homily):. Hettten. OhL, 
Oct. 30-Jan. 1. • 

Drew, Carroll (■ Bo S fc ee ) : BeeUM,' BL, Vase 
ai, indef. 

Dnral. Jos. (Bljon): MlUrine, N. l„ Indef. 
Diamond ft May (Bell): Oakland. CSL. 4-0; 

(Ctaotes) San Frandaco 11-16. 
Downs, T. Nelson (Orphemn): Denrer, CoL, 


Dlzoo, Bowers ft Dixon. (O. O. H.): Sii'so us e, 

H. X.. 11*16. 
Dalley, Mr. ft Mrs. (PaUee): WotOHlH; Ifaaa., 

44; (BUoo) Clinton 11-16. 
Dsoonlo ft Bane (Itenr): Oatbsndale. Pa., 

44: BtacIewMd. H. U-M. 
Diamond ft Saiitb jAnditodna): I«aa, Mass.. 

44; (FroMM) 4W- K. Yj. Il3er 
Dehnore, MiliaB .(BnnMlt TTidiiilen H. J. 

4-8: (Hyde ft MuEm%) H. X., 


Dans ft Macaaley (Hammeistdn's): New Xoric 
City. 4-10. 

DOLano, WllUam (D. H.): Malone, N. 

DeWall ft ErwlQ (Star): Portland. Ore., 4-9. 
Dnnn. Artbor, ft Co. (Proctor'a 58th St.) : New 

Xork (Sty. 44: (Proctor'a) Albanr U-ie. 
Derden, Dare (Family): Slonx City, la., 4-9. 
Daey Cbaae ft Adair (Grand): Los Aagelea, 

r. Oct. 

cai.. 11-S8. 
Do) an. Bocer ft Bens: 



Dlxoa ft Anger (Orpbeam): San syaaslsM. CaL, 

26-Dec. 9; (Orpbenm) Los ABgelea 11-16. 
Duncan. A. O. (Orphenm): Brooklyn. N. X.. 

44; (Altaamibra) New Xork City, 11-18. 
Day. Geo. W. (Proctor's): Albany. K. Y.. 

4-9; (Williams) New Xork (Mty 11-16. 
D'AIma'a, John. Monkeys (Orphenm): Brook- 
lyn, N. X., 44. 
O'B ft D'a (O. O. H.): Grand Raplda. Mlrb.. 

44: (BUon) Boektad. m.. U-Id.' "'™ - 
Onwo, BMtct .fM^t 

CIgoiiaa, Lea (Orpbeam): KaaSM CKr. HO, 

44; (Orpbenm) DenTer. Cel.. 11-16. 
Booibers ft Trendall (Lyoemn): Ocden. Dtah. 

Eismcade, Mr. ft Mn. Edward '(Orphenm): 
Kansas Cltr, Mo.. 4-9; (Hopklaa') Mem- 
phis. Tenn.. 11-16. 

Edsall, Dean, ft Arthur Forbes (Orphean): 
Mlanespolls, Minn., 4-9: (Malestic) Chieaaek 
111., 11-16. ~ 

mmo, Pete ft Allle (Cnrstal): 

_44: (Ciystal) K ttma U4». 

Earle. T«e Danrtng (Waat WrnUt 
Mlaa- 44. - 

Bidrld._^ae(agB (Oanlek): Boltactoa. la., «- 
»; (BUM) Oca BMBCs u-mT^ 

ncrt, ngm ft On. (Bayaaikat): OUoagOk 
uLa IMB. 

■nmatoOecMe): Wati^. m., d4B. 
HUHdftk Vtum (BmplTe): Botakea. H. 7.. 

ft Bartlett (Family): Matenay OBft 

EmeiT, Jay (Haymarket): Caileago. DL. 44. 
EckboH ft Gordon (Colonial): lAWIcace, IIMS,. 

Emperora of Mnale, Foor ((}oIsmMa): Cln- 
einnatl. O.. 4-9; (Bapklns') Lonlsrlile. Ky., 
11-18. ■ • 

Erera. Geo^ W. (Star): Moaelei lad.. 44. 

Masa., U-10. 
Bl^on^SlaterB (Ogok's 0. B.): Rochester, H. 

Eltlsga, Oicat (OsFheam): XaMas Otlr. liOk, 

HJnwwths, Foot (BflM)! ftatn% . 

^*!?t^'&-?'»'^ (Orphenm): flu IfeaaeiteOb 

Cal., ZJJOte. 9. . .'-•V . 
Esber Slaters (BUon): Deo UUbm^ Id.. ««. 
Frank ft Albright (HObeVs Mtk St.)* Hew 

York City 4-18. 
Fletcher, dharlea Leoaaid (OVpftena): IiSa 

Angeles, CStl., 4-16. 
Felix ft Barry Co. (BamsMfM^ln'a): New Xcfk 


rergnsao ft Mkck (nrOU): (Xpe Town. B. A., 

Nor. a-Jan. 10. 
Fox. DelU (PoU'a): Hartford, Obna., 11-16. 
Flelda ft Hanaoa ((kratal): Oetvslt. lOeh.. 4- 

8; (LyMum) MlnneapoUa, mamfffUM. . 

PlUmore ft'juitBia (O. BL): BowbaUa. H. O.. 


Voo^ Lc* Tnng (Family): Stsox Cltr. !«., 

Flaher. Mr. ft Mis. Perkins (Majcstie): Baas. 

top Tex., 44; (MaJeiUc) Ft. WMk UM. 
Fayblo, Adonis (Faml&): Bntte, KMK- «4i 

Edison) Spokane. Wash.. 11-16. 
Fergnaon. Dick, ft Grace Passmora (MBln St.):. 

Peoria, lU., 4 9; (DIJon) Qnlney U-ld. 
Femande-May Trio (MaissUe): ~ 


Frosts ft bmr (BUoo): Im. Ooaw. 
: (Unlqae) Ban Olstie 11-16. 
I Siatais: Kaads, lad., 44; Bn 

Waso^ TeCi 


Wes _ 

Flnley ft Boiks (Onbesm) 

Cal.. 11-2S. 

Famnm T«o, Bod (Malestle): Hot 

Ark., 44; (Majestic) Dallaa, Tex., ll-l*. 
Frederick. CUnde, DnB^(Bl^«^ JMfcr 

son. Mlcb., 4-9 
Farley, James ft 
N. X.. 44. 

vm^ tm b. (furmtat 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 

Xlie Blllboap<i 



Every owner of a Circus, Carnival Company, Wild West, 
Merry-Go-Round, Vaudeville, Minstrel, Uncle Tom, and 
Repertoire Show, under canvas, and every TEMT Qser 
to get our prices on their Tent, Main Entrance, Seat,. 
Lamp, Flag and Streamer ORDERS for immediate 
shipment or FOR 1900 delivery. We are not an ex- 
periment. Our many years' experience in the tent bus- 
iness, we believe, shonld iiis{Mre confidence in oqcmtnlij^ 
to make tents, etc, that will please yon both as to duoir 
bility and appearance. : • ' ' 




mtr (Horktn*'): Mnnplils, Tena.. 'M. 
Rdds & Woslcr (FUl'A: . WaUrtoiT. Ctan.. 

ntke tt McOoaoaik (BvBHaMOt .Oktacok 

lu.. 4-e. 

tank, Marrelons. ft Little B«b (Trant): TNs- 

ton, N. J.. 4-8. 
IMettcs, The (Otehram): Xioa Kvtttta, OO, 

9v * CU* :'IOhM«^): WtrtHilWi. li. O.. 

* DrUue (Kdtli's): Pa*t- 

liad. M«., 44. 
ftMW Bms. (BUM): SiBtertte. WU.. M. 
Mkr. Idk: IMy, SV-Omk *>. ^ 

owikr, CbM. <ii^&«)i Am WiHnn OU., 

4«: (OrianMa at .GmK Itth. vfim,: . 

Oanon. Martoa -CO li a i« I Mt )S Xw *«tT*~. (ML. 

ZT-DfC. 8. 

Oiut. Sjdscr CiaiTluid): BBltlngre. SU., 

4-8: (Cbaw'a) Wulilnctoa. D. 0^ 11-19. 
Otbttn, cimM. ft KatlMniic (to«mB)s — 

•poUi. Mlaa,. 4*. 
Qtrm * BnlM fO. 

OottrtT * nen a a i uu (Oi^team) : W-miUnf. Pa.. 

Ocrdoo A Hare* (Grand): MUvaok**. Wla., 

4-9; (Bmpin) I^SaUc, UI.. U-ia. 
Gottlob, Mr. & Mta. (Unlqae): Santa Ckos, 

OaL. 4-B; (Dnlqae) Sacramento 11-16. 
Oagrth ft Oorle (Gkratal): St. Jowph, H&, 

Oliud. Maria (Oalctj): BgrtafflcU. m., 4-». 
Orar'a MazteMtM (BI]oB): Dalmqaa, U.. 4- 

<8l|Mi) maaialiSiu'lS.^^ 
Gardner ft TIseeat (Park): Me, Pa., 4«; 

<K«l«h'a) Cleveland. O.. 11-16. 
Globe ot DeaUi (Chaaa'a): WaaUactoi. D. O.. 

11-16. . 
G<riilea ft BoflMa (BUM): Oca JMMIb b, «• 

S: (Btjoa) DDlnqoc 11-M. 
<Mn, Tin Ttm (lilrror): Dea UatoH. U.. 4- 
.S: (HIeetrle) Waterloo U-ie. 
Oaltavth ft Farel (Orand): Mirton, Ind., S-*. 
<MaMa, Xbb ft Gertie (MaJeaUc): Oitcaso, 

tlL. 44; (Bwnarkct) OUeago IMS. 


Wdact, Banw 'Jack (Oolamtila): St. XjooSm, 
_ 4.«; lOiirBple) CMeaao ,in., ll-ie. 
0«ni» ft Tbcol (tapiic): Ut<xo<wI. SS- 


Oaidocr ft SMdM 

Minn.. U-14, 
Onae. B»Mll J. (BU«4: 

U-18. «rl ;(c.. •• 

CloM. Ancoata (O. O. .B.){ P mabiu i. Pa., 
^4-»: (Arcade) Toledo. O.. ll-W. 
GarteUe Btoa. (Proctns'a Bd St.): New Xcrk 

City, 44). 

Oajrlar ft Gratt-. CPa«t(i>t>y: New Yeek City. 

Gallaclier ft Barrett (O. H.): LoweQ, Man.. 

4*j (Batbawar'a) New Bedford 11-18. 
Groeca ft Baker (Empire): St. Paul, Minn., 

44: («tenU7),^ox dtr. la., 11-10. 
OMtn. Rleltard..dft On. (O. O. B.): PUt^ 

barf, PH. 4*., : ... 

J**4« ' * >i*ttft OikaM): . narteii. m. 

GlgH^ ViMlli <B«9Uaa*): LoatoTllI*. Kr.. 

OniMrt, Ma O. (OothaiD): BmAlyn, N. T.. 

Girl 'la die Clooda (Batbaway'a) : New Bed- 
ford. M»M.. 4-». 
Godfrey, Hal. (Bmplte): PatciaOD. N, Jm 4». 
Ootim. Doo ft Use (People'*): Oedar Baptda. 

4-0; (BUoa): Deeator. lU., 11-16. 
<3»enwa7, Br (Onad): Pttttboif. Pa., 11- 


'GaT'a Parlor IttoMnli (Bla): BaadMoB. Oat.. 
*^S!t. (Hathaway'a): New Bedford, 

Trenton, M. J., 

fiWBwi' ft "wert CTMBt): 

Plait * 

Olljette'ii Dot* ft Sfoakej* (AlbaiBtea): M«w 

York City, 4-9. 
Banrey ft Doaaa (ObIosc): XlBDeapolto, Hfan., 

Not 6, MM, 

RUA. Om. B. (WMt flli»>i lumnmt. 

BeTrtette, Bob ft Kae (Star): Atlanta. Oa., 


"mZV* OMnpoHtaa)! Oalath, Mlaa.. 

Bobaan, Al. E.. ft Mamie (PonepheBay); ftB- 

atetdam, Holland. Dec. 1-31 . 
Holmen Br«a. (Paret): Harana. Onlia. Nor. 

90, Indet. 

Hnatoon, Dad ft Clara (Star): Ft. Wortb. Tex., 

HaiTlnstoo, Dan J. (Doekitader**) : Wllrotaic- 
toa. Del., 4-9; (Proctor'*) Troy. N. T., 11- 

Bylanda, The "nuee (BUon): Battle 0(Mk, 

Mteta.. 4-9: (Bljoo) Laostns 11 1-}. 
BlHebrand ft Irene Wright (Majeatle): Ft. 

Worth. Tex.. 4-9. 
Bolman. Barry (Family): New T<ak Otty. 

Dee. 4-9. 

Hoknea ft Waldon (Wood'a O. B.)t Wiflillk. 

Mo., 4.«; (Novelty) Topeka, Kaa_ U-U. 
Banaoale Comedy Tem (BIJov): G taa a Bajr. 

•WtM., 4-0; (BUon) Marinette U>ir. 
Beteon. Tern (PtiHUpa'): Blehmoad, tai^ 4- 

9: (BUon) Deeator, ni.. U-IO. 
Balllday ft treonard (Colonial): Taiwiantf. 

Man., 4-8. 

Bamllton ft Wiley (Haxelton, Pa.. 4-9: (Fam- 
ily) PotUtown 11-16 
HllL Mmry K. (MajeaUc): Ft. Wortb, Tex.. 

4-9; (Majeatle) Uttle Bock. Azk., 11-16. 
Bonrd Bro*. (Majeetle): Chleaco, HI., 4-9: 

(Haymarket) (3hle*zo 11-16. 
Hlnea ft Bemlnstoa (Howard): BoatOB, Hkn.. 

4-9: (Proctor'*) Tray, N. X.. 11-16. 
Hamllna, Tbe (People'*): (kdar BapMi^ Xa.. 

4-9; (BUoo) Doboqae 11-16. 
Hacker ft Lester (Poll**): Hartford. Ooan.. 4- 

9; (F«U*a) Sprlnglleld. Maaa.. U-16. 
Boleoafte. Cnrtla ft WeM (Hopklna*): Lonla- 

Tllle. 1^.. 4«. 
HaU ft OoIlHa (Ckjatant HodMCOB, BUk. 

4«: (BUM) bunlBC U-UL 
HowiaoB OUiBa): Ootaqw. 44; fBlloa) 

DaeeBport U>i6. 
Bnfliw. NMc (Faater'a): New Tuck CUr, 4' 

(Star) BamUton. Ont.. U-IS. 
BkaMa ft Dallu (Olympic): Oiieaso, HL. 

4«; (OolnmbU) St. Loola. Uo.. U-16. 
Bnmea ft Lewto (njaUy): B, St. Iioatiy OL, 

4-9; (Olymple) BgtlBfMa 
Byde, Bob ft BacUw (SoB Sanlt JhtMJ B l l t a. 

Boldnrartha. The (Orand): PlttabCTS, Pa., 4- 
9; (Unique) Akron, O., 11-10. 

Howard ft Llnder (Main St.): Peoria, ni.. 
4-9; (BUon) Qalncy U-10- 

Byde ft Beatli (Dominion): WInnlpes, Man., 
4-9; (Lyceum) MlnneapoUi, Minn. 11-10. 

Barcoort. Dalv (G. O. B.): jraon«atown, O.. 
4-9; (Temple) Detroit, Mich.. 11 10. 

Bpoo, Prince Smann Sins (Oipbeam): Brook- 
lyn. ». T.. 4«; (Albuabn) K*m X«ck Cttr, 


Boltand. Zay (Marylaad): Ba%Hmere. Ud.. 4-6: 

(CXitae'*) Waahlnstoo, D. 0.. 11^10. 
Howard ft North (Bayiaarket): Oblea«ab UL. 

4-9: (OolnmbU) St. Lonla. Mo.. 11-16. 
Hoch. BnUl. Jane Blton ft Go. (Oook'a O. H.): 

Bocbeeter, N. X., 4-6; (Boward) BoMoo, 

Maaa.. U-lO. 
HairU ft Marlow: Pocatello, Idaho. 4-9. 
BarriaoD. Lee TMnpIe): Detroit. Mich.. 4-9; 

(Keltb^a) Syracnse. N. X.. 11-10. 
Bastlnc*. Great (Olympic): Chloato^ HI.. 4-9. 

(Haymarket) Chicago 11-16. 
Bammoad. Mr. ft Mra, Chas. (BUon): SbAaj- 

gan. Wla.. S-9: (Bljoo) Baclne U-lO. 
Ball. Ftank (Olympic): Cblcato. Ill-, 4-». 
Byaiu. John ft Leila lfelBtrx« (Aiapbhio): 

Brooklyn. N. X.. 4-8; (PolTa) BOiw Bkeea. 


B.): Boebeeter. N. T., 

WallM ( A aJ IM la D t I«aB. 


Ball. Artl* 
Berrmaaa, ~ 

Bondlnl (Oook'a 

Howard'a Don and Poali* (Xallb'a): Prov- 
idence, E. I., " 
Hathaway ft 

Mas*.. 49. 
Haneoo, Bany L. (Bradentonrgh'a) : 

phla. Pa., 4-9. 
Baatlnga ft Bnraa (Jeamwtte): Blebiaoad, lad. 


BenncaaiT. Ste C1WiMl|« 


H^jler^^tteia (OipbmM|( 

BBI ft Bill (Ootla Braa.)t X 
aT4>ee. a. 

> aty. Ua^ 

T.. 44. 

Ball. Vera (Vtndette): Chicago, m, 
Beumana, The Three (Park): 

4-8. . 

Erie, Pa., .4-9. 

Bart ft IMiar I, 

4«: (V^OMlli} HOMttk. W. 9, 

Harris, Chas. ft Edna: Pasulc. N. J.. 4-8- 

Barper. Desmond ft Bailey (Bortlc ft Sea- 
men's): New York City, 4-9. 

Bern, Tom (Alhambra): New Xcrk Cttj, 4-9. 

Batbaway'a Tableanx (Paator'a): KCw X«rk 
City, 4-9. • • . - . 

imng. Pearl (iwMft > ■Hftl'k)t Baattm. 
Maaa.. ladet. 

Imperial BaHtoaa (OnfeMBl)! "B6MH City. 
M«.. *9i qi ti M Mff - B ipi lK 9mm^ u- 

lUUan Trio (Colonial): IIMr.,iUt CBr ^9; 

(Orpheom) Brooklyn, N. Yi, .Ui40i "■ "= 
Innesa ft Byaa (Bljan): Taailay, VUk^Aft. 
JadnoB ft Spaika (Bnpire): laaaWi, BL. la- 


Jordan ft Bkrtay (FMlUai): ' LtodoB, Bw., 

Kov. 11. Indet. 
Jcaare ft RUawortk (BUoo): AmtetoB, Wla., 

**i (BUoo) Green Bay 11-10. 
Ja^ Mr. ft Mta. (Oftlnmhla): St. Lonla. Mo., 

Jackaoa. Barry ft Kate: Bmnarllle, Ind., 4-9. 
Jane. Marrflooa (Baymarket): OUeago. lU.. 

4-9; (Girrlck) BnrUngton, la. U-16. 
JoUans. Tbe (Gaiety): Springfield, 111.. 4-0. 
Johnstons. Mnalcal (Cook's O. H.): Boehater, 

N. X.. 4-9: CKeith'a) Boaton, Kl«>,U-18. 
Jennings ft Benliev (Park): **t **i 

(Star) BamUtao. Ont.. 11-10. 
Jansen. Isabella (Orphemn): DaTenvort, la., 

27-X>ec. 9. 

Jones. Walter O. (Family): Bstte Mont.. 4- 
9; (Clneograph) Spokane. Waah.. ll-Mt 

Jacobs ft Van I^le (Family): Sbamokia. Pa.. 
4-9; (FamUy) Mahanv <xb U-16. 

JaeeU'a Dan (BkyBaifctt): Obleun, DL. 4«. 

4^ ' ■ 

JaekBoa Ikadlr' CBakkaO: .i.-baMOi^ Ky-., 


Tlnce (iOqAcM): 
4-0 . 

CazroU (AoditoriDm) : 

Lynn, Maaa., 
Pottstpwn, Pa., 



James ft Darla (ftadlttaliBB) 


EartelU. Albert 
Dec. l-Sl- 

Eantman ikdy Bicyclists (Hippodrome): 
York Olty. Indet. 

Eaufman. (Albamlxa): London, Eng.. 

Jnly 1-Dec. 91. 
Kemp. w. A. cnmOtit ' tUttHBtH Wm^ Sept. 

18, Indef. 

Earwm. Kit (Vs|iaHr>; Bot ftrlagi. Ark.. 


Keley, Mr. ft Iba. ftlM ((Jcpbeam): Kaasaa 
oitr. Uo.. 4«. _ 

Ktaftan ft DoBovaa (FSaOr): Mabasoy (Sty, 
Pa;. 44. 

Keao, Walab ft Melrose (Paster's): New X«ck 

City. 4-9; (Garden) Buffalo. N. T.. U-10. 
Kelly. Sam ft Ida (Grand): JoUet. BL. 4-9. 
Kcnney ft OUik (Foac'a O. B.): BntUabaro. 

Vt., 4-9. 

Kenyon ft Dinafl . OBif'rtt .^Bl^ I*rk 
City. 44. ■ •. ■ 

KopUns, Tbe Three (BMaltrtt'.'' OlIiOBdii ^Ings, 
Col., 4-9; (KoTeMy) >CMw Btr.. U-S3. 

Kosnre ft Obaplln (Tiudctt*): ' OUeago, BL, 

Kdaoatas (BowaM): Gbletjco. ni., 44. 

Kadar. AMel (PreetoCa): Newark. M. J.'. 
4-8: (BammeiBteln's) New Xotk City, U-M. 

Kem'a Dogs. Frank (Shea's): BoSalo, K. T.. 
44>; (Shea's) Teronto. Ont.. U-ie. 

Keife. Zena (Casto's): Fall RWer. Mass., 4«: 
(Colonial) Lawrence 11-16. 

Klein ft Clifton (G. O. B.): IndlanipoUa, Ind., 
11-16: (Oolcmbia) Cincinnati. O.. 11-16. 

Keeley Sisters (Crystal): Detroit. Mich., 11-10. 

Keatons. Three (Paster's): New Xork CltJ. 
4.9: (Proctor's SSd St.) Baw Z«ik Olfr Il- 
ia. . . . ^ 

Kbern ft Obio ~(0HmM6}: OkChMtU 0« II- 

10. . .. » 

Kates Bros. (Grand): Martoo. IbL,.44l 
Klein ft Klein (Lyric): JopUn. Mb. **! (Or- 

pbenm) WeM> City 11-16. 
KoUn. Bttmetta (BsfklM'): MtMlila. Tsna.. 

iPsS 'SE., o.. 

.B. J-, 
WiweltDg, W. Va., 

Koppe ft Koppe (BUon): 


Slnga. Tm (iHynple): CMeaco. U- 

New York aty. 

Kelly * Viotatte MMHHb): 

4 9. 

Karabansa Japs (Bden Mnsee) : 

Keller'a Japs (Keltli'a): Pronldeaee. B. 


Kennedy ft BooBCr .HMMMHlt; 

Minn., 4-9. i 
Kennedy ft WUklBR ' 
Kltamnra Jap ^baav 

O.. 11-16. 
Kelly ft AaUiy: Moss ft 
Kelly ft Ashl>y: Moaa ft t 

Dee. 18-Mareb la; 1806. 
KoU. Oa* ft MariOB (Orpheam): W«tk- ' 

Bo., 44; (brie) WIeUte. Kaa.. U.16. 
Klelat. ainateU (POU'a): SprlagaeU. r 

4-8; (PoU'a) Britepoct, Otaaa., 11-16. 
KeBy. Walter a (Wamiaeiateta'a); - Maw Xork 

City. 44. 

Lowman Slaters (Star): Atlanta. Ga.. tadsC. 
Laeanla Trio (HIppodrame) : New X«rk OKj, 

Idon ft the Mosae Hemr B. Harris, srgr.: >r)teir 

York CHty. Not 20, Indef. 
LaClair ft Weat (Bradenborfs) : PhnaddpUa. 

Pa., 4-6; Oaator's) New Xork City U-i6. 
Le Moyne Sisters (BUon): Wlweling, W. Ta., 


Leonard. Gna (Family): Mahaooy (Sty, Qa.. 

4-9: (FamUy) Scnurton 11-16. 
Lawman ft Dirtng (Arcade): Toledo O., 4-9. . 
Le Hoy ft Woodford (Portland): PortlnDd, M^ 

4-9: (Park) Woreeatcr. Maaa.. U-16l - . 
laneaster. 1MB (BUoa): ShAvsan. ma., 4h 

6; (Idea) F«aa da £ae 74. 
LdDeat. Tbe Sicat (Star): : 

44; (6. O. a.) eiaad Bap 

Lsaue. Geo. W. (People's): jSSia 

4-8; (Cryatal) Sedalta, Mo.. U-16. 
LelKfatoo. Ionian. Co. (BUon): Battle Cke«k. 

Mich.. 4-6: (Bl)on) Lansing ll.>16. 
Lnce ft Luce (Lyric): Terre Bante Ind., 44; 

(CrrysUl) Mnwankee, WU., 11-16. 
La Jess, Theo. ft (^mllle (Keith's): Beataa. 

Mass.. 4-9: (Keith's) Prorldenee, B. L, liU. 

16- • 

Lee. Hngh ft Bessie (Crystal): Ma 

Mick.. 4«: (BIJoa) Laaalag U-16. 
La flwi R,fia, a y)r>-a>M^ ' 

*'*4**' : ' ■ ■ 

Lmipotlana: Ogden. Btak. 4-6: lAgaB U-ML 
Lockwood. Mr. ft Mrs. George (Bcaaettfa): !<•■• 

doo. Ont.. 44>: (Star) Baimlltaa 
Lery. Mrs. Jnlca. ft Co. (BUob); O U l W l t. ^ 

Mlek.. 44. • - : : 

LcClalr^ Bkny JKelth^) : Boatoa. lfasa,. -44l 

(Kci&'a) Fklli^IpUa. Pa., U-16. 
Leon ft AdeHao ((^lal): mnktet, faS.. 

44: (Graad) BamBteVi a. u-16. 
Lakola, Barry ft Carrie ^(Baia- St.): -.neda.' 

BL. 8-9: (BUon) (JaiBri M4fc i 
La Nole Broa. (BaTerkBfs'. BklwHI^ ■MMBb^ 

4-9 ; . GloB««i|eCia-lt. ■ ■ - • • - . •• ■ 

Llnd f ~ I •? Ilr lli'>«>nil.. r 't^ 11-M, . ,,sC :' 
iM Tell Broa. COFoTrK): 'BMtai^Olt,i>*> 

iDec. 10. 

La Vardo. Hsrry ((Jryatal): Frankfort. Ind.. 

4-9: (Phllllpa') Richmond 11-16. 
Lewla. Geonela (Jelfeia'): Saginaw. Mietu. 44. 
La CrotXt; Paul (Olynple): Sontk Bead. lad.. 

Le Maire ft Le Maire (FamUy): P sss air. N. 7.. 

44: (PMaily) Poogbkeepale. N. X. 11-16. 
ttaeata. The (Family): Bntte. Moot.. 3-9; 

(Ctaeograph) Spokane. Wash., 11-16. 
Leirel Trio. Tbe (Majeatle): Waco. Ttx., 4-9; 

(Majestte) Ft. Worth U-16. 
Lneaa, Bd. ft Basel (Family): Sloax Ctty. 

la., S-9; (Norelty) Sloni rails. 8. U- 

16. '• ■ - 

Leslie ft Dalley (ColombU): St. lopl»,:Mtu 

4-9: (Haymarket) Chicago. IlL. 11-16. 
Leonard. Bddle (Orphenm): Los Angeles. OaL. 


La Toar. Ixcae (Jctfciaaa): Portland. Mc„ 4* 
9: <0. Bj l>»WBt:»a ,H'. J?J«^ ----- 

4-9. ■.J.^V" 
Latina. MBe. (Pmetor^ ad at): BMr:',«Mt 

Lanrale. aisten (Mtersr); Bw. B l la l^ ililb. 

LeoBBId ft Fnltan (n.iymarket): OUcaso, BL, 


Xtie Billboard 

DECEMBER 9, 190B. 

Tent 3hows 


Wild Wes* 


Itank A. Gardner, ttie weU-knnrn dicoa man 
nbo opened tbe aeaaoa u eqnefltrlan dlteetcr of 
the Tmn. Axotbmg Stmn, but was forced to (o 
to Xeealer HoaplUI. HimtlnKtiai. W. T«., 
^xnctly altenranl, died m ttat taMtttttai Oct. 
9. Accordloff -to « coaammteaMom jMt xSMlvcd 
from A. K. Eeagler, M. D. 

Bfe. G«rdner was aboat flft^-eJ^ht ypsrs of 
■SC end lud been connected with all the Ms 
■He once managed bis own sbow In 
*iw1<i. and «t 4aie time wu knoFirn 
cir* tteaipta do<Ale ■omeiaanlt 
buried In fiprisc HIU 

be eame htn fc» wa* mtBulu^ ttam Wbat lie 
thoogbc was xbensiatlim la ua lilpa, tnt it 
IiroTed to be a laice atiartaa, imai formed 
In tte rl(bt grain and lower part «C the ab- 
domen- We operated npoiL Urn la AnKnat and 
resMTTed aereral pints of paa tlw ab- 

domlnil 08!Tlt7; place oontisiied to -dmia for 
•ome thne, and lie was getllDff 19 and we 
tboDgbt was solnc to tecorer. wlien tiie dis- 
ease derdoped tn 12k otlier side, wtildi prored 
to be too Qjuch for bis ran down oondldoD. 
and be died on date stated ebore. I^oae at>- 
ac ee a ca ware doe to a diseased booe te tte 
spfaie between the hips. iHe had 
tecehred a terdse or Injury st some 
caMCd 'Um atiaccaaea to ftwrwi 


James A. Bradr, of 'BlnglinK Brothers Show, 
and wte, hj -tSie way, is one of Hie most able 
BWaa acentB la ttie taalneaB anlved in St. 
Loois laat week wltb a btack C7e. 

Of eooae. all ite i> aw «| i ap M bofa wanted to 
IBBW wbentejot it, ud Mfe 

tert espaet oiyMr ' 

M loa set Itr> was pot. ."bnt this 
tfon of .my dassle ooontensnee la tlie resolt of 
aa attempt to take a batli. Now lauf^ and 

rt- fmnix. me 1 oogtrt not to tackle ]0b« 

am not fammsr w4tli. Ifs fnnnr. Bnt I 
don't appreciate the fmi as mtiob as other 
people do. me bare facts are tibese: I tbooght 
I knew the location of mr room at the Plant- 
era' ao wen that I didn't seed to ttmi on the 
UCht wiien I liad d lai obej and started to the 
bathroom for a regnlar dip. Mt foot caagfat 
Ja a oocncr of the caxpet and X stumbled. Of 
I atcoA it Mip eoncr and yon see 

"Ut wUt wB Mi«» BC. iD b 
«VkMr. (te vin war if^aetM, tattdv not 
IBW'; tte Idea of atTsfiilBK ttx CRAdl^a 1 
mmr need her fallk some -ttme wkCB T am not 
so TecackMSB as I srlll be tn Ihia matter. I 
hate been In the sooth all the tall and haTcn't 
a een hcv for mondis and now - 1 bsTe to abow 
■p with, this sort of a face. It's dlssnstln^." 


TSie BIoomloKtan nUnols Bosiness Olen's 
aodatloQ 3a making an effort to induce the 
prfetors of the Fon^paosh.SeQs 8how to 
fer their winter cioartets to thst plsce. 
fRie commercial benefits deroMn^ firom 
shows in winter qnsrters. tocether with 
■wide-spread report that the Sella Sbow wai 
■lease Ootnmhos aince it has pasacd into 
IFkaaAa •< Xaaica A Bailer 

■ ~ — " - w p sn a lWa flor 

of " 


aM booodttf the 
BO dedalte c re m ila Air aa rmor Ifeat It 
ben decided Oat tbe Aoir woidd wintw 
It Is true that a committee tma 4te 

Bfen's Aasodatlan waited on tbe Vl 

line recently to f uiUiei the iiwje e t, but 
•re ao far no indlcatloos that the viatt had 
As matters stand 


I to 

so badly damaged that Ihey can not be need 
again. Forttmatdr none of the anlmali were 
killed or escaped. Tbe track was cleared and 
the firat aectlon of the show train reached GI 
Dorado shoot ten o'clock. The parade and two 
penformances were giren aa osoal, though the 
matinee and imrade were « little late. 


J. T. OloCaddon will not hare to stand trial 
for alleged Tlolatlon of the French hankrnptcy 

Tbe KngHiOi Court has refosed the request of 
the French Govenunent for extradition, and 
Mr. BfcCaddon has sailed for America. 

The >toi7 of MdCaddon'a txoaUes In France 
Is familiar 40 all sbow people, and all will 
lejolce to learn of his dlsndasal. 

It U aald that Iti. UeCaddon. wlU Immedi- 
ately accept one of the 
he has had option, and. 
big American show. 


Henry W. Zlegler, tie prominent theatre 
manager of Cincinnati, denies the report of Us 
baring purchased sto(dt In the Hagcnbeek Show, 
that Mr. 

Next season the Great New England 
Shows, now wintering at New Bedford. Maas. 
wlU be enlarged from flre to twenty-foor wag- 
ons, esrrylng twenty-elght beads of taggage 
Btoek. sixteen saddle, ring, lace ud ttlA 
hoiaes , fti* >onl»» a tiaape of dogs and 
tcalaaa aim fMttaM •■ the Plains win be 
the Mg aiiectade that arm require abnost a 
hundred performen. Hie riiow left a good 
reputation everywhere it played this season. 

Our correspondent at Manning, S. C 
writes 63 foUows: "I bad Uie pleasure of wlt- 
neisalns two performances of the Great Tan 
Amborg Shows iNoT. aS and of meeting Cbaa. 
OIUHgan, who has chM*! «C ttc ttant *~ 
and lite OHoward, «kt flAMiH dan. 
eines-ElmbsU Tronpe !• «ae of Ike Icadlag 
acts. ETeiybody acemed satlsHed with tbe 
show. whi<± Is clean, moral and np-toHl«te.** 

Word comes from the Otto Ploto 
eisow that Fred McMann has been eDgaged as 
manager of the excursion car, W. B. Mossat aii 

geoeral agent, Cbas. Coleman as special and 
opposition agent, the Potter Family of ten aetl- 
aUsts hare been engaged aa a special feature; 
the show will carry two adraiKre cars, built 
brand new, according to Instructions from the 

Mr. Geo. H. Heiser, who will man- 
age the Otto Floto Sbows next season, his broth- 
er, and Mr. Thompson, of Thompsoo and Yande- 
Teer. were Tery pleasant callers at "nie Blllhoard 
oOee. Not. 28. Mr. HelBer Is the Inventor of 
the patent stake driver used exclualrely with 
the magwag Brotheta' Show for tbe paat two 
acaaotta wHli great ancccaa. 

John Bonen, of The Roaens, and who 
ne ttme aso wldle ptiftmiif 
. Tt, with tke Jttn Bahta 
ctttlcaHr IB at Ua home la Pt. 

Warae, Ind. Friends sIsMng Ft. Wayne are 

iDTlted to can on him. 

Mr. G«orge H. Heiser who will man' 
age 4lie Floto Shows next season, spent Sun- 
day, afar. 26, la Onclnneti. Sir. Heiaer is the 
laf toa of tte pataat stake Mvatv which has 


i ii — i • . .. 

111, -.'i • T 

la Urn 

Sept. 19, aad icpRSCBti fliepcople of !«■ Aacdea. Oal. 
- — - — - _ _ sSow. - . -. 

for the Bamum A Bailey 

It la tmrneenSMa estimated that 6.000 people 
aecottd night was aold at four o'elpdt; P. ](.. thi 

At the opening nlgbt 

'Doe" WaddeS Is preparing a 
note book. 

A f r eli th t train approaching ftom the rear 
tn^tened the elephants la the atreet parsde 
St Muii n t uu . Ark.. SBd caused a stampede. 
Ethel Schroder, who was riding in a howdah. 
Jumped and escaped Injury. 

•H«d-keeper Harry Reed is Tery proud of the 
baby Oryx antelope that was bom Oct. 2. 
fnie youngster is In perfect health, and Is 
growing rapidly. 

Oias. Smith, one of the Jolly mnslelana of 
Svrmer days. Tisited us at Anna. m. Hmy- 
hody was glad to aee "Smitby." 
Julia 6. R/tblnann haa teen oontemplatbig a 
Jate doling and.' 4]>e 
I Ua father recently 

oits. ik:- 

spent a 


Sheak was a eeom pan led by her UtUe son. 

'nie entire company was revy much juVweJ 
that UfaieH compelled Ada I^staa . to ~ 
Benenne, m Becent lettes 
Kie has reccrered her health a 
a good position in St. Iiools. 

In the EI Dorado (Ark.) wreck -Oie two cal- 
liopes and six of Oie cages were precipitated 
down a steep emhaakmant; and foor cages woe 


Notes from the side show of the 
Texas Bill WUd West: We hare Just closed 
our thirtieth week, during wlilch time our 
roarer has not changed. We have played twelve 
states and two territories, "We expect to be 
out all winter. We hare at present twenty- 
six people among whom are William C. Lane, 
general manager; W. BL Godfrey .adjuster; 
J. 'D. Bryant, hoes canrasman. with Are as- 
sistants; D. T. Bartletfs Bagdad Girls; Mme. 
Ada. snake enchantress; Zenobla Williams, Cu- 
ban wacMer; dot. AJax. aiezlcan sword 
sarallowar; Slgaar' aiattox, cowboy Juggler; 
Ted flodflar. ft» eater; C T. Wolfe, magl- 
eUa: Ode (Pie) iVaBaM, dag aatar; ~ 
Selgglna. PtoC Peg. .Prini^ aad " 

Notes from Advance Car No. 1 of 
the Tan Ajuburg Sbows: .We are managed by 
Don McKenxle. B. M. Dent has charge of 
paper . with B. B. JCHies as an asMstsDL John 
Bnrget. Ome Bobtnson, Jack Flynn, Burt Carle- 
ton and E. W. 'Harris are also with the car. 
E- C. Steele and "Deacon" Thnrman are one 
week back doing banner and Uthogrspb wort. 
We hare aB been wtth the sbow since it opened 
Ajirll 8.' <We bare to thsnk General Agent 
(StieMg and Contractor PhlUlpa for making 
things so pleasant for us aH season. We are 
an waiting for the final "blow-off" and Home. 

yotag finom the Annex of the Van 
diiaa ii- We has* anjsfcd a safy pesa- 
raaa aama. We aow bsTe Sig Cetona and 

Alex. In an Impalement act: Chas Camm, Punch 
and magic: Korman Miieon, Sa>tch piper and 
dancer; BIBe. Rose, snake encfaantresa; Dot 
AaaU, bag puncher; Three Margaret Sisters, 
singers aixi dancers; MHe. Leah, magnetic 
wander; Mad Tenna. aeeoBd alght; Boho. wild 
man, and iMa thalhy'i «ad «C taa piaaaa and 
JiMlee ^ - - 

Tiiere will be a great gathering of 
drear. propiletorB and agents In Cincinnati thla 
week on the occasion of the meeting of the 
exeeaUre conmiittee of tbe Associated Bill- 
posters of the United States snd Canada. 

Prince Mungo, who has been with 
the Sella A Downs Shows six seasons, will 
spend the winter at the liraidon Dime Mosenm, 
Chicago. Be faaa algned with the Sella & 
Downa fihows again Sm ant amMB* 

It Is reported ttl*t K, Is. Wctecht 
is negotiating for ae apparatoa OMd tp 
-Howard in looping Ihc loop in aa aeMMMIe 
at SensTiUe. OUo. No one appeal* ta be eaty 
■ndoos ahaBt bTlng tbe feat. 

H. H._ Gunning, of the Buffalo Bill 

C. N. Thompson, general manager of 
the Hagenbeck Sbow, last week returned to bis 
Nen- York OOices la Uie Chllds BnlldlK. after 

having vent tea aifgatktofeama la Slotl^ 

^^J. ^^Ifc^JgajfaB^^BM ^fjWiWgHftii_ tour, 

The Mollie Bailey Show closes lU 
seaaoo Dec 16 at Spring. Tex. 

H. W. I>tnk has two offers under 


Ollf008 CANVASES, 

Fel— and Stake*. SKATS. Vlaga. ■(» 

Froat* and Baxmera tor 8(reet Pairs 


5»4iW.Wi iiliil I WLti 

M91. ■MMWMIS49 

Hmmm i Yaiiif ssr 





All Kinils mi Sizts 


mSS-6161 «MihM*fMi km^ tMaac*. 


n ft. with toft. iBlddKl 
mlddlas; »xMaB*MM*l 

D. ■ 

lei 8. Canal SC 




62 Blue Ulaid Avt., 

CllittC*, IIL 


Portable Grand Stands and Folding Cif 
cu* Chairs mantifactured. 'E^bnMBS 
famished and plans submitted to pn» 
pectlve purchasers. 


Cireus Performers 

Win tna 6op4 Aocommodatlons tor the 
» LMs.«lMi<li " 


t<«.S1S* ■••■•Mm 


OUTFITS. USHEKS and all othart. Send 
for Catalog, mention Idnd wanted, 
lal AtttntlM Clvea the Prof eaaloa 
UallBiMCo..220 Clark St..Chlcag* 



stock Bangers, Posters and Cots on hai.rt foraaver- 
Haingererr branch of the Amnaement Bd^Io*--*. Sfoaior 
Catalogae (D) of Dramatic andPhcr Pi >ni<i)t;: 
Catalogno (C) Fair and Camlval rrln'.in 
Catalone IB) Blllpostera, Commercial fu^ters. 
Fbat-olaaa Prfntisg of all klndn. 

sia ELM vrnecT. 



lighting Systems 

B01.TE & 

I world. LUrhu made for all ] 
WEYEK, MFKS. 22M25 Mlobtgan SU 

DECEMBER 9. 1905. 

Tl\c Billboard 



2-18 N. Desplaines St., 125-133 W. Randolph St.,. 







^■orlrn AttP Hem* 



W* Mak* 



Write Us Before Placing Your •nters f er 
Tents for 1906 Use. 


We can make your Flags, Wagon Covers, 
Horse Blankets, etc 

Weh»Tecon<ilderBbIeot 10 as. black dnck on hand, which makes an elennt black tent. 

Ths NawTantflar 


Old Fables, Old Cows and Toads Don't Make Tents 

Highest Grade of Material, Experienced Workmen, Efficiency and Competency in Management 


JaaMsMsdisMU 4th Fnadent of the United States, said that "A bad cause seldom failed to betray itself," AND HOW TRULY 



MR. WALTER F. DRIVER, who tor many yean had foil diaisa of the Oiiena 
Tent and Canvas Department of Unrray & Ck>.. and wbo had penmtsl sanerrlalon 
of the constrnctlon of < t the tents for B. E. Wallace. Walter XTlIaln. Sells & 
n,,-— saiimmr BroB. OeuUy Brm. OMo Floto Shows. Harris Nlckle Plate. Ernest Haae. M. L. Clark. O. Q. Setcbell. W. A. EUer. OapL W. D. AmenL """^wm Amoaement Co.. Ohaa. 
9VS^K^^?SS: jlTaTfsMdiei^orj'stnrFJs. Major «. W. LUlte. Lnella. Forepangh-Flsh. Pedro Lop»e. Peptno. Bnckskln BUI WUd West. Cole A Yoancer WUd West ShS^" 
S'l^l^'a^'i£r£ £fUnm^^S-n«^^ **XBB 1.AB6KSX TKNT BOVSB IN TKK and a^es the same taSs sad Canras sood!|S 

5aratl >»rtrw ^- T ^^ '^"^fepAPW & llBMSS!^'"'*^* Oar vricesm Tight tor jour iraribMd mask onlr SB Wr 

with the Great 

bus taken cbsrce 

•( the Ktt. 1 edWKe esr of tti« M. ^I*- .Ctok 
Bhwr. Mr. McKlaaeT liss sarTonoded MniltK 
■flk MB* «( the best paste Jusclers In tte 
ssa a l i T. and ttier are smclr shccttas 'em op 

G. P. Kemp recently vMM Chi- 
f» Aft Imp wad WMi: at li «• taiM 

•at • mack Uraer abew aeat aeasse. 

Chas. Davis, steward with the John 
Boblaaon 61>ows lor tbe past fonr seasons, will 
bsTc cbaise of tbe cook tioase with tbe Bar- 
Mmm A BaUcr Shows next eaaion. 

MaiHMter Kranae of the winter quar' 
tnac «• gaa a sa amSh— ; is * 

»'8 Porcine Circus, with tbe 
Show tliia season, wffl play vaada- 
Jan. 1. Tttj are now in MerMIan, 
■m, aticnctiwiiliic the act. 

Mndkay* Buropean Circus will in- 

~ ■ - at OcMt, Mich., 

n ha*a two 

Jade Doyle, the well known boss 
HrasBaa, will asatn bsTs dtarge i>t the ean- 
Bi aat train with the Sfadny Bnropeen Olr- 


Wm. Vesta, of the Great Wallace 
Shows, Is TlslUnc Usnsrents In aferlden. Com. 
Be loes with the iWitilaee Shew asain next 


Fred. Rawson'a Animal Show closed 
a Ter; saccesstal season, and went Into winter 
-jortns at 613 Stoadway, Oakland, OaL. Kor. 

It is announced that W. E. Frai*- 
Ih). 7. p. Vsfan and Denny Ineh hSTC elsned 
with tbe Wallace Sbowa toe tke Saaisa of 1906. 

^ The MUlettes. aeriaOata; with the 
£««« pa«M»* Ma Shows tUs ataioa. are ^endlss 
wMsr tfesir taxm near Orccnboto. Qa. 

Ute rniBored that Walter It Main is 

ytW Iy eeoslderlag tbe pnttlns ODt of his 
■■sw seat season. 

C. W. Pariter. witto the advance of 

the SellB * ~ ■ - 

to his 

Del and Ijota 

acain with 11 

C. XiM WilUams. at Om Hacnibeck 

flhow* la stlB eeTloasIy lO wMh laif s m a fl s at 

his home In- Cineliinatl. 

Hayden and LaLonde have signed 
with tbe Has«Bbeck Shows ioc next season. 

wm flpand. the 

C. N. Thompson will leave shortly 
tat his whktcr home near Braldenwood, Fla. 

Boss McMannoiy, tbe old time cir- 

CBS man Is icatlBC at IBM MfdBK Aifc. 

Tbe TrlpleUe, Vic and Mande, Joined 
tbe Qeo. 8. Ely Show at Blasgtdd, Trx. 

Tbe John Robinson Show will close 
tte SI II son at BoUTar, Tenn., Sec 8. 

Charletol. Pa. 


The following list gives the winter quarters 
of the yarlous tent stM>ws_ circuses and wild 
west cocnhlDaUons. la rnanj iostances (hut 
not all) tbe address sKen la also tbe peman- 
ent address. PerfoRnen and managcis will 
coofer a taror bj calling tbe editor's attentkn 
to any errora or omUsiODs In this list, which 
Is rerlsed aod corrected weekly. 

Adams. Frank, Soatbem Shows en nmte. 

Anderson Dog and Pony Show. .B t o chs s t a r, bid. 

Arnold, E. J.. Sbowa .Mrtlaad, Oie. 

Bailey's (»>Ule B.) Sbowa Bsas t s a . Tn. 

Baid Bras.* 8hs«r Jtaadtsa, Pa. 

BarkMfla Bbsm .iNnjmhaC 

riiiiM A aanty*a..........Bnd>cfs*t. oson. 

<Kcw T«Bk OMessw SM7. W. SM St.) 

Bartlat's Shows. .QOoonnssfllle. Ind. 

Beamaa's Dog and Pony Show— Oodley aT«.. 

ParkcTsbait, W. Ta. 
Beattle'a Great American Showa 

.ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Bemard'a (Sam) Shows EUnhnrst, Oal. 

Beyerle's (Burk) Tom Showa... iUncaIn, Neb. 
Bolder's (W. P.) New United. .St. Joacvh, Mo. 
Bontaeur Bros.' Golden Mascot Shoirs 

I. .Carmen. Okla. 

Bonner Show, lao Culver ave., Jersey Clfy.N.J. 

Brown's Comhloed Shows 'Xenvport. Ark. 

BolTalo Bill's Wild West Msrsellles. rrance. 

Bnsby Bros." Pana, 111. 

Bodkin Bros.' Sbow, SOC Dearfoora at.... — 

Ohlcseo, lU. 

Canada Frank's Tipton, la. 

Chmpbell Bros.' Falrbmy, N«t>. 

Campbell's. Dr., Dog & Pony Shows 

Itfhette, Kan. 

Castello A Gxavca Show* .Oortland. N. X. 

Oaifc. M. L,. Shanrs......... Jlsw Os Imib s, Isu 

Cratfa Doc and Poor Shorn..... JIaada. b. 

CrasrCord'a. OoL, Show. JM. Key. biA 

Cwmliis' Wild West and Ind ian Oongnas, - 

last season White Olty. 9335 Indiana are.. 

OUeago, lU. 

Colorado Grant's ihav..... .. .Ohtlstopher, HI. 

Dasliliirtoa Bros.* (DaovUle. 111. 

Dock's (Sam) ........... jFrtdertckSborg, Ta. 

. -. _ _ . 0(1. 

DMrBle*s. AadiMr. Shew JMIaa. H. Y: 

Dalaacys Shows... JKCir XartlBSflllc. W. Ta. 
EBIs' lOe. and SOe. Shan. . . .tTowtr Clly, Ru 
tSstsa's Dog and 0eay Bhsnr. Kansas CI^, 3to. 

Ftoto's (Otto) Shows Denrer, Col. 

ForepaDgb.eeUs Bisa.* -CMnmlwis, O. 

Fox's (Rolls) Shows TTcrre Hante, Ind. 

Frank ft Hermann's YandeTllle Show 

Wapakoneta, O. 

Frlsbee Bros.' Shows (Detroit. Mleh. 

Gentry Bros.* No. 1 BloomlDgton. Ind. 

Gentry Bros.' No. 2 Bloomlngtoo. Ind. 

Gihb'a Big Olympic Sbows Wspafcooeta, O. 

Glasscock's (Alex) Shows 'Longrlew, Tex. 

(^oUmar Bros.' iBaraboo Wis. 

Great American Water Ctrens. .. ...Itonton, O. 

Gnat BaOalo WIM West ^Issonla. Mont. 

Great Intenatioiial Shows Kansas City, M«. 

Oreat Texas BIB'S Wild West Jo ea a. la. 

Greater Anedeaa flhosn. .MB - Dcaabsn . st, 

rblfsna IB. 

Gregofy A White Shaw Jlack HIBs. 8. C 

Grlmaley's New Umdon awwa. .FltAac Pa. 
Otcat Neir rai^and 8bow..Iieir Bedfofd, Olssa. 

Raag's <^neac) Showa .SfareTepoit, La. 

Haeertr (T. E.) Ug Tent Show.Frankton. Ind. 

Hall. Wm. p., SiMnrs Lancaster, Mo. 

Ball's Shows .Food do I«c, Wis. 

aall's (Geo. W. Jr.) Bvanarllle, Wis. 

Hall's, F. W., nolted Wagoo Show 

OoyrUle, Kan. 

Harkneas and Fox Mlnatrei CIreiia.. ........ 

JftfEssMM y Pa. 

ffii'Hreaies* Show uOhaataSi^ Ps. 
Harmon A ChixoU Tented Xlaattcla.' 

XilaesiB, Neb. 

Hnhia's (F. B.) Shoscs Aftaatle City. N. J. 

Bolhad's Wild West AUadd^Ua. Pa. 

Bin's WUd Wcst...XUflaB Fhcge, Ya. 

Tames & Vam Show Booth SUlwaakee. Wis. 

Jones, Angnstns, Shows. .. .Touring the South. 
Jvllan's Ampdtbeatre ...........jHaTana lU. 

KeHogg's Great So. Stan .'tlwandrla, La. 

Kennedy Bsoa.' WM W<Mt MtaOoigten 
.................a. . . .ffsoy Okla. 

Kemp, 6. P.. ...XAOiar, Mo. 

Knight's 2Se. CInM'...... Dmkirk. O. 

Knott's Peittet 'Bhosn..... Beldhig. Mich. 

KDOrrles Show .EUnton. Okla. 

Lainbilgger's (Gns) Orvllle. O- 

liSmoQt Bros.' Balem, in. 

I.ltt}etOQ's 10c and SOc Show. .Bockvllle. Ind. 

Ixrretta's Shows Xorry, Pa. 

Lee's (CHias.) Shows Wllkesbarre, Pa. 

Iteooarder Bros.' Circos Portland, Ore. 

Leopold's (Frank) Shows Nocristown, Pa. 

Lemon Bros.' Sbows Oodson, Mo. 

Lon-ery Bros.' Shows 6benandoaJi, Pa. 

Lucky Bill Qnenemo, Kan. 

Long Bros.' Show tardevllle. Ohio. 

Maon's (H. A.) Oberlin, O. 

Mansdeld's, W. J. Pavilion Sbows.Ttdloote. Pa. 

McCIeary'a (iW. S.) Zoo Van Wert. O. 

McDonald Braa.' oHantlngtaa, w. Va. 

Mdhanra. The Ctatat, .ataeas...4MMn. Wis 
Mlnnell bmb.' MA' 1- - .j; v. MIfm' are. O. 

Uoatgoaieiy'a FavIBaa Bhoar . . .Boone, la, 

Mooce'a Family Show Toarlng Florida 

Morgan's (J. H.) Lexington. Ind. 

Myer's (F, M.) Big Ttat Show TIptoa. Is. 

QIackay's Bangcaa Okosi. Detiolt. Mich. 

NvU's United flhSSfa Belolt. Kan 

Noble's Teat WhOW lisngley. S. C. 

Vams A B«m% .Bsnia Cma. CaL 

iOuIb Bmml* Obw 

.city ot 
..Des MolaaSk la. 
.Oodssa, Jfe. 

Fan 'ftaw rtian 

Pawnse Bin's WIM W'aat.:.JB 
Pottae's (Da«* W.)..;. JtMMvMpHs. vcb. 
PetTT's (Frank Z,.) ihMr ....^.SsMs CUy. ni. 
Peter's. W. J.. Pa«l|to.w..v Jfnya*tlle. Kan. 

Pre!K-ott & Cb.'s Boeklswil, Me. 

PifttilloDe's No, 1 JBarana, Gttha. 

Pnblllone's Vo. 2 . Touring Cuba. 

Phillips' U. T. C. Co Cortland. O. 

Reed's Emopeaa Sbowe en tour. 

Reno A Alvord's (Northern) Kankakee, 111. 

Reno A Almtd's (Sootbem) .Sattleshmg. Miss. 

RIado'a Bhow Oswego, Kan. 

Bnasdl Bna.' Show Hetrln. IB. 

Rice's Dog A Pony Show... Jiew Athsay, Ind. 

Ring ling Bros.* .Sarahoa. Wis. 

BIpneFs Shows .......... .Aaakfoct lad. 

<F>^ A.) abawa- .y.jjqigaa^jf. 

BoMaaoB's (John) ......''t' JUiaij a Paiik, -tK ■ 

Bock Bros.* Shows .IBaslbotau Ph. 

Bock Bros.* Shows .Plefcctta. Wis. 

Rocky Moan tain Nell JBasUiorou Ps. 

Bawson's Animal Sbosr .OtMnid, Cal. 

SsmweU's Dn P. a V. Show. . . .Bonston, Tcx. 

Santelle, SIg.. Shows .'Bomer, N. r. 

Sells & Downs* — .......... JBtxmlngham, Ala. 

SheDiy. James. Sboiaa.=.«>«V»..Eto mote Sooth. 
Skerbeck'a One Ring Ob^BL^i. JJoreheater, Wis. 
Shelby. Jas. Show .i^.i.^in.JBa lonte Sooth. 

Stewarts', Capt., Btc'iOHP-'Aeas 

t..;...i;iVJt. Worth. Ind. 

Staatrer t Spry Bros.' ...... Portamooth. O. 

Silver Bros.' 'Acme. Mich. 

Slpe's Xew Shows Kokomo. Ind. 

Smith's nnpenal Carcas .Bnekstown, Pa. 

(Mai Jalaa Wlnlsr Otoeaa) 

— 111. 


, Hti. Pa. 

St. Lools. SIO. 

_ Wayae. lad. 

............. Jaranash. Ga. 

Swift Bios.* Show (Ke. !>..-.. GsUen Gate. IB. 

Swift Bros.' Show (KSw S) .Grceniip. 111. 

Tanner Bros.* R. B. atlO«S......XJncofai, NMi. 

Terry's U. T. Shows. .Uttle Slooi. la. 

Texas Bill'g WBd WM Ba route. 

Todd's. E. H.. New Bka' Shows. .Boodbouse. lU. 

Todt Wta., Shows Snow HIU. Md. 

Tanner's Hin>odrome West Berlin. N. J- 

Tattle's Olympic Llnnesville. Pa. 

Uden's (W. I.) WUd West Plamilsan. 111. 

Van Vranken's Shows Scott. O. 

Wallace Showa Pem. In-J- 

Walsh Sisters' Show Ohio <aty. 0. 

Ward's Shows PIjrmoBlh,. Jlsia., 

Wasbhnm & irAIma'a "Rained Aalssal _ 'j. 

Circus ..Ba,.TMite assw.- 

WasUbnm's Dog A Posy 8howa.ntcnaa^K.^. 
Welsh Bros.' Show JaiifaiWfi n. 

Wheeler. Al. f-i .^S*^'^*»£±_SS^"'i'"'r 
..••......••'.•♦...•..•...■^•(■saectsdy, J** 

Wlwdai^' T-'B . UliaHj'llbnif .Portland. Ore. 

WbSSR ]bS: .a!rSs«....a» T.Uey«nd 
a«a. JackjoovUle, ^M. 

WtataMtB '-BM.* i: .(Hebron. Wis. 

WooOmTS '(Ch8S.> Man] No^ i .......... 

Falconer. N. i. 

Woodtord's Animal Show No. 2. Falconer. N. If. 

ZIck ft Zarrow's Show. .Sprlogle. York Co., Pa. 

Zkmcr's. Slag B.. Shows St. Loids. Mo. 

Snyder Bros.* ft Dowker, 
Star Sbowa, No. 2 ..... 
Steele's. AI.. Big 8hoiia...Ti 
Stescoa A " 


Tbe Blllboapd 

DECEMBER 9, 1905. 


The G. * M. BarKais C»ta- 
losne for thirteen ye»|? 
MONEY SAVER. Write for 

it to-day IM conTlncM. 

WholMal* Jwwolry. 0|>tieal 

8ole asents for BaaraoU 
Watches and the eelebrated 

■■Hamilton" Razors. 

LawBoa & Namoa (Proetw'a BSth St.): Hvr 

York aty, 
LevTls, Groixta O. (JeOea^) flatlTiiiw, 

I«ef Hennr mr«i^Bi(iiiiMii)t ' -B^ 

L* Domlm Booc* (Otpheom): BtooUjB. K. 

Utm Bbdc aiaa. (Orphcom): BnaUTS. 

C «. 

LOK ft OiittoB.; , ,. . 


Lrniener. AI. (Park): Wocoster, Itats^ 4^8. 
LawasD. Maj- (Butplic): LaSaHe. m., 4-9. 
Ar Om tMa|a»tle ^t _Ja «en^?g«a-» 

I* Batas. 7as. (Ctraal): Dcoroiao, Miai 
■Ife. * I^-lfca (Oipbcam):- Ottlca. 

LaBliert ft Place . (Orpbemn): Utlca. N. T. 
IitaMiii. Frank (AlhMrtBt);, B«r. Xatk 01*7. 

Karatlc. laica (Xtalgrti: 

3t*le«tie StoA Co.: Smm. ftandaee. Od., In- 

JCutd. UbcTt B.. 

xak €ttr. Oct. a, 
3bit< 9im Stock Co. 

dOD. scan.. Indef. 
3tarl(nre Stock Ctt.: OUeaco. HI, Sept. 4. 


Mooce Stock Ch.: B o th ei U'. H. Z.. flQt. IB, 

Manaoo^ OUrer. t 
Jdr 10^ tadcC . . . . . _ . — ^ 

— •)t . Btar »at «T. to- 

_ COaiqDa): 
Mado ft AMo (OttlB Bna.*)! 

Xex^ May 30. Indet 
Mattliie Bros (OaUlatjo doe 

Fortnsal, Not. l^Dec 30. 
McFarUnd, James (BUod): Marqnette. Mlrti., 

McCkUan. Jarae* (BUao): 

Jaly 3, Indef. 
Mcredltli Sisters 
Dec 16.31. 

MIddletni. GlaOra (BAiai 

AOS. 14. IndeC. - 
Mllass. FOtae (Hippadrane): 


MUton. Mr. ^.J^ .^jl^jF- (Star).: At- 

Mltchen. J.'*T. 'CHM0K&ttnv BI^ Svr- 

20. Indet. . . 

Mitirtien. null tlliaiail DcBfcr, Ool.. todct. 
MioatikDe's Owlrstow Ohcaa -^ORln Bra.'): 

oiO' of M|gm^^ 

XMcJ: CIraipla. WaalL. 

lfan7 ft SCoeer (TTnJqDe): Ban Oalt^ Wla., 

44; (BUoo) DalDth. Mhm.. U-IB. 
loner, Benalanr ft Miller (Lyrle) : JopUn, 

Mo.. ««: (CrreiHl) St. losenlt U-18. 
Mmybt , W. B., ft Biascti NlclMas (Oiaad) 

PWfatmrK, XIa, 44; (KcUSl's) Ctevdaad. O, 


IBuBllr): Sfaamokl^ 
SactfUas (MaJeatJC)! 
... .mUMty Baa I ara^ 11-18. 
* Dcdr (IlHten^: Aacelea. 

_a*»awfc_ _ _ ^ . _ 

- Sia, 


Hoaart, IM ft Bra (Osner IVAIeiie): Spo- 
kane. Waab.. 2T-Dce. IS. 

MIllsT Broa. (Bljoa): Marinette. Wis., 4-B; 

(Ben'B EKCxnaba. Mlcil., 11-16. 
Melrox Trio (VudctU) : CMcsgo, UL, 4-». 

Mvtha. Mb H. (Otrstel): T < »aMp c r t . Ind., 

MallarT' jBroa., Braofea ft TTiTTtrtay (AodIt»- 

rlnm) r Lynn, Hfitt 4-9. 
Mamoands. The (Bennetfa): Itfidon. Out., 

4-0; (Bennetfa) St. Tbamas ll.ldw 
Kacka. Two (Onibemn): Manaflfld, O.. M: 

{AmeOcaa) qnc»B»b DL* U-10. 

J. W. Mbrili't Qrifiul (OwiiflM) 


CoiiMdad by avery r«pa 


Convention Hall* Uamam 

ftlf yr Tbeatre. BroobJyB, ane week, 
Brtdseportt Conn,, mmtlmea and nletat* 
Hartford, Conm., 

» k* the createst drawing attraction of the aeaaon. 


city, seven nights (no matinees), $7,244.00 

- 1,169.25 

Park Tbesitre. Providence, B. I.« oBOi 

«prlncfield, Oblo, two nlcbta. 

New Baven, Coiiii<« one BlcBtt ■ 

Blimcle, Ind., ' 

- 91S.7S 
• 64S.OO 



BHkwg BopwsoitatiYe, 1358 Broadway, New Yofk. 

low READY. 

jm Niisiaaltts, or !« MiU 25 .Guts. 

and **np town cd Stawittf, 
BdetoitlesI AmerleB% AmnHnwrtt Tiwtltii i a ii ^ t 4k|bo«d:ln tbe siost Intcuitiiig 

Hw price, twent^-fire'eenCB. Sttted "by "Poaai'inieela*'.. 'Senti' by ~M aii postinddL 


THE CIRCUS MIGIZIIIE CO.. Post Building, Dtnvgr. Colorado. 

Mnxphy ft- Amllawa 
4.*; (llaaar*) Bi 
Maiccaa. Bataio ft 

~ " B. ~ 

Mettme ft 

MowatlB.-na Xlte CBtactoe^): Traj, H. Z.^ 

4«: (TtCBt) Itaam. H. J., 11-10. 
ManneOu. Tha Great (BIJoa): BaeaiBr, IB.. 

4-0; (Crrstal) Terte Bante, M. SMtL 
Mmts. Three (Colonial): Mev BMi OVi 4«; 

(Orphenm) Brooklyn ll-lS. 
Monroe, Gto. W. (Poll's): Nev BncB. Oam., 

4-8; (Poll's) Worcester. Maaa., U-U. 
Mason A Eeeler (Proctor's BStb St.): Kew 

York City. 4-9. 
Hacy A H«n (O. O. B.): IndlinapoUs, Ind., 

4-S; (OolomhU) Clncdnnatl. O., U.ld. 
Mnrpliy, Mr. A If re. Mark (Ptdl'a): Water- 

bcry. Coon., 'i-8: (PoU's) Brldmott U-16. 
McElanao ft Beed (Cnlqoe): Ban Cube, Wla., 

4«: (Bljoa) Dolntta. Mhm.. 11-16. 
Mantdl'a Marlonettea (nnlqne): Wlimipec, 

Man., (Unique) MUmeapoUi^ Minn., U- 


Mnhnsn Trio (CohiabU): St. LoOla. Mo, 4- 
B; (OljBiple} CklcaiOk BL. 11-16. 

May ft MOM lOrawlC): Bpitai 
4«: (tt ia ^B Miiilljjy *g^^TOB, 


MeCaoley 'ft Damoran (Grand) : Tacoma, WaA.. 


Martyne, Bd^^jMna Vtattwal): 


St Loab. Ha., 

Ga., 4-9; . 

Meegan. TliniBa^ • Oft. 

atr. 4-«^ 
Maxrelle ft Gleiaaa (OoIiimUa) 


MltcheU ft Bronlng: Sprlnsfleld. m.. 4-9. 
McSw^ D. J. (BUon): Wheellnc, W. Ta 


Marsden (Hyde ftBtluaaa'a): Bnoklya, H. Z., 


OUeac*. HI., 

MfsA'va^, Baa fftecla^k 

Oty, 4-9. 
McCne ft Cabin (Haymarket) 

MiiTlnnmiiin (Keith's): Frorldenee. R. I.. 4-9. 
Macdonald. Jamea (Sbea'a): Boffalo, N. Y, 

Mack. Wllbar (XeSeca*): asdaav. lOeh., 4-a. 
Mack ft Baal aUWt- Ba*ML BL. 4-0. 
Monne. 3fiS* UinMa Cnaklt Wi; Pa-, 

Morton. James J. (Keith's): Prorldence, B. I., 

Marcna ft AdeU (Hajestle): Waeov Tea., 4-9. 
Msrlov. Ploakett ft Ok (ftnetaa'a); — - 

City, 4-9. 

McNamee (Cyi)^: fWTilaad. °0 .<*«. 
McCtca ft tuOt {EveaaaD — 

Mder ft Mifa (Bnad): Staler. Bw,. Dee. 

lUUenUp Sisters (Bowu-d): Boatm, Maaa., 

Morton, Tenmie * atetoa (BMIMO: Flor- 

Ideoee, B. 1, . . 

MoIIen ft OotoB HHtBaaad): BMk mf*™*. 

Mass.. 4-9. 

Mlznno. Nohe (iDduatrlal) : MoUne, IB., 4-9; 

(minols) DOboqne. Is.. 11-16. 
Morrlfon. John (Star): Toiieka Kan.. 3-16. 
MarshaU. The MysUc (Booacher'a) : Vienna, 

AustrlJi, Dec. 1-31. 
Macarte Siatoa. nncc (Ocpbeam): Mcir Or- 
^lesns. jP'J^Jj— -i^^^Lij - ^BB^Bi 8*- 


MoEtCT. ned W. (Mtjeatle): WaeOk Tez., 


Masnanl Family (Qqtaaa): Baadlas; Pa. 

4-8. ... 
MUltaiy Octet {PMtHA* Mh atit Btv Tcifc 


Morptay ft WUlaid (Majcstle): Hot 8pcln«s, 

MUlara Koa.': Ptttarfleld. 3Um^ 4-9. 

- (Bnpln): Batanaa, B. J., 

n. X., 

ft Boadle (ftliW); 



Maamlth Doo (Bnrtla ft 

York aty, 4«. 
MltcbeU ft Mairon (Pastor's): Nev York City, 


Nwnyth. BlUy (Ckalaa): 

Oct. 23. ladei. 
Nelson Famllj ISOMeanHs 

Not. i-Dec. 30. 
Nosses. Tbe Fire (Caslao): K«w T«rk (aty. 

Not. 8, Liist. 
Nomaui. Mary (Proctot'a): Newai^ B. J., 

11-18. :.. -s-: 

Nole, Hany (Ontbenm): SprtogiilMk 4im **i 

(OrjAenm) Portamontb 11-16. 
NeweU ft Mlldo (Boward): SostoB, Maaa., 

44; (Pastor'a) New -York City. 11-18. 
Maws, Dam ft Oo. (Fnetat'a 2Sd St.): Maw 

Tack CUT. U-U. 
nata. TtH naUk^): 
(Kelth-a) Bew Task 

Task City, U-l , 
Merana, Tbe nice (Oipbcnm): OaiBa, B aft,, 

4-0: (Orphenm) Kanaaa Qty. Mol. U-IS. 
Norman (Cyrlc): JopUn. Me,. 44; (Pcoglfa) 

LcaTcnwoTth, Kan,, 11-16. 
NlctaolB Slateis (P«rtliaid): Partlaiid, Me.. 

4«: (Keltb'a) PbUadelphla. Pa.^ U-18. 
Neola (BUoo): Ttata, ma, 4«: (Bt)oa) 


Mosa ft Ston 

Battle Credc. »*• IMC . . 

Narajo GUaOFMrtA Mlh at): mm Totk 

city. 4-0. 

Norworth. 7aek (Mohawk): SdienecUdy, N. 

Y., 4*. 
Newman, Joaeph (Oqlitam) 


Norton A Nl( 

Man.. 4-9. 
CUn. Mme. Bardlns ft Ah Sid 

leer, Bns., Dee. 1, Indef. 
VOmj, Ida (Majestic): San Aatodok Tea., 

4radm * Baadcy (Oiaad): Mthraaktc. Wit,. 
Oriand, Irte (ladWartfOt at XeaK Bo,. 


Outs. "Ox (Plom's): Madison. Wla., 4«. 
Otte, Nick: Grand Baplda, MIA., ladat. 
Onzaro (Faa>l|y|: .BaatUSB, Pa^ 44. 
Omar. Baa jmuOUks BiaillM.tfa.. 4«. 
Orriiie ft aSSiBmSiW): Itar tak Oty, 


Palmer, Alice (Olympla Music HaH): Tiwy. 

N. Y., Aug. 28. indef. 
PliTl. Antonio ft Annie (Orrtn tt«a.'): Mexico 

City. Mei.. Not. 27. Indef. 
FiVlnta (Emplie Palace of TaiMM: 

nesbnrg, 8. A., Not. 2T-Jan. 1. 
Potter ft Hartwell: Paris, Tr., Bar. 


POTCT't J^|pbaats (HIppoditM): Bew Totk 

Powei^ Bad: ttaict la. MM 
Price ft Kaapp (WatAod): Bt 

Oct. 16. tndef. 
Potts ft Harte (BUoa): (HMbnrt. UL, 44. 
Patty Bios. (Haymarket):. Ciblcaco, m., 4-9. 
Pantxer THo (Hyde ft Behmaa'a): Brooklyn, 

N. T., 4-0. 

Prince. Arthnr (Olympic) : (Sikaao, 10., 4 9. 
Pmrers. Jamsa T. (Aia0ldaa): Koftlya, B. T.. 


Pierce. Fkrenee (Garden): Greenpolnt, N. Y., 
4-9 . 
PonUer, Edjrazd (a O. B.): flpttagfleU. JO., 


FcUetler, Oota (Kdtk'a): deecMad, 0.. 44; 
(Sbsa'a) BaSala, M. T.. 11-16. 



Pero ft Wllaon (At Borne): Waahlnttnn O. B.. 
CaL. U-U. 

Plow ft~ 

CaL, SB.Dee. «. 
PUot, rtcd ft Aajde (Bennetfa): St. Dnmaa^ 

Ont., 4-0; -(anplie) Fatcncn, V.' J., 11-16. 
Paola. The (Orphenm): Cairo. lU.. 11-16. 
Pocks. The Two (Hnrtls ft Seamoa's) : New 

York atj, 4-0, 
Qneen's Bia (Onfteaa): OlHfea. Bcku. U-lflw 
Qnlnlaa. BMt *Wtar MMtk. MBaiMatt Oft- 

dnnatt Ol. 44; CBUMtT) T llHinB. 


Balmnnd A G006 (Commlns* Orchard) : Bur. 

Unston, U., Not. 27 D*c. 80. 
Backett A Haiard: 

30-Dec. 30. 
Bamola, Williams A 

port. U.. Oct. 23. Indef. 
Beed, Frances (Circns Sdraaiann) : Berlin, G«r„ 

Not, l^pr. 80. 
Bests, Thereaa (Hippodnxne) : New York Cltf. 
' let. 

ft bwla: Beiiln. Ger., Anc. a. MtC 
(Grand): met. BL. Ml 
^ewtid): CUeago, m., 44; 
, 11-I6. 

-ft Ca, (ftslly): Betaatt^- 

Pa., 44; (Oiymple) Cftleaco, IS., U-ie. 
Bandolphs, Gioteaqae (Oipfaenm): St. Vaol, 

Minn., 4-9; (Bljoe) Kewance, OL, ll-dS. 
Biehardsao, LeTender, ft Ob. (E" — 
boqoe. lis., 4-9. 

BDsaeUa. Musical (Oystal): 

4-9; (FUlllpa') BlcbmoDd U-10, 
BoaK>« ft Malone (Arcade): Winalpei; 

Baynor. Talenttae (DaaOy): Bcsaati^ UK. 

20-Dec 16. _ _ 

^M^^ Bliltaw. 

Blpley, iy>m (Ljtmttif Minneapolis. MlnB., 

44; (Pelnle'a) OMar aiDlda, la, U-U. 
Bice ft Oady (Soakta^: Meoplda, Xtaa., 4- 

S; OflaaUa) St^Boak U-U. 
BaaaHIk Tbe (IteOy):. Leacattov Bt., 
Wnairi. IWH (KcMft'a): BWIadrtaata. Ba.. 

•: dbHk'a) Kew Tatk CU7. li-U. 
Bayaoft B«B Ban - 

•W. Ta., 44; lO. 

(u. H.) 'Wayneahoir.^Wf'.Ilsie 
Boas atsteis (Orpheon): Daa 
Bosaley ft BosteDe (dystal): 

44; (BUou) Jackson U-16, 
Blsnos, Four (Trent): Trenton,. N. J., 44; 

(HortlK A Seamoa's) 
Bexos. The (Pinlay'B) 

toTlom) OoIaHfeaB Xl 
Bedford ft wiaebMlir aasHMT): 

Ky, U-ie. 

BAdford ft Veleorttne (TlToK): London, Bna., 


Boasl, ImUl (Haymartet): Cbleaco, CL, 44; 

(Olympic) Ohlcaao 11-16. 
Beyaaid, Bd. T. (ODOk'a O. H.): Bociwatet^ 

N. T.. 44; (KcUh'a) Beaton, Maaa.. !!• 

Boaidl * Bill <I«ile): Oterdaat. 0„ 4*t 
(S. a B.) Otand Sanlds, MMl. U-M. _ 


(ReraltT): ~ — 

AL^ULWU, ■ A^a ^ w t 

New„Xork (aty, U-16. 
. UMb 44; <Aadl- 


Ryan ft BlehSdd (CoIambU): ClncbniatL 

84; CHopUoa') LoaliTllle, Ky.. U-16. 
Baymoad ft Tricey (Flom'a): Madison, Wla., 

44: (West Belolt 11-11. 
Red BaTen Cadeta (Bammeratrla's): Sew Tork 
aty, 4-9; (O. -J. :l. I'lia-'mix, P»., 11-16. 
Renttrow ft Jansrn (People'a): Paisona, Kan., 

4-8: (Cratrford) Topeka 11-16. 
Benoe. The (O. H.): MeefaautcsTme, N. Z., 

4-9; (O. H.) Botland, Vt., 11.16. 

BaTenscioft, (Siarlotte (Grand): JoUct; OU 
44; (raite) OarcnporL la.. U-16. 

r-^ tn iii B ^t wh at)t BMT ztHE 

DECEMBER 0r.-199S> 

Tti e . billboard 



UR6EST PLAY EXGHANfiE IN THE WOUD. ss'^i&i!S&%t^.r^&^^r£^i^;;;^^ 

Bnaell. BUM: Bnpccw ft IiUnctoo, 


g^l^ KantBiaa (BUod): Decatnr, ni.. 

tnocMe* M at.): new z«A 

Sr.D«e. t. ^ 

* Slm«* CWaakcr): 

Waun. WU., 27- 

DM U. 

B<Jertion'« Do«i (OrT»t«I): I«>c»ii»port. Ind.. 

aiSo\ Marrar (AaMlm * BtOM's): BiMtOB. 
M«l«.. <-9. - - — -,,,,„. 

Bataa. lit*. Bturt (Otpbtom) : rtiiw. OttTt 

Bamv^Hctes (Park): WoMMtax^ 

Bicc ft n wc t (BnnMntinr*): «•» Tax 

atr. **. „ - -- -- 

BlcMlMnt^ Banc* CDuiMNiMHrnt imr 

Xaik city. 44. 
mSSmTS! A. (CoknUI): N«w Yoik City. 


Hmr Zock 

Lcipslf, 6«r., 
Denrer, Ool.> 

KotliwWr ft 

. Ctty. «. , 

5. tadrf. , , 

6telii-as»tto (Kij»Ul5«l««t) : 


8t*wt BiMTU* (Orpbemn) ; 

floU7 ft Fliclpa (BUoa): Oalnbors. III.. 4-0. 
Spoak'a Mlnatrela (Ocpbetmi): New Orlcua. 
hi., *fi-iBoftlrar) Memphis, Tcon., U- 

■MMOB * Gha« (BUn): DaTcaport, la.. 
•MS'tav AiUMkt «M* aMtOak Wa*.. 

T7-Bell siitcra (Oote Ma.*): lIHiea atr. 

M«x.. ladef. 

Tbompaon'i Elephaota (FoU'l): Sprlssfleld, 
oiu*., 4-8; (PoU'i) Woreeatn il-ie. 

Toper Tony Trio (Qraiid): Mllwaakec, Wla., 

TtwadcU, tlx. ft Mn. Honrd